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Oxford Uxiversitv Pkess WASXHOun 










> • • I ^ *, '- ' > 

» m J J • O -J -^ 

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• • 



This dictionary was undertaken at the request of the Delegates of the 
Clarendon Press, who, feeling the want of an abridgement of the large Anglo- 
Saxon dictionary (BT) still in progress, applied to me. From a variety of reasons 
I felt myself obliged to undertake the work. As the book was wanted as soon as 
possible, with a view to forestalling unauthorized abridgements, I could only under- 
take to do my best within a limited space and a limited period. Every dictionary 
is necessarily a compromise. If done ideally well and on an adequate scale, it is 
never finished — and an unfinished dictionary is worse than useless — or, if finished, 
is never uniform as regards materials and treatment. A dictionary which is good 
from a practical point of view — that is, which is finished within a reasonable time, 
and is kept within reasonable limits of space — must necessarily fall far short of ideal 
requirements. In short, we may almost venture on the paradox that a good 
dictionary is necessarily a bad one. 

Souroes. — When I first began this work all the existing Anglo-Saxon 
dictionaries were completely antiquated. The old Bosworth is an uncritical 
compilation, which falls far short of the scientific requirements even of the period 
of its first publication. Ettmiiller's Lexicon Anglosaxonicum is far superior as 
regards accuracy and fullness, but its unhappy arrangement of the words under 
hypothetical roots makes it practically useless to the beginner. Leo's Angel- 
sdchsisches Glossar combines the faults of both its predecessors with a recklessness 
in inventing new forms and meanings which is without a parallel even in Anglo- 

uiK, wnicn liavc been edited by Prof. Toller: the:^ 
mprovemeiit in fullness, accuracy and method. 1 1 
sd and supplemented BT by the other dictionaries 
wn glossaries to the Anglo-Saxon Reader and OldeSi 
lictionary of my own, b^^n many years ago, when 
yhood. CH has also been of considerable servic 
my of the rarer words. But the labour of test: 
ains of wheat from the mass of chaff, has been \ 
;d my progress. I have also found time to gather . 
)m the texts themselves. 

-The great difficulty of Anglo-Saxon lexicograpl 

our material solely on a limited number of care 

edited manuscripts — there is no long series of 

lexicographers to help us. The greatest difficulties 

ched words. In many of these English (that is, i 

he Latin words are only occasionally interspersed 

t is often a difficult task to determine whether a wc 

vord in Latin or some other language. One editc 

nglish gloss to inepHaSy not seeing that it stands s 

en when we are certain that a word is English \ 

not been displaced, so that it really has nothinj 

t follows. Hence the imaginary word bUrey *ony> 

successfully with these glossaries would require a combination of qualities that has 
never yet been achieved, together with several lifetimes. The investigator of 
Old-English as a whole — to whom these glossaries are only subordinate sources 
of information — is therefore often obliged to work by guesswork, until some one 
else guesses better, and to be thankful for an occasional ray of light. 

We have similar difficulties with the place-names in the Charters. Even in 
connected texts there are often great difficulties ; such poems as Beowulf and the 
Exodus teem with obscurities, many of which will probably never be cleared up. 

Doubtful matter. — Although I have tried, as a general rule, to keep doubtful 
matter out of the dictionary, I have been careful to leave a margin, especially in 
dealing with a well-known text such as Beowulf. But I have often put the reader 
on his guard by adding (?), or by referring (by Cp) to some other word of which 
the doubtful word may be a variant, or by indicating the source of an obscure word ; 
thus R. tells him that the word or meanii^ occurs only in the Rhyming Poem, 
which is the most obscure of all the poems. The doubtfulness of a word is greatly 
increased when it occurs only once ; accordingly in such cases I often add the 
warning once. Doubtful endings are printed in thin letters; thus gambc/. means 
that the word occurs only in the inflected ioxm gamhan, which may point either to 
a feminine gambc or a masculine gamba. So also pyffan means that the word 
occurs only in forms which leave it in doubt whether the infinitive is pyffan 
or pyfm. 

IjaiA words. — All Anglo-Saxon dictionaries contain words which are not 
Old-English, but belong to Transition-English (i 100-1200), or even to Middle- 
English. Thus all dictionaries except the present one give a form abbot for abbod 
with a reference to the year 675 of the Chronicle, which certainly seems early 
enough. But unfortunately the whole of that entry is an interpolation in Transi- 
tion- or Early Middle- English, so that the form abbot has no claim whatever to be 
regarded as Old-English. Another source of these forms arc collections of texts 
such as Kluge's Lesebuch and Assmann's Homilien, which contain late Transitrcn 
texts mixed up with Old-English ones, so that late forms get into the glossaries t" 
these books, whence they are copied by uncritical compilers. But I have thtftight 
it r^ht to keep many of the words which occur in the later portions of the 
Chronicle, partly on the chance of their being really older than their first occur- 
rence, partly because of the continuity and great importance of the Chronicle. 



Words that first occur towards the end of the eleventh century are marked 
vL.=^*very late/ 

Unnatural words.— As the Old-English literature consists largely of transla- 
tions, we may expect to find in it a certain number of words which are contrary to 
the genius of the language, some of them being positive monstrosities, the result of 
over-literal rendering of Latin words. I often warn the reader against them by 
adding (!). These unnatural words are not confined to interlinear translations. 
The translator of Bede's History is a great offender, and I have had constantly 
to add the warning Bd. Among the poetical texts the Psalms are especially 
remarkable for the number of unmeaning compoimds they contain, evidently 
manufactured for the sake of the alliteration ; this text also contains many other 
unnatural words and word-meanings ; hence the frequent addition of Ps. 

Brevity. — In a concise dictionary so much must be omitted that it is necessary 
to follow strict principles of selection, so as to omit what is least essential and to 
give most space to what is most important Otherwise we might easily fall into the 
error of giving more space to a demonstration of the spuriousness or unnaturalness 
of a word than to a statement of the meanings and constructions of some really 
important word. The test of a dictionary is not the number of words it contains, 
but the fullness of treatment of the commonest words. 

Brevity and conciseness have not only the negative advantage of saving space, 
but also the positive one of facilitating reference by enabling the eye to take in 
at a glance what would otherwise be scattered over a wide space. It will be 
seen that the three-column arrangement of the present dictionary, together 
with the use of systematic contractions and typographical devices, has made it 
possible to carry compactness and brevity further than has yet been done, and 
without any loss of clearness. Thus, instead of the lengthy w. dat. of pers. and 
gen, of things I write simply ivdg. Much, too, may be done by omitting what is 
superfluous. Thus, by adding its class-number to each strong verb, I dispense with 
the addition of sir. vb. Again, as nearly all verbs are recognizable by their ending 
-tf«, the absence of the class-numbers serves all the purposes of adding wk. vb,^ the 
classes of the weak verbs being easily discriminated by the presence or absence of 
a mutated vowel in the root. The ignoring of ge- in the alphabetic arrangement 
(p. xii) has also been a great saving of space : under the old arrangement the reader 
was often obliged to look up a verb twice, perhaps only to find that the ^^-forms 


were confined to the preterite participle ; as if a student of German were expected 
to look up nahm under nehmen ^xiA genommen yxoAex genehnten \ 

Meanings. — ^The first business of a dictionary such as the present one is to give 
the meanings of the words in plain Modem English, discriminating clearly the 
diflTerent meanings of each word, but doing this briefly and without the attempt to 
give all the English words that may be used to translate the Old-English word. 
Etymological translation should be avoided ; thus gepofta does not mean * one who 
sits on the same rowing-bench/ Less mischievous, but equally silly, is the practice 
of translating an Old-English word by some obsolete or dialectal word, which is 
assumed — sometimes falsely — to be connected with the Old-English one. Thus, 
when we have once translated beam by * child ' there is no more reason for adding 
• bairn ' than there is for adding ' kid ' or any other synonym. It is curious that 
this kind of thing is done only in the Germanic languages : no one thinks of 
translating un veau, cest le petit (Tune vache by ^a veal, it is the little of a cow,' or 
of telling us that * a veal is less grand than a beef.' One practical advantage of 
avoiding this kind of translation is that when the reader finds in a dictionary such 
as the present one l^ce explained as meaning * leech ' as well as * physician/ he feels 
quite certain that the former word is not a mere repetition of the meaning of the 
latter. But in some cases where there is no example of the primitive meaning of 
a word, and yet there is reason to believe that it actually existed in Old-English, 
I give it in ( ) ; thus under wacan I give (awake). 

The distinct meanings are separated by (;), groups of meanings being further 
marked off by | and ||, the latter being especially used to separate the transitive 
and intransitive meanings of verbs. 

The ambiguity of many English words makes it difficult to define meanings 
with certainty without full quotations. The best method is to add part of the 
context in ( ) : thus I explain ddragan by * draw (sword),' seomian by ' hang heavy 
(pf clouds),* where the italic of stands for * said of.* 

Quotations are next in importance to definitions, though an extensive use of 
them is quite incompatible with the nature of a concise dictionary. But idioms 
ought to be given whenever they offer difficulty. Sometimes, too, a quotation is 
shorter than a detailed explanation. Whenever space has allowed it, I have also 
given quotations even when they are not absolutely necessary. 

Hefsrences 1 omit entirely, as being inconsistent with the plan of this dic- 
tionary. But I indicate the sources of words in many cases ; and f = ' poetical ' is 
practically a reference to Grein's Glossar, where full references may be found. 

Constructions arc given with considerable fullness. 

Irregular forms which can be better studied in an ordinary grammar are dealt 
with very briefly. Thus I characterize bee as ■ pi. of boc ' without going into further 
details, while under the rarer ac I give fuller details. 

Cognate words are given only in Old-English itself It would, indeed, have 
argued a strange want of the sense of proportion if I had sacriliced my quotations 
in order to tell the reader that mann is cognate with Danish maud, or to refer him 
from the perfectly transparent compound iTc-hama to the misleading German 
Icichnavt, But I give the sources of borrowed words — or, at least, indicate the 
language from which they are taken — as this information is definitely limited, and 
throws direct light on the meaning of the word. 

Spellings. — In this dictionary the head-words are given in their Early West- 
Saxon spellings, with, of course, such restrictions and exceptions as are suggested 
by practical considerations. Feminine nouns in -ung, -ing are given under the 
former spelling, unless they occur only in the latter. The ending ~nis. -lies is 
always written -nes ; -o interchanging with -;/, as in bearo. mcnigo, is always written 
-o, to distinguish it from the -it of suuii. cam. The silent e in e(e)aru, sc{e\ort is 
always omitted in the head-words. It is evident that it would have been idle 
to attempt to do justice to such minute variations in a work like the present one. 
So also I ignore the diphthong io, always writing it eo, in spite of its elymolc^ical 
value in certain texts. 

As ihc regular variations of spelling are given in the List (p. xiv) in alpha- 
betical order, they are not repeated imder each word. To save space I have made 
some use of etymological diacritics, Thus the West-Saxon i? which corresponds 
to Anglian and Kentish t is written S {as in d^d). So also ie. ie, if all represent 
the same Early \Ve3t-Saxon sound, but each corresponds to a diff'erent vowel in 
the other dialects namely i,e,{ respectively, as in bierhlo, scield, cif/?=Angiian and 
Kentish birhto, sccld, cfU. Variations of spelling which require to be specially 
noted are given — as in my History of English Sounds — in an abridged form ; thus 
iL-ita, io implies wiota, the diphthong being given to show that the / of ^vita is 


short So also bm, oe implies boen ; feorm^ a implies ybri«, the diphthongs ea^ eoy ia^ 
to, u, oe being treated as simple vowels. Where necessary, the place of the vowel 
is indicated thus : a-- (first syllable), -a (last syllable), -a- (middle syllable). Forms 
that do not occur are marked *. Hence brtesan^^y means that the word occurs only 
in the spelling brysan, but that this is probably only a late spelling, and that if the 
word occurred in an Early West-Saxon text it would probably be written with ie. 
As the reader cannot possibly know beforehand whether the spelling he believes or 
knows to be the normal one actually occurs or not, it is surely better to put the 
word in the place where he expects to find it than to give way to a too great 
distrust of hypothetical forms. 

Cross-referenoes are given sparingly, and only when really useful to those for 
whom the dictionary is intended. The reader who wants a cross-reference from 
bundoft to bindan—3ind perhaps expects to have it repeated with forbindan and all 
the other derivatives — had better devote a few hours to my Anglo-Saxon Primer. 
There is no system of cross-references which will enable people ignorant of the 
elements of Old-English to read charters and other original texts in Old-English ; 
and cross-references for forms which occur only in interlinear glosses are of no use 
to beginners, for no beginner would think of reading such texts with a dictionary — 
or, indeed, of reading them at all. No one who has an elementary knowledge of 
West-Saxon will have the slightest difficulty in recognizing such a word as woruld 
by its context, even in the disguise of wtarald. If he has, he need only turn to the 
list of various spellings, where he will find ia-=^eo, and in the dictionary itself he will 
find weoruld with a reference to woruld. 

In conclusion, I venture to say that, whatever may be the faults and defects of 
this work, I believe it to be the most trustworthy Anglo-Saxon dictionary that has 
yet appeared. 


October i, 1896, 



^^P TtIK order is alphabetic, a following ad, and^ (which also stands for ^) following /. V-Mtgf- 

if dUr^ardcd IgebeJ under b], and is generally omitted before verbs, except where accompanied 
by dininclIotiB of meanings, as in gegHn. 

Compounds and derivatives generally come immediately after the simple word, whose repieiidan 
itt denoted by -, as in bl-spell, -boc <= lilspcliboc. If only part of the ivord is repeated, that part 
is marked off by an upright stroke, as in, ~eiid = bannend. So also in the first quotation 
given under menlan, the -o stands for miint ; but if nothing is added (o the - when used in this 
way, it necesurily implies rcpclicion of the complete head-word, whether the head-word conliiins 
a I or not : thus in all the quotations given under gem£ii|e the - stands for gemaiie. 

* denotes hypothetical or non-existent forms (p. id). 

I' signifies that the word or idiom or meaning occurs only in poetry, (t) that it is mainly 
poetical, but occurs also in prose. When all the compounds of a word marked i occur only in 
pueiry, the t is omitted after ihem ; otherwise the + is repeated after them when necessary, or the 
exceptions arc marked /V. = ' prose.' 1 after an isolated vowel means that the shortness or length 
(if the vowel is proved by the metre ; thus r+ under fviga means that the metre shows that the i is 
xhort, while ^i* uader /iroufiiw means that although the a does not seem to be accented^in which 
ciiBC d wuuld have been added — the metre shows it to be long — at least in some dialects. 

(!) denotes doubtful words, forms, or meanings Ip, vii), 

I!) denotes words formed in slavish imitation of Latin Ip. viii). 

The ( ) in {ni.) means that the gender of the noun is doubtful, but probably masculine; 
(/.) means that it is probably feminine, and so on. When the second of two final repealed 
consonants is put in ( |, it implies that the uninjiecied word ends in a single consonant, which 
is doubled before an inflectional vowel ; thus fsaBt«n(n) means nominaiii e faHtn, dative 
/asltnne, St.c. 

For the meaning of the thin e in gambe, S;c., see p. vii. 

For the diacritics in rf*, /V, //, see p. )t. 

In words divided by a hyphen, the stress is generally on (he first syllable, if no siress-mark is 
Lied ; if the stress is on any other than the first syllable, it is marked by ■ before the letter with 
which the stress begins, as in tecummi, which has the same stress as beeomt, while in such a word 



as bi'spell the stress is on the first syllable. In such compounds as ongian-cyme the first element 
is assumed to have the stress in the same place as in on'gian^ that is, on the second syllable. 

The parts of speech are not generally marked in the case of adjecdves, numerals, pronouns, 
and weak verbs, strong verbs being indicated by the number of their class. Anomalous verbs aie 
marked vb,, especially the preterite-present verbs, such as cann^ which are given under this form, 
not under their infinitives. 

A. Anglian. 
a. accusative, 

abs. absolute. 
absL abstract. 
tut, active. 
aj. adjective. 
an. analogy. 
av. adverb. 

Bd. Bede's History. 

cj, conjunction. 
colL collective. 
comp. composition. 
correl. correlative. 
cp, compare. 
cpv. comparative, 
Ct Charter. 

d. dative. 
def, definite. 
dem, demonstrative. 
dir, direct 

e^ E. early. 
esp, especially. 

/. feminine (noon). 
fern, feminine. 
Jig, figurative(ly). 
Fr, French. 

g, genitive. 
gen, generally. 
ger, gerund. 
Gk. Greek. 
GL glossary. 

accusative sin* 

f. instmmentaL 

impers, impersonal 

isnpv. imperative. 

indc. indicative — w, indc, with 

the conj./k?/ followed by vbu 

in indc. 
indecL indeclinable. 
indef. indefinite. 
indir, indirect. 
inf. infinitive. 
infl. influence. 
intens. intensitive. 
interj. interjection. 
interr, interrogative. 
intr. intransitive. 

K. Kentish. 

/, Z. late. 
lit. literally. 
LL. Laws. 
Lt. Latin. 

M. Mercian. 
m, masculine (noon). 
mcuc. masculine. 
met. metaphoncal(ly). 

N. Northumbrian. 

If. neuter (noun). 

mtU. neuter. 

no. nomi. 

nom. nominative. 

nW, non- West-Saxon. 

occ. occasional(ly). 
^said of (p. ix). 

pass, passive. 
pers. person(al). 

pi. plnral, nominative and ac- 
cusative plural, noun in 

pUon. pleona8tic(ally). 

/ATJ. possessive. 

Pr. Prose. 

pro. pronoun. 

prp. preposition. 

prs. present. 

prt. preterite. 

Ps. rsalms (metrical). 

ptc. participle, preterite parti- 

R. Rhyming Poem. 
rel. relative. 

rjl. reflexive in form, that is, 
taking a rf!. pronoun. 

sbj. subjunctive — w. sbj. with 
the conj. pat followed by vb. 
in sbj. 

Scand. Scandinavian (Scand. 
words are given in their Ice- 
landic forms). 

sg. singular. 

spl. superlative. 

St. strong. 

tr. transitive. 

V. very. 

vb. verb (generally implying 
anomalous vb.). 

W. West-Saxon. 

w. with — waa. with double ac- 
cusative, wdg. vnth dative of 
person and genitive of thing, 
and so on. 

wk. weak. 

Note that these contractions are often combined : mf, noun which is both m, and/.y eW. early 
West-Saxon, id. dative in the later language, vL. very late (p. viii). 


[The spellings \\l.:. 
<lictionaryy if it cannot \k- 

a-Xf ea. 

fle«*a, a'g, c, ca, 

aei. arig = ;i.'g. 



c*-g, h. 

ce = c. 

ch - c, h. 


cs-sc, X. 


d = >. 




e = x, ca, cl:. •■ 
ca— -a*, .1, cf, 
ei =r c, c^'. 
CO- e, ca, ;_.•-'. 
en - CO. ccAv. 
cw = cow. 

. Put. P^ 

L ahiB*-gn>op. 
ssam scinoH 

■^s^^ ''IL Gteose-gronp. 



Singular N- .■ 

Plural N,: . 

— .1* * 

— *■ 


;-Present Verbs. 

PtC PfcKT. 






3 ttw/ 
PL witon 




I wUe, t^U eom, h?d 



J wHii, nyU eart, bist 



3 tt**'^-? 

IS, Hp 



■ • 





Tx* n: 

I :<vA/i?, 





i :co/(/^sf 




^ woltie 









. •xs. S:- 


sTe, bt'o 





sicfi, bion 



"o >*:• 









■'••"• t 


7ues, bt'o 







V»v l*r«- 








( ,1 




& av., 6 N.f W, always, ever; at 
all. ne . . a never; not at all, 
not. & on donease, & buton 
ende for ever and ever |i ofspace^ 
continuously: & op wa, all the 
way to . . [awa], 

-bremende ever-celebrating. 

-libbende everlasting. 

-wtinigende continual. 

a-, &- occ, = fib-, on*. 

aspan -^ Aiepan. 

ab « owfbb woof. 

ft'bacan a bake. 

ft'bfidan force out, extract (oil by 
pressure) ; force away, ward off 
(death) ; obtain by force, exact. 

ftbi^igan » &bif Igan. 

ft'bfiran disclose, reveaL 


absman ir. bum « on-, 


ft'bannan i summon, command — 
'*'Ut call out (the militia); proclaim. 

ft'barian, abor-, disclose, make 
public [beer]. 

abbod m, abbot [Z/. abbatem]. 

Hiom m,y -hftd m.f ~rioe n, 
dignity or rule of an abbot, ab- 

-iBse / abbess. 

ft'beatan i beat to pieces; beat; 
beat down, make to fall. 

&becdd§ (if.) alphabet. 

ft'bedeoian*, ftbep- get by begging 
or asking. 

ft'belgan 3 w, d. or a. anger, irri- 
tate, offend, injure — &bolgen 

wesan or weorban || wd. be 
angry or offended (with). 

ft'beodan 7 wda, announce, state 
I offer w. sbj\ I command; sum- 
mon — ut ^ call out (militia). | ap- 
point (festival )1 — hnlo - zwf. wish 
good luck, greet, take leave of. 

ft'oeowan «= ftbiewan. 

&*ber|an 4 carry with effort; en- 
dure, suffer ; rfl. restrain oneself, 
(not) know what to do ; take upon 
oneself, put up with | take away, 
remove | up- raise, lift up | reveal, 
make known. 

-endlio endurable. 

&*b§red, once -rd, cunning. 

&*ber8tan 3 infr. force one*s way 
out; burst out, appear, often w. 
ut ; escape w. fram. 

abe))ecian = abed-. 

a*bid|an 6 remain; remain alive, 
be spared ; remain behind | wait, 
wait patiently ; wg. wait for, await, 
expect; experience. 

~ungyi waiting. 

&*biddan 5 wa.^ w. shj. and oet 
(him) request, pray for | obtain 
(by prayer or request). 

&*bieg{an bend/r. ; subdue; con- 

-endlio flexible. 

fi'M^lgan*, y, abaeligan make 
angry, offend [belgan]. 

&'biernan 3 bum intr, 

a*biewan*, y, eo mb, polish; 
purify ; adorn. 

ft'bififiui, eo tremble. 


a-bitan 6 bite (to death) ; devour, 

eat ; ivg. taste, partake of. 
ft'biterian become bitter. 
&*blao |ian, -od b6on become pale 

^r pallid. 
&*bl0C {an make pale, whiten. 
-nes^ paleness, gloom — cb-. 
•'Ung f, paleness, pallor. 
ft'blMt with strong blast (^flame). 
ft'bl&wan I /r. blow (trumpet); 

breathe : God him cn-ftbldow 

ft'blgndan blind ; delude, deceive. 
&*blered//r. bare, uncovered (neck) 

A'Dlican 6 shine (forth), appear, be 

bright — io bdo abUoen deal- 

&*blinn|an 3 intr, cease; desist 

(from) w.g.j fram. 
'*«(n)dne8 f, cessation, interrup- 
ft'blissian make glad, please, 
ft'blycg fan grow pale || strike with 

consternation, amaze, esp, in ptc, 

ft'blys I ian blush, be ashamed, 
-ung f. blushing, shame. 
&*bolgenne8 / irritation [&bel- 

ftborian "> ftbarian disclose. 
&*borgian be security for wa. ; 

borrow w. set. 
&*brac I ian — --od engraved in relief. 
&*br»dan dilate, stretch out. 
&*bra8lian intr, (re) sound. 
ft'brecan 4 break tluongh or down 





(wall) ; take (, fortress) ; break 
(command) || tn^r. force one's way 
(into), break away (from). 

ft'bredwian destroy, kill. 

&'brdgan terrify. 

&*bregdan, -edan 3 tr. move 
quickly, snatch, draw ' sword \ 
up'*' raise ; ~ of, fraxn remove, 
take awav || intr, start up, awake. 

§.bremenae, umier ft. 

ft'breotlan 7, also wk., /r/. -dat, 
-Sot, -eotte destroy. 

-nes y*. extermination. 

ft'breopan 7, //•/. //. -upon dete- 
riorate ; prove untrustworthy, fail ; 
hit ftbrdap, hd abrdap set )?sre 
pearfe ; perish, come to an end. 
f/c. -o^n degenerate, worthless 
II»rt. -6odde, destroy M, 

abreraan => onbryrdan. 

ft'brietan*, f , A, ho destroy. Cp, 

ft*bro]>en ptc. cf &brdo)>an. 

•^nes V! degeneracy, cowardice. 

a'bufan av, above vL. [»onbu- 

&*bugan 7 intr. bend, be bent ; bow 
down ; incline | turn (to ^rfrom% 
withdraw | wd. submit (to), do 

abHtan « onblitan. 

ft'bycgan buy ; requite ; redeem | 
perform (oath). 

ft'Dyffan mutter. 

ftbylg-, sec cbbylg-. 

ft'bysg ian, i occupy, trouble, en- 
gross (the mind; : «od on, mid |i 
intr, ~ on engage in, undertake. 

~ung f. occupation. 

ac, i, A. ah I. cj. but ; and. II. 
av, inter r. A, numquid — ah-ne 

&c /., </,, nom. pi. fio, g. &oe. Id, ac 
oiak ; t ship of oak || m, the Runic 
letter a. 

••bdam m, oak-tree. 

~cyiin If. kind of oak. 

~dr^nc m, drink made from 
acorns (?). 

-leaf ff. oak-leaf. 

"-melo n. acom-meab 

^mistel m, oak mistletoe. 

-rind/", oak-bark. 

-treow n. oak-tree. 

ac-liBO <= &g-l&c 

acan 2 ache. 

&*cdgl;ian od senrated (back). 

ft'calan 2 become cold. 

accent m, accent \Lt. acoentos]. 

ft'cealdian become cold. 

ft'celan tr, cool ; quiet. 

ftcelma, su Ao^, 


&*o§iin!an bear (child) : hd wns 
~ed of hire ; produce (result). 

-ed bom, (his) own (child). 

~edlio native GL 

o-ednes, E. ao^nneay. birth. 

ft*ceoc|ian, -000- tr. choke (to 
death) || intr. bum itself out (0/ 

"Ung/. ' choking up,* ruminating. 

ft'ceorfan 3 cut (off head, down 

ft'ceosan 7 choose, pick out — 
&coren Qode chosen in the 
sight of (by) God. 

ft'ciegan call forth, summon. 

ft'cif rr|an tr, turn ; turn ^aside || 
intr, turn, go ; xetum. 

-ednesyi tumkig away, apoftasy, 

ftclian terrify [&00I]. 

ft'clflensian purify w, finun. 

ft'cleofSeui 7 tr, split 

ft'clingan 3— ^r. &clungen con- 

ft'dipian, eo call forth, sum- 

ft'CofHan inlr, recover (from ill- 

&C0I, ftf, ~mdd terrified, excited. 

ge~modian terrify, dispirit. 

ft'colian become cool or cold. 

acolit\i8 m. light-bearer (in 
church) [ILt. acolythua], 

ft'coren ptc. of ftceosan, chosen. 

~lic eligible, estimable. 

ft'costman try, test. 

ftoraBftan devise '.plan). 

ft'crammlan cram. 

&*creop|ian creep, crawl — wyr- 
miim '^ed swarming with worms. 

ft'crimman 3 cram, stuff. 

&c8ian " ftscian. 

ft'cumjan 4 come; descend (from 
ancestor) : eal mancyn 1>e him 
of-&cdm II tr. endure, withstand 

~endlio endurable. 

^endliones/. possibilitv Gl. 

ft-cumba m., -e/, »-, &onma 
oakum, tow ; ashes of the same | 
dippings, pruniugs [cf mban]. 


ft'OUxmian test, try, find out; ex- 
perience : ~ on md selftun. 

aoUBtan accuse IM, 

ft'cwaoian tremble. 

ft'ow^coan shake tr. and intr. 

ft'owelan 4 die, perish. 

&*ow^llan kill, destroy. 

ft'ow^noan extingubh (fire, light). 

ftoweoma, L. ftowem m. squirreL 

ft'oweorran 3 — ftoworren sur- 
feited, crapulatus. Cp. mgte- 

ft*owepa]i 5 say : ~ hine fram 

ft'OWician, &o(w)ucian revive tr. 
and ifttr,f come to life again \pf 
the dead). 

ft'cwi^man kill. 

ft'owixian 6 dwindle, become ex- 
tinct (^fire). 

ft'owinoan 3 be extinguished \pf 
fire, light) ; be eclipsed (^moon) ; 

ft'O^an make known, show, reveal; 
proclaim, announce ; prove, con- 

&d m. heap ; funeral pile | fire, fiame. 

-"faru+y. funeral procession. 

-fyrf «., ~liegt m. pile-fire. 

^lamaf m. one crippled by fire, 

ft'd&lan separate, part. 

ft'dSadian become dead or torpid, 

&'d5af,ian become deaf. 

-ungy becoming deaf. 

adelja m, putrid mud, filth. 

-iht muddy, filthy. 

^seap m. cesspool, sewer. 

ft'delfan 3 dig (pit, grave). 

ft'deman decree : ~ hine fram d, 
deprive of || try, afflict. 

ft'deorcjian, M}d wesan become 
dim or tarnished ; be eclipsed (of 

adesja m., -e/., ads- adze. 

ft'diedan put to death, destroy — 
ptc, &diedd dead. 

ft'diefSeui deafen, surpass in sound 

ft'dihtan compose, write. 

ft'dihtian arrange, decree. 

&-dil(e)gian, L, f destroy, do 
away with, annihilate, |^ erase. 

ft*diixmi;ian, •^od wesan become 
dim; lose clearness of sight \pf 




ftdl. A, Sid/, disease. 

^ig diseased, ill. 

*J)racu+y*. virulence of disease. 

-wSrigt weary with illness. 

&dl|ian be sick, be ill, become 

infirm or weak. ptc. ge&dlod 

sick (person). 
^wag/. illness. 
ft'don vd. take away, send away || 

destroy || pat : panon ~ remove, 

" of expel, deliver. 
adrflBdan » ondr dbdan. 
ft'drsfkn drive away, expel, 
ft'drag^an 2 draw (sword). 
adremlnte/ feverfew. 
ft'drgncan drown, immerse. 
ft'dreoglan 7 perform, practise; 

pass (life, the night) | endure, 

suffer I tolerate, put up with. 
•^ndlio endurable. 
ft'drSopan 7 drip, drop, 
ft-dreosan 7 fall || be diminished, 

ft'driegan endure [drfiogan]. 
&*drifiEUi 6 drive away or out, 

drive, pursue — - spor follow 

track ; ~ ford mid pilum stake 

ford with piles. ^U, adrifen 

engraved, embossed. 
ft'dnncan 3 be drowned ; be 

quenched by water (^fire). 
ft'drflgiaii, -uwian dry up in^r. 
Si'drfgaxL cause to dxy up (well, 

sea) ; wipe dry. 
ft'dmnbiaji become silent, dumb. 
adustrigan = and^trigan. 
ft'dwfiecan extinguish (fire, light) ; 

destrov (enemies). 
ft'dweluui, -^lian, prt. -ealde 

lead into error, seduce (from 

ft'dwinan 6 dwindle, waste away, 

ft'dysglian, ~od wesan become 

&, ©w/.,^. etc, ft(we) divine law; 

scripture, book of the Bible ; reli- 

fion ; rite, religious ceremony | 
uman law — biiton ft outlaw; 
custom J marriage | wife | lifef 
once, in IJV, there is a tendency 
to restrict the form ftw to the 
meaning * marriage.* 
•^bebod n. commanidment. 
•'bdo j^ book of the law. 
•boda m. preacher. 

fi|brebce law-breaking ; adulterous. 

-breca, -y- m. adulterer. 

~brucol sacrilegious. 

~bryce m. adultery. 

~cr8Bft PI. skill in law. 

^KsraBftig skilled in law. 

~fiB9St pious I married. 

-fSsBBtlice av. piously. 

-ftesten n. legal or public fast. 

-ffldstnes/. piety ; religions creed, 

^firemmende pious. 

^fyllende pious. 

~gleaw learned in the law. 

-ISdend m. lawgiver (I). 

~laerend m. teacher of the law. 

~lagol law-giving. 

-lie of the law, lawful. 

~lice ctv, lawfully. 

-riht n, code of law. 

-8f llend m. lawgiver. 

~8wice M. violation of God's law ; 
adultery (?). 

~we-weam m. priest 

^-wlta m. lawyer, councillor. 

-wiitero m. law-giver. 

&*earg^an become cowardly. 

&-b&re, &-, -ere notorious, openly 
known [aberan]. 

&'ebbian ebb away, recede from. 

cb-blSc|e pale. 

~ne8, ft-/ pallor. 

fldbs, aeps [confusion to. SBps =■ 
eespe aspen] (/.) fir-tree [Lt. 

db-byl(i)g|an, ft-, -il- make angry 
or indignant ; offend. 

-nesyi anger. 

~])(u % AbylJ), abyl(i)gj) / anger ; 
ofTence, injury : Criates ~ offence 
against C, psBt hizn to ~e gedon 
W8B8 that which had offended 

abo see &c oak. 

8BC-l»oa see ag-. 

e^-cambe/ oakum. Cp, ftoumba, 

db-celmja, fto-, M, eoilma chil- 
blain [aoalan]. 

~eht with chilblains. 

ficen, ft- of oak [fto]. 

fldcer m, (cultivated) field | acre. 

-ceorl m. farmer. 

-h^g^ m. field-hedge. 

~mann m. farmer. 

~Bfi^d n. seed for an acre (?). 

-splott m. small field (?). 


flBcerjspranoa see »cem. 

-teoj)Ullg/. tithe of the produce of 
the soil. 

-tyningy. fencing. 

flBcem, -im, sBcren n. acorn. 

-spranca*, eeoer- w. ilex, oak 
sapling \\) Gl. 

eb-cnosl|e degenerate, not noble 

ge-iende degenerating Gl. 

sBcumba = ftcumba. 

ffi-cyrf clippings, what is cut off 

ebad^re /., //. ^^dran, cedra, 
A, hdpir, epre vein — ftdrum 
hrinan, ftdra^ hrf pian feel the 
pulse ; nerve, sinew ; in pi. kid- 
neys 1 spring ^of water). 

-seax, ftdderseaz n. lancet. 

-weg m. artery, vein. 

cbdre av. at once, forthwith | (know) 
fully, clearlyf. 

fibfen(n), IN, efem m. evening. 

-gebed //. evening prayer or ser- 

-dream m. even-song. 

-giefl n. supper. 

-gl5m(a) m. twilight. 

-grani'l" fierce in the evening. 

-Iftcf n. evening sacrifice. 

-IcBcan become evening. 

-leoht+ n. evening light. 

-leopt w- evening song. 

-lie of the evening. 

-lof «. lauds. 

-m^te m. supper. 

-rcedingy! evening reading. 

-gereord /*., -u/?. supper. 

-gereordian sup. 

-repsung/. nightfall. 

-rf stt/. evening rest. 

-sang ///. evening song. 

-soiina m. evening light. 

-scopt m. evening bard. 

-sprAct f. speech of the evening 

-steorra m. evening star. 

-tidy., -lama m. evening time. 

-pegn^ung, ~)>en-y (divine) even- 
ing service ; supper. 

-))Sowd6m m, ^^divine) evening 

gesbf e)nian become evening. 

sfhung/. evening. 

fldfesn, L. '^ f, special pasturage 
(of swine) ; charge for pasturage | 
luxury, wantonness (^?). 

B 2 




8df(e';8t, eef, vtfn. envy, malice ; 
zeal, rivalrj' [eat]. 

-•full envious. 

~ian be envious. 

~ig envious, jealous. 

fldf-gielp, -ib1)> (/.) superstition Gl. 

flBf-grynde n. abyss. 

&-fielle*, eefelle peeled [fell]. 

A-fiennpa*,y/". sweepings, rubbish. 

8df-l&8tt ///. swerving (?) once, 

flBfhan, ^, perform, do, make 
(ready), carry out (commands) | 
cause, excite (anger) | endure, 

Aftre av. always : ne . . - never | 
at any time || L. indf, ever : eall 
bSBt ~ betst W8d8 whatever was 
best; -»lc each. 

sftan av.^ '^'weard aj. from be- 
hind, behind. 

ttftemest spl. hindmost, last in 
time and order. 

ttfter, y- I. prp. w. d, (a.) behind, 
tSitT place, order, time \ extension 
in space and time along, through, 
during j pursuit ^ aim, object ofvb. 
(dig a. gold, ask a.) { according 
to I in consequence of i| ^ pSm, 
- )>on afterwards. ** l>fizn )>e cj. 
after. II. av. aner(wards). 
III. ~ra, Z. 8eft(e'ra cpv, aj* 
following, next, second. 

«*boren posthumous. 

Mswepan 5 speak afterwards; re- 
peat (what is said or dictated). 

Mjwejjendf w//. posterity. 

«ealo n. small beer. 

-folgere ///. successor. 

^folerian, ~fyl^i)gan succeed ; 

••fylgend m. successor. 

-iyigungy; pursuit. 

^gang m. succession. 

••g^nga m. successor ; posthumous 

o^^ngel m. successor. 

•^gengn^esy. succession, extremity. 

•'gield n. additional payment. 

-hfl&Jje f. after-heat. 

~hyr,;i,gan imitate. 

-i^d^O;/. old agef ; future period. 

"•lean n. reward ; retribution. 

-lie second Gl. 

••r&p, -rSpe m. crupper. 

~ryne m. encountering (!). 

-sang m. matins. 

~Bingend m. succeutor. 

after 86na av. IN. again ; after- 

Hsprflbc /. after-claim. 

~aprecan 5 claim. 

~Bpyrian follow ; inquire. 

~weard following. 

^weardnes/ posterity. 

8Bf-panc(a) m. grudge, displeasure ; 

»f-weard absent. 

"'lies/', absence. 

8df-'mf rdelsa, dwy- /v.injury,lois. 

8df-wifrdla m. injury, loss; fine 
for injury or loss. 

fig, fit «•» /^- -Tu, egg. 

-er-felma m. film of an egg. 

~er-geolu n. yolk of egg. 

~liiii m. white of tgg. 

~(ge)i]iang n, egg-mixture. 

~8ci§ll/. egg-shell. 

-wyrt/ dandelion. 


»g-l»ca &c, see ag-. 


fig-hwii tio, each one, every one ; 
any one || n. -hw8Bt everything ; 
something or other, anything. 
-hw8B8 av. in every way, entirely. 

Ag-hw&r, -ar, £gwern av, every- 
where, in every direction; any- 
where I in every respect, in every 

fig-(h^9<rflB)]>er no., aj. each (of 
two or more), both : hecra 
»g(hw8d))>er ; on £g]7ere healfe 
on both sides. »g)>er . . and, 
figber . . ge . . (ge; cj. both . . 
ana . . (and). 

Ag-hwanon.e) av. from all sides ; 
on all sides, everywhere. 

fig-h'welc, i,Y no.y aj. each (one), 
every (one) ; who-, what-soever. 
~ &]ira no. wg, each, -es av, in 
every way. 

Sg-hwlder av. in every direction ; 

db-gift n. repayment. 

^gilde, y without compensation, 
unatoned for (^man killed). 

»gnan//. chafif. 

figper s fighwflBper. 

&-gylt m, trespass, offence. 
&-gSnP^ worthless, nugatory. 
flBhher «* ear ear of com. 
db-hiw »., •'1168 /. want of colour, 

^hiwe pallid. 

^hliep m, violence, breach of 

peace LL. Cp, flsthlXep. 
«Bntt hostility, strife. 
shte/ parsnit, persecution. 
fiht /. gen. pi, power, possession ; 

•'1x>ren bom in serfdom. 
~elaad n, territory. 
-emaxui m, serf, farmer. 
-eawftn m, unfree herdsman. 
~Bpddig wealthy, 
-gesteald n, possession, 
"'gestreon n. possessions, riches. 
-geweald n. power, possession. 
"'Wela m. wealth. 
~welig wealthy. 

gefihtan*, prt, -ehte once subdue. 
geehtlet/. esteem (?) [eahtian]. 
el m, eel. 
~fi80 m. eel. 

~hyde eel-receptacle (?). 
~n^tt n. eel-net. 
-epHta m, eel-pout, burbot. 
&1 ^ &wel awl. 
8dl- ' all-* interchanges with eall-. 

filjan, »t> bum, bum up ; kindle, 

light (lamp). 
-ingy! bumine ; ardour. 
&-lste I. /. divorced woman. 

II. n. desert place [&ldtan]. 
«l-beorhtt» ©all- all-bright, very 

file no.y aj. each, every, all; any, 

esp. after biiton : on anum 

b&te biiton Slotim gereprum. 

<» . . dper the one . . the other, 
el-cealdf very cold. 
»l-er8dftigt all-powerful. 
Al0i,w)uht If. everything [»lo 

filedf, g. Sides, m, fire, firebrand. 
oleoma m, glenm of fire, firebrand. 
eb-lf ng|e tedious, tiresome [lang]. 
-nes/". tedionsness. 
8dlf m.^pl, i^lfe faiiy, elf, incubus. 
~fidl/i nightmare. 
-cynn n. race of elves. 
Hsdenef elf-sheen, beautiful as a 

-Biden(n)/. nightmare. 
^sogopa m. hiccup. 
-')K>ne [o = a or 6?]/ nightshade 

flBl-jQBBlet> eal-felo dire (poison). 




«l-liBurut/. host. 

flBlfen B i^lfen fairy. 

flBl-firem(^e)de, el- foreign; free 

flBl-fyicef H. foreign (hostile) army; 
foreign land. 

fldX-gprenef, eall- all-green. 

flBlly fta -= endlyfta. 

flBlineB|8e, L. -ysse /. alms [Z/. 

•^bflBp If. gratuitous bath. 

^md/i almsdeed. 

~£edfti n. distribution of alms. 

•^leoh n. alms. 

^fUll charitable. 

'-'geom charitable. 

"gi^ta, m, giver of alms. 

-gldfu/ almsgiving. 

^hl&f m. dole of bread. 

'"land n. land granted in frank- 
almoign e. 

•'leoht n. candle or light given to 
chorch by layman. 

•-lio, once -estUc charitable. 

-lice av. charitably. 

"inann m, beggar. 

"-pening m. alms-penny. 

«»rint tu right of receiving alms. 

--6f lena, ^sylena^/. almsgiving. 

••weoro n. almsgiving. 

el-midde/! exact middle. 

el-mierca'^y yf m* Ethiopian. 

fldl-mihtig, sell-, eal(l)-, al(l)-, 
-e(a)htig, -ahtig, -sehtig al- 
mighty {only ^God). 

"TLeaf. omnipotence. 

flBlpig s &n-liepig. 

mHien. of alder [alor]. 

0l-tdwe, -tdowe, -towo, perfect ; 
in sound health ; excellent, good; 
tme; famous. 

ft-inel|le insipid. 

'^nesy. tedium, weariness, sloth. 

&.m^(ne) depopulated, desert 

fimerge, Smyrie^ embers, ashes. 

fimetlte, -e/. ant. 

*hyll m. ant-hill. 

&met|te, &m(e)te, vE. Smote/!, 
^^ta m, leisure, want of occupa- 
tion [mdt, gemot]. 

-hwiiy. leisure (time). 

•'tig, nm(e)tig at leisure, free from 
(occupation) w.g. or firam; de- 
privea of, without ; empty. 

Amettigiaii, dm(e)t(igjian, -gan 
be at leisure abs.y rfl, w. g. or fram 

atid td keep oneself free : hu hie 
hie ge~ scoldon operra weoroa ; 
Smtigap eow to rfidinge ! 

fib-mod out of heart, dismayed. 

»mte = dbmette. 

^-mynde*, -i- n. forgetfulness. 

8dn- = &n-. 

fine, &ne av. once in time ; repeti- 
Hon one time, once (in multiplica- 
tion) : - seofon bdop seofon || 
'xsipa once. 


8dnetre=enitre, &n-wintTe. 

Snig, -iht no.^ aj. any(one) — --e 
pinga av, somehow, anyhow. 


finjlio single, only (son); unique, 
incomparable, excellent; beauti- 
ful ; of high rank. 

-lice av. splendidly. 

fiBnne, see an. 

fib-note useless. 

fldppel, a-,//. -p(p)la(8), m, apple, 
fruit; ball; eye-ball. 

••b^re apple-bearing. 

-bearo w. orchard. 

-cymel //. pip ; pomegranate (!). 

-ffldt n. apple-vessel Gl. 

~fealo reddish yellow. 

~hu8 If. apple-storehouse. 

~leaf I/, violet. 

^BQBXB,fpl. core of apple. 

H3creada^/. apple-parings. 

~treo"W n. apple-tree. 

~tun m, orchard. 

-pom ffi. crab-apple. 

-win n. cider. 

fiBppledef ball-shaped, embossed. 

fiBpa = fiBSp. 

fiBps = fiBbs fir-tree. 

Sr=ar brass. 

fir aj. only in cpv. and spl. Srra, 
§&rest, which see^ and in (on) 
Srne-morgen {see under fir- 

Sr av. formerly; previously, before; 
already — ftr oppe aefter sooner 
or later ; er and sip always ; ne 
ffir ne sippan never ; swa we Sr 
(above) cwfldon; on »r before- 
hand, previously; to make prt. 
into pluperfect : »r brohte had 
brought. II »r, IN. &r soon : to 
£r too soon ; swa fir swa as soon 
as w. ituic. ; sfiles bidep hwonne 
Sr hdo . . cypan mdte how soon, 


fir jor av. cpv. formerly ; previously, 

-est, fist, IN. firest av. spl, first 
(in time or order), for the first 
time, at first. 

fir cj, before w. shj.y occ. w. indc. : 
cwfidon pet Crist nfire fir h§ 
&oenned wsm of M&rian ; correL 
fir, firest {avs^ . . fir {cj}) : hine 
hnfde fir OfDft &fliemed . . fir 
he cyning wfire; pu meaht 
filone onpdaw on pfim menn 
firest be siunnm tacniim ongi- 
etan . . fir hd hit mid wordum 

fir prp. wd. before (in time), 
-pfim {or pam), pen {or pan) 
av. before that (time), formerly; 
cj, xv. sbj. before, -pfim pe &c. 
cj. w. sbj. before. 

-aalt/ early disease. 

-At m. feasting early. 

-boreni* first- oom. 

-cwlde+ m. prophecy. 

-dflbdy! former deed. 

-dffig m. early part of day; //. 
former days, ancient times. 

-deapt m. early death. 

-ged6n done before. 

-MBderf m. forefather. 

-g6d+ good of old (?). 

-ieldo/! former age. 

-lice av, early. 

-(ne)morgen, -me-, -ma- early 
morning \cp. fir aj?\. 

-(ne)morgenlic matutinal. 

-genfmned, -gesfid above-men- 

-Bceaftfy! piece of antiquity. 

-gestreonf if. ancient treasure. 

-wacol early awake. 

-welaf m. ancient wealth. 

-geweorcf n. ancient work '. sword) . 

-gewinnf n, former war or trouble. 

-wonildi*^ primeval world. 

-gewyrhtf n, former deserts. 

fira m. scraper, strigil [&r]. 

fidrce, a-, §- vt. archiepiscopal 
pallium [Z/. archi-]. 

-biscop m. archbishop. 

-biscop-ddm m. -nee ;/. arch- 

-biscop-stol m. archiepiscopal 

-diacon, archi- m, archdeacon. 

-h&d ///. episcopal dignity. 

-rice If., -8t51 ///. archbishopric. 



firsD of lirus [&r]. 

ftrenda K.eirond, message, tidings. 

-tSo/ written message, Tettct. 

-EBBt bound on errand. 

~g&st m. angel. 

•~^d)raca, -wraoa, -wTa(o)oa m. 

messenger, nmbaasador, (angel, 

-«(Ap n. ship, bo&l Gl. 
-Sfog wi. messenget. 
-eprAcy. message. 

-gewrit n. letter. 

Srend | liui, gen- se-, ca ny message , 
go OD eiroDds : ~ him ^t undEi- 
take that commission for biiu ; 
negotiate, eiilec into treaty for : 
-bis bl&fords wlfea; intercede, 
useone's influence with: -tSOode 
jnnh . . ; - him |iBt bS forgSafe . . 

-ong/ enai ' 

firendra m, mesienger; rcprcsen- 

arlg-, jtt earh arrow. 

•ring/ dawn [«r]. 

ftriBt, -eal /, m. resortection ; 

origin : pedieiee [Ariian]. 
•m H, house \an elJtr fortii nen- 

apptars in cempositioH : lie mjte- 

aHitne.ll jivrJ]. 
-)»gn*, v£. rendoKn m. bouce- 

■mail ride (faitl, gallop: ride 

race [causalwi pieman'. 
-«w^ m. road fit to ride on ; race- 

-Ing/. riding, racing. 

genrntui iair. gallop, ride {{ Ir. 

ro,L;h by riiting, gallop op to. 
Aror set Arra. 
AlTtl aj. ipv. foimer. earlier, old 

Sllmet, wars', t^ror at>. beforr. 
jrroerly || sfl. AreBt first 'in 
time^ ; nl ~ut in the 6rst place 
(in enumerating'^. 
As H. carrion, food. 
■BO m. a.h-tr<-c; speart; boot, 
Scaiiilinavian war-ship ; Ihe Kunii 
UUir te, 
-berendt,-lJora+ m.apear-bearcr, 

-beresde spear- bearing. 


-holtt «■ spur, 

-maim m. tDaniih) pirate. 

-plegnt »i- spear-play, battle. 

rasc^rind/. aib-bark-. 

-rof+ warlilie, illnWriouB. 
-Btfdet m. bnttle^placc. 
-tir+ m. glory in war, 
-prftout/ Bpear- violence, battle, 
-proto, -a/ vervain (!]. 
-wiga+ m. warrior, 
-wlanot w 



-fealu aaliy-eol.iiitcd. 
-BT&g aahy gray, 
(eaeey.inquiry, questioning; search, 

investigation [ucian]. 
~iui demand (legally). 
A-Soeare, &-, -Are unshorn, with 

untrimmcd hair [aoleraii]. 
A-soedftj5*/. (I) refuse',?) Gl. [«- 

rascen I./, (m.) wooden vessel, 
bucket, cup. II. aj. of ash. 

^-Hmogu nfl. slough, c^st-ofT skm 
(of snake) [aamugoa^ 

nsple, Z. nps/. aspen, white poplar. 

-plnd/ b.iilc of aspen. 
ffl-sprynge, /. -inse source (nf 

running water) ; starting- poin I, 

origin; spring {of water), fountain 

fiat = Areet. 
fBStel m. book-mark \tLl. (h)aa- 

tulaj . 
A-ewio {i>.\ scandalum, slumbling- 

block, offence; sedition; deceit, 

A-BWlc)ian acandalizare, become 
an oflenee ; offend ; betray ; be- 
come an apostate. 

~eaid («. offender; hypocrite; traitor. 

-luiK^ offence, stumbling-block; 
deceit; sedition. 

A-awioa m. offender; deceiver; 
hypocrite; traitor, deicrter. 

fb-ewiccc apostate, rebellioM, 

A-swind inert [eswiDdaii]. 

Kli.,raTeA. ot, prf.'.ed.iH of limi 
^)>fc tet ndztan thereupon, Ihea 
II ef place— flam. -. in p&re atowo 

E9 i> Keneiiuied st Betxobyte, 
called Salisbory | ma/wH to II 
source, origin : KolBornlan Bt | 
deprivafien, from : Animui nc ! 
spidficatiettt onfSiiK bine nt 
flilwibte I equivaltace, prill \ 
&sef» )iST-tet . . I initmm 


wear)! aoweald tet bis witen* 

(et m. food ; eating [otan]. 
-giefat m. fecd.T, 
-^elat "'. abundance of food. 
A-etaU 5 up, devour. 
mt'baraji 4 carry, carrj- off ; bring, 

St'beretan 3 break away, c^ape, 

w. d. or )«non. 
tet-bFegd|aD, -ddan 3 take away, 

deprive, release riiAi, : hSEBtbrSd 

liine (r/7.) luattim. 
-endlio ablative (case ). 
Bt-cUflau adhere. 
fflt'Clllian BHct adhere. 
nt'deman refuse. 
nt'dSll vi. take away, deprive wJa. 
ntealdod too old (for; wg. 
at-eglaa molest. 
at-ftestan wda. inflict ; impart, 

endow with; viad. join (In mar- 

tiagel, commit, entruK. 
Bt-feaUan i fall out (of chariot) ; 

falLaway, deteriorate; be deducted 

(from sum pud). 
»t-feU (m.) ai'heaon. 
cet-fatig m. taking possession of, 

reclaiming (cattle), 
rat-feohtanh 3 : - folmum grope. 
(Bt-f5olttn,/r/. -fealb j jW. adhere ; 

apply oneself to, continue in. 
iBt-CBrian carry away vida. 
tet-QSon "} escape. 
rat-flfiwan i be abundant (!). 
mt'foran I. prp. wd. befoie. in the 

presence of. H. av. beforehand 

at'g;ied(e^re av. together: at tha 

same time [gadrian]. 
Bt-gftre, -ire «., -gii m. javelin. 
rat'Kldfiui 5 give jiHla, 
»t-grApet seiiing, aegieasive. 
tBfhabban **. retain, withhold. 

i^bban 1 take away, withhold 
rfl, separate oneself from, exalt 

leself above tc. tma. 
»t- hind an prp. jod., an. behind, 

Bt'Mfiapan 1 W.nmavray.cMape. 
(et-hliep m. asstull. 
nt'brman 6 touch s:g; a. 
(Bt-hrine m. touch. 
Bt-h^rft no. every one, rach. 
st-hn«K u\ -a av. Boncwhat. 

ft little; how. 
Bt-hvreorfan j 're^iuni, go. 




et-hwdn av. almost. 
»t'iec|an, Af. ot- add to, increase. 
~ne8/. increase. 
stdeman 3 run away. 
et*iew|an ; -dowan ace. W. ; -So- 

wian IW, often ; -dawan A, ; 

otdawan eM. ; at- tr. show, 

display, reveal ; rfl. appear || intr. 

~(ea)neBy. appearance ; manifesta- 
tion, revelation. 
•^-Hiig f. showing, manifestation, 

Ot'lAdan lead away, take away, 
etlio eaUble Gl. A- or e- (?). 
st'licgan 5 lie useless. 
st-limpan 3 wd, disappear, escape 

(from^i ; become an apostate (from 

st'llitiaii lie hid ; wd. hide from. 
Atnes edibility (?) Gl. Cp, aetlio. 
»t-TifTnan 4takeaway, depriveu^. 
stTfCoan wda. declare forfeited. 
gefit(t)red, -od poisoned, poison- 
St(t)ren, St(t)em poisonous, 

^mddf venomous in mind, 
fittrjan, ~ian poison. 
Strig poisonous. 
et-rihte, 7, e I. aj. near (in place 

and time). H. av, nearly, almost. 
st'sacan 2 w, ^., a. deny. 
£dt*8aixine av. together. 
et*8CiUBEUi 7 push away. 
At'sittan 5 stay, wait. 
flBt-slidan 6 slip, glide. 
£dt*8pom|an, u 3 stumble, knock 

against tr., intr,, rfi. w. set | rebel. 
"XCCkfi/. stumbling, misfortime. 
0t*spriiigan 3 spring out, flow out. 
»t'8prung(en)ne8/ failing [est- 

0t'8taild|a]i a stand (still) ; be 

present; cease— //r. ~en stopped 

(purine, veins). 
»t-8tandende standing by. 
»t-8teallt m. place (?) ; help (?). 
At-Btillan tr, still, calm. 
flBt'BWerian a deny with oath. 
et'BWigan become silent ; keep 

silence about, not speak of w. be. 
ffit'Swimman 3 swim away, escape 

by swimming. 
flBt'Bwingan 3 wda. deprive. 
fittren "- fitren. 
0t*]iri2igan 3 forceout,deprive wda. 

fiBt'Weazan i intr. increase. 

8dt"wegan 5 take away, carry off. 

fldt*^7^niaii wda. wean from (evil). 

At-wesende at hand. 

fldt'Windan 3 wd, escape ; fly away. 

St-wistyi presence ; (?) sustinencc, 
food [through confusion with 

fldt'witan 6 wda. reproach with. 

fldt'Wrenoan wda, deprive by 

fibpian intr. breathe || tr. breathe, 
" blow, inspire. 

geS)>ed sworn (witness) [&p]. 

gettpelian ennoble, maJce re- 

8B))el|e noble (by birth or char- 
acter) ; vigorous (plants) ; good 
(in character) ; valuable, of high 
price ; pleasant (^odours). 

-boren of noble birth ; freebom. 

~borennes/ nobility of birth. 

-<jund of noble origin. 

MJundnesy. nobility of origin. 

-cynlng m, king (Christ). 

-dugu})/. retinue. 

~ferj)ing-wyrt, -fording- /. a 

-nes/! nobility. 

~Bt§nc m. sweet odour. 

^tungol If. noble star. 

ge8B)>ele wd. inborn, natural (to), 

fldpeling king's son, heir apparent ; 
nobleman; fhero, man. 

8dpel(l)ic noble, excellent. 

8d))ellice av. nobly, excellently. 

8Bpelu f origin, lineage gen. pi. ; 
nobility, excellence ; produce, 
growth (of the earth). 

e^pm m. breathing, breath ; vapour ; 
blast (of fire). 

~ian give out vapour. 

eb-bnet*, -y troublesome, tedious 

~neB/". tedium. 

db-brot n. disgust, weariness 

Hsum*, a- irksome. 

8dw = & law. 

S^van contemn, scorn. 

eb-wibde without clothes. 

fiwda, ~mann m. witness. 

fiw(e) lawful (wife) ; (brother) of 
the same marriage [ie]. 

fi'wen related by man iage, (brother) 
of the same marriage [ft]. 


cb-w§ne hopeless, uncertain, doubt- 

cb-wiflm m. source (of river), 
spring, fountain : origin [&weal- 

swierdelsa «= ABf-. 

&wlB-firina, S(a) IM. notorious 
sinner, publicanus. Cp. swisc-. 

dwiso, ~e I. If. disgrace, offence, 
scandalum. II. aj. disgraced, 
abashed ; indecent. 

^berende shameful. 

-firenend*, a- m. public sinner Gl. 

~lic shameful. 

~indd abashed. 

-nsB f. disgrace, sense of shame; 
shamelessness — (?) on ^se in pro- 
patulo, publicly ; reverence. 

fiwiijian marry [ft]. 

~ung/I wedlock. 

swiim-boren legitimate (child) 

Swung — on ~e openly Gl. Cp. 

flb-wyrp throwing-away, rejection ; 

what is rejected [ftweorpan]. 
8dx, 8BOU8, acu8, 86068, 8680, oax f. 

&-fSgan draw, depict [f&g]. 
&'f]BBgriaD. make beautiful ; em- 
broider, confusion w. &fSgan(?). 
&*fiSman foam out, breathe out. 
&'febran terrify. 
&*f)B8tan fast, perform (fast). 
a-ftdst-lft inter;'. 
&*£iBBSt(e)nian make firm, confirm ; 

fix (eyes on) ; build ; write ; affix, 

add (in writing). 
&*fjeuidliaii test, try ; experience. 
~ig^nalio, ~odlic capable of being 

tested, probabilis. 
-ung/ trial. 
&'faraii a go out, depart. 
&'feallan i fall down; fall (in 

battle) ; fall off, decline, decay. 
&*fedan nourish, feed ; maintain, 

support ; rear, bring up ; bring 

fortn, produce. 
&'feohtan 3 attack,assail ; pluck out. 
&-feonn{ian clean(se), remove 

(pimples), purge (stomach) ; 

purify 1, spiritually). 
~ung/. clean(s)ing, purging. 
afeorran == ftfierran. 
&'feor8ian, -ie, 7 remove, expel ; 

&'f<^rian carry away, remove. 




&'fer80ian become fresh (<^ water). 

ft'fi^llan fell (tree) ; kill ; subvert, 

ft*fierran, eo remove, deprive w. d. 

ft'figen fried once Gl. 

afindan « onfindan. 

ft-fldan a strip off (piece of 

&*fleon 7 flee ; escape. 

ft-fleogan 7 fly — bip ftflogen td is 
addicted to. 

ft'fliegan put to flight; expel 
(fever, devils). 

&*flieman pat to flight; expel; 

ft'flowan I flow. 

afogian ^ Awdgian. 

afolf, once abal n, strength, might. 


ftfor, a, harsh (to taste); ffierce, 


ft'forhtian be afraid. 

&'fiN§fr(ij)an comfort, console. 

ft'fr^mdan, A. -^mpan alienate. 

"Vmg/. alienation. 

ft-frSopan 7 froth. 

ft*falia]i become foul or impure, 

ft-fyianfonl; defile. 

ft'fyilan w. a. and g. or u fill ; 
satisfy (desires) ; complete. 

ft'f^an deprive ivai, ; castrate. 

&-fyrhtan— -^Z^-. &fyrht afraid. 

ft'f^san make to hasten, drive on 
or away ; incite, impel (mind). 

fig-l&O, ig-, -So I.t n, misery, tor- 
ment. II. aj. sagacious (?). 

-K^raBft m. evil art 

^h&d w. misery. 

-wif n. wretched, monstrous wo- 

fig-ldcaf, &h-, fig- ///. wretch, 
monster ; warrior, hero. 

&*g&n vb. come forth, appear ; pass 
V^time" ; happen; grow. 

ft'gfil an hinder, frustrate ; n^lect 
—ptc, -ed neglectful, remiss ] en- 
gross, occupy : eall pset folc 
wearp mid him aainin &gftled 
(in trjdng to capture him). 

ft'g&l'waii astonish, alarm. 

&*galan 2 tr. sound ; sing. 

&-g&l ian— ^//^. '-od remiss, neglect- 

&*g&niaii yawn. 

figen, occ. elV, ft- I. own. II. if. 
(own) property; own countiy 

~nama m. proper name (in gram- 

-nes/. possession, property. 

-slaga m, suicide. 

~Bpr&o/. idiom. 


&gend • m, possessor ; the Lord 

^firda, ftgenf-, -flrdo, -iMg(e)a» 
-frig, d, &»c, -frdan, -frdo, m.yf, 
owner, master, mistress. 

'xlioe av. as one*s own, imperiously ; 
accurately, properly. 

fi'geolwlan become yellow. 

&*geomeria]i mourn, grieve. 

&'gdotan 7 pour out, shed (blood) ; 
melt, found (metal images) ; de- 
stroy ; deprive wg, || intr, flow out 

ft'g^duui 5 wdou give, render, give 
up ; restore, repay. 

&*g^eldan 3 pay, requite, render 
(account, retribution), repay, offer 
(sacrifice) ; make possible, allow 
— ]>& md sfil Ageald, when I had 
an opportunity. 

&'gi61pan 3 exult in wd, 

&*g^exnelea8ian neglect. 

&'g^^t!an 5, also wk. ptc, «-ed, de- 

&'gieta ///. waster, prodigal. 

agift Bs dgift. 

&*giinined gemmed, set with 

aginnan = onginnan. 

agita = ftgieta. 

&*gleddian moisten. 

&*glidan 6 glide, slip, stumble. 

fign^ian possess; claim (posses- 
sion) ; take possession, appro- 
priate, adopt ; hand over. 

-lend tn. possessor. 

^iendlic, ge- possessive (in gram- 



~ungy. possession ; claim. 

ftgnettan appropriate [agen]. 

&*gnidan 6 rub (off)— //^. ftgniden 

&'gniden.n)/. rubbing ^^^^ Gl. 

&-gotenneB/. shedding (of blood) 

ft-g^afjan 2 engrave, inscribei sculp- 

'-enlio sculptured, graven. 

&*g^pian grasp. 


ft-gnrisan, f shudder, fear: •«for 

ft'growan i : ptc, ~en mid over- 
grown, covered with. 
ft'gryndan descend [grand], 
agrysan "i figrisan. 
agu /: magpie, 
ft-gyltan be guilty, incur guilt, 

trespass w, wi)?. 

fth vb,yprt, &lite, inf. ftgan possess, 
have, get possession of; ought: 
nfth hd )?8Bt to ddnne. 
ft'habban restrain ; rfl, abstain w, 

&'haccian pick out. 
&'ha£Bn, mptc, ^fthfibban. 
^nes /. elevation, rising (of the 

sea); pride, 
ft'h&tian become hot. 
ft'heardian become hard, firm; 
become hardy, inured ; be insisted 
upon, be maintained. 
ft'heawan i cut, excavate, cut down 

(tree), cut wood into planks. 
&*n^bban a lift up, raise; extol, 
praise; exalt (thoughts), rjl* 
j be presumptuous; ptc, fthafen 

leavened, raised (tf/" bread). 
ahebbian « ftebbian. 
ft'hffigian make heavy, weigh 

down ; make sad. 
ft'helpan 3 wg, help. 
&*heolorian weigh, consider. 
&'heoran or Alieordanf otue 

rescue (?). 
&*herian (fully) praise. 
&'hi^ldan*, e, 7, i bend, incline; 
lay down, rest || turn away, avert 
[heald. Cp, onhioldan]. 
&'hi^ltan*, 7 make lame, trip up, 

ft'hienan humble. 
&'hi^rd|an tr. harden ; encourage, 

-ing/ hardening. 
ft'hladan 2 draw (water) ; deliver. 
&*hl&nan rfi. exalt oneself. 
&*hl&n8ian become lean; make 

lean, macerare. 
ft'hldapan i leap up. 
&'hlefjein*, 00 pull out IN. 
ft'hlif hhan 2 laugh ; exult ; laugh 

at, ridicule wg. 
ft'lilocian pull out, dig out. 
ft'hldwan i resound. 
&*hl^ttrian make clear, purify. 



&'hl^tran = &*hl-attriazi. 
ahnian = ftgnian. 
ft'hndopant 7 prt, -dap*, -dop 

&'nn^aoian become soft, weak; 

become effeminate || tr, weaken, 
frhnigan 6 inir. bow, fall. 
&'hogian think out, devise. 
ft'holian hollow ; engrave, emboss 

ipnll out. 
on I b /r. hang; kill by hang- 
ing; crncify. 
ft'hopian hope. 
ft'hr^d|an save: hd hi nt 

hungre ahredde | rescue^ re- 
•'in^^ deliverance, salvation. 
ft']irdof|ian become leprous— ^/^. 

-"Od leprous. 
ft'hrdosan 7 fall ; rush. 
ahreran = onhrSran stir. 
ahrinan = onhrinan. 
ft'hrlBian, 7 shake ; shake off. 
ahsiaxi s ftsoian. 
Aht ^ &wilit anything. 
•'lice av. worthily, bravely. 
*hte/rr. of&h. 
ft-h^v& no. any one. 
ft'h'wfinlan vex, tease, grieve— 

j^c, ~ed afflicted, sad. 
ft-nwdbr, -&r, &wer, dwer(n) av. 

anywhere ; in any way ; ever, 
ahwaargen <= fthwergen. 
ft-hw0t no. anything. 
ft-hwsper, a(w)per, apor I. no. 

either (of two) ; an3rthing (?). 

n. av. awper, o)>pe . . oppe 

either . . or. Cp. d)>er. 
ft-hwanon, IN. dwana av. from 

anjTwhere ; on any side. 
A'hweorfSEUi 3 intr. and tr. turn 

away, remove, avert. 
&-hwergen, -sb- av. anywhere. 
ft'hw^ttan excite, incite ; provide ; 

repudiate, renounce. 
ft-hwider av. in any direction, 

from any source. 
ft'hwi^lflaii cover (with vault), 

overwhelm, up*** pull up, loosen 

ft'liwi^rfiEtn tr. turn away. 
ft-hwonne, -eenne av. at any 

&*hycgan think out, devise. 
&'h J^ian hide ; rjl. w. wi]». 
&'h7riaii hire. 
ft'li^pan plunder, destroy. 

&-idliaa be free w. fram | make 

useless, annul, frustrate (plans) ; 

profane ; get rid of (disease). 
ft'ieman 3 run, flow ; pass, expire 

ft'iepanf lay waste, destroy, 
ftl- fire [Sled, filan]. 
~jQBBt n. cooking vessel. 
-'ge'weorc n, fire-making, tinder Gl. 
&*l&dian excuse, justify. 
&*l»ocan catch. 
ft'lSdan lead away, take away; 

lead: eft*" bring back; bring 

forth, cause to grow. 
&'l&nan lend. 
ft'l^ran teach. 
&'l^t|an I b send forth, shed (tears) ; 

let, permit; let go, give up; let 

alone, leave: pa |>8et ffr hie 

aldt ; remit, pardon ; deliver. 
~neB/". loss. 
alan 2 fnourish, produce; appear (I) 

&'l&piaii become distasteful, 
albe/. alb \IJ. alba]. 
&'lecg|an lay down, put down ; 

piace, put I desist from, remit 

(tribute), give up: ~ende word 

deponent verb | conquer, put 

down, refute ; diminish, withJiold | 

~endlio depopent (verb). 
&'leflan, -ian, -wan injure, maini, 

weaken— ^/r. -^d ill [l*f]. 
aleon^omeon lend. 
&*leodan 7 grow. 
ft'leogan 7 tell lies w. d. of person ; 
• deny wda. ; belie, not keep (vow), 
ft'lesan 5 pick out, gather. 
alet=&lea fire. 
ale wan <= ftlefkn. 
alewe = aluwe. 
ft'libban, aleof-, &lif- live, pass 

Hife) ; survive (injury). 
&'licgan 5 w. d. of pers. fail, cease, 

&'lief|an wda.., w. d. attdsbj. allow ; 

give up, surrender (fortress). 
-ed lawful, allowable. 
~edlio allowable. 
~edlice av. allowably. 
--ednesy! permission. 
ft-lies an loosen, take off (helmet) ; 

release ; ransom, redeem. 
~fed)nes_/*. redemption. 


ft'lieslend m. releaser ; Redeemer. 

'*endlio bond-loosening, liberating 
(rune or charm). 

'-in^^ redemption. 

ft'liepran*, h tr, lather, rub with 
soap [Itepor]. 

ft'llhtan lighten, alleviate, relieve, 
help ; take away or off; alight 

ft'limpan 3 happen. 

&*linnan, -linian pull out; de- 
liver, set free. 

ft'lipian, eo dismember; loosen, 
separate (soul from body). 

&-liprian loosen, remove. 

ft'locolan entice out. 

alor, -er, air m. alder. 

~dreno m. alder drink. 

~holt m. alder wood. 

~rind^ alder bark. 

alter, altare m. altar \Lt. altare]. 

ft'ltican 7 pull up, pull away, 

a'lutan 7 intr. bend, bow— //f, 
aloten bowed down, humble. 

aluwe, al(e)we/. aloes (a spice) 
\Lt. aloe]. 

am lAT.^eom. am. 

ftm, tunaf reed (of loom). 

ft-niflBllad \m =■ i^ ?1 M. made empty 
or useless. Cp. emelle. 

a'm&ran make famous, proclaim* 

&'m»8tan fatten (pig). 

aman = onman vo. 

&*manian demand, exact. 

amang, see gemang. 

&-in&nBiini|ian excommunicate. 

•Axn^f. excommunication. 

a*marod confused, confounded. 

&'ma80d confused, confounded. 

ft-m&wan i mow down. 


amber mf jar, pitcher, bucket; 
a measure (dry and liquid) [Z/. 

ambiht, -eht, (o)e- I. n. office, 
service ; commission, command, 
message. II. m. officer, atten- 
dant, servant, messenger. 

^hieraf m. obedient servant. 

~hu8 n. office. 

-ian*, e- serve iN. . 

~mann m. official, attendant 

-m^cgf, Bd m. servant. 

-acealcf m. official, servant 

'^Sfcgf m. official, messenger. 

~8mi}> m. official smith, carpcntCTi 




axabiht'sumnes*, ^ -/. service IN, 

~]>egnt m, attendant, servant. 

amb3rre favourable (wind) [and-, 

ft-mearcian mark oat, define (limits 
of) ; delineate, draw ; destine, 

amel m. vessel for holy water 
\lLt. amula]. 

&-meldian betray, reveal. 

ft'ineltan 3 intr. melt^/r. ftmol- 
ten melted (metal). 

&*m^rian, y purify {esp, melted 
metals) ; test, examine. 

&*xnet|an 5 measure; assign, be- 
stow ; plan, form, make. 

~endlice av. compendiously (!) Gl. 

ftindtan paint ; adorn. 

Ainetsian provide with food, pro- 

amidlod -^ unmidlod. 

ft'inifltan*, y tr. melt. 

ft'mierran hinder, wag. binder one 
in (from" . . ; disable, injnre, cor- 
rupt, destroy. 

A-molnsnian decay, become weak 

amore, vE, emer, ozner a bird 

ampella ni. bottle [Z/. ampulla]. 

aJD.j?re/, dock (plant), sorrel. 

ft-mundian protect. 

ftinyrgan cheer. 

ft'xn3rr)>ran murder. 

an, an-=on, on-. 

&n I. a.m. anne, Snne, fw.^ aj, one 
{always strong \ peet &n) w. g, or 
of. &n and &n, ftn SBfter &num 
one by one, one after the other. 
Sn . . d]»er the first . . the second 
I same : on &nuni gdare forp- 
f(Srdon I only, alone : buton him 
&nuni I a certain (one), a ! any : 
buton synne anre || )WBt &n av. 
only : n& )WBt &n (pset w. indc.) 
• . ao not only . . but. for &n 
av. only, on &n av. continually ; 
always, continuously; immedi- 
ately; together; (tell him) once 
for all. ftnes hwsBt a portion, 
only a part (of the whole) ; 
gewearp him &nes they made an 
agreement, ftniim av, alone, 
solely; tdanumgecierdon joined 
together. &nra gehwelc each. 
II. av, only. 

A'bieme made of one tnmk. 

ftnlboren only (child). 
~b'&endt m. anchorite. 
-K!^nned only (child). 
-K^ummmn av, one by one IN, 
-K!ynin£^ m, uiique king. 
Mlffige lasting one day. 
~daga m, appointed day, tenn. 
~dagian appoint day or term w, d, 

and of; adjourn. 
«6age(de) one-eyed. 
~ecg^ one-edged. 
^zeald(lic) simple, single ; singular 

(number) ; uniqne, superior ; 

honest, modest 
~fealdlice av. simply. 
^fealdnes/. concord ; simplicity. 
~fete one-footed. 
^flogaf m. solitary flyer, 
^forlcbtan i b relinquish, forsake, 

~forlibtne8/. desertion. 
~gengat m. solitary ; also aj. 
«gield(e) n, single Infixed (1), cp. 

&ndaga) compensation ^elde 

av. with such a compensation; 

fixed price. 
-haga m. recluse, 
-•h^nde one-handed. 
">hoga m. ■-= -'haga. 
-home a; m. unicom. 
~hyg^dig, -'hydig steadfast, stub- 
bom, self-willed. 
-hjrrne one-homed ; m. unicom. 
-'h3rrnod(e) one-homed. 
-'ieg^ one-eyed. 
-Ifican unite. 
«le^tan i b relinquish. 
~legere with one husband. 
^Hepe, ~lape, ~liepig, filpig iso- 
lated, single ; unattached, without 

ties, private, 
-liepnes/! loneliness. 
~lic only, solitary, unique [ep. 

-mede n, unanimity. 
-'mod unanimous; resolute, brave, 

fierce; obstinate. 
-'Blddlice av. unanimously ; reivo- 

^modnes/. unanimity ; constancy, 
-nes / oneness, unity ; agreement ; 

^ptBp m. one-by-one path, narrow 

-•rcbdCe) unanimous; resolute, of 

firm character. 
^rfidlio unanimous ; resolute. 


&n|rfidlioe ov. unanimously ; reso- 

-'rAdnes^ unanimity, agreement; 

~6eld n, hermitage. 

~6etl If. hermitage. 

~6etla m, hermit. 

-«pilde uniqne (medicine). 

-epr^^oe speaking together. 

-standenae standing alone. 

«Btapa m. lonely wanderer. 

^telede with one stalk. 


-strfto pertinacious. 

«Btreoes av. continuously [str^o- 

-sum whole. 

~8unme8/ virginity. 

~8unu m. only, unique son. 

-'B^vSge harmonious. 

-'tidf/. fixed time (?). 

~getninit n, unique, noble host. 

~w^dd If. security, pledge. 

'«wig If. single combat 

^wiglioe av, in single combat 

-'^lle I. obstinate. IL av, obsti- 

~willic5e av. obstinately. 

-'Wll(l)nes/; obstinacy. 

~wintre, finetre, enetere of one 
year, one year old. 

~wite If. simple fine. 

-•wuniende solitary. 

'-wiinung/[ solitary abode. 

ge&ned united Bd. 

anung oncef. zeal IN, 

&na wk. mf. solitary, alone ; only : 
God •'wat. 

ana-wyrm [&- ?] m. intestinal 

ftnad-, -oBd- if. desert. 

anan-beam m. spindle-trec. 

an-bid, if (if.) expectation, sus- 
pense; interval. 

-Ajovr f, place of waiting. 

an(d)-bia|ian, ge- w.g., a. expect, 
wait for || intr. ge- wait 

•ung/*. expectation. 

an-biingelle/. instigation. 

anbrocef oncef. timber, wood. 

an-brucol rugged. 

ancleo^^/ aiScle. 

ancor, -er, anora m. anchor [Z/. 

-•bf nd, ~rftp, ^str^ng m. cable. 

^mann m. anchor-man, proreta. 

••setl If. prow. 




ancra, anoer, -or m. hermit [Lt, 

anoer;lic, anoor- of a hermit. 

'^Hf If. hermit's life. 

Hsetl n. hermitage. 

-6t6wy. hermitage. 

and, eA, §nd cj. and. gelioe and 
w, sbj, as if. 

and- occ'^on^' (ui-), rarely <= ft-. 

andja envy, malice ; anger, grudge, 
vexation ; indignation, zeal ; in- 
jury, hostility. 

•'ian envy ; be zealous. 

-i^ envious, jealous. 

«xd.bita ustbg or fe«t 0) «.. 

an(d)-byTd|an strive, w. ongdan, 
on resist. 

•'nes/. resistance. 

and-cwiss/*. answer. 

and-Sages*, -»gest once av, face 
to face. 

andefti, anddyfen/ proportion, 
amount [gedafsuianj. 

andetla m. confession. 

andett|an, andh6t(t)an confess, 
give praise wda. [and, h&tan]. 

-a, ^'Ond, -^re m. confessor, praiser. 

-"ing, ~ne8/. confession. 

and-feax bald. 

and-f^nga m, taker up, defender, 
susceptor [fdn]. 

and-feng{e acceptable, Bt. 

-nesy. receiving ; receptacle. 

-«Bt6wy. receptacle. 

and-fbngend m, defender. 

and-g^et n. intellect ; comprehen- 
sion ; sense (the five senses) ; 
meaning, purport. 

^ftlll intelligent, knowing. 

'-ftillic intelligible. 

^fullioe etv. intelligibly, clearly. 

~lSa8 foolish. 

-Idast, ie/. folly. 

-lio intelligible. 

•^lioe av, intelligibly. 

-X>1 intelligent. 

^tftcenf n, intelligible sign, sjrmbol. 

and-g^dte*, -getet manifest. 

and-hSafod ». unplonghed head- 
land of a field, gtn. pi. 

andlang. A* onnng I. aj. con- 
tinuous, whole (day). U. *, ^es 
prp. wg. along(8ide). 

and-leanf n. retribution. 

and-leofbn, -lifen, jf, sostenanoe, 
food ; wages [libban]. 

cu2d-(ge)ldman, -nman, -oman 
vtpl. utensils. 

ana-mitta ^ an-mitta. 

an-drysnje, audd- awe-inspiring ; 
terrible, horrible. 

"^y^fpL awe, reverence ; etiquette. 

-lie, ondiy8(t)lio terrible. 

and-8ac|a m. denier, renouncer, 
apostate; enemy. 

-ian deny. 

and-sadc n, denial ; refusal ; resist- 

an(d)-B&te hateful, repugnant, re- 
pulsive, hostile. 

and-sliehtf, y, written hand- 
but attiteraiing with vowels, m, 

and-spymes /. stumbling-block, 
scandalum [onspoman]. 

and-8war|ian, -orian, -erian, 
-eorian, answer 7V(/a. 

~ll, ana-, IJV. ondsuer-/*. answer. 

andtLstrjigan protest, deny lA. 

~ung/. protest, denial. 

and-w&t moist. 

and-weard opposite; present (in 
place and time). 

-lie present. 

~liee av. present : hine ~ gesft- 

-nesy! presence (in place and time). 

and-weore n, substance, thing; 
material; cause. 

and- wig n. resistance. 

and-wis knowing, skilful in wg» 

-nosy, experience. 

and- wist/, station (?) ; support (?). 

and-wlita, -iota ; -eata A. ; -ata 
m. face, countenance; surface (of 
earth) ; form, shape. 

and-wlit]e, onwlite m, face, fore- 

-full proud Gl. 

and-wrft]}t hostile vfd, 

and-wyrdjan answer W. 

-e n. answer. 

-ing/. conspiratio. 

ftne - fine once. 

ftii^ninan declare, proclaim. 

ftnett, ft- /if. {or m, 1) solitude. 

an-filte (».) anvil. 

an-forht alarmed. 

ang-*, 0-. 

-nora, nere m. comer of the 
eye (?). 

anga m. prickle, sting, goad. 

ftnga sole, only [&n]. 


angje av. anxiously — him was - on 
his mdde he was anxious. 

-brSost If. asthma. 

-mod anxious, sad. 

-modnes/. distress of mind. 

-nsBgl m. com (on foot). 

-nes/". anxiety, distress. 

~8et(a) m. pustule, carbuncle. 

-sum, -Bumlio troublesome. 

-inimian trouble. 

Hsumliee om. painfully. 

-sjimnes /, trouble, perplexity, 

Angel If. Anglen (in Schleswig). 

-oyning m. king of the English. 

-cynn if . English race. 

-pSody. English people. 

angel m. fish-hook. 

-twleca, -aecca m., -twiooe /. (I) 

an-g^inn if. beginning; rising (of 
sun) ; enterprise ; design ; action. 

Angle //. = ]g<ngle English. 

an-grisenlice*, y av. terribly. 

an-grisla, o- m, terror, horror. 

angri8(t)lic, o- terrible, horrible. 

BH-gryriio*, o- o^we terrible, a 
blending of Angxialio and gryre. 

ft'niedan force — -fram separate 
forcibly, - ut drive out, expel. 

a'niehstf av. last (in oixter of 

ft'niman 4 take away, deprive w, 

ftninga, &nanga, ftninga av. at 
once; absolutely, entirely, cer- 

&*ni)>(e)rian thrast down; con- 

an-1^, -8»o, -ic m. 'looking-on,* 
reeard, respect [Idcian]. 

anlic, angeUc, eJV, o, wd. similar; 

-nes efV. a, o, /. likeness, simili- 
tude; form, stature: on nftddran 
-86 ; illustration, parable ; portrait ; 
statue, idol. 

anlie|e, o- ao. similarly : -ost 
swelce w. sbj. as if. 

geanlioian wda. compare; make 

an-mddla, o- m. pride, pomp, 
glory ; presumption ; courage 

gean-mettan encourage [mdd]. 

an(d)-mitta, onm- m. balance, 
scales (for weighing). 


ambiht'sumikeB*, %-f. 
~[iogn+ ni. allendaot, >ci 
ambyrt- favoarabU (_wmd) [»nd. 

ft-me&rclKn mark out, dcfine(li 

of) ; ilelincate, draw ; deitine, 

&mel m. vokI fot holy vMer 

[//'. ftmula]. 
ftmeldlan bcirny, reveal, 
ft-maltaji }. iutr. meh— // 

ton iDi.'lteil imclnl). 
ft'mprlaD, y [inrir> i^ttf. meltcil 

ft-met an ■; meuurc; asii)^, 

•^ndlioe mi. ciimiicncIiuuiiljF (!) (11. 
llinitDn ]<.ilnti mluni. 
A-metalBJl |>rovidv with TckkI, ptu- 

■mldloid - unTDldlod. 
ftnil?Uiin'. 7 /-■ tiii-li. 
ft-mlarran liimlir, ■u-ag. hindei 
--■'- diwibic, ■ ■ 

r„,,l. d..i 


ft-molniinlnn dvaiy, \k\ 


Mtnpelln m. Uillle [ /,/. MopulUJ. 


ftniundliin iiruieii. 

ft'iiiyritnn chfcr. 

ft'Diyrfiran iminlcr. 

an, nn--'On,on-. 

ftn I. a.m. ftitne, ■ana, n»„ ^. nnu 
in/rdyj ilrtHf. Jwt tn} w. ^. <tr 
or ftn uid kn, An Bflw ftaum 
oiii' liy Diic, (>Dc after the other. 
In . . ejwr the Tint . . die Kcnnil 

Iuiine : on ftnum K^ara tor]-- 
Brdou < only, alnne : b&ton Uin 
knum I a cvrlain {□ne'^. ■ ' .itii 
bAton iriuia Inn || p«t Au i.'- 
only : nfc ^t ka (^t vi. n: 
. . ao not only . . but. for hi: 
«f. ii[ily. on ia nr. contiimalii 
always, continiioiulr ; 
atett' ; tot'cther; [Mil 
for all. &tiN 
oiily a jKiit (of the ^ 
(swear)) him Sum they i 
■Creemenl. 4aUItt in- 
loi^bcr. knra cah' 

II. <T 


-bismo taadc of oi 

i [Mil liiin- 


ftTfCCan stretch out, raise up — 
ireahtom dagam with aston- 
ished eyes | explain, exponnd ; 
translate ; relate, tell, spealc. 

ft*r5celdasian be negUgent. 

ft'redian prepare, provide; carry 
out, perform ; contrive, manage J 
find (right time for); find, find 
the way : ut -» find Uie way out, 
oferdronoen mazm ne m»g 
td his hu86«, bone weg**, pft 
oeastre ~ reach | find out, mider^ 

arednes » ftrfidnes. 

ft'rdodian in/r. redden, blush. 

ft*rStan cheer. 

JLrianiBO Arian [Z/.]. 

&'ridan 6 ride (out). 

ft'riepan*, y strip off. 

ari)it=on riht rightly. 

ft'riman count ; enumerate, relate. 

ft'iisan 6 stand up, get up (from 
bed), rise ; be forthcommg {of 
money) ; arise, happen (^tempta- 
tion) ; originate. 

armeiu wild me [Z/. harmala]. 

tanfrt. pieman. 

aroa (///.) arum. 

ftrod energetic | brisk ; quick. 

-lie quick. 

-'lice, &rd- ot^. vigorously ; quickly. 

"XLeBf. boldness. 

*«cipe m, boldness, energy. . 

aron are, see wesan. 

arunnen-Aumen ptc. of ftier- 

arwe, arawe/. arrow. 

ft'ryddan, -dran, -tran strip, 

ft'sAlan bind. 

ft-8ftnian become languid, weak {of 
love) [sSne]. 

ft'B&wan I sow. 

iBCJian, &08-, ftx-, ahs- try for, 
demand ; question, ask weui,., w. 
t^tetr, w, Ixwf &'c,t vf. sbj, ; call to 
account wag,\ experience (cala- 

-iendUc interrogative (in gram- 

"Xmgf. interrogation. 

geftaojian learn by inquiry, be told, 
hear of tv. a. and et, w. indc,y 
~ode pis Yjm geddn | discover. 

-ung/. inquiry. 

ft^Bcacan a shake off tv. a, and of; 
shake, brandish || intr^ flee, desert. 


ft*8oafjeui 2 shave. 

ft*8calian peel off (bark). 

ft'8eam|ian be ashamed. 

«elio shameful. 

asoe, aze, as-/.,//, -an ash, ashes. 

~geBWftp n. cinders. 

ft'Bcdadan, -sc&dan i\iw,a, and 
g. or firam or of, separate, ex- 
clude ; distinguish ; purify. 

ft*8celtan once separate, dis- 
solve (?). 

&'8C§otan 7 shoot (arrow) ; lanoe 
(swelling) || intr. dart out, fall. 

A'sciflian*, i shell, peel [aoalu]. 

ft'soieppan a appomt, give, esp. 
'^'him naman. 

&'sci^|iaii*, i, y w. a. and g. or 
fram separate; deprive, purify; 
destine, appoint. 

-'igendlio disjunctive (in gram- 

ft'Bci^rpan sharpen (eyesight). 

ft'ScimiEUi shine. 

ft'GKdnan. 6 shine (forth); be evi- 
dent, clear. 

&'8ciran*, y make clear, trans- 

ft'soortian run short, fail; seem 
short or elapse (^time). 

ft*8oreadian prune, lop. 

ft'scr^noan trip up, make to fiedl. 

ft'screpan 5 scrape. 

ft'Scxincan 3 shnnk up. 

ft'sordtnian investigate. 

&'8Cu£Ieui, -soeofan 7 push (away), 


ft'SoylfjEUi once destroy Gl. 

ft'scyndan take away, deprive. 

ft'Sdarian dry up intr. 

&*Beoan seek out, select ; penetrate, 

f»ervade ; " hine lifes aim at his 
ft'BfCgjan say fully, express, tell, 

~endlic utterable. 
fir'sedan*, oe satiate [isod]. 
ft'segnian*, ftsdnganf once show. 
&'8f Uan give up ; expel. 
ft'Sf ncan /r. sink. 
ft'sendan send forth, emit ; send. 
ft'seon on^e 5 see. L.for geseon. 
ft'Seon 7 strain (through sieve). 
ft'seolcan 3 become languid, ptc. 

&8olcen slothful, remiss. 
&*8eonod *• imsinewed,' relaxed Gl. 




ft-8do]>an 7 boil; smelt (metols), 
purify by smelting — ftsoden gold 
pure gold ; try (by auction), 

ft'Bf tt|an place, put — ^hi M>nhi(f^.) 
ofer {av.^ crossed (the Channel) ; 
build ; plant ; appoint ; »» A'p 
make a journey. 

-nes (?)/. law^ges^tnes. 

&*Be))an affirm, confirm (statement) 


A'Bican si|:h. 

ft'fiiftan sift 

ft'eigan- 6 sink down, fall down ; 
be n^lected. 

ft'Sincan 3 sink down, fall to 

ft'Blngan 3 sing, deliver (speech). 

ft'Sittan 5 settle intr. ; run aground 
(^ship) I expect, be apprehensive 
of w. sbj. II tr. ut -» starve out (gar- 

ft'siwan, do sew. 

ft'slacjian become slack, become 
weak ; decline, diminish. 

'^'igendlio remissive (adverb). 

ft'slSDCcan once loosen Gl. [slaso]. 

aslsBpan » onsldbpan. 

ft'Sl&wan blunt, make dull [sl&w]. 

ft'slfiwian become dull, slothful. 

ft'sldan a strike, cut — of ~ cut off 
(head) ; beat out (metal) ; geteld'* 
put up tent. 

ft'sHdan 6 slip (^foot) ; fall. 

ft'slitan 6 tear off ; tear to pieces ; 

ft'Slupan 7 slip away; disappear 

ft'8iiiea(ga)n scrutinize, investi- 
gate ; conceive, realize ; consider, 
reflect on ; treat of (in writing) ; 
settle (plan). 

asmeafiruns/. investigation. 

ft'8mi]>ian forge, make (metal 

ft'smorian suffocate, kill by suffo- 
cating, choke (growth of plants). 

ft'smti^an 7 investigate, consider. 

ft'enSsan, a transfix, spit, rfl. stake 

&'8ni}>an 6 cut off, cut (com). 

ft'Bolian become dirty. 

ft'solcennes f. torpor, sloth 

ft'spanan 2 allure, entice; introduce 
in an underhand way ; induce. 

ft'spedan make prosperous. 

A'apelian be depniy for, represent 

&'BpendaD spend ipo.— - fear- 
luis give <o Ibe poor ; sqiuuidcT 
[I./, exipeiidere]. 

aapide / Tiper, serpent [Z/. 

&*Bpinnan ^ ipin. 

&-Bplwan, f 6 vomic op. 

fteprecan 4 spenk fully, speak. 

ft-aprangaa 5cnd flying, fling ont. 

a-BprindJian lip up. 

ring an, -iDcaD _ , 
e ; flow ; spiead i,ii/ 
heresy, Sec.,.; originate, be di 
Kcndetl (from) ; come into being, 
appear, rise ; Fail, decline, cease. 

-ung/. failing, beiag wanting. 

ft'Sprungennes/ filing, decline, 
eihaustion. eclipse. 

ft'spriitan 7 sprout oat. 

a'apryttan cause lo grow, produce 
fl/lhe canh). 

^.'spylifui wash oneself, Cf. awil- 

a'spyr;iBJi follow tracks of, trace 
riustcnltlc ; inrealignteidiBCOYet. 

-igend «(. investigntor, 

-mi^re/- donkey mate. 

osse, asseo/. she-donkey. 

ABt kiln. 

A'StAiiaa adorn with gems. 

ft-BtBDd;aji a stand op, rise ofien 

m, tip ; stand Arm, per»st. endure. 
-(On)neB/. ciistence, entity, sab- 

itance ; perseverance 
fi,*etjll&n set. pnt; estabUsb, create : 

p!c' ; ondertaltc, begin, undergo. 
astemnlaji fonnd, build. 
A-Btgmpan stamp (.metal;. 
d.'Bteor&Ul 3 die. /ec. ftitorfen 

.flesh, of animal having died 

a nalntal death, | ». fleih of such 

an aiumal. 
aat^rion pellitoiy [Li-I. 
a-stiep;an. J. to [bt] bereaYe— 

fU, -ed having lost pareali or 

child ; Ji'^. deprive. 
&'Sti^r£an*, y ><ill [ateorfaii]. 
Aatierred*. y starred [steoira]. 
ftatifian bei:()me stiff. 
ialigan 6 ascend ;!•.«, nwi/ on— 

- on wtip go on lioard ; descend ; 

go, pa^s— oifMr " descend. 


&*8t3gend m. rider, 

*Btie(en1nes/. ascent 

A-Btihtjan decree. 

-ing/. doctrine. 

A-eUngsn 3 pierce out, put ont 

(eyes^, alio w. ut |! -on a. lay 

cbim to, usurp (eslatei. 
ft-Bti)ilan l-e;oiiie strong, grow up ; 

Eiatorfen 11., ut Aateorfon. 

&-Btrpccan tr. stretch out, extend 
—feoll iatreaht fell flat, at full 
length ; rji. prostrate oneself II 
i>i/f-. be erect, haughty. 

Oi'Strfgdan scatter 1 sprinkle. 

ft'Htrgng an— //(. -d malleable Gl. 

&'BtIlenan, «o begel. 

ft'Strowennes f. b<.-ing citended. 
length Gl. Cp. atr^wian. 

K'Stmidiaa be lesponaible for. 
take upon oneself. 

i'St^clan, I extirpate. 

&'8tyltaD be astonislied. 

ftetyntan make dull, stupid; con- 
fute [stnnt]. 

&-Btyrlan/r.agitate,rttise(doubl ; 

move from remove, pic. -ed 

agilated (.in mind) ; irritated. 

-ung/, motion. 

fi'SU^an, -iiBBn 7 suck out, sack, 

&Btindrian = toyndran. 
A'Burian became sour, 
&'Bwfiman naiider HboQi,w. from 

depart | aaffer, grieve. 
&'BWffira llaii, i. lie confoimded, 

-tlngr/. baahfnlnesi. shame, 
a'swfitan burst out in perspiration. 
A'SwOmianf cea^' i,}\ 
&'8wApan I, pli. -&peii, -fiiieii 

sweep away). 
A'SwArcian abash, confound. 
aawamlan ^ &swAmi&n. 
A'Bweartian become black ifr dim. 
&'BWf bbaii, fh 


e.lnll .s 

ft-SWffbcian root up, eradicmrc. 
&'8weLlaii 3 intr. swell. 
&-ew«ltan 3 die. 
A'sw^gan shake off, cast oil, 
''sn^orcan 3 become depressed 
(,^the mind). 


i-8weorflui 3 lite off, polish. 

A-ew^rian a swear. 

ft-swican 6 wd. desert, betray ; 
offend, icandalizaje. 

ft'Bwician oHend. scandaliiare. 

ft-Bwi&n fi wander about, lose the 

&'a^ndan 3 languish away, be- 
come enervated — pic. bmuidBn 
ilug^ish; disappear, perish. 

A'Bwdg an I sufiocate, choke — pie. 
-en overrun (with weeds'i. 

A-sworettan sigh : grieve i»tr. 

ft'BWundennes f. sluggishness 

ii-B^can', i wean, 

A-ayndran, -ion, -aundrjan 

at- IV.-. -at-. 

d'tfiaan wound; wear out, injare; 

onie soothe ' !\ 
6X e/., Stan oats. 
-ISag™. oal-ficld.(lCt. 
ateglkF > EBtgAr. 
atelic = atollio. 

a'tfUan reckon np, count ; enu- 
merate, tell ; explain. 

atfmian Inme. 

&'t{nd[aii set on lire : trouble, 
perplex (!), 

-*nd m. mcendiary. 

~illg/I IndleioenL 

&-tSoa 7 draw out ei" aw,n*; iltd.w, 

drag, pull, take ot exlracl, 

lake out; protract, continae; 
treat i,well nr ill >. behave to ; 
dispoae of, do (as one likesi 
with II intr. go, make expedition. 

ft'tdorjian become tired, languish ; 
fail, cease; perish. 

-igendllo perishable, fleeting 

-img/ failiog ; weariness. 
&'ter&lL 4 tear away, remove, 
itea-hwan mue av. at all [iwfht]. 
A'tiefipan depict, draw. 
a-tinibr'i;an build. 
atol, ~ll)ic, atelio I. terrible, din^ 

horrid, loathsome. H. ». what ii 

terrible, terror, 
ge-lan*, ge-hiwian disfigiue. 
-lends dii figuring. 
ge-od*, -atal- monstrous- 
It. t',or, fi- ». poison, vi-nom, 
-bare, -b«rende poisonous, veno- 


fttorjcoppey. spider. 

Hsrsft m. art ot poisoning. 

^cynn n, (kind of) poison. 

~drinca m. poisonous draught. 

'•\Skpef, cock 8-spiir grass. 

-'lie poisonons. 

^scapat fft' venomous enemy, 

HSX>ere n. poisoned spear, 
-ttot once m, poison-twig = -War* 

m. drop of poison (?). 
ft*trahtnian treat, discuss. 
A'tredan 4 ut ~ 7vd. extort from. 

Or =&tr^ddan? 
ft*tr^ddan investigate, explore, 
ft'tr^dlian roll ir, 
atrum {n,) ink [Z/. atraznentuin]. 
ft*tydran bring forth (progeny, 

growth), produce. 
A'^htjan incite, entice; stretch, 

extend, turn, direct — danun 

-'tun with attentive ears. 
ft't^nan — ut -^ exclude. Also 

= ont^naii. 
ftp m. oath. 
*bryce m. perjury. 
~ftiltum m, coniirmers of an 

~geh&t n. promise on oath, oath, 
•^loga m. perjurer. 
-^tsf m, oath. 
Hswaru/., -a m, oath. 
^fiw^mng, ~8waring f, swearing 

an oath. 
Hiwyrd, eof. oath. 
-wedd (?) n. promise on oath Gl. 
^wierpe worthy of credit. 
a]>anian8 adamant [Z/. adaman- 

ftjy^cganf destroy, kill (?). 
ft*)>egen pic. distended Gl. 
&*t|en|ian, -pennan stretch out 

^and), stretdi (bow) — ptc, *ed 

distended; rfl. prostrate oneself; 

concentrate (mind) w, on. 
~e(d)ne8/ extension. 
ft'pencan devise, invent ; intend. 
A'peostrlian, ie become dim, ob- 
scure ; oe eclipsed — ptc. ~od dim 

(^the eyes), eclipsed. 
ft'perscan* 3 'thresh out'— //^. 

ft)irozen robbed. 
Apere/, lizard. 
ft'jaedan, do separate. 
ft'pierran wipe. 
ft'^etan sound or blow (horn) 



ft'pindan 3 swell— //^. &)mnden 

a]K>l-waret once pi, citizens, /or 
epel' ! 

&']K)lian hold out, endure. 

apracian « onpr ftcian. 

a-prAstan wrest out, deprive. 

ft']>rftw|aii I, pu, -ftwen, 5 twist 
(out) ; flow : is min rw&t 

&*]>r§atlaii be irksome || dissuade 
from : him his yfel ~. 

&']>rdotan 7 impers. — ^hine &]»nett 
wg.t w. sbj. be weary, find irk- 
some \personal he wes a]woten 

ft*pnetan tr, weary, bore. 

ft'pringan 3 tr, force out ; ptc, ut- 
&)nr(ingen embossed || ifUr. force 
one*s way out, rush out. 

ft'printan* 3 intr. swell— //f. &- 
Jnmnten swollen. 

ft'^rotennes /. wearisomeness. 

aprowen, see ftprftwan. 

aproxen, see ftpersoan. 

&*))rut{an* 7 swell— //^. *en swol- 

ai)ry(a)n— //f. ajyryd robl^ed. 

&*]>ryB(e)xnan, -ian stifle, suffo- 

ftpum m. son-in-law; brother-in- 

-B^rerianf once mpL father- and 

ft'pundenneB f. being swollen, 
swelling [apindan]. 

&')>wSnan soften. 

ft'pwean 2 pic, -wagen, e, e wash, 

ft'pweran 4 chum (butter). 

ft'pwitan 6 disappoint, frus- 

ft'pyn press — ut - extract (oil) ; im- 

&*pSi;an expel Gl. — ut ~*, apytan 
pull out, put out vcyes). 

ft'p^wan push away, expel. = *&- 

ftwa, see ft. 

ft'wacan 2 intr. awake ; come into 
existence, arise, be bom. 

ft'wsu^ian intr. awake. 

ft'Wftcian become weak ; become 
languid, relax efforts ; wd, fall 
away (from God). 

ft'wAoan weaken. 



ft'Wfldonian, -ac(e)nian, -nan 

come to life; come into being, 

appear ; be result of, arise from, 

be descended from. 
ft'wSgan make nugatory, annul, 

rebut (testimony) ; deceive. 
ft*w&lan roll, roll away ; afHict. 
ft'wannian become pale, 
ft'wascsoi I wash. 
ft'weahtnes, -weht- /. exciting 

ft'weallan i gush forth, issue; 

have source, emanate. 
ft-weardian defend. 
ft'weaxan i grow ; grow up ; 

come into being, arise. 
awebb «= ow^bb woof. 
ft'W^oan, twr^- wake tr, ; bring 

to life; beget, suscitare; incite, 

excite; cause. 
ft'Wecgan move away, move; 

"« mtm, of dissuade. 
ft*w§dan go mad [wdd]. 
ft'wefan 5 weave. 
awegson weg away. 
ft'Wegan 5 carry away ; carry off, 

carry ; weigh, weigh out. 
ftwel, owul, al, «! mf. awl, hook, 

ft-wgnnnan, -pmrnian pollute ; 

curtail, shorten. 
ft'W^nian, -^nnan disaccustom, 

wean (child). 
ft'W^nd|an tr, turn away, turn ; 

tum upside down, ransack (house) 

I pervert ; alter, change ; ~ to 

transform into, tum into; ~ of . . on 

translate || intr. tum ; go ; -> fraxn 

secede, desert. 
«e(n^dlic changeable. 
^(n)dlicneB/. mutability, 
^ednesy. change. 
--ing/. subversion. 
ft'Wiodian extirpate. 
ft'Weorpan, u, y 3 throw ; throw 

out, throw away, throw down; 

expel, degrade (from dignity, 

office); reject, divorce — &worpen 

ft'Weorpan 3 pensh, become worth- 
less — ptc. aworden worthless 

ft'W^rian defend, protect — w. a. 

and g. or d. defend . . against ; 

restrain, hinder. 
&*w^rian wear, wear out (clothes). 



ft'WOBt^an lay waste, ravage, de- 

•'(ed)ne8/! desolation. 

'-end m, devastator. 

ft*widliaii pollute, profane. 

ft-wi^lgan*, /r/. -wiligdon roll. 

a'Wiellan (cause to gush forth) 
— •fwynnuin -ed jojrnil ; boil /r. 

A-wifltan roll /r. 

&'Wi9rd|an injure; corrupt, de- 
prave ; destroy— //f. ftwaerd worth- 
less, contemptible [weor]>an]. 

-•nes/ injury, destruction. 

ft'wi^rg'an, Z. -yrgiajx curse — 
ptc. ~ed (ac)cursed, execrable 

~e(n)dlio wicked. 

)ne8/l malediction. 

ft-wiftan— ut* exhale Gl. 

&-wiht, ftwuht, &(a)ht, dwiht, 
/iV. ftniht I. no. an3rthing, 
something, td &hte at all. Uites 
serviceable: ]>& soipu "pe Uites 
wfiron. H. &ht aj. of worth, 
good : hw8D]>er "hi " sf olppe 
n&ht. III. av. at all, by any 


ft'wildian become wild, fierce. 

ft wiligan » *&wielgan. 

ft*windan 3 intr, wind, plait ; tnm 
off, slip; become relaxed or 

ft'windwian winnow away, dis- 
perse (enemies). 

ft'wizmaii 3 strive; overcome; 
gain, acquire. 

ft*wiBniaii dry up inir. 

ft'wistliaii hiss, pipe {0/ weak 

ft-wlaelan be lukewarm met, 

ft* wlfitan make loathsome, deform, 

ft'wlanoicui become proud, exul- 

ft-woff{ian be insolent; be mad — 
ptc. ~od insane. 

ft-wogian woo. 

awoh = on w5g. 

ft'WordenneB/. worthlessness, de- 
generation [&weor)NUi]. 

ft-worpenjlio worthy 01 rejection 
or condenmation [&weorpan]. 

'•nes /. rejection; expotnre (of 
children by parents). 

ft^wrABtan wrest from, extort. 

ft'wrecan 5 drive away, drive | 
strike, pierce | avenge ; puiish | 
recite, relate. 

ftwreooan-sftweocaii awake. 

&*wr^]dan prop, support ; sustain, 

&*WTidlaii grow, be descended. 

awrigemies = onwrigeiixiss. 

&*wrlngaii 3 squeeze out. 

ft'writan 6 wnte; depict, draw, 
carve ; compose, write, describe. 

&*wripan 6 twist; bind, bandage 

awri]>an«>0]i*wripaii unbind. 

aw)>er = fthwsB^r. 

ft-wunian remain (in place) ; con- 
tinue (in time). 

&*wunariaxi wda. make to seem 

ft*wyrca]i do. 

ftwyrdla = A- injury. 

ft*wyrgan strangle, kill. 

ft' wyrtw alian root up; extir- 

ft'^tan drive out, expel. 





bft, see begexL 

bacan 2 bake. ' 

gebaou*, -bsDCu npi. back parts. 

D&d /. pledge, thing distrained ; 
impost I expectation [bidan]. 

-ian take a pledge ads, 

bso n, back. cU6ne ^ habban be 
free from deceit, on ", ofer ", 
under ^ av. back(wards), behind. 

-bord n. left side of ship, port. 

~ling — on b. av. back, behind. 

~6litol slandering. 

'-pearm m. rectum ; ^/. ~a8 bowels. 

bado (?) brook. Seeo^oe. 

bfl&o-, see bsu^an. 

''^re m. baker. 

~em, -hue n. bake-house. 

gebflBC n. baking, what is baked. 

Moering (m.) gridiron. 

bflBcestre, -iatre, y /m. baker 
(male or female). 

hBddM. e^biddan. 

bAdfan compel ; urge on, incite ; 
solicit, require Tva^.-, afiiict, op- 

-end m. impeller. 

bAddel m. hermaphrodite. 

bAde-weg, beadowig n. cup. 

bAdling m. sodomite, effeminate 

bttdzere «> bttaere. 

bflBfta m. back [bnftan]. 

bflBfban, hem^prp. lud., av. behind : 
hi etafiton ^ remained at home 
(instead of serving in the militia) ; 
time after(wards) : hSr-. 

-Bittende slothful 

bAl n. funeral pile ; fire, blaze. 


bffelblflBset, -bly8(e)t/. blaze of 

-egBat w. terror of fire, 
-fyrf n. funeral fire. 
HStfdef fft. place of a funeral pile, 
-'pracuf/". strength of fire, 
"•wiflmf m. intensity of fire. 
-"Wuduf m. wood of a funeral pile. 
bflBlct ^ftce covering (?). 
bSBlof {m.) pride. 
bsBloanf vociferate. 
bsBligneB = ^b^lignes. 
bAm d, ^begen. 
bSBr bare, naked. 
-(e)f5t bare-footed. 
-lice n. evidently. 
-«ynnig, bearswinig notoriously 

sinful IN. 
hAr/. bier ; litter [beran]. 




bte-mann m. bearer ; porter. 
basr-diBO m, tray«>ber- (?> 
bflBnissb^m barn. 
1>»m{an tr, bum ; light (fire, lamp) 

"-elfto n, burnt offering. 
*'ingy. bnming ir, 
-(11)^/. burning. 
b0met(t), -yt n. bnming tr. ; 

bars, bears m, perch (a fish). 
hmntprt, ^berstan. 
bnrstliaii » brastlian. 
gebi^rju npL behaviour, manner, 

costoms ; gesture ; cries [beran]. 
-BXL behave. 
^"n&Bf, behaviour. 
bflBrwe>=:bearwe wheelbarrow. 
baSBt {m.) bast (inner bark of the 

•011 of bast. 
bflBBtere = baozere. 
b&t'an furnish with bit, bridle; 

coerce, restrain | hunt, bait, worry 

-ing/. cable (of ship). 
gebAtju npl,, ~el n. bit, bridle, 

trappings of horse. 
"•an furnish with bit, bridle, curb. 
bAp n. bath. 
-'fSBt n. bath. 
••huB n, bath-house. 
HStfde m., ~8t6w/ bath-place, 
--wegt m. sea. 
b8B(d)zere, b8Dpv'c)ere, bsMtere m, 

baptist [Z/. baptiata, through 

bala-ni)) » bealo-. 
bale m, (?) ridge between two 

balca m. heap. 
bals-minte/ spear-mint. 
balsam n. balsam, balm, '•es tdar 

juice of balsam [Z/.]. 
b&m d. ^begen. 
bftn n. bone (ivory, whalebone); 

leg oniy in composition. 
'-beorge /, -an //., ~gebeorg n. 

{pi. ?) greaves. 
*gebrec «., *bryce m. bone-fiac- 

-cofaf m. body. 
•^flBtt n. body. 

-f&gt adorned with bone ? (hall). 
'-hrinfift «. vertebra. 
-'h'Qflt n. body. 
«l§a8 boneless. 

b&xijlocat w. body. 

-rift greaves. 

~s§let fn. body. 

~w»ro m. pain in the bones. 

-wyrt/. violet (?) 

ban-helmf m. helmet 

ban I a m. slayer, murderer. 

-"gftrf VI. deadly spear. 

'^'Snaca m. venomous snake. 

gebann n. summons, proclamation, 
command ; the indiction (cycle of 
fifteen years). 

«g§ar n. year of indiction. 

bannjan i a» b summon — ~ ut call 
out (militia) ; proclaim, command. 

-•end m. summoner Gl. 

bannuc m. cake of bread, scone. 

^Ksamb m. wool-comb GL 

b&r ///. wild boar. 

'^'Spere »., Hspreot m. boar-spear, 

barian make bare, uncover; de- 
populate [beer]. 

barda m. beaked ship. 

barb [m.) light ship. 

basing m. cloak, mantle. 

bftsn|ian expect, await [bidan]. 

-ling/, expectation. 

baso, ea, //. baswe, purple, crim- 
son. 86 baawa stan topaz. 

~h&wen purple. 

^readian*, beso- moke reddish- 
purple, colour purple. 

bastard w. bastard L. [/r.]. 

baswlan stain purple or red (with 
blood) [base]. 

bftt m. boat. 

~Bwegen m. boatman L. \Scand.\ 

~weardt ///. boat-guarder. 

batjian intr. be in good condition 
or health, grow fat : wsds ge^ad 
healed (^ wound). 

batt club, stick. 

batwa, see begen. 

bapian bathe, /r., intr.^ rjl,\ pro- 
vide (poor men) with baths [bsD])]. 

adverb bL I. prp. wd.^ plcue and 
motion by {nearness\ along, in | 
time — be him lifgenduin during 
his lifetime || defining, by : ge- 
hnfted be ]>&m healae | manner^ 
cause, instrument', be hpfiow- 
sunge dfidbgtende, be hia 
h»8e, be hl&fe libban | accord- 
ing to : ftghwilo gilt be bis 
%'&\iyr6MXEL\ forming (utoerbsx be 


fullan fully | concerning: be 
manna cmftum {title of poem, 
dr'c.) I to express object of vb. 
about : owepan be, awxitan boo 
be, ftxian hine be, him bebdad 
be ]>e. II. be norpan, be su- 
pan, &c prp. wd. north of, &c. 
III. be-)Mem-]>e eev. in proportion 
to, as much as. 

be6U!(e)n n, sign, token, beacon; 
standard, banner. 

-fyr n. beacon- fire, light-house. 

~8t&n m. beacon-fire rock, farus. 

eebeaon n. sign. 

Beaonian = bieon(i)axi. 

beadof, g. bead(u)we, /. battle, 

~cftf prompt in battle, warlike. 

"QTBdlt m. skill in war. 

~cr8Bftig skilful in war. 

~cwealm m. violent death. 

-folm/I war-hand. 

-gn^ma m. helmet. 

~gn^inim fierce in war. 

~hr83gl n. coat of mail. 

~1&C n. battle. 

~l§oma m. sword. 

-msgen n. battle-strength. 

~mece m. battle-sword. 

-rSs m. onset. 

-rinc m. warrior. 

~r6f warlike. 

-run/", theme of auarrel. 

-scearp sharp in battle (^ sword). 

~8or1id n. coat of mail. 

~searo n, armour. 

~8ierceyi coat of mail. 

~preat m. army. 

^w&pen n. war- weapon. 

-wang ;;/. field of battle. 

-weorc n. war-work. 

-wig = bade weg. 

besBftan « b»ftan. 

be'&wnian join in marriage. 

beaftan lament IN. 

bdag m. ring (of gold), bracelet, 
torque, crown [bugan]. 

-g^efaf m. giver of rings, patron. 

--gidftity! ring-giving, liberality. 

^hordf n, treasure. 

^hrodent adorned with rings, &c. 

'-B»lt If., HS^let ^'- l^&ll in which 
gold is distributed. 

-)>eguty! receiving of rings. 

-wripat fn, bracelet, &c. 

bSagian crown. 



bealoan; be(a)lcettan, i,y belch 

forth, utter. 
bealcett (».) belching. 
beald, vE, balp self-confident, 

-e, -lice, IN. ballice av. boldly. 
-ian be bold. 
•wyrde bold of speech. 
bealdorf m, prince, king. 
bealluoas m. testicles. 
bealof g. beal(o)we8 I. n. evil, 

calamity, injury, wickedness. II. 

aj, evil, dire, pemicions, wicked. 
"'b^nd (fv.) severe bond, chain, 
-benn/. severe wound. 
"•blanden pernicious. 
~clamin m, dire bond. 
M^raft tn, evil art, magic, 
-cwealm m, violent death. 
MiAd/. crime, 
-full evil, wicked. 
-fUB prone to evil. 
-hycgende, -hygdig, -hydig 

meditating evil, hostile, 
-inwit n, malice, 
-leas innocent 
-nip m, pernicious malice, vice, 

-rftp m. dire rope, bond. 
-searo n, dire machination. 
-8i]> tn, fatal journey, misfortune. 
-Borg/ dire sorrow. 
-spell n. dire tidings. 
-pane m, evil thought. 
bdam m. tree; the Cross; pillar 

(of fire) ; beam ; fship. 
-seeadu/. shadow of a tree. 
-telgt m. * wood-dye,* (carbon) ink. 
bean/ bean. 
-bflg, -codd m. bean-pod. 
-cynn n, species of bean, 
-scalu/ b«an*pod. 
bdanen of beans. 
bearce*. A, e /. barking [beor- 

beard m, beard, occ.pL in sg. mean- 
-ISas beardless, 
bearg m, pig. 
bearhtm, eo, y, e; ^. sd; bre« 

aht^u)m m. glance (of the eye) — 

dagena- the evil eye [beorhtj. 
-e av, instantly [i. o/'bearhtm]. 
-hwAt swift as a glance of the eye. 
-hwH / moment, instant — ine «e 

bearhtm^breahtm noise. 

bearm m, bosom, lap ; middle, in- 
side; t possession, 
-d&p, -luTAgl n, apron, 
bearm-teag, see beo-. 
beam n. child, 
-gebyrdajj^/. child-bearing. 
-eaoen, -daoa (?), -daoniend 

-leas childless. 
-liest, -Idast/. childlessness, 
-lufe/. adoption, 
-myrpre/. infanticide, 
-gestrdon n. begetting children, 
-team m, begettmg children, 
bearn//^. (/beieman. 
bearo, g, bear(o)we8y m, grove, 

-nsBssf m, woody tract, grove, 
bears ^basrs. 
bearwe, », e» -uwa, -ewe /. 

basket, wheelbarrow. 
be'&scian tr. question; request 

vjoa. {or wag. !). 
gebSat n. beating. 
beat I an i beat ; clash together ; 

tramp, tread on. 
-ere m, pugilist Gl. 
b§aw {m.) gadfly. 
be-bapian ir. bathe, wash. 
be-beod an 7 wda, offer ; commit, 

entrust ; command, ask ; announce. 
-end m. master, praeceptor. 
-endlio imperative (mood). 
be'beorgan 3 w. d. and a. or insi, 

rfl. ward off from oneself, avoid. 
be'beran 4 wad, supply, provide 

be-bindan 3 bind. 
be'bod n. command, mandatey 

(moral) precept. 
-dttg m. appointed day. 
be-brftdan tr. w, mid spread, 

be'brecan 4 w€ul, deprive of by 

breaking ; wa, consume. 
be'bregcfan IN. pretend, simulate. 
be*br1ican 7 practise (virtue). 
be'bligan 7 encompass, surround ; 

avoid, escape || intr, extend w, 

be-byegan sell : on gold « lell for 

be'byrig|an, -rgan bury. 
-(ed)ne8/. burying, burial, 
bee//, ^bdc. 
b6can» ge- wda. assign by charter 



be*C8Bfed*, e adorned. 

bfooa m, pickaxe, mattock. 

b^oe m. brook. 

beo|e, oe/. beech-tree [b5o]. 

-en of beech. 

be-cdaplan sell : -wipfSo. 

beceflsd ^ beoaofed. 

be-ceorfan 3 cut off: hine 

be'ceorian tr, complain of, lament. 

be*o§owan 7 gnaw (through). 

be-oiepan sell [beodapiaxij. 

be'oi^rran tr, turn, make to re- 
volve; give the slip to, avoid; 

be'olAman glue together. 

be'clemmanf fetter, enclose. 

be'dmgan 3 encloaei bind. 

be'clipian, eo summon, sue at law. 

be'dyppan embrace, encompass. 

be'd^BJan enclose, shut up, dote 

-ing/ cell ; period, syllogism. 

be'cn&wan i know. 

be-onyttan tie up. 

be'ordopan 7 creep — wwa be* 
cropen lay hid, was kept con- 

be'ciunan 4 come ; meet with, fall 
among ; happen — -himtd dadig* 
nesae make him happy. 

be'owepan 5 say; reproach; be- 
queath wda. 

be-owiddian deposit Gl. 

be-cyme (I) m, event Bd. 

bed=gebed occ. in composition', 
-dagas, -hua, -rftden. 

-rip, bider- compulsory reaping 
Up, bdnrip]. 

gebed n. prayer; religious ordi- 
nance or ceremony. 

-dagas mpl, prayer-days. 

-gihty! evening Gl. 

-h^ «, oratory, chapel, temple. 

-mann m, worshipper, priest. 

-rfiden /. prayer. 

-stow/T place of prayer, oratory. 

gebedian pray, worship. 

De*dAlan deprive wag,^ wai. 

b^d n, bed ; (garden) bed, plot. 

-bolster n, bolster. 

-btkr m. bedchamber. 

-cliofiEt, -clyfa; -oofia m, bed- 

-cl&p m. bed-covering, pi, bed- 

-fblt blanket, sheets 




b^djgemftna m. cohabitation. 

^reaiff. bed-clothes. 

'»'reda, i, y m, one bed-ridden ; 

a/so aj, 
^T^Btf, bed. 
-^erid «. (ants') nest (?). 
~)>egii ///. chamberlain. 
-tXd /. bed-time. 
~w&grift bed-curtain. 
b^djiaii make a bed : ^ him for 

~ingy. bedding, bed-clothes; bed. 
geb^dlday^ consort, wife, 
~cleo£Ek*, y m. lair, den. 
HSKSipe m. cohabitation, nuuriage. 
bedecian beg [Kebed(ia]i)]. 
be'delfjan 3 dig round ; bury, 
^Anfi/, digging round. 
beden^/^. ^ Diddan. 
be'dioian fortify with mound. 
b6'diegl(i^an, -ddaglian hide, 

conceal, Keep secret. 
be'diepan*, d, f dip. Cp, bedyp- 

be'dij^man conceal wda, 
be'don shut, close (door). 
bedol suppliant 
be'driosanf 7 — bedroren wear]> 

or W8D8 was deprived of ivi. ; 

came into the power of. 
be*drif)EUi 6 drive; assail, beat, 

cover : stdame bedrifen. 
be'drincan 3 drink in, absorb. 
be*drog^ Old-Saxon prt. beguiled 

\^^0E, *bedTdag]. 
bedu/ request [biddan]. 
be'dtuieui 7 be submerged — ptc, 

bedofen drowned. 
be'dydrian deceive ; conceal 

(from) w. a. and wip a, 
be'dyppan dip \cp, bediepan]. 
b6'fbb|ian: ~od wsm was left 

aground by the tide going out {of 

be-faMtan fasten, fix; establish; 

make safe ; apply, utilize ; entrust, 

commit wda, 
b6'fiBB]>]nan embrace, encircle. 
be'fjEuran a tr. traverse ; attack ; 

utan •» surround (army), blockade 

II intr. proceed, go. 
be'iSdaldan i fold; fold round, 

cover; surround. 
be&alh/ft. </bef8olan. 
be'£»all|an i fall ; '» on a., d, incur 

(death, guUt), fall into (habit) ' 

pU, -^n vfi, deprived (of). 

be*f<§gan tr. join w. on a, 

be'feohtan 3 wai. deprive of by 
fighting : fl§ore befohten dead. 

be-ieolan 3, prt, -fealh, ptc, 
-folen tr, put away (under the 
earth) ; wda. impose, grant, con- 
sign : him wsss Halig O&st 
befdlen, he hine rode befealh 
crucified him || intr. wd. apply 
oneself (to prayer, learning), im- 
portune (a person) ; w. on d. fall 
into (a certain state) : ~ on Blftpe. 

be'fSran traverse, encompass. 

be*fioiaii deceive. 

be'fi^lan knock down, fell, throw 
down I ptc. -^d deprived wi.f 

be*flean 2 flay, take off skin ; take 
off bark — beflagen flaeso vis- 

be'flSon 7 flee from, escape /r., afid 
intr. w. f^am. 

be'fleogan 7 fly. 

be'fiowan 1 flow over, flood. 

be*fdn I b grasp, seize ; take pos- 
session of; take (in the act\ 
detect (in a crime) ; entrap | sur- 
round, encompass, encircle ; con- 
tain, hold (a quantity). 

befdlen //c. ^befSolan. 

be-foran I. prp. w. d. and more 
rarely a. in the presence of | in 
the name of : ic pd bebdcKie 
~Oode I before order^ tinit. 
II. av. before, in front ; above (in 
book) : ])8BS oynn is ^ ftwriten ; 
beforehand, ready ; openly, pub- 

be-forhtian dread. 

be'fotian deprive of feet. 

be'freo(ga)n free. 

be'£rign|an, -frinan 3 question; 
ask for, request wag. 

"Vngf. inquiry, investigation. 

be'fuUan av. completely [be, full]. 

be'f^lan defile. 

be'fyigan follow, pursue. 

be'fyllan fill. 

beg*//, --ep berry. 

•^beam*, beig- m. bramble. 

bega^. o/higen. 

be'gftn, -gangan vd. go over, 
traverse ; occupy, possess (coun- 
try), surround — utan - besiege ; 
cultivate (land), take care of; 
honour, worship; perform, prac- 
tise, do. 

-nes/. calends (!) Gl. 


be'galan 2 sing incantations over, 

be'gang, bi-gfng m. circuit; 

tract, space | observance, practice, 

business ; service, worship. 
beganga = bigenga. 
be'geat n. gen. pi. gains, property. 
begen, ef, oe,/em. and tieut. b&, 

batw&, bu(tu) both. 
begenga « bigf nga. 
be-geomerian lament. 
be'geondan av.^ prp. w, d., a. 

be'geotan 7 pour over, cover (with 

fluid) : niid blode begoten ; 

bdger^/. ^♦beg berry. 
be'giellanf 3 scream around or 

sin^ about (?). 
be*giem|an 7vg, take care of, 

attend to. 
^en/. attention, looking out for. 
-ling /! taking care. 
be-gietan 5 ^et, obtain, attain, 

conquer, acquire (wealth) ; find ; 

happen to, come upon (^danger, 

evil, &c.); beget or conceive 

be'ginan 6 gape at on<:e. 
be'ginnan 3 begin. 
be'gleddian stain (with blood). 
be-glidan 6 depart from tud, 
be'gniagan a gnaw. 
be'gnomian lament. Cp. be- 

bdgra p-. ^ begen. 
be-graxan a bury. 
be-gretanf once wk. lament. 
be'grinian, y ensnare. 
be'grindan 3 polish ; fdeprive 

begrorenf otue ptc. — susle ** 

overwhelmed (?). 
be-gromlan lament. Cp, be- 

be-gyldan gild. 

be'gyrdan gird ; clothe ; surround. 
be'habban surround; comprehend ; 

be'hAs (/) vow vL. Blending of 

hSs and beh&t. 
be'haBttlan scalp (as punishment). 
be-hamelian tr. strip naked (?). 
be'hanunen (^shoe). 
be'h&t n. promise ; vow. 
be'h&tan i wda. promise ; vow ; 

threaten with. 

c a 


be'h&wian look carefully, take 

be*h§afd|ian behead. 
•«ung/. beheading. 
be'heafodlio capital (punishment "! 

Gl. [be, heafodl 
be'heald an i hold, keep ; guard ; 

possess, have ; rfl, act, behave | 

look at, observe ; consider, reflect 

on ; pay regard to, observe, keep 

Inlaws) — rfl, w, sbj, be careful ; 

practise, perform | signify, mean ; 

be of importance, avail, 
•en cautious ; assiduous ;^in; wi. 
^m^f, regard. 
be'heawan i hew, cut into shape 

;^ timber) ; bruise, beat ; wai. cut 

off (head), deprive of: -hine 

heafde, fdore. 
be'hefje, oe, '<':e)lic suitable ; 

necessary [behoflan]. 
-nea/. utility. 

be'helan 4 cover over, conceal. 
be*hf lian cover over, conceal, 
be'helmian cover over, shroud 

(with darkness), conceal. 
be*heofian lament, mourn for. 
be*heonan, -hinon av.^ prp, wd, 

on this side of (river, sea), giet ~ 

citerius Gl. 
be*hiepan surround (with heaps), 
be'hindan av.^ prp. w, </., a, be- 
behinon » beheonan. 
be*hl£nan surround anjrthing by 

leaning other things against it: 

^fsdt holte, surround. 
be*hleap|an i leap ; hia mdd bi]> 

*^n on . . his mind is fixed on. 
be*hl^mnian /r. dash together, 

close Jaws). 
be'hiidan 6 cover up, close /r., 

be'hli^hhan 2 deride. 
be'hliepan*, y deprive, strip. 
be-hligan, (hd) behli]>, defame: 

-' hie wammoxn. 
be'hdn i b behang.hang round with, 

esp. in pic, behangen w, i, or 

b6'h5f|iaii need, require w^, 
"VLo necessary. 
be*hog:ian take care of. 
~odlice av, carefully. 
<KXine8/. exercising, practising Gl. 
be*horaian — hie wurdon *ode 

were deprived of their horses. 


be'hr§08an 7 fall | pic, behroren 
wi, covered ; deprived of. 

be-hreowfljian repent ; atone. 

-ung/. repentance. 

be'hriman cover with hoar-frost. 

be-hringan encircle, surround. 

be-hropan i importune. 

be-hrtUnian besmirch. 

be'hr&mlg besmirched, sooty. 

bdhte/r/. ^bSoan. 

bShpt/. sign. 

be'hweorf (!) m, exchange. 

be'hweorfan 3 tr. turn; spread 
out I arrange, put in order rhouse), 
tend, prepare (corpse for burial) | 
change ; exchange for wai, 

be'h'wi^lfan vault over, cover. 

be'hwif rfan tr, turn, turn round ; 
utan ~ encompass ; exercise, train | 
change, convert; exchange for 
w, a, and on d., mid. 

be-hycgan bear in mind, consider ; 
trust w. on. 

be*h^dan hide, conceal. 

behydignes (!)/ desert 

be-hygdig, -hf dig vigilant, care- 
ful, solicitous. 

~lice, -hydelice av. carefully. 

•^Tk&af, solicitude, anxiety. 

bo'hyhtan w. on set hopes (on), 
trust in. 

be*hyldan skin, flay. 

be'hyr'an hire out. 

~ing/. firing out, letting. 

be*h^)>elice av. sumptuously Gl. 

be'if rxeweardian disinherit. 

be'ieman 3 run (into), be involved 
(in sin) ; occur (to the mind) : 
p& beam him on mode heet hg 
come he thought he would come | 
hip beumen mid bldde covered. 

beiunan « binnan. 

be-l&oan i b sport round, surround 
(j/" waves). 

be'l&djian exculpate, clear wag, 

'^igend m, excuser, defender. 

~igendlic excusable. 

~ung /. excuse : ]>fir is sum ~ on 
^»re segene there is some excuse 
for your saying so. 

be'lftnan lead, impel gtn, in bad 
sense : on synna ~. 

be'lAfan ir, spare, leave unde- 
stroyed || intr. remain, be left 

be'lfipan nudce hateful, pervert. 

be'Ura'jan betray. 

«ing/. betrayal, treason. 



be*l&f^ remainder. 

belagen//r. ^belSan. 

be*landian deprive of land. 

beloed - Bwioraf puff - necked 

belcettan » bealoettan. 

gebeldan»/r/. gib^lde IN, cover or 
bind (book). 

be'lSan 2 blame, forbid, dissuade 
from wda. 

be'lfCgan wai, cover, envelop, 
nui, overwhelm (with contempt), 
treat (ill), afflict — wg. hd wtts 
sweloes ddmes bel6d pmt . . he 
had such a reputation ; charge 
(with crime) w, a. and n^d. 

be'l^ndan deprive of land vL* 

belene, beolone/. henbane. 

be'ldogan 7 deceive. 

be'ldoran A, pass by inir. 

be'ldosanf 7 be deprived of wi, — 
ptc. beloren deprived of wi, 

gebelg n, anger ; arrogance. 


~n©8*, bsBlig- /. offence, injury IN. 

belgan 3 inir, and rfl. be angry 
w. wij> a.f for, 16— pic. gebolgen 
angry, fierce. 

gebelgan 3 offend wd. 

belibban —/»/<-. belifd lifeless. 

be'licgan 5 surround. 

be-liefjan L, believe — ~ed be- 
lieving w, on a. Cp. gelidfan. 

be-lifan 6 remain, be left. 

be-lifian kill. 

be'limp n. occurrence. 

be'limpan 3 belong to, concern, 
appertain w. to ; happen, befall 

be'liB^t)nian castrate. 

be'lipant 6 — ofify in pic. beliden 
deprived w.g. or i. ; lifeless. 

bellan 3 bellow, grunt. 

beU|e/. bell. 

-flies n, bell-wether's fleece. 

~hring (w.) bell-ringing. 

-htUi n. bcU-tower. 

~t&cen n, showing time by bell* 

b^t ;w.) belt [Z/. balteus]. 

be'lfLoan 7 lock up, conflne ; close 
(house) ; enclose (with wall) ; 
bind (with fetters) ; impede, 
choke ; wad. protect against. 

beltttian lie hid. 

bo'lyirtan deceive, cheat IN. 




be'lytiglan deceive, entrap. 

be'mfinan lament. 

be*metan 5 estimate — r/l. hie 

hie selfe td nohte ne bemfiton 

thought themselves of no account, 

hie hie ne bemeton n&nes 

anwealdes they did not consider 

the^ had any power, 
be'xnipan 6 conceal (from) ivda, 
be*muro(n)ian murmur, grumble. 
be'inuman 3 bewail ; care for, 

take heed ot 
be'mfLtian exchange (for) w, on a. 

[Z/. mutare]. 
be-myldan bury [molde]. 
ben, oe,/. prayer, petition, request. 
~daga8 pij^/. rogation-days. 
•^fidorm /., -i^rj) /., -rip food, 

ploughmg, harvest-work required 

from a tenant. 
t^Hd/. prayer-time, rogation-days. 
•»ti^pe, -i))(ig)e successful ' in 

prayer, succes^l ; gracious. 
geDfiny. prayer. 

bSna m. petitioner — -wesan re- 
beiiacodiaii*, -naoian lay bare. 

TA^ shcrtening into -nacian is to 

avoid the clumsy prt. -naoodode*. 
beiiAman deprive w. a. and g. 

or i, [niman]. 
bfno/. bench. 
-8ittend(e)t m. guest. 
-BWSgt »*. revelry, 
-pelf n, bench-floor. 
'bK^oian make benches. 
b^nd mfn, band, ribbon, chaplet, 

crown ; bond, chain [bindan]. 
bfndan bind ; stretch, bend (bow). 
beiieah vb,, pi. -nugon, prt. 

-nohte, wg, enjoy, have benefit 

of; require. 
beiienman declare, certify. 
beiieotan 7 "tvai. deprive. 
beiieopan, -nlpan, y av., prp. 

wd, beneath, below. 
be'niman 4 wag., wai, deprive. 
beni]>an = beneopan. 
bfnnf/ wound [bana]. 
«geat n. opening of a wound. 
-ian wound. 

benohte/r/. ^beneah. 
beiiotian use up, consume vpi'O' 

bdnsian supplicate fbdn]. 
benugon/r/.//. ^beneah. 
beny|>an = b^aeopan. 

beo /., g. ~n bee. 

-(n)br§ad n. beebread, honeycomb. 

^nbro]> /I. drink made of honey. 

•-ceorl, -cere tn. bee-keeper. 

-gang tn. swarm of bees. 

-modor/! queen-bee. 

~))eof m. stealer of bees. 

-wyrty. bee-wort, sweet flag. 

bdo-hataf once m, warrior, chief. 

beon, see wesan. 

beod m. table ; bowl. 

-8Bm, bdod'^d)em n. dining-room, 

-bolla ni. bowl. 

-clftp m. table-cloth. 

-fSBt n. table-vessel, cup Gl. 

-fers n. grace sung at mealtimes. 

-g^^t m. guest at meals. 

-hrsBgl n, table-cloth. 

"l&fa/pl. table-leavings. 

-land ;/. land for supplying the 
food of a monastery, glebe-land. 

-geneat m, meal-companion. 

-gereord(u) «(//)• ^east 

-Bceat m. napkin. 

-wiat/. meal, food. 

beodjan, ge- 7 wda. offer za. sbj. : 
him gefeoht - challenge to fight ; 
inflict : him witu - ; behave to, 
treat (well or ill) : uton - d)>runi 
pnt we willen pset man us 
-e ! I annoimce, proclaim ; bode ; 
threaten | command, decree, en- 
join ut wd. call out (militia), 


beod(d)ian do joiner's work 

beofor m. beaver. 

beogol, ge-, y forgiving [bugan]. 

beolone = belene. 

beomsbeo am. 

beorf, rarely Pr., n. beer [beow]. 

-byden/. beer- barrel. 

-hierdef m. butler. 

-Bcealcf ///. feaster. 

-Sf let '"• hall of festivity. 

-setl* n. fbench at banquet. 

-peguty! beer-drinking. 

gebeor m. boon-companion, guest. 

-scipe, b- ///. convivial meeting, 

beorc f. birch- tree ; the Runic 
letter b [bierce]. 

gebeorc («.) barking. 

beorcan 3 bark ; bark at wa. 

beorg ///. hill, mountain ; heap of 
stones, mound. 


beorgjflBlfen/. oread. 

-blip //. hill-slope. 

-iht*, beorhtt- mountainous. 

-Be)>el n. mountain dwelling. 

-st^e m. mound. 

gebeorgt once n. mountain. 

gebeorg, -rh n, defence, refuge, 

safety, precaution, 
-lie safe, advisable, 
-nes/. refuge, 
-stow/, place of refuge. 
beorgjan, ge- 3 wd. preserve, save ; 

abstain from injuring, spare ; w. a. 

and d. or wip gua^, save — r/l. 

avoid : hie him yfel -ah, -a]> 

eow wip yfel I | avoid, beware 

of w. wip. 
beorht, y I. aj. bright ; clear- 
sighted ; clear (sounding), loud; 

magnificent, glorious, noble. 

II. n. brightness, light ; sight ; 

twinkling — dagan - moment, 
-e av, brightly ; (see) clearly, 
-hwiiy. moment. 
-tan be bright ; (sound) clear or 

ge-nian*, -brehtnian IM become 

-lie bright ; clear - sounding* ; 

-lice av. brightly ; distinctly. 
-nee/, brightness, splendour. 
-rodorf m. heaven, aether. 
-word clear of speech. 
beorhtt- = beorgiht*. 
beormja m. yeast 
-teag*, bea-/. yeast-box. 
beomf m. brave man, warrior, man 

of rank, rich man, prince, king, 
-cyning ///. king of warriors, 
-preat m. band of warriors. 
-wiga m. warrior, 
beoman = bieman. 
Beomice /////. Bemicians. 
beorj)or, byp- //. childbirth ; fetus 

-cwealm m. dead birth, abortion, 
-pignen*, byrp-pinenu /. mid- 
gebeorj)or*, y //. birth. 
beost (///.) biestings, first milk of 

cow after calving. 
beot n. promise ; vow ; boast ; 

threat ; danger [ =- *bi-hat]. 
-ian promise ; vow ; boast, 
-lie boastful, arrogant ; threatening, 
-lice av, threateningly. 


MotjUDg/ Ihrealening. 
-wordt n, boast ; llueat. 
eebeot n. voh'; boasl; threatening 

— td -es assiduously (I). 
bAov? ti. baitey. 
beowan = biewan polish. 
be'P&ojfui deceive. 

-OStre/. deceiver, harlot. 
-yxa%/. deceivinj;, nlluritig GI. 
beprenan, uc bepiiwan. 
beprepaji, sec bepnwan. 
be-priwan, -prewan*, -pranftn 

\a/or a], -prepan irinl: ^eye), 

Cp. preowt-hwU. 
benui 4 carry, wear (hat', bring, 

aury off; produce, bring forth, 

bear [ endure, tolcnlc ; suffer |] 

- up open (,B case . 

berian make Imie, clenr .benches^ 

bera m. bear. 

be-rMim dejirive w. n. and g. or i. 

er eet ; deliberate en, prepare ; 

gel the belter of, 
boTfiBon rush, 
berbono/. verbena \_Li.\ 
b^re m. barley. 
-COTO n, bailey-toin. 
-flor/. boro-floor. 
-gafbl n. rent paid in barley. 
~Br(8S ff. green burle]-. 
~hl&f m. barieyloaf. 
-B6d n. barley seed. 
-tOn, bsTtan ni. threshing-floor, 

-Wio/. hamlet. 

bereoilati ~,vag. (Jespoii, deprive. 
bcrecBH make to am^ke. 
be-rpccan relate; justify, excuse 

gin- rjl. 
gebf red crushcl : afHicIeii, up- 

beTeynian', -roni-t caasc 

berGQ = biren licarV 
bf ron of barley, 

beren-bfm bara, 

beTOoCant ; deprive wi. 
be-rdotan j bewail, 
bererni^bgrn bam, 
bOTJdaa 6 jurromid on horseback, 
besiege; overtake, lake posse^- 

be'riofan depriic wag. 
be'riepan tt-ag. despoil, plandcr of. 

be-rinuan _ 

bem, berec, IX. beram n. bam 

be rowan i row round. 

ceberst n. iiiir. breaking, bunting. 

berstan frt. beant 3 inlr. burst, 

break; dash, break (^ vavcs) ; 

resound 1 escape; fiiil — giThiin 

a)> burate. 
bertun - bgre-turi. 
ber-winde/. navel-won. 
be'Bf^tian lie in wait f<ir, bi 
be'Bfi.t^'ian be soriy fui; \\ 

condole with. 
-ung:/^ sorrowing. 
be'sAtran t sow. 
be'BOeadant ca«t in the shade. 

be'ScSadan 1 b separate ; di^ 

be'aoSanriiaii look at, survey ; 

consider, pay regard lo; watch, 
-odnea/ vision, sight, 
-img/ contemplation. 
be-8c^acan give lo drink viaL 
be'Bceotan 7 inlr. dart, rusli II Ir. 

seatt, instil < llioughts). 

beaoerwan ^ beeoignan. 

be'Btnelail*, f look at ti>. on. 

be'Bcieraii 4 shear, shave — - bine 
td prSoHte like a priest. 

be*Bclfr|iaii, mict -soerwan de- 
prive \uag., ■nJi'., fram, of. 

-eoneB/. deprivation. 

bs'Btnnan 6 shine npon. 

be'aoitan 6 cover with &lth, be- 

be'aorepon 5 scrape. 

be-BC&fan 7 thrust, throw, precipi- 

be-Bf cgan say : bim on ~ accuse 
him ; announce ; plead cause, rfl. 
defend oneself (.in court of law). 

be-Bfllan surround luar, 

besema ^ beama. 

be-Bgncan tr. sink, plunge. 

be-Bengan singe ; burn. 

be'seon intr., rjl. look up, look 
about, see ; m. on a., W look nt, 
[lay regard to II tr. go lo cee, visit. 

be'S^ttan sel ^hope on) ; ippoial ; 


set about, adorn -.uai. ; belct ; 
Benro)Huiouai bea^ted \ keep, 
guard ; inslilote, sel going. 

be'Sldian regulate, determine. 

bB'Siprwan ensnare, lake by sur- 
prise, overcome ; deprive by 
trcaiiefy v>ai. 

be'eilfran silver. 

be'Sinoan 3 sink intr. 

be-siiigaii 3 sing incantations over, 
bewitch; sing of, bewail. 

be-Bittaa s besiege, beset, block- 
Bcle, gen. IV. &taii ; possess. 

be-Bll^an 1 b sleep. 

be-Blean 9 viai. cut off (head) ; de- 
prive of. 

be'Sllepan tr. slip, put, clotbe. 

bs'Blitan 6 deprive of by tenriog 
aii'ay viai. 

bes(,e:ma »i. broom ; lod (for 

bSsmian — pi,-. ga-*d curved Gl. 

-Ing/. curve Gl. 

be'Bmierwan besmear. 

beamitan C delile. 

be'smitennes / defilement, im- 
purity [beanutan]. 

be'smitUan defile. 

beamipian work (metals), ibrge. 

bB'Smocian tr. smoke, envelop 
«-ith incense. 

be-en Adan -uiaL deprive by cnlting, 

be'sniwian snow on, cover with 

be-8ny|ilian+, /n(, -rt>Bde deprive 


be'soloen lorpid, inert. 

bo'sorg subject of solicilnde, dear 

besorgian be sorry for ; care for, 
be solidtoas about ; scruple, tear. 

be-Bpanan 1, r entice, pcrsuiule. 

be-Bpearrlan*, a shut. bar. 

ba-spreoan 5 tr. speak about, 
complain of, cliarge. 

be'Bpr^ngari sprinkle. 

bB'Bpyrian follow tracks of, trace. 

be-stsppan 1 go, proceed. 

be'Btand an 1 stand round, sur- 
md ; afflict — mid adle ~en. 

be'Btealcian go stealthily, 

be'Stecaa 5 close, bar [.door). 

be'Btf fb an d fringed CI. 


bcatelan 4 inti-,, rfi. more 
5l«iUhilf. steal II tr. him aum 
ping on- SLcuse of, charge with. 

be-Btleiuan wei [stSttin], 

be-Btingan 3 thiusi, push f$r 

bestredan ^ 'beatrggdan. 
ba'Btragdao*, -ei^n bestrew, 

coTcr LivUb earth), 
be-atrdowian bestrew, iwver. 
be-Btiidan 6 mount (hoise). 
beetriep&n strip of, plunder ii<i^. 

— - hie nt luidum. 
b«-BtrCkdan 7 despoil, deprive uiii. 
be*Btyriai> heap up Bd, 
bO'Btyriliail assail, agitate (minil). 

bo'ailt ian od diiiy. 

bQ-Bwmlan scorch, burn. 
be*8W&paD 1 cover, envelop -wai. 

or mid ; shelter against ("wip;, 

pioieci ; - him on mdd p<;r< 

be'SWfminan make lo anim 

be'ewe)>i&n bioil op, bandage. 
bd'HwIc, bi- deceit, treachery ; 

-fealle/. tiap. 

-ol deceitful . 

be'BWlajan 6 deceive ; lead asiray ; 

seduce (woman) ; oflead, scandal i- 

uue ; gel the belter of, conquer, 

-end m. deceiver, seducer. 
-ung/ dtceplion. 
be'Bwiolan Ir. escape from, evade ; 

ai/, be free from (diseaK). 
be'awinciaii 3 Ir, labour at, make 

with labour ; till (.land). 
ba-awingBJi 3 beat, (log. 

-i g6d. 

-Uci' excellent, magntlli 
bfitlaHgOe improve ; -f$T loakesj- 

tight fire: reform, make amends 

for, atone [boi]. 
-endt smci m. Ijuilder (?). 
-nea/I reparation, atonement. 
betScan wad. hand over; hand 

down (tradition] \ entrust, commit, 

give in charge of; appoint; viith- 

9Ut d. send ; pursue, hunt. 
bete, oe/ beet-root [Z/. bet^]. 
bO'teldan 3 uiu'. or mid cover, 

surroand ; overwhelm (with grief) 


rjl. clear oneself (of 


charge) w. St.. 
botoon 6, 7 pn. -tih, -teah, //c. 

-tlKen,-tOKeii accuse; ber|iieath. 
iM't^On J cover ; enclose, coolain. 
bjter a cpv. o/god e,arA. 
-lan, b;triBii make better 1 trim 

(lamp) II become belter. 
-ung, b5Ht)runB/. improvement 
be-tierwan tar. 
be-tihtlian accuse, 
be'tillan decoy. 
be-timbran build. 
be'tOKen(ii)eB / accusation [be- 

betoaice/. beiony (0 plwit) [Z/.]. 
botredon 4 ircad on. 
be'tr^ppau, bb enliap, surprise 


bB'trymniaD, -trTmian besiege. 
bgtBt, bfteat sfl. o/gdA good. 
-borea eldust. 

betuh, betweoh - botweoi. 

betwdonan, -tweauum ; bl 
twihn vE.; -twin-, -Iwyn- 
bstwilon frp, lu. d., Bl" a. 1 ^n. of 
molian) between, amonR - „u!. 

bweet bi[)~miuuieB snd n;tenea 
andgyte.gif.. Ofienfollimisjan, 
lip. wAen a prenaan : owsedon 
him-. Tmtsis: be anm twSo- 

be'tweox, -d, -twoni, -twix, 
-tweeb, -t(w)uh, -twlh, -y-, 
-ha prp. w, d. ; rartSy a. , which 
gtn. impliti molioH, between ^of 
space, dislinctiOD, tec), among. 
limi between (two dates) ; during 
Jiiaaum meaowhilc. Often 

brnLiia : hi him healdBp 
betwuh aibbe. 
-fil^gednBB, -fLworpetmea / 

~gangan vb. go between (1). 

-Ucgan 5, lie between (1). 

-B^dan send between I,!;. 

-gesptt interposed. 


be't^iOn enclose (with wall) ; 
shut (door;, dose (oiieniugl — 
ute - bmt folo shut out ; tinish 

-lag/ conclusion. 

bejjTan /-■- bnthe, foment [bmp]. 

-fng/: hot batli \ fomentation. 



bo'tyman Jj/?. prostialeonetelf (!). 
bs'tieai^ vh., pi. -fmrfon, prt. 

-{Kirfte, wg. require, need. 
0'))fCciui cover, conceal Kai. er 

be'^i^ncan consider, bear in mind 

—/y?. reflect 1 form plan, think ofj 

TV. td entrust, abs. trust, con6de. 
be'(i|nnHji, -pinion cover, 
bepeodan jom, associate. 
be'pr&wan i afflict. 
beprlditm, y drcumvenl, over- 

bB'prlngan 3 ivai. press on; sur- 

be'pryccan Ir. press on. 
be'titmcant on" '- bepgnoftn. 
be-pwean a wash, wel. 
be'pw6or|ian», f — pU.-aA de- 

be-p^/>/. -fd(d)a thrust, push. 
bet^OD ^ bufoD. ^^- 

beutan = butau. ^^H 

be-wacian watch. ^^H 

be-wadant anci % deprive (1) ^^| 
bewSTau wrap round, dress. ^^| 
bew&gan de>:eive, frustrate. 
be-wffignan ;!)t ""'V offer -wda. 
bs'wellaii tCTjr. aiilict. 
be'Wfepnian deprive of weapons. 
bewffirlan pass by IN. 
be'warian Ir. watch over, guard; 
ward off, avoid ; rjl. avoid, be- 
waris of III. wip a. 
be*war(e njan inlr. w. wip be- 
ware of, guanl agninsi l| Ir. ward 
off (from oneself) w. tjl. d. : him 
- hellewitu. 
bewamian i^benrarsnian. 

he-W& -witon,/r/. -wiate 
' ' superintend, have 

charge of. 
be-wftw|aiif 1 ^pic. -on blown 

be-vreallan i Ir. boil away. 
be-wetUwiaii wallow. 
be'WeardlaB guard, watch, pro- 


>a overgrown 

beweddjlail betroth, marry, 
-endllc relating to ">-'"-■'" 
-uag/. betrothal, 
be-wefan j cover. 
be-weganf 5 cover uoii. or- mid II 

ba'welan join. 


v^ ^.(v ;*r>A,b«K0]. 

bile-wit. bU i -, bilirst-, -wict- 

gentle, kind; innocenl, (impte 
f) Ibile, hiril]. 

. -aea/. innoccntie. 
I bUlt n. swoiri. 
~hfte m. hostilitv. wailkre. 
- gjgll ght «. su-o'rd-clash, battle. 
-«w«p «. swoid-ttaok. field of 
I battle. 

I bi-nftma m. pronoun. 
gebindt H, what ii bound logetfaer 
—wajrania- dozen wavest ; cos- 
bind an 3 tiind, fetter— /i/^.bunden 
(Bwaord' with hill adorned wlih 
gold chainst ; make priaoner. 

V. *s- i^^ tanooj, celebrate 

'* *■ „ >uiM-)MO >«-i^tn«»- 

- >*Vjr* ;3^t.IM>n«d«.[b~«n.]. I 

^ ^^ [M] 

. esp. 


bound (by duty, obligaiion), be 

are w. binder. 
blndo/ hcad-banJ, fillet. 
binn/ man(;er. 

binnan, beinnaii av.. frp. w. d, 
within, in (of place, time ; into; 
ofquanlUy Hilhin, less than. 
bireii(«) f. she-bear [bera]. 
biran, beren of a bear 'beral. 
ln-a«a/ toiw^ visit ('1." 
ln-a»o («.) litigBtion. 


bifloep, -op m. bishop ; high-priest, 
heathen chief-priest [Z/. epiaco- 

~ddni m, bishopric ; excommanica- 

~ealdor m, high-priest. 

*'gcfi^^relan pL episcopal robes. 

~nftd m. bishopric, episcopate. 

~lift]n m, bishop's estate. 

«hdafodlin n. bishop^s head-oma- 

-hiered m. clergy Gl. 

~lio episcopal. 

^rice n. bishopric 

«rocc m. bishop's rochet. 

-Bxnxf. diocese ; episcopate. 

~8etl, -aeld, HWpel ». episcopal see. 

~sino]>, eo m, synod of bishops. 

~Btdl m. episcopal see, bishopric. 

HEninu m, godson at confirmation. 

'^pegnung, -pdnung / bishop's 

'^wite n. bishop's fee for visiting, 
procaration fee. 

"^ryrt/. marsh-mallow. 

bl8cep|ian, -opian confirm. 

•'ling, bisopting/. confirmation. 

bisn, bisen, Z. y /. example, pat- 
tern — &8tfllaii, s^ttan ^^e, ftat., 
St. (hit) td ^ set (as) example (to 
be imitated or avoided) ; similar 
case, parallel ; original (of copy) ; 
similitade, parable. 

ge«ere m. imitator. 

-ian wd, set or give an example 
(to) ; take example by, imitate : 
-^ on hiers tmpdawxun. 

(ge)~il2ig/ example ; similar case, 

biaen-, y blind. 

biaea, i [or -iS8-]t m. day added 
in leap-year [Z/. biosextus]. 

biago, b78(i)go /. occupation, 
labour ; trouble, care, affliction. 

biagjian, b78(i)gian occupy /r. 
ana r/l., engross (mind) ; trouble, 
worry, afflict. 

-ling/, occupation. 

biaig, Z. 7 busy, occupied. 

biamer, by-, -or nm. insult, 
mockery — on - by way of insult ; 
joke ; blasphemy ; calumny ; ig- 
nominy, disgrace — to ~e gerdni- 
an, get&wian humiliate. 

"'full abominable, disgraceful. 

«gliw*, to H, shame^l lust 

^Idaa irreproachable. 

biamerjldo]) ;i. scurrilous song, 
nenia (!). 

^lic disgraceful, ignominious. 

-lice av, disgracefully ; contemptu- 

~Bpr»o/. blasphemy. 

-word ft. insult. 

biamerlan, biamran, by-, -ian 
insult, mock, deride; blaspheme, 
revile ; disgrace, injure, ill-treat. 

-lend m, mocker. 

-neay! mockery ; blasphemy. 

-ung/ mockery; blasphemy; in- 
famy, being object of contempt. 
gs-iing / illusion Gl. 
i-apell n. parable, proverb, ex- 
ample ; story. 

-boo/, book of proverbs. 

biaaezte leap-year [Z/. biasextxia]. 

biat (thou) art. 

bita m. morsel, bit [bitan]. 

bitjan 6 bite — biton heors tdb 
him tdgdanea gnashed their teetn 
at him ; cut, wound. 

-a m, wild beast. 

bit'e w. bite ; cutting, (sword) cut ; 

-mMum av. piecemeal. 

bitel m, beetle. 

biter, tt bitter ; p.iinful, severe 
(grief, &c ) ; fierce [bitan]. 

-e, bitre av. severely, very. 

-lice av. severely : - wSpan. 

-nea/ bitterness. 

-wyrde severe in speech, bitter. 

-wyrt-drfnc m. bitter drink. 

biterian be bitter ; make bitter. 

bitol bridle [bitan]. 

bitol*, bitela biting Gl. 

gebitt n. — topa- gnashing of teeth 

bip is. 

biwftiine, set bew&wan. 

bi-wiat /! sustenance, provisions. 

bi-word n. proverb, sa3ang; ad- 

bizant m. bezant, a gold coin [Z/. 

bl&o bright, white ; pale. 

-em, 8D n, lantern. 

-hleorf white- or pale-cheeked, 
fair (woman). 

-ian become pale. 

-ling/ pallor. 

blS-ndwen, blfiwen, blShwen 
light blue. 

bl(BC M, ink. 


blfldc black — '«' b^rige blackberry ; 
swarthy, dark-complexioned. 

-feaxede black-haired. 

-gfimm m. jet. 

-pjrtt m, naphtha-pit. 

-te(o)ra n. naphtha. 

-brtlat M. leprosy. 

blfio n. leprosy. 

blAoan make pale, bleach [bl&c]. 

blflBoem s blftcem lantern. 

blAoo/. pallor [blAo]. 

blsd n. leaf; blade (of oar). 

bUM I. m. blowing, blast ; breath; 
inspiration; life ll prosperity, glory; 
plenty, riches. H./ shoot, flower, 
fruit; harvest, crops. See bldd 

-ftgend(e)t m, prosperous, glori- 

-b^lig, y m. bellows. 

MiflBgt m. day of prosperity. 

-fSBatf, ge- glorious. 

-fsatnea*, bloof-/. delight. 

ge-fsBatnea /. sustenance, provi- 

-gleliat »i. giver of prosperity. 

-horn m. tiumptt. 

-welaf m, riches, plenty. 

bl^bdneaaaj^/. blossoms. 

blsddre =- ble^dre. 

blAd(d)re /. blister; bladder 

hl&ge/. gudgeon. 

blfiba m. blowing, blast. Cp. bloat. 

-b^lg pt. bellows. 

bl89a|e,-a8e/ torch, fire. C^.blyse. 

-ere m. incendiary. 

bltet m, blowing, blast, wind; 

' flame, glare [bl&wan]. 

-belg, bl&st- m, bellows. 

blsatan blow. 

blsbtan bleat. 

blfiwen = blA-hAwen. 

blagettan weep. 

blanoa (f) m. steed, horse. 

bland once — gebland. 

geblandf n. what is mixed to- 
gether, commotion. 

bland [anf i b mix : ptc, ge-en 
mixed, disturbed; infected, cor- 
rupted, injured w. u {g. once). 

-en-feaxt having mixed-coloured 
or grey hair, old. 

blaae -> Dlsae. 


blfttf once sound, cry (?). 

bl&tt pale, livid. Cp. bltot. 


lit, Bower 



bl&t;e av. : ~e forbsmaa Ir. hum 

with livid flame (!). 
-ian* be pale. 
•«nde pale. 
bl&wan 1 tHir. blow (^/wind) 

blowijWilhmouthl, breallie; snor 

(fif horse") ; be blowd, sound 

-euda blemoD || ir. blow (Imm 

pe() ; inflate (bladder). 
-ere m. one who Mows ;funiace). 
-nng/ blowing (trumpet). 
bitett bringJDg miserjr, onu. 

-et Bv. miserably once. 
bl§a]; timid, slnggiih, 
bl^ce m. blight [bl bo]. 
bleoba m. bligbt [bl»a]. 
bled/, shoot, branch ; fr 

[bid wan]. 
-hw»t+ encc qiiick-gromng {?). 
blSdlan bleed— BB -Bnda fio 

disease [blod], 

bledu/ dish, bowl, cop. 
blegen.blegne/.hotl, nicer; blister. 
blegne - blegen. 
blf noao d>:ceive, chent. 
bl|ndfta blind ; deceive [blind]. 
bleo, bleota \ly an. c/taob, ffioa], 

g. bMoa, dp/. bl«o(wu)ro ». 

colour; appearance, form. 
-bordt n. chess-board. 
-brygd-t .//• variona colours, 

changing colours. 
-craft m. embroidery. 
~t&g parli -coloured, 
-rfiad purple. 
-st&mng/ mosaic work. 
gebldo, -bleoh H. colour [bISo]. 
geblSod viiriegaled [bUoj. 

blSowum, Iff blSo. 
blere; blBrlg tO bald. 
blSrt-pitt«l, blsria pyttel (m.) 

bletsian, blcedaian blcis. conse- 
crate fblOdl. 
-ing-boc / book of formulae for 

-ing-seain m. the BenediciCe. 
-ung/. blfKing. 
bliolan shine, appear [bUoan]. 
bUoan 6 thine, glittci ; appear, Ije 

laid bare i^bont-). 
bllce m. laying bare, expoiure (of 

bone Ihrough wound) [bUoan]. 
bUcettan glitter, vibrate. 



blind blind ; amntelligent ; dark 

(prison) allt« wound wboie 

opening ij not visible, rio -o 
njtele blind ^non-stinging^ nettle. 

gc-felliaii blindfold. 

-lioo at', blindly; thoughtlessly. 

~nea/ blindness. 

-|>eann rn. caecum. Or blind 

blinil cessation — buton ~e. 

blinnan 3 inlr. cease ; be vacant 
ffl/bishopric) : desist from, forfeit 
If. g; or tnia [ — belinnan]. 

blisgere - blynare. 

bliss, blifia / joy, memmetit, 
happiness ; iiiendthip, grace, be- 
nevolence [bKpe]. 

-tan, blipaiaQ rejoice ti-.g.oroter, 
on. ~ian, blltaian [in/, ef 
bletaian] gladden ; make pros- 

-Igendlic nulting. 
ge 'bliBSimg/ rejoicing, jof. 
bli)) e joyful, merry \ kind, gentle ; 

calm, peaceful ; pleasant. 
-e, -elioe av. gladly, kindly. 
-heort cheerful; friendly. 
-:e"ini6d cheerful ; friendly. 

bliwum, sfi bleo. 

blSdn. blood eafldwnesflaxof 

blood; vein. - (for, IStan bleed, 

Hjrynoa m, bloodshed. 

~me«at m. sanguinary horror. 

~nkgt bloodstained. 

-forltbtan 1 b bletil Bd. 

~g§otende sanguinary. 

~gita m. shedder of blood 
[ty. igieta. Or formtd /rem 
-Byte (?;]. 

~gyto m. bleeding; bloodshed. 

-hrftoung/ spitting blood. 

-(h rfiow sanguinary. 

-iemenda having issue of blood 

-Ina.nru), g. ~lfe»(w' 

letting, ble^ing. 
-lAMre ///. bloo3-lelter, 
~IaB8 bloodless. 
-gemfngod bloodslain 
•ore ni. tacriflcial vessi 
-rSad blood -red. 
-rfiow- -hrsow. 
~ryne m. Ilui of blood, 




blod Bpiwung, btotapiung /. 

spilling blood. 
-Wlte «- fine for bloodshed Gl. 
-wyrt/ bloody dock, 
blodig bleeding: bloodstained, 
-topt with bloodstaincil teeth. 
blfidgian be bloodthii^iy Gl, ; 

cover with blood. 
bloma m. moss of metal. 
bloBtm|a, bldimo, bloatia m. 

blossom, flower. 
~bAre. ~bereade flower)-. 

~&eols m. floral festival Gl. 


:tlf.cer Gl. 

mono}) m. Novcn 
ung /Tsacrificing. 

blow [an 

BS-OD blooming. 
-endllc blooming. 
blycgan terrify, 
b^ia, i m., ~(ig)e /. torch, lire. 

Cf. bleaa. 
-iera, bliagero w. incendiary. 
blyscan blush. 
bSn-bogon boast, 
bdc,//. beo, oe,/. book ; document, 

charter [bSoe]. 
-BOer m. field granted by charter. 
-blaso', e «. ink. 
-cifist/ book -chest. 
-orwft m. literature. 
~cmftlg learned. 
-feU n. vellum. 
~hord III., -bus n. library. 
-leaden n. literary l^tin. 
~Iaad /. land held by charter. 
~\6.rf. learning, doctrine, 
-lie of books, literary, biblical. 
-rAdere m. reader. 
-r&dlng/ reading books, 
-rend n. vermilion. 
-rfht ». right of granting by diar- 

-gestreon n. libraiy. 

-tftclng/ teaching by book ; Scrlii- 

-talu/ Scripture. 

bocian grant by charter wJa. ; 

furnish with books. 
booere author; Scribe. 
boo/, beech. 





Wcllxolt u, beech-copse. 
*'Bcl^ld m. ihield of oeech-wood. 
•■^••f jw. letter, character ; Runic 

••■•^jt. bnch. 

^^i^ Mtt m. beedipforest. 

(flc)bod K ooBiiMHid, precept. 

(g«) Mlp0 . <«. mcHtge, command. 

iXKOAodMret mt. 

bod|laa wda, aiw.Konce, proclaim, 

preadi; foraCeU,jpro|]liecy. 
•ere m, tesdm iN, 
«>'igend m, pnadier« 
•"igendlio to be proclaimed, 
-ung/. preadiing. 
-ung-dAg M. AnmmdatioD'day. 
boda m, mcMeoger^ herald, angel, 

apostle; prophet 
bode prt, of bogUL. 
bodig n, trunk, body j itataie. 
b5g tn, shoulder, arm; boogh, 

branch (of tree) ; pro^pny. 
•^incel //. small bough. 
HSOi^ld m. shoulder-shield. 
boglan, bon, bogian, /^. bMe 

boast, also rfl, 
"'Ung, boung/. boasting, arrGMBoe. 
bogian L. iutr. dwell, take up 

one's abode w, rfl, d, || /r. inlLrbit 

bogja m. bow (to shoot with) ; 

bend, fold [bugan]. 
~ef5dder m. quiver. 
^en^tt, -an^tt n. basket for catch- 
ing fish. 
bogetung/. curve Gl. [boga]. 
bol, CO eel. 

boloa m. gangway (of ship). 
bold n. dwelling, house, palace 

-'ftgendf m, house-owner. 
-'get»l //. regular dwelling-place; 

district, region, 
^getimberf «. house. 
-welaf ///. wealth, (splendid) 

bolgen-modt angry [belgan]. 
bolla m. bowl. 
bolster //. bolster, pillow. 
bolstrian support with pillows. 
bolt m. bolt, arrow. 
bdnyi ornament of a ship. 
->iem polish, burnish. 
bonoa, u tn, householder; free 

man, plebeian ; husband. \JScand, 


bdndeland n, leased land (?) vL. 

bor gimlet. 

-ian bore, perforate. 

borlice av. accurately, exactly, 

borcian bark [beoroan]. 
bord If. board, plank ; table ;t8hield; 

framework, side of ship — on -e 

in a ship, on board. 
^hsbbende warrior. 
~haga m, testudo, phalanx. 
^hrdopa, d m. phalanx ; shield. 
~gelao n. weapon. 
~ra]id m, shield. 
^rima m. rim. 
~BtflB]> n. shore. 
~])aca m. testudo. 
~weall m. phalanx; shield; shorei 

--wudu m, shield. 
borda m, fringe. 
geboren bom, own (kinsman, 

brother) [beran]. 
lMM?ettan brandish [beran]. 

m. pledge, security, bail ; 

person who gives security, surety ; 


m. breach of surety or bail, 
bound by pledge, dependent 

wda, bind by pledge — 
« Mm oyninge. 

*giMda IP*, debtor ; money-lender, 
onirer, creditor. 

^hliad^ pledger, surety. 
Iflai uritlumt security, for which no 
pledfle has been fi;iven. 

-gdlnae*, • pledge, security Gl. 
Or^tPtO words (t). 

- w^dd M. pledge. 

borgiian do/tow w. «I ; lend. 

«iena m, monev-lender, uaicr. 

boedg, -ih cow-i<f»ll IN, 

boam, bosum «. buSom, biceft; 

-Ig curved Gl. 

bot /. mending ; remedy, cure ; 
compensation, satisfaction, atone- 
ment, repentance. 

~ettan keep in repair. 

^leas what cannot be compensated. 

«wier)>e what can be compensated. 

botl, ge- n. dwelling, house, build- 

^gestreon n. household property. 

*weard ///. steward. 

*'Wela m, village. 


botm, bodan m, bottom; ship's 

bd)>, see bogan. 

bopen rosemary ; thyme ; darnel. 

box (m.) box-tree ; box [Z/.buxus]. 

-treow «. box-tree. 

brac-hwil = bearhtm-liwil mo- 

braccas once mpL breeches. 

br&d« roasting. 

-hl&f m. toast. 

•"Panne/. frying-pan. 

br&d, cpo. br&dra, S broad, wide, 

spacious hiULd open hand, 

palm I copious. 

~e av. far and wide. 

~Az/. broad axe. 

~brimf n. ocean. 

'^'Iftst-flBz/'. broad axe. 

««l§ao m, broad leek. 

~ne8^ surface; extent; liberality 

'"pistel m, sea-holly. 

bradian be broad; extend w, 
firam . . o]> || tr, spread. 

br^ rheum [brecan]. 

"QQipyxf. epilepsy. 

~8doe, ge- lunatic, epileptic. 

gebrcbc, ~eo phlegm, cough. 

br^Wf otuc flesh 7?). 

brad = brsegd tnck. 

br^M-isen n, chisel. 

br&d|an tr. broaden, extend (terri- 
tory) ; increase, extend (fame) ; 
expand \^wings), stretch out 
(hands) || inir. and rfl. extend; 
grow (<>/ trees) [brad], 

-els m. covering, carpet 

~ingyi spreading (fame). 

bre^l an roast; fry. 

~epanne, ~ing-panne / fr}'ing- 

bHbdn roast meat. 

brAdo/. breadth ; extent. 

bragd, •» bfSd M. trick, deceit 
l^fi- febfegdl 

«bOfa m, £nredieroas bow. 

-^bol crafty. 

-Wil CTKhT. 

(ge)bra8daii, • cmming. 

fe^lice av. cunningly, 
irddra, & cp). ^/orid. 
brsBg^n, bra- n. brain. 
-locaf m. head. 
^panne*, brsDgp-y! skull. 
~8doc brain-sick. 
brflBm(b)el = bremel. 

-en of lirasa ; tbold, mighty. 
brffip HI. mlour : eihalmion, vapour. 
brAlv, breaw, brSas, A. brig m. 

-wyrt/ bilbttry bash. 

brand «/, liie-brnntl ; fire ; sworJ, 

-h&t ardent ilo»e, hale). 

-hordt m. R. 

-iaen n. lire-iiog, grate. 

~6ta tint prodnced by burning, 

hammer scales. 
-tSA/., -rida, e m. lire-dog, grsle- 
-otffnt brant-. 
brantt lofty, high (ship> ; deep 

-Btfftl*, brond»tteftit «cep- 

l>iowed tahip-.. 
brasian, es do bin»-woTk [bneal. 
^braait 1 h. crackling (of flames,. 
brasUjian crackle, rattle '.b/ ihun- 

dei, filling tree, lire). 
-nn^, baratluas /. crachttiig, 

crashing sound. 
bread »., //. -ru morsel, cmmb ; 

gebre'ajdadt tcgennated. 

br§ag - brfbw. 

breahtm, e, A. k; bearbtro, eo, 

J noise, clamour [brec&n]. 
-ian', brehtiiittn, bearhtmian 

breahtm, br«orbt ntom 

brea htm -bear htm glance. 
breard '^ brerd. 
brda)> ohci briiilc. 
brfiftW^brSw eyelid. 
breftwom "^ breow- brew-house. 
brSc btceche-i. //. of broc. 
-hragl 11. brtcches. 

gebrec h. noise, vlunoor. 

-<lr^ncw. emetic. 0r~ f«b>l>"..;i). 

breolan 4 Ir. bremk. \htx», burst 
thfougli. lienr'.-.Me, break down, 
takp >-j^ ttona (town, fortress : 
>^laie lokth, PMm)> break (com- 
mand), cnrtail, injore, annnl I 
nree, in Une flrwet brso be 
fcS enriosily or desire II rji. ictch 
— ongann hino - to BpiwannB 
inlr. bnnt forth (o/ Mtenc 
violent {0/ wind); make 
way with effort, biiisL 

, be 


breOtmB/. breaking (bread) 

broopat '"• grief. 

bred board ; iurface ; tablet {at 1 

-en - bHdea of boards. 

bre(o)dwlaii+ piosttate. 

brdfon epitomize, set down in 
writing [Lt. brevia]. 

bregjan terrify, induce by intimi- 
dation TB. ihj. [briSga]. 

-nee/, terror. 

brega ^ brego. 

bregd - brsgd trick. 

gebregd n. change (of weather') II 
skill, canning [bregdftn : r/. 

-atafast "ipl. learning. 

bregdan, bredou, pri. bmsd. 
br£d, //. brugdoQ, brudoQ,/c.. 
brogdan, broden Ir. 9/ten vi. i. 
ef Ihing in £; always a. in HV. 
move quickly i hands in swimming, 
obis), braodish, drag, pnll, draw 
(sivord\ put ; - Bwoord(e>, 
Bweord of aaiape, rfcp on bla 
■vdoran ; tbruw (in wnstling'l ; 
draw (breaUi) | weave ' change 
(colour*, Iransform (of wiiard): 
-bleom, hfi brftd hla hiw 
(foim) I deceive || rj!. pretend: 
hd gebrsd bine thocae l| imtr. 
be tfansformed to. on. 

(ge bregden =brtagdea cunntoR. 

bregot '". chief, prince, klni;. 

-rof miglily. 

-Btol wi. throne; principa'lity, klng- 

-weard in. chief, king, 
b rehtm »■ brsahtin . 
bremb)al, -«r«briiaal. 
brem|BtAl], SH- eelebcaled, iUus- 

irioD*, famous, liable. 
-• an. gloii'^.uly. 
~V irleDnte, eommijmorale- 
~eiuUie celebrated. 
brem*!, brimbel, brSmber, m m. 

-Mppol «., -b^rige ». blackberry. 

-leaf rt.'hramblc-ieaf. 
-rind/I hmmble-rind- 
-fyme/ bramble. 
br§m,Dian, *bT;>iiian rewound, 

chest ; mind, bean. ' 

-b&n II. breast-booe. 

■byden, «/ bre»t, (*>■«■ 

'*«'rg/., -0cbM>rr "•■ bulwark. 

bydcn/ cheat, i^jm Gl. 
-osrut/. Biixie>r- 

cofct «. mind, hewt. 

hord+ M. mJid, beart. 
-gehygdt, -g«W* A- itoughl. 

-lin II. hreail-<^oth. 
■locat 11. mind, 
-n^ttt M. coiilrt. 

■roca m. cheM-dothing, 
-sefaf M. mind, bean. 
-togftt *•. •^hlet 

'i;cp*not "'- thonffhl, mind. 

'gcwAdet ■>■ conUt. 

'Ware ■>. pain in the chest. 

'WmU m. bulwark. 

■WWirpWngt /. omanienl *n 


brSotant ; break, desiroy, kill, 
Breoten >= Breten . 
llMOtont ona spndon^. 
brflOW|Ml 7 brew. 
-am*, te II. brew-house. 
-IftC, bryw- II. brewing. 
br*r, & m. briar. 
brerd, eo, aa m. brim, bonier; 

bank ; surface. 
-flUl brimful. 

Breten, 00, r, i. tt. -on/. Briuin. 
-land II. Britain; Wales. Sei alia 

•• Broltas. 
-wsalda, Bretw- chiM king of 

Brett las, y, 1, Btltaa mfl. Bri- 

-land M. Britain. 

-wealas, -walas mpl. Briloiij 

-wiellBc', Brytwylao Btitiih. 

braper ,/. n/bropor. 

brldd, IN. pi- birdaa, m. young 

■ nl; chicken. 
bridel w. bridle, 
-liwang M. litidle-tbong. 
bridele m. bridle, 
-bring m. biidlc-ring. 
brldan, a (wall) of bo«rds [bred]. 
bridlion bridle, restrain. 



briesjan*, f bruise ; season (food). 

ge-'Odnes y. crashing. 

ung = briw. 

brigd (n.) once change [gebregd, 

-briht, see beorht. 
brihtan = bierhtan. 
brimf, y [^confusion w. biymme] 

n. sea, ocean, water {pi ^&a) gen. pi. 
~ceald sea-cold. 
~olif n. sea-clifT. 
~faro)> n. sea-shore. 
~fldd m. sea ; deluge. 
-fug^ol m. sea-bird. 
•gi^t m. sailor. 
-hengest m. ship. 
^htsBBt m. fishes. 
~l4d/. sea-way. 
•^lipend(e) m. mariner, 
-mann m. sailor, pirate. 
^nesen (?) safe sea-passage. 
^Tiudif. sea. 
•"StSb n. sea-shore. 
^stream m. sea's current, sea; 

broad river. 
•pisa m. ship. 

~wi^lixi m. sea-snige, waves. 
-wisa m. sea-captain. 
•-wudu m. ship. 
"Wylf/. sea-wolf, she-wolf of the 

bring (mce m, offering, sacrifice, 
bringjan, ^ wk.^ fs ptc, broht, 

fbrungen bring; bring forth, 

produce (fruits). 
'-noBf. oblation. 
bPing|e*/. chest (?). 
-ftdl/. epilepsy (?). 
Briten « Breten. 
Brittas = Brettas. 
Brittiflc, y, Bryti«o British 

bnw, briig m. pottage, porridge. 
briwan prepare (food). 
broc n. affliction ; labour ; disease 

~ian afHict ; injure, maim ; oppress, 
-lio full of hardship. 
•'ling/. afHiction ; illness. 
gebroc n. fragment ; affliction, 

brdo m, brook, 
-minte/. brookmint. 
brdo/. trousers | //. br6c, » breech, 

hind quarters ; trousers. 
brooc m. badger, 
-en (coat) of badger's skin. 

brdd/ brood, also of bees ; fetus. 

-ig broody (hen). 

broddian be luxuriant sbror- 
dian* (t). 

brdden//r. ^bregdan. 

br ddettan ^ brogdettan. 

brdgja m. terror^ prodigy, danger. 

--preat, broh- m. dire calamity. 

brogden, brdden//r. ^/bregdan. 

~niiblt once n. inlaid sword. Or 
sbroden nuel (?). 

brogdettjan, brddettan bran- 
dish II intr. tremble. 

-ling/, trembling ; figment Gl. 

brogn-, ge~ branch, twig IN. 

brord m. point; first blade of 
grass, young plant 

brdm m. broom (the plant). 

-fflBsten n. thicket of broom (Y) GL 

broanjian cramble, decay ; perish, 
pass away. 

~iendlic, ge~odlio corraptible. 

Cge)-iing/ conruption, ruin. 

{(ebrot ft. fragment [brdotan]. 

brop If. broth [breowan]. 

br6}K>r, d, breper, pi. «, ge*, 
bropru m. brother fit. and Jig. \ 

-banaf m. fratricide (person). 

^xswealmf m. fratricide (action). 

-dohtor/ niece. 

-gfieldf n. vengeance for brothers (?). 

-lefia brotherless. 

-lio fraternal. 

-liones/ brotherliness. 

-rAden(n)/ brotherhood. 

~8ibb / relationship between 
brothers ; brotherly love. 

-slaga m. fratricide (person). 

~8l^ge m. fratricide (action). 

-siinu m. nephew. 

-pinen = beor]>or-)>ignen. 

--vnS n. sister-in-law. 

-wyrt/ pennyroyal. 

gebrd]>or, -brdpru mpl. brothers. 

~soipe m. brotherhood. 

brtL /, //. -'(w)a, gpl. ~na eye- 
brow ; eyelid, eyelash. 

brucan 7 wg., rarely i. or a. make 
use of, enjoy — brooen worn 
(coat) ; eat ; spend (life) ; possess, 

brCbi brown. 

-baso purple. 

~^gt brown-edged (sword). 

-e)>a m. erysipelas. 

~fag brown-coloured. 


brun|wann dark brown, 
-wyrt/. water-betony. 
bryoian wd. benefit [bryce]. 
bryoje I. m. breaking; fragment. 
II. aj, brittle, worthless [bx^oan]. 
-m&liun'^, bre- ov. piecemeal. 

febryce once breaking. 
»ryoe m. making use of, use, enjoy- 
ment [bruoanj. 

br^oe, yf useful [braoan]. 

brycg/. bridge. 

-"bot/ bridge-repair. 

~ian make a bridge, also ads. {of 
ice) ; make plank path. 

•-weard m. bridge-defender. 

^geweorc n. bridge-construction. 

brycalan v)d. benefit [bryoe]. 

bryd/. bride; -fwife; fwoman. 

^bedcL n. nuptial bed. 

-bietaiing/. blessing the bride. 

--boda m. bridesman. 

~btLr, ~cofa tn. bridal chamber. 

•>ealo()>) n. marriage feast. 

-gfi^fu/. dowry ; //. wedding. 

-^iSXif. betrothal. 

-'guma m. bridegroom. 

-l&C npl. marriage ; married life. 

'-Idob n. epithalamium. 

-(e)lio bridal. 

-loca m, bridal chamber. 

-lop n. wedding Z. \Scand.\ 

-lufef/. love of a bride. 

-nlht/. wedding-night. 

-reaf n. wedding-dress. 

~r^8t/ nuptial bed. 

^sang tn. marriage song. 

-ping npl. nuptials. 

bryd = oryg^ 

br^djian — ptc. ge-od married 
(woman) [bryd]. 

biygd, br^d drawing (weapon) 

-bryht, see beorht. 

bryhtan = bierhtan. 

brynune m. border, shore (of sea) ; 
sea. Cp. brim. 

bryne m. burning, flame(s), fire; 
infianmiation (of body) [bieman]. 

~ftdl/. fever. 

--brOgat tn. fire-terror. 

-gidldf n. burnt-offering. 

-'h6tt burning hot. 

-Idoxn&t m. flame. 

~tdart m. hot tear. 

~wi^lint m. conflagration. 

br5^e (w.) brine. 

brynig fiery [bryne]. 




bryrd on siimulnic [brord]. 

bul, -a omamenl [Z/. buU»]. 

burgapr»c/. urb-me speech. 
-ateailt «. ciq-. 

-HSb/ stimulus. 

~berend« wearing an omameDl 

Bryten^ Breton. 


-iit^et «.. dty. 

bryton-t. Q). brooton. 

blUla w. buU 0) Ml wyllo 

-tS^™. city. 

-eynlng m. grtat king. 


-J>aln/ castle-floor. 

-grund HI. sjjacioui earth. 

btilenbw/ a plant. 


-rice H. spBcious kinfidom. 

buUuc w. bnll-calf. 

-gcpincp (!) town-council LL. 

-Wftngaa m/i. the world. 

bulot cuckoo-flower. 

-ware, -an//., -u/ «//. citiieni; 

brytDjilui deal ont, dislribntc, ar- 


-u city. 

range [breotanj. 

hMndeafic. ^bindtm bmd. 

-warn- mann m . citiien. 

-heordt CO. 

-wealda m. alderman. 

-ung/. distriholiim. 

~Btf bat with bound prow. 

-weaU ™. dty-wall. 

brytofta//. wedding [bryd, Jwh]. 

buaef. cup. 

-weardt, byrig- m. city-defender, 

(gelbrytBOn/ fragment. 


gebryttan, fi/c. -brTted break lo 

bur m, chamber ; cottage, lilla. 

-weg m. street. 

piecM ; desUoy [brtotan]. 

-onlht m. chamberlain. 

-welat w. dty- wealth. 

-cot H. bedroom. 

-werod n. crowd of citizens. 

periielrator (o( crime), Lord [of 
heaten, glory. &c). 

-rfiafw. tapesliy. 

-wigond m. warrior. 

-geteldt H. payilion. 

-wita 11. toWB-conndllor. 

-Ian tear lo pieces, divide; distri- 

bura;e /, buni(nja, bnuma m. 

bute ; possess, enjoy ; shaie, 

gebfir m. peasant, laimec, 

stream, brook. 

-gerihtU «//, peasants' rights or 

-ft^let «. bath-honse. 

(d/ Satan). 



butorje/. butler [ZJ. botyrom]. 


burg, burlnlh, //. byrig, burga 

-fleoge. buttor-,/ butterfly, 1 

bryben brewing — an - meoltea ; 

/foilified place; (fortified) town, 

-Btoppa m. bnllei-'.-essel. 

drink, beverage [brobl. 


-get>w6or «. bulWt, 

b(i//.b?B. dwelling. 

-agend + HI. city-possessor. 

buton. butKi ; b&te (rj.) If. L «•. 

baan. bun. bugan, bu(8)ian. 

-bot/. repairing fortress. 

outside. \X.prp.-u.:d.,atu{rartl<f 

buwiMi, bogian /rf. bude. //(, 

-bryiJO m. burglary; fine for bnr- 

a. ilo exfrtss nicliim) outside ; | 
without ; &ec from : - hogftnteds ; 

gebu(B)n, gnbud i»l. dwell |l /y. 


inhabit, occupy ^house) ; cnllivalc 

-ealdor m. mayor. 

against, without : - pan cyninsBB 


-fiBBtent «. fortress. 

ISafo, -Ifodrihtoi eicepi — 

^4l]d ft- inlLftbitant. 

-geaid in. caatle-yard. 

- p6m (M ij. besides that «^ ind. 

blio m. pitcher ; stomach. 

-geat «. city-gale. 

in. a. jf. J*/ unless ; w. i«rf. ex- 
cept that ; but ; vjitheuJ ti#.exc«iL 
butruo, but*., butu- m. leather 

bucc m. buck, male deer ; beaver 

-geat-setl n. law-court held at 

(of bdmet). 


booca m. he-goat. 

-hlipt H. city-slope [tonfi^pn w. 

bonle. J 

bufan, be-nfan a^,. firf. w. d.. 

-iBgu/ dvfl law. 

butoe-oarl m. sailor L. ■ 

or a. {ixprtssin^ moUoH) above, 

buttuc m. end; piece of land: 1 

higher than ; above, a«ay from : 

-landt ». native dty. 

on pa -« Cl. 1 

-Idode mf!. citizens. 

butni, su bSgen. 1 

byrig ; laptriorily, above. 6*' - 

-locat ">. city. 


&c above mealka in bonk [>if>n]. 

-maim, byiis- m. citiien. 

bycgan buy ;c. set; gel done, see 



-recedt n. ciiy-dwelling. 

b&gan 7 inlr. bow down, stoop; 

runner ; beadle, police-olTicet _ 

bend, swerve (sideways or up and 

-gerefa w. chief ma^strale of a 

[boodan]. J 

down) I turn, go ; flee vi. trexa \ 

bydon /. vessel, inb. barrel! » ■ 

-ran(e)/ sorceress. 

measore, t^shel. ■ 

become a heathen, -to woruld- 

-8»lt ». house. 

-botm m. bottom of a vessel. ■ 

{itngum, - frftm yfele avoid ; go 

-Blfeta m. citizen. 

-ftot ». bushel 1 

over lo, submit -m. Xt, rarity m. it. 

-BOipe m. mnnidpalily. 

byflin mutter. \ 

only —fit. Kebogen converted 

bygo m. traffic [byog»n]. j 

(lo ChriWiinity). 

-BOlot m. house. 
-Hltt«nd(9)-|- m. ciliicn. 

bygo m. curve; comer; cone (of J 

btkgui - btian dwell. 

helmet) [bueu.]. J 


-Bittendo city-d welling — -mann. 






byht m. bend [bugan]. 

byht n. dwelling [buan]. 

byldat fn. builder [bold]. 

byle, b^ m. boil, carbuncle. 

byled-breostt puff-breasted. 

byl(i)g, A. b§lg, 89 m, leather bag 
or bottle ; bellows [belgan]. 

bylgan bellow. 

byndel(l)e, i f. binding (a man) 

b^e inhabited, cultivated [buan]. 

gebyr|iaji impers. wd. happen : 
him ~ede ]>»t he waes . . ; be 
fitting, proper || personal happen : 
him med ~ede — him -ede ]MBt 
feorh earfoplioe he recovered 
with difficulty ; befit : stor -^e]) 
to Qodes pegnunge; be assigned 
to (the devil) [beran]. 

^edlic suitable. 

•'Odlioe av. conveniently. 

byrd /. birth, pi. in sg, meantng 

^Bcii>e m. child-bearing. 

gebyrd, ~o /. often pi. w. sg. 
meaning biith ; parentage ; go<xl 
birth, high rank ; condition, 
nature — on -* f according to fate 
or in order (t). 

-boda m. announcer of (Christ's) 

~d6Bg »!., --tidy, birthday. 

«'Wiglere, ~witega m. astrologer. 

gebyrd burdened IN. 

Dy]Xl{an fringe, embroider [borda]. 

-'icgey. embroideress. 

byrde of high birth or rank 

geoyrde innate, natural wd, 
~lice av. (besiege) vigorously or 

methodically. Cp. gebyrd. 
byref, //. -, -as ;;/. son ; youth. 
byre m, mound. 
(ge)byre m. opportunity; time, 


g;byrelio suitable, agreeing. 
^1^ n. (cattle)stall ; shed, hut 

bjrrelje, byrle m, cupbearer, butler 

~iaii give to drink, serve with liquor 

hyres/. borer, chisel [bor]. 
byrg d. o/hurg. 
gebyrg — bdon on ^e ttfd. help, 

g protect [beorgan]. 
BDyrg*, i If. IJV. taste. 
yrga, byriga m. one who gives 
bail, surety [borg]. 
byr(i)g|an bury [beorgan]. 
ge^ednes/i burial. 
~end m. burier. 
~ere m, corpse-bearer, 
-nes^ burying. 
-"Bang m. dirge. 
byr(i)g|axx taste ; eat. 
~ne8/ taste. 

byrgela m. burial-place ; tomb. 
~ldop !»., ~Bang m. dirge. 
byrgen(n)/[ sepulchre, tomb, 
'«leop If. epitaph. 
'«'8ang m. dirge. 

byrgen-Btow/I burial-place. 

-byrht-, see beorht, bierhtan. 

byrig d, ^burg. 

byrla m. body, barrel (of horse). 

byTn|e/! corslet 

-hamf m. corslet. 

^wigaf, *'Wig(g)endt m. warrior. 

ge-od corsleted. 

byrst m. loss, injury [berstan]. 

~Aill calamitous vL, 

"ig broken. 

b3rr8t, vE. bryst (?)/. bristle. 

b3rr8tan roar IN. 

byrj)* birth [beran]. 

~])lgpienu*, -J)in-/ midwife. 

byTpen(n), byrden • /. burden, 

load ; impost, charge [beran]. 
~mMiiin av. by loads., 
^Strang strong for burdens {pf 

byrpere, byT]>re I. m. bearer Ooi 

corpse) ; support ; horse, &c. (tor 

riding or dri vmg). H./. she who 

bears (a child), mother, 
byrbeetare/ carrier. 
bytljan, -ian build ; fortify [boU]. 
-a m. builder. 

(ge)-ung/. act of building ; edifice, 
gebytle n, edifice, house. 
bytin{e, bybme, bypne bottom; 

keel (of ship) [botm]. 
"ing/. bottom, ground floor (of ark). 
bjrtt / leather bottle, wine-skin ; 

-'fyiling/ filling casks. 
byzen of box-wood [boas]. 





onfiBr-tun =» oafor-. 

caofester (if.) halter [Z/. oapis- 

dbg, ~e/i key. 
-►bora m, key-bearer. 
^hierde m. key-keeper. 
-loca m. keeping under lock and key. 
C0ppe/ hood; cap [U. oappa]. 

o«ren = oeren. 
o«rfille ^ cerfille. 
osrse = cerse cress. 
o&f prompt ; active ; bold. 
~e, --lioe av, promptly ; boldly. 
-Uo bold. 

~8cipe m. activity ; courage. 
cafor-t€Ln, ea, c»fer- m. court- 
yard, vestibule ; hall, mansion. 


oa£Btrian bridle, curb [oaefes- 

oftl - cawel cabbage. 
calan 2 be cold intr. : hine C89l)>, 

him oeslp. 
calc sandal ; horse-shoe* [Z/. cal- 

-randf shoed (horse) (1). 
oalca-tripi>e « oolte-trflBpi>e. 


oUdlldi ft+ ffi. cnlend ; moDth ; 

tallotted time, spaa of life III. 

oalendoe ]. 
oallc, c;li,i)c HI. cup, chalice [Lf. 

calo, f. oeUwca bild. 
oatwa ni. miLnge [cido]. 
oalnrer = oealsr. 
c&mB iH, muizle, collar [Z/. 

camp "'. bnitlf. wii, coalesl [LI. 
-dotn m., -had w., -rAden(n)t 

-oaldor in. gcnetal. 
-gcKra m. fellow'solilier. 
-gimm M. prccioas gem. 
-Htedet «. battle-field, 
-^fepent n. weapon. 

-wigt ". billle. 

-wudut ni. ibiclJ. 

gecamp (".) warfflra, 

camp [Ian light. 

-nng/ fii;htin^. 

gcoampian gam by Gghting. 

eec&nc {n.i derision. 

oanceler m. chancelloi vL. [111. 

cancer, -or m. : -ftdl /. cancer 

[11. c 


canoettjon, -etsu cackle (in laugh- 
ing), deride. 

-ting/, load laughter. 

oandel, g. -lo /., n. candle [LI. 
ovidela] . 

-bora III. Bcolytlius. 

-leoht eandle-lieht. 
~lDMBBe/. CuDdlemaa. 
-Hnietels*, f m. siiDffers, 
-Btaf m.p -atlooa m., -trSow m, 

-twist (m.l pait ofsnuflen Gl. 

-wyrt/ mullein. 

cann / cogniianec, assevenltioa ; 

cleatonce (ftotn accusatloD). 
cann, ga- vb., fi. ouniion, frl. 

cape know; eiperience ; know 

how lo, be able. 

canonic m. canon (person) [Z/.]. 

Cant-war[a, Of nt- pL people of 

-aburg/ Ciuncrbnr)-, 
-amtbgp/ iK'ople of KenL 
oantel m. or n. buttress, support. 
oaDtel-oAp III. /,., cant«r-osppe 

/. cope ^vesltuent). 
oanterje m. singer \_Ll. canto]. 
-etafos mpl. (T) Ct. 
oantio m. canticle, sacred song [Ll. 

oaplan onie torn , face intr. 
capellflji m. chaplain vL. [Fr^. 
capitol m. chapter (cathedral Br 

monastic); chapter (of book) [.£/. 

-hlia «. chapter-house. 
-mnaae/. Iiist mass. 
oapfin \m.) capon, fowl [Fr.\. 

e[B)at^an care, reck v.: jmb . 

sorrow, be an i ions [oaru]. 
oaric- drj- fig \_LI. eorioa]. 
carl, ea i». man ea wicr 

Charlcs'i Wain, conilelUtion of 

the Great Bear [.Simw/.]. 
-fUgol m. male bird. 
-mann m. male, man. 
oarr m. none, rock lA'. [CtUU\. 
carte /. paper, piece of paper x 

deed, docnment [/,/. ohftrtft]. 
car,u, taf. aaxiety, grief, trouble, 

-full aniinns; solicitoas. carefuL 
-t^llllce (TV. carefully, diligently, 
"fulnes/. anxiety ; solidtude. 
-gftBtt "I. End spirit, demon. 
-gealdort u. song of sorrow. 
-igt anxious, sad ; painfol (bonds), 
-ISaa free from anxiety, cheerful. 
-UaAnes, -ISaat/. freedom from 

-(.eilica OD. wretchedly. 
-Boldt ■ place of sorrow. 
-Blpt m. sad journey, fate. 
-OOPgl-/ aniions sorrow. 
-wl^ml m. Hood of caie. 
case-btll ? H. dub CI. 
c&Ber[e m. emperot [Ll. Oaetar). 
-d5m m. empctor's nilc. 

-Ing n. 


Gftaerilic imperial. 

-n/ empress. 

caaol \_ni.) shprt cloak. 

eassoc m. sedge, coarse frass. 

-leaf n. sedge-leaf. 

castel tK village \Ll. ouMUum]. 

caaLel L. m. castle [Fr.\. 

-mann '.v. castle-man. 

-weaU m. castle-, city-woll. 

-nreorc h. castle-building. 

castoaere \m.'\ cabinet, cbeit. 

oatt m., caXte/ cit. 

can^l, o»nl, oil i" cabbage \^LI, 

-leaf I', cobbnge-leaf. 
-B&d H. cabbagc-sccd, 
-Btela III. cabbage-stalk. 
-wyrm m. caterpillar. 
oair(e)l, ooawl, eo, oowel m. 

-bin II. jaw-bone. 
caaf». chaff, 
-fino m. chaffinch. 
oeafl*, QffiQ \m.i halter. 

ceafor m. cockchafer, beetle. 

cealihettan, -etan laugh loudly. 

-Ung/. Innghtcr; jest(iiig). 

cealo III. chalk, lime: pUiUt yLt. 

-pytt, -seap m. chnlk-piL 

-stAn m. chalk. 

oeald I. cold. H. m, cold. 

-liBortt cnicl, 

-ian become cold ; become tor- 

cealer, cealre. ceoldre /, cal- 

-b»lw, calwer-cUm m. pottage 

oealf, .4. ;, S » ,pl -m, -m, A. 
oalfur, caireru calf. 

cealliant shout. 

c6ap Ri. price — diop -high price; 
bargain, qommetcial Icsonc* 

dJifaa make borgwn ; t 

keling, market ; cattle. 

-cnlht, ciepe- m. slave. 

-d»K m. market-day. 

-Aadig rich ill cattle. 

-gield ». price. 

-h&B', oSpe- n. stotehonsc 



oSaplmann, □tep(,e)- m. merchanl, 

-40&IDO1, lusp- m. cnstom-hoiue, 

toll -booth. 
•4olp H. trading-ship. 
-BBtl, ties- 1- toll-booth. 
-Btonr, (^pe-/. marliel-pUce, com- 

-MrS^ olep-/ tiade-sCieet. 
>liig, depe- n. mcrchnndiae. 
lapian buj ; bargsm ; bay and 
»ell, trade ; acquire im/a. 
r Ofiapung.-ingy. roarkcling, baying 
and selling, tinding. 
-gemot H. meeliog for trade, 

cearc[iui cieak : gnash (leelh). 

-«tUJie/- cieiking, 

oeami = olerm cry. 

daaf. quanel, strife ; leproof. 

ofiUt / quarrel, strife, tedilioD, 

-fall qnaiTElsomc, (urbulent. 
oeaster/ city \_LI. oaatra]. 
-Wtma m. bUck hellebore. 
-It&endt m. citizen. 
-hlldt n city-gate. 
-hoft ". * 
-wore, - 

1, -gewaran,//.,-waru 

-wio/. village. 

~Vjnf. black hellebore. 

oeawli^oawel basket. 

odcel, oe, i m. little calie ; morsel. 

Oedelo/. mercnry (a plant). 

oeder n., -beam m., ~treow n, 

cedar \LI. cedruBJ. 
eedrieo of cedar [oader]. 
o61|aii, oe cool ir. [ooll. 
-^a^/. coolness ; cool place. 
(gej-neo/. coolness. 
Ofle m. keel. 
Mleponle, oylepenle / celandine 

\Lt. chelidonimn]. 
cell (moQastic) cell bZ. [Z/.]. 
oel(I1aiidre /, col(l)eiider ». 

coriaoder [Z/. oorlandrum]. 
oelmert-mium /A', m. hired 

oellodf, oelodt round (1) or 

bossed (?) {o/ shield). 
C^mbaSt/r/. Of mde comb [oamb ]. 
09mM/ shin [ZA oamiaia]. 

Cn. soldier, warrior Loan 
female novice Gl. 
lorcb; the Runic lilitt 

-line av. boldly. 

-pu/ bohlness. 

Cfnep m. moustache. 

c^im'ail, 7 bear (child), produce ; 

decjati:, attest, give informatiDn ; 

■wda. assign, ascribe, give (namel 

II r^. clear ooeself (of accusation), 

-onde parent. 
■-endUo genital. 
-eatro, tsj-f. mother, 
c^nnlDg/ b^etting ; biith. 
-Bt&n m. testing-stone. 
-BtSw/ birth-place, 
-tid/ time of binb. 
Cgnt/. Kent [Z/. Oftntia]. 
-ingaB mfil. men of Kent. 
-iso Kentish. 
-land, -rice n. Kent. 
-ware = Cant- ware. 
centaurie / cectnuiy ^tt plant) 

[1,1, ooDtaureum]. 
060/ jackdaw. 

cQod m., ~b/. (?) pouch, ressel- 
ceol m. ship, 
-pelut/. ship, 
ceoldre = cealer curds. 
oeoloj*; ihroal. 
ceolor m. throat. 

~v.-aflf. gnunbliiig. 

-ing /. complaining. 

eeorf;an 3 cut. cut down (tree), 

cscavate (sepulchre in rockl — pic. 

oorfen cut off; engrave : tear. 

-ing-isen ». branding-iron (I). 

oeorl m. free roan of the lowest 
class; free man; commoo man, 
plebeian ; hasbond ; ^mon, hero. 

-boren of low birth. 

-folo «. common people, vulgar. 

-ian marry f./ woman). 


-(1 ic common, popular (not 

-(l;ice an. vulgarly. 

-Strang strong as a man (0/ 

ceoBon pri. fl. curon, pU. ooron 

7 choose T«. o., rarely g, ; select^ 

Oode BBOoren chosen (man) in 

the sight of God ; accept ; decide. 



oeOBoI, oiiel, J (HI.) giavet ; CMOl 

gizzard G!. 
-stftn m. pebble. 
ceoBol cottage. 
oeowan 7 chew; groiw: eat, con- 

ceowl ^ caivel. 

cgpaa loa. observe, notice { vg. 
attend to, not neglect, keep (ap- 
pointraenl) | irajf. take (to nighl), 
betake oneself (to shelter); devise, 
meditate : he Dolde him ninea 
fleomea cSpan, be m6 hearmoa 
oSpp I strive : be cepta aymle 
hii hg cwemde Oode [gec6p]. 

oeren, oe, m, j (h.) sweet wine 
\Ll. oajfsnuro]. 

ooren = oyren chum. 

oerfille, oas-, oy-, -ello/. chervil 
[Z/. eerefoliunij. 

corlle (oj.) cbnrloclt (a plant). 

ceeol - ceoBol. 
oete ^ cyte cottage. 

ohor m. dance ; choir [ZA Ohontfl], 

caan//. gilts. 

cioel ^oScel little cake. 

gecid n. strife, 

cidjan quarrel ; complain; blame 

~boren il legitimate. 

-ddm. ~hftd n, concubinage, foni- 

-gem&na m 

(Ueglan call tr. and inlr., call out, 

call 10, invoke; summon; call by 

ge-(ed;iiea/ calling; name. 

-endlle vocative (case), 

-ere m. caller, crier out. 

ciflian Z, be cold [oi^le]. 

oi§Id(o)/ cold [ooald]. 

eiele m. cold [oalan]. 

-^cel m. icicle. 

-wearte/. goose-skin. 

-wyrt/ sorrel. 

gcciflf (cow) with calf [ooalf]. 

eiop(o)- see c€ap-. 

cieplan buy, sell, trade in [aSap], 

-a, -end m. merchant, trader. 

-Ing_^ Imde, marketing; market, 

geciepe for sale. 



cHepe/. onion [Z/. oaepa]. 

^leac m. leek. 

cierliso, ceo- rustic, common (man) 

'*'TLea/, ciownishness. 

ci^rm, ea, eo m. shout, clamour, 

-an shout, cry out fr. and intr, 

ci^rr m. time, occasion — 89t su- 
mum ~e; (first, second, &c.) 
time ; affair, business. 

ci^rrjan tr, turn, bring into a cer- 
tain state, convert (to Christianity) ; 
reduce to subjection — him to 
ge~ ; transform, turn || intr. turn : 
go, return — hine -, ge- return to. 

ge-^dnes f. entrance, admission ; 
conversion (to Christianity). 

-ung/. conversion. 

cies fastidious (about food)[odo8aii]. 

^nesy. fastidiousness. 

ciesje, n m. cheese [Z/. oaseus]. 

--(e)i3BBt w. cheese-vat 

~hwSg n. whey. 

-lybb n. rennet. 

'"'gerunii n. rennet. 

*wuoey". cheese- week. 

ci^at/ chest ; coffin [Z/. oiata]. 

'"ian put in coffin. 

oietel m. kettle. 

-hrum (».) soot of kettle. 

cild «.,//. cild(ru) child — wearp 
mid (]>am) -e became pregnant. 
-% hierde schoolmaster, paedago- 
gus. «a msMsedesg Innocents'- 
day. -'trog cradle. 

~ol&)) n. swaddling-cloth. 

•^cradol m, cradle. 

-fSaru/. carrying children. 

-fostrey. nurse. 

-geogoj>/ period of childhood. 

~geong infantine. 

^hfid m. childhood. 

^hama m. womb ; afterbirth. 

-i^ldo/. childhood. 

•^isc childish. 

•^lic infantine. 

cile)K>nie ^ cele]>onie. 

oilfor-lamb, eo n, ewe-lamb. 

cilic m. hair-cloth [Z/. oilioiom]. 


•ing/. joint. 

•-iren n. edge-iron (?). 

cimbal(a) m. cymbal [Z/. oymba- 

cinan 6 gape, crack. 


oino|dapen ornamented in some 
way : hyre '^-an oyrtel Ct. 

oinoung/ loud laughter. 

cine {m.) folded sl^et (of parch- 
ment) 01. Cp. geolofh. [(dnan]. 

cinje, «u wk,/, chink, fiiscure. 

~ilit, io cracked. 

oinn/. chin. 

-b&n n. jaw. 

-beorg/. visor. 

~tdp m. grinder. 

oinnanf once R. 

oinu ^ cine chink. 

ciper-sealf/. henoa-CMntment [Z/. 

cipp m. log, trunk; ploughshare; 
weaver*s l^am. 

circul, -ol m. circle [Z/.]. 

~fidl/ shingles (a disease). 

'«crfiBft m. luiowledge of the zodiac. 

ciricje, ciroe, 07t- /. church. 

-Aw/, ecclesiasdcal marriage. 

-bell/ church-bell. 

-boc/. church-book. 

-bot/. church-repair. 

-bryce m. breaking into a church. 

-dor n. church-door. 

-f!rij> m, (right of) sanctuary. 

-fliltum. m. church-help. 

-gang m. going to church. 

-geom diligent in attending church. 

-fifrib n. (right of) sanctuary. 

-hfta m. order of the church. 

-h&lgung / consecration of a 

-hata M. persecution of churches. 

-lie ecclesiastical. 

-mibrsiing/. dedication of a church. 

-gemana m. congregation. 

-mang^ung/ simony. 

-mitta m, church- measure. 

-nied, eo/! need^ruse of the church. 

-nytty. church-service. 

-pfiBp m, church-path. 

-ragu/*. church-moss. 

-rftn*, e church-robbery. 

-geryht n. church-due. 

-sang m, church-hymn. 

-sangere m. church-singer. 

-Bceatt m. church-tax or rate. 

-85cn/ (right of) sanctuary ; going 
to church. 

HSteall, -st^de m. site of a church. 

-Btig/. church -path. 

-tidy", church-time. 

-ttui m, churchyard. 

^pdgn, *p6n m, minister. 


ciriolpegnung, •]>6n-/ church- 

•'pingere m, priest. 

-wfldooe/. vigil. 

'•wibd/. church-vestment. 

~wftg/. church-wall. 

-waru /. congregation. 

•^weard m, churchwarden, sacristan. 

cir(e)8|b§am, oiser-, m., ~trdow 
n. cherry-tree [Z/. oeraaus]. 

oiri>8, y, orisp curly (hair) ; curly- 

•"ian curl. 


dfltel*, y (/) chestnut-tree [r/. 

dflten (/.), cf8t(en)-bdani m, 
chestnut [Z/. oastanea]. 

oitel|ian tickle. 

-ling/ tickling. 

oit(e)re/ harp [Z/. oithara]. 

<np m. germ (of plant), spire, young 
shoot, sprout ; mote (in eye) ; 

-'fiBBBt well rooted, growing. 

cl& « dawu claw. 

dacian, ea hurry, hasten in/r, 

cl&o'VL*/. strife. 

'"lefts, clsBC- undisputed, free. 

dador*, ea, clader-stiooa tn, 

cIjbc = clac-. 

cl&fre, a, clftfer-wyrt/. clover. 

cl»g {m.) clay. 

-ig*, oU&ig of. clayey. 

cl&mjan smear, plaster, caulk 

-ing*, mm /. smearing. 

clAnje I. clear, open (field) ; pure, 
clean, w^. free from, devoid of; 
innocent, free from guilt; chaste. 
II. dsne, & av. entirely. 

-geom desiring to be pure-hearted. 

-heort pure-hearted. 

*lic pure ;,love). 

-lice av. purely. 

~nes/ purity. 

clAn8|ian, 0I&-, oUesnian, ft, 
cU&nimian clean(se), clear (land 
of weeds), purge (stomach) ; 
purify (.heart), chasten (with 
affliction) ; wa^, clear (of accusa- 

-ere m. purifier. 

(ge)-ung / purifying ; expiation ; 

clAnsniaii « oUbisiAn* 




dsppettjan, -etan throb {of 

-Ting/, throbbing, pulse. 
desnian » dftnaian. 
dafire ^ olftfre clover, 
dftm m, mud, paste, 
damm m. grasp ; bond, chain, 
dftsnian = clAnsian. 
d&te /I burdock, burr. 
datrfian clatter. 
-uiig/. clattering, 
dap m, cloth ; //. clothes, 
d&pian IN. clothe. 
dauster n, enclosure ; cloister ; 

fortress. Cp, cluster \Lt, claus- 

d&wjan claw. 
*iing/ gripes, colic. 
d&wu, cla, A. clda, ddo/. claw ; 

hoof; iron i^K^^pl. pincers. 

deac/. stepping-stone Ct. \Celti€\. 
d^mman*, imper, clsBm once 

contract (hand) (?). 
deofian = difian. 
ddof,an 7 split, cleave tr, 
-ungyi cleaving, sectio. 
deofa, 7 m, chamber, cell; den 

(of wild beasts). 
deopian « dipian. 
derio, cleroo, oil- m, secular 

clergyman [Z/. olericus]. 
^h&d m. the clerical office. 
dewepa m. itch [clawan]. 
dlbbor adhesive [diflan]. 
gediba = eedips*. 
didren(n) /. clatter. 
dif ff. cliff; crag, rock. 
-hliep m. leap from cliff (?) Gl. 
"•ig steep. 
-iht(ig) steep. 
~8t&n m. rock, 
dif-wyrt*, y/. foxglove. 
difian, eo, y adhere. 
dife/. burdock. 
difer m. claw. 
^f5te claw-footed (bird), with 

difiht adhesive. 
difrjian scratch [olifer]. 
*uiig/. scratching. 
gediht//^. ^dycoan compress. 
dtmman, L, climban 3 ; fdym- 

mian once climb. 
dingan 3 shrink, contract inir. ; 


dipjian, y, eo call (out) intr. wd. \\ 

tr. summon, call ; w.a. nom. call, 

'«isndlic vocal (sound), vowel; 

vocative (case). 
~ol vowel. 
~ung /. clamour ; articulation (of 

sounds) ; vL. claim. 
dipol, dipor m, clapper (of bell), 
^dips*, -lbs, -ysp n, clamour 

dite/. colt*s-foot. 
dipa, y m. poultice, plaster (for 

diwen, y, eo, clywe n. ball of 

thread, clew ; anything in the 

shape of a ball. 
doodan cluck (^/hen). 

^hamer m. fieldfare ofue, 
gedofa m, half of a folded sheet ; 

duplicate of a document [oldofan]. 
dofe/. buckle. 
clof|e, u /. clove, bulb or tuber of 

plant — g&rldaces « [oldofan]. 
-ent bulbed. 
-pung, -e/. crow-foot 
-wyrt/ buttercup. 
dott- lump Gl. 
dlid n. rock. 
*ig rocky. 
dugge/ bell. 

dt^mian mumble, speak indis- 
duse/! confinement, prison ; bond, 

chain ; (mountain) pass \Lt. 

dtistor n. lock ; barrier ; confine- 
ment, prison [Z/. clauBtrom]. 
^deofk »!., -loc n. prison. 
dtit m. piece of cloth, patch ; metal 

^ian patch, 
dyccan bring together, clench — 

gecliht clenched (hand). 
dyfSBi ^ deofiEu 
gedyfte cloven Gl [ddofan]. 
dympre/*. lump of metal, metal, 
dyne (m.) lump of metal. 
dynnan, dynian (re)sound intr, 
dypp (w.) embracing. 
dyplpan embrace; affect, seize 

(heart) ; cherish, love, 
^-nee/". embrace. 
I gedypBsgedips*. 


d^jan* enclose [cluse]. 

«ung, -ing/ enclosing ; chamber ; 
conclusion (of sentence). 

clyster, geclystre n. cluster, 
bunch (of berries). 

onspling m, youth [onapa]. 

onspp m. top; mountain-top | 

gecnfiwe conscious of, acknow- 
ledging (sin) wg, ; known, mani- 
fest [cn&wan]. * 

cnafiEk ^ onapa. 

cnapa, cnafa tn, bey ; youth ; 

gecn&wjan i (on&wan very rare ; 
never in fV.) know : hine ge« 
endow peot hi wsbs Godes sunu; 
understand (language) ; recognize 
{opposite ^ignore). 

-nesy! acknowledgement. 

cnearrf in. small war-ship. 

onSatjian dispute. 

--ling/, dispute, investigation. 

cnedan 5 knead. 

cneodan = cnodan. 

gecneord, cneord intent on, 
zealous, diligent. 

-IScan be diligent. 

-lie diligent. 

~lice CO), diligently. 

-nesy. diligence, study. 

cneori8(8), -isn f. generation, 
family, race, tribe. 

~b6cy! Genesis. 

cn6o(w), A. cneo n. knee ; degree 
of relationship, generation. 

-gebed n. prayer on one's knees. 

^bieging/. kneeling. 

-eht knotty (plant). 

~holen m. butcher's broom. 

~niibg m. kinsman. 

~rlft m. knee-hose (?). 

-rim m. progeny, descendants. 

-sibb/. race, family. 

-ware m. pain in knees. 

-"wrist, -wyrst/. knee-joint. 

cneow ian, on&owan kneel. 

-ungy[ kneeling. 

cndowlian kneel. 

cnidan once 6 beat IM. [cp. gni- 

cnif m. knife. 

cniht, eo, A. e m. boy ; attendant, 
servant, retainer. 

-gebeorpor n. (male) child-bearing. 

~cild «. boy. 

~geogo)>/. youth. 

D 2 





aiiUit|(M>t)K ]>^<>ti>K 

colaea/ coolness. 

C3omoo = oranoc (oronoc . 

-Md m. vouth I liiinle'i virgmity. 

o6Uan in/r. cool, become cold ; 

eoronian crowo [/-/. corona]. 

•JtM wllhmu ■lleudanu. 



rcLiime ; pomp, 
COBP. oop» m, fetter. 

•WMMDdat jfouriK. la boyhowl. 


-wiM/ -....inH of B b..y. 

oonen-fcirvh1>t bold. 

-ian (ettet. 

onooliui, u knock tut door) : iioand 

-an*, -farhtan make empty, ei- 

COBS m. kiss. 


hauil Gl. 

-ian hiss. 

andiUn, at, ao uWo. >iinbu(e 

collon-oroi; m. watet-bly. 

coat m, (T) costmary (a plant). 

(■(.ulllic* toapcmm). 

colt w, coll. 

coat — Uea -e» pe on eoadilion 

onoIlw.hlU-top, hill. 
Kconoa w. coUiilon [^ony«Mn]. 

-grmg coh's-fooi. 

-otrappo. ooUrffipp8,oalcatrtpp6 

geeoatt, oast tried, proved, chosen, 
excellent [oooaaa]. 

anflll «, l>roi[«iy. kindred, family, 

/. Chrisl'5 thorn. 

imllvn counliy. 

oolunme, -umbo /. colunm [Z/, 

(inoaatnn dmli, iirike jWr. w. bo. 


test ; tempt, atilict, J 


com frt, Bj cuman. 

-ore, -i(g)end m. tempter. ■ 

conaolde /. comfrev [/,/. oon- 

unuulnn — onocl&n. 


f.bLlation, I 

OnO'Wilun pound iin iiiortarl. 

consul «. consul [if. oonKul]. 

ge-nes/. trial, temptation I 

poajoo- bond /a: 
tnm M>. wund of bell. 

coorte/ cohort [Lt. oohore]. 

cot «. cottage, house; chamber; 1 

o5pi™,) 111 outer ijarmem. 

den (of thieves). 

4D, /<V. anjrllH&n sound bell. 

geoop fit, suitable. 

-lif H. hamlet. 

■BjiHlvi tr. bcDl against, dash 

-liOB av. fitly, well. 

-satla. m. cottager, tenant. 

Nf aiiut, los» i«orm . . ihip ; | defiuit , 

cSpenerc m. lover. 

-Blow /hamlet. 

cnuh lin battle), overcome {e/ 

copor II. copper [/.A ouprum]. 

cottuc, cotuo m. mallow. 

temptation) ; hard press, trouble. 

oopp m. summit. 

oo>u / disease, pestilence, ito 

afflict [anoaaiaal. 

-ede hoving the top cut oft, polled 

miole - elephantiasis, leprosy. 

-ung/ stroke. Impulse (of air). 


crft («.) croaking (of frogs and 

onyttlan tie [onotta]. 

cops = eoap. 

crows] GI. 


cor- [oSosan]. 

crabba wcrab. 

oCo w. cook f_lt. ooquua]. 

-anSd/. • trial -morsel,' piece of coo- 

oraclan resound. 

0000 «i- •:ock. 

seCTHled bread who» iwallowine 

criCBlt an croak. 

ooooelfH. cotn-cockle, darnel, tarer.. 

wnsn test of innocence. 

-Ung, orSoetung/ croaking. 

ofiMr-panne/. rrying-pon. 
c&aniian*, o6o»- cot* [aOo]. 

geoor H. decision [ofiosan]. 

cradol, -el m. cradle. 

eordewanare m. shoemaker Ct. 

-cild «, infant. 

'Ong, o6ou-/. thing cooked. 


crfeft m. skill, ability; araning. 

OOOOF m. i|uivcr ; tword (!), spear (1). 

ooren-bSag/ crown {11. eoron«]. 

device; knowledge, science; art. 

oAoor- LoioJ. 

coren, ge- thosen [oooaan]. 

trade, profession | good qnalitj. 

-m(t« m. tookcd food. 

gc-Uo elegant. 

excellence, virtnc [ strength, 

-Plinne/ (ryiiig-pan. 

gc-lioo av. elegantly. 

-gUawt wise, ' 

OOd .•ppel«i.quince[Z/.oydoni», 

(gej-oee/ choice ; goodnesj. 


g^ocdpe w, election ; eicellence. 

-leas unskilled. 

oodd »,. I«b; cod, shell, husk. 

oorfllBj) mince, cut small [osor- 

-Uc anilicial; skilfnlly made. 



skilled (labour). 

tofm. ot. m. chamber. 

com H. com ; graio (of rnDStard), 

-lioa av. skilfully. 

.KMi"». Utile iSambe^ hand. 

pip. berry ; com (on foot). 

-Woorc n. clever work. 

~nppel m. pomegrannte. 

oneftan exercise a craft. 

mill (1). 

-&aoedftj5>/. com-sweepmgs, chuff. 

OTBltig skilful, skilled^ay, skilled 

OOhhatUlt shoot ())< cough (?). 

-bnre, -berende com- bearing. 

in ! cunning | excellent, virtuous | I 

OOl N. liv* coal, (piece of) charcoal 

-hrycce/ com -rick. 

strong, powerful. 1 


~htLa H. granary. 

-lice av. skilfully. i 

-pjrtl m. co«l-i>it. 

-prM m. blackened thread, plamb- 

-gea&lie rich in com. 

cr(8ft(i)g», oiwft(i)oB, owefta m. 

-Eeflc(e)ot n. contribution of com. 

artificer, workman. 


-tfiopung/. tithe of com. 

or«t H.,s/i!. -(en)a chariot, 

-trdow H. cornel -tree. 

-ehora n. horse for driving. 


-tPOg ™. corn-bin. 

~v/An m. chariot. 


-wurma m. weeiil. 

-wiea m. choHoieer. 






craf lian, 89 demand (one's rights) ; 

summon (before court of law). 
^XLng,/. claim, demand. 
cram-pul = cran-pol. 
orammian cram, stuff. 
crampiht crumpled, wrinkled. 
oran m. crane. 

«I>dl*» crampul m. crane-pool Ct. 

••stsf m. weaving-implement. 
oranic m. chronicle, record [ZA 

cranoc, oomoo m. crane [oran]. 
cr&8 {/.) food, dainty. 
cr&wan i crow. 
cr&w|e/ crow. 
-iSac, ~an- m. crow-garlic. 
Cr3(a)oa8, Crdce /////. Greeks. 

•'lies /. pride, elation Gl. 
CrdciBC, da Greek [Ordaoas]. 
creda m. creed [Z/. oredo]. 
orenoestre^ weaver [orano]. 
creop'an 7 creep, crawl. 
-^ym. cripple. 
•-ere m. cripple. 
-ung/ creeping. 
cribb/ crib, stall. 
criepan'^, y, i contract, clench 

criepel m. burrow [oreopan]. 
crimman 3 cram, insert || crumble. 
Clin vf>. flow Gl. 
crincan = cringan. 
oringan, orinoan 3 fall in battle, 

crism a m. chrism, holy oil used 

for anointing after baptism ; 

chrisom, white vesture put on 

a child after baptism ; wearing 

a chrisom [Z/. ohrisma]. 
-h&lguns/. consecration by chrism. 
"lieeang/. taking off chrisqpn. 
criBmal m. or n. chrisom. Cp, 

crisp « cirps. 
Crist m. Christ ea boo / the 

Gospels. ~e8 m&l, t&on the 

cross [Z/.]. 
•'lie Christian. 
'-messe L,/. Christmas. 
cristall a m. crystal ; flea-bane 

(a plant) [Z/. crystalllua, «ium]. 
•'iso of crystal. 
oristel-, oyrstel- [Crist]. 
•'m&l If. cross, 
orlsten Christian. 

oiisten|ddin m. Christianity. 
*neB*, oriatnes/. Christianity. 
orist(e)n|ian christianize ; christen ; 

anoint with holy oil. 
-ling/*, christening. 
croe|c m/., orocca m. earthenware 

vessel, pot. 
~8ceard potsherd. 
-wyrhta m. potter, 
gecrod n. throng, crowd [oriidan]. 
eroft m. small held. 
crdg, 00 m. pot, vessel, 
-cynn n. kind of pot. 
croh (m,) saffron [Z/. croouB]. 
erop'^, onop n, bleating, croup (?) 

cropp m. sprout, bunch (of flowers 

or berries), ear (of com) ; crop 

(of bird) ; kidney. 
-iht bunchy. 
«leac m. garlic. 
CT^ce/. pitcher. 
crudan 7 infr. press, make one's 

way 70, on a. 
cnift crypt, vault [Z/. or3rpta]. 
cruma m. crumb. 
crumb, orump crooked, 
crundel mn, cavity, chalk-pit (?), 

pond (1) Ct. ICeittc ?]. 
crus(e)ne /. robe of skins, fur 

arjoof. crutch ; staff, crozier. 
cryccen of clay [cpoco]. 
crjrmblan* bend tr. [crumb], 
•ingyi bending, 
crympan curl [crump], 
crjrpel — cr§opel cripple, 
cryppan bend, crook - finger). 
c%g. cu(e), cy, d. Qf,pl. cy(e),^/. 

cu(ii)a, dpi. cu(u)m/'. cow. 
~butere/ cow's-milk butter. 
-cealf n. calf. 
-eage n. cow's eye. 
~hierde m. cowherd, 
--hom m. cow's horn. 
-nieol(u')C/ cow's milk. 
«niigo)>a m. cow's urine. 
-sealf/ suet. 

-slyppe, ~8loppe/ cowslip. 
~t0gel m, cow's tail. 
cucler,-e, cucul-, cucel- m. spoon, 

spoonful [Z/. cochlear]. 
~infibl n. spoonful (measure). 
cucu=cwic alive, 
cucurbite /. gourd [Z/. ouour- 

cudele/. cuttle-fish. 


cudu, owidu, cweodu, cwudu, g. 
owidwes, -u(w)e8, -owes n. 
what is chewed, cud ; mastic 
(a gum). 

cufQe/ hood. 

cag(e;^e, ciilile, ciile/ (monk's) 
hood, cowl [/Z/. cuculla]. 

culfre, culfer/ pigeon, dove. 

culmille /. small centaury. Cp, 

ctdp|e (/) fault [Z/. culpa]. 

--ian humble oneself, cringe. 

culter («.) dagger; coulter (of 
plough) [Li. culter]. 

cum-m&se/'. once a bird Gl. 

ciun|an 4 prt. cwom, com, ptc. 
-en, cy- come — w. inf. com 
g&n came (walking), cdm grdtan 
came to greet ; - up land ; hwler 
odm middangcardes gestr§on 
what has become of . . ? ; go | 

happen, come upon one forp 

come off, be carried out ; result : 
hit com to )>am pnt tndc. \ come 
to oneself, recover intr. 

cum I a m. stranger ; guest ena 

bur guest-chamber, spare-room, 
"•ena hus, inn,wicung hostel, inn. 

-feorm f. entertainment of stran- 

-lipe hospitable. 

^lipian snow hospitality. 

-lijnes/. hospitality. 

cumb m. valley [Celtic]. 

cumb m. a liquid measure. 

cumbolf, cumbor ». banner, sign. 

-gebrec n. crash of banners, battle. 

^haga m, phalanx. 

~hete m. war. 

~genn&8t n. crash of banners, battle. 

~^7iga m. warrior. 

cumbor ^ cumbol banner. 

cumendre f. woman living in 
monastery, priest's housekeeper 
\lLt. oommater]. 

cuial, oumul, oumbl n. swelling 
(of wound). 

cumpsBder m. godfather [Z/. com- 

cuneglssse /. hound's-tongue (a 
plant) [Z/. cynoglossos]. 

ciinelle/. thyme. 

cunnian w. g. or a. explore, 
search ; try, test, tempt ; ex- 

-ere m. tempter. 

-ung/. trial, testing. 




cuopel boat, ship IX. 

cuppe /. cup. 

curmelle, -ealle, -ille/. centaury 
(a plant). Cp. culmille. 

curon prt. pi. ^odosan. 

curs curse Z. 

~ian curse vL. 

-"Ung/ cursing. 

eursumbor IN. incense. 

cflsc chaste, modest, virtuous. 

cUsooteyi wood-pigeon, ring-dove. 

cuter (w.) resin. 

cu)) known ; certain ; manifest ; 
clear ; well known, famous ; 
familiar, intimate. 

~a m. acquaintance, friend, relative. 

-e av. clearly. 

^ian be known. 

-Idcan 1>e friendly, make alliance. 

*(e lie known, certain. 

•^lice av. certainly, clearly; fami- 
liarly, kindly. 

~nama m. surname. 

-nes/i knowledge. 

cwao',ian quake, tremble, chatter 
(^ teeth). 

-Ullg/. quaking. 

cwalu /. killing, violent death, 
destruction [cwelan]. 

cw&nian lament tr. and abs, 

cwatem the number four (in dice) 
[Z/. quatemus]. 

cwead n. dung, excrement. 

cwealm, cwelm, y m, killing, mur- 
der ; death ; mortality ; pestilence, 
plague ; pain, torment [owelan]. 

ge-bSran, -owelm- torture. 

-bfifere deadly ; bloodthirsty. 

^bflbmeB f, destruction, perKcn- 
tion ; mortality. 

~bealot n. deadly eviL 

-cumaf m. deadly guest. 

-dreorf n. blood of slaughter. 

ge-full*, -cwylm- pernicious. 

"JieB/. torment, pain. 

~8t^de m. death-place, arena. 

~8tow_/! place of execution. 

-J>rea/. deadly affliction. 

cweartem n. prison. 

«lic of a prison. 

cwfcc an, prt. cwe(a)hte /r. 
shake (head), brandish (weapon) 

^Jxng/. shaking. 

ow^ce-sand m. quicksand Gl. 

geewed n. declaration [cwe])aa]. 

~£BB8ten/. appointed fast. 

geewed |r Aden /. agreement, con- 

-8t5w /. appointed place, place of 

eweddian « owlddian. 

owedenpu, 4/owepan. 

owedol eloquent GL [c«76]>aa]. 

owelan 4 die. 

ew^Ujan, prf, owealde kill 

-•end, ~ere, owelre m. killer, per- 
secutor, executioner. 

cwSmjan, oe zm/. please ; comply. 

«ing/. pleasing, satisfaction. 

ge^(ea)lic pleasant. 

-nes, ge-ednes /. satisfaction, 

geowdm|e, owdme agreeable, ac- 
ceptable, convenient. 

~liee av. agreeable, acceptably. 

ewen, oe/. queen ; wife. 

ewene /. woman, female serf; 

cwenlief, or d, once feminine or 
queenly (?). 

oweodu B oudu. 

cweom, -e, cwym, d. -a/ (hand) 

~bill n. chisel. 

-'Stftn m. millstone. 

--tdp mp/. grinders, molars. 

cwepan 5 say, speak w.a. of thing 
(word), tw". (wordum', 16 of 
person-, w, direct narration^ w. 
subj. {^omission of )>aBt), more 
rarely w. indc.\ ^^impers.'. bepfim 
ilcan 86 sealmscop oweep : . . 
ow8b)> td him ]i»t hd wSre . . 
cwepap hd sie . . )>8Bt godapeU 
cwip pisBt B. beweop . . | men- 
tion : ]>& ping pe we er bufon 
cw»don. 8w& hit on bdoum 
owip. owepab pflot hit ^e . . 
' call, name it [ ~on hine assign 

to him I ~ ongean a. raise objec- 
tions to II name, call, account, 
consider : on piere stdwe pe is 
secweden Creoganford. p& 
sind geowedene p& heardestan 
menn. bapu pe wfiron h&l- 
wende geowedene || proclaim, 
summon (meeting) || determine, 
resolve : ownp on hia heortan 
peet hd wolde . . owftdon 
betweoz him pot hi woldon . . 
II. owist pu, owepe g6 interr, 
av., translating Lt. numquid. 


'eowepan 5 speak, utter : hdword 
ne mihte ~ | proclaim, summon, 
order : geowwp &nwig wip hine 
—challenged him to . . seownp 
td gefeohte abs,, ~ hine fttlah | 
agree, resolve w, sbj,^ esp, wolde : 
geowftdon pot him Iteflre 
wfire p0t • . , geowSdon pvt 
Ue wolden . . 

owlc, owno, owion, ouon {fllso 
neut, and def : onou ndat, ate 
ouou) living, alive. 

~Aht/. live stock, cattle. 

^beam m, aspen. 

*.b§ani-rind/. aspen-bark. 

-fyr n, sulphur. 

^lurSrende moving alive, living. 

~lioe av, m z. living manner, 

•^lifig^ndef living, alive. 

^seolfor ». mercury. 

~8{i8l ».,/". hell-torment. 

-stislen of hell. 

-trdow n, aspen, white poplar. 

owiojian, c(w)noian intr. come to 
life, revive || tr. bring to life. 

gc-ung / coming to life again. 

ewioe^ couch-grass. 

ewidd'ian, owy- speak wa.^ w. be. 

-ung/. saying, report. 

ewide m. what is said, expression, 
statement ; proverb, saying ; pro- 
posal ; judgement, verdict ; decree, 
enactment ; discourse, essay, ser- 
mon; will, testament [cwepan]. 

-boe, cwid-/. book of proverbs. 

~gieddt If. song. 

~lda8 speechless ; intestt^. 

ewidele, jf. inflamed swelling, boil. 

owidu » eudu. 

ewi^d fmn. destruction ; death ; 
pestilence [owelan]. 

-bAre destructive, deadly ; pesti- 

^b&rliee av. pestiferously. 

*^fldd m. deluge. 

-eht diseased (body). 

-ftill destructive. 

-roff destructive, savage (^wolves). 

-seten/". beginning of night. 

*'tid/'. evening. 

ewi^ld • rede ^, owyldhrepe, 
cw89ldflBT»de/. bat (animal). 

cwiglmian*, y intr, suffer (tor- 

cwi^lman kill, torment, oppress 

CWlflmjinK/ affliction, 

vwioaan.',y tr. bruise, dash against, 

ewiftrlice av, lealou^ty. 
cwinod WBjied (wiih love), 
owI))|ui lament /r. and intr. 
-nee /I lamentniiDn. 
-ung/! complaint. 
cwipa, owijj m. womb. 
cwom prt. o/cuman. 

cwudu - oudu. 

afcsa, i n. cbickeu, 

oyi;o), see Ofl, 

aycene/, kiichet^ [ZA ooquina], 

oycgel (w.j dan. 


cyt -8/ iDh. v««1. 
eyUft)!!/. kiln, oven. 

oylepenle " oeleponie. 

oylle m., a7U(«} / lenlher bollle, 

flagon, vessel [L/. culeua], 
oyl.M, -enr speckled Gl. 

07m a m,, //, cyme, -as cominj;, 

c^le I-, St, -llot beamiful, splen- 
-lioe av. beintifully. 
Crmod H. wa11.geimaiidei (n plant). 

oynoe /I aitichokc. 

geoynd, o^d />i. kind, species ; 

nalurv, quality, manner ; gender ; 

"ligi", generation; ofipi 

-booyl Genesis. 

in pi. genitals. 

:, nntaial, snitam 
~elioe av. naturally, 
-nee/, nation. 
OTse- royal ; t'ti L. samiiimes made 

into cynins-. 
-baold*, c;n>''>Kt>-^ Dobly bnivc, 

-b«»rnt ". mynl child, 

-boren of roynl hinh. 

-fast / king's compensation. 
I -botf n. palace, 
I -Ksynil n. royal tine, royal family. 

n>pnng ; 

o^rne.dom, oynitis- m, royal 

power, kingdom, empire. 
~^eld n. king's compensation. 
-glfrd, ei»)/ sceptre. 
-glfrela, oyningg- m. royal robe, 
-godt cicetlent, noljle. 
-SBldf n. crown. 
-hftd m. royal cUgnily. 
-h&m w. royal manor. 
-helm m. crown, diadem. 
~helmian crown. 
-hl&foi^ III. sovereign, liege lord, 
-lie roynl | suitable =cyimUo. 

-licnee /. 



ss, kingly bear- 

oynl authority, kingdom. 
-riht 'f prerogative, 
-rofl- nuble. Uloslrious. 
-Hcipe m. royalty. 
-eetl n. throne \ capital. 
-Btdl m. throne; capital. 
-BtrAt/ high road. 
-Jtrsmmt «- roynl host ; majesty. 
-widen', -pen of royal purple. 
-.i;ew»du npl. royal robts. 
-wiert* very woithy ar excellent. 
-wiaey^ kingdom, state. 
-wlppa/. diaiiem. 
-Wordt «■ fitting word. Cp. -Ho. 

cyng ^ cjming. 

cyniiiF, -18, Dynsg-, oyng;, i m. 
king, -ea feormy'. obligation to 
eutertainthekitiji;. -estunm.ioyal 
residence, -bb wyrl marjoram. 

cynlng- /..=cyiia-. 

-feorm = si feorm. 

-neveord n. rojal banquet. 

cyningte encef. queen. 

cynin I. ■>. kind, species, variety; 
rate, progeny ; seK. [grammatical) 
gender. II. aj. proper, suitable. 

-he, oyneUo proper, suitable ; 
lensonablt, right. 

-Uoe av. BuitabTy. 

-rfo(Cienea/ genealogy. 

cynnan >^ cf nnan. 

eynpen, -rii n. kind, species; 
family, kin, gen l ration ; progeny 
[cynn, rynei, 

cynaion em/ be eager or agitated 
',fl/ the mind 1. 

oypera m. spawning salmon. 

cyp(e)ton of copper [aopor]. 

cypreaoe/. cypress [Z/.]. 

cypB&n ^ cyapan. 

eyre fi. choice, free-will [oftoaan]. 

-ftll m. select oath. 

-la-/. choice of (way of) life. 

cyreny^ chum. 

cymon chur 


lyrfal ( , 

eyrfotte, -wtt« /. -eet goun! \_Lt. 

cyrfille -^ i^rfille. 
cyrnel mn. kernel, seed, pip ; pim- 
ple, haid swelling [corn], 
cyra- - ciree- chcny, 
cyretel- = criatel-. 

cyrtel/n. coat, cloak. 

cyrten beautiful, elegant : smart, 
intelligent \l.t. oohora]. 

-lAoan make elegant. 

tgc)-Uce av. elegantly, neatly, per- 
fectly, well. 

-nea/ elegance. 

cyspan, cypaan fetter [coop]. 

cyseaji kiss [ooss], 

cyat / choice ; what \i cboicLSt of 
its kind, the best, idea! wg. ; good- 
ness, excellence ; viitue ; munifi- 

-ig liberal, bountiful: morally good. 

-ignea/! bounty ; goodness. 

-lias reprobate, 

-lie monilicent. 

-(e)lice av. bountifully. 

oyatan spend vL. 

oyt-wor m. weir for catching fish. 

C?ta«. kite, 

cyta, e /. cottage, cliamber, cell 

cyt>|an prt. crpde, L. c^dde v.-da. 

reveal; testify (with oath) ; prove; 

perform (miracle) [ou))]. 
-ere m. witness; martyr, 
l^el-noa /, testimony; l,Old and 

New) Tcstamcni. 
gecjpig knowing IN. 
cypling m. relation IN. 
geCJtipy! native coontiy. 
ijfploj / knowledge ; aequaiut- 

nnce ; relallonibip ; friendship ; 



d&y. doe. action ; deed, exploit ; event. 

^bana m. perpetrator of homicide, 

-bSta m. penitent. 

-'betan make amends, give satis- 
faction, be penitent. 

^bdtnis, 6/. penitence. 

~bdt /. making amends, penance, 

~cenet bold in deeds. 

^framf strenuous. 

^firumat f». performer of exploits, 
hero; worker, toiler; perpetrator 
(of crime). 

-hataf ///. active hater, persecutor. 

~hw0tt prompt in deeds. 

•^Idanf n. recompense. 

-He active (verb). 

-rSff valiant. 

~8cuat m./or dSap- (?). 

~weorct n. great deed, work. 

dadde = dyde. 

gedaBftan, desftan make smooth ; 
put in order, arrange. 

geaflBftje gentle, meek [gedafen]. 

~(e)lice av. seasonably, fitly. 

cUBflt ^''f gpi' dAg(exi)a day — -es, 
on -e by day. (to) anes -es in 
a single day. )>y ~e, \(f -es, on 
]>&m ~e on that day. Sice ~e 
every day. to ~ to-day | life, life- 
fime — on his ~e. ofer minne -, 
eefter minnm ~e. his ~ av, 
during his life. | the Runic Utter 
d. I -68 dage n. daisy. 

'-candel(l)t/ sun. 

-fBBSten n, a dav's fast. 

-feorm/". a day s provisions. 

•"hluttret av, with the clearness 
of day. 

~hw&m av, daily. 

-hw&mlic, -o- daily. 

-hw&mlice ecu, daily. 

•hwilf /". period of a day ; //. 
period of life. 

-lan^t lasting one day. 

-langes em. during one day. 

dflBgjlio daily. 

-mfl^l n. time-piece, diaL 

-mc^l-sceawere m. horoscope (!). 

-m^te m. daily food. 

dsg-red n. dawn. 

-lie of the dawn. 

-sang m matins. 

-wdmaf m. dawn. 

dflBg,rimt n. number of days. 

-rima m. dawn. 

-sang m. daily service. 

-Bcieldf m. screen by day. 

-steorra m. day-star. 

-tad/, day-time tidnm by day ; 


-tima m. day-time, day. 

-^YrtdQQ&f, day-watch. 

-weard m, day-watchman. 

-(ejweorof n. day's work; day- 

-weorpimg / conmiemoration. 

-wine a day s pay. 

-wist/, a day's food. 

-womaf m, dawn. 

d&ge/. bread-maker [dag]. 

dffigj^erlic daily : on }>i8um --an 
d»ge on this very day [dsBg]. 

dsBgpern I. / a day's space. II. 

deel ;/. valley ; gulf, abyss. Cp. delL 

dAl m. part, quarter (of globe), 
fraction ; portion, share ; part of 
speech, word | quantity — gdd-, 
micel- much. ~wintra many 
years, be Snigum ~e at all. 
sume -e, be sumuni --e to some 
extent, partly, cfpan be -e 
make one-sided statement [ged&l]. 

-leas portionless, deficient. 

-mibliim av. piecemeal. 

•^nimend m. participator w^.; 
participle (in grammar). 

-nimendnes/T participation. 

"Tiimxxng /. share-taking, share. 

-numol* share-taking, participat- 

-numolnes/ participation. 

dAlan divide, share — f hilde ^y 



fight ; tear, rend (?) ; give away, 
spend; ztfda, distribute; get as 
one's share, get, gain. 

^edAledlioe av, separately. 

aAl|end m. divider, distributor. 

~ere m, distributor, steward ; giver. 

dnrstle /., IN, cUent, ea leaven ; 
//. dregs, lees. 

~ig, drflBstig dreggy. 

ge«an leaven. 

gedafen I. suitable, fitting ; II. » . 
due, right, what is fitting. 

gedafii|ian, daftiian, -cUifen-, 
zw/., gen, impers. be fitting or be- 

-igenduo suitable, proper. 

-igendliee av, suitably. 

-lie, -daflic fitting, proper, right. 

-liee av. fitly, rightly. 

-licnes/. fitness, propriety ; oppor- 

dftg (/7/.) dough ; mass of metal. 

dagjian dawn, become day ; be 
day [d«g]. 

-ung/ dawn, daybreak. 

ged&l n. separation, division, dis- 
tribution — lices - death [dSl]. 

--land, -d»l- /'. common land. 

dale, o m, brooch, bracelet. 

dalmatiee f. dalmatic (vestment) 

darian <nue lurk, be hidden. 
daro)>f , ea, -e]> m. javelin. 
-hsbbende javelin*bearing. 
-l&cende javelin-brandishing. 
-seeaft m, javelin-shaft. 
daru/ hurt (physical); damage; 

harm, injury [dorian], 
dat&nun m, indecl. date — on 

)>&m - idu8 Aprilia [Z/.]. 
ddacon » diaeon. 
ddad dead | congealed (blood) ; 

sluggish (stream) | torpid, dull 

-bfibre, d6a]>-, -bsrlie, ~berende 

^bibmes/. mortality. 
*'boren dead-boni. 




d§ad|hr»gl n. shioud. 

-lie, dtejilia subjeL-t to destb, 

mortal [nam) ; deadly, sangiiinar)' 

-llCDeB /. being subject to death. 

mortality; mortal frailly. 
-apryng w. ulcei, caibniicle. 
-wielle barren. 
d£af deaf ; -com empty ear of 


-ling/ dyeiiiy ; colour ;ot doth). 

-wyrmede - deaw- go^ty. 

dSaggede = *deaw-wyrmede 

deagol = diegle. 

deab, />/. dugou, prt, dohte ii*, 
avail, be of use, be good; ne 
dohM hit there was no goodness 
{in the conntry) ; uiJg. I,e tqiiiv 
aleut lo, alile lo procure I lie 
vigoroBB : hrlper dugunde | be 
(a) worthy Iman), be virtuous, 
be liberal. 

deaUl- jirond (of), exalting 'in^ 
tesplendent (with) wi. 


deftrf lioM /M 

deununga, dy-, .IngB a;: secret- 
ly, piivakly, clantlestint-ly. 

deaiT t'K, ihj. dyrre, u, //. dur- 

dearste - darste. 
deap m.,oiicef. death. 
-bSaenigsnde boding death. 
'-bSctmt "'■ tree of deatii- 
-bjddt n. grave. 
-berendat deadly, fatal. 
-owalut / deadly pain ; deadly 

dntmction, fatal inllktion. 
-owealmt m. slanghler. 
MntrlfLman kill. 
~dagt m. day of death. 
-gedUt w. Kparation of body and 

soul in death. 
-denU+Z valley of denth. 
-dr^pat w. dcatfa-Ktokc. 
-Efiget fated lo die. 
-godaa mil. maneii. 

-liegf m. deadly flame. 
-mwgent "■ death- bringing troop. 
-rSsf m. iudden clenth. 

dea)i|reai' H, spoils Gl. 
-recodt ". sepulchre, 
-raowt deadly cruel, savage. 
~soua, scuftt in. ahadovr of death ; 

deadly phantoiD. 
■-soyld/ capiul crime, deadly sin. 
-BOyldlg gnilly of a capital crime. 
-aelet "i. hall of death. 
-aljgot m. dcath-blovf, deadly 

-speret ri, deadly spear, 
-atfdet m. death -place. 
-Jiegnuiiga, -bSn- fpl. funeral 

service, funeral. 
-wAget «. deadly cnp. 
-wangt m. plain of death, 
-worlgt dead, 
-wiet '<■ death-dwelling. 
-viyvdB./ft. fates Gl. 
Kedeafian kill IM 

-dreos', ia+ fall of dew. 

-ig dewy. 

-ig-teperf, -a dewy-winged. 

daaw-wyrni /w. ring-worm. 

~ede*, deoBw-, diaggedA goaty. 

decan, 6 smear, platter. 

decliallan* decUne [in grammai) 

-igendllo declinabte. 

-ung/ declension. 

gedSrle, oe I. filling, seemly : 

genlle, meek. II. av. fittingly 

-ejlla, deaic fitting, 
-line av, filly, becomingly, 
-nes/ gentleness. 
degolfim [8' 



■ le]t < 

dehter d. e/ddbtor. 
tjedelf H. dicing; trench, 
delfjan 3 dig, bunow. 
-ere m. digger, 
-ing/ digging. 

delflnw. dolphin [Z/. delpblnua]. 

dfll (H.) valley [!) Cl Pirhap 
viiaJi {amucntlrJ) /arm ef dioL 
Cp~ pnll weak form ^p6!. 

deiu/ nipple .of breast). 

dfim an, oe Judge, decree, assign 
gtit. Tu. J. of ptrsenx eow bip 
ge-ed, - unryht : vrda. - him 
BBlftun wlta I condemn vj. a. and 
to : ~ tune to dfiape ] ijon^ider, 
cslimale ; glorify, praise. 

-6Ild+, -ero m. judge. 


a, OB m. judge [dfim]. 
dgmm III. damage, injury, loss 

gedSn. = gtd6n. 
I>mi|e ft., g. -igea, -a Danes, 

Scandinavians, -a 1b«u Danisl: 

law r districl under Danish laW; 

East-AngliSj&o. -B~mesrc,-em- 

f. Denmark. 
-iso Danilh. 
d^n|n H. den. 
-oAre rt. swine-pasture. 
dan u/. valley. 
-eland n. valley Gl. 
deofol, -oi H. devil, di 

•SCKit m. art of the devil ; witch- 

~cund like the devil, diabolical. 

-d*dt/. diabolical deed. 

-gield n. idol ; idolatry. 

-gi^lda III. idolater. 

~gield-h6s H. heathen temple. 

~lio, djofllo devilish, of the devil. 

-acin 11. diabolical phantom. 

-B»oc possessed wilh a devil. 

^seacneay: demoniacal possestion. 

-witgat ">. "iiard. 

deogol ^ diegle. 

dtop I. deep; profound (learning, 
mystery), awfnl, terrible, exces- 
sive, great (crime), high (price). 
II. B. deep place, depth, abyss. 

-6 av. deep (wounded 1, deeply 
(consider . thoroughly, uriously. 

-hycgende^, -hygdtlgt, -bjd- 
decply meditating, thoughtful. 

-lie profound, thorough. 

-lioe av. profoundly. 

-nes/. deepness ; deep place, deptb, 
abyss, gulf; mystery. 

-ban col thoughtful. 

dSiir $1. (wild , animal ; deer, rein- 

-oynn n. ipeciea of animal. 

-on of a wild animal. 

-fald HI. deer-park. 

-rellen made of hides. 

-fHp m. preiervalion of deer. 

-hgge m. dccr-fence, jiark-fenco. 

-nett II. hunting-net. 

-tun III. park. 

deort brave, bold ; severe, full of 

hardship : fierce, 
-lie brave deed). 






deora, y dark; obscure; gloomy, 

secret, hidden ; mysterious, pro- 

din get, dinno in.) ('), 

Md; terrible; evil, wicked; im- 

fonati; duubtful, uokaovm. II. 

dirlge/ dirge, 'vigilia-GL [//. 

n secret, loyBtcry; secret place, 

dirigo 0- 

-e av. darkly, sadly, 
-egr*g dark grey. 

grave, on -a, on -urn in secret. 

disc m. dish, plate, bowl \U. dia- 

III. av. secretly, alealthily. 




-berend, -pego. -pin m. dish- 

-liee flt. gloomily. 

diepan*, e, 7 Ir. dip, bapdie; 

bearer, waiter, seneschal. 

-nea/. Jarkneas. 

fdccjiBi.). increase ^o^lh) [d6op]. 

diadpul m. disciple, pupil XLI. 

-ung/. twilifiht. 

diape, diepto) /. depth ; the deep, 


dBor,e •> diere beloved. 

sea; deep place (.in river) ; abyss, 
gulf [dSopl 

-hfid m. pupilage. 

~boi'en of nubk' bitth. 

dieme (>^/ tansy (a ptanlX 

-lioeoi/, preciously. 

dieran, So eiteem, praise, extol. 



doQ; daaii,ioddra.J.; (M) dflp. 

deor-wlerp^, -waorti, -wurf. 

costly; respected, glorious, noble. 

oe ; pn. dyds, e, ftt ; fic. go- 

dier- vuluatile. precious. 

II. av. ai great cost. Sie daore. 

don, KedSn, oe vh. do, perfunn, 

-Um ai'. dearly : - healdMi. 

-ling, «o m. favourite. 

-nea/ precious thing, treasure. 
gtdoort, deorf n. labonr. effort; 

diprfan", y injure [deorfsn]. 

gif h« elle. dap; nippan fie 1 

dl|man conceal ; keep secret : tJI. 

ge- Wffis when this hod happened ; 


conceal one's identity. 

bviTBt d6 io r what shall 1 do 1 


difrnje hidden, secret — - ge- 

or what will become of me f | 

ligro adultery ; deeeilful, wicked 

luda. do good or evil to . , ' u: rjl. 

-Bum pZ. grievoBs. 

d.: dyde io me td gameus 

[Hejdoorfim 3 labour | perish. 

.tliimeiid m fornicator. 

ganetea hidotior I made the 

gnll's song a solace to me ) ne ■ 

der'lan wJ injutc, hurt, nnnoy 

-gellger /, -geUgerscipe m. 

dep he nikn ping to goda will J 


do no good (to himself or olher») 1 

-igendlicUuiiful, noxious. 

-(;ewrit II apocn-phnl book. 

1 -to nihte annul, hwset do I 


diai^ian'.y glorily, praise [dIere], 

we ymbe liino? do with him | | 

IMnifil, inhabilanlB of Delta. 

diht H. directioD, command; ar- 

make {SiaXats) W half auxiliary : 

se m&na d£p fsg^er, ge wyxp 

[It. tewdinem]. 

tion, office, action, conduct ; pur- 

ge wanap | te lain flan o/vcri : 

dSj), i« don. 

pose, intention. 

Criat weoi Bwiswi 6pre oild 

dlacon, ea, eo w. deacon [Z/. dla- 

-feetendag m. appointed fast. 

dop, pi gatimode him ■w»wt 

dlhtjan, ditLt(n;ian compose, 

dep fiBoe II cause : - bine ta 

-h&d m, dtaconship. 

write II Ktf. direct, command ; 

ojrnlnge. dyde bine Imtaan 

-rocc aj, dalmatic. 

anange \_Ll. dfotare]. 

ponae hb wisa made him oui to 

-Jjegnung, -J>«n-/ minisUation of 

-ere, dlhtnera m. informant, ei- 

be , . - to witanne. dyde hina 
forieiaa , , d«p ptet ^T oyinp. 
II put, give, &c.. alio mil. : pa 

.1 deiLCoD, deaconahip. 
dio, 1 <n, wall of earth, embuik- 

-UDg/ ordering. 

ment, rampart, slooe v>aU 1 mf. 

gediht n. composition, literary 

handa ddp pone bigleofan pirn 

ditch, moat. 

roape, gen. 111. at: or frp.x tat- 

-Boeard ». gap in atone wall. 

dile. y m. dill. 

por - , - 16 hierran hide pro- 

dn^egian, r erase (uiiting) ; 

mole. -t6 annin unite, -aii 

-«ra m. digger. 

destroy, blot out. 

dagsa of p«m getele subtiaci 1 
w. a,tvi.: -on, of put on. off 

-ung/ digging a ditch. 

diligneB/ dcstnicdou. 

diedan put to death [dSad]. 

dlni:m dark; unknown, obscure 

(clothes). - panon take away.', y dip [dajftn]. 

(disease) ; wicked (deed). 

- up put ashore i pa dyds hf, on 

-irg/ immetsioD. 

-hiW of dark colour. 

his byrnan. 

gedJegan carry out with safety. 

-hof n, biding'place. 

geden f*, do, act, make; cause; 1 

survive idnnget, illness , ais. 
feoro - [dofth]. 

-ha» n. prison. 

put, Sic. : hi godydo pert nan 

-llo dark ; secret. 

oyning rer gedon ns dorale. 1 

diegel;liee, -alioe, •0I-, eo, «o ai>. 

-noa / darkness; mist; dimness 


-BOUa m, darkness (of mind). 

reduced to subjection, he ge- 

-DM /, secrecy ; secret, mystery ; 


diner-, dign- m. a coin, piece of 

h* gedyde CrSeaa on hia ge- 

dieglle, diue, dtaBol, dtogol, 

money [iC, denarius;]. 

weald conquered 1 vi.a!-s. : - forp 
manifesi. -fip exbame |l eocamp, 

dygel. dSKol. i. A. digol I. 

dlng^dyng, d. ^dung. 



L, ^a 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I^^^^^IIHHIim^H ^^^^^^^^1 




hail w.ret.oc; cast ,-i nth or tin- 

dom|d«eg m. doomsday, last day. 

dream {ere m. musician. 1 

nut S»forne-rafip»n . 

-eadlgl- glorious. 

-luBbbondBt, -healdendet joy- 1 

doooe / dock {„ plant)- «*o 

~ern h. judgement-ball, law-court. 

ful, blessed. ■ 

Ualwf. leo rSade-. leo 

-ftestt just ; gloriou.. 

-least joyless. 

■□CBTpe-ioncl. -MOtraawim- 

-fsMtnw/ justice. 

-lie plcasanl ; musical. 

man wile wMei-lily. 

-geomt ambitious, noble, right- 

-nee/ singing. 

doere w. doer, Bgint. 


-BWlnBling/ harmony. 

eedof ir. furj. madness. 
dof|laii nee. 

(w)-ung/ freniy, madness. 
dbgiaii(!, !-«.<(■ endure. 

-hOa n, Iribuoal, law-couil- 

drfoclan trouble, annoy; vex; 

-hwffltt ambitions. 

atBict, torment. 

-least inglorious; powerless. 

(fie}-edneB, -dreOBd-/. afflitSion, 1 
^Sfian, oe make luifaid, stir up J 
(water), mffle | trouble (in mind), 

dogga*, og m. tlog. 

-lie judicial, canonical ; glorious. 

dagor[+), ^., ,: -, doB{o)te n, day 

-Ucet Of. judicially; gloriously. 

— uferui -e it some fuluie lime 

afflict [drdf]- 


-lilB, -gcnm H. number of days. 

-settend m. lawyer, judge. 
-BtJw/ tribunal. 

-era*, dre&e m. disturber. 

ge-«dlic thick (darknesB). 


-weorpung/ glorv, honour. 

tgBj-ednaa, gedrfifiies / Iribola- 

doht»,/w. ^/deah- 


dohtigZ.tniaii ufworth: doughty. 

-ere (! ■ m. judge = demere. 

-isig/. disturbance. 

vigorons; good iiiaii\ lespectnble 

(/rvm dyhUg ij inji. fl/dohte]- 

dohtor, d. dohtor. debtor, oe j- 

domne loid [/./. domtnuH]. 

drefel- rheumy, sniTelling (pcrsonl 

doplfned /., -fugol m. water- 

1) a. 


drefllande aace suffering from 


doppettan dive, plunge ^^waler- 

rbeum Gl. 

dohz^ dose dark. 


dol I. foolish, presumptuous ; dutl- 

dor n. door, gate ; pass [dtira]. 

drenc m, what is dnmk, drink — 

wiHcd. sluvid- Q. «. folly. 

dora m. hnmble-U-e. 

winna- wine; (medical) drink. 


dorBt«/rt. fl/doarr. 

draught i drowning jdrinoan]. 

-«lUp n. foolish pnde, brag, 
-Bo Iboliih i rash. 

dOHC*. dohx darli-colomcd. 

-euppe/ diinking-cnp. 

dott m. spt-ck, head (of boil). 

-fiet n. cup. 

-l&txtav. foolUhly; n^hly. 


^ie,fl6dt™. deluge. 

-•capat «. lash depredolot. 

drac|a m. dragon, -an blod 
drBgon's blood {a juice) [Z/. 

-horn m. drinking-hom- 

-wipe m. folly. 

-hOB «- drinking-house. 

-aprAc/ foolish apeecb, loquacity. 


drenoan give to drink ; ply (with 

-wOlent I- rash. n. ». rashnei. 

dracent;8)e, -cone / dragon- 

-wite+ H. Of- ftw Mon/j L?;. 

dolo ^ dalo 

■dr^^an i b frl. -dred, A. 

drenK ni, Scandinavian) warrior 
Z. I.J.flW.'. 

dolg n. wound, scar. 

-drSord, j» on- dread. 

-baim+/. wound. 


yedreog I. «. wbnt is useful or 

dr{Bf]aD t![ive — it- expel [drl- 

suitable, keepuig [shoes! in good 


condition — td -e gJUi privyf 

-tan wound. 

-end m. liunlcr. 

II. aj. sober. 

-rune/, pellilory. 

-sealf / wound-salve, poultice, 

j;edrffig = gedreog- 

-lAoan put in order ^temple,, at- 

dr»g,e/, ilMg-iiei [dragani. 

tend to, manage (farm . 


-D^tt ». cirae-nel. 

-lioe av. suitably, carefully ; dreoh- 

-sl^ge-)- m. wound, stroke. 

drteetig ^ dsretig. 

Uee L. humbly. 

-•wapu/. scar. 

draf. & f, drove; herd; crowd. 

driogan 7 do (with effort), pet- 

-wrundt wounded. 

bind [drifan]. 

fonn. carry out (will of God), 

dSffi «. ^freci will, option, choice ; 

dragan i drag, draw jj itUr. go. 

wage (war), commit (crime), lead 

b«>d him bin ftsenoe - feoa ; 

drftn, 6/ drone. 

[a certain life), enjoy ; snffer, en- 

gedrSagt "' crowd, troop, lumult, 

dure II inir, be employed, be busy. 

^H tcmce, decree, law, cowit o( law, 



^^K mceling | sutborily, power, domi- 

drealmian, dreh- strain; strain 7 iafr. drop, drip. 

^^P Bion; inignificence ; repalnlion. 

out \y. gnatl. 

-ian, A. ea int'-. drop, drip. 

^^^ glory 1 interpretation (of dream) 

dream w(. joy, bliss; mirth, revelry; 

-ung/ dropping. 

musical sound, melody ; musical 

drfiort \m.. blood [diSosan'. 


-Rig blood-stnintd. 

-Mo/ l.Vf-bool(, code. 

-OTEen; m. mnsic. 

-Uc «, -IgUe. 




drdor-8f le m, dreary hall. 


-ung/. falling. 

-drdord A. prt, of -drMan 

dreorigt blood-stained, gory | sad, 

~ferj>t sad. 

-'hleorf sad of coontenanoe. 
~lic, drdor(i)lio sangninaiy, cniel ; 

sad, monxiifnl. 
~lice av. sadly. 
~in5dt sad. 
^neaf. sadness. 

drdorgian fall, crumble away. 
dr8o8|an,//r. droren 7 (aXi ; come 

to ruin, perish— /rj. ftc. ~ende 

georep n. stroke (of darts). 
arepjan 5 strike, hit (wiUi weapon) 

— //r. ~en struck down (by 

disease) ; kill. 
drei>e, 7 m. (death) stroke, blow. 
ge<mehp /. sobriety, moderation 

dnemjan rejoice ; play on a musi- 
cal instrument, make melody — 

fU. ge^ed harmonious. 
"ling/, susurrus. 
(ge)dneme melodious, cheerful 

dnepan let drop, pour a drop; 

moisten [drSopan]. 
drif/., ge- fever iA. 
gedrif n. what is driven, regions (of 

air and water) ; stubble. 
drifSan 6 drive; expel; pursue — 

^ apor follow track ; do, practise, 

transact — ~ cdap make bargain ; 

*'8prttce carry on a lawsuit || 

in/r. move with violence, dash. 
gedrino, y n. carousal. 
orinc- = drync-. 
drinc|an 3 drink — //r. droncen 

intoxicated, flushed. 
<^re m. drinker, drunkard. 
gedrincan 3 drink up ; engulf. 
drinca m, drink, something to 

drit (».) dirt. 
drit an cacare. 
"ing/. digestion Gl. 
drdf^ ge~ turbid, muddy. 
»lic sad, irksome. 
drdfe av. grievously, severely, 
gedrofenuc full of trouble, 
aroge/. oftce excrement 

droht (m.) manner of life [dr6o« 

drohtlian; «nian Z., m/r. pass 
life, live, dwell, continue ; behave. 

~ap, '*'nop m. way of life; drcum- 
stances, condition; dwelling, so- 
journ ; society, intercourse. 

-(n)ung/ (way of) life, conduct; 
circumstances, condition. 

dropjian drop imlr, 

'^ung/. droppmg. 

drop|a m, orop ; a disease. 

'*'fftg spotted. 

^mftlum av, drop by drop. 

dropi>ettJa]i, -etan, -ian itUr. 
drop, dnp. 

-ung/. dropping. 

droren pic. ^drtesan. 

dr68, «na m., «ne /. dr^ ; dirt ; 

drQg,iaii, draw- inir. become 
dry, dry up [drf ge]. 

~aj>, -op m. dryness; drought; dry 
ground (!). 

-ling/, drought ; dry place (I). 

drunc-mennent n. drunken fe- 
male serf. 

druncen I. intoxicated. H. n, 
drunkenness [drincan]. 

-georn drunken. 

~li&d m. drunkenness Z. 

-'(n)e8/., '>'8cii>e m. intoxication. 

'^'Willen drunken. 

druncn ian become intoxicated ; 
be drowned. 

-ing/. becoming intoxicated. 

driitty. beloved one [Gerfftaft], 

driksian become languid, sluggish 
(through old age). 

drtiwian - drOgian. 

dry m. magician ; sorcery ICeitic]. 

-Knrsft m. sorcery. 

~cr8Bftig skilled in magic 

-ecgfe/. sorceress. 

*'lic magic. 

«-mann m. sorcerer. 

gedryoned tmcg afflicted. 

origan /r. dry ; wipe, wipe off. 

dr^gje I. dry. II. n. dry land : 
on -urn [drugian]. 

-nesy. dryness. 

-«c6d dry-footed. 

dryhtty troop (of retainers), mul- 
titude, army ; //. men, mankind. 

•^beam n. princely child. 

MSwSn/. queen. 

•<l5in m. judgement Pr. 

[**] , . ^ 

<Ji^rv|>A.avv . ^\k ti» fN^v^^M (^dfva»^| 

dryhtjealdor m, bridesman Gl. 
••folc If. multitude ; nation. 
~gunia m. retainer; warrior; 

-Ifiob ». noUe song, hymn, 
-'lie lordly, noble ; of the Lord, 
-lioe OP. in a loidly, divine, noble 

~mA)mi JM. noble treasure, 
'•nfi m, dead body of a warrior. 
HKsipe m, sovereignty, power; 

nobility, courage, mtoe. 
•^B^ m, princely haU. 
Hnbby peace, alliance. 
«geflip m, retahier, warrior. 
••gestrGon ». noble treasure. 
<»W6r m. man. 
*weor|> divine. 
'•wunfende living among the 

gedryhtf / troop, body of re- 
~a m. fellow-soldier GL 
dryhten m. lord, prince ; the Lord 

(God or Christ), 
dryhten- L./or dryht-. 
~bdag m. money paid to the king 

for killing a freeman. 
-bealof n. great evil, extreme 

~ddm m. glory, majesty. 
~hold loyal. 
-lie of the Lord, 
-lice av. according to the Lord. 
'«'Weard m. king. 
dryno, drinc m. drinking ; drink, 

potion [drincan]. 
-'(e)faBt n. cup. 

~elean n. tributary drink (I) LL. 
-w§rig overcome with drink. 
drync|an once give to drink /r. 
ge-nes/. immersion, baptism. 
dryre m. falling, fall; cessation, 

loss [drdosan]. 
dryslic terrible. 
diysmianf become gloomy. 
dryanjan extinguish /M [droan]. 
-ian vanish. 

dubbian Z. dub, knight. 
dfice/. duck, 
dufan 7 intr. dive ; sink, be 

dClfe-doppa m. pelican (I). 
dugon //. of dfiah. 
dngup, -o)>/. those of mature age 

co/i, {pppoied to geogup the 

. SUaUp-EAliDOB 


LLoJy of reloiners, re- 

" nobility cell., flower 

lanny, boit; malti- 

■'"-Jplc; fl. men. 

~g|ll«. majesty, 

"[i»tue i good 

*-ariw(t) Ct.. hill, 

b ; down, ^e ofdune. 

^ fknf maunuun fairy. 

^'Wj* cminlry. 

dw^llan become atupid. 

-Uoe av. foolishly. 

-nea/ wupidity. 

dwSsoaD Fxlineaiah (fire, dime, 

AvreaXAo pri. i^dw^llan. 
d^^ian Ir. lead iLBicay : lead into 

vtnl, thwnrt, afflict l| inir. lose 
the right direction, go astrayi 
wander (^ihc plnnclsi. 

dwfUan,/«. dwealde lead astray, 
deceive — pre. gadweald man 
heretic. li pj«^. 

txweovg m. dwarf. 

~edwOB< tjlo / pennyroyal (a 

Itl— ^HOna down, 
fi'dmig/- dung, maimtc. 
1 dunn dun, dark brown. 

_ " ig dusky. 
^•4»tt ir. obM:ure (light of stars). 
W dureroB mfl. folding doois. 
'■ dtUTon// D/d»aiT. 

diir|u,,f. -«/. door. 

-(Ulatod, -Btodl n, door-posL 

-UJM^ m. dooT-keepei. 

-ujii^en, ~e^nsn/ door-keeper. 

-Qweard, ~e- m. door-keeper. 

dOot n. dust. 

-dr^Do m. drink made of ponnded 

1 of 

-faamor, df p- m. papyms. 
dw*ka, Be~ L dull, stupid, foolish. 
II. M. inpottot [}). 


ged wield, dwjld 

-Btlerfolgung/ heresy. 
-llo deceplive. 
gedwimor h. sptctre ; illusion, 

-lie illusive, 
-lioe av. illnsively, without 

dwinail6 become smaller, dwindle; 

gediiFOl heretical. 

dwoI|lan stray; err. 

-vug/, insanity. 

gcdwol|a, dwola, dwa> m. error, 

heresy | deceiver, heretic 
-biscop m. heretical bishop. 
-oraft m. illusion, coajuring. 
-god ni. idol, false god. 
-lie beietical. 
-lioe av. heretically. 
-mEinn m. heretic 

dwoluift In. chaos. 

dyde/r*. a/ Aon. 


-uag^ illusion, phoDtasmagorla ; 

delasion, deceit. 
dydrin omt yolk (of egg). 
dyge, dusB sly. e^dSah. 
d}>htle attong. C/. dohtig; [de&h]. 
dylBtja m. matter, pui. 
~iht festering, mucous. 
dyn|e m., ge- noise, loud sound. 
-ian resound ~ git 6aian -ien if 

there is a singing in the eon. 
•d^e, sec dftn. 
dyng an* manure [dung]. 
~tuig*, dingiuiiB^ manuring. 
dynge', i, e fallow land [done], 
dynlge onre,/. a plant [dun], 
dynt m. stroke, blow ; bruise, 
dyplo double [£/. duplex). 
dypp]an, e dip ; baptize, 
-ettan*, vE. e dip ; baptize^ 
gedyro n. door-post [duru]. 

dyrodin =derodin. 
dytre, sii dearr. 

Etdyrstt miit tribulation (I). 
(ge)dyrstlg bold, daring, reckleu 

■*iail dare, presume, 
-lioe, .djratol- boldly, 
-neo/ boldness. 
dyrBtlAcaa dare, presume. 
dyBl(g) L foolish, irrational. II. ft. 

-dom m. lolly, ignorance. 
-Uo- dTB(e)lio foolish. 
-lioo*, dye- av. foolishly. 

foolishly, blasphen 
-ung/ foolishness. 
dfatlg dusty [duit]. 
djrttan shut (ears\ stop (mouth), 


ta, g. ••(•]. I*. */■ rivet ; «tre«m. 

-DBTM/ walcr-cmi. 

•doooa/ water-dudc. 

•flao M. rivet-liih. 

-ltd/ w»Wry way, oocna. 

-l»na M, iiUiiil -Ms-l*>id. 

-Itflir/ uplHxl). 

-lIMDtlt m- tailor, 

-flmr «. tiver-bank. 

-rlw/ 1rtilni»!i, 

.rt|l M ....■mi.. 

-iprlng m i.|>rliii; Aaprlng. 

-■Mb N. •buir, bank. 

-atrtam m. tltonm, water. 

-Wytt/ burdock. 

Mti /r/. Id/ in addition to, beddes, 

and — -Imu tni. alio. 
too f. alio, and . . -, g« . . - and 

, a1>i>. - •«•!□• ^iweloe . . ■■), 

-awA|-aiiftaKiiisnlio. ~hwtB]m 

I hw«>|>r* •) nevcnhclew. 
•KUlkll Incrraw (Wr. 
Mo|« M. Incroaae, addition— Id -ftn 

ftf W. bniiln; inleretl 'on 

nu-wvf Iwii), uroiy. 
tkMII l/A-.t Inonaied. enUiged ; 

diiiIqwoiI ; alr«n|{thened, itrong. 

iiiliihty, vati. )-Trat i [irefrnaiiE. 
-ix-nhlt) iiilKhl)'. fitial, 
Monilttn Itii'ivRiN iWr. conceive, 

Iw |<i«t;iiaiii 1 l>c In uhiUI-binh, 
\a<' -iwt/ f'liwiJiiun. 
Amll H, |iii>ii|«rlty,bapplnc>i,(eter- 

■ml Minn, waalth. 
ri'UliiM <H atithnr or proiperit)'. 
-Kl*lk w lilvrr.if iitoipetily. 

fi*rii / lit" "' iifotpcritv. 
I'AlilK Ii4i|i|iy, hIeucit,trluni]iliB(it. 

- iiinil AKh-mOd hiiiuble. 

- iitii - SHilitmoa. 

WiilH ". ii.h.., |..oi,|)«iity, joy. 
OHilalM ' f' ' a^Miwl 
•Wtltf iniiniiriuui, ilch. happy, 


Sftdl.t)gian, -isan count fonnnate : 

eaforat, »- m. sou, chilit, de- 

eKib)>t H. strength, might. 
Sag^fl H. eye; eye (of needle'. 
-teppel m. ball of the eye. 
-acbyrdt/ nntorc of the eye. 
-duru/ window. 
-flSah HI. diacasc of the eye, 

-hrlng m. socket of ejt. 
-hyrne*, hoahhyme tn. comer of 

-aeaMj, eye-salve. 

-Beoung/ calaracl. 

~sieti|e visible:, coaspicoous as 

with one's own eyes, visibly. 

-pjrel n. window. 

-wTtBC M. pain in the cyea. 

-WTind/ wound in the eye. 

-wyrt/. eye-bright a plnntV 

eago-Hpind- heaeo- cheek. 

Sogor, e (n.) Rood, tide ; tiea, 

-h^ref m. Hood. 

-BtrSamt m. sea. 

eaht, A. aht / council, delibera- 
tion, consulting — nht beailtanf 
hold council | eitimatjon. esti- 
mated value. 

eabtllAii watch over ; hold council, 
deliberate, consider — red(eB)~ 
uoDiult together; discoti, men- 
tion I esLimote (ot right value) ; 
esteem; criticize; praise. 

ge-andlic estimable. 

-ore HI. csiimalor. valuer. 
(ge>uilg /. deliberation ; estima- 
lion, valnstion, esteem. 

e^ta ci)jht. 

-feald eightfold. 

-hymads eiglit-eoniercd. 

-tdo))a ci^^ieenih. 
-tlg'huiidealitatig eighty. 


eahta-wintre eight 5 ears old. 
eahtofia liehth. 
geeahtle*, tB+/ esteem. 
eal- unAr eaU. 

ea-l&, 6aw- oh 1 alas : 
eald, ifiv. ifldra, i//. i;ld(s)at 
old fieder grandfiilher | tfL 

-ftKiynd ti. original i^iturc. 
-ej]>t>;u]y. old eounity. home. 
-dagaa m//. day? of old. 
-dom nt. {old; age, antiquity. 
-(e)fEBderni.orandfathet; ancestor, 
-ffiond m. old enemy, Salan. 
~h&d ni. old age. 
-hettendet afl. old foes, 
-hlaford m. hereditary lorf. 
-lie senile: venerable. 
~einoder/. grandmother. 
-genfiatf m. old companion. 
-I.,/ (oldl ^. 
-genif^t "I- old enemy. Satan, 
-.gej'Tllt ". ancient right. 
-seaxe m//. Old Sutoni. 
-gesegBiit/. old tradition. 
-geBlbt "I- old companion. 
~BpelI «. old story ; bialory. 
-aprtbo/. old tradition, hiilory. 
~),'eBtr§on-|- ti, old treasure. 
-geweorct «. andeiii work (4^ the 

earth . 
-Wfirigt accuned of old. 
-gcwinnt «. ancient war. 
-^cwisnat m. old adversary. 
-wlta m. sage. 
-writ«re m. hisloiian. 
-gcwyrhtt "■ "Id desert, former 

ealdian grow old. 
-ling/, .old.i age. 
ealdoT m. chiel, prince — iiiradea - 

head «f a family, paterfamilias; 

-apostol « vli 
-biscop w. d 

-boU m. kiiig-a 

isrio|> ; blgh 


I^H ^^^^^^^^^1 



EARC ^^1 

ealdorburgt / capital, melro- 

eaU,geRro4- quite ready. 

earc/; an ™. Z. .Noah's) arkj 


•god perfectly good. 

che.1, box, coffin ILl. aroa]. 

~dSiiiat m. chief judge, prince. 

-grfinet all-green. 

eard w. native country, home. 

-dSm m. right of primogenitore. 

-gyldent all of gold. 

dwelling-place, native soil (of 

eldership i aothorily, dignity, 

-hfiligt all-holy. 

plants) ; place : earth. 


-hwit all-while. 

-beg^nga at. inhabitant. 

-dSm-acipe m. oftice of duke. 

-Iren all of iron. 

-beggngneo /, dwelling, habita- 

-dugubt/. chief uobiliiy. 

-ioig all-icy, very cold. 

-ttSat m. chief lord. 

-geleafllo believed by all, catholic. 

-flypt ,/. old acquaintance. 
-test settled, dwelling. 

-lie princely, chief, maEiiificent. 

ealletict«n m. season of Lent. 

-lioe ail. excellently. 

ealhc catholic. 

-geardt m. dwelling-place ; world. 

-llonee/ authority. 

-gififut / gift from ones native 


-nea- -lionM. 

-mfiat av. ncarlv all, almost. 

-ll»bbond+ m dwelkr. 

-sfccordw. chief priest. 

-mihtlg-al- almighty. 

-laodt, -rioet n. native country. 

-stripe M. authority. 

-nacod quite naked. 

-lufet/ U). 

-BtOlf m. seat of authority. 

-niwe ijuitc new. 

-etapat m. wanderer. 

-pegn+ iw. chief officer. 

-ofTrung/ holocaust. 

-atgdet m. dwelling-place. 

-wisat «. chief. 

-ruh quite rough Br hairy. 

-weall m. cliff. 

ealtiort «■ life, vi'aU ; eternity— 

-aealf/ a plant. 

-wiot 1. dwelling-place. 

l«&e) on ealdre ever, w. ce 

-eeolcen quite of silk. 

-WTfcca ft. cKile, 

□ever, to ealdre, A^wa to 

-telat av. ijDite well. 

-wunimg / dwelling to one's 

eaWro, Sfre » ealdre tor ever. 

-weoldat, -wealdend sv. omni- 

native country. 

-bana m. life-dealtoyet. 

[Kitcnt one. 

eard ian dwell || Ir. settle, occupy 

-bealO M. injury lo life, terrible 

-wealdende omnipotent. 



-Wihtat///. all treatures. 

-igend m, dweller. 

-earu/ life- care, great sorrow. 

-igendlio habitable- 

-dagaa m//. life-days. 

lliing ' . 

earduag, -ing/. dvtelling ; tflbci- 

-gedAl w. separation from life, 

ealling - ealneg. 



eal.,l;neg, ealniK, ealne wee. 

-burg/, city of taLemacles. 

-MOrd m. l>ody. 
-lang lifvlone tv eterual. 

ealouwep, -niug nv. always 
eal l)-8Wft, eaU . . bwS quite so. 

-hQB «. dwelling. 
-alow/ dwelling-place. 

-IflM lifclcM- 

ear e «, ear. 

-Ippi/. fate -. death. 

in the same way, likewise; as. 

-neni/ prcBetration of life, salva- 

eallunga, -luga av. entirely. 


ealo n, ale. 

-copu/ ear-disease. 

-geBoeaft/ condition of life. 

-banct/. ale-Unch, 

-ofingar m. ■ enr-finger,' little 

-gcwiima m. moital adversary. 

-fsBt n. ale-vat. 


ealdo)i>, i>£. oldot, aldaht Dough, 

-gafol«, ale-tax. 

-hnng ni. earring. 

vessel G!. 

-gftlfciciied with ale. 

-lappa „!. lobe of the ear. 

Mlfiu^ enci m. camel. 

-hua B, alt-house. 

- e lipprio IN. n. lobe of the 

ealglan defend. 

-mealt «. ale-matt. 

eftlht m. temple. 

-BCOp m. minstrel. 

-pltett m. box on the ear. 

ealTl. ail. ealne was, eoloeg av. 

~w&get ". alecup. 

-plcettan box one's ear. 

-gewoore n. making ale, brewing. 

-preon m. earring. 

^H slH'Byj. II. av. entirely. III. n. 

-woaat m. drunkard. 

-acripel. y m. little finger. 

^^B everything, all, ofer - every- 

ealo)) H. ale [ealu]. 

-aealf/ ear-salve. 

^H where : mid -e entirely, -ea of 

-Bpinl/ earring. 

^B all w. sfv. 1 -ea awifKiit) ; entitelv. 

earn ui. (.maternal) uncle. 

-gc8p(r)oca m. whispeier. 

^1 qoile. much: -ea to Belome. 

geean yeaning (sheep). 

-Wfflrc III. ear-ache. 

-i« of bU ih. sfv. : -TB mSBt. 

eanian bring forth ilamb). 
fiar, W. mbher n. ear (of com). 

-wicga m. earwig. 

-baorhtt all -bright. 

earode having eare lo/ vessel). 

-bi«nende Luraing all over. 

ear i« «a. 

earendel, ao- >«. ray of light, 

-OTBftlg all-powerful. 

-Kebland «. surge. 


-&la very ranch. 

-grund m. depths of the sea. 

earbn //. tares. 

-Calot, al-fKle dire (i>oison). 

ear m. t earth; the FHnii ttlttr 

oarfop. earfepe I. full ol hard- 

-gMdor av. all together. 




cult. II. n. hanlship, Hiflcrilig. 
trouljle, difficulty. 
sarfoficlfrre diBicnlt of coi 

Mli^t w. day of tribnlutioQ. 

-o so. wiih difficuliy. 

-fSre diflicnit lo pass, 

-fynde hard lo liiid. 

-hfiwe difficult to be seen. 

-hlflde", -y perverse. 

-hwilt/ hard time. 

~lfire difficult lo be tacght. 

-Ubte difficuU to be dischug«d 

-lie fall of hardship, difficult- 

-lioe av. with difficulty, bxcdly : 
painfully, sorely. 

-liones/. difficulty (of urine). 

-mfOgt, -n m. onhappy roan. 

~Iiea f. hardship, trouble ; bodily 
trouble srdistnrbance (of women); 
mislbiiDne ; difBcully. 

-recce difficult to be told. 

~nme difficult to be counted ; diffi- 
cult to be eDumer&ied, innumer- 

-tftone difficult to be shown, 
-prigt/ lime of trouble. 
earfo))iBn trouble. 
ears inert ; cowardly ; bad, de- 

~B av. badly. 

-Ian be Elolbfol or remiis; loie 

heut, be cowardly. 
-lie slothful ; bad. 
-lice as. timidly; basely, tfeachcr- 

-acipe ni. sloth, cowardice, 
earbti o»jg-, lerlg- /, arrow net 

-f»ru/lliglii of arrows. 
earm m. arm ; arm (of the sea). 
-beag m. bmcelct, 
-E^f^la "'■ bracelet. 
-hrSadt/ ann-omomenl. 

~Bli«ft/ sleeve. 

-Strang, -swip strong in the ann. 

earm wretched, ntisemble, deipic- 


eannjlieort merciful ; humble. 
-ian commiserate wd., vL.\ htm 
-ode ymt he was wrry because 

-ing^iermins wretch, 

-lie wretched, iiiiseralile. 
-lice av. miserably, cruelly. 

-cynn n. cigle-kind. 
-geat, -geap m. vulture. 
eam[ian -m.g., rsrdy a. deserve, 

gei-ung, -init/. merit. 
eaming-Iand h. land earned cr 
made freehold. 

earp dnsky. dark. 

-endu nfl. bullocks. 

-ling ~oa~av. back(ward5). 

-lira', -B m. buttocks. 


-pjrol « 

earp ^ ifrp. 

earp = eart, 

eai-wunga. a- /A", az: gratis; 
with oat cause. 

§ast I. av. east, eastwards, in the 
east, II, aj.,imly in cpa. -(ep)r» 
caslem, ipl. -(ejmoal in the ei- 

-centingaa mpl. people of EB,st 

-fngle //. East-Anglians, Eist. 

-ft-ancan//. Eiast-Ftaoks. 
-healf/. east side, 
-land n. the East, 
-lang a!', along the east side, east ; 

aa wudu Is - ■ . mila lanK. 
-gem^re n. east boundary. 
-norp av. norlh-easL 
-nor))- wind m. north -east wind. 
-rioe H. eastern kingdom, the Eait. 
-rodor m. east part of sky. 
-ryhte av. due east, 
-6A/ east sea. 

-seaxe mpl. Easl-Saxoni, Essex. 
-erO,)) av. south-easL 
-BOpIang av. ham east to south. 
-(e)nreard east (word). 


gast-weg m. eastern way, the Eait. 
eastan, -e an. from the east ; in 

the east, be - prp, wd. cast of. 

wip - av. on the east side. 
-nor)ian an. from the north- 

-aCpan av. from the sonlh-easi. 

-auj>an-wlnd m. sooth-east wind. 

-wind m. east wind. 

eaate/. the East 

Easter [{bito(n) m. Enster-eve 

-d!sg m. Easter Snnday — fifrei - 

Easier Monday ; day of the Pasi- 

-fteHt«n n. Eoster-fasL 
-feorm/ Easier-feiBt. 
-lie paschal. 


-monab -«. April 
-niht/. Easter-ev 
-tadyT tasler-limi 

pegnung, -J»Sn-/. Easler-aerrice, 
paschal feasts passover. 

-wtlce/ Easter- week 

eaateme eastern (wind, people). 

Eaatr.o /., marly always Pl. -oa. 
t-an) rarely -o, -a, indal, txcift 
xi. d. -tun, g. -ena Easter ; 

-ian — op nftSne niht bSon bo- 
ode until JifieeD days of Easter 
have elap5ed._ 

Sastron, see ZJastre. 

eap^iej) more easily. 

6a,f = eBH easily. 

sa))-med|an, dad-, mt. ge- bum- 
ble, humiliate ] rfl. condew^eod ; 
submit I vid. worship, aliO rfi. 

-o humble, gentle, 

-o, -metto nfl. humility ; kind- 
ness urnhnmbly; kindly. 

Sajt-mod, Sad- bamble; kind. 

-ian, ga- humble || intr. ddgn Bd. 

-ig.-Uc humble; kind. 

-lic« av. humbly. 

~nsB/. humility. 

6a pe a/. =iepo easy. 

sa))e, lepe av., t^. lep, tap. M. 
Aaboat, iepeat, I«poBl a». easily ; 

-lie ea*y ; scanty, insignificaat, 

-lice av. easily. 

eaweBcUoe av. openly, clearly. 






pnblklv [lewan]. 

-Earu", <Bi- / (;i. 

eail/ .houldcr, 

-clftp "I. shoulder-cloth, scspalar. 

-(oigeBpftnut «■ pUce where 

-L-csteallat "i, comrade. 

f bbia m, clib, low lidc. 


-ung/. ebbiae. 

Ebrieae rn/j; Jews. 

-e'liac Hebrew, Jewish. 

joe m. nche, pain [aean], 

ec e I. eternal. II. ar. eteronlly. 

~elio eletnal. 

-eiioe ill', eiemnlly. 

-nea /. eternity — ft on -«o foi 

^ed, ee- rim, vinegu [LI. aaetum]. 

-&Bt B. i-incgar-vwsel. 

-win «. wine mixed with vinc- 

f»r (' , 
§cg/. edge ; +weapon, sword. 
-baaat m. slayer, mnrderer. 
-heardf hard of edge. 
-hatet m. hostility. 
-Uat+/. edgeCofiword). 
-plegat m., -pracut/- battle. 
~WBlt n. skaghter. 
jcg|aD, M, ^gede harrow, 
-uag/, harrowing, 
od-byrdan tegcncmte. 
ed-celnoB, -oe-/ becoiaing cool 

ed-c^nn an regenerate. 
-ingf. regeneration. 
gced-uegran lecnll. 
ed-cif rr ni. return ; ictum (of 

ed-owio regenerate. 

ed-fr§ols{an rc-grant by charter, 
ed-geongi- growing yonng again. 
ed-gield n. repayment. 
edgield an* 3 repay. 

ed.gia/ restitolion.' 
ed-gro wrung/. le-gtowing. 
ed-hiertaa refresh, encourage, 
od-hiwian refashion, 
ed-hwyrft m. change, reverse 

edlBO n. endosuie, park ; paatare. 
'hfnn/ quail. 
~\rBard m. park-keeper. 

ed-lffic,an* do again , rcpeaL 
-ling/, repetition. 
ed-last&n repeat. 
ed-Uan h. reward, retribution. 
(;e-end in, requitcr. 
-ian reward, leqnite. 
(gc -Ung/ recompenae, reqaital. 
ed-lesend|llc reciprocal, relative 
-lice au. relnlively. 
sd-lesimg/ relating Gl. 
ed-mAle ». festival GI. 
ed-tuvie. -neowe, !o I. rencwe 

-igend w. renewer, repairer, 
-ung / renewal ; mending, repara- 

-unga, -inga av. anew. 

od-Hceaft/ new creation, regenera- 

ed-Bta)>el|iaii (re)e3tablish. 
-ig restored, made strong again. 
(ge)-lgend m. restorer. 
;ge)-ilng/, restoration, 
ed-pingung/ reconciliation. 
ed-wgnden+Z change, reverse of 

fortune; destruction, lod (of the 

ed-wiglle rn, whirlpool, eddy, 
ed-wiflmt m. whirlpool lolfirei. 
ed.wigrp|aii' recover (from ill- 

-lie substantive (verb). 

ed-wit n. reproach, contnmely, 

-full, -fullio disgracefol. 
^fuIUce av. dii^Bcefnlly. 
-lift R. life of disgrace, 
-ooipet "I- disgrace — ^orh - igno- 

-sprMet/ scorn. 
-aprecat m. renler. 
-Btfflft 11. reproach, contumely. 
edwitan - ffitwitan reproscb. 
efs-lang = efen-. 
Gfelnj-Uste/. evcilasting ;a plant). 
efen. ofa ; enm, I'u (om/esiliBn 

ennno)-. 'lit/ {-fo'iii! arc not 

sIritlW. L level; even (temper), 
unchanOTd. IL av. equally. 

efenJB^e equally aoble, 

-&m9tan 5 compare. 

-behfife equally necessary or ose- 

-beorht eqnally bright. 
-biacop m. co-bishop. 
-blisslan rejotdnn equally wd. 
-ceasterwaran //. fellow -citizens. 
-Ogmpa m. fellow -soldier, 
-eriatat* m. fei low-Christian. 

-gedAlan share equally. 

-aiere equally dear, equally be- 

-fiadlg equally blessed. 

-eald of the same age, contem- 

-«ardjgenda dwelling together w. 

-oca co-elemal vid. 

-edwletUo of the same substance, 

consubslantial wd, 
-fane m. fcUow-setvant. 
-etan g eat as mucb as -■ud, 
-fela equally many, as many. 
-gefSon 5 rejoice together. 
-god equally good. 
-MaJi equally high. 
-hSap m. fellow-soldiei (!; 
-h^renos/ praising together. 
-herian praise together. 
-hIeo))or >l. unison. 
-hlyte*, -ote equal in rank. 
-hlytta III. partaker, sharir. 
-i^rfeweard m. co-heir. 
-iojie equally easy. 
-lAoan imitate wJ. 
-IScead, -lecere m, imitator. 
(ge)-lSc8Btre/. imitator. 
;ce)~l*oling/ Jmiulion. 
-l&ng, efelting of equal length. 
-lange*, emn- frp. tvd. along, 
-loof equally pleasant w. d, ef fier- 

-llo, go- eijua! W. ; of the same 

age er period. 
-jellC equal. 
-(ge)lica III. cqiial. 
-lice av equally, alike, 
ge-liolan make eqoil. 
-licnee/ equality. 
-ling m. equaL 
-gein»o<Mt m. equal, fellow. 
-mAre of equal fame er jmpor- 



efi3n|insB8sepreost m, fellow- 

'^micel of equal size or greatness. 

'-mid middle. 

~niihtig equally mighty. 

^modlice av. with equanimity. 

~gemyndig equally mindful. 

~ndah. equally near. 

~iiillt, emniht/ equinox. 

-nes, efnes/. equality ; equity. 

-r§J>e equally ferocious. 

-rice of equal power. 

~8&cerd m. fellow-priest. 

"S&r n. equal sorrow. 

"-s&rig equally grieved zw/. 

~8arg^an commiserate. 

~sargung/. sympathy. 

~8cearp equally sharp. 

-Bcolere m. school-fellow. 

-scyldig equally guilty. 

-spediglic, -delio consubstantial. 

~st&lian prepare Gl. 

-swi)> equally strong. 

~3wil>e av. equally. 

^tdwistlic consubstantial. 

~twft — on emtw& av. in two. 

~peow(a) m., ~J>Sowen/. fellow- 

-prowian sympathize. 

-prowling/, sympathy. 

-wAge/. counterpoise. 

-wierpe, -weopp equivalent 

-wyrcend m. co-operator. 

~wyrhta m. colleague. 

efenehp/. plain [efen-hiehp]. 

efes /. eaves ; border (of forest). 
Cp. yfea. 

^fe8',ian, efs- shear, cut (hair). 

-ung/. shearing, tonsure. 

efetje/., once ~a newt. 

geefii(^i an compare /M 

e£he (/.) alum. 

efhe, strict W. enine I. av. equally 

gefeohtan (^ drawn battle) ; 

with fairness, justly ; exactly, just 
— - 8wa just as. II. inter j. be- 
hold I ecce. often intens. or pleon. 

truly, indeed nu (even) now ; 

behold I ecce. " ]>& just then ; 
behold ! 

ef Stan, oe-,iff/r. hasten ; endeavour 
w. hu and sbj. [ofost]. 

eft av. a second time, again ; after- 
wards ; order of statement, argu- 
ment, iSr*c. again, rursum : eft Hd 
hie pr^Ade purh pone witgan ; 
back : wendon « h&mweard. 

eft 'cyme t m. return. 
-eawitan 6 reprove (!). 
~hweorfl9nde recurrii^. 
-lean n. recompense, 
-liesing/ redemption. 
~8ittan sit again (!). 
*8ipt m. return intr. 
-sipgende retreating, 
^ona av. again, 
^pellung/ recapitnlation (I), 
-wyrdf/ future &te. 
eftgian repeat ; restore, strengthen 


fge m, fear — habban -^ td fear, 
-full terrible, 
-leas fearless. 
-ISaslice av. fearlessly, 
-leasnes/. fearlessness, 
-wielmf m. wave of terror. 
fgeae,jirt. qffogaaa. harrow, 
f genu/, chaff, 
fges'a, ^gsa fear; what is terrible 

-full, -ftillie terrible. 
-fUlice av. terribly, 
-fulnes/. terribleness. 
-gprima m. spectre, 
-lie terrible. 

-lice av. terribly ; excessively, 
^gesliai:; , ^gs- terrify, 
-ungy. terrif)'ing, threatening. 
^g^pje, |gpe/. harrow [^cgan]. 
-ere m. narrower, 
-getigu npi. some implement of 

geeggian incite M^. [Scand."] 
fgl (/.) mote (in eye), 
^glan, -ian wd. molest, trouble 

{esp. ^diseases). 
-e troublesome ; horrible, repulsive ; 

^gle, ^gile/ dormouse. 
egor = eagor. 

SsyPt|e, -ipte mpi. Egyptians, 
-iac Egyptian. 
eh- =r eon-, 
eht an, e ?, oe w. g. or a. pursue, 

persecute [oht]. 
-end, -ere m. persecutor. 
-ing, -nesy". persecution. 
geehte, see ^geeehtan subdue. 
ei, see ea. 

eiseg once\ « egesig (?' terrible. 
el {tn. the letter 1. 
-leoht elision of/ Gl. 



^o,ian, i^ldoian intr. delay w. 

sbj. II tr. delay, retard [eald]. 
-end m. procrastinator. 
-ung/. delay. 

^Icor, ^llicor, once ellora av, else- 
where; othervdse, else — nohtr 

nothing besides [fie-]. 
flora cpv. se - the latter (<u opposed 

to the former) [floor], 
eldoung = elcung. 
ele, oe m. oil \Lt. oleum], 
-baoen baked in oil. 
ele-bdam m. olive-tree, 
-en of the olive-tree. 
-Btybb m. olive-stump Ct 
ele|ber(i)jse/. olive, 
-bjrtty. oil-vessel. 
-fSsBt n. oil-vessel. 
-horn m. oil-flask. 
-least/ lack of oil. 
-seal^. oil-salve. 
-seohne/. oil-strainer. 
-tredde/. oil-press. 
-treow n. olive-tree. 
-treowen of olivetrees. 
-twig n. olive-twig. 
elehtre, vE. elot(h)r lupin (a 

plant [/-/. electrum]. 
elfen = ielfen. 

f 1-hygd/ distraction yoi mind). 
fl';e)-landt n. foreign country, 
file aj. pi. remaining IM. 
ellefiie = endlufon. 
f lien nm. courage, zeal — on - 

• boldly. 
-campian contend zealously, 
-craeftf m. might. 
-dAdf/ deed of courage, 
-g&stf, S m. bold demon, 
-heardf brave, 
-l&cat m. champion. 
-leas wanting in courage, 
-lie brave, 
-licet av. daringly. 
-mArpot/ fame of courage. 
-roft brave. 
-seocf dying. 
-sprflbct /'. speech, voice, 
-pristef courageous. 
-weorcf n. deed of courage. 
ellen-wodf furious, 
-ian be zealous, emulate. 
-nesy. zeal. 
ellen, -em .» .) I. elder-tree. II. of 

-rind/, elder-bark. 



lUern-eUen alcl«i 

f/UtB av. otlienTuw ; if it were 

[ DtherwUc, else bwnt, - wiht, 

, , .J' 

-hwSr, -hwergen 

-hwider an, ri^ewhither. 

^ort av. eUrwbilher, elsewbeie 

, motion) landea in another 


-fOB icndy lo depmt (fiom life). 

-gtat. fi m. alien sprite. 

-Mf ra. ilepanure, dealli. 

elm (ft. elm ILt. alinua]. 

-Tiad/. elm -bark. 

elmeBtlio «> alm«slio. 


-gcmet n. rll-mcaaore, 
-boga, f llel-, ?lin- m. elbow. 
(IniAn /<-. entoiitagt ; f/f. lake 

hcarl, be revived || mir, be >eal- 

oas, emiiUlc [^llen]. 
-Ung/ eneouiagement i Mai, cmn- 

elpend. -ent, y-, yip m, elephanl 

[//. elephOiOiua]. 
-b&D, elpen-, ylpen-, ylpes- n. 

-bfinen, elpen-, ylpesbiineii ut 

f 1 li-reord, -tg bitbaions, foreign. 
-Ignea /: barbnrism GI. 
(ltBt=i^daBt, 4C1 eald. 

gl-tidod, f 11- /. forcig^i cadon,//. 

foidgners ; exile (.!■ = ^Ipiode. 

//, = »I-)>Soda* bU people . ' . 
pr-aa make stiange, disturb Ul. 
fl-peodlg, tfttpiedls I. foreign, in 

eule; ix^r. tst ranged. II. h. exile. 
-lioe av, abroad. 
-iiea_^ living abroad, exile. 
-iKa, -an, ^Ijidodgian live abrnad. 

be a pilgrim nr exile. 
fl-^ead(K)Ulig/. residence abroad, 

fl-^3odiHC foreign. 

^-piede, -«o- «. [0 exile [jljrtod]. 

^Uwriht*, »-/ itraiige monjtet, 

•m un.: riil/fterm. 

-leont elision vtni Gl. 

(ODbliit, oe - &mbiht. 

emel^ymel caterpillar. 

eiim(e .- efen, e&e. 

emnet- h. plain [efen]. 
BmnBtt»nlevel_^^., deslroy ; make 

emrene -^ ymbryne. 
emsw&fela - efen-awft-fela Jusi 

fnd = andand. 
fnd|iaa end Ir. and iatr. : <:ie. 
.ytl-ung/, tnilint', end ; death. 
),'e^ndadlug !.\. =- gef nduug-. 
f ndo m C'.d , limit, border; quart: 
"'""" ~ be Bghwilcum ■ 

Uilily I apcci< 

ClUlt, . 

I ilinth 

hw&m He ~ gehwurfc how things 
would torn out ; ptet he seaii'we 

-byrdy; arraiigement. order. 
-bjTdaii put in order, amnge. 
-byrdea av, in an orderly manner, 

-byrdUC ordinal numberi, 
-byrdlice av. in order, successively. 
-byrdneB/ order, 
-dfflgt ™. last day |end, death). 
-d;ap|- «i. death, 
-dogort m, last day. death. 
-IftfT/ last remnant, 
-leant " final retribution, 
~leaB, -leasllo endless. 
-leaalioe ati. endleuly. 
-leaBnea/. eternity, 
-lift- ». death. 

~manii m, man of the present day. 
-nieliBt last — eet -an finally. 

-BjBtat III. borderer, coast-guard. 

-Bpirlffie/. epilogue. 

-HtiBft HI. end ; destruction, 

f nd-weerc m. pain in anus. 

^ademes, ^mdenea, ^mdemes, 
-eat av. completely ; eqaally, 
uniformly, unanimouslyi together 
— ealle - all ■.logelher;, likewise. 

endlufon, -Io'o)f., -lyf-, etH-, 
sndlefen, elleEas eleven. 

eniUyfta eleventh. 

fried/ duck. 

gnge narrow: causing anxiety, 
painful, i^eveie [anse]. 


fngu/ narrowness 

fngel III, angel \_LI. angeltu]. 

-ound angelic. 

-cynn n. race of angels : order, 

rank of angels, 
-lie angelic. 
^□gle, Angle m//. the Knglish 

[Angel], -a-land n. Elnglaud. 
i^ngliBC I. English, n. n, English 

-gereord », English langnage. 
enitre, enetare, enwintra one 

year old [f.n-wintre]. 
enlefa&^endlufoa eleven. 
gnt m. giant. 
-cynn », race of giants, 
-iac of giants, 
enwintre -enitra. 
eode pri. ej g&n go. 
e(,o)dor m. enclosure, fence, hedge ; 

court, dwelling ; region, lonc ; 

tlirmcc, king. 
-brocp, -btyce m. fence-breaking, 

-gang m. refuge, 
-vrirt m. enclOiing wire, 
eofole/. a plant [2/. ebulum]. 
eofor m, I wild) boar; tfigure of 

boar on helmet. 
-ctunbolt n. boar-shaped en^gn, 

-feam n. polypody (a fcm'i. 
-Ke-f- H, image of a boar, 
-Bpreott m. boar-spear. 
-swin It. boar pig. male pig. 
-Jirisg \n, '■• the constellation Orion. 
-prote/ carline thistle, 
eofot, vE. ebbat n. debt; crime 

r/rom •ef-hSt]. 
eonil-sBot n, blasphemy. 
eofUlBian blaspheme \Jrom ef- 

eoh, ,f. eoa. mn, (war) horwf ; Ihl 

-heolopo/ elecampane (a plant). 
Sohf ^ iw yew ; the Kiihh Itlltr eo. 
eoletl" »mt [n.\ sea-jooroey. 
eolh »(., g. felea elk ; Hamt ef a 

Kunic htltr. 
-sand m, amber. 
-eecg, vE. iluB- M. sedge. 
eolone, eleno / elecampane (a 



ecir«d, -od «/. Iroop lof tavalryl, 

eorpjoyningt m. earthly king; 

Eotol- wars;);, Italians. 

leeion [eoh. rid]. 

kinjjoflhe land. 

6ow, 6aw, ew w. sheep ; -U, -a/. troop. 

-oynnt "- terrestrial Epeties. 

-geatwet//". milliard' trappings. 

-dracftt m. earth-dragon. 

-estre m. sheep-fold. 

-heap m. iroop, host. 

-dyne m. earthquake. 


-i.ojd/ flock i sheep-fold. 

-mgcgt, » HI. horseman. 

-f»Bt fixed in the earth. 

-(o;dB. -eden. flook, herd. 

-gcrid n. iroQ]i of cavolty. 

-fBtt". thebo^ly- 

-ohtimele/ female hop-plant. 

-{■reatt m. troop. 

-gealla m. lesser centaury ^a 

BOW - iw )-e« . 

-werod h. troop. 


eow^giw griffin. 

eoT«ndel = €a-. 

-greefw. ditch, pit. 

60 w yon. 

-grapt/. earth's grasp. 

eowii)an = lewan show. ' 

earl, chief; + (brave) tn.m. 

-hnutu/ earth -not. 

iowft, eow ! inlcTJ. alas I 

-gebyrdt/. noble binh, nobUity. 

~h.T6Tnoa/. earthquake. 

-cund noble. 

-hu8 H. earth-house, sobterranean 

eower your. 

-dam m. earldom. 


-I^adiBC of your country Gl. ' 

-iBC nobk. 

-iflg n. ground ivy. 

SowUDga - eawuQga. 

-Uo earthly. 

eplstol m. tetter [ll. epiaboU], i 

-,l)ico av, itron£ly, cucesaively. 

-Uee or. in an earthly manner. 

ar,ian plough. 

-msgent n. Iroop of waniora. 


-iung/. ploughing. 
-Ing-land n. arable land. 

-ryhtH, right or privilege of an eatl. 

-msgent «. earlhl) or temporal 


ai-ce-^ tares-. 

-geatreont n. lieasurc. 

-mafia*, -ta m. earth-worm. 

em -tern bouse. 

-gcwfcdet M. aimoor. 

-gemot ». geometry ll). 

grso sttibble-held. 

-werodt ". troop of wairioti. 

-mirtel m. basil (a plant). 

-hpim/ quail. 

6bs//. q/'fia heathen god. 

eormen-t, jnrraen- 

-nafola, -naf;B)la m. asparagus. 

-cynn n. niankhid. 

-r?t»dt ». cave. *^ 

fBIte m. labourer, servant ; retainer ; 

-grund III. the earth. 

-rest/, bed on the groimd Gl. 

-Iftf/ grtnl legacy. 

-TlOO n. country ; the earth. 

-cund of a labourer Gt. 

-Btrynd/ generation, race. 

-rima m. a plant, 
-fiesoeaftt/. earthly creature. 

-lice, eanl- m, manfully, strenn- 

-J>eod/ grr>.-.t people. 

-wyrhta «. hireling, labourer. 

eoman - ieman. 

-aor»f+ H. cave ; sepulchre. 

-Hflet m. cave. 

-Blihtes av. level with the ground 

esol, eosel ™. aM, ^ 

eomoat, -eat L [or-©'] earnest, 

-cweom/ mill turned by an ass. 

serious. II. / «al, eamcslnras 

is/ graced grass). 


oo -[e). (lurh -e in earnest. 

-0 av. earnestly, in Barnesl ; fiercely. 

-BtyrenneH, -Btynmg / earth- 


-lice av. atrictly ; in truth, indeed. 


est, 00 fm, lavonr, grace, bounty; 

therefore, bnt, and. 

-tierwo/ bitumen. 
-tilift -r. farmer. 

will : ofer mine - against my 

«orp = earp swarthy. 

will 1 fl. -as delicacies 11 -nm ao. 

eorre ^ ierre anpy. 

-till./ agriculture. 

kin.ily, willingly, bounteouslv. 

tictcpf. earth, ground, world. 

-t(id(diort«. earth-progeny, man- 

-eadlg-, eft-t living in iniury. 

-seppel m. encumber. 
-»mt " tomb, graie. 

-WBBtm m. fruit of the earth. 

-(l)fUU kiAd, devoted, helpful; 

-ber(i g©/. strawberry. 

-waru/. ; -o, -an//, mankind. 

devout, pious 1 fond of Iniory. 

-bifung, so/ earthquake. 

-weall «. eaith-wall. mound. 

-ftllliee av. kindly, devotedly. 

-bigf nga m. inhabitant of earth. 


-fulnea/ devotion, seal; Inmry, 

-biKfiiKiies/. agriculture. 

-wegt m- earth. 


-welB"!. fertility; wealth. 

-geom fond of luxury. 

-ig gracious, bountifiil wff. 

-burg/. earth-fortificstiOQ. 

^erod «. inhabiinEts of eanb. 

-ignw/. kindness. 

~(Be)byrat n. landslip. 

EotaB m//. Jntei. 

-mjte "J. dainty—//. -m(tt*B 

-oeafor m. beetle. 

eot«Qt m. giant 

-Isc of giants. 
-wsardt (?)- 

eBt{e gracioot, boimliful w4g. 
-(e.liM av. graciously; ^Udly. J 
willingly; delicately, Inxunonsly. 

-crMftm. geometry (!). 

-crypel, pp m. paralytic petaon. 

Eotenaa/;. Jutes. 

-aund earthly. 

Eotol-, Etel- Italy ILt. ItaUa]. 



■ ETAir 

«t|UI,/rr. At s cat ; coiiaumi: 

-end, -ere m. ealei, glutton. 

-Ing/. eating. 

fto-Iand fl. pHGluie land [f tti 

eten-lAs/. pasinre. 

etol gluttonous. 

-nea/ gluttony. 

•ttBn /r. pBjlnre (land) [etan 

'-■■— -- Vr. breathe; 

I, Gounliy, native land 

imell i.odour'). 
[BJUDg/brenlhing; hard breath- 



ft, ite OLb hostile. 

-IScon be at Teud with. 
^K 0^ m.i/l. -n enemy. 
^L ftoian try to get, usiilrc lo 
H [(Se«n]. 

^^P |ko(0)ll "- deceit, fiand, treachery ; 
^^ injury, malleo, crime. 

-geowlBB conspiracy. 

-dftd/. ^. 

-ftill deceit fnl. 

-ISoa guileless. 

-lie deceilfnl. 

■-Ilea, B av. deceitfally, trencher- 

•MMTot w. treacheiy. 

-dteUhat ""/'■ ticachery. 

f eewlperet «. neachciy. 

-t&oetlt "- deceitful token. 

flione > flbone. 

flid|I&n set in order, oirange. direct, 

"■ung /. order, arrangeineni, dis- 

tma*,v£. fShan;/'/. fie do paint Gl. 

Abo nni, s^ce ; period of time, 

-full spacious. 

lBo|an deal : gif bvri td dfiruiii 
mid yrfe -e ifjoiaii]. 

tocelo/ lorcb. C/>. pEcele. 

flbona, Oono I. deceitful, frnudn- 
lMt,tre*cherDUB: wicked. II. mi. 


— thwielBs - the sea ; /Ae Kiihic 
liller S ■= lalir e. 

St)el bodat m. apostle of a country, 
native preacUcr. 
1 -cynlngt m king of the land. 
I -dreamt '". home joy. 

-eardt m. native dvfelling. 

-fsstant ti. fottcess. 

~l&Qd+ n. (native') land. 

-16aat homeless. 

-mearot^ territory. 

-ricet ". native kingdom, country, 

-rihtt n. rights of a native, heredi- 
tary privilege. 


d>el|BeIdt, -BBtIt H. setilenient. 
-atsf m. support of country or 

-rtabolt m. settlement. 

-etol m. setllement, habitation ; 

metropolis, capital. 
-Blowr+y; dwelling-place, 
-turft/ country. 
-prymmt m. gloryof one's country, 
-woardt <«. king; man. 
-wynnt/ joy of country. 
epr- - At>r-. 
epfia-ojtbe or. 
— ii.oe //.:./ oxa ox. 

deceitfully; maliciously, wickedly; 

geCsed orderly, proper, well-rego- 
lated (in character) [fadiaii]. 

-lie snilahle, proper. 

-llOO nil. properly. 

teder, i/. - ; ^. -, -08, fsBdroB, A. 
re)aduF: //. -as, fndroB m. 
father ; in pi. parents, ancestors | 
OBld - grandfather ; ancestor \cf. 
eald-fffiderj. ])ridda - great- 

-»t*lot/>/. patrimony ; genealogy. 

-§pel n. birth-place, native land. 

-fooh «. father's mon^, marriage 
portion of widowed daughter re- 
turned to the father. 

-geaitla8+ mpl. bitth-placc, home. 

-leas fatherless. 

-lie of a father, paternal ; ancestral. 

-lice □;'. in a paternal manner, 

-rice n. hcrC'litary kingdom. 

-olaga m. patricide. 

-gcBtreon «. patrimony. 

-owica m. traitor to one's father, 


ge£eBder|a m. godfather. 

-e/. godmother. 

fffldie'-ron paternal. 

-bropop m. full brother, 

-cndal «r. father's kin or family. 

-cyiui ft, father's family, pedigree. 


fisderen|healf/ father's side (in 

-mag, fiederiiig- m. paternal re- 

-mtbg^/. paternal kindred. 
gefi»deren, gcftodred bom of the 

same father as tvJ. 
ftsdriinga m..f. parental relatitc. 

Qlg« on the point of death, doomed 

lo death, fated; dead; damned, 

accursed; afraid, cowardly. 
fffigen, ge- glad, rejoicing vi>g. 

ftegen^ian, fsgn-, falm- rejoice, 

c^ult. be pleased with isg. % 

-, oa - fawn (<ydog), 
igc)-ung/. rejoicing. 
neger, nt, get beautiful, fair; 

pleasant, aweet sound, odour); 

fair (words), 
-e, fngra av. beautifully ; plea- 

santly ; kindlv ; gently; fittingly, 

ige)-neB/. beauty. 
-wyrde smooth-speaking, concili- 

fiegriiui intr. become beautiful II 
Ir. adorn. 

BBhiijo I, tSg>-/ feud.eBmitj[aii]. 
-hot/ feud-compensation. 
t a i aca n -tt-. 



t&ief, oef I. faithful, kind, pleasant. 
II. av. faithfully, pleasantly. 

fslging = fi^lging. 

fiBliriant pnrify [fSle]. 

figman foam [f&m]. 

fi&mig = f&mig. 

f&JD.n\e/. virgin ; fwoman. 

~(an)h&d m. virginity ea mann 


-(enjlic, fSmhadllc virginal. 

fBBr n. going ; journey, passage — 
rnannes - ; thoroughfare, road ; 
removal in/r. ; military expedi- 
tion I (course of) life || movable 
possessions | ship [faran]. 

~ent, -"Tiht (!) tt. fare, passage- 
money in ship) [faer, »ht]. 

~8ceatt m. fare, passage-money. 

fSar- ^ for-. 

fibr /;/. .sudden) danger, calamity, 

'•befangenf encompassed with 

-blAa m, sudden or terrible blast. 

-biTrnef /;/. terrible heat. 

-ci^lef w. terrible cold. 

"Clamin ///. sudden ^r terrible grasp. 

-cwealm m. pestilence. 

~deaj> f/i. sudden death. 

-dry pet = -drepe ;//. sudden 
stroke or -dryre sudden fall. 

~fi^ll m. sudden fall — on - headlong. 

-gripet M- sudden grasp. 

^gryref m. danger, terror. 

-hagaf w. environment of danger. 

~inga, -unga, -unge av. qnidcly, 
soon ; suddenly. 

~lic, feredlio sudden. 

~lice av. suddenly. 

-nipt ///. hostility. 

~8c(e';apat w. enemy. 

-scytet w. dangerous shooting or 

~8earot «• artifice, stratagem. 

-seal) m. terrible pit, abyss Gl. 

-slidet m. sudden slip. 

-spell t «. terrible news. 

-stice m. sudden stitch (pain). 

-stylt amazement IN. =for8t7lt t 

-wundort n. prodigy. 

gefflsr n. going, coarse, march (of 

f{br<an alarm, terrify. 

-ing*, 6 /. simulatio Gl. 

fiBBrben|a, v£, -u [/or -oj m, 

ftoreldy -elt n. joomey, expediticwi, 

company ; motion, locomotion ; 

fflsreld-firdols m. feast of the pass- 

fflBB n. fringe. 

fSBslt («•) progeny, ofTspring. 

fflBst firm, £ced, stin (soil) — 

- innop constipated ; fortified (by 
nature or art) ; heavy (sleep) ; 
steadfast, firm (mind, £uth) ; reli- 
gious, Christian (book). 

-e av. firmly ; (sleep) heavily ; 
vigorously, (forbid) strictly. 

-gangoltf foBSten- persevering, 
firm (mind). 

-hafol tenacious ; miserly. 

-hafolnes/! parsimony. 

-heald firmly fixed. 

-hygdigf , -bydig firm in mind, 

-lie fixed, steadfast, vigorous (war- 

-lice av. firmly, steadfastly, vigor- 

-mod firm in mind, constant. 

-nes/. firmness, massiveness ; forti- 
fication, firmament, sky ; kindness, 
/or sfeestnes (?). 

-rifed stendihst, firm (mind). 

-lice av. steadfastly. 

-nes/. fortitude. 

-steallt firm. 

fSBetan make firm ; entrust || fast 

— feDsten ge- keep a fast ; ab- 
stain from (food) wi. 

ffldsting/. taking care of child. 

-mann m. king's purveyor (?). 

f8Beten(n) n. fortress, castle, clois- 
ter ; firmament, sky || fast. 

-behflBfednes/. parsimony G\,,/or 
faeat- (?). 

-bryce m. breach of fasting. 

-d»g m. fast-day. 

-die m. moat. 

-gangol = fiB98t-. 

-fi^eat n. gate of fortress. 

-tid/. fast-time, fast. 

-geweorc «. liability for repair of 

-WTice/. week of fasting. 

ffldstn'ian fasten, fix, mgf. fix (hopes 
on Cjod) ; conclude (peace), ratify 
(agreement) ; betroth. 

-img/. fixing; ratification; pledge, 
engagement ; security. 

tot n. vessel, casket, cop, pot. 

^fyUere, Htyin m, cnp-Mtren 

totan put ; - inn take in, swallow. 

toted, fit* <)Bbtt ornamented with 
gold — golde - Bweord. 

-mdorf with ornamented cheeks 
{0/ horse). 

-sinof ft. treasure. 

totels m. tub, vessel ; ponch, bag. 

-ian' put into a receptacle or 

tott fat, fatted (calQ. 

-ian grow £tit II /r. fatten. 

~ne8/. fatness. 

tott » toted. 

topm m. outstretched arms ; em- 
brace I bosom, lap, womb; 
envelopment, interior, midst | 
grasp; control, power; proteo- 
don I expanse ] cubit, fathom. 

-lie embracing, enclosing. 

-rimt ft. (cubit-)measure. 

to)>m(i)an surround, envelop ; 
clasp, seize. 

fSBlg (m.) plaice, flounder. 

f&g variegated, pied (horse) ; dis- 
coloured, stained, blood-stained; 

-ian ifttr. varj' in colour || /r. em- 

-nesy". scab, ulcer, eruption. 

-lingy". variety, 

-wyrm m. basilisk. 

fjilg^tt|an, -etan tntr. change 
colour; mid wordum - speak 

-ung /. t'ft/r. changing colour {of 
sky in storms). 

fSBlh, fag, //. fSk hostile ; proscribed, 
outlawed ; guilty wi. 

tott> <^A f»t(t)am metal plate, 
gold ornament. 

fiEUdian make sheep-fold, hurdle 
off sheep [falod]. 

fal(o)d fft. sheep-fold, ox-stall. 

-gang fft. going to sheep-fold. 

fals I. false (weight), counterfeit 
(coin). II. ft. fraud, dishonesty; 
coimterfeit coin [Fr. or Z/.]. 

f&m ft. foam. 

-bl&wende discharging foam. 

fSBlmgian foam [fftmigj. 

fSBlmig, » foamy. 

-bordat with foamy sides. 

-bdsmaf foamy-bosomed. 

-healst foamy-necked. 

fjEUia fft, banner. 

fandlaTi w. g. or a. invettigate, 
explore ; try, test, tempt 


fkuiduilg / iavi-aliestion. talin^j. 

ptooS, icoiptalioD. 
&Ul|ei ~^/- banner |l iiis (> pliuil . 
tuigeiKehovtyI..[tda; trScmid.]. 
flum /. wiimowitiB-fan [£/. van- 

fiULt, o m. (baptismnl) (oat [U. 

-ftet n, fonl. 

-h&lsuns/- coQseciBtioQ orloat. 

-meter n. font-water. 

fiu>lan 1 go, march, imvel (by land 
or lea)^ — iu pass, senii o6m of 
~«iidam irege. on -- tin/., vi. on 
a. assail, lake city) | lead life, 
behave, act t jold biwunge -- be 
hypwrilicil ] fare, be : wal ~ 
ftos'xi, - b&lon beMntun be 

-WUlBS*, Itf/. pMsage. '*". 

{e&irui I go dec : at:conipltsb 
(joumey «r dislBncc} | fate &c.! 
I /f. suffer (shipwreck) ; behave. 
act { die — Kararen deceased 
attack (hie mid Derde) | take 
possession of, occupy ^country^' 
gain (vicloiy). 

tSsatgfil. o/Ob. 

ge&ra m. fellow-traveller, com- 
panion. Cf. gefe™. 

Fu-iSBiaO Phaiiscan — - mann 
Pharisee \_Ll.\. 

&ropt (H.) shore. 

-hengest m. ship. 

-Ubocuide, -ridende sailing, sen- 

-Btrftt/. ocean, 

fkm f. going. Itansil, journey ; 

tnaicu, expedition ] conne of life. 

life, pioceedings ; adventures |l 
r ttoop, letitiuc, companions , iiiot- 

■ble property, baggage. 
I btton fotUn. 

&p e, -u /. paternal aunt. 

fkul m.) tvil spirit ;!_ 

IBft, -wc, -wk, li. fea(wu m, g. 

feart L few, II. mi. (nut) even 

n little, 
-lagt JfJ deslimtc 
-(W)neB/ fewness, scarcilj. 
-B(M&ft(lK'j't' (lestilule icg. ; pijof, 

eefSa, -in, Ka m. joy [geHon]. 
-lie pleasant, 
gcfeftldt II. (,!;. 


t'eald'aji i iold. 

itol, fyldatdl m. camp-itool. 

feale-for - felo-. 

foalg, foiOh, BB, e/ felly (of wheel) II 

' Jan harrow. 
■ins f- ban owing. 

fealh pri. of fSolan. 

fealllan i fall, 'mtt. falf (i 
vice), lall down ; prostrate one- 
self : him tO fotum ~ | rush — 
on-assait; Row (d/' river) | come 
to an end, decay W ltingdoin"i. 
fall (in battle). 
-e&dlia perisbable, transient. 

gefeallan i fall — mil. his mod 
getSoll on hjrre lufe | perish II 
/r. him d;mm~ make 3 slaughter 

feaUe/ trap. 

fealo, //. fealwe I. dull-coloured, 
yellow, yellow iah-rcd, brown, 
liay(horBe). II. «, fallow grounii . | 

-hiltet yellow-billed. 

fealwlan grow yellow; change 
colour ; ripen, wither. 

fear - fearh. 

tearh, fear m. pig, boor. 

gclbarh (suw) with young. 

-bfdd n. fern-bed. 

TeaTT m.. -hryper ii. bull. 

tSaw, ji-f fSa fen. 

feaxfi.hnirofthe head, head of hair 

-C14J, n. cap. 

-eaoan^/. forelocks. 

-ode wilh hair steorra cornel. 

yc-ode, gc-an, ge-a having a head 

-fbjlg m. seizing by the hair. 
-feallUBg/. loas ol hail, mange. 
-h4r Htey-haircd. 
-n»dl/. (uiling-iron. 
-neB'.faiiiia/head of haiiC!) Gl. 
-n^tt It. hair-net. 
-prion VI. hair-pin. 
-sceaoga m. bnnch of hair. 
^aceacgede sli,i(;)p-. 
-aoeara/// Imir-cuiiing scissors. 
febbres, i« fefer. 
f^can = ff tlon. 

tedian, oe feed, suckle, bring forth 
ifmil, children), tear, tiring up 

-(,ediaeB_/r noDiishmenl. 

fSd|el«, ~esl m. feeding, keep ; fat- 
tened anim.ll Gl. 

-iiig/ feeding. 

-nea/ nourishment lid. 

fefer, -or. oHce febbrea, m. fever. 

-adl/ fever. 

-fuge /. feverfew (a plant) \_U- 


^'j;e)(Bglllg,'-ung_;f joining; con- 
junction (in grommar). 
iol[aii, oe feeluy. 
~elgas without sensation. 
(ge)-neBy^ feeling, sens.iiion. 
fel-oyrf foreskin (!). 
tbl-tfill ». privy. 
Tela, vE. felo- many, much : 

-Efecnet very Ireacherous. 
-reald manifold, various. 
-frecaBt veiy fierce. 
-geoiiior+ very sad. 
-geong \ -geoga* having tia- 

vdle.l much. 
-hrSrt- very brave, 
-idel-sprAce very loquacious. 
-ISOft very dear, 
-mihtigf, ea very mighty. 
-modlg \ very btnve. 
-OpPfbce lounacions. 
-8pi.r)ecol loquacious. 
-Bp(r)acoliieB/ loquacity. 

-syBIligt very guilty. 

-wlanct vtiy proud. 

^wyrde loquacious. 

-wypdnea/. loquacity. 

fold. d. ~a. -e m. field, plain, field 

-beo/. locust ('). 
-blacopwyrty: a plant, 
-ciricey! couniiy chutch, 
-flfen/. field-fairy. 
-gangonde ficld-lrayersing. 
-hrijwr n. lield-oa. 
-hiiH n. tent. 

-land It. flat country, lower land. 
-Uc mral- 

-m.aBdere/. rosemary, 
-mint*/ Willi mint 
-more, -u/i (iarsnip. 



feld wsBteni 
-wop m. plan 





-on of skins. 

Mo-for, vE. feolnfer, -re(k)r^; 
raat(a)fDr fieldfare (a \niA). 

felon D^fBolan. 
felt («,)*■'" "). 



-wyrt/. Willi mullein (a plnnt). 
ftoeBter «. o/- m. window [Zi 

fipig ru, grasp; booty [^fon]. 
-nett «. net, 

gefi^ng M', n taking, capture. 

feng, jW^fBn- 

f^gelt »i. piince, king. 

fbnix, e+ m. phttnix ; date p«lin 

\Ll. phoenli]. 
Ifnn HMJ, mnd, dirt ; fen. 

-fbam n. osmunda irgalis 

-frijtut/- refnge in fcn. 
-hlipt «. fen-retrcal. 
-hopt n. fen-retreal. 
-Is maddy. 
-plftdt «. fen-tract, 
-lUlil «. fen-coontty. 
-mints/, waler-mint 
-MM «. fcD-covering. 
-Joe*, fenf eet/ frog. 
Ro rf. i/ftoh. 
feo-laga m. partni 

iJVW. reUri]. 
Hon, feogan h.itc. 
ISo(,u;ng, (Bowling/ hatred, W 

gefson, /rr. -eah, -Agon, /fi 
-eeseu 5 rejoice vi.g. ar i. 


feoh, d. tto.gpl. fSona h. cattle 
money — licBondo - gold an, 
silTcr, money ; property, wealth 
lie Jfunic ktler f. 

-behftt L. promise of money- 

-bot/ pecuniary compensalion, 

-fang m. taking bribe):. 

-gi^fu./. hounty. 

-giSftl/ h 
-gifref avi 

-gift/ gift of money. 

feohigilaere m. miser. 
-gitsimg. t6oK-/. aymie. 

■K^hAt ". promise of money. 

-hord m. treasury. 

-IttnUnS "■ money-1 ending. 
-ISas wilhtiut raoney ; -tiiol to be 
bought off (^homicide). 

Igasnes/ wuit of money. 

-Hceattast fif!- wages. 
-BpedBt /fi/. riches. 
.^pilling/ wule of money, 

'gcBtealdt 1. possession of riches. 

.Strang opolcnt. 
-geHtrliDn+ H. acquiring money ; 


-ohorn", tj- m. fighting-hoin. 
-lie It. fighting. 
-ling*, y- m. warrior. 
-wit«', y- H fitie for ftghting. 
gtfbohtK.fighl, battle; war. 
~deet m. day of battle. 
feohtlan 3 fight, w. wiji, w. on a. 

attack — on -attack, 
-ere ™ fightcr. 
gi:feohtan 3 tight ; wa. fight 

(duel) II tr. giun by fighting, gain 

fSol, ra/ hie. 
-hoardt hard as a file {))—for fela- 


faolan./rf fealh, fSal,//. fulgon, 
fulon, filon ; pic. folgen, 
f61en 3 enlor {into a state) : 
inco - get in. penetrate ; on 
n£unB-take to ^ight ; urd. ad- 
licie ; apply oneself to, persevere 

fSond,// flend,6o,-aaM). enemy; 

liend, devil [Won]. 
-Atl- m, eating what i« sacriliccd tu 

-gifildf 1. idolatry ; idol. 
-grftpl/ hostile grasp. 
-lie hostile. 
-lice Of, hostilcly. 
-rfiden(n)/ enmity. 
-rAsi- m, hostile attack. 
-80(e)»ljat m- enemy, robber. 


-ulf m. villain Gl. [nlf-.wnlf]. 


fSond-wic II. huslile camp. 

feor, j« feorr. 
bOendt m. one dwelling Sir ofT, 



-oumen, -ciind— feorr&n-. 

-cyjt))t/ distant country. 

-land n. distant land. 
1/ distance. - 

-weg III. distant port. 

feor-Btupu/. support, prop Gl. 

feorh, feorg, g. rfiorea, am life — 
fae Kore on pain of death ; sonl 
— +t6 (widan) fgoce. ft(WB} ta 
f£ore, £fre M feore. oklna 
widan - for ever | living being, 

-&dl/ mortal disease. 

-bana-f m. homicide, murdeter. 

-bOttlot ". deadly evil. 

-b^nnt/ morLil wound. 

■geboorgt a. refuge. 

-berendt "i- living beiug. 

-boldt 11. body. 

-ewalut/ death, slaughter 

■cwealmi- m. death. 

•CJ^nnf n. living species er kind. 

-d»gt m. day of life. 

-gedUt »■ death. 

-dolgt «. deadly woond. 

-Sftcent living. 

-fiegen glad of being allowed to 

-geong young, or twt ioerds\y\. 
-giefa III. giver of life, 
-giefut/gift of life, 
-gfiniat m. jaw. 
-hanift', fe«- m. womb or caul (I) 

-hlordet m, preserver, protcctgr. 
-hordt '". soul, 
-hual" «. body, 
-l&stt m. track, step, 
-loan H. gift of life (T). 
-legu+Z life, 
-lift ". life 
-locftt m. breast, 
-lyre <w. loss of Ufe. 
-n^rst "<. refuge; snstenance: 

ssl'alion ^of soul) 
-K<^n§r n. beiug allowed to live, 

-geiutilftt m. morul enemy, 
-r»dt m. soul's benelit, salvation, 
-seyldig having fgrfeited one's life, 

guilty of a capitil oHeuce. 
-Beoo I lick to death. 
-BWfngt m. deadly blow. 




feorh.pearft/, exireme need. 

-wundty^ mortal wound. 

feorlen - fierlen. 

feorm, /A', a, »/ feeding; piovi- 
iion&. food ; feail [ entertaining, 
Uking in (Etrangen), hsilKniring 
(i^riminaU) ] goods, property, 
sloiea i rent la kind ; ulc. bencftt. 

-Cultum D). conliibution of pruvi> 

I. fan 


faorm.,laii supply wilh Tood, feed, 
■npport; entertain {as guest) | 
cherish ; profit, benefit | clean, 



-endleast withaul a polisher. 

-«re m. purveyor. 

-img /, entertaining, furbouring; 
pol idling, cleaning. 

faoir av., a/, {ran/jr infiected') far 
iv.i. or trtim, distant, at a distance 

and wide in every direction : 

far hock in lime | moreover, be- 
sides, = fiBTT //t: (!! II i/i;, flerra 
a/, more distant, further (Spain). 
av. flerr further || sfii. flerrest 

lborr|i&n in/r. keep at a distance ; 

-ung/ departure, being removed. 
fwrran, (toomne, 7- av, from 

afiir, at a distance and aiaa 

ftom all cjuaitcrs. 
-OUmen, feofo- come fiom afiir. 

di stance, foreign. 

feomm, feorBiaa^fle-, 

faort an* 3. 

~iag/. iiedatio. 

fior^a, reowerI>a fourth [fe- 

-Ung, -ling tn. fourth part ; 

fSower four, 

-feald fourfold — be ~um av. tour- 

-fbaldlice 011. (piadruply. 

-t&te, -fStade four-footed. 

-gUld n. fourfold payment er com- 

-MdetB four-cornered, square. 
-Uo^, ~teog(o)^ fouiieenlh. 
~tiaoa fourteen. 
tbowBrtig forty. 
-foald fonyfold. 


fSowet^ig|lic of forty. 

-OpB, fortieth, 

for - for, 

fi^r|ian carry, convey, lead, bring || 

iHlr, lake to, deal in vi. i. or on ; 

go. dcjart [faran]. 
-bjdd n, portable lied. 
-iond III. briuger, leider, 
-loiBoeatt "1. passage-money, fate. 
fSr an, oe go, march, sail, travel — 

IMJ, of diilanci ; att out, depart I 

- toxf go forth, go on ; die I tie- 

-end m. meawnget ; sailor, 
-lug/, going, ttavetling. 

gefSrianeo; larci behave, act II /r. 
accomplish (Juiirney, distance) { 
reach, attain (place^.gain (victor;') 

— bode hwBt hi -don ubat 
had become of them | suffer (,mis- 

gefBr|a. tSra, oe m. companion, 
friend; wife; associate ^in an 
undertaking; ; 
atttndant [fari 

-lie associated. 

-Iraa ov. sociably, together. 

-rfidenin]/!companionship: body 

of people, retinue; auoclalion, 

congregation ; compact 
-Soipe, f- m. companionship ; body 

of people, lelinue, band ; associa- 

-Bcipion IN. nniic ir. 

£^ri3 ian, f; reo- Ir. bring (a person ' ; 
support (life), feed — met. cram 
(with Jiesl II in/n-go, proceed. 

-ung/ sustenance, food. 

foT<i serviceable (ship), fit foi 

gL-fera I. accessible. IL n. body of 
jieople ; commuuityi party, side. 

ferht honesL 

-lie honest, just. 

ferihibt mn. mind, spirit, imder- 
slandiug ; life — widan - for cvei . 

-bana •». inurilerer. 

-cearig aniioui in mind, 

-cleofa, -tjofa m. bicasL 

-gedil', frijt-t «. death. 

-free hold in spirit. 

-fri^end« life- protecting, life-sus> 

f^rhpjloca m. breast, heart; body. 

-lufe/ heartfelt love. 

-genipla m. de.idly foe. 

-sefa m. mind, 

-wSrig soul-B'CHry, sad. 

-gewltt M, understanding, 

fera «. lenience ; vcrie [Z/ Twaua]. 

-Ian make vena's Gl. 

ferae fresh water'. 

(ester-, tSstr- = fo3tor-, fBatr-. 

fSt, Kt fot. 

fetati 5 fall. 

f^tlan, ence a, f^ocan, rattan, /rf. 

fjWB fetch ; summon ; seek ; lake, 

seite ; gain ; marry, 
fetal i».) belt, 
-hilt n. belted hill. 
feter, fetor/ feller. 
-wrftsont/ letler. 
fettlan omi contend. 

-ling/ walking, motion. 
fSpa, oe m. troop, band of infantry. 
(epe H. walking, movement, power 

-cempaf m. active warrior, loot- 

-gangt m. fool-joumey. 

-gCeorat eager to go, 

-gigatfi- traveller. 

•hfre m. infantry. 

-hwearft m. troop on foot. 

-Iftatt m. step. 

-least without feel ; crippled. 

-mann m. foot-soldier. 

-mundt/. fore-feet (of badger). 

-Bpedigt qaick walking. 

-wigt n battle on fool. 

fe]ier / feather ; \xn ; pi. fopra 

-bibre winged. 

-b^dd K feather-bed. 

-barenda feathered. 

-ornft m. embroidery, 

-gearwst^/. feathering, of arrow). 

-hamat m. plumage ; feather-coat, 
(lying apparatus, wings. 

-geweorc n. embroidery in featheri. 

feper-Boeat ^ fljier-. 

gtfio «. deceit, treachery. 

nc fH. fig ; - , Be blSdecda - piles, 

flrmettan ask, requcsi iv.a. and 

. "'• 

firn.y I. Bncient, II. nv. long agn. 

tfrv. (,giet) -or. 
-dittaBt mfl. d«js of old. 
-geflllt H. former quaricl. 
-geflltat w. old enemj'. 
-geart "fi^. forroer years, lapse of 

-gflarat av. ot old. 

-SiMdl n, ancicDl iradition, pro- 

-lic fonner. ancient. 
-maimt m. man of old. 
"gemyndt h. old iradition. 
-BOa)>a-t- m. old enemy. 
-gcBcettpt "■ old decree. 
-Bfgant/. antient trad ii ion. 
-gcBetUt "//. ancienl seats or 

fiso m;re n. fish-pond. 

-nett n. fisliing.nel ; net of fishes. 

-pol m. fish-pool ; pool io river. 

■f.rat m. small fisii IN. 

-wer m. fish-wcir {for catching lish). 

nd^lle I, ibuunding in listj. II. 

ocean. Cp. flerffen-. 
-gcatrSont <i. uncient treasure. 
-Bynn-r/. ancient siii. 
-(gBjWOorct «. ancient work. 
-gewiiui+ H. ancient war, 
-witat m. sage, councillor. 
-gcwrilt "- ancient writing, scrip. 

gcwyrhtt ". foimer deserts, fate. 

-d«g&8 mfl. (I 


flTBt/ toof, 

first, je, Y m. space of time; re 
spite: tim* (to finish something 

-hrof m. ceiling, or tic-it werds ' '). 

-mearoy. space of lime, appointed 
time, interval. 

-^mearc m. xpacr of 

&wit, -et, fy-, fB(o)- 

bind ~ brno, faine - frsBgn )>sa 

-full inquisitive, 

-Beom inquisitive, curious, 

~geomnMi/ cariosity. 

-HOB /. cariosity , 

flrwlt, -It curious. Inquisitive. 

Abc,//, -m, QiM m. hsh. 

-bryne im.l brine. 

-oynn n. iiih kind, spedes of fish. 

-diag/. purple, 

-fl5d(u.t m. sea. 

-hfla n. fishing-bonte. 

I. hsh-p 


flsc|lan, fix- fish. 

-ero m. fisiier ; kingfisher, 
-(n^op, B*a{a)%y m. fishing. 
ftating / feiicalaiio, fiUmiing 

pedatio in GL 
fitt/. song, poem. 
-an sing, tel5 in verse. 

fittt OIKl fight. 

fltung/ fighting LL. 

flpel;e/. fiddle. 

-ere m., -oatre/. fiddler. 

fiber-, e o), L. feower- [foower]. 

-dAled quadripartite. 

-fste, -fdlQ four-footed. 

-fladende liuwing in four streams 

(rivrO (il. 
-hiwe qnadriform. 
-ling m. quaner. 
-rica m. letrarch. 
-BOdataB', fe-+ mpl. four quarters 

^Boietan quarter til. 
-Bciete quadrangular. 
~tieme fonr-tcamcd (chariot). 
fl)«rie ». wing [fojjer], 
-fctbre, -beronde winged, 
gc-hamod feathered, 
ge-Ian feather, \ving. 
~leas without wing 4. 
-ali^t m. Hopping wings. 

flu = flan. 

flacort Hji^n (^nrrows). 

BSbc, flee II, tie&h. t>ody. living 

-At m- ment. 
-bana /". murderer. 
-gebyrdy". incarnation. 
-Cisping/. meat-inaikel. 
-cofil i«. body, flesh. 
-iClwellere m. eieculioner 
-en ot^ flesh. 
-eaneB/, incamaiion, 
-hamat "'. body. 
ge-hamod incaniaie. 
-hordt H. body. 
-hOs >i. meat-house. 
-lie carnal. 
-licnes/. incamatioa. 
-mangere m, butcher. 
-mapu/. maggot. 


le of the teeth Gl, 


flagg plaster. 

fl&ht I. treacherous, hostile. II. n. 

flAii/m., &i.f.,pl. -a, -arrow, dart. 

-bogat m. bow. 


-Ihtot an arrow. 

-pracut / attack or force of 

-geweorot ». attows. 

flaBoe, flue/ flask, bottle [/.r. 

Qax-f3te ^ flox- web-footed, 
flea, Qenh (/) flea, 
-wyrt/ He.ibane (a plant), 
Sean i pic flkgaa flay, atrip oR 

t piece of skin). 
flSafa n. albugo, white spot in the 

fleam w, lliglit — weorp ar fealh 

on -e took to flight [flBon]. 
-last m. awstasy Gl. 
fleard », lolly, supetsiliion. 
-ian grow luxuriantly ; play the 

fool; act wrongly, 
gefleard n. folly, madness, error, 
fleaxii. Ilax. 
-seer m. Itnx-ficld. 
-Une/. liax- winder, reel. 

iribmion of Hi 

£cta = &eohta. 

Bed|an* flow [Sod]. 

-ing/. flowing. 

-B full (river). 

fleon /'I'. fl6ah, //. flngon, ptc. 

flogaii 7 flee; put to flight; fly. 

Lp. flSoian. 
fleog;aii 7 inff. fly ; move quickly ; 

flee, Cp. flton. 
-endlic flymg. 

gefleogan 7 irUr. fly H Ir. fly over. 
fleoga/ fly. 
-cynn, flSob- n. fly-kind. 
-nett n, fly-net, mosquiio-cunaiu. 
-lift n. fly-curtain. 
fleoht;an* 3 plait, weave. Sii 

fleohta*, vE. Ileota m. hurdle. 


fltoa ■ flicB. 

fliot M. moath uf river, estnsc^ ; 

bajr J m, wtler [ raft, ship, vessel, 
-Wyri/, KB weed. 
fltotan 7 Hoot, uil ; iwim. 
tlMM. «•/. wnlcr-ltly. 
fl«rlac/. lloorinp, atory [flSr]. 
floswlftll OfK^ whisper, 
flftt H, floor ; dwelliDfj. house, hall, 
-p«^t M, lour, 
~rf»tt/. berl. 

-■{tt«ndh m. hnll-siller, courtier, 
* -ttegtaaldt n, household gaoda. 
-werodf n. hall-troop, retainers. 
fl0|>O-aAlnb, n m. weaver's comb, 
0«wi« m. Ilux, diicharge (b me<li- 

cine) [flSwan]. 
flax - fleax. 
Bfooe H, fliich (of bacon), 
fltcerisjl flutter, hover, 
gpflien*. y, i, -bd c»pel (disease) 

fliemian put to flight, banish 

fliem[a nv, fugitive, outlaw an 

e>-~taA&eTmpff'-teorra hnrbour- 
jjig an outlaw [fltem]. 

ee-e fugitivE IN, 

mea, te ». fleece. 

ffiete /. cream, curds || punt [flSo- 


fli^l (/nO "ail. 
flint m. flint ; rack. 
-grAgf grey as flint. 
flit strife ; scandalum (1) [Bltsn]. 
-craft m. dispnutioD, li^c. 
-omftlg belongiog to logic, dia- 
-full COD lent ious. 

gefllt H. ilrife, dissension, conlcsl ; 
dispute, discussion, td ~m cmu- 

-full, -fuUIo, -geom content ions, 
-taiuea/. litigiousness. 
-Uoa, ~iiiMum av. emulously, 
flit Ul 6 coalend, strugjjie (in law- 

Buiti argument), oppose, ijDarrcl. 
-end. -ore m, VJiangler. 
flfia (w, I a fish. 
fldoant clap, applaud, 
flooom Iioi lyi if men. Iroop, company. 
-mAlum an. troopwiie, in detach 

meiili, flockwiie. in flocks. 
-pM/ troop of cavalry, 
-•llM m. sedition. 


flod mi, flowing, stream; flow of 
tide, tiiie | river, sea, //. water ; 
dclngc, flood [fiowsn], 

-blftct liood-palc. 

-fgesBt w- tenor of flood. 

-woard+Z sea-wall, 
-wegt "f. ocean path, sea. 
-ni^taf- iH. laging flood, 
-WTiduf iH. ship, 
~y|>+/ *>*'= of llw sea. 
flode/ channel ; gutter. 
flogettan, eft fluciuaie Gl. [&6o- 

flogeba m. liquid Gl. 
floh fragment, piece (of stoneV 
flohten-fSte web-fouled [aeoh- 

H6r, i -a, ~e/m. floor; ground — 

BClpea ~, gangway, 
-stftJiw, pavement-stone. 
fldriao flowery [/,(,]. 
flot >i. sea [fl^tan]. 
-hfrei-™. (hostile) fleet. 

-mann m. sailor, pirate, Dane. 

-aclp H, ship. 

-Hinero n. dripping, fat. 

-wegt m. sea. 

flotian float L. 

flota '». sailor, piratef; ship; 

gL-flotat m. floater, swimmer. 
&otar|lan float, be flooded — mid 

-iendom eaBUin weeping; fly; 

flutter, be disciuieted (9^ heart) 
flowlan 1 flow ; be abundant, 
-(ed)iieB/. flowing, flux (,of blood) ; 

flox-fot«, fla- web-footed. C/i. 

■eoUi . , ,_. 

„, . ig[fl60Ban, fl' - , 
flyogan*. e put lo flight, disperse 

flyge m, flying, flight (of birds, 

-roowt tienre in flight, 
-wilt ni. flying wile. 
flygol - flugol. 

flyht m. flying, flight (of birds, 
weapons) iflSosanJ^ 
hwffltt bitsk in flight. 
flrhte-cl&)r, vE. BjctU m. patch 

Syas/. batter. 



flytme /. lancet [Z;. phleboto- 

fofed. gs- n. fringe, hem (of dreM). 

fiiess II. fringe. 

EnAsettan «nort. 

tnaat m. bteaib, breathing ; blast 

-ian hrcalhe hard. 

-ungf. sneezing. 

gcfiaeaan (si <"«' ™««. Cp. 

taoe& m. sneeie [faioaaji]. 

fon 1 b .h6)fBlip,/rt. fooB, pli.^ 
fangen grasp, seiie — oh. : him 
gndrefSagon cngageil in buttle; 
fulCum fSng 

help I 

; pnso 

tuic gen. ge- : gefiogoD himn, 
micle herehyp { take, receive A. 
lyi. (feng wife), tl'.iv. to, on a. : 
~ to wife, -tohSfieniaouni pfia- 
wum, - OQ fnsteo lake to fasting; 
~t6 rioB come to the throne, - to 
Pfiq lands succeed to the estate ; 
~ to ]>iem norpdCle begin to 
describe the North (of linropej; 
nton t6n on pat godapell pvr 
we hit forletoo return in the 
discusson of . . ; ~towurpienaa 
begin to worship. 

Ibca m, cake of bread . 

foda m. food. 

f5dor, f6dder h. food ; fodder, 
food for caltie | case, sheath. 

~brytta n. foddeter, herdsman. 

-hee fodder-rack. 

-nop m sustenance. 

-{■ogut/ taking food, food, 

'Welat "I. abundance of food. 

fSdrere m. forager (of army). 

gcf5g n. joining, joint. 

~Bt6Il HI. key-stone. 


gefol with foal. 

fola m. foal, coll. 

folo II. people, crowd ea n 

-Agende-f mlicg. 

-bealo-t- n. severe evil or affliction. 

-beorn-j- m. man. 

-oQt/. cow of the people (!). 
~cQpcelebrated,well koowD ; public 


n (1)- 

-cw6n+/ que 



for-byrd/. abstentioo, resli 
~iajL endure, wait for Gl. 
forca m. folk [^Lt. furon]. 
for'oeorfbn ,i cut olT, out, down, 

through \toneue. tree, neck). 
fcr-eSowaji 7 bite off (.one s own 

for^^rrJRii tr. turn aside, rfi. tutu 
b*ck inlr.; turn upside down; 

-ed perverse, 
-ing/ luniiiie Ksidc. 
for'Oinnant R, 
for-cll&nian 5iop up. 
for-clingaa 3 shrink, wither, 
for-olvean ir. ilo^e, obstmct. 
forcnidan 6 brenk to pieces, 

fora I. frf, iv, ,i., i 
for in A. and 1 

I fore-mArie, ~lic illostrioui, cmi- 

lore : - daguiQ : ini[>aQ onnaiM 

- him I supiriority. rank liefore, 
above ; for(Bj oprutn \Br 6|irB) 
bJOD I time before { causal, be- 
CRUie, forthesokeof { tquivaltiice, 
ioacead of. II. av. beforehnnil. 
fbrealdll&n grow old. decay — 
file, -od superannuated fsoldier). 
-- -Jl-iip w. preli- ■■ 

fors-beacen n. po 
foro-beran 4 preft 
fori,o i-bieeny" esa 
fore-bodian nnnui 
for(o -boda m. 

1, prodigy, 

fbr'cumaii 4 

, sntpnss ; 


fbr-ewDlBtan swallow, lake ^iDedi- 

for-oyfiant surpass in knowledge, 

confute . 
ford, if. -a, -B «,. ion\. 
for'dfilan e>pci>il .inoni 
for-delfan s dig. 
for*dein;an condemn. 
~edUo til lie condemued. 
-ednes / condtmnalion, proscnp- 

tbr-dammaa shut up, stop (earsV 
fordioiait block up. 
for-dilti)glan eiterniiiiate, destroy. 
for'dlmmlan become dark, ob- 

d astray, pern 
Tiipt, wicked. 

for-dr^can iatc 

fordn&n 6 eipel, drive into 
eiilei drive out of coutsc, carr^' 
away (^current of river). 

fordrinoaii 3 — pic. rordrunoeD 

fbr'dragflan, -uwian iiilr. dry up. 

for-dwinan 6 dwindle away, dis- 
appear, vanish (from sight) : 

fordwylman*. 1 txtnfound, 

ecuie (sight) [dwolma]. 
fordyttan stop up, close. 

lessenger (of 

fore-breoBt n. chest, breast, 
fore-burg /. vestibule, entrance ; 

roro-byrd/; authority. 
Itore-oeorfaii 3 cut off front 

-end III. front tooth. 
fore-oostian profaue (1). 

fori el 

04 to 


n befoii 

fore-cynren n. progeny (1). 

fore-duru/. porch, vestibule. 

fore-dyre m. vestibule. 

fore-fang*, for-, E. for(ejf5i»g 
m. ca[ilure or recovery of eattic, 
Sic. ; reward for such recovery. 

~feoh R. reward for rescuing stolen 
cattle. &c. 

for(eVfeQg<; fore&ng. 

fore-tlrende going Imforc. 

fore-fon 1 anticipate. 

fore-g&a, -BaiiBaD precede ; take 
prece<lcnce of. excel. 

foro-gfnga mj. one who goes in 
front, forerunner; attendant, ser- 
vant ; predecessor [in office) : 

fore-gjnge!', for- si. iicedcccssoi. 

fore-glsl m. preliminary ho£la{^. 
fore-gleaw provident, piodent, 

-lice ai'. providently, prudently, 
fore-hilig very holy. 
fore-),'ehat n. promise, vow, 
for e)-heafod-fbrall-. 
fore-iernend m. predecesso 
fore-lffirende tcachiiig. 

fore-manian foren'am. 
forQ-mearcod bcfort-mentioucd. 
ftire-niearouzlg/. chapter IN. 
fore-mihtig, aa very migh^, 
lice uv. very mightily. 
Ibre-munt ih. promontory (!). 
fore-nyiae hi. taking before. 
fore- ridel*, for- m. fore-rider, 

for[ej-rynel m. lorenLnncr, pte- 

Cbre-sceaw Ian, for- foresee, ite ; 
appoint, ordnic — -odo him 
wununge provided him with. 
ere m. appointer. 
-odlice ev, providently, thooghl- 

-Ung /. foreseeing ; pruileace ; 

(divinej ptovidence. 
fore-Bototan*, for- 7 anticipate, 

forestall, prevent. 
fore-Bcip*, for- h. prow of ibip. 
fore-acyttsls m. bar, bull 
tbre-BECgau l"relcll; intntion be- 
fore ir .ibove. 

fore-s^ndan send before. 
fore-BM ,n g foresee ; provide, 
-nd III. provider. 
-nea/ (divine) providence. 
fore-B^titaii,roi- place before tff in 
front ; sbnt in, enclose ; appoint, 

-i,ed)iiee, fDregeaeten(n)ea/. pur- 
pose, intention ; preposilion . 
fore-gee^ttan put before. 
fore-singend m. precentor, 
fore-sittan 5 preside 0). 
fore-eme ag'i&n think or coniidei 


il'tjort very pmdent or 

fore-Bp(r'Ac/. preface, pieamble; 

agreement; ilcgall defence, plead- 
ing; promise (of godfather at 
fore-8pir)eca, for- m. advocate. 

fore-Bp r)ocan, for- above-nicn- 

for e)-aUBpp|aii, ^ ' s° i>cfor^ 

precede; excel; ffirestall. 
~ead in. predecessor. 




fore-steeppuse /. aDikipntinj:, 


fore-Standan = excel :'.) ; pre- 

for<.ej-steaU m. .is^aulti line for 
iiisaull I furtslallinE, mierference. 

fere-sUora in. look-out man, 

fore-stlgan 6 excel. 

fore-stlht ian ptcordnin, 

-ungy. pte Old silling. 

for,e)-ticii n. foKtoken, presage, 

-Ian presage. 

fore-taoQ li'*. preordain, settle 

roro-teohhting/. predeblination. 

fore-tiege i./i. i porch, vestitmle. 
( f. f orpUsge. 

fore-tdp til. front tootb. 

fore-pftnc m. forethought, deli- 
beration, considcnition, (divine) 

-lie proviiieot, thoughtful. 
~llae av. prudently, thonghtfully. 
-ol provioent, prudent, wise. 
~oln«8/! prudence. 
fbre-Mncan. consider beroretumd. 
fore- ping Ion plead for, defend (in 

-i'ftden(ii., -img/ inlercession. 

fore- warnian i ak e iv am in g licfore- 
hnnd Gl. 

fore-W&t V/i. foreknow. 

fore-weall m. ramijirl, bolwnik. 

fbFe-wesT'd m. t^coul, outpost. 

fcre-WOard/.conlract, agreement; 
provision fof agreement). 

fore-weard, for-, -word .i/. //ac^ 
froni, front part of, dlremity of: 
-hfisfod forehead, - fot sole — 
on -Kn gftn go on ahead, in 
advance II fime early (part of), 
be);inning of: - niht beginning 

fbre-weaan p*. be before, lake the 

lead, preside, rule. 
fore-wls foreknowing. 
tbra-witig, -wittig, foreknowing. 
fbre-witig ian prophesy 
-ung/ prophecy. 
fOFa-witol foreknowing, 
-IMW*, forw-/ intelligence. 
fora-wjtUendllc prescient. 
fore-wltung / forcknowirg. 
fora-wtwt HI. chief W. 


fore- wri ten above- 

fore-writenjieByi ptoscripiion (!). 
fore-wyrcand w. servant 
tbre-wyrd/. prcdeslinaiion. 
fore- wy rhta *, for- ni, agent, rcpre- 

for-faran : /f.intvrce|. I, blockade: 
forforou p£m aoipum pane 
mupan foron ; destroy, kill, 
ruin II inlr. perish cZ. 

forfSran vL. perish, be spoilt. 

for'ferian fr. let (.child) die. 

for-ugou 7 flee from, escape, avtud. 

for*fl lagan pal to flight. 

forfoa I Kiiei take by surprise, 
coine upon suddenly ; anticipate, 
forestall — hdo bine forano for- 
fsDg pmcnted bim (from pros- 
tialiog himself) j forfeit. 

for-fjrllaii slop up, obstruct. 

fovgSgan tnuisgrcsa; prevaricate. 

-ednos/. transgreision ; prevaricn- 

-ung/. fault, excess. 

for-gftn v6, go ar pass over ; forgo, 

abstain from ; neglect, 
for-georne av. very earnestly, 
for-gterjaa 5 iini'ii. give; give up ; 

-endllc 'laiive (case). 
-enid)lic pardonable, pardoned. 
/ forgiveness. 

ipense, make good — hire 
ae cwifeoldum forgeald ftsa 
pB . . ; pay, give || Ji«. pay for. 
buy off (person accused, ntlnck . 

forgidlpan 3 — //f, forgolpen 
made subject of boasting {p/ 

for-giemlan neglect ; ignore, not 

-elSaaian neglect. 

for-giet an .1; w. a, org, fo^et. 

-ing/. fotgettnlnesi. 

forgiatOl forgetful. 

-nes f. oblivion. 

ror-0Bndr!i;an devour, swallow 

forgnagan 1 gnaw to piecei. de- 

forgnidan 6 cru»h — fic. for* 

gnidcn contrite : throw down, 
forgnidermea/ contri ' 
forgrlndan 3 destroy. 


forgiipan 6 seize, grasp; attack; 

for-growant R. 

forgyltan — //c. forgylt guilty ; 
rjl. IB. oa Hyunum, incurguiltof, 

foi-gyrd '-- forpgyrd. 

for gyrdan enclose 

forhabbau keep back, restrain, 
hinder, prevent ; refrain from : io 
pd bidds [net }iu yia ne -e, ao 
pat pii oume; be continent — ftc. 

~Qnde, n abstinent, continent. 

for-bffifed couiiaent [forbabban]. 

~neB, forhtefd- / continence, tem- 

fbrli&t^an 1 forswear, renounce — 
//,-. +forhaiBn reprobate {0/ the 

forheald|an 1 misuse, ill-treat, 
defile (woman ; desert — fte. -en 
rebel, deserter. 

for-heard very hard, 

for-heardian become harfl. 

fbr'h&awan i cut down, slaughter. 

for'hslan 4 conceal, keep secret 

lor-h^rg;lan, -hjTJgan ravage. 

plunder, pillage [hjral. 
-end m. ravage r. 

for-hi^rdan ir. harden. 

for-hoglaa despite, ignore. 

-iend m despiscr. 

-odiic contemptuous. 

-odiice av. contemptuously. 

-odnea. -hohnea/. contem|.t. 

-utig/. contempt. 

for-hradian be beforehand in 
doing anything ; do anything too 
soon ; anticipate, forestall, frus- 
trate, prevent. 

for' h^rape av. very or too soon. 

forht, W. ft-oht afraid, timid; 
formidable, terrible. 

-full timorous. 

-lie afraid, terrified. 

~lloe Of. with fear, onxiouily. 

-mod afraid, timid. 

-nes/ fear, amaiement. 

forlit;lail be afraid: fear. 

-iondlic timorous. 

-Ung^ fear, 

forhtig Btue afraid, humble. 

for'hwega av. about (quaulity). 


for'hwBorfaa ,3 

be destroyed. 

fbr-hwi^rf an i 

forhyttan. hide. 

for'bygdelic despicable, despised. 

for'hjlmant oafi neglect icom- 

fori^IdMi delay, put off. 
for-ierman n-dnce to poverly 

foflAcan 1 b pn. -ls(ol)o lead 

aslmy, deceive, bet ray. 
foivlAaui lead aslrny ; lead into 

for'lAran lead astray (by bad 

fot-Ilbtail lb ienve — breftan - ^ 
leave behind ; abandon ; give up ; 
omit, neglecl, let go; lose | dis- 

grant, give; let || inn- let in; 
ut- let out; up- direct upwards. 
-{WDk'/Bsa/. abandoament ; absence, 
cessation, end; desolation, de- 
struction, loss; remission (of 

fop'legeallc mean -looking, ugly. 
ft>rlegeinn)0B, fotieguM/. fomi- 

cation [foTllcgui]. 

farleger' ^ forllger-. 
forlegis.BJ, -es/. prostitute, foioi- 

catEta [forllogm]. 
-wif «. proslitute. 
fbrleoffEUi 7 tell Cilsehood, lie — 

fff. forlogen perjured ; accuic 

fbr'leorniuig/. deception. 

for'liosau 7 w. a., fi, lose ; destroy 
— Mc. foriofen ruined, 

forliogian 5 commit fornication 
rjf. a-, wip a.. Ir- : h6o hl» for- 
Igbk w1{) hlne ; b6 hie wolde - 
— //f. forlBgon fornicator, adul- 
ttreT.a!ia = aj.: Jii fiile (cr fiilan) 

-and nt, fornicator. 

fbrlid«n shipwrecked [foTUpui]. 

-nea/! thipwreck. 

forlig-gang (i ' m. (bmication '>1. 

forligier, ~e, -1«b- ". foinica- 


forllger advdtcrous.' 
-neB, -lag-y^ foiuication. 
for-ligrian commit fornication. 

Ibivllttaii, ite forUden. 
for'lor destniciion. perdition ^ to 
~e gedolt destroy; loss [for- 

ror'loreii(ii)oa /. destruction, (i«t- 

d it ion Iforleoiian], 
tor'lllfituoa rn: very cheerfully nr 

forma w*. first (in order or rank, 

or time) [fora]. 
for-m&l, -mfti («.) treaty, agrce- 

for'tnanig very or loo many, 
formelle/ bench [_Ll. formolla]. 
for-meltan n inlr. melt away, be 

consumed, diiappear, 
formeet ^ fyrmeat foremost. 
for'nufltan melt (r, atiJiii/r. 
for-mogllaa — fte. -od decayed. 
for'moletiian crumble, decay. 
for-mjrrjjT. i an murder, destroy. 
for-iUim|an — //.-. -ed worn out, 

afflicted (with grief). 

fome •= foran. 

for-neah av. very nearly, almost. 

for-nean iif, nearly, almost. 

fottuata in. great-grandson ,1*. 

Poniet ("I. ! sa folra a jilant. 

for'nepan rjJ. risk one's life. 

forniedan force. 

fOF'niman 4 plunder ; destroy, dis- 
figure — mid fyrtate foraunieil 
overcome with tenor; annul. 

forad a/UH used at afartU. broken 
(«/.«/" arms, \t^, and ethtr farts 
of the hod/) \ hnmbled (^ pride) ; 

for oft very or too often. 
foF'pAl^an pervert; destroy, rain, 
for-pyndant urnal, do away with 

(Eve's sinj. 
forradi&n - forhradian- 
for'TAdan betray, injure — hjne 

of Ufa - betray him lo death. 

cauM his death : hjne td deape - 

put him to death. 

for-ridan 6 — fonm - cut off ad- 

vaace, intercept (.fl^ cavalry). 
for'rot|uui rot away, putrefy — 

ptr, -od purulent (wound). 
-odnea/. comiption ; put, maltet. 


for'sacan i iva. refuse ; give up, 

relinquish ; deny. 
for'BAtlan lay in wait for,surprTse 

fors&wen ou.ptc. o/Sttraaoa, ~aa, traxaa m. frog. 
for'SC&dan, ea 1 b scatter, dis 


-ung/. modesty. 
for-acaptmg /. crime, fiioll. 
for-3C«ap iH.l crime. 
for'scgnding/. contusion /M 
for'sceorfin 3 dcvonr [o/'locurtij. 
for'aoifppan 1 Ir. trausfonn, 

-linngc LO something worse. 

"Bcrenc an supplant, oppieas, 

-end m. supplonler. 
for-Ecrifan 6 proscribe ; condemn 
+ bewitch (by wilting 

forscrincan 3 imr. shrink up, 

for'BcQilan 7 humble , pride). 

for'scyld(i)glan convict of crinie, 
rfi. incur guilt, incriminate one- 
self — f^e. foiBoyldgod gully. 

for'Bcyttan forestall, prevent 
(pnnisliment) . 

for-aSarian inlr. wither, dry up. 

for-secan afllict. 

farB^cgan accuse, traduce, slander. 

forsegen pk. o/tormon. 

for-Bfndan scud into exile, send 
lo dc^lruciion — on wneoalp~ 

for-oSon s despise; reject, ignore; 

refrain from. 
for-Beoneay. care, diligence Bd. 
for-Beo[>an 7 — pti. foraodm 

forsfttan obstruct (road, water- 

ir-Bew«n, -ailweti, -aeg 
despised [foradon]. 
'"" ";mptible, abject 



forsittan j hem in, obatmcl 
;p3th) ; injure ; absent onewlf 
from (meeting, mililia) ; pal off, 
delay if. a. , i. ; neglect. 

for*aipiaa perith. 

foralftwitui be slothful 9r on- 


^^^^^^H^^H^HbHIH^HII^^^I^^I ^^^^^^^^^^^I 


* for-riSan i break (bone); kill, 

Ir. keep silent, not speak of, ig. 

oneself, despair— jWt^. forjxilii in 1 


norc: pass over in wlence, not 

forplott G, 7 surpass in merit 1 

for-oljgenlic mean, ignominioiis 

(_dealh;. C/>. forleeenUo. 

for-awip very strong. 

for-peon oppress, destroy, 1 

fbr-sllt&n 6 (tevoui. 

forBWip;llan overcome, repress. 

for->6ofan steal- ' 

forsmoiian smothtr, stifle, cboke. 

for-swibe av. very strongly ur 

for-peoBtrian Jarkcn. 

fbr-Borgiui de^poDd. 

forp-ftBder m. forefather, 

for-Bpanian i entice, allure. 

for-swonieniieB / darkening 

forp-faran 3 die. 

-ingyi CDticcment. 

for-sworemiee /. perjury [for- 

forp-tSrlan die : woarp -«i died. , 
-edJiBB, -Ing/. death. 
forp-folgian, -(ylgan follow (!). 

iDF'&poulcui make prosperous. 
for-Bp^dan squander. 

fbr'spfnnlaii entice, allure 

for-Byngiian— //i". -od sinful. 

forp-for/ departure, death. 
forp-fcrteton(D)(ui/ licence. 


for't*on 7 mislead || cover. 

forp-firamifan in/r. grow; im. 

-end m. procarer. 

-BOdllc seductive, comipting. 

for' timbrel ) an obstruct. 

-ung/I prevailing ; departure. 

-«tre/ bawd. 

fortogen:n)eB /. cramp, colic 

forp-gang m. progress, course ; suc- 

-tag/, enticement. 


cess ; privy, djain, going to the 

for-spiercon /r. dry. 
fbr-BpUd&n, -apillan dcilroy, 

fortradjan 5 tread down, trample 


-Ing/. trending down. 

forp-g^nge progreasive, prospetOM, 

Kjnander, kill. 

for'truw iau, -uKian be over- 

torp-geomt eager to advance, im- 

coQlideni — //f. -od prciump- 


Ibrp-gyrd, forg- m. (bre-girtfa, 

for-Bp(r «(ian s /r. speak in vain ; 


-ung/. presnmptioQ, 

forp-heald benl forward, Hoop- 

forst «i. frosi. 

fortjrhtan entice into wrong, sc- 

ing ; steep. 

-Ig, -lie frosty, frozen. 

forp-hgre m. van (of army). 
forp-hUflaa be prominent. 

for'Btalion rfi. steal away, run 

fortyUan lead astray, sednce. 


fbr-tynan block, stop (way). 

for-pierTian", y dry up inlr. 

forp ati. 1 fi/ate forth, out, for- 

for-pllman--p7linan choice. 

^^ Amuia- defend; obsltuct, stop 

wards. on(wards). - mid 1/. 

for-plndan i—pn- forpunden 

^^L {wnyl; nnderHanii ; toda. hinder 
H fcom;t«/. help, avail, profit. 

with : Of. simullaQeously, together 


with, henceforth, continuously 

forpinglan intercede for via. , 

II (imi slill, continually, hence- 

forp-UBdjan bring forth. 

forth, -mid eaUa forthwiih. 

-QBB /. bringing forth, produc- 

for-stoppion stop up, close. 

(and) awK - and so on, then. 

fbr-strang very strong. 

fbrstyntan blunt. 

fbr-stigaii, -oaa 7 — //c. forsoBen 

Bwa - (iwaj to the extent that. 

fort)ian promote ; accomplLsh. 

forplic forward, advanced L. 

hollow, emaciated (stomach 1. 

fort>-b(fare productive, teaming. 

forp-mAret very illustrious cr 

forafinian, forauwian - for- 

fbrp-beran 4 brini; forward, pro- 

for-polian be without, want u'l. 



for'Hw&lan bum up, bum, scorch. 

forb-bielding/ emboldening. 

forp-boron of bigb birth. 

-«diiea/ contrition. 

dash, hurl. 

for Ji-brlngaii bring forward <»• on t ; 

bear i fruit), produce, create; at- 

-e av. at once, instantly. 

absorb (moisture). 


for-priogant 3 protect : Me him - 

IbrawBltsn i die. perish. 

fOl^p-cUIIlEut 4 come forward or 

protect them from him. 

tbr-Bwaorcan 3 become dark. 

forth ; be bora ; come into being ; 

forpryccjan press; overwhelm j 

for-Bweorfon 3 nib off, grind 

come 10 pass; succeed, be n 

oppress, afflict ; suppress, stop. 


toP-BWfrian 1 forswear, renounce 

toTp-oyme m. coming forth, birth. 


wi. : swear falsely, rjl. perjure 

forpearle av. very severely, ex- 

forp-ryne m. course, flow (of river). 

^^ oticicif —/<<-. forsworen per- 


forpryam(I an throttle, strangle, 

^^L jnred. 

- llioB av. very much, entirely. 

choke (growth). 

^H for-ewigiaii,-*i.w)aglan,-Biiwiaii 

for-pgncan despise, r/l. distrust 

forp-geeceaftt /■ created things. 

^L IIG] J 


creation call. ; future state or 

conditiou, the future. 
fbrjwdpe m. prof^ss Bd. 
fi3r))-eMianet visible. 
forp-eap m. deputare; deuh. 

foPti-Bnottor very wise. 

forp-spell n. declnralioa. 

forp-Bp5wiieB/. prosperity. 

forp-tiege (n.) porch, vestibule. 
Cp. foratiage. 

forp-pegn m. noble. 

forp-weard m. pilot. 

torp-weard I. inclined forward, 
lending ; advuiced, forward {of 
uiidertakingarworii), progressing, 
growiog, ready ; fatort:, in future ; 
continual, everlasting. II.~*,foi- 
we»pd+D«cfo(f. in future, always. 

-eo ai". forwards. 

forp-tirsg m. forward way, de- 
parture — on -, in - away. 

forp-wif n, matron. 

forp-gewitan 6 go forth ; of time 
pass by — pU for)]gewitan past 
(deeds, lenie) ; die. 

fort>-gewIteii(n eo/. departure. 

for'tiyldlgian, -)>7ltl(elKiui, -pyl- 
giftn bear palicntly, endure. 

for'Pylman choke ; t envelope, 
encompass, cover, overwhelm. 

forp-yppan display, reveal. 

for-utan av.. tip. wd. except L. 

for-wana ^^ 'forwdna. 

for' wand iaa hesitate: hi ~lap 
poet hi iwa ne dda h. lo do so. 

-igende hesitaling, respectful, 

-img/ sluime. 

forweaxjan i grow too mnch — 

pic. -an overgrown, too big. 
forwfddlaa pledge. 
fbr'wegan 5 kill. 
for'wel av. vtry well, very, much. 
forwe&an — pic. -ad insolent. 

sumption \\\ 
for'weornian wither awny, fade, 

decay [forweaan]. 
Forweoron pk. of forwesan. 
for-veorpan 3 throw ; throw 

away; reject, repulse; squander. 
for-weorp&n j perish ; - on m6de 

fariveorpflillio very iUnstrions. 
foriir^r;ian wear out— /^(. -ed. 


-od worn out l,clolhes), titrcnie 

■,old age), 
forwprodnes/ extreme old age. 

decrepitude . 
forweren //.-. of forweBaii. 
forweB,an* 5 —pic. -weren, --we- 

oronl", -woren decayed, worn 

-ing/' destroying, 
forwifra.aii viJg. prevent from, 

restrain, oppose ; refuse, deny 

~edliCQ av. with abstinence, 
-ednes/. self-restraint, continence. 
for'Wisnian, eo wither up, decay. 
for-witolnBB ^ fore-, 
for'wl^can make proud, puff up. 
for-wordenjlie perishable [for- 

-(njes/. failure (of crops vL. 

Torworenpic. ^•forweoan. 

for-wraoned banished. 

for'wrecan s baniih, e»pel — pfi. 
forwrecen exiled, strange. 

foT-vrrigaa accuse, calumniate. 

for'writan 6 cot through. 

for-wnpan G banilage (wonnd). 

for-wimdlan wound. 

for-wundorllce av. very wonder, 

forwyTcan. prt. -orhta, -rrbte 
barricade, obstruct (road, bridge), 
dam up; destroy, ruin; forfeit: 
r/f. incur guilt, perdition |;Wf. 
Torvorht guitly, wrong-doing, 
convicted, condemned, ruined ; 
~ maim criminal. 

for- wyrd/». destruction, ii]in[for- 

-an perish. 
~ea<mc perishable. 
forwyrhto, jec forwTToaa. 
fossere hi, spade [Lr. foaaoiium}. 
fSBtor, -er, f6aMr- h. feeding, 

-beam n. foster -child. 
-broporni. foster-brother. 
-oildn. foMer-chil.i. 
-fmder m. foster-father. 
-land n. - fosler-hind,' endowment. 
-laan n. jrayment or reward for 

keep of a child. 
-ling; m. foster-child. 

-mSdor/. foster-mother. 
-BweoBtor/. foster-sister. 



-itU/. gout. 

-bred «. stirrup. 

-ooap, -oopa wi. fetter. 

-eopu/- goul. 

ge-cjpsed fettered [t6t-ao»p]. 

-*00 m. gout 

-feter/ feller, 

-l&st, n m. footstep, uack ; step 

-lie pedestrian. 
~innl 1 foot (measDie). 
-mAlum av. step by step. 
-gimearot ». measurement by 

feel, spate of a foot, 
-gcinet H. fettcr(!), 
-r&p VI. part of a saiL 
-Bcamol HI., ~satl n. toouiool. 
-Bid reaching lo the feet (o/"clo*t). 
-Bpor H. footprint 
-spiire (J) n. foot-rest, -stcml vL. 

-StAn rn. pedestal. 
-BWBp H. footprint ; foot 
-swyle m. swelling of the foot, 
-pweal n. washing the feeL 
-gewAde n. fool-cluthing. 
-WGSrc "t. gout. 

-welm, -wolma iH. sole of the fooL 
J5por, -er n. food, fodder; load 

(measure); covering, case ; basket, 
fbpom {_Hi.) a surgical iostrumcut, 

f03c m fox. -e«-ollta / burdock. 

-ea-clUe /. greater burdock. 

-ea-tot m. bur reed [a water- 

Elant). -ea-Blofe, -ei-clofa /. 
-hyllm. fox-hill Ct. 
-uagf craftiness. 
fraoop, fii-acod, v£. traaiif I. vile, 


ful, wicked, bad, asclcss. II. «. 

disgTBce, insult ; wickedness [Cp 

-a an. sbamcfnUy. 
-lie abamefnl, IgoominiODs, wicked, 
-lioe iw. wickedly, with evil intmt, 

-!lia)nes/I vileneu, lewdness. 
-acipe ffi. vilenets, disgracetul 

frwcu p ^ fraoop . 



II. of. celebrated, 


t;e£rngct I. 

have heard 

gefimgen, sfe fricsan. 
ttrngafrt p/Mgnan. 
gefl-Agnodt ""■<• /<"- gafrSc. 

nod (! . 

&mi« = frxga prt. of frignan. 
gc&{ep(pe;gi[ui M'. accuse ; re- 

flrAtt. Bf obsliaslc, clefianl, proud. 
-ig, ft+ pfoad, perverse. 
fri&t frt. ef fretaa. 
b-cet-g^n^a c£. m. apostasy (I) 

frst-laeppa m. dcwla]), 

fratw B, -e, ge- ^/. ornaments, 

Ouppiogs. armonr, tieasnres [ge- 

-(Ian, -lew- adom. 

-ung/ omamcnt. 

gefrAgian leatn by askmg IX. 

ft^m, freom vigorous, bold, brave. 
-lioe OP. vigorously, boldly, 

fram I. ^f/. :u. rf. /, MDfwH (away) 
from : hi wurdoD Koeripeno 
- mAderliomn br^oatum \ pa 
hfi him - wolde, |)& gefdiiK be 
hlae dislancc, estiiit : f6ovBT 
mila ~ finm mutiSiD ; - ■£ 
op >e ] /i'/«i : - hancrede o]i 
undem | origin, source : swa 
mioel ege stod dioSum • Sow 
[net . . [ agent {willi passive'^: 
wear)) Adrifen of his bioosp- 
dome - Eogferfe orninge 1 
privative : freoh - dSaJres »«r- 
naaae; bugon ~ Oodeii ^e- 
leofon ; Uieaan . . . II. <iz> 
away : - gan depart : - lo ne 
wille I will Dut nm away. 

fram'Ian avail, benefit. 

•Igendlic effective {medidnej. 

fram-byge m. apoatasy. 

fr&m-cyme m. progeny, descen- 

fram-oyiui b. ptogcnj, offspring ; 

lineage; origin. 
fram-Qiru/. cicesi (1). 
fram-fundung/. departure. 
fram-Iftd/. relreaL 
ftwnltc turned away from G1. 

Ifam-Blp in. deparlDte- 

fram-alitneB/ desolation W. 
£raniweard about lo depart, dc- 
paitingi about to die; enler- 

fr&n /'■/. ef frignan. 
franca m. juvclin. 
Franc. an mpl. bracks. 

&6Bian question; tempt. 
-ung/. questioning ; temptation. 

Sfrislan lind out by inijuiiy. learn, 
sat '"- litd, king, cotison ; the 
Lord (GoJorCbriM.. 
-dryht«n m. lord, 
-rfcoaro m. prince. 
-wine m. (beloved) lord, 
-wraseny' splendid cbain. 
frea-boorlit, firfc- very bright ; 

fV§a-bodian proclaim. 
frea-dt^man exult. 
frea-fJBtt', &«■ very fat. 
frea-glea^ very prudent. 
&ea-hrsd, ft*- very quick, 
f^ea-mdre, izA- very Annoas. 
frea-micel*. frfe- very great, 
fraa-ofeatlio©', frft- av. very 

frea-torht very bright. 
frSa-wlitig veiy beautiful, 
free, GB, /jV! i wg. gluttonous, 
greedy, bold (in). 
Iic6 av. greedily, 
-m&se/ titmouse. 
-nes/ greediness. 
f^vcat m. bold one, warrior, 
frecia*, vE, -eo m. glutton. _ 
frecednGB, &ecelnea '^ fracan- 

-lice av, dnngerously. 
(n'lOS, &eoiiea, ft^oednea, Ui- 

oelBsa/, danger ; harm. 
&ecn|e, oe I. dangerous; lerxible ; 

daring, bold : wicked. H. av. 

dangerously ; severely ; boldly. 
-Ian — pl<. ge-od endangered, 

t fierce, proud. 
fi-ecnes = frecenneB. 
ge&ed^an be sensible of, feel, pel 

ceptible [frod^. 
■endlfo perceptible. 

: per- 


1.1).) conning, 
ingi bold. 
~lan be cuiming. 
-licB, ft«f(e)li08 av. cunningly; 

~ttaa/. cunning, sagacity. 
&-efemes/. consolation, 
trite an, oe, -ion comfort, con- 
~(i>end m. comforter, consoler. 
-Ung/. comfort, consolation. 
edVegen pic. ^fiiogan. 
&eht [a ^ eo I] divination. Cf. 

treia\ejAm, f^empe unfamiliar, 

strange; estranged (from) m/. ; 

foreign; devoid of»f. 
flrgmdian alienate, estrange. 
frfmednee, ge&em(edjiiea/. ful- 

&gniiii|an, fF^miau Ir. Further, 

advance, raise .^z-; urge, incite; 

Ecrform, commit, make, do |[ nt/, 
enelit, do good, protit, avail 

-ing, frjmiuig, ge-/. performance ; 

ft^m|u, eo /. benefit, advantage, 

-full beneficial. 
-fulllce av. efficaciously. 
-fulnea/, utility. 
-lie protitable. 
-sum beneficial ; kind. 
-sumlice at: kindly. 
~Hiunnee /. lienefitj liberality; 

Frgnciac French [FraoDan]. 
treo, fc6ab, trUg), pi. Mge free; 

tnoble ; tjoyful. 
-beam ». (recbom er noble child, 
-ttorg - fWp-, 
-bropor m. own brother. 
-burg/, city. 

-d oh tor/ frcebom daughter. 
-dCm m. freedom, 
-dryhtent ">. nohle lord. 
-Iftc ». oblation. 
-lAta m. freedman. 
-lic(t) noble ; goodly, magnificenl ; 

ge-Uc IN. free. 
-Jiee ail. freely, without hindrance j 

-mAgt m. (free) kintmon. 






*i.'U - ■.,..,.11. iiiiiiiuiiily. priti- 

' <. . '..iXiwMlwtiwulTW*. 

Ere. -^. 

Cmo^. ..vfrip- 
naslae - Fnesisc. 
StVtAa ^ at up, dcvoni ; dcitioy 

tnak i/nm •for-eun]. 
-«1*. ■»- giulluaoiu. 
ftfttut eat up, consume, devoni 

trie ■'-\' ^ free Ktcedy. 

fHamn. i dance 
(HooM, J m. hcrnld, crier. 
MogMit i f- -tTiteii, e, «, u 

•ik, inqniie ; ih^. qoestton (> 

wnoD) ; ey. seek. 
femogKnt J leam by ttiquiry. TCjf. seek, desire. 

-o/. appcble. 

frloo ./ ■ u»un- [free]. 

pfineod m//. Mon be od 

bicntlly terms rfrfiondl. 
rrtw », 1, e. It "'- Frisimi. 
-Qjrttlngi- f«. Frisiui king. 
~iie Fimui — oa ~ in the Frisian 

-ituii H. Friesluid. 


fricui - (MoBaii Itk. 

Mmt, It^/. love. 

iVljiV ihfen m. Thursday evening. 

-dag. frlKdng n. Friday. 

t,-efl:lK«t, 60 M. hearaay [Befrio- 

IHCM ■>. lonl, mBStei [frA«]. 

KfHgan/A-. ^fFlogtui. 
lngl,a>iiM, ga-/ inquiiy, qneitioD 

fngnlka, Mn&n, Mnnon 3, /r^. 

trmt:a,ttmag, tci,n,pli-. fruBnen, 

fHUMB ask, inquire wag., -w. a. 

and mtltr, U'. lij. 
-unC*. frasninB/ qaestioning, 
MfHgn&n 3 learn by asking, hear. 
IrUitare m. soothsayer [freht]. 
frUltr|iui practise diviuatioa. 
-Mllg/- diiination, 
IVla a, -iBO - Prieoia, -i*c. 
tWrt' first, 
frip, (rHo>pu, eo mn. peace, truce 

- - - habban, nimaii wlp a. be 

at [.cace, ntake pence ; secarity. 

piorection : axylum ; king's peace, 

putlif order, 
•4p It. peace-oftlh. 
-tIMAOant H. lign al peace. 
-Mllft ■«. pctitiouer for peace. 
•bors m, lurety for peace. 

frip broc, «/. i!j breach of peace. 
-<u)burgt /. peace-city, city of 

-candoit/ s 

~geardt n. enclosure, conn. 

-KeoTTi padtic. 

~^dld n. peace-gnild, aisodntion 

for public order, 
-^eglelda m, member of a peaee- 

~gl8el M. peace- boslsge. 

-hOa n. asylum, sanctuary. 

-lajid n. peaceful country. 

-(u)l§a«, MpslAu omlawed. 

-lie Denceablc. 

~mil It. oiticle of peace. 

-mann m. one under prolection, 

-UBceiilot iH. messenger of peace. 

-atdpo m. peace. 

-UHtbb+_/r pledge of peace. 

-soon/, asylum, sanctuary, 

-uspedt/. protection, prosperity. 

-aplott m. peace-place. 

-stol m. sanctuary, refage, safe 

-aiow/. asylum, refuge. 
-fliun pacific 
ge-Bum fortified. 
-ut4o«ii+ «. sign of peace, 
-upeawast m/l. peace, 
-UwAr+y. peaoe-agreeinent. 
-uwangt m. peaceful plain. 
-uwarut/. proteclion, 
-nweardt m. protector. 
-UWfbbai' »l. peace- weaver, peace- 

-Uwpbbo-|-^ peai!e-vfeaver, woman, 
-gewrit «, article of peace, 
fnplian, eo w. d. er a. protect ; 

keep peace towards — aha w. 

wfh II. ; observe (festival). ' 
-lend m. protector. 
frl)>a*, Bot m. proteclor. 
frodt wise : old vig. (,(6orB«), 

tr6tor/ni. consolation ; help : joy. 

-boo^ book of consolation. 

-g&at IB. spirit of consolation. 

-lio consoling, kind. 

-lioe Bv, kindly. 

-neay; consolation 

frfiman console. 

frogga m. frog, 

frvht ^ Ibrht afraid. 

frowst /. Udy. woman [Ginuati]. 

ttox-^torai) frog. 


frugnen, nc frignan, 
tram {}) Rm. 

trumla m. beginaing, origia — on 
~%a at first, WEBStmn -ui (list' 
fruits ; oHginator, crcalot. invcn- 
tot, Hoer, mBkcr; tchief. king, 

-baamt n. Risl-born child. 

-blfrdling m. youth. 

-byrd/. birth. 

-e^nned iiist-bom ; primitive, ori- 

Mn^rr m. lirst lime. 
-oDfiOWt n. first gencrWion. 
~*ynn+ "• genealogy, origin, native 

country ; race, tribe. 
-84rt, -gftTftt m. chief, general. 

-gi^/ pterognlii'e (!). 

-gl61d n. first instalmciil of n man's 

-gripa m. tirst-bom. Cfi. -rlpan. 
-MWUng, So/ (list fashioning or 

forming, creation. 
-hT»gl+ n. first garmenl. 
~l^do/ first Bce. 
-leoht «. first light, dawn, 
-11a original, 
-llehtan dawn. 
-mynet-Bl^gra m. first coinage. 
-ried m. pnmory ordinance. 
-r4dDIHIl)t /^ agiecmenl, period. 

~iipan //. lirst-miics. 

-K^aA f. creation i origin, place 

of origin, home; original Estate; 

created Iwing, creature. 
-gcBOeap n. (.IrsI) creation. 
~BC«ipe& lint-created. 
MnORtt m, first- fmils. 
-«olfppend m. creator, origin a tor. 
-WSyldt/^ original sin. 
•«9tlieB/ Bulhority IJV. 
•^atiaing/. creation IM 
-OlAp n. first sleep. 
-oprAo / agreement, promise ; 

introductory remarks, 
-fltatfolf m. original condltioo 
-^tcmill M. prow I, of ship I. 
■Httfil original dwelling, paternal 



(of a 

-tain/ firsi 

-tad/ beginning. 

-turtle/. fir« accusation er chBrge. 

-w watm w. first-fruits. 


frurn wiftmg/ i 

--gewnt n. tieed. uocumeni. 

-wyrhta »i. iimtai, 

frfinen //<-. 0/ teigna,n. 

f^ungon, j« frignan. 

ftrycca = IHcca. 

frymdig, i inquiring, inqnisiti*e : 

frymetling/. voune cajw. 

frymp, -u / origin, beginning; 
created being, creature. 

--«lic original, primitive. 

-Igldo/ first age. 

fryiap = fiemij}. 

fryooa m. kite, bittern. 

ftigl{ian fowl, cntch birds. 

-era m, bird-catcher, fowler. 

-o]), fiiBelao)) hi,, -ung/. fowling. 

fugol, -el HI. bird, ftiglea bian 
vetch. (Usles leao ^I]. fugles 
wiae larkspur. 

-bona m. fowler, 

-cynn n. bird-kind, spedes of bird, 

-dfeg HI. poultry-day (at dinner). 

-doppe/. water-bird. 

-hslBsre "1. augur. 

-hwata "/. -ingur. 

-lim (m.) birdlime. 

-nftt M. fowler's net. 

-tiinbor H. young bin!. 

-trSow n. perch. 

-wi^e abounding in birds. 

~wiglere, -weohlere ni. augur. 

fiiht damp. 

fill I. foul, putrid ; unclean, im- 
pure; vile, wicked ; convicted (of 
crime), guilty. II. n. foulness, 
impurity, dirt; guilt, offence. 

-bSam m. black alder. 

-B av. fooUy. 

-lie dirty: repulsive. 

-(llioa Of. foully, impurely, wick- 

-neB,' ty-/. foulness ; stench. 

~CQ)Btinoende stinking. 

~etrSow ». black alilcr, 

flilian decay. 

fulgon pri. pi. 0/ fBoIan. 

flUl H, cup. 

full I. full v>g. It', raid d\ high 
(tide) — hand- li'f-. a. hand -« 
handful : complete, perfect, ba 
-an fully, completely. II- av.. 
ifk. form fol, fully, completely, 
very : - tw4 t^».r, ~ oft very 
often, - neah .ilraost. 

fUUian fulfil, ]>eTfect. 

rtan baptire. 
ibly ilCt. 

ftillllan* whiten, full (cloth). 
' w. fuller. 

fulUan - fulwlan b, 


-an, -estan » 
full'beratan .1 

fUil'Wtan make full atnends 
ftill'boren bom complete ; noble- 

(Ull-brecan 4 violate. 
ftill-bryoe m. complete violation 

-, break i 



fiiI]-gEdri£Bn wg. driven fntl. filled 
(with wild beasts, ^the earth). 

full'fndlan complete. 

fUll'&aJdan i explain (n. 

full'fleon 7 fleeaway completely (!)- 

fUU'fTfmiinan, ■l^mian com- 
plete, perfect, fulfil, practise ffr. 

-edlice av. perfeslly. 
-ednoo/ jierfection, lulfilmenl. 
ftlll-fyigan nrf obey, follow. 

fUll-^llan fulfil. 

full-gftn, -saoKan t/>. wd. finish, 
aecomjili^h, perform, follow 
(desire ; obey; imitate; help. 

fUll-growan i grow 10 maturity. 

ftiU-healden contented GI. 

fUll-mffigen n. great power. 

ftiU-mannod fnlty | copied. 

fllll'trQwian confide. 

rtUl'pungen fnlly gruwn. 

rulluht, (iitwiht H. b.iplism. 

-bsf "■ '""'t baptism. 

~beua m. competitor GI. 

-ere, flilwere hi. baptist. 

-toder m. baptiier. 

-hid m. baptismal vow. 

-atSw/^ Ijaplislry. 

~)ieawaB mf!. rite of baptism. 
-()egnung, -fia-f. bapdsm. 
-wer HI- baptist. 
fulluhtian baptiie. 
ftUltinga av. ftlly Iff. 
full-wyroan complete ; commit 

fulonoi-f fii.fl. D/'£Bolan. 
fultum, -earn, -em m. help ; army, 

force'i [full, team]. 
-Idas without help, at a loss 
fulttimian, folteman :»/. help. 


fliltum.ond, -iend, gs- nt. helper. 

i\ilW{iaii, fulliau baptiic; ~&ain 

purify by bipti&m from ^insj. 

fatid[ian vi. of, td set uut, de- 
part ; haiira ; go whither one 
intends, go (Eo;, lend ; Bspirc, 

.^mg/. departure. 

furh,^. fure, d. tyrh/, fiiirow. 

flirh* fir. 

-wudu /« fit. 

furlaog H. turlong [tarb, lang]. 

bir ^lun, ftir^on av. lime fiisi. just : 
aippsji -■ sweolg eorfie Xbglea , 
blode when . . first ; [>& hie [iffit 
gaweoro - ongunneu hEefdon 
I even : he veiie]) (Virfion pa>t hi | 

gi ta e re Vila mire habbui,|ioiiiie 
hg -oriKirhDebryaptiiBKeiirht- 

ftlTpumllc liLiuriou^. efTeminste. 
tfixpor, iJV. for|)or av. further, foi- 

wardi i ijtianlily further higber 

(in rank pr cousidetstion), more 

ii6n promote, 

Alrpra a/ cfv. higher, greater (in 

rank er catuidemlioo) : pre- 

flxB ready er eitger to set ont, 
hastening ; ready, prompt ; brave ; 
noble, excellent : nbotit to die. 
dying [ftindlanl. 

-l§ot> n, death-»ong, dirge. 

-He ready; excellent. 

-lice aj>. readily, gladly. 

^ht- - faoht-. 

fjhtan*. i moisten [f&hi]. 


fylnes -■- tulnea. 

lyian ,let\le [fiu]. 

gefylc « R. troop, regiment ; anny 

-» m. companion, friend. 

^lo I'nn uoilect. manhal (army) 

•ttnd HI. follower, observer, 


fylg|endUc to be imitated. 

-estre/. follower. 

~irgf, following. 

-nea/ observance. 

^11 an w^. and g.. i. or mid fill, 

till up {g^p', supply (want;, cmm ; 

satisfy (with fo<Ml), satiate ; -wa. 

fulfil, complete [full]. 
-(ed)ne8, ge-f. satiety ; fnlhlment ; 

ge-tng-tid/ compile. 

-fiod m. high liile. 

tyilo / fullness, fill : repletion, 

plenty, fcaat; impregnation. 
f^lst/ help [ftiUSatan]. 
ge-a HI. helper, 
-an TBii. help. 
-end m. helper. 
^Ip/. filth, impurity [fiil]. 
^udeleyC invention [Sudan]. 
tyno m.) monld (fungoid growth), 
fynig*, i mouldy. 
-Ian*, i become mouldy. 
fjTH. tire; afire 
-bAre f^cry. 

-bespt «. bath of fire, flanjca. 
-bendt m. firfhartiened fastening 

-gebeorg n. fire-screen (t). 
-b«ta m. firem.nD. 
-j;cbra»ct ". routing of flames. 
-bryne m. tonflapation, fire. 
-oIataiii+ HI. T -bend. 
-orOoey. crucible. 
-eynn «. fire (I), 
-Kliraoa m, fire-ilrogoo. 
-en fiery ; on lire. 
-feaien with fiery hair, 
-gearwiing& J^l. materialb for 

jn*8tt m- « 

.hSttholas .. 
-heardt h.irdened by tire. 
-tlba ti. room with firepb 
-leohtt «. light of fire. 
-leonia+ m. flash of fire. 
-locat m. liery prison. 

15r|m&lt ". miuk of fire. 
-panne/ firepan. 
-raoo*, farreae/. fire-iton. 
-Bcofl/ fire-shovel. 
-Hmeortsnde smarting like a bom, 
-spearoa m, spark. 
-Bt&n •», flint. 
-Btveartt black with fire, 
-tang/, fire- tongs. 
-torr M. lighthonse, 
-polle/. grid iron. 

fyran caslrale- 

fyrlan Ir. supply with fire, keep 

^frlan oace col Gl. [forh;. 
^clian flash vL. [ijr]. 
fyrfejBt I. first (in order) ; first 

:in rank). II- av. first [fore]. 
tyrh. III furh. 
^htlan, /A'. tiTbM frighten — 

pic. tgejft^ht a&aid || inlr. iai 

/.v. [fotht]. 
-nee/, fear. 

^hto, W. fryhto/ fear, 
ftrrmest, fo-, iM ami 1. 1, forp- 

nieat ///. e/ forma I. Ti'g. first 

TL. av. fir^t (in time) ; first (in 
order), most in front ; chiefly, 
most — awft h6 - miBB to the 
extent of his power, as Cai as be 

tyrs m. fone. 

geftrrst (».) frost [ftwrt]. 

iq^ratig frosty [font]. 

^Ttirjan, -Ian advance, further, 

promote; benefit, protect [ftirpoi]. 
ge-a Bi. promoter. 
-ung/. furthering. 
f^aan, -ian tr. send forth, dis- 

charee (arrow) ; drive away, expel, 

bani^ ; impel, incite || Mllr., rfi. 

hasten [(6a]. 
^Bt/. fist. 

-geMat w. fighting with fists. 

ge-Uan beat with the fists. 

-eltegen itraclc with the fill. 

fyxOT, fji«/. she-fox [fo«l. 

-hfd/ skin of ahe-fox. 

^xen of a fox. 


F" 4 



aAFOI.-R.^Di:i7 ^^1 

gftn. gangan, !X. Beonga; 

gsrsioi)! m. blade of ^nui or com. 


(hSi gSf., /rf, eodo, +gen(t. 

-grena ^jrass-frecu. 

tgenedB, /v. Begaagen vi- 

-hoppa m. grisblioppet. 

walk, go, come, proceed — gan- 


herd who rents land for feeding 

gende meim infantry; n/w cf/. 

his pigs. 

B/arigiH 1 happen, turn out | be- 

-[8 tapa m. grasshopper. 

-tyning /. material for fendng as 

long met. : no gSj) ni robe to 

-awin n. pniimed pig. 

equivalent of rent. 

metlnee buton J^t pu bit 

-tun m. nii':i^i,>w. 

-wudu m. wood OS equivalent of 

gaafio all that is requiied for 

-tandic m. meadow-dike CU 

undentanding b picture is ■ ■ || 

-wang m. Eivaitl. 

gafol/ fork. 

-rand m. pair of compasses. 

for})-' go ar come oul ; conlinne 

^/ifni. actim. iip - tisc i.e/sun, 

gaane, b, in. bnnen ; tog. deprived 

gagat|08, -Bt&n m. agaie. 


o(,; wanline, scarce; 

gagel m. ( 1). gagoUe, -olio/ gale, 

gcg&n I*, go, proceed, alto an. ; 


sweet gale l.a plantt. 

gffiet = gi^et guest 

-Oropp m. top or calkins of gale. 

happi'D Ij Ir. practice, exeicise : 

gfist^g&Bt spirit. 

gagol, gsBgl wanton, lasdrious. 

oTcmin, occupy (country), take 

gftBtant afflict, torment. 

-b*™- wanton. 


gwotUct .WW .lipory '!. 

-bwraes/ wanton n ess. 

gabote/ small dish Gi. 
-IBen n. goail. 

g»t//.?/ gat goal. 

gagnl-Bwillan [or /icn jvardsn 


gargle Gl. C/. gflael. 

gSt> ihe, goes. 

g&l L wantoLi, frivolous; proud; 

gtd+, ie n want, lack ttr,* 

igelgaf-Bprtto /, fuoli^h talk, scni- 


folly ; pride ; wickedness, eviU -^^ 

gttfeUan rem CI. 

-ferhbt lascivious, lustful. ^^M 
-fr^olB ».. revel »V ^^1 

gafeloc m. jiivelin. 

-tang conliuuons, united. 

galTettmg/ scoffing. 

-full lustful, licentious. ^H 

-tangnes/ continuation. 

gafol, go- n. tax, tribute ; rent ; 

-fkUUoe .ii>. lustfully. ^^H 

-wiBt/ association, inlercourse. 

-lid lustful, sensual. ^^ 

gc-wyrhtan m//. assembled work- 

-bere ni. bailej- givin as rent. 
-gfeld n. Iribute !■. 

-m5d licentious. 

gadorung/ assembly. 

-gielda III. tiibulury ; debtor ; 

k;.-ity. folly. , . 

gadrian, gander- Ir. galhei, 

cullett, store a p. 

-gldldere m. Iribuiarv. 

ness; pride. 

gegadrilan Ir, collect |l )M/r. col- 

-heord /. hive of bees subject to 

-smAre given lo joking and laugh- 

lect logwhci. 

-ung /. coming toeellicr, conflux ; 

-hwit«l m, tribute- blanket paid as 

~i9rp/. iriliute-Und, rented land. 
-land: n. tribute-land, rented land. 

gallan i sine; sci«am {of bird); 
irUr, sing cfiitms, practise incan- 

SBeoibly, congtegalioD. 

g»dt IIHce. 1 n.) ftllowship. 

-end. -ere, galdre m. enchanter, 

Iniid liable to taxation. hinder, impede; <»(r.hinaer 

-UO fiscal. 

-ung/ Kicaulation. 

-mfed / tribute-meadow, meadow 

Gal -w^e) alas mfl. Gauls, Ftench- 

inlr. delay [gil]. 

n.en; France [/,/, Oallin]. 

-Ill*/ delay. 

gambet / tribute. 

gUsa «. wantonness, ptidc [««!. 

-monung / place of tribuic, cua- 

gamelian grow old. 

g»rs. graa n. giMs i J-oung com ; 


gamen n. amosemeut. game, sport. 


-pining, -ig m tribute-penny, 

exhibition of skill, ftc, merri- 


penny paid as tax or rent. 

ment, joy ; jesting, joke. 





gftmaii|llc, gajnelio belongiDg la 

games, iheatricaL 
-lice ao. dcceitfiilty. 
-w&>t/. palh of joy. 
-wudut m. wood of mirth, h»rp, 
gameii;i&n, giuiui-, n play; jest, 

-ung_/I amnsemenl ; jestinE. 

gamolt old Lge-, m&l]. 

-feax gtey-haired. 

-ftrhp old. 

gftnllon yawn [ginui]. 

-ung/ yawning. 

gan'jdjra m. gander. 

gang m. going, pic^jression , gait : 
path, track, bed (.of rivet); Bow, 
stream; courtie '.of time); drain, 

~nm, -em n. pnvy. 

-<UK»a m. Rogation days. 

-ehere m. inlmlry. 

-pytt m., -Botl «., -Btol m. privy. 

-geteld H. jiivilion. 

-WQg m. road, coit-ioad. 
-WTloe/. Rogation week, 
gega&g m. event, result 
gangan - g&n. 

gangs • wi&e, kuikbI - wtefFe, 

-woafce/ spider [gin, wefan]. 

ganot tn. g.innet, sea-bird — +-e» 

ganra, = gandra. 
g&rt tH. javelin, spear. 
-beam m. jftvelin-shaft. 
~berend m. wairior. 
-o§ne brave, warlike. 
-olifa/, aEtimony (a pl»nt) Pr, 
-cwealm m. slauchter. 
~dfaBpl. , warlike) Danes. warlike expedition. 
~b6ap fit. warlike troop. 
-holt tt. javelin ',-shari). 
-16ad M. garlic I^. 
-mfidng*, -mittiag/. battle. 


VI. bauie, 
-Bf eg, gaaTio m. octvxi, sen Pr. 
-torn »i. rage of battle. 
-gptrum H. band of wairiora. 
-Jimou/. battle. 

-wlga, -wigend «. warrior. 
-gewinn n. battle, violence. 
-wudu n. javelin. 
g&ra m thangnUr piece (of Itnd), 


g&BTic = g&r-agcg. 

((ftat, ffi m. breath: mind, spirit, 
soul ; life ; ipiril, angel, spiile 
demon — ae bUga - the Holj 

~baiiat "'- devil. 

-berond-t" m. living being, man. 

-cofilt '"■ liriast mind. 

-cund spiritual. 

-owalut/ lonneni, alfliclion. 

-cyiiuig+ m. Gotl. 

-gedUf n. death. 

-gieftl/ gift of the Spirit. 

-haligt holy. 

-(;eh.ygd+ n. ihought. 

~leaa dead. 

-lie spiritual. 

-lice av. spiritually. 

-lufe+Z spiritual love. 

-gcmyndt n. thoaghl. 

-geniplat "'. devil. 

-gcrynst ». spiritual mystery. 

-sunuf 11. spiritual son. 

-gewiimf H. trouble of soul, affiic- 

-bucoa m. he-goat. 

-hierde m. goatherd. 

ge </. and. ge . . Ko both . . and, 

gea, ia, A. gK, gee av. yes : ownp 

ia wip consented. 
g6ao HI. cuckoo, -BB sure wood- 

geador <jp. together — on- to- 

geafl-, su gafol fork, 
geaflaa mpi. jaws. Cfi. oeafl. 
goagl mn. jaw. 

-h^IIb m. swelling of the jaw. 
geagliHC, geg- froliLSOme, wanton. 
geal-Adl/ jniinditu [geollti]. 
gealdor, a n. iucnntation, charm ; 

magic ; Jiviualinn. 
■^reeft m. mnj^iLid art, magic. 

-crceftiga /«. magician. 
-cwide m. iucantaiion. 
-galend, -golere m. enchanter, 
-I6o]t H. incmtalion. 
-word H. maj;ic word, iucants- 

gealdrioge/ sorceress. 
gealg* sad. 

gealgla «. gallows, gibbet, cro» 

,fo. cniciiiiion). 
-trSow, IN. galgatrfi h. gallosn, 

gealla n. gall, bile, 

geall|a m. gall, sore on the slrin. 

-ede galled (horse). 

gealloc*, > M. comfrcy (a plant). 

gean-, g^gn- - ongdan-. 

-boc / duplicate charter, cotmter- 

-cwida m. reply; pi. 

-&Br n. telura. 

-hweorfen 3 retnni inir. 

-hwlfffl nt, tnming back intr. 

-hworfennpB/. relnm. 

-hwurf m. return Gl. 

-nes/ meeting Gl. 

-p»p in. hoilile path. 

-ryne m. meeting. 

-sl^ge m. ligbt. 

-pingian reply. 

gfian-wyrde er gean-wyrde — 

he pEBi - wau he confessed it. 
geanol coming to meet, on the 

roiid to Gl. 
geap crooked, curred ; cunning, 

tieceitful. tsteep, lofty, projecting, 

npatioug. i*.t .y^. D'Vti;. 
-llo <iecdtful. 

-liee av. deceitfully, cunningly. 
-Dfbbt f (o/'corBlet). 
-Bclpe m. deceit, cunning. — 

gear, gor n. year ; thi A'uhu UU 

-cyning pi. consul Gl. 

-dagasf mpl. lifetime; days of 

yore. Cp. gfiank 
-hwfiinlice mi. yearly, 
-lie yearly, of the year. 
-liiMrtP, ycaily. 

■getSBl «. number of years. 

■torhtf bright every year, bright 
in *ea.soQ (^ crops, «c.), 

pegnung, -pfinnnB/ annnal ser- 
vice lof the chnrcbl. 
KSAr-wntOl BDSleie IS'. 
gSara av. long ago, formerly. 
gearoian prepare, supply [g«uo]. 
gearcung/. preparation. 

ge>-dsg m. prt^MTBtioa^* 

g«ftrd M. fence; endo=urc, cautt- 
ywd; dwelling. 

gaore av. — gearwe. 

geam w. yam. 

-winda/ reel. 

g«aFo, /J/ iare ://. geanre ready. 

-brygdf/i quick movement. 

-folm+ with teady hand, 

-gangendet KOing swiftly. 

-Iioa oo, completely, well. 

Hmotttjopt wise, skilled (in) wi. 

-)iailcol+ Tery wise tr prudent. 

-wita BtKe, m. onderstiuiding, know- 

-witol* ready- wiHeil. 

-witolnes/. sogadiy. 

-wyrdlgt clocjuent. 

gearor cfv. ^ gearwo av. 

gearWiian make ready ; make, do ; 

(ge)-vujg/ preparation. 

gearvir|a*, -ef /fi. cloihiug. oma- 

gearw|e /. yarrow {a plant) ^ 
-mn-leaf mallu..-. 

goarwe, eeare of, completely; 

geat,//. sUn n. gale. 

-torrf IB. gatc-tuwer. 

-ireard w porter. 

gSatanZ. giant. Cp-K^^lScanifA. 

geatollcf adorned, splendid. 

geatw|R, -B+ fpl. armour, orna- 
ments [get&we J. 

gSa^t foolishness ; mockery. 

gfgn* direct — pa gSnJiui woga*. 

gagn- = gSan-- 

g^gnumt net W. av. fonmrJs, 

g^gnjngat "0( '('-, gea-, gftn-, 
-unga nv. straigiil forw arils, 
direct; aUo(;elhcr,eulirrly; with- 
one doubt I certainly. 

gslipu - geoht>u. 

gallat bauD. 

gdmung/. marriage IN. 

-i&B many IN. 

-Ue nnptial IN. 

gAi--gfgn-, gSaa-. 

gSn «a/ »'. f+), ie, gdna, gono, 
IN. geona fl». o/c™ prtcedid by 
)«. na I itiiliHtiolieii »i\\, yet : 
)ilffh« -liget> — (iKi/mnu-ta) 
>ft -(a; still ; oe wna me fsorh 
^gin not yet ; geomor )x>iuiq 
h* ~ dyds I further : blerde io 

^^ li«-dy 
^H MOtUt 

JO flfii' pa - ; still a*, r/r' : - mftra, 
gena BWftlre || now, in tlie im- 
mediate folurc : gif he his - 
wolda gepafa weoTpan pRt . . 
~ io pe feores unnui wille, gif 
pu . . II lefelilion again : pft- hSo 
fSmne aprffia. Lp. giot. 


g^ngait I.+) go only in pri. [gin]. 

geg^nga m. fellow- traveller ; com- 
panion, nasociatc [gin]. 

g^uge H. troop, gang: privy. 

gegjnge n. troop, gang. 

gangs having influence, efTcctive, 


gentinga = gggninga. 

geo, ,g)iu ecu. formerly, of old. 

-d(M+/ former ficed. 

-leant «■ rewaril for past action. 

-meowlot/ (,'). 
-aoeaftt/. destiny. 
~aceaft-g&stt m. doomed sprite, 
-winef m. departed friend. 
geoo, iuo n. yoke ; yoke of oxen ; 

a measure of land ; IN. wife (!). 
~boga m. yoke. 
-ian yoke. 
-led, iuoUele »,, iooleta m. a mea- 

sate of land. €p. scirlett. 

animal yoked wicli another Gl. 
g6oo(i-)/helpi consolation; safely, 
-end m. preserver. 
-Ian preserve, save iv.g. gr d. 
geocorf full of hardship \ sad. 
geocre av. severely. 
geocB|a'^*giexa sob. 
-une/- iolibing. 
gaofont, y, 1 n. ocean, flood, 
-flod m. sea. 

-hUB n. sea-honse 'the ark), 
-yp/. wave. 

gaog ejlere m. magician. 
geo^t), eot, ing- / period of 

youtti; young persons, youth; 

-onoslt B. young progeny. 
-feorht H. (perind of;, yonth. 
-hftd m. (State of) yooth, 
-hOdneg/ (stttc of) youth Ud. 
-Uc youthful . 
-lust m. lusts of youth. 
~Ta:STa.' f.g. -myrwet "net youth- 
ful joy (fl. 

geoTihol -^ geol. 

geohea^'giexa sob. 

gool, ge ojhhol, goohel n. Yulo, 

Clirislmas — on- nt ChristiOM; 

ahe p/. : tr -um [/,/, Julius ]. 
-dlBg «i. Yu!c-day — ae &reBta~ 

-monap trt. Decemi^er. 
gSoIa m. — Be 6rra- Deccoilwr. 

•e celterra - January. 
geolaoa, geol|e oh hi. yolk (of 

=Bg) [geolo]. 
geolo, p/ geolwB yellow. 
-hwit pale yellow, 
-randt m. yellow shield. 
-rfiad reddish yellow. 
geolstor, v£. geloBtr urn., gllUs- 

tsr It., gilliatre / pois<MiQD» 

geolstrlg secreting poison, pntu- 

geolltllng", giu-(w.) JulyO). Cp. 

geolwian become vellow. 
gdomorsad, moutnlul 
-e iv. Mdlv. 
-frSdt ol(f. 
-gleddt n, dirge 

-lice av. sad]y. 
-modt sad. 

gSomer'ian, gdotnr- mourn, com- 
-ung/. moaning; mourning, lamen- 

geon 0H« that, yonder. 

geond, i I. prp. ura throughout a/ 

i.rtriisieii and mclioH : of lim* 

.luring, n. av. thilhct 
geondan /r/. beyond ~&am- aC. 

Cp. begaoQiiaii. 
geond-bl&wan i inspire :t'>. 
geoad'brfidan cover (with cloth, 

geond-dr^ncan iatoxi.:oie. 
geond-faran /r. traverse, pervade. 
geond'lSolan i.pli. -foleu fdl tei. 
geond-fBran waveBc 
geond'flowan i flow through. 
geottd'folen, tu -fSoIan. 
geond'g&n vb. iraveiie. 
geond'gSotan ^ pour over, flood, 

getmd'hi^rdan hard en lh or oughly. 
geand-hweorfon 3 tntverK ; pass 



-ing/ witcring. 
geond'liehtaii il lam inc. 
geond'mf Eigant confosc (mind). 
geond'B&wan i scatter, 
geondeceawian survey. 
geond'Scinan 6 shine on, illumi- 

gaoDd'Bcritian 6 irn verse. 
Beond'secan invesligaie ; pervade. 
geond'SgadaiLt oveiiprei<l (with 

geond'spietan syringe. 

geond-Bprengan sprinkle over. 

geond-apriQgan 3 pervade (?) 

Keondeprutan ; pervnde. 

geond'Btregdan, -atr^dan sprin- 
kle over 

geoad'Styrian aptntc. 

geond'fjfiican coriBider, conltm- 

■reed in. 

geong, Iuhbi '?"■ Bi^Ki^i '/^- Ein- 
B.Bjat youn-. 

"Ificari be growing tip, lie yornie 

-lie, Keonlio young. 

-lionee/ youlli, 

-ling m. yoBih. 

|[eoiigr|a,i w.yoDtli; died pie, fol- 
lower; altendanl, VHSial. 

geoiigor[dSat, -sdpe m. vassal. 

age [()/,/ Saxml 
gSopailt 7 swallow. 
geormant-l&f 1/.), geormim- 

Uaf H. nmllow. Cf. Be»nrBn- 


SOOm wig. dcdroas, eager ; lealoDS 

-e av. e«gcrly ; earnestly ; well, 

-full e&eei vv. ; wtlons, diligent. 
-bOllo zealous. 

-follice all. icBloDsly, diligently. 
-flilnos/ desire, eagerness ; leal. 
-lie desirable. 
-lice ao. diligently, lealously 1 Bt- 


goornnjM/ zeal. 
geoPstU ^. inter/. Oh. 


geotlBn 7 pour; shed; cost (in 

metah II iritr. Row — •«iide hgre 

overwhelming army. 
-end m. artery Gl. 
-endlio*, -anjio flnid (il. 
-ere m. 'brass) -founder. 
geoxa -= *glexa sob. 
gSr = gear ycai. 
gerla (pi.", trilmte W. 
gersuni, m mn., -a m. treasure, 


gesca = 'glexa sab. 

gesen, ieaende, Isend, Isem en- 

iroils CI. 
geatende, m giestan. 
getaa ^ gietart destroy. 
geten-nryrds consenting, agreeing 

giccan itcb. 
giccig once purulent Gl. 
gi^cel \m.'; icicle, ice. iaea - icicle. 

-ig icy, 

-atan m. piece of ice, hailstone. 

gic))a, 18. io, 8lb|m, y m. itch; 

hiccup, r^. syoeoBB, 
gideian sgitaian. 
gl^dd n, song, poem ; speech ; 

narrative, lale ; proverb, riddle. 
~ian -111^' ; recite, speak ; discnts, 

giefl It. food, piece of food, 
giefu, Klfti / gilt -ta -bCb) 

gratis ; good thing ; (divine) 
grace ; tht Xumr letter g, 

-teGt gifted ; capable of wg. 

-heallt/. ^ft-hall, hall in which 
gifts are distributed, 

-i|*, i rich. 

-Ol bountifnl. 

-olneo/ liberality. 

-saeattt m. gift. 

-Btolt "I. throne. 

glAld n payment; tribute, tax | 
cciiDpensntion : alcad : on |>Sre 
■Diman - instead of the sun | 
oflefing (to a goil), sacrifice, wor- 

ship; heathen god, idnl | guild, 

gleld|daga« m. guild or fcslivnl- 

-lie of a guild. 
-rSdQn(n) / membership of * 

-•BCdpe m. association, guild. 

gegl61d H. oisociation, gnild. 

-a m. member of a guild, 

-heall/ guild. Iiall. 

~Bcipe iH. guild. 

gi^ldan j vida. pay, pay for; 

give, render ; recompense, requite ; 

puni^ ; malce good, make rettj- 

liition; worship tidols). 
gielda m. member of a guild. 
gielde', e sterile GL 
giellan 3 scream, utter crji, sound 

-on boastfnl. 
-georat eager for glory. 
~geonieB/ desire of gloiy. 
-hlsBdent boastful or iHiisiriQni(t), 
-lie \'B inglorious, arrogant ; magni- 

licent, splendid, 
-lice af. anogantly. 
-plegat m. tuctle, war. 
-soea)>at m- arrogant enemy. 
-Bpmc [/. boast^l speech, 
-wordt A. booaiful word, boast, 
gielpjan 3 w.g., rarely 1. boait. 

-end m. keeiiei, govtmoi 
-ing /. care ; Eemons IN. mar- 
riage. Set gAiniuiB. 


-Ian negicci. 

-lie carelt-ss. 

-lioe OK. careltssly. 

~ilBa/. negligence, carelessness, 

-t, -lioBt/ neijliaence, carelcasn 

being neglected, 
giemen'n) y. taking care of, cam, 

guardiansliip ; governmi 
glend • geond. 




"( drive — pTi. BTiide, 

glerd /. lod, twig; a measlire o< 

laDd, rood. 
-wag:*, y m. fenced road (l). 
-witet "- rod- punishment, ponish- 

mcnt ihiough Moies' rod. 
gierede,/rr. ^gl^rwan. 
gi§r(e)Ia, ge- m. dress, clothing. 
gegi^rellc of clothes. 
giemlan, -Ian, eo •ai.g., sftor, 

rartly a„ a'- /*/.. w. rWl ' 

icqaett, dcmimd [Ksomj. 
ge~eadl]a desirable. 
-lug/, desire. 
gUtrnn j chatter : creak. 
glerstan - gleatrau. 
glfnvsn frt. gl^rede prepare, 

cooli (toodi: -t6 mot" 

■erve (meal) ; Kdom -, clo 

1, r, M: iaa <r 

clothe, dtess 


Slgnt, ■-. f A., also IW. IScand. 
farm 1] m. amuiger; guest ; 

•^m, •em n. gneit-chimber, 

-hof «. guest-house. 

~'hXtM n. guest-house, bm. 

-Ion be guest, lodge. 

-ig*. BBBtig strange, being a 

itrsngcr IN. 
~lng*, ?/ exile. 
-11^ hospitable. 
-lifiaea/ hospitality. 
-nuBgent w. iioop of gueiti. 
-«al«t m. hall for stmngers. 
giest m. yeast. 
gUstan* ferment (?) — seatsaile 

swelling imadne^). 
gi68tr&n-, eo, gyratan- 
~#iblt ni. B off. yesterday 

-d«g(B^ flu. yesterday. 

~110*, syatemlic dees yesler- 

-nlbt mi. yesterday night. 

^t, -». iat or., o/Un w. nii, fh 
frtfixtd snll, yet : kI t mS twdo- 
nap : he una dted )A - ; biiherlo : 
mrft hi n6 • djrde : further, be- 
Mdet : be bKm is - geoweden . 
■a: cfv. still : swt] 

giatan*. 6-t destiof. 

gjdxa*. geooaa, fflhsn, nE. Beaoa. 

whether : J)U wist - hit is awa 
wi »oo8an hiardon ; frBBgn - 
him w£re niht getSsc whether 
ht hnd had n pleasant night. 

Bifert ona {m.) glutton (T). 

gifa))^ L granted (.by fate). 
II. n. &te, chance. 

g:ifro+ OHce useful (!). 

giferllice bp. greedily. 

-nea/ greediness, voracity. 

gl&a gree<ly, tarcDong; rapacious; 

gift/, price of wife ; //. -a, -u tnnr- 

riagc, wedding [giifiHi]. 
-bflr H. wedding-chamlier. 
-h&a n. wedding-house. 
~iail give (woman) in marriage IN. 
-leofi n, epithnUmium. 
-e lie belonging to a wedding. 
gigant, it m. giant [/Y. ^an- 



= geolator. 

-m»cg+ m. 

glhsa - giexa so 

gUliater, gllliati 

gllte/ yonng sow. 

glmm m. gem, jewel ; fsun [Ll. 

-bAre gem-bearing. 

-cyjin H. species of getn, gem. 

-Ian adorn with gem& 

-lac jewelled. 

-reoedt ". palace. 

-at&n m. gem, precious Hone. 

-wyrhta m. jeweller. 

glmrodor a precious stone. 

gin n, yawning gulf, ab)Ss. 

gin-f>Mtt ample, liberal (gifts 

gui(Ul6 yawn. 
gin.lan, geonian be wide ujx.n, 

gnpc [ginan], 
-ung, geo-/ ys' ing. yawning, 
glnd = geond. 
ging = geong. 
gingifer, gingiber. (ingifare / 

ginger [Fr.^ 
gingra - geongra. 
ginnt spacious. 
ginnsB/. gap, interral. 
gi)iiian'OD([lima.o begin. 
gipian*. 7 yawn. 
-ung unit/, gaping, open mouth GL 

giren^grin (rap. 
j^egiscan once block up Gl. 
gisolan sob. 

:i8ie)l HI. hostage. 

had m being a hoat^c. 
gisliau give hostages, 
glBtran = gleBtran. 
git ye two, 

gitaiian, gida- ivg. covet, en 
greedy, be a' 

-ung/ covetousness, desire, avarice- 
f^ti-oom -gytf-. 
gitmg - geong. 
gi^T, gdow (.m.i griffin, vnltute. 
giwllan, giowiaD/.iV. ask, demand, 

glad, cheet [glad], 

lingj' cheerfalneBs. joy. 
glBd, Bst, *f I. tbright, dear; 
glad, cheerful, merry ; kind, cour- 
teous, n. n. joyt once. 

lio bright, splendid ; cheerfiil. 

-modnes/. kindness, liberality, 
-nes/. joy, checrftlness. 
-acipe m, joy. 

gltedene, a, a/ iris. gladioluE^. 
glUmt HI. brightness, sptendont, 

^\mr,pl glsa&a (') m. amber, 

fine H. gloss. 

~fmt H. glass vessel 

-hluttor clear as glass, tiaui- 

glasaa of glass. 
-Sage grey-eyed Gl. 
glalarlan glitter. 
glappe/. buck bean 0). 

;l§aw, i, J. glSu quick -sighted ; 
sagacious, wise, prudent, clever, 
skilful, skilled in w.f., on rf. 

-e av, wisely; well. 

-terhpf wise. 
hyogendet wise. 

-hygdigt, -brdig lagaeious, ptu- 

-lic wise, prudent. 




gleaWjnes/. sagacity, intelligence, 

HKsipe m. sagacity, pradence; 
proof, indication. 

gl§d, oe/. live coal ; flame, fire. 

ge~an make hot, kindle. 

^M^esat fn. terror of fire. 

-ftet n. chafing-dish. 

-BCofly. fire-shovel. 

~8tede t »*• altar. 

gleddian oftce moisten, daub. 

gledene ^ glasdene. 

gl^mm blemish, disfigurement. 

glf ndran dcvonr, swallow. 

geglendrian IN. precipitate. 

gl^ng />». ornament ; magnificence. 

~an adorn ; trim (lamp). 

ge-^ndlic magnificent 

~flill, -^lic adorned, magnificent. 

gleomaf R. 

gleow = gliw. 

glSsian*, oe gloss, explain [LL 

-ing/. glossing. 

glidan 6 glide, slip. 

glida, io m. kite. 

glidder slippery [glidan]. 

gliddrian slip. 

glig = gliw. 

glisjian glitter — se ••igenda 
wibba glowworm. 

glisnian glitttr. 

gliten'ian glitter, shine. 

~ung/. flash. 

gliw, glig, gleo(w), if n. music, 
minstrelsy ; mirth, jest, ridicule ; 

-bieam m. musical instrament, 
harp, timbrel '. !). 

'"CrflBit m. music, minstrelsy. 

~drdamt m. music, mirth. 

-geom fond of jesting. 

~hldo]>riendlic musical. 

-lie mimic. 

^.mfldg^en, -m»den n. female min- 

•manii m, minstrel, musician ; 

•etafas (• mpl. jov. 

~6tdlt rn. seat of joy. 

-wordt H. song, poem. 

gliw|iaii, 60 play on musical 
instrument, sing ; play the buf- 
foon, jest, joke ; adorn. 

~(e)re m. bufl^oon, jester. 

-ung/. mirth. 

glof^ *e/ glove. 

glofiung/. providing with gloves. 

--wyrt/. lily of the valley ; hound's 
tongue (a plant). 

glom twilight. 

~iing /. tvilight ; dim light before 

gldwan I glow (^red-hot things). 

gntttt m. gnat. 

gnagan 2 gnaw. 

gnfiBt spark. 

gnSap, d niggardly wg, (giefia) ; 
frugal, austere (life). Cp. gnie)>e. 

-licnes/. frugality. 

gnidan 6 rab ; pulverize. 

gnidel {m.) pestle. 

gniepje scanty [giida)>l. 

«elioe*, d av, sparingly, in small 

-eucnes, gute-, ^'nes/. frugality. 

gnom I. im,) sorrow, affliction. 
II. sorrowful. 

-cearigf sorrowful. 

~hoft n. prison. 

«8cyndendet ptc. hastening away 
in sorrow. 

*8orgt/. sorrow. 

-wordf «. sorrowful word or 

gnom|ian tnfr. grieve, be sorrow- 
ful ; /r. lament. 

-ling^ lamentation ; grief. 

gnyran once creak = ^lierran ? 

gnymf sorrow, evil. 

•'Wracuf/l enmity. 

gd|n* sigh. 

-ungy. sighing, groaning. 

god m.y pL -as, -u, gpl. --a, --ena 
God ; heathen god. 

-beam n, child of God; god- 

-borg m, ? 

-bdt /. atonement made to the 

-cund of God, divine, religious, 

-ctmdlic divine. 

-cundlice av. by di\nne power, 

-cundnes /. divinity, Godhead, 
divine quality ; sacred office. 

-dohtor/. god-daughter. 

-dreamt m. divine joy. 

-fSodder m, God the Father; god- 

-fbrht, y pious. 

-gi^ld n. idol. 

-gi^ldlic of idols. 

godigfimxn m. divine gem. 

-hAd m. divuie nature. 

-ing m. son of God IN, 

-magen n. divinity. 

-mSdor/! godmother. 

-scyld /T impiety. 

-Boyldig impious. 

H9ibb m. sponsor. 

-sibbr Aden(ny. sponsorial obliga- 

god-spell M. gospel. 

-boo/, the Gospels. 

-bodtmg/. gospel-preaching. 

-ere m. evangelist. 

-ian preach me gospel. 

-isc, -io evangelical. 

-traht m. gospel-commentary. 

god|(ge>prfibce n. oracle. 

-Bunu m. godson. 

-prymm m. divine majesty. 

god(e)-wfbb n. precious or fine 
cloth, purple. 

-cynn n, kind of purple. 

-en of purple. 

-gi^rla m, doth of purple. 

-wyrhta m, weaver of purple. 

god-wrflBO impious, wicked. 

-lie impious. 

-nes/. impiety, wickednes?. 

god I. good, cpv. b^tera, bf t(t)ra, 
spl. b5t(e)8t good in all the MnE, 
meanings , virtuous, suitable, capa- 
ble j considerable — - dftl 7ug, a 
considerable portion, ~e hwile 
av. for some time | of high rank 
— his bftera his lord, patron. 
II. n, good : - and yfel — swft 
hw89t 8W& hd td -e gedd)> his 
good actions ; rood action, good- 
ness ; benefit | property ; pros- 

-ttppel, 00 = cod-. 

-dAd/ good deed ; benefit. 

-dond ///., //. -dond, h benefactor. 

-leas unfortunate, wretched. 

-lie goodly, noble, magnificent. 

-nesy. goodness ; good thing. 

-scipe ///. j;oodness. 

-spddig rich. 

god, ian intr. become better, im- 
prove — hit -ode mid him they 
prospered ; be cured, get better 
\of illness) || tr, improve, repair 
'house), reform (morally) ; enrich, 

gofol = gafol. 

gold //. gold. 

- - - -„- .T [1) iChrisi; 

-burjt/. towu in which gold i 

-QBtt "■ gold vessel. 
-Og Tariegated or adorned wit! 

-fell M. gold pl»tc. 
-flno HI. goldtinch. 
•^nger hi. third finger, 
-bmtw^i/pl. goW om 
~^Id caveied with gold. 
-^ebt "■ 'otd, paiton. 
-hamftt "'. golden er gill corslet. 
-hllt^dt hiivingagoldorgill hill. 
-blaident Hdomed wiih gold. 
gold-hord am. Irea&iue, tirasury. 
-hOa n. piivy. 
-ian lax °P iKntate. 
goldlhroaenf adorned with gold. 
-hwMtt ''- 
-lafer /., -Ifiof «. gold leaf er 

-nKBoUing h. brass. 
>in4)>mt If. treasure, 
-■{ile+ n, hUl where gold is dis- 
-Kcalp m. goldsmith, 
-smibu/, goldtmith'i work. 



-torhlt bright as „ 
-piOf m. stealer of gold, 
-prAd m. gold thread, 
-weardt m. guardian of gold (a 

dragon 1, 
•geweorc II. gold-work, what is 

made of gold, 
-winet "1. libetal patron, lord. 
-Vlanof gold-proad, adorned with 

-wl^ao- gold ornament. 
gSma fli. palate : pi. Eomaa jawa, 
K$p, 6t mt! slave, tenant (!). 
gor (n.l dung, dirt, 
gorettjan, -etau gaze, stare. 
-img/ Baling, 
gorst, -bfiam n. luize. 
B6b/ ■ Pl- BSa, o« goosf. 
-fUgoI iH. goose. 
-hafoc III. goshawk. 
got-wope/ goaiweed (t). 
Oolla m. Goth. 

grft-Bcinnen oL. made of grey 

fur ISiaHJ.]. 
gr&d iw. , -ef. step of allni ; degree, 

nnk [ZC. gradua]. 
grAd, gaiA (_m.) groBH, 
greade grassy. 

gr^an ^ i bj cry out, call out. 
grtedlg greedy, covetous, eager for 

;i;f, ; rapacious, heicc. 
-lice, Brfeielioe av. greedily, 

-nee/, greedintas, greed, covelotis- 

grfidumt on ft av. greedily, 
graef ». cave; grave [Brarim]. 
-hU8 n. gravis 
gTfflf !«,■. style (for writing; [LI. 

-ere ^ grafsre. 

~BGax n. graving-tool. 

grAfa m. grove, thicket, bramble. 

brush-wood {for burning) [BTof]. 
grieft w. sculpture, carved object 

I srafon], 
-gtweorc n, piece of sculpture. 
gr*g grey, 
-hfiwe grey CI. 
-hamat grty- coated. 
-m&lt grty-colooreri. 
gegrtoppian seize IN. 
gnbtan* weep, see gr§taii. 
gr&t mi. grove, copse. C/. grftT-. 
grafan i dig, penetrate ; engrave, 

~ero, m m. carver, BCtilptor. 
grafett «. trench (I) vlCt. 
gram nr.i/,, vi)> a. angry; fierce; 

hostile; oppressive, unkind, 
-bAre passionate, 
-bftmes/ bart temper, anger. 
-e etv. angrily ; fiercely ; omelly. 
-heortt fierce, hostile. 
-hytJgendet, -hygdigt. -hydlg 

fierce, hostile, 
-lie tierce, cracl, grievous, 
-lice ao. bostilely, fiercely, cruelly, 
-mod fierce, cruel, 
-wordf «■ hostile word ar speech, 
gramlan rage Gl. 
grama m. anger. 

grammar [£/,], 

grAnllaJI groan ; lament. 
-ung/, groaning ; lamentation. 
-l§aat goileleSK. 


grttn;u/ m 

a fish. 


grip/, grasp [grtpiin]. 

gr&pjian touch, handle, tee\ || mtr. 

-Igendlio tangible, 

-ung/ sense of touch. 

graalan graze inlr. Igraa']. 

grfttan pl. eaee groats. 

grdada m. l>03om, 

great, cpv. -to, Briatnt*, g^tra, 
thick, ^tont, bulky, big ; coarec- 
grained. coai« (sail i, -« W7rt 
meadow saffron. 

-ion become thick or big. 

-hob/ thickness, bigness. 

Qreciso - Creclsc. 

gr^mian, grfnuutui irritate, pro- 
voke; revde ,!) [gram]. 

gremettan ^ grymettas. 

gran e, oe green ir orichalcum 


-hfiwen greenish. 

-ian become green, 

-nes/. greenness ; //. plants. 

grfnnltan giin, 

-ung/- gnrniiig, 
greofa*, greoua Iviiee 

greosn mue gravel, pebble, 

greot II. earth, dust, sand. 

-hord+ ". body. 

grootan 7 iveeji, 

greptev oe, y / trench, ditch, 

gret|an, oe handle, loach : hoar- 
pan- play the harp;cotne to, visit; 
alUck! treat (subject): trtat {well 
ar ill) ; roid yflo - ; have inter- 
cootse with, cohabit ; greet, salute, 

gretlng /. greeting, aalutation ; 
present aa acknowlnlgcment of a 

grieto /. bulkiness. great size 

griUan irritate, tease. 
grimlat m. mask; betmet; ghost, 

-helm "I. helmet with visor, 
giiming aace spectre Gl, 
grimm cruel, fierce; tetriblcse 

isive (cold). 

fiercely ; cruelly, severely. 


Srlmm.lla (ieice, lenililc ; san- 

(■ulnmy (ballU, victory \ 
-lloa in>. Aciue]]', severely, 
-nw/ trueliy, fierceoeM, tcvctily. 
grlinniknt .t ran, be prond. 
grlmallBJi rage, be fierce, he exces- 

-ung/ u|ierity. 

grin, se-, siFPD^, snare, noose, 

l^gtindi- H. j^rindlDg togetber. 

giindan 3 /'. giind; sharpen by 
gtlnding || iiilr. grind, dash, rah 
— mid Wpiim - gnash leeth, 

grindelt m. bai, bolt, in pi, iron 
craling tl). 

gnngi- iiwf ^iaaj;hter, destnicCliHi. 
Cf. crinitan. 

-wracu/. pmiiihment. 

gTingan -- crlogon. 

griplan 6, al-wayi ge- ik Jj'. seize, 
clntch. alio nul. [0/ [empUlion, 
fe«r, dlKOK, wetpoQB) ; Uke pos- 
Miiion of, uiurp u>. on a. ; under- 

-end m. scuer, robber. 

-ol capacious GL 

gripa m. handfal, aheaf [giipan], 

gripe m. erasp, ctutLh, hold. 

gi'grlpenneB/. seUing Gl. 

griput/ kettU. 

griat, KI'TBt !• l"0 grinding ; grist, 

uam IQ be ground. lX.aj. stndeni 

Gl. 'Krlndan]. 
-bitt m. gnashing the tetlh. 
-bltian, ~b&tl&n giinJ or gnash 

I he tec lb, gnash. 
-bitung, -b&tung/ gnashing (ot 

grlstlUDK*. y / anct ginashing (of 

gristra w. baker [siist]. 
grUtol \m.] gristle, 
grijt n. pTBce, trui» ; protecdi 

■Nyluin, gnanuilee of safety 

Immunity {Scand.\ 
-bryoe m. lireaoh of peace. 
-logny. law kuiicernlng peace. 
'Itaa uii protected. 
-lui matio peace w. wi)>* protect 

gromt I. aad. II. k. grief. 

-a OK. wtilly. 

-hof 1. liouiB of woe. 


grora|lan mouia, mnrmur, com. 

-ung/. complaining IN. 
groBt encf gristle Gl. 
grot n. particle [greot]. 
-ig gritty, earthy. 
grot I.B. ) 0B<-« groats, coaree meal G 1 


gi^vrjan 1 grow. 

-neB/ growth. 

grun|ian gnmi. 

-ung. nn/f roaring, grunting. 

grund m. bottom, floor (of cave) 
ground, earth ; plain, country 
land ; depth(s), abyss, interior 

~fQst haatening to the abyu ^of 

-hierdet m. guardian of the depths 

-leas bottomless; boundless (ava- 

-ISaslio bound Ics*. 

~lunga, -linga av. pull down] 

from IV to the foondattons, totally ; 

to the ground, down. 
-Boeatf m. tract uf the earth, 

-Hplet' m. abysmal dwelling. 
~30pa m. a plaoL 
~dt&lt m. found Btion-stone. 
~9ta]KiU&ii fix on linn foundaiioi 

-wang+ m. bottom, floor iof cave) 

■he earth, world. 
-weall m. foundation, also mil. 

-wealllan found. 

-wegt, D m. the earth. 
-wela-f HI. earthly wealth. 
-wi§rg8n+/ water-wolf, she-wolf 

grunde-swelge = gtinde-. 
griutQettim. eiice grunt Gl. [sru- 

gryndef oact (n. ■ abyss. 

gryret'"- terror, horror (emotions); 
what causes) terror, horror: de- 

-brogft m. terror, horror. 
I -fESBt terribly lirm. 
; -fah terribly hostile Cf variegated. 

-geatwej5'/' terrible armour. 

-gifBt m. a terrible visitant. 

-hwil/. lime of terror. 

~ldo)> n. song or cry cxpreuing 
nrror or inspiring lerror. 

-lio terrible, horrible. 

-miht/I terrible power. 

~w)i m- terrible idangerousl expedi- 

gryrrant once chatter 1 ^ teeth . 

CJ. gnyran. 
grft, sec grut. 
gTytt|a, -AH pi. grits, coarse meal 


grytto oHctf. spider (il. 

-cyst / liberality, 1 


grttt/ 1 rf. grSt coarse meal : graiii 

grutt in. yulf, abyss Gl. (/.grund. 
grymetltan, - i lan, gre- roar, 

grunl ; rage, 
-ung/ roaring, grunting. 
gryn-8ioip+ iwrt m. worker of evil 

gegiyiid n. plot of ground [gpuodl. 
gryndan descend [grund]. 

MlrSam m. joy among mei 
-dryhten m. prince. Toid. 
~fit)a m. troop. 
-frSa m. king. 

~rice a. kingdom, coaoiry, tbeeartlk 

-rinc m. man. 

-stol m. throne. 

-l«gen m. man. 

-[leod/ nation, /i mankind, men. 

e^md (m.) pas, matter. 

>eawelge, g»-, -■wil(i)Be, -awj- 

/. groundicL 

guttas ttipl. entrails Gl. 
gQ|)t/. war, battle. 

. -bill n. sword, 
-bord H. shield. 
-byrne/. coralel. 

-craft/ strategy, wartue. 
-owSn/. warlike queen, 
-cyniiig m. warlike king, 
-oyot/. bravery or troop [t). 
-dea|) M. death in battle, 
-fana m. banner, standard. 

^f aup-FLA 


^^ ga>,fla(.ii)/. Ixltlc-atrow. 

gafsoeorp. -acrad, -seam m. 

gylt ig guilty, lUble. .^^^| 

-flogft UP. warlike flyer tdiagon). 

wicked. ^^M 

~tr6A m. wiilifce lord nr prince. 

-sele w. Imli uf warrior.. 

gylt an be guilty. ^^^H 

-free wurlike. 

-BPoUm. lidinfisofwar. 

-end m. offender. ^^^^H 

-ftwja m. warrior. 

-sweord a. sword. 

•ins/, sinning. ^^^ 

-frpmnieiicl m. wanior. 


gyr nt-itee. ^ 

-fruma m. WBirior. 

-gcfingu «//. battle, contest. 

-treow n. nr-tree. 1 

-ftlgol m. bird ot war, eagle. 

-pracu/. viulence. 

-ge&taa HI//, the warlike Goths. 

-preat w. martial banc]. 

gyrdan gird, put girdle on, bell, ' 

-g8»tweyjl/. armour. 

-gtwafede «. armour. 

gird (.with sword). 

-hafoc m. war-lmwk, eagle. 

-weard m. king. 

-heard warlike, brave. 

-(ge)waoro h. warlike deed or 

-bred n. pngillar Gl. 

-helm m. helmel. 


-bring™, buckle. 

-hgra m. army. 

-werig weary witb battle. 

-horn n. tnimpet. 

-Wiga «. warrior. 

-bring m. buckle. 


-Wine m. fellow-warrior. 


-hwBt warlike, brave. 

-gewinn b. battle. 

-li§Oti H, vrai-»ong. 

-WUdu m. spear. 

gycenes, i/. itching Gl. C/.eiopa. 

gymt " sorrow, affliction, 
-wracu/ revenge. 

-maga, nueosa ni. wnrrior. 

gyden/ goddess [sod;]. 

-m6d warlike. 

-lie vestal Gl. 

gyrst ^ fpriat grinding. 
gyrwe-fenn ». marsh Gl. 
gyBtemlio, j« gieetran. 

-^emot H bsnic. 

gydig insane [god]. 

gyldan gild [gold]. 

-Plesra ™. battle. 


K"^ "1- pouring (ont), flood, (hcd- 
diog (of blood, tean) [gSotan]. 

-rfei m. warlike attack. 

-beag m. cown. 

-rS»f«. annoar. 

-feax golden-haired. 

-bAI m. joy at the pouring out of 

-lh)rSow fierce in tattle 

wine,//, revelrv. 

-rino m. warrior. 

gylede/r/. a/gyllan. 

-Btreatum. current. 

-rer warlike. 

gyllant. pri. gylede, jrf shout. 


•«oaf» m. enemy, deslroyel. 

gylt w. guilt, sin; crime, offence; 

-com', i, L. a n. spurge laurel. 

-wear- slang hler (t). 

fault. i -rife, gil-/ cockle. 





h&,Ih4ne /.. rowlock — «l - per 

underatandan mieg ; - andaii 

hacdan hack. 


t6 bear malice | bcluivc to : 

baoela/ manlle, cloak. 

-BJBta Z. m. rower in wanhip 

yfele - ill-treat - /fr. yfele 

hacod «. pike (fish). 


gehntd tonnerted, liiseaaed 1 

h4d r/i..g. -a«, ranr/j'-arank, order. 

h&h&iR//'-/ hahal 

have an opinion about ; p4 ISwe- 

(boli() office ; condition, slate. 

habban, », fhsl lueft., hafaf. /r/. 

dan wiltap - pone mouan be 

character, nature, form ; ISSmlian - 

hafde r.'. a.. parliHvi g. have, 

t*m ^6 hi hine geaSoP | »««■ 

virginity; ta /arm avi.: frtirh 

bold, lake, mil. pos«»s, hold. 

hly, sbUgalioH ,<.: g«: ■ pone 

hftatne- violently; sex; person. 

^_ dare: - wip pam ffra j -mid 

oalla be lo tb driDoeime hnbbn 
1 la form pail Imsts vj. infitclcd 

perHio (in grammar). 

^^L blm ; st hnbtWDdrs handa 

-bot / compeniBtion for injury to 

^^1 witb Ibe Btoleo goodi in hji pos- 

ar i^«.) Hni«fl«Udpu. ■ of p^t 

^H scKion; wif- have intercourse 

hie hine oftingtin nel bBEdon. 

-breoa m. violator of hia holy 

^m with 1 he hBfde pritig wlntra 

gehabban hold, keep ; rfi. reMiam 

he wu thirty; rU h6 bM 


-bryce m. violation of one's holy 

wdcrtM li>^ )wt faA tiit 

haoa m. hook. 



[79-] J 

hAdlgri^ ft. secority er privilege of 

those in holy orders. 
-«■-'"»"" m. member of > pBiticu- 

lar order. 
-notw /, excTciBing clerical fnnc- 

hid- dmmber:ri. 
~BW&pa rii. Lriiltimnn. 
-BwApe, -awipe /. brii^csmaid. 

C/. heorfiawSpe. 
b*a|ian ordain ; let uke the veil. 
-od ordained, clerical. 
-Mag/, ordioalion. 
gcbsda m. fellow-monk. 
hadort, C I. (n.) cleaniess, bright 

light (of the sky). II. bright ; 

hftdre, n av. clearly {of light and 


-endlio habilU G1. 

baMJc, ( / gate, half-grating or 

hatch, graling. 
-wpr m. weir wilb grate to catch 

geluBOca ente snuNiee C 1. [haocUn], 
nmcoe/. crosier [C/. haca]. 
heedret an- anxiously. 
hmft 'I sea. 

htefde/iv, 0/habban. 

heefe^hefe leaven. 

hfBfati, ha- /. property, riches 

-lias pool. 
-least/ poverty. 
hnfen/. harbour. 
htefer m. he-goat, 
-blMe, v£. bxtre-/. a bird, 
htefern. hrefn, ee m. crab, 
hcette-blete - hEifer-bl&t«. 

haft II. bundle [habbon]. 

-mecst '". hilled sword. 

hsftt ft. bond, feller; caplivlry, 
custody, imprisonment ; captiie, 
prisoner, slave [habbanj. 

-aolammt m. bond : pi. sabjection. 

-«d5mi- m. captivity. 

ge-teat captive. 

-btcel H. slave. 

-Ung n. prisoner. 

-(.ejnied/. custody, capliTitj. 

-ni«dltnff m. captive. 

-nob m. cutody, impriionment. 

llBft|ui bind ; confine, impritoD, 

ee-[©d)neB/. captivity. 


haafting/. fastening. 
hBftellc captious CI. 
hnften (/.) cnslody vL. 
hnftnllaa take captive, 
-ung/. fastening, bond; captivity, 
conhnemeni, imprisoruncnt. 


hfBshftl uninjured /jV. 
hng-weard m. bayward, keeper of 
caltte in a common l^eld. 

E;h«g-;B.l meadow. C/.'ssbiege. 
EBgl hogol. 
luagtesae, hrats^e , /. witch. Cp. 

hffil4 n«i-( (.H.) omen. 
hiai -hSl o. 

hSl-Wyrt/. pennyro3-al. 

hfilian heal, cute; save (sonl) 

hfilend m. Saviour. 

-lio saiataty. 

hfilnes/ salvation, sanctuary. 

-grlj) n. privilege of sanctuary. 

bfilung/ healing. 

tiielet ni. man. hero [haalep]. 

hwlejit )«.//. -, -aa man, hero. 


hfelfter, ea «. halter. 

hAUg 1111.C mconstaiit, fickle [hil- 

hAlnea see hAlan. 

hAlo, hiel / health ; ^fcty ; pros- 
perity ; salvatiun [h&l]. 

-beamt «. salvation-cbild (Christ .. 

hSlslian observe omens. Cf. hftl- 

-end, -ere m. loothsayer. 

-img/ divination. 

bAIp/ healing, cure; health; sal- 
vation [bil]. 

hAm'an have sexual intercourse, 
ais., in pi,, 10, mid pr wip [him]. 

-ere m. — unriht - fornicator. 

-bttnte, e mfl. Inhabitants Ct. 

hffimed H.,pl. -(r)u sexual inter- 
course, connexion, matriage. 

-ceorl m. married man. 

-I&Ct R. sexual intercourse. 

-gemftna m. matrimony. 

-Bdpe m. sexual interco 

-ping n.,it/sap/.uxaa.i 1 

-wif «. married woman. 

-hAmingOB mpl. inhabitants Ct. 

Ubn&ii pell with stones, stone (lo 
death) Lbin]. 



gehnp, -lie 
-IIcmeB/ convenieui*. 
tuBpa|e, httapf. hasp, ftsteniag. 
-ian hasp, fasten, 
hlbr n. hair ; a hoit, 
-en of bait. 

■ibt hairy. 

-looc m. lock of hail. 

-Hife H. hair-iicve. 
hnr-soeard (n.j haie-lip. 
geh^re hauy. 

bare/ haircloth, sackclolh. 
hsrfest m. autumn. 
-handAlll b. a due belonging b 

the husbandmen on an estate. 
-He of aniumn, autumnal. 
-mSnap m. September, 
-tid/, -tima m. autumn. 
-Wlbta m. wet ueather of aulnmn. 
hfering m. herring. 

hnrn, hrsen (/.) wave ; -jiea. 

-flota+ ni, ship. 

h»a/. command [hitMl], 

-ere m. master, lord LV. 

hnsel (w.) hazel. 

-hnutu/ haiel-nui. 

-wrid n. hazel thicket. 

-Wyrt/ asarabacca (a plant'). 

hsBalen uf hazel. 

hAstt I- violent, severe, H. (/I) 

violence, hostility. 
~e, -lice av, violently, liercely, 
hfetan beat [hftt]. 
h£te / heal. Inllammation (of 

hsteru np!. clothes. 
hSto/ heal. 
hetSvB) '^ hegtesse. 

hstt m. hal. 

luettian scalp (as punishment). 


h&p urn. bcatb (land) 

heath (the plant). 
-bjrige/ bilberry. 
-KlOle/. a plant, 
-tuyog m. heath-ridge. 
-ibt healby. 

-Btapat m. heath-stalker. 
bfipla m. hot weather. 
-ung/. healing. 
hApen heathtn, gentile [hfi^]. 
-cjTiingt ™. heathen ting, 
-cynnt n. heathen race. 
-dom m. heathen belief, , 
-feob-l' n. heathen sacrifice. 
-gl61d n. idolatry ; idol. 
-gUIda n. idolater, heathen. 


, niivcbealbeiilsb, heatben. 

-nes / heathen belief, pignnism ; 

coll. bcrtlheiis. 
-4Clpe m. healhen belief or wor- 
ship, pagaaisni, 
-atyrct m.henihencnlfiihe golden 

hAwen, -e, vE. hfivi, it, bice. 

-hydoley: a plaiiL 
I -grene ceiulean Gl. 
f Irnf-, i» habban. 

haf^af, he&fola m. head. 
ha&n//<-. ^h^bban. 
h&fianian-l- gra^p. 
hafetiaa, aretisut. baSt- clnp 

hands, flap (wings). 
lufbC m. bswk. 
-oynn n. hawk species. 
-^re m. hawker. 
-^igol iH. bnwk. 
~'vrsr%/. tt plant. 
gehaglian impers. — eif him 

(oj- hlne) to fiftm -ige if he has 

the moQe]', can afford i 
haga VI. cndosute ; homestead, 

haga m. nnw, diiit of wild rose. 
lu^-steald. hEBs(e)-, /.V. hah- 

■tald I. Ml. bachelor, one living 

in Ibe lord's house, youth, waniur. 

II. n. celibacy. UI. aj. nn- 

married, young. 
-hSd m. bachelorhood ; virginity. 
-Uo virgin. 

-mamt m. bachelor, young woirior. 
-HBB/. Tiiginily, 
hogol, haw b)1 m. bail : Iht Rtmk 

Utter b. 
-farut/ hailstorm. 
-Ian bul ; hit >ode st&nuin 

meteoric stones fell, 
-wtii^ m. ihower of hail, hoilstonn. 
-«tan m. hailstone. 

-bom m. hflwthom. 
hal-, itt he&lh. 
hftl- smooLh (1). Cp. hBlig. 
-fitAn, aa, L. ea m. crystal Gl. 
hftl whole, uninjured; heallhy — 

was Jm -, - westu, bSo p^ - 

hail I 
-bAre wbolesome, salalaiy. 

beneficial ; conducive to salvation, 
saving, sa -» the Saviour. 
h&lw^nd|llc salutary, conducive In 

LDiiducive to salvation, 
-nes /■. heolthincss. 

Eeh&I ivhole. uninjured, 
ftlian heal inlr. 


h&lett|an, bS-, -etan hail, greet, 

-end m. greeter, middle finger ', I). 

-ung/ salutation. 

h&lgian make boly, hallow (God's 

Uivmc), sanctify, c< 

(chuicli, bishop), 
hftlgung, go-/. coQKcral' 

hAIgn, m. uinl. ealra 
ntasHsedsi; All S.iiuts' day. 

h&lig holy. 

-dmg m. Sunday. 

h&ligdom m. holiness, sanctiiy; 
holy things, relics; holy place, 

~htl8 n. sanctuary. 
hfilig;eni n. soQclm^. 
-monab m. September. 
-nea f. holiness, sanctity; holy 
things, relics ; boly place, sonc- 

~rift, B, y n. nan's veil. 
-water n. holy water. 

hilort KH.) salvation. 

hAlst (/) salvation. 

-wur))ung / IhAnksgiving for 

hUsjian exorcise. Cp. hnlsiaD, 

-ere m. soothsayer. 

-Igend m. exorcist ; soothsayer. 

-ung / eiotcism; divination 

ham wi., d. -(o' home ; house. 

duelling ; residence, 

av- home(wards}. ns- ai no 
-cup familial. 

-cyme m, coming home, return 
-fereld n. going home. 
-fest rcsidenl, settled. 

-faru/ — -eoon. 
-henn/ hen. 
-l^B homeless. 
-acir/. xdtleship Gl. 
. -sittonde resident, at home. 
mp m. return home. 

e \\Ata 


: offen. 

-Bteall, -st^ m. homealead, 

-we&rd(eB) ob. od the way hoioe, 

-worpung / ornament of a 

-werod n. household, body of 

-wyrt/. honsc-leek. 

gehftmlan rji. vi, mid make one- 
self familiar with, master (sut>- 
ject) (T I IN. 

hama m. dress, covering i womb. 

h&ma m. cricket. 

hamelian mutilate [hunoU]. 

h&mettaii provide with home, 

hamin m. piece of land, dwelling, 

hanun/. inner part of knee, bam. 

hamola iri. one whose head has 
been mutilated er shaved ()): 
hlne on blsmer to -aa beaoire 
LL. [hamalian]. 

hamolle /. oar.thong, ruwlock — 
eet nlore -an per man. 

hamor /n. hammer — fhameralif 

-BfOg VI. hammer-sedge. 

-wyrt /I black hellebore. 

ban/, stone, rock. 

hana «. cock rmt SV. 

han-ored m. cock-crow, port of 
the night [oriwan]. 

-Ud/. time of cock-crow. 

hand/, rf.-a hand: brad-palm; 
hill aiilh on -a hcefde ; hiiiB 
Uedda be pSre -a ; hfiold taine 
- on -a 1 side : satte hie o& his 
■wlfiran - ; on sehwn)iare - on 
both sides (in battle) [ persi 



niehito - td f^m landa the 

nearest beir ; fif^ •to - ojNwolen 
ale if the seller is dead | in 
phriuei txprening agency, con- 
IrsI, peisessioa. &v. : wearp 
aowaald set hira -um ; bine 
onfftng or nam) nt (or td) 
biBoODes -a acted ns sponsor 10 
( UTmendie -a ungrndginglyj 
i-um jointly ; him on 
Ban surrender ; under his -a 
□tbority ; on hia -um nnder bis 

managcmnil : htoldon fmt UaA 
lA Ua -• M hii nunl> ; hbn M 
•^ ISMn deliver ap, ibaadon: 
M fMb bM>6m him tA ->: 
hit hli* OD - tcMf 1 BMlda him 
an • p«l h* wold* . . promiMd. 
'■VNC^' ■ '>''* ^^ ~ b*^°> '=■"'■= 
uii'Irr hrr iinMcc ; him wel oo - 
*od«hr|>iiM|i«rt<I: itonladlmtlB 
Oft on -« sUdI our ui^geiil deed. 

hlUtd|M( /. Mxe. 

-b«nil<Mt. M /A^ liunenl, 

-bkllRt M. tUyer. 

-ball/ h>nai«U. 

-bAa > haiiil-Uiiik. 

-brad H. |wlin <il htnd, h>nil. 

-ulA)> N, Itiwvl, IU|ll(lll. 

-uopa w, linmloufl, mnnkclB. 
•ormtt m. UM of the luuidi, inuiu«l 

•kill. haiiillGiifl. 
-owvorn/ hmiil-mllt. 
•(t*dft •«. ]i<r|i*initni ipl hotni- 

tt>-hMtftn lirlroth. 
-toatat^unH/. ntiHi-klion. 
-tiM iM lUlT. 

-iillt/ wiNl<lln|[ (Ift. 

8 rip • |w*vv, |>n>M««DO, Mcurit)'. 
■nMr *■. tuiuiwi. 
•hr«a) M. lowcl. (Miikln. 
-hrlnvt 1 loutfb ui huid. 
~hwU/. ■u.m.tnl- 
-Iteut ••> r*Ci>iui«Di», itqnltDl. 
~ltn«. lutiiktu. 

-Idumit Kukvil w- wovM lix huid. 
•HkHtKIMt «■ I'oinpauloo. 
-atw|«nt H •iicnj;ih, iniBht. 
-llvtiidti •• Uitl*. 

-IMlk M, llllUVI -11*11. 

- |)l-«Qit «> vliai'Uui. 

-tmrni w >uiiUu)ihi. xtxck. 

• rwt *itv'<)l. loiiiiwi'Bil loi ilrength. 

awuil', a- / ivtluu*. 

-..yHih I'll. I.- Ill luilnji Ihc h«nil 

>Mii>i«, *l|f(Mluni>W/. 


tuuui|ep{t«l n. spade. 
-sporu/ lalon, claw. 
-gestMllal' n. comrade. 
-atoc handcaff Gl. 
-BWila*, 7 M. swelling in the 

hand 0) Gl. 
-geBwlngt n itroke. blow. 
~U>m so tsme u to be handled. 
-pegen m. atieiidimt, mnnscrvanL 
-pwial H. waGhuig of the hands. 
-gewealdt "■ power, posscnioii. 
~vrooTO n. roaouol labour; malt 

ol woilt, work (of a smith). 
-j^woofO B. reanlt of work, work. 
~gcwl)in ff. nuDual labour, loili 

slniegt' ; warfiirc. 
-wornt made with hands. 
-wrlBj*, -wyral/ wrist, 
■.^ewrit fi. deed, contiad. 
-gewrlpont IwiWed cf woren by 

-wundorf n. wondecfal piece of 

-wyrm m. hand-worm (supposed 

lo cause disease nf the band). 
hand-Bivft-gelice av. in the same 


-Ung /. handling, toochiog. 
handle '.}'■■/. handle Thaiid 
handllnga mi. with one a own 

hangian itilr. hang; depend on, 

be subordinate to jo, on. 

g-hwig9t R- 
angellet oncrf. lianginB thing. 

haagfln pic. n/hbn. 

hangra m. hanger, wood on a 
declivity [hangiBn]. 

h4r grey, hoary ; old. 

- e)hQn8/ horehound. 

-Ian become grey. 

-nea /. gra>-ness. 

-ung/. becoming grey. 

•w^nge, -wielle grey-haired, 

-wpngnsB/ boariness. 

hara m. bare, hu-an hice h.ire's- 
foot (a plant^. baron ■p(r}eoel 
viper's biigloiB (a plant), hnran 
wyrt, harow- r» = i?j a pl.inl. 

haro-wyrt, see hara. 

hts honrse. 
-ian become boarse. 
-nea/. hoarseness. 
-swage aoundinj; hoarsely. 
huo, ea// haawegtey. 


hasolfOg grey. 

-padat "1. gtey-coateil oi 

hasBOC m. ci>anc gran. 

haswig- grey. 

-fehsrat grey-winged. 

hftt I. hot ; (errenl (love), levere 

I. hunger, disease i ; invpiriag. 

II. (n.) heat. 

-o av. holly, feriidly. 

h&t-heort I. angry. Kercc, vin- 
dictive. II. H. anger. 

-e/ anger. 

ge-lan become angry. 

-lloe av. ardently ilove) ; foriotuty, 

-noa/. lervour; anger. 

h&t hiertan rfi. become angry. 

-hyget "'- anger. 

-wendei- hot. 

h««. promise /J7. 

gehftt n. promise ; vow. 

-land B. promised land. 

h&t an T b fri. hat. hiht, pais. 
prs. and prt, -te | command, 
bid: bit don h^t; . . pa dd 
>tBt Ic pa \d:\ -e; het hino 
geannd faron ; haton hino pest 
he Kewite | name, call. ii>. a. aitd 
ne"i. or lot rf. ; be named, called. 

I^h&tan I b commaad ; invite, 
summon: hie tA KBi^eordum-; 
to him Kobat ; promise : him 
gebdton ; gehit 'pmt hi feoh 
wolde . . I name, call. 

hatjan hate. 

hatfgend m. hater. 

-lie hateful. 

hatting/ haling; being hated. 

h&t ian become hot ; be eager ],of 

-ung/ becoming hot; inflamnia- 

1 .ofw 


hatol - ta^tol. 
hfttte/orj. ^hfttan. 

hapO-lipa mce m. elbow. 
hi, w [Ian gait- on, survey. 

J. special 
ing/ inspcctioi 

hen vb. -. 'hien. 
hea,//. ^hSah. 
hfia- in lomp. = hfiah-. 
heofiw. lamentation .btotiaii]. 
~lla lamentable, moamtn]. 

sang m. dl^e. 
hdafdeht having a bead i fl/plnnts) 


heafilian behead. 
gchgKfdod licailed (^ring) Gl, 
he&fela ^ hafola. 
hoafo//. fl/hfflf, 
heafoc ^ hitfoc. 

bfiafod n. hiaiX : ot bia hdafdum 
at his hend. ofor - ainj^ij, sjieci- 
ally. be bia heofde on pniii of 
•jenth. ~wi)i beafde bead Tur 
head [.of murdeier) | tdp, bead ot 
I plant) ; high ground, upper purl 
I of lield i source (of strcim) | 
leader, chief; capital ^cily); ori- 
~ 16 plUa unncde, a/ia 


thief field (!) 

-bSftg «. crown. 

-tafnd HI, felter round bend. 

-boorgt/. helmet. 

-beorhtf havmg n bright head. 

-bi«00p m. high priest (of the 

-bolU no. sknIL 
-bolBt«r n. pillow. 
-botl H. chief dwelling, manor. 
-hVUg/, chief town, capital. 
-oirioe/ cathedral. 
-eLiy n. head-dress. 
-CWlde 11. impoitant tayiog ; chap- 

I -«oe m. beailache. 

f -itntennQs/ head-omameDt. 

■^glmmt w. cyc- 

-gotd «. crown. 

-gylt «■ capital critnc, deadly tin. 

-hcto II. a hair of the hcetl. 

-h^bba m. prime mover, promoter : 

-hrogl M, heail-dress. 

-hrier>o/ scurf. 

-land*, baTud- n. top of field, 

-leahtor'ni. capital crime, deadly 

-Ifiu beadles, 
-lie capital or deadly i crime). 
-ling m. equal, companion. 
-gemaca, -gcnueoos w. equal, 

-^naagt m. near relation. 
-mftgaf w. neat relation. 

). chief, leader. 

T n. church. 


heaibdjport m. diiertowa. 

-gerimf n. majority. 
-a&r n. pain in the head. 
-BBgat «- helmei. 
-aient/ eye. 

-alfge M, head of pillar (!) Gl. 
-aroBBl if; Gl, 
-at^e m. chief place. 
~stol HI, cbief place, capital. 
-atow/ place for Ibe head. 
~8Winia m. diitineis. 
~oyilIl/. deadly lin. 
-gttol II, cardinal number. 
~))wsal tt. WHsbmg the head. 
~geWBBde II. veil. 
-wnro III, pain in the head. 
-weard ni. chief offii:et. 

lard/. guarding the king' chap- 


1 hSah^crEeftiga in, architecl ^!). 
-eyuingt w. great king: God. 
Ii6a hVdQor, -dor h. stagf deer, 
-hutui w, SI Bg- hound, 
-hitnta m. stng-hnnier. 
heahdlacon m. archdeacon. 
-ealdor m, chief ralcr. 
-saldormann m. chief pitri- 

-eDgel 111. archangel. 
-fader ni piiirinrthi God. 
-Qeatt finn, stable, 
'fieHt«n(.ii n. chief fortteu, city. 
high tide ; tdeep water. 

ter ;.\". 

-windnf, — pafSower-M the four 

-wofit /. vuioc. 

~wund/. wound in the bead. 

-wyrhtawj. chief workman, 

hea&e - heahfora. 

hdag-, la hiah. 

he ago- hago-. 

heago-rQji, haahron / necro- 
mancy, mjblery. C/>. hatgteaae, 

heago-apind, 2. heocca-, -apiim, 
v£. -apon, L, -Hwind [.i mil- 
wi/iiig Ihmagh thi tuord having 
btioiiie elisolcle\ n, check. 

heah I. a.m, heanne,//. fa£a %e,\ 
ifv. hier r;a, -ra, hl(U'< r a, spl. 
hiebat, eo. A, heat high, deep 
(water I ; right ihand's sublime, 
high i^rank\ imjiortnnt; haughty. 
II. on. high. cfni. beaor. 

beah- etc. under hoa-. 

Mah- - hieli-. 

-altare hi. high altar. 

-biscop m. archbishop 1 high 

-biiaat/ exultation. 
~bodat m. aichangel. 
-burg/ chief town; +iown high 

-c6Ber«+ Bi. Bopreroe kiue. 
-cleofa m. principal chamber. 
-ellfn.hifjh cliff ar rock, 
-cneft-i- m. high dcill. 


-frfiat 1 

heah-freolB m. high feitivaL 
-d»g m. day of high festival. 
-Udy: lime of high festival. 
heahlfyrf n. high Dame. 
I -gastt m. lofty spirit, 
the head ; I -gnornungt/ lamentation. 
-godt III. the Highest, God. 
graft III objci;! carved in relief (?) 

-"h&d HI, holy order. 

-heort-^ proud. 

-hierde m. archimandrite Gl. 
-Wipt n. high bill, 
-hw§olod having high wheels. 
-hylte ,«.l high wood iT Ct. 
-hymo =-- eag-. 

-i^dest \ most iUustrions Gl. 
-Iffice, hSol- m. physician, 
-landt 11. mountains. 
-laxeow III. chief teacher. 
-leomere m. chief learacr Gl. 
-lufet/ gicit love. 
-mEegsn-f' n. mighi ; mighi 

troops coll, 
-msaae/ high mass. 
-miht+Z might. 
heah-modt ptoui 


-nama m. illusiiioua name. 


-rgcedt n. high building. 

-gcrfifa m. high reeve, chief officer, 

-rodort '«. sky. 


~s&cerd m. chief priest. 

-a£t/. deep sea. 

~sdlt /. great bap|»nets. 

-sA-jieoZw. chief pirate W 

- ge'samnung/ chief synagogue, 

-saugere m. chief singer. 

-geadeaft/ exalted creature. 


4*tl M. (Mt a hooDUt, dait, Ihrooe, 


. . . t lofty. 
•Mfdflt M. bigb 0r dlitinEuished 

-•tsQli' hiati-prowcd. 

-CMtrtont H. trcaiure, 
-•ynn/. (Icidly tin. 
-tid/ fcillvnl. 
~ttmb«rt n. lody liuildlng. 
-I^tltnbrodt hli;h -built. 
-UCtlmbrut uri-\ol\y ImMiags. 
-torrM mfl. ibc Alpi 01. 
-trtowt / «»Iemn compcct. 
-ttCftrft/ |[r«nl need. 
-^K«a ivr. chicr officer; npoitlc; 

->«gnun(t/ hieh Ktvlce #r fnnc- 

-)ttod/ iiklloii. 
-pr*«^ ni. giniilo. 
-gaptillBi- H, hlj-Il wnves. 
-|>ryinia m. i -|)rymnoB+ /. grew 

-^lielpuncan of iii|{ii rank, distin- 

({uliheil. ckaIIkI. 
-W»ofbd N. Iil|tl> iilUr. 
-(uo WPOrO n. ricellent work. 

hit>ihIbro, btftlV*, htahftu / 


hlftl. i« haklh. 

Stoic, hydroccl 
, iiydrocelous, 
llaftlit iM.) ptotectioD £. 
Iw«ld, vH. )ult> heni down: in- 

alliiB<l(i<. «vll). 
|*hMtld H, liociilni;, cuilody ; pro- 

liEllim I itiiiirrliiin ; oWrviiig {its- 

llv.1) [>t «"lit»I<l]. 
-d«VM M//, ualrnd* (11. 
-«Uin (lUK*! 1 uliuta. 
•flUWIIM / killing, □bwnrniice, 

kMI'liig (ixunlDMid*) I abillnrnce, 


liMitlttMt I hiilih -bins b* (Are 
liMtiiU { iiu«»Mii, kMp : rloa - 
icluii 1 bias labundsiiDa ~ ; 

wmihiilii 1 Inok up («'' keys). 

geheAlden fnigal, 
gusrd. preserve, save 
wi)> leahtraa ; support (one 
king' I observe, keep (cnnimaiK , 
proiiiise, festival) ; practise, carry 
on, do ^virtue, wai) | behave to. 
treat ; rfi. behave | regard ; un- 
WBorplioB - despise | se- satisfy 
claims of, pay || inlr. hold out, 
not sorreniler ; force one's way ; 
proceed, go. 

llSEdd end '«. guardian, niler. 

-nsB /. observance. 

heall/. half; side; quarter, part; 
party, side (in battle, la*- 

he&If half ~ t>rldde - gear two 
and a half; 6])riuii -urn Ubb pe 
briUBwintra jSJ. 

-clfimed half-liDiahed .of mud- 

-oUplgende semi-vowel. 

-tdungen halt-withered. 

~OWio, -ouou half-dead. 

~d5ad paralyzed on one ^ide. 

^^ald half-grown CP^S^- 

-fSbe l.nne. 

-freo half.frec, 

-hir half-grey. 

-hSafod n. ;(roQl) pail of head Gl, 
hrOh balf-dbaggy. 
htindiDg m, uyiioccphalus- 

~hwit whiiisb, 

m. half man (!^. 

-penlg-weorp n. halfpennyworth. 
'FAad reddish. 
'HCyldig half-gnilty Gl. 

-Btneweolt wmidrcular. 

-elf^pende half-asleep. 

-SOdon half-cooked. 

-tryndel ni. heniiiphcre, 

-WUdu ni. Ileld-balm. 

healfter - tuslfter. 

healfun^ai av. partially, lo some 

extent, imperfectly. 
healh, Z. b«al ; //. htoUi, bal&a 

comer, hiding-place ; bay. 


-ifit*. m fall of comers. 

heallc ',«.) a fish Ct. 

hSfUic high, Tram a height (^fall) ; 
dlstin)piishcd, illustrious, pre- 
eminent ; proud ; excellent ; ex- 
cessive, great ^crime). 
'h&d m., -ne« / sublimity, excel- 

hfialice av. on high; ia a high 

degree, supremely, citrcmely. 

heaU/. hall. 

-«Brn+ n. hall, palace, 

-gament n. mirth in linll. 

-io palatial. 

-reaf II. piece of tapesitj. 

-r^edt '<- palace. 

-Sittandf m. one who sin in a 

ball, guest. 
-t>egent m. hall-officer. 
-wftgrift H, piece of tape 
-wudii+ I 

r of tapestry. 
adwoilc of I 

healm n 

1 (of 

~streaw n. stubble. 

heals ni. neck ; prow of ship. 

-beast >». necklace; torque. 

-gebpddat/. bedfellow, (unwrt. 

-beorg/. go^et, hauberk. 

-hots/, phylactery. 

-imat stubborn, stiff-necked. 

-fang n halslaog, a legal penalty 

-g^und I III.') swelling in the neck. 
-leper «. reins. 
-nKBgept/ beloved virgin. 
-m^e, -mynB m. necklace, 
-omc/ tumour on the neck. - 
-wrijja 01. necklace, 
-wyrt', ■/. daffodil (I\ 
healB'ian, /IK ami A. a. <, = &)) 
implore, entreat. Cp. ' '■ " 

-igendlio depcecalilc (il. 
-igendlice av. imploringly, with 

healfnmg, a f. entreaty ; augury, 

'gebod', a n. litany. 
healaed, haUod (n.) Iiead-dotb, 


lB^a)re- pillow. 
-foper+/ pillow-feather, oown. 
bealt lame, limping. 

heamol miserly, frugal (11. 

hSan vb. ^ *hisn exali. 

hSan humiliated, abject; of low 

rank, mean ; poor. 

I av, ignominiuusly. 

ic ignominious, disgraceful; poor; 

-lice av. Ignominiouily, miser- 
uddt dejreted, humiliated. 

cicelsis; iuljlimilj', tKccllencc ; 

Ugh Tai]k. 
hteone, lu heah. 
hdap mf. tioop, band ; mnlti- 

tnde ; social gaibcriiig, company ; 

uwciation, corporalioo. 
-ion heap — him on g«-. 
-mAlum av. in tioopa er flocks, 
-ung/. heap Bd. 
be&TA-^lieora of Ihcin. 
hSara, set he oh. 
heard hard ; strong ^chnin) ; stem, 


^■^^(beait): attended with elTorl. 
hard (labour) ; exceativc, strung 
■Ktwidei" «. hanh language, con- 

-a tea. fiercely ; excessively. 

-w^ hard of edge, sharp. 

-figrde diiBcult to carry, 

-hara, -ra m. n lisb. 

-htew chisel GI. 

ha&rd-heort unfeeling, hnitl- 
hearted ; obstinsle. 

-nesy. hoid-hcartedncss ; obstinacy. 

heaid.{hycKendai- brsve. 

-lie Mvere, excessive. 
.-^oe av. vigorously, bravely; ex- 
. cesiively ; harshly. 
I -Ucnes /. austerity laf hermit's 
I life). 

-mSd Klf-confideDt, obstinate. 

-mSdnaa/ obitiaacy. 
-Iljbb having a hard bcik. 
-nBB/! hardness. 
-rAdt sttndfasl, firm. 
-sAligt aafortunnte. 
-bAIhob/ calamity. 
~Will|)^ misfortune : wickedness. 
-Wfndlice av. severely. 
heardian harden iiitr. and tr. 
heardiogf m. warrior, hero, 


hearg m., ft. -m, -a (heathen) 

temple ; idol, 
-llo idolatrous. 
-tlf«fl- H. (heathen) lemple. 
•■WBkrdt m. 'heatheni priest. 
haarm I. m. injury, aiilictlon, evil, 

loss: grief; insult Il.ii/.grievoiis, 

cruel, wiclied. 
-owalut/ deitniaion. 

hearmlcwedellan calumniate. 
-cwe{)&n 5 revile, calnnmiate. 
■cnraMnd m. calumniator, 
-cwlaot m. severe sentence 

calumny ; blasphemy. 
-owld(d]lan revile, cslamniale. 
-awidol speaking ill of olhcre; 

-edwitt «■ contumely. 
-ftlUlc hurtful. 
~heortnaa/ murmuring GI. 
-leopt »- song of grief. 
~Ua injurious, 
-local- m. prison ; bell, 
-plegaf m. strife, quarrel, 
-acarut/ affliction, punishment. 
-Hoajtat "1. terrible enemy, 
-alfget m. grievous blow. 
-Bpreba/. calumny. 
-Btafast mfii. trouble, afBiction. 
-t&nf in. twig bringing caUmity. 
hearmlan injure mrf. 
hearma m. shrew-mouse {V GI. 
heanna-Bcinnen made of ermine- 

" "ns vL. [S^at^.l 
hearp,ian play on the liorp. 

-eatre / female harper. 

-ung/ playing on the harp. 

hearp|a/ harp. 

-i.e nagel m. plectmm. 

-sang 111. sung tn the harp, psalm. 

~Blfgs III. playing the bnrp; plec 

-e Strang in. harp- string. 
-sweg "(- sound of the harp, 
hearrat '"■ lord. 
hearra, ii-f heah. 
hearate-panti« - hierote-, 

-byme/. coi^let. 

-fremineiide fighting, 


-geoog young bi war. 

-glemm wound got in baitle. 

-grnmm very fierce. 

-helm m. helmet. 

-lie n. battle. 

-lind/ shield. 

-lipende m. war-sailor, sea^wiirrioi 

-mAre illustrious in war. 

-Tta m. onslaught. 

-rSaf It. armour. 

-rof brave, famous in war. 
-aceard notched in battle. 

-Bigal HI. sun. 

-atSap towering in bntlle. 

-BWftt m. blood shed in battle. 

reng m. hostile stroke. 

rht defiant (voicf. 
-wAd/. annoui. 
-weorc ». fight, 
■.werigne^ry from fighting. 

heaporian restrain, confine. 
geheaH" n. gnnshing (of teeth ), 
hSawan i hew. cut ; cat down, 

kill ; wftan - slander. 
hebblan i frt. h6f, hffda, pie. 

nafen, te raise, lift up ; raise ^ct>■) ; 

iip ~ raise, exalt || lulr. up - liw 

in the air, fly. 
-endlio exalted IN. 
hecgo-apind ^ heago-. 

-clft)> III. chasuble. teg. heed, attend to, lot^k 

out for; lake possession of, take. 
-nm*, heddem, 7 n. Eiorenouse. 
-endlio captious GI. 
-endllce av. captiously GI. 
heden dress GI. 
hef-, ste h^bban. 
hffe m. weight; feeling of Oppres- 
sion lin heart', [bebbanl. 
lic grievous, severe; tedioBE. Cf. 

litM av. excessively, severely; with 

difficully (p.. 
hfilb*, m m. leaven, 
— -ird/ weaver's shuttle. 
_ M m. thread for weaving. 
hf feld thread for weaving. 
-ian biggin the web. 
h^Sgjieavy; impoitant; grievotn 

injuriDns,a^pleasant, troublesome; 

hostile; severe (.fiEhticgl, hard, 

difficult; excesGive/taffe]. 
-e av. severely, painfully, 
-lie grievous, severe. Cf. hfrelio. 
-lice cni. severely, seriously; with 

grief 9r anger. 
-mod trouhlesome, hostile. 

-tieme, h^fbt- n 

oui, tedious. 
-tiemneB/ trouble. 

Hfi-T.Tii . DEOFOL 


a lie hc«i7 on, borden ; op- 
BMH, alHk'i H 'Wr. become beavj- ; 
MComs oiiiTcuin, ttonbleiome. 
|i|ltn'ul 1 be ajtgnvaleil. 

-aMto*. ciicloauR (it, 

htgMit [-cvliiim, Achieve, hold 

hMlan lORke lifl^F 'e»<^ >" : B'~ 

a(Kl|[t in, cncli 

hfM n. hedge [tukvu]. ^iv hgc- 
-otltb/ bKlge cllven (> Dlaotl 

-hymclB/ hop- pi « 

•raw. hngrftw/ hwlgeiuw. 

uchalg- - 'Rchicsa. 

Minn 4 Govei : hide iv. a. audi/. 0/ 

fdrsoH »' irtp a. 
hfllMI cover ; concetl [tielan]. 
htUa*. o« cnlamuUte l.lf. [hdl|. 
hil.a,M,«m. bed. 
-■pu»/ heel. 
haldo/inniy iiplunt). 
hfU/ Hada : hell [helon]. 
-bend+ «/■, bond othell. 
-itnlht «<: itcmun. 
-Ul-Mftt »i. Mliah nrl. 
-uund of hell, 
-owalul'/ hfll-toniie»t. 
•(lAofol HI. demon Gl. 

(lort II. calr of hell. 
-llpgnt/-nolll»h crime, 
-Rllt bound (01 bell. 
•KOd, belle- H. goil of Hadn. 

h«ot«+ hell. 
-lu, lialUlloofbell. 
-I'Oiliit m. (lemon. 
-rynigU/ .orccrew. 
-•o«b»t It. tWnd. 
•traft' «. bHtben trmpte. 
•trvfkt m. bell'locnKiit. 
-|r)'WlllK+ n. tcitcainl uf hell, hell- 

-wuro, •wMKU, ■ 

f r^l. InhibiUntt tii 
-waradn. hoit olbcll. 
-Wlht/H. devil. 
bflU,tiaiUot n. woe o(hell. 
-bl'«S(ir» t<tr..i<>nicll. 
-^>Tyat^ « hell-fire. 
IMkHI m. JAw of hell. 
-ulaiamf M. bond of boll, 
-uyiltit » <'V<;c <■' llell 

Kntt tif hell. 

helleidSofolt nw. dei-il. 
~dort». door of hell. 
-duru+Z door of hell, 
-flart/ floor of hell, 
-S&stt, ie Hj. demon. 
~^at H. gale of bell. 
-grundt w. abyss of hell, 
-giyret m. leiror of bell. 
-hnftla't, ~luettlingt m. captive 

of hell, 
-hincftt It. bell-limper, deril. 
-hund III. dug of hell. 
-host «- hell. 
~mf re m. lake of hell, Styx, 
-nipt m. hell-lonaeni. 
-rOno/ sorceress. 
~aca])at m. devU. 
-scGolcf m. devil. 
-eiap w. hell, 
-Jiegnt "( devil 
-wite II- bdl-lormenl, hell. 
-w1te-br6ga m. hell-tenor. 
halm III. helmet ; covering ; top or 

folisHe of trees ; tpmtcctor, lord. 
-bjbre, -berende leary Gl. 
-berondt m. warrior, 
-ian cover. 
helma m. rudder. 
he] or ' hoolor. 
help/w;,, ~e/ help, 
helpan 3 help m d. or ,f . 
helpend in helper. 
-bAre, -llo helpful. 
helt = hilt. 
h^eb shin [ham]. 
hemllc = hymllc. 
h^mm m. hem. border. 
hemming, i -m.) shoe of hide. 
geh^ndanf <in<v bold [hand]. 
gehgndle I. near ; haod;, cOD- 

veoient. n. av. near ; irel - 

nearly. III. firf. tad. near. 
~tl66/. neun«s, neighbourhood. 
hfnsp, B (in.) hemp, 
h^ng-wlte ». line for Icttini; 

criminal escape. 
h^nge-olif n. steep cliEf [ban- 

fafngeii(ii /. death er puoiibtDent 
by bunging, hanging, torture ; 

hpm/ben. -e-bsUe/, -b-w61 
m. henbane. 

hf una m. fowl. 

hgntan pursue to. g. er after — 
- his mid fl&nnm shoot nt ; aeiie. 
hSoI. she, IL-hiolhey, 
heo = hiw colonr. 
heo-dffig nv. to-day. 
heof (B(.1 lamcnlition, mouiniue. 
' Cf.b 

-endllc mouniful, diitmal. 

-andHce av. dismally. 

-ian, fia intr. lament, weep ; tr. 

-igendUc mouming. 
heofol*, hioful face W. 
Il90^ng_/^ lamentation, mounung, 

-<lfflg m. day of moorniog. 
-tid/. lime of mouraing. 
heofou, hef- m., I.. ~e f. sky; 

heaven o/ltii pi. in both mtaniiigi- 
-boaoent «. sign in ibe sky. 
-beorhtt heavenly bright. 
-bisme+/ heavenly trumpet 
-candelil t/heaTenlycandle!»nn, 

the fieiy pillar . 
-ooluf nfii. heat of the sun. 
-cuad heaven ly. 
-cyning m. king of heaven. 
-dSmat M. celestial judge. 
-drfiam-t- m. joy of heaven. 
-dugupt/ heavenly host, 
-engelt m. angel. 
-tUgolt m. bird, 
-hallgt of ccle«ial bolinen. 
-hftm+m. beaven, 
-hoahf reaching to heaven. 
-heall/. hall uf heaven. 
-hl&ft HI. bread from beavcti, 

-hrof HI. theavea ; ceiling. 
-huB n. ceiling. 
-hwealrt/- heavenly vault. 
-lac of HI- from heaven. 
-leohtt n. light of heaven. 
-ISomat in. heavenly radiaoee. 
-Uc of heaven, celestial, 
-lioe at/, from heaven, 
-megent ». heavenly might, 
-lies n. kingdom of heaven, 
-steorrat m. star. 
-8t51+ ™. throne in bcai-en. 


bcofon'timlMrt n. heaycDly bI 

-lorhtt beavenly bright, 
-tungolt 11. lumiiiary. 
-|ireftt+ BI. heavenly troop. 
-prymm m. heavenly glory, 
-ware, -warm fl.. -warn / cell. 

dwclleri of heaven. 
~ireard+ m. gnsrdUn of bc«veD. 
'■VfrnoA. H. heavenly boat. 
-Wolcenf n. clond. 
-wCmat "t- sonnd in heaven, 
-.wuldort «, heavenly glory. 
heolfort tH.) Wood. g^rc. 
hoolfiigi' blood-stained. 
heolor, heloryl scutes, balance. 
-blsdu/ scale of balance. 
•ian, halriau weigh. 
-ung /. turning of a scale, motnen- 

tum Gl. 
hooloti-t covering [halan]. 
-cynii n. inhabitants of hell. 
~belia, hie- m. helniel which makes 

the wearer inviuble. 
baolator, vE. boliutr I. (+', m. 

what veils er covers -. hiding-place, 

coticealment ; darkneBS, II.+ aj. 

daric [helui]. 
-Oofilt *'. (TT^ve. 
-hoft H. hdl. 
-lOOft't' •"■ prison. 
-Boeadot /, -scuwat m. daik- 

heolBtrig*. -ioo dark Gl. 

taeom Z.'^hixa//. 

heoaoa, l. heonone av. hence, 
away; [see, from here I from ihiii 
tiine. Ear]) ~ henceforth. 

-tarf Of. henceforth itiine). 

-vraard transiloiy. 

heonu, henu, hona tnttiy. not fC 

1o ! behold ! 
hiop.e/I hip (.bciry of dog-roie). 
~brfiIDel m. dog-rote: bramble I' . 
haora •^ hlra ot ihem. 
beoronjian, e, i,e>) lisien. 

^ge ~neB, -rfiden^n), by- /. i 

heord s hired, 
beordan //. h.irds of ttax. 

K:beordung/ guard, watch Gl. 
baorio t m. «tag. 

heorot:ber{i)ge/ bucklhora bcny. 
-brfimbel m., -brflr/. buckthorn. 
-buoo m. roebnck. 
-olfifro/. hctnp ngiimony. 
~cropp w.cluilcr of hemp igrimoDy 

floweta I'V 
•BOl ri. slag's wallow tng-place Ct. 
heorra = hearra. 
heorr pi. binge ; cnrdinnl point. 
gcheort of good cheer, contagcoui. 
~lioe 01'. cbeeringly. 
heort[e/. heart. 
-angnes', -uio- f. heait-distrcss 

-COfu/ heatt-discasc. 
-^ce m. pain in the heart. 
-gryra m. terror of heart. 
-hama m. giericardium. 
-hogaf. anxious core. 
~IeaB dispirited, 
-lufet/ heartfelt love. 
-hSdc suffering from disease of the 

-gealda//. entrails. 
-wsrc m. pain in the henn, 
heorten = nierten. 

heor)i m. hearth, iiie, furnace; 

house, home. 
-baoen k-ikcd on the hearth. 
-Gnlht m. nttendniit. 
~fiBSt having a house of one's 

-gcneatt "i. retainer. 
-Pf nlng ni. hot>ae-tai. 
-BWapo/ bridesmaiil Gl. 
-werodt ". band o! retainers. 
heorut "'■ swuid, 

-blae* mortally wonoded. 

-oumbol n. banner. 

-^olg II. wound. 

-dreor m, blood. 

~dreorls blood-stained ; very sad. 

-drync m. blood. 

-tobm HI. dcndh gripe. 

-fitfro very fierce. 

-grAdig ver> iie.c.-. 

-grinim very fierce. 

~hdciht with formidable hooks ar 

-Bcearp very sharp. 

-aeeorp h, arniom. 


-dwealwe/. hawk, 

~ewfTig III, sivord- stroke. 
' -wfBpen H. weapon, sword. 
. ~weaUande boiling liercely. 
, -wearg m. bloodthitsiy wolf (t). 

haoru word «. fierce word. 

-wuifm. warrior. 

beow - bi^. 

bar av. here : • on luide in this 

country geond in this ndgh- 

Ijuurhood I eimt at this date || 
-Bsfter hereafter. - b{elufui be- 
fore this, (mentioned) above. &c. 

-buendet dweller on earth. 

-cyiiiB+ m. advent (of Christ). 

h^llan, A. hgTgan praise. 

-eaes/. praise. 

-gere m. praiser IJ^. 

-igendlic praiseworthy. 

-tgendlim av, praiseworthily. 

-(Dung. -inK/pniiae. 

boriftn =- hf rglan . 

harcnlas ^ beorcnian. 

hfro m,, //. h^r'.gjaa army, preda- 
tory troop, band of thieves — so - 
the Danish army; devastation; 
battle ; muliitode, body of peo- 

~b6acea H. banner; lighthouse. 

-bionie+/ tmmpet. 

-bleapt cowariily. 

-brdgat m. terror of war. 

-byrnet/. cotslet. 

-id^rmt rn. war-cry. 

-cimibol+ n. military signal. 

-cyst-)-/ warlike troop. 

-feldt "1. battlefield. 

-feoh n. booty. 

-fojiat in. martial band. 

-fliemat '"- deserter, fug 

-folct n. armv. 

-fugolt t' 

-gang m. 

hfre-geat, harseat H.,gtn. pl.fn. 
-geatiwjn, ~geatiw)e, -gaata 
military equipment; heriot. 

-land n. hcrlot-land. 

hgreigield n. wir-tax, Danegeld, 

-grimat "i. helmet. 

-band/, hostile hand or povrer (h. 
■hldp)-/. hostile lioop. 

■" '^•:,yj.\. 

bird of prey. 

-niBcgt m. warrior, man. 
-megent ». army ; multitude, 
-njsjrel-f- «. national assembly. 



~rAa m. preeiatory attack. 
-rSBwat m. general, chief. 
-rSaf n. jiluDder, booty toll, anil 

in pi. 
-rinot m. warrior. 
■*M(Jl+ m. spear. 
-oceorpt n. armoui. 
-searo m. atratagcm. 
-«ip?oet/ corslet. 
-4ff^ m. military expedition, 
-apftdt/ succeK in vrar. 
-rtrAlt w. arrow. 
-Btrfbt/. main road, higllway. 
-awSg-f- m. martiaJ sou Del. 
"tfiam m, joining a predatory band ; 

devastation, plunder, spoil, 
-tiemam. general, prince; superior, 

-toga M. general ; leader of a 

people, dnite. 
-(ireat m. warlike troop. 
-Jirymm m. phalanx (1). 
-Wf&dt/ armonr. 
-wdpont n. weapon. 


~Veg M. main road. 
-woorot H. warlike d«d. 
-Wio nfl, camp. 
-Wiaat m. general. 
-wopf m. cry of an anny. 

-WUlft m. warrior. 

h^re-beorgian take up one's quar- 
ters Z. 

h^re-fang*, -fong (m.) osprey, 

h^re-, stt h^rlan praise. 

~lof n. fame. 

-word «, fame, reputalion. 

h^rgllan make war, make raid; 
ravage ; cany off captive [hf ra]. 

-op m. plundering, making war. 

-UDg/ makhig war, invasion ; de- 
vaatnlion ; pltmdcr ; booty ; har- 
rowing (of hell). 

herb|an//. teslicla. 

-beiig m. scrotum. 

h^te m. hate, malice, persecntion. 
punishment [hatianj. 

-8Tiiiim+ iictee, cruel. 

-lla hostile, malignant : violent, 

-lice OD. liercely \ violently, excei- 


enmity, tnalice ; 

-rof+ hostile. 

-riint/i charm causing mischief. 

-Bpr*ot/ hostile speech, 

-BWgngt III. hcHlilc blow, 

-pancf m. hostility. 

-panoolt hostile. 

h^tlent hostile. 

hetol, ha- hostile, lietce. 

hetCtlendf i». enemy. 

hi - lile they, 

hice-mOAe/. blue titmouse. 

hid, higid / a measure of land, 
hide [hiwa], 

-gield n, hide-tax. 

-mAIum mi. by hides, 

hlderoi'. hither; wiBdom ~ onland 

Bohte in this country ^ and 

{ilder in diffeieiit directions, i/u. 

-cyme w. nrrival, advent (of 

-geond ev. thither, 
-ryne direcfcd hither Gl. 
-weard I. coming here. II. oi'. 

hidres av. pidrea in diffcienl 

hie I. tbey. H. her a. 

hien", A. baui vh.,fic. gehid, J 

eiah [hSoh]. 
hieg n, bay ; fresh-cut grass ; grass 

[hSawan]. Ste hoi-. 
-hOa n. hay-houK. 
gehlegs*, MV. oi mm («.) meadow. 

hlenpo.hfiah- height, above; glory 

gehigld nf., A. ft watching; ob- 
servance (of festival) ; protection ; 
guardian ; secret place. Cp. gs- 

hielfllog*, 9 m. farthing IN. 

hifl to/ lameness [healt]. 

hienion fell, slnkc down ; bring to 
subjection, domineer over; hum- 
ble, humiliate ; treat with con- 
tempt, ionilt 1 condemn ; ill-treat, 
afflict, injure, dcitroy [htaa]. 

-"SUM/, ill-treating, proscription, 

hiene ^ hine 

hienp(o)yl ignominy, humiliation \ 
harm, injury, mischief; Iom 

hiepel i 

hiera of them" 

hiera ^ hierra higher. 

hiar|{U) na, hear ; hear mentioned, 
hear of | lod. listen to, pay atten- 
tion to; obey, follow; minister. 
Always ([0- in IC in Ike aiovt 
meatting! |l lu. l£, intd, ion oa 
belong, appertain. Xever go- tm 

-l^eimann. bf rig- ni. subject, mb- 

ordinate, pnrishioner. 
-fng/ hearing. 

hiere-borg ^ hjre-. 

hiBmea /. obedience, allegiance, 

subjection ; parish. 
gehiemcB/ hearing ; obedience, 
(gejhiersuin. obediani vid. 
-Urn. uid. obey; tr, reduce to sub- 

-Tteaf, obedience; subjection. 
hlerd|an tr. harden ; make firm, 

brace op; also fig. [hoard], 
-Ung/. strengthening. 
hierde, A. eo in. shepherd; 

-booy. pastoral book. 
-cnapa ni. shepherd-boy. 
-IdaH without a shepherd. 
-lio pastoral. 
-mann m. shepherd, 
-wyrt/ a plaiit. 
igclhierdneayT goard, watch, 
hlerdrlSden ^ heord-. 
hiere = hire. 

hifrstlan fry. 

-e/. frying-pan. 

-epaiuis, heante*/. fryli^-pai), 

hiersting/ frying. 

-hlaf «. cntst. 

-endllc contemptible. 

hi^rwiOTidlice av. with ccmieinpt. 
-Ing/l blaspbiiniy. 
-hm/. uun tempi, leproncb. 
liiewe-stfai m. hewa stone [hia- 

hiawet(t^ n. cuttiag. 

higi&n strive Tor, be intent on. 


l^gna.g/>i. a/luwtL. 

higOra "I., higore /. magpie ar 

hlldt/ war, biitllc. ■ 
~bgda n. deaib-bed. 

-iram brave, 
-(ejfireea ». wurior. 
-fruma m. wBT-chief, Eweral. 
-lat& m. coward. 

-praou/ bntlle. 
UldelbUl n. £word. 
-bord H, ihield. 
-calla m. wai-herald (1). 
•oor^r ff. warlike troop. 
-cyst/, valour. 
-deoiol n. dcvll, deinoD. 
-door brave. 

-tiotoT/, sword. 
~goa,twe//l. annoar. 
-giScel m. drop of blood. 
-gifist "1. eaeui)'. 
-erffidig eagei for battle. 
•HT&P/. boilile grisp. 
-hlemm m. crash of battle 

-Ifiot* n. war-song, 
-mncg »i. WBTTior. 
~inSoe ni. swoid. 
-nftdre/ anotr. 
-pQ ni. arrow, dart. 
-rAs m. charge, onslaught. 
-rand m. shield. 
-rino in. warrior, 
-sasd wearied with battle. 

-BCttr m. shower of misillts, 
-aetl M. scat in wai (,on hone). 

-spell N. warlike speech. 
mgo/ itreogtn in war. 

I -«vrfttM 

>u. sound of battle. 

hildeltorht brilliant in war. 
-tiiBO m. svar-tuslt, 
-frymm w., -pryp/ valour. 

-w&pen n. weapon. 

-wiaa m. chief, general. 

~wollla m, sound of battle. 

-wrftaen/ war-feltcr. 

-wmlf m, warrior. 

hilman hclmei. cover Gl. [helm]. 

hilt, e rim., ~e /. hilt afita pi. w. 

sg. meaniHg. 
-ecumbort n. ensign with hilt. 
-leaB withoQt B hilL 
gehllto npl. hill. 
hiltad having a hill, 
him d. him. it, them. 
himmlng " humming boot. 
hina,^/. ^/hiwa. 
hlnaa ~ heonon. 
hind/ hind, female of Ibe hart, 
-bgrige/ raspberry. 
-brer m. raspbeiry biiifa, 
-cealf n. fawn. 
-falod n. hind-fold. 
-hoolop(0), -h«Blep(B) /. WBlet- 

bindan av. from behind, behind : 

~ offirao cut off relreat — lot - 

-vreard av. at the further end. 
hindema last (in time), 
binder av. below, deep down, on - 

down : behind (motion), back- 

wards — on-gafadod 'the cart 

before the horse.' 
~geap cunning, underhand. 
~hoCt «. stratagem, 
-ling I. m, coiitemptible person. 

IL on - bai;kwards. 
-Bcipe w. witktdness. 
-penatTof p!. nether darkness. 
-weard lagging, slow. 
Mndanraara with wrong end tirsi 

hindrian repress. 
bine him a. 

hln-fliBt ready to depart (diej. 
hin-gangt "i- departure, death. 
hinoQ ^ heonon. 
hin-8it<t "'. departare. death. 
-gT7Te+ m. death -terror. 
hion/ bone of head (?) LL. 
hird— hired, 
hirs her J., g. 


bleed, L. bird, heord ni, house- 
hold, family, body of retainers, 
court : religious commtmity, bro- 
therhood ; a^ocialion, company 
[from 'hiw-rAd]. 

-Miht m. young lelainer, page. 

-cfl)) domestic, lamiliar. 

-lie domestic, familiar. 

-prfiost m ' ' ' 

-wjfmann m. female' member of 

household, female servant 
-wist/ familiarity. 
bia of htm, of it, 
hit it. 

hittan come upon, ^nd. 
hlW, i, A. h6ow R. appearance; 

form, shape; figure of speech; 

colour ; beauty. 

-beorhtt beautiful. 

-e bcauiifnl. 

-fiest beautiful, 

-leaa colourless ; shapeless. 

-lie comely. 

hiw- (iimily. 

-cund domestic, familiar. 

hxw-GUp familiar, intimate -j-ti. 

-lie domestic. 

-Ilea Qf . familiarly. 

-rtednea/ intimacy. 

hiwlgtdil n. divorce. 

~rAden(n') /. family, hoasehold ; 
brotherhood (of moolis), 

-eclpo, hig- m. family, household ; 
hide of land. 

hiw ian colour, paint : shape, 
bsliion, form ; change, ttanslorm, 
tiansRgure Ir. • Drihten hina 
(rrf.l t6 menu ge-ode : figure, 
signify : simulate, pretend ; ht 
-sp hine lelfne unforbtne, 

-ere m, hvpocrite. 

-nng/. form, appear 
lalion, hypocrisy. 

hiw ian marry. 

-ung/. marriage. 

hiwa, biga "1., j^/. hf(s)namcai- , 
bcr of B family, servant ; monk. 

biwen M. family, household. 

biwlso n. family, household ; hide 
[oi land), 

-lice av, Cimilinrly. 

hladl&n 2 load tviii.— //>'. -en w, 
<' I"' g- i put as a load, put ; build 
up ipilc) ; draw (water). 

hlsd (m.) mound, pile. 

; dissimu- 






H hlndldlBC m. dish. 


hleoprlian make a sound ; sbout, _ 

■ -hwdol II.. -tryndel «. wwcr- 

hlODC lank, lean. 

speak, utter (words' |l iWr. te- J 

■ v,t<xl 

hland ^h. i urine. 

s.jund. I 

■ Model ('«.) ladle. 

-adi'. lond-/- strangury t'" 

-ung/. utterance, rcproolU). ■ 

■ hlfiddler/. ladder. 


hleowf, bl6o n. covering ; shelter, ■ 

^m -vryrt/. Tscob'i Udder (a plant'.. 

hleahtor m. laughter, merriment; 

refuge; protection; protector. ■ 
-bortf/.. cover {of book). 1 

■ hlafajge. > / mutrwa of a hoase- 


B ^°^^< ''•'y (°' rank) - >eo 

-bare*, lofthtor- causing laugh- 

-burg/ sheltering city. 1 

V e»lde- (he qaeen ddvager [hlfc- 

ter (!) Gl. 

-dryhten m. patron, lord. ' 

■ ford]. 

-full contemptuous, scornful. 

-test protecting. 

pehlwg n. icom, ridicnle. 
Wahan ^ hlipJihan. 

-feber/ sheltering wing. 

-HmlJ>+ Bi. laughter-maker. 

-leas without shelter, chenleu 

hlanan cause id lean. i vL. prt. pL hlupon 


hlftn e lean. 

(leap); dance; run, go — ut- 

-Ian tr. make lean, mortify (bodyl H 

become an outIu»' vL. 

-oiibg III. protecting kinsman. 

f'H/r. become lean. 

-aeeorp n. dreas. 1 

-nea/ leanness. 

monk ; dancer. 

-Btede «i. sheltered, warm plac«. 

-sian make lean. 

-estre/. tiaucer. 

-atol m. asylum, native cily, 1 

hleat H. bnrden ; freight — 

-ung/ dancing. 

gchleow sheltered, warm tplace). 

holmsa-t nsh. 

gchleapan i tr. leap over ; leap 

-an load, ficight ; adom. 

upon, mount (bnrsei. 


-lug/ toll on loadinfi a ship. 
-BOip n. trading vessel. 

hieapettan leap up. 


hie ape- wince = tmpe- lapwing. 

Ufiw, IL ,«. mound, hill ; uave. 

hloc leaky (shipl. 

hlld». cover, lid; aperturc[iaid*n]. 

blit f». Ijtead ; loaf. 

hleoan M~- tdnuniw - cohere. 

-Ata m. ^rvant. 

hied a. -e mf. seat. 


-grbrecef, -gebroo «. piece of 

hl^ram m. noise, sound. 

-geat «. foldiDg-door. 


hlgmmant clash, dash yaws to- 

gehlld n. cover, toof 

-gang m. pro^Bsion with the host ; 


-od covered with a lid. 

participation in a meal. 

hloneet/ .link,.//, armoor. 

htiehhan i laugh ; rejoice ; Ungb 

-hw*te m. vheat for making 


at (what is «ud>. ridicule f^. I 


hleomoo, -o mf. bn.oklime (a 

smile (to show good-will), vnt. ef 

-ISttSt/. want of bread. 


person smile npOQ. 

hleonlan ^ hUnian. 

hUep m. leap, jump [hleapan]. 

mas. Btst i>f August. 

MSonBp+,fiotm shelter [hloow]. 

hllepe / thing to niuutii |hor:«) 
from, horse-block. 

-mBBae-dfflg w. Lammos-day. 

hleoniant emi. eo+ flourish .h 

-oftl m. baker's oven. 


hliet- m. lot u beeftn practise 

-segntlng, -aia- /. bltssini; of 

hlSor n. cheek ; lace. 

divination [hlfiolan]. 


-bftn n. chtek'boDe. 

liUewlan, eo cover, shelter.tAeriBh; 

hlftrdie = hlSfdige. 

-bolstar+n. pillow. 

warm |l fio l>ecome warm [faliow]. 

Idaford, -ard «i. lonl, paiion, 

-dropat m. tear. 

[gL-'.-ung/ sheltering, shelter. 

-Boamut/. blushing. 

hliewt.. So / covering, .heltcr. 

mialrcMi [/rom •hlMweard]. 

-sl^e m. box on the ear. 


-torhtt UauUfnl. 

hlifian stand high, tower. 


hlSotan 7 o« lots; obtain by lot. 

hligaa give a reputation for (wis- 
domlw,f.f., attribute to. 

ohUin n.. g., i. 

-1S« without a lord. 

gchleotan 7 obtain : be allolied a-. 

hlimman 3 resound, clang, ram- 

-Ho noble. 

\!if x!i\, make a sound. 

hlimmet/ lorrrnt. 

-searo n. hioh treason. 

-aScn /. seizing jctvi^e and oio- 

hleoport « »i>und ; melody, song ; 

hlint a tree. 

voice, speaking; hearing [sense 

hlinlbpddt «. couch. 



-dutut/. door. 

-SWioa /«. Irailor. 

-cwide III. speaking, words, «oDg. 

-rgcedl- «. prison. 

-3Wic« m. high (reason. 

-cyme m. coming with sound (of 

-MU( w) at «- datkncBi of a ptisoo, 
Win|lan,oolean; t«liae. Iw. 

hl&fording «. lord, ma^(et. 


hlagol gi^en (o laughter. 

-stede m. place of conference. 


-ung/ leaning ; conch. _ 

-ian. = sound. 

■■"""■■ J 


. A 

hlino-raw m. lur( bnlk (i). 
hlis>, bligM M. report, tumour i 

repDlatiun. fame |b.Iigaii]. 
-bibre, -gadig reno»neJ. 
~fiMllgneB/. renown. 
-tan of good repute, famous. 
-ftiUice av. glorioutly. 
blip 1- slope, hi1Ui.1c, hill. 
hloocetunK/ lighiag Gl. 
hlOBle/. iheep-fotd (1). 
-IfiBb m. CI. 

hlJoatllUii lislca for tvg. ; lisieo in 

suspense, be astonished. 
-era m. listener; pupil. 
hlot n. lot, sUoitDFiii — aeudaQ, 

weoipaa ~ cost lots ; portion, 

ebaie [hlfiotoa]. 
eihlot n. decision (T)> 
-land. n. inheritance, 
hlfipyi of biiguidx er pirates ; 

hlynn/. torrent IN. 
hlynnan, hlynion make b load 
sound ; resound, roar (a/ tea; 

hlyHBlaa make louti sound, re- 

Myanon listen. 

hlyBt tnf. sense of hearing ; listen' 

], hear. 


line ^ 
itude I 

I -bSt/icompeniationarfineinciittcd 
I by member of a hlot for offence 
f committed \tj imy one of ttietn. 

-gcorodf n. press of ttoups. 

-Slight / homicide committed by 
member of a hlo)!. 

Uotilian plimder, take booty. 

-ere m. robber. 

Ebl&nr n. loving, bellowing. 
fiwjUI I low; make a toud 
sound t^trum]>clert. 
-ung/. lowing; sound like lowing. 
hlfid loud. 

-clipol calling londly. 
-e av. loudlv. 

aanio. . . 
load-iotuiding GI. 

' >ud sound e lonilly. 

frt.fl, D/hleapan. 
lQt(t)or clear, ■' 
Joe av. distiiietiv, eleailj-, 
-licncB, -1108/ purity. 
hlOti.tlre av. bnghily; distinctly, 

hlQttrUn become clear ; make 

dear, purify, 
hlfd soun.l [hliid]. 
eeblyd n. noise ; tumult. 
nlfdan make load souu^ or noise ; 

shout ; resound. 
Uyda m. March [hl&d\ 
h^diE gainilous Gl. [blud]. 

-nee/ clan 
^^ -«tnme Ion 


^^f (weather) 

-an list ., . 
~end, -ere m. listener, 
-ung/ ILslening- 
jjchlyot hearing, 
-full altenlive. 

Kehlyta m. comiianion [hlofi. 
hlytta m. diviner, aiij;ut [hlot]. 
iiehlytto fellowship IN. 
hlyttrjan, -Ian purify [hliitor]. 
-ung/ purifying, 
hnffloan =nfioan kill. 
hnAgan lay low, humble [hni- 

hn*g|an neigh. 

-ung/ neighing. 

hnspp m. cup, bowl. 

hnappan bhu strike (against) 

gehnfist, i. H. collision, battle 

hn&g bowed down, prostrate : con- 
temptible ; niggardly [hniKsn], 

)mapp]ian, bb doie ; sleep. 

-ung/ doling, drowsiness. 

hneaw stingy, niggardly lodg. 

-lice av. stingily, sparingly. 

-nea/ stinginess. 

hn^ca m. nape of neck, back of 

hneoton = halton frt. pi. of 

hn^Bclan, bnfzion soften inlr., 

ir. (!) : rel.ii vigour, yield, waver. 
hneHca soft, tender; luiuiious, 

itelicale ; tax, feeble. 
-Uc effeminate. 

-Hoe av- laxly, gently, tuturiou^ly. 
-nea / softiiesi ; soft jKirt of n 

lliinc ; effeminacy, want of vigour. 
anifbl, m. hneoflile/. (orehend. 
-orumb, -onunp leaning over (1) 

bnigan 6 i 

-. bend down, bow 


hnipian droop, bend down iWr. j 
be dejected, sad ; doie, be drowsy. 

hnitan 6 tr. bull, gore; iWr.come 
into collision, clash together. 

hnitol t^ivtn to batting tr goring. 

hnitu/ nil, louse's egg. 

hnOOi: (m. i hook ')■ 

hnoU '«.r crown of head. 

hnosslan beat. 

hnot bald-headed ; close-cut, pollard 

hnutu/, pi. hnyte. 

-bSam m. nut-tree. 

-cyrnel n. kernel of nut. 

hnydele = hydela. 

hnygel.a, -e mf. shred, clipping. 

gehnyacan once crush M. Cp. 

gehnyatt once contrite /A'. 

nnyte, stc hnutu. 

ho ^ hah. 

h5n I b prt, hfing ir. hang, bang on 
gallows, crucify — //f. gebangen 
Bung (with), adorned ifi. 

hSc m. hook. 

-ede curved. 

-iht hooked. 

-iseni ». sickle. 

hooe m. mallow. 

-leaf u. mallow. 

hocor H- derision. 

-wyrde derisive. 

hod m. hood. 

hof B. enclosnte, dwelliag. house; 

-redo confined i,> ihe house. 

-weard m. aiiilc (r''. 

hof n. hoof. 

-rec n. hoof- track. 

gehofod hnufed. 

hofding tn. chief, ringleader vL. 

hofe/hove (aplantV 

hofer m. hmnp; goitre, iwelling. 

-ede, ge-od, -land hump-backed. 

hog-, boh-, IN. boga-, hogo-. 

-Qest prudent, wise. 

-full solicitous, anxious, sad ; 

attended with anxiety. 
-flilneB/ nniietv. 
-lice av. pnidcnliy IN. 
-scipe m. prudence. 
hogtan w. ymlH), be, or g. think 

abont. consider, ije intent on j 

intend, wish wg. 
hoga thoughtful, careful IN. 
hogu/ solicitude, care. 


hdh, ho, pi. bd(a a m. heel — od - 
bebiad ; piojecling ridge oi Uud, 


-hwierang/. circle (!) Gl. 

-Ewanca m. shink, 

-BOOno/! heel'siaew. 

-spor n. beel. 

hol I. 1. hole, ove, dee. H. hal- 
low — of bJB -re hand hoUoM 

hol-lfiac R. a plant Gl. 
hoi u. i^lnmny, slander. 
-iagEi, -uugs av. in vain, without 

-tihte/. ijalunmy, slinder. 
hollan hollow out. 

Sholitm obiain. 
51ian slander [hoi]. 
ediolaf m. protector [heUn]. 
hole n, hollow, cavily. 
hold m. freeholder [.SVaurf,], 
hold n. cRicase, dead body. 
hold wd. eiacioUK, frieadlv, kind : 
faithful, loyal ; acceptable, plea- 

-ftj) m. oath of all^iance vL. 
-e av. graciouBly, loyally. 
-lice av. grocioQsly, kindly; faith- 
fully ; attentively. 
~rAden(n) / loyalty, diacharge of 

-eudpQ m. loyalty vL. 

holdian cut up, cut to pieces. 

hola(g)li '«.) holly. 

~l§afH. holly-leaf. 

-rind /. holly-bark. 

-atybt) III. holly-stomp. 

holh H. hollow, hole. Cp. hoi, 

holm HI. ocean, sea, walert ; land 
rising from wnter, island in 

-amt II. ship. 
-olift ". cliC 
-msgent n. ocean, 
-pracut/. tossiug sea. 
-weallt III. rampart of water. 
-weard-f m. coastguard, 
-wegt '"■ " ay over ihe »ca. 
-wijlmt "'• inrgc of the sea. 
holo-panne/ pan Gl. 
holrian ^ heolorian, 
holt »m. eop«, wood ; timber, 




holt-wudut HI. copse, wood ; 

limbei, wood. 
hon eaci pi. tendrils of vine (t). 

honede, 6 having heels Gl. [hohl. 
hop-p&da m. upper garment, cope 

hop-saiet«>, -;M/ sheet. 

-echn&atf n. dashing of waves. 
-lfi+, 6t rough, running high (sea). 
hopian hope ; pat trust in %ii. t£. 
gehopp ome iii.) small bag Gl. 
hOpp,lftn kap; dance, 
~«8tre/. dancer. 

hoppe /. ornament ; small bell ('). 
hoppet(,t)aJi leap ; throb (oj 

hopu (/.) privet Gl. 

hor n. adultery, fornication. 

-cwene/. prostitute. 

-lug M. iidulterer, fornicator. 

horian ami cry out. 

gehorian spit IN. [horh]. 

horaa//. ^horh. 

hfire/^ prostitute. 

hord mil. treasure, hoard, what ia 

-burgt/. treaaure-city. 
-aleo&, -y- at. treasury, storeroom, 

-coi^t "). chamber; fmind, 

-ern, ea n. treasury, ilotebouse, 

-fiet n. coffer. 

~geat n. treaaury-door. 

-loca m. coffer ; l-raind. 

-mngent n. riches. 

-mS>m+ m. treasure. 

-geotroont ". slorcd'up poases- 

-we»rdt m. guardian of treasure 
(dragon) ; king ; heir, lirst-botn, 

-wela+ m. boarded wealth. 

-weorpungt /- hononring with 

-wynn+/ tieoaure. 

hordian hoard up, store. 

border a m. treasurer, itewnrd. 

-wice/. stewardship vL. 

hor«ht '^ horwlht. 

hor|h, -n »!«., g. -:w)ea, pi. -a« 
phlegm, mucus; filth. 

-•pYttm. mud-pil. 

-wl^m. muddy stream. 



horlg >= horwig, 

hora ta. bom, drinking-horn, 

cupping-horn ; tnimpet, horn i 

pinnacle, gable. 
~bibre horned. 
-bUwero m. trumpeter. 
-bog»+ m. bow. 
-boira m. tnunpeter. 
-fiso m. garfish, kinil of pike. 
-f5tede bom-footed, 
-geapt with high 

-pie m. pinnacle. 

-rgcedt «. 8'bled house. 

-seb1-|- n. gable hall. 

-soeap- pinnacle IN. 

-Bcipt n. beaked ihip. 

-8^et "f- gabled halL 

-gcatroont H.far hord- (!), 

gehomlaQ insult ^t; IN. 

honiUDg-Bunu m. bastard GL 

hors H. horse. 

-hA'c f. boree-bier. 

-oamb m. curry-comb. 

-cniht III. groom, equerry. 

-crmt It. chariot. 

~;h elens/. elecampane (a plant). 




-hierde » 

-hwtel*, horao- m. walrus. 

-))egn, -pen m. groom, a kin|^s 

-WBgn, -wSn m. chariol, 

~wsalh m. king's officer. 

-weard/. care of horses. 

-weg IB. bridle-path. 

hors ian provide with bona — 
ge-od folo cavalry. • 

horse briib, brave: intelligent, 

-line, horx- av. intelligently. 

hortan pi. whorilelienie*, bil- 
berries ■ n 01. 


hor(w.ig muddy [horh]. 

hor wjUit mucose ; lilthy, 

hoB oiiaf. pod GL 

host/, iroup of attendants, 

hoB;a in., -e, -u -^tii.f. hose. 

-eb^ad m. garter. 

hasp m. contumely, Insult : blas- 
phemy, contempt, cause of shame. 

hoop-word », wortl u[ coQiempi, 

op|}rol>riau9 laugoage. 
hoapettan ridkiile. 
hooa-^hyasa vioe-sboot. 


laeKslne/. detcaiion (?) lA'. 
Iirao|& "I,; ~e, ~u vii,^. throat 
lir&oa,Sm.cipectoriuon; phUgm. 
liTftdllan, A. brCeJafiiAO iiifr. 

-ung, hradloK /. celerily, dili- 


hrfi = hrmw. 

hrAclttn clcur thiont, spii. 

-ung/, clearing tbe Uitoat, spil- 


-tunga/ uvula. 
lirSc(,ejt|aii ctuctate. 
-ima/, erucmiiou. 
bred, r»d </. ~uiii, hradam; .^, 

tineb quick, swift ; agile ; clever. 

3uick : hastv. 
ta iH. bcede. 
-ISmee/. celerity. 
-hygdig, -hjdiiE hasty. 
-hygdlgnes, -h;d-/, precipitancy. 
-llo short (period o( time) ; pie- 

tnature ; EUdden. 
-Hoe ao. quickly, soon, at once. 
-llcnea/ quick lapse of time, 
-mfid hasty. 
-'nam/, quickness; quick lapse uf 

-wyrde hasty of speech. 
hrBd-mfinap ^ hrG]>-. 
hrsding =- hradung. 

brafh, e, hrfiHD, hrfmm, m t. 
lavcB. ~ea fol ciiiqueibil. ~< 
Uati orchis. 


hrogellpegn, -^n m. kecpet of 

-geW&de a. diesi G1. 
-weard m. keeper of dresses. 
-ung/. elolhinj;. clothes. 

hrBm(n) • hreth. 

hrcon^tuera wave. 

hrastel|6*, hrn-/ a plani. 

-wyrt/, ratilcwort. 


hrfflpe ^ hrape, 

hrffipe-miiH - hrea)>e-. 

hT»w = hreaw taw. 

hrffi^W), h<A\v), hresv hih. corpse, 

carrion : ilivingi body. 
hrAjflfllt m. slaughter. 
-psre deadly Gl. 
-werigt soie, wearied. 
-wic*, hrOiw- n. place of corpses, 
hrftgra m. heron. 
hranmia m. cramp, 
hraiUBa m. broad- leaved earlic. 
-cropp HI. head of garlic GI. 
hran m. siuallec kiod of whale. 
-fisc-t- m. whale. 
-mgret m., -r4dt/ sea. 
hr&n III. reindeer. 

~3pearwa m. sjiarrow IN. 
hratian", r- rush, hasten. Ptrhaps 

hratele, ne hrtatele. 
hrajjian - hradian. 

;ll)ra^, tiTiepe av. quickly ; soon 
— BW& - HW& as soon as |{ !fl. 
(h) rapOBt, bTsedeit.radOHtquick- 

\.ar seogaime) in short. 

hrftw = lirfiw. 

hrda ly.) indigestion ji) [hrfiaw]. 
hreac m. heap; i^hay^rick. 
-copp, -m^te m. food given to 

labonrera on completing a rick. 
hream m, cry, shout, shouting, hue 

and cry, uproar. 
-ig - hremig. 
hrea)>e-muB, ae, brto])a- /. bat. 

Cp. hrere-muB. 
hrSaw, eo, S uncooked, raw. 
-ian* Bnci,prl. roawdo be raw Gl. 
hred-monab = hr6b-. 
hr^dlan rescue, recover, save. 

lake away 
-Ing y. deliverance; redemption; 

hremigt [e •= ce], da u'.f ., i'. null- 
ing; lauienIinE(i , 

hranun = hrafii. 

hr^iam[aii hinder -w. nt; cumber 

(,lhc ground), 
-ing/. hinilrnnce, obstacle, 
hremn = hrafti. 
hreo^hreoh, hreow aj. 
hreoung, hriung/ bai^ breath- 
ing, asthma. 
hrfiod n. reed, 
-bf dd B. reed-bed. 
-brfio m. reedj- btook. 
-ig, -iht reedy. 
-p61 m. reedy pond. 
-TFiBter «. reedy piece of water, 
-writ n. reed pen. 
hreodan* 7 — (Eejhrodont loaded, 

hlled ; adorned vjt. 
hreof rough; scabby, leprous, 
-nea/ leprosy. 

briofl I./ acub, leprosy. H. leprous, 
-a m. leper; leprosy. 
-Ig leprous. 
hr6o<,n I- pi. hrBo stormy, rough ; 

troubled (in mindj; fierce. Cp. 

hrSow aj. II. (n.) storm ; 

floo,l t!)- 
-lio sloimy. 

-mod tronblcd (in mind), fierce. 
-nes f. roughness (of weather) ; 

rough weather, storm. 
hreol reel. 

hrSorig io ruins [hrSoum]. 
hreoslan 7 fall, collapse, perisli; 

-ondlic perishable. 

hreow I. /- penitence, repentance 

e doc lug. repent ; regret ; 

sorrow. II. hrfio(,w) aj. sad, 
repentant. Cp. hreoh. 

-cearigt anxious, troubled. 

~lio, i, f pitiable, deplorable, miser- 

-lice HI', pitiably, miseiably: crticlly; 

-iiBB, IN. (^hrfionoB/ penitence, 
hreow - hrSaw raw. 
hrfiow oci. prt. ^hreowan. 

S-hr60W It. lamenlnlion. 
r§owan 7 prt. hreair, So vid. 
cause sorrow, repentance, tfien 
hr^owlan repent /.V. 
hreowlgt, -lerhp, -mod sad. 
hreowsian, y, i repent, do 
penance ; be sorrowful, grieve. 


hrgoWHUng /. rcpenlflncc, peni- 
tence ; grief, lamentation. 

hr^pian, eo, (.li)r{piwi tonch; 
itcal jsobjccl). 

-ung/ sense of touch ; loocbtog. 

hrepaun g •= repBUn %. 

hrer lialf- cooked, underdone. 

hrer|ttii/r move, stir, ahilie[hr6r]. 

-vBd,,ne8, r / movement, commo- 

hrere-muB/.bat. C/.hreape-mus. 

gchreapant onct teat, 
hrebt (m.) victory ; glory. 

-leas inglorious. 

lirdp-monaitr, hned-, e m. March. 

hre[)an iriumph. 

hrej)a m. cloak Gi. 

hrape - rSpe. 

hrej>erl «i. breast, womb, lieari ; 

-beuto B. griefs 
-cofa m. breasL 
~gleaw I'rudcnt, wise. 
-loca m. breaal. 
briung hrdoiutg. 
hrioian cut, cul to pieces 
hrioBO sprain 'i. 
hilddel <,«.), hrid'd :e 

hndri&n aift. 
hrieflng/ scab ihrSof]. 
lulefjio/ scnif [hreof]- 
hneman make loud tound; shout, 

call, cty out ; vail, lament || exull 

fhream, hremig]. 
geliHered destroyed Gl, 
nrif H. womb; inietiyr uf body; 

-Wung/ SI 

-wund wounded in the stumach. 
gfhrlflan bring fonh ^young). 
gehrifbian tear, seize. 
Jollin m, T\7fi^, hoarfrost. 
~<ieft]d+ icv cold. 
-gi6™l+ m. icicle. 
brimlg rimy, 
"beardi' hard-fToz^n. 
hrin an 6 ic g., i., a. tonch. 
-ung/. touch W. 
hrlndaii 3 tjirust. 
luinG HI. touch. 

hrlneii(ii)es, ge</. touch, codIscl 

bring m. ring, gold ring, fetter, 

link; dtcle; •;ircuit i.of year). 



hringlb&n m. clrcnhir bone Gl. 

~bogat "'■ serpent. 

-tftg circle- spoiled. 

-finger w. tbird linger. 

-irent n. steel rings of corslet 

-locat m. corslet. 

-mtfelt, -mftledf adorned with 

-mgrBt m. baih. 

-naoat "i- ring-proweil ship, 

-nettt ". confel. 

~B^et "'' hall in which gold rings 

aie sloitd or distributed. 
-aatX n. drcns Gl. 
-slttende sitting round 01. 
-J)^gut/ rccciTing rings, 
-weorpimgt/ honour of receiving 

-gewind£ m. globe, sphere Gl. 

hringan ring / 

-.! foini 

atid iittr., re- 

hringa/ ring (to lift withi, 
hringed made of ring» or Units, 
-fltfftaal" ring-prowed (shipi. 

-iht bushy, 
hrisian shake Ir, 

hrisoan '• hrTsoan. 
: hrisel, if m. shuttle [tuiaian]. 
hristlende creaking. 
-ung/ noise ',iii throat) (11. 
hriatle/ rattle. 
-Ian rattle, creak. 
hrif,ffl,,-ild:/. fever. 
lmj.t/ storm. 
hrib- - Imper-. 
•fold ni. cattle-pen. 
hri)> ian have fever, be fc\fer(*h. 
-ing/ fever. 
hnper, y n. 01, hull, ccnr, fil. 

cattle. Set hrip-. 
-enofcnttk. ofoi. 
-freola m. caitle-festiiil CI, 
-heawero m. bnti;her. 
-heord/ hcnl of cattle. 
-hierde. hritih- m. cowherd, herds- 

hroo m. rouk. 
Ige'ihroden, set hrdodan. 
hrodant -^ *roden reddened. 
hrof m. iDOf, ceiling ; summit, top ; 

roof (if mouth ' ; sky, hcBTen, 
-test with a linii rooL 
-Mas roofless. 
-sele+ IB. roofed hall, 
-et&n >». loof-tile. 


hrofltigel/ roof-tile, 
-timber h. roof-timber. 
-wyrhta m. roof-biuldei. 
hrop PI. clamour, lamentation. 
hropanf i shout, uttci loud cri 



hroren//f. ^hrSostm. 

eiliror«n(n)oB/ rain. 

hroBt (n.) perch. 

-beagt m. woodwork of roof. 

hrot, r- M. thick (laid, scnm. 

hrojiort ">., d. ~, hropre solace, 

joy, benefit. 
-l«aa joyless. 
hrOm (w.) aooL 
-ig sooty. 
hruBgt/- pole (!). 
liruiigeattorrt (0- 
hruae+i at/ earth, groond. 
cehrtisl - gehtHxL 
iirfltaJl 7 snore; resonnd. 
eehruxl, -iisl h. noise [hrfsoaa]. 
ntycg m. back; ridge, top, sut- 

-bin m. backbone, spine, 
-brsdan//. fleih on both sides of 

the spine. 
-h&r «. hoir from animsrs back. 
~hregl n. mnntle. 
-tnearg n. spinal nuurow, 
-mearg-lib n. spiue. 
-ribb «. rib Gl. 
-riple - -brftdan Gl. 
-weg m. ridge-way. 
hrydlng/ clearing, cleared land. 
hryre I. m. fall ; destruction, ruin. 

II. aj. perishable rtueoMoi. 
hr^Bcan', i creak [sehriixl]. 
hrypigt BHif in ruins (building), 
YiTjypBt = ryppa. 
hrywlio hrfiowUo. 

hd av. ilir. itUtrr. how ; what I 
iiidir. iiiltrr. how. gin. to. itidi., 
also 7('. stj. \ inlins. in, ajs. and 
avs. how, -w. cpv. the; lofods 
hlne loDB hi) geornor | oig. b& 
g«ar«i hit Us according to the 

-tawega, -o, -hugu av. aboU 

-lie of what kind in dir, end indir. 

hUdenian shake. 

hlUjey. head-corcring, hood. 

-ian /r. pul hood on (a person). 

hul, hulg in/erf. 

Iiutlpe ^ hwilpe. 

hulc Hf. &hcd ; hul {I llgbt ship. 

bultbstrey: plovei Gl. 

hulu/. husk [HeUn]. 

hUn- ^OT.; cub*. 

-E^IOrti m. Bpike (1) (}l, 

~)ifrel R. hute in masl-head through 

which Ihe halyaid weut. 
bund M. dog, a/ia at term of abuse. 

-SB pfio dog's pBcasite. ~eB 
, cweloan berries d1 the wayfaring 

tree, -es Stooge dog's psrasite. 

■-M h£&fod inapdrngon. -ea liia 

dog'f parasite, -ob micee, -ea 

tungB cynoglossum [a plaol). 

-es wyrm dog's woim. 
-lie doelike, canine. 
-weals m. dog-keeper. 
hund H. hundred. 
-feald hundredfold, hundred. 
-wlntre a hundted ycnis aid. 
hund'eahtatig eigluy. 
-wintro ei;;hty years old. 
hund-endlufon'tig, -andleftig, 

-tpnd- hundred and ten. 
~opa, -lElleftig- hundred and 

hund-nlgontlg ninety. 

-Opa, •nigODteojm ninetieth. 

-wintre ninely years old. 

htindred, -od, -yd, IN. btmd»ti 
M. hundtetl ; gronp of a hundred ; 
a territnHal division, hundred, 
-ea oaldor preaidcnt oF hundred 
^diittict} : centurion, -ea maim 
president of hundted district), 

-mann m. centution. 

-gcmfit », assembly ai the bun- 


hundtwentig-wliitre hundr 

and (went)' years old. 
h&ne/ horehound. 
hluiKor m. hunger, alio nui 

-biten snffcring from hunger vL. 
-g§ar n, year of famine. 
-Iftwe hiinEry. famishing, 
-lie hun{;ry. 

hungrig hungry, starving. 
hunjg n, honey. 
-mppel m. ball of honey (,') Gl. 
-btere honeyed. 
-binn/. vcmcI for honey. 
-oainb/ honeycomb. 
~flSwende flowing with honey. 
-gafol n. rent paid in honey. 

-suge, -Buoo/ privet 

-awAs honeyed Gl. 

-Bwete sweet as honey. 

-tgar m, honey ihal flows from the 


hila stgde m. site of buildiog. 

-ting /I. (Danish; tribunal, meet- 
ing [Sianii. h&Bbing]. 

~^riBt/. bousehold, 

husian house, receive into one's 

gchllBa, /.v. hiua in. fellow -in mate, 
fellow, monk. 

huBC, huK (n. mockery, insult. 

-lie ignominious, sbamefuL 

-Jice ov. ignominiouslr, shame- 

-ivoni n. insulting wo[d(s). 

hliBl n. Eucharist 

-diac m. paten. 

~fiet H. ucramental or sacriflclal 

-gang m. partaking of tbeEncbarist. 

-feald M:venty-fold. 
-opa seventieth. 
-wtntre seventy years old. 
hund-tSontig hundred. 
-fe&ldflici hundredfold. 
-gfiare a hundred years old. 
hund-tw«lftlg hundred 

hund-twentiK nundred 

mb, ni 

-tearen. -tiarUo like nectar (:). 
huntiian m. hunt. 
-lege, -Igestre/ hunter, 
-ling/ hunting; game, prey. 
-Ing-aporet. ■'«- "■ hnnting- 

hunta HI. hunter. 

hunto)), -^n laft m. hunting, right of 

hunting,- game, prey. 
-laru / hunling-eipedilion. 
hup- hip [hype]. 
-(plb4n », hip-bone. 
-Beax n. short sword. 
hOru av. at lenst, at all events, at 

any rate— not less than, at least 

-plnga av. at least. 

h&e II. house ; household, race, 

~bonda, -bunda m.,f, master er 
mistress of house '^Siand?^. 

-bryoe m. house-breaking, bur- 

-brycel house-breaking Gl. 

-earl m. one of the king's body- 
guard L. lSca,id,\. 
-But having a house, 
-heofon m. ceiling. 
~hl&ford ■". master of a boose. 
-hlSonr M. bonie-shcltcr. 
-incol n. little house. 
-rAdanin / household. 
ge-SCipa m. household, race. 

-halgtms/, attendance at Eucharist. 
-Iftf/, remains of Eucharisl. 

-(iBgn, -pea m. acolyte. 

hQallian administer Eucharist or 
-ung f. administration at sacra- 
hfip/. plunder, booty. Cp. Wp. 

hOac --= hftee, 

hwft HO. who in dir. and iiiJir. 
inltrr. — ivg.: -is mruioyiinafl 
p(et ne wundrio , . { indf. any 
one, some one, one uif. awt- bwK 
whoever, if any one. Sei ticul, 

gehwd ne., rare ntut. gebwMt,/ u., 
g. Betiwfim, BebwBH, gehwftro, 
i, any one ; each one, every one. 
tiy. each, every, fcnra - each 

geh^rfidle slight, small, yoong. 
-nea /. smallness, insignificance ; 

subtlety, fineness. 
hwader - hwider. 
hwsg ',11. 1 whey. 
hwml uf. whale. 
-en+ anu like a whale, 
-hunta 11. whaler, 
-huntop III. whale-fishery, 
-mf re in. sea. 
hwAm. i. whom, what d. 

c-lio ei 

■V (day 

ItiTEbBan er hwSSBD [8 = »] i prt. 

hweos whecic. 
i'ltwnaa shaip, pikkly. 

awfeat- blowing Gl. 
[ftTrABtr|i&ii, i, whUpei, moiiDur. 
u>4Ulg/I whUpeiiag, muimucuig. 
niwnt briiik : brave, bold. 
[•Boe av. quickly. 

• •mdd bold. 

C.«M, ga-/ quickneis. 

■-'Wbdt dclennined. 

[pen. briskness; braveif. 

nt HO. tuut. ef hw&, having 

milar meanings and 

I I- what ; 

: nfcCk 

~ eoiD io m&iuia )i»t io mihte 
Qod forbSodiui } wbat sort of 

deati ' inilf. oiiylbinE s 

iWi>. infrjT. )| inlerj. nb I Io ! 

well t what '. 
-hw&ra av. somewhat. 
-fawegu, -a, -h'w'iugu I. ne. 

simitbing. a liltle, II. av. somc- siighlly. 

-hwe^uningas, -b.w'uguDliiKei 

■whal, 1 little. 

lectkD KO'<t I ~w(ea luB luUiUit 
[w of heofoDum pe of man. 
aum! bb nyate aelf - be 
maun wns. befr&n ~ 'pxa 
landes folo cristeii wSre |ie 
hipen. Ste bwee]MiTe cj. 

(jehwapor na. tag, each .of iwoi. 
bolh : on -o bitiid on bolh sides 
{in bBttle). 

hwiepr^ejre I, av. however. 
pMi-pe . , ~ although . . yet, 
- (»wi)p«Bh howevef. II. ij.~ 

gehw0J>ere av. aevertbeless. 
t;('hwB)>eres .n: on sll sides. 
hwiLm </. o/hwft, hwtet. 
hwanuu m. corner, acgle, pro- 

-sUn m. coraer-slone. 
hwan^hwoa i. o/'hwnt. 
hWEuie a. fl/hwft. 
hwanne hwoane. 

h wan on, -a at', whence. 
-hwegu av. from anywhere. 

S'hwanon at: from all i]Qarters. 
w&rva) = hwAr. 
hwast- eunnch IN. 
hw&atrian ^hwCstrlan. 
hwat^a m. divinei, angiir. 
-Ian ptaciiae divination, 
-ung/ divintlion. 
hwat|a, ~axLfpt. divination, ofnens. 
hwat«lld iris illyrica (a plant). 
hwaperiaD, hvo- foam sr suge 

hwealfl./ vault, areb. n.-mnltedi 
hollow, coocave. 


^B^^^^^^^B^HIVHHHII^^IJ^^^HI ^^^^^^^^| 


hw^r m. ketUc, cauldroo ; pot. 

motion, course ; rclnm : period, 1 


now . . DowJ some Ume, a Uttle 

courae (of time) [hweorfanj. 

li war- ban ^ hweorf-. 

lime : - fcr j formerly (1), 
hwinan 6 mnke shrill sound. 

gehwyrft (,m ) BdareH anni- 

hwor-hwette/. cucumber 


hwerflaa ^ hwearfian. 


hy-gedryhtt once/, band of re- 

hwerflic ■hwifrflic. 


tainers (I], hf-^hlw-. 

hwergen oi;. — alios- elsewhere 

-une/ squeaking i,of mice), 

hycgan think of. be mindftil of 


hwiBprian murmur. 

III. a, or g, or ymb ; meditate 

hweean, iu hwfflBaD. 

hwiBtlian » wiaQion. 

(evil), plot (againal) ; be intent 

hWft-BtOn m. hone. 

on, determine, cndeavoar — w. 

bvettan sharpen ; incite [hmec]. 
hwlocM/ chesi. 

hwit I. white; cleat, bright; fair, 

fram be averse lo: hope, Cf. 1 

bcantifol. n. H. white of egg- 
-owldu, -oudu i«(.; mastic Gl 

hogiMX. '^ ^ \ 

hwidor.Bai'-whither. dwa-swi 

hjd / ^h^man) skin, skin lof 1 

wherever imotiOnl, 

~f5t having white feci. 

animal), bide — )>£re -e JwUan 

-lyna directed wliiilier G!. 

be flogged, )i& - forwyroan be 

gehwidar ae. in every direclion; 

-loect, -loooodet faii-haired. 

liable lo a flogging. 

in inv direclion. 
bwl^rtjan tr. lum ; change, tnuis- 

-neo/. wbilenesj. 

-gleld n. payment to escape flog- . 

hwit an tr. whiten ; polish. 
-ian be while. 

-il^fieather. ■ 

faim ; convert (to religion) ; ge- 

overturn, de«roy |{ iHlr. lum, 

hwite-hlif m. wheat loaf. 

geh^ having a skin, H 

revolve; reluin j wander, go, 

hwitel m. cloak ; blanket. 

eeh^-^geh^gd. ■ 
hfdlan hide, conceal; sheaih V 

move; change ( vig. exchnngc, 

hwitiDg-melo n. whiting, 

bartFr [hweorfonl 

hwiting-tr§ow n. whiitcn-tiee. 

(sword); bury. 1 
-ela hiding.pbce, den (of thiei-es), \ 

-Uo', hwerf-, hwirlio mDiablc, 

hwipa, ao m. bieeie. 


hwon 1. c/IiweBt. 

place where a thing Is hidden. 
gchydnea/ comfort, s.cuiity, 
iiydele. hn-Z-hSwen- a plant. 

-nea*, bvryTt-/. giddinesa. 

ge-iedlneB. e» /. conversion {«, 

II. «u. a little (of) ais. er ifg. 


III. aj. some, a htlle, few. 

-UDff/ change, vicissitude. 

-He slight (quantity) ; onimporlant. 

gehy^. -hSd/B. mind, thooght - 


-Uce av. a little, moderately, 

raid -Qm carefullv. 

-ling*, y, »_/! wandering : period. 


hygdig.hydlB thoughtful; modest. 

hwifrftlian*.y,o« revolve: wan- 

-lotum av, in small quantities 




-Koe at., chastely. 

hwlg = hwj. 

hwonne, a, a r/iV. inlci-r. when ; 

-neo/ chastity. 

hwil/ipa<;e of time: -dngea; 

iiulir. inltrr. in s/y. and imlc. 

hyge+ m. mind, heart, mood, dis- 

-e, td -e for r lime : td acortre 

when, until ; aese us - Jiftii Jjina 

position; courage; pride. 

-e ; g3do -0 for a long time | 

gaweorfien ! hit bib tang - se 
hl&ford oume | imlf. : nu - eft 

-bend m., natural lie. 
-blind infatunlcd. 

period of time ; Br imgea -a. 

at some future time. 

-blips gbd. 

hwopant 1 threaten, Tcdi. threaten 

-c]fine puie-mindcd. 

one time . . at another. Set 

one with. 

-criBft m. faculty, wisdom. 

hwHum. pt-htiflo-^cy'.iv.ituii. 

hwoBta m. cough. 

-creeftig wise. 

while. Cfrnl. pft-hwile-jw . . >» 

-ffflst, -frod wise. 

hwIlB while. 

-frotor/. consolation. 

-fanrega av. for some time. 

hwurf- - hwoorf-. 

-g»l8a sluisish. 

-Btyooa n. period of Idenre. odd 

hwurftil fickle [hweorfan]. 

-gftl wai.lon. 

-nea/ fickleness. 

-gar m. wile, device. 

hwy, il, <.a/hwait. Il.dP.why 

-goomor iad. 

one time . . at another; ■! certain 

in dir. anJ iiidir. interr. 

-gleaw jirudent, sagacious. 

^^ limes. 

hwylo - hwelc. 

grimra fierce, cruel. 

hwylca [y = all m. tumour, boil 

-laoB thoughtless, foolish, recklea 

^B tnuuiton-. 



hwyrf-ban - hweorf.. 

-least /, levity, folly, lecklesineH 

^V bwSea tionsitory. 

hwUpet/ 1 »ea-bird. 

hwyrfe.pol j. -i? er eo] "i. whirl- 


pool, eddy C;l. 

-ni»l) — -um reverently. 

hwyrft w. tnraing. revolving ; 

-me pa mind-wearying. 

orbit (of lUts), drcoil (of eailh) ; 

-rof brave. 

[971 H 1 

:, pica.,. 

;iOfnl- m Ki-i-r ufjr.y. 

iiefut/. plcasonl gift. 

.east joyless j iacrcdnlmu. 

ict jc^al ; plemnDL 


plegat m. ipoit, putime. 

ivilUt m-. -wynnt/ joy- 

*hybt n. hope, comfort. 

yhtjan hope, coDfide ; rejoice. 

.ag/. cmltBiioa. 

ylo m. hend, inm. 

:hylced Bpiend out, rliverpiiig 

yld|an flay, akin [hold]. 

)re m. bulcbet. 

jrld|o, hyldy". faTonr. grace ; alle- 
giance, loyally — hi* -a awdron 
swoie altcQiance to him [hold]. 

Ip m. oath of allegiance. 

)m(^|- m. Uiuman. 

rftden/. fidelity. 

yll ,»/. hill. 

wyrt/ pulegium, 

j'IIe-h&m&, hilh- >n, cricket, 

^rTa\xn fl. NoithnmbriaiM. Cp. 

h^ an, -ion liin-. 

-geoht (.n.) hired yoke of oxen. 

-«giUda m. mercenary, hired ser- 

-ling m. hireling IN. 
~]nann, hfris- m. hireling. 

ge~ung_^ hiring. 

OTTiUm itniute. 

~ingf. imitation. 

hyra -^ hlra. 

t^ra PI. hireling, servuit. 

hyrdel, vE. hyrJiU «. htirdle. 


hyre-lwrg*, to m. interett (on 


hyman project [hyniB]. 

hvra|«/. comer ; angle [bom). 

-full aDgnlar. 

-fltAn w. comer-itone. 

h]rnMd|« honied ; having a pro- 

-nabba homy-bealced. 

hymen of hom [horti]. 

l^raeto.i'f.-ita; Z.-M,-«t(t)s 
pi. -yttan/. hornet [horn]. 

^V iA-. ia- - gaa-, gea- 

Iacm(C>tUB m. jacinth [LI. hyaoin- 

ic, ig I. 
icge-goldt onse, 

tl-dogeB, ig- av. oil the same (Jay. 
idet I. empty; empty-handed; de- 
solate, deititule vg: ; uselcsi, vain ; 
unemployed, idle. II. m. frivolity; 
idleness ; inattention, careletsneas 
— on- in vain, to no purpose- 
-geoTO Iniy. 
idel-gield «., -offiTmg / idoln- 

td6l[h^de empty-hanaed ; devoid 

-Bpr Aoe talking idly. 

ides/iviigin ; +woma". 

idllan come to nothing, be omIbk, 

idols/ idol [ZM. 

ie, sa 6a.. 

Uolon increiue ; add [6ao]. 

-end m., -eetre/. ineieaser, 

-naa/ increaic. 

ledisc*, yddiio \n.) rarnilute, 

hou&ehold gooda [dad]. 
Mg/. islHDil [Sal. 
~b&end(e:t m. islander. 
-clif, ecs-t n. MB-clifF. 
-flota*, ms'f "I- sailor. 
~land n. island, 

-atr6am*, Sg-, Sh-+ m, aea ; river, 
-weard', sug-t / watch by the 

iegojf*, iB(Bio>, igtglap m. island, 
tip. iDiall island in rivei, e^ot. 

Malan tH/r, ofu/ /r. delay, dissimu- 
late [said]. 

-end m. delayer ^Itr. 

-endlic dilatory. 

-ing/ delay ; disBimnlation. 

ifldciaji ^ f loian delay. 

i§ldet/>/. men. 

l^daat if!, o^e&ld. 

lfld(0}/ period, age (of the world) ; 
'-'-DC of life, age ; old age. 

ifldr a I. ^. of eald. n. -an 

iflfetu, L. ylfetil, 
Iflfig'-ylfig chaiie'ting. 
i^faainlietit; demise, bequeath. 
Igrfja H. inheritance ; property, pos- 
session i cattle, 

'6}360/fl. will. 

~ ejoivealm. m. catile-plagae. 
-egedil o. division of property. 
-Mirst m. legal delay before enter- 
ing on inheritance. 
-egeflit a. dispute about inheri- 


~elaad u. heritable sr Inherited 

-elSoa without cattle. 

-eatolt "1. heredilitry seat flf dwell- 

i^rfe -weard m. heir, jmasessor. 
-aBa/. in heri lance. 
-ifla iiilierii, possess. 
-WTitend, -writere ni. testator. 
igrfe'gewrit it. will, lestament. 
-writend bi. testator. 
if rgan dishearten [earg]. 
i^rgb(o)y! sluggishness, cowardice. 
lor|lic angry [ierre]. 
-BCipe m. anger, 
i^rman ill-treat, harass [eann]. 
igrming, ea m. wretched one, poor 

wretch 1 pauper; little one. 
ifnnti(0}/miMry; povetty; bodily 

trouble, dlBeait; crime. 
ieman, A. eo; prt. am, A. om 
■flow (c/" river); " " 
- - ifl) ■ - 

. . it») B 
geleman 3 coagulate. Cf. gerin- 

ierre I. n. anger. IL gone astray , 

pincrse; angry. 
-infid angry, wild. 
-pweorh*, yre- angry. 



ierrtnga av, angrily. 

iorBiian, eo be angry lu. wi)j a., 

on a. : make angry. 
-igendlic passionate, 
-ung/ anger. 
ieralnga av. angrily. 
igrjj, y, ea/ ploughing ; crop, pro- 

-land «. arable Itnd. 
ling HI. agricnliiitiil, farmer, 
" " ; a bird. 

ieaende - geeen entrails, 
ief , daf i/v. «"ea>e easily. 

-begiete easily obtained. 

-bfine eiorable. 

-bylig, -belig irritable, passionate. 

-diMe easy. 

-f5ro easy ;road'i. 

-t^det easily found. 

-geom ami.ible 1 1) Gl, 

-gieto', ~gete easily obtained, 

-hylde contented, 
-lAre docile, 
-gcsienet easily seen, 
-wiflt easily turned, 
ieblan lay Hostc, ravage; dtpopii- 

-urg/ laying waste, 
jepet desolate, waste. 
iB))]e, ea{>e easy; indulgent, kind 

TCif. ; mild, not attended with 

hardship, easy fjoumeyj. Cp. 

6a)>e av. 
-HOB / eaie ;,of lifel. comfort ; 

pleasure, latialaction. 
iepelic, te eaiy || Sa- scanty, 

insigniHcant, weak. 


ie^,an. £ow;l)an v.uia. show, 

ifogn = ifig. 

iflg, ifegn n. ivy. 

-beoro T groop of ivy-clad trees (1) 







ifig{CTopp(a) m. clustu of ivy- 

in-Gofo m. iimer chamber ; tbreast. 

in(n -i^fe. Inim », iniestines; | 



-leaf ». ivy-leaf. 

ia-oofni/. internal di«-ase. 

in-igrfe «, household gooils. 

-t«aro B., -Ura m. ivy-gnm. 

incund ^ innancund. 


iflht covered with ivy. 

-lice av. inwardly. 

in-lftd/ right of inland passage; 

il, ig(i)l m. hedgehog. 

-nss /. inward conviction ; sin- 

ilea same. 

in-laglan ' inlaw,' restore [an oot- 

Ilcean. — swa-in the same vray ; 

In-tjap alien, strange. 

law) to 1^1 rights. 

Bwi - Hwft in the sami.- WHy as, as. 

-Hoe av. sadly. 

In-land n. demesne land, land 

ile, y ra., !>£. Ul h, sole of foot; 

in-dAlan impart, infuse \,t). 

retained by the lord instead of 


in-diepan dip, immerse {I). 

being let otiL 
in-la)>leQd>n. inviter (!;. 

m^Ue callosity. 

Indiso Indioa, 

lllerooju*, -acu/ crapula. 

in-dryhtent aristocratic, aoble. 

in-lfigan j1. inflame = •oo-lio- 

EC-od suffering from hot cockles, 


in-lgnd|e native, of natives, of 

surfeited, crapulatus. 

in-dryhtot/ nobleness, gloty. 

Upen of an ele|)huiit[6lpBiid,ylp]. 

in-eardian inhabit J). 

Imbo" = ymbe swann of bees. 

in-fmr n. entering; place of en- 

Imberdling - inbyrdltng. 

-iBC native. 

Imp ft, -a 7»/. shool, Ernft. 

in-fiBreld «. entering; place of 

ia-lic internal; native. 

Implan pafl; rfl. be engaged in, 

entrance, vestibule ; mierior. 

In-lioe an. internally; Ihoroogbly; 

fic. nisocialcd with lu. to, on d. 

in-fangen(e)-t>«or L. jurisdiction 


In rare in IV./rf. v>. a., d. ^l.) of 

platt and Itmt in, on, nmong. 

In-foru/. entering, invasion. 

ln-tafit)l[a)e / recklessness vE. 

mlo, during, aim mtl. 

G1. Cf. omufidlo. 


in-feoht, -flht n. attack on person 

In-mearg eme fl. -■ marrow GL 

in- U somilimts ■airUtai for UQ- 

by inhobitnnt of the same house. 

In-mede close to one's heart, im- 

Ihrengh tkt tonfusion hitaiecn 

in-gefooht n. civil war. 
in-Sede full of water i.i>/iivei). 


in-gemyndt of. mind ; remcm- 

in-gefolct M. native race. 
ln-»stor H. rearing er breeding at 


ill-bend m/. internal feller. 


Inn n. house ; chajnlier ; quartering 

in-betynednas / life of n re- 

in-fradt veiy old ^ wise. 

oncselfCe^ soldiers). 

ing lie ffunit letter ng. 

inn rro. in on wa. in to. - tS 

In-blflwon i breathe on, inspire (t). 

in(.n)-gang n. entering; right of 

ill to: }ift Keatu-t6 hinL C/. 

access; entrance-fee. 


In-borg m. bail, secarity. 

In-gengaf m. invader. 
Indicting/, pouring in. 

inn[ian enter; take up one's quar- 

in-bryne m. fire (I)- 

ters, lodge. 

in-ba|an inhabit (1). 

in-gyta m. infusion. 

-ung/. contenU ; revenue. 

-end m. inhabitant. 

In-heord/ herd of the lord and 

geinnian admit, receive (into 

In-bUTB/ vestibule. 

kept on his estate. 

house, church), entertain hoiplta- 

In-byrdle horn in master's house. 

in-h§re m. home-army, native 

bly ; Include ; fill ; supply (loss). 

-U)ing, im- «. slave bom in mna- 


innft womb /.V: 

ler's liouse. 
Inc you two a., d. 

in-Memea/ possession. 
intnl-hirad «, household. 

Inn-ftdl*. in*-/, internal disease, 
innan ptf. if, a., d.. g. in, into; 

l]lo[a m. cause of complaint, 

from within (! ) ; cj timt at 

ETudge ; scioplc, doubt ; sus- 

Innan, ~e, inne a-u. within, inside 

pie ion. 

in-hiwa, -higa m. metnber of 

o-afrp.wd. inside. 

innan-bordea a:: at home (as 

ge-fUlUon offend, 

tn-cgmpft w. soldier of the same 

household er convent, &c. 

in-bold loyal. 

opposed toabroadi. 


in-gchrifn, womb. 

Inoer ofyoulwo. 

In-gehygd, -hjd n/. mind, 


in-^B;an invoke (:), 

thoughts ; conscience : nadei- 

innan-cund, inno-, in- intemalf 

-ung/. invocation (1). 

slanding. intelligence, knowledge ; 

inward ; inner (Ilioughls) ; evnest. 

inoit you two a. 

import (of what is said). 

thorough. Cf. iucund. 


innan-weard, I. internal. 

ber; den, cave. 

interior o(. depths of; earnest; 

In-cciht w. hottse-servanl. 


thorough n., feet -8 intes- 

[100] J 


lines. H. ov. withiD. Cf. lu- 

lan-twiiting/ inscripliaii (!). 
inne- -^ iiiD&ii-. 
Innemest, see inn era, ~or. 
InBBFa, Inrk cpv. inner ; sft. Iniie- 

inest inmost. 
In-oiwian tencw (:\ 
innor ov. cpu. more within ; spl. 

-tiedernsB / waUtnesa of intes- 

-wund / wotind in the iotes- 

la-gcreo t.n. tumuU Bd. 
in-recels m. iocense (i \. 
Ju-Bceawere m. inspector (I), 
In-Bceawung/ inspection (I). 
in-aegel n. seal, signel. C/. 

liuisle [Z./. BiKiUnm]. 
InBegliian sea], seal np. 
~ung/. sealing, seal. 
Jn-geBOtod inserted, 
in-sf tjtaii Inslitnte (I). 

In-slgle ». M^al [inaegel]. 
In-Biht/ nHinitive, epitome, 
in-sittende silling within. 
ln-8moh (?) HI. ilough, wbst is 

cast off. 
in-splnn (h.) spindle. 
in-HUBple, f I. iM. entiwice — -w 

av. instantly. II. at, instantly. 
in -stand an a be at hand jlV 
-endlie jneienl, daily ; btead). 
tn-gesteoldt ". household goods. 
in'BMde, -atyda av. at odgc- 
in-auce m. internal itilch (pain). 
in-atihtlan arrange (I). 
in-Bw&Ti III. he who hu charge □! 

the lord's swine, 
in-geawell n. internal iwelliDg. 
in-Bwog an i invade (!). 


, IN. : 



IntlnsoQ because of him, for his 

soke [in, ping]. 
In-t6/f]ft. zuJ. into. 
In-trahtnung/ explanation (I). 
In-gcpano nm. thoughI(s], mind; 

ln-EeJ)Sod+/. nation. 
in->ioce very thick fr coarse. 
in->inoii (/) honjc-*ervant {)) Gl. 
In-wBro, -wneo »i. iniemal pain. 
in-WEbta / internal haraonr (ot 
^^eard = inn an -. 

r animil ; tit Runic 

-lie in 


ardly ; earnestly, 

deeply, thoroughly, 
in-ge^oftxen iin pi anted. 
In-weorc n. indoor work. 
in-vrarod n. body of retainers, 

In-widd, -Witt, -wit dcceitfol, 

roalicions, wicked. 

i-nridda m. adversary. 

i-gewinn B. civil war. 

i-wiBl' omef. condiment, 
in-wtt, -wid ti. gEile, deceit ; 



-Kccsyndf n. evil nntnre. 

-5ng+ "'■ hostile grasp. 

-Han+ m. (reicbemus shaft. 

-ftiU deceitful, m.ilicious, evil. 

-gifflt+m. eril guest. 

-gicont B. ireaclieroui siinre. 

-hlf mmt m. gasb of malice. 

-hroft "I- evil toof. 

-njttt n. evil net. 

-nipt >>•. enmity. 

-rant/ evil coiinMl. 

-Bcaari- C) m. slaughter. 

-aearot ». treachery. 

-Boret/ sonuw. 

-Bpellt n. Inle of evil. 

-Btfflft m. wickedness. 

-panct "I. evil thought er purpose. 

-wrftsent/. evil chain. 

in-gewitnee /. knciwUdi,^^, con- 

■ T33-WH.tTINa 

in-writing/' inscription h , 
in-wund"/ i'rtirnnl wound. 
in-wTjnenei/. f>e. listen ec. 


Ulter io. 
Iras mpl. Irish. 

Ir,a)-laJid h. Ireland. ' " ;'' 
Irlng es weg Milky Way,. " 

is ». ice ; the Kunk tttler i. 

-gebindf n. bond of ice. 

-gcbl»d H. chilbhun (I), 

-eealdt icf-ijolii. 

-mgret ™. froien lake. 

iaen, Isern, Iran I. n. iron, steel 
iron sr steel implement ; -fiword 
ordeal. H, aj. of iron, steel. 

~b^ndt m. cham. 

-by met/ steel corslet. 

-fetor/ iron fetter. 

-gr&K iron-grey. 

-heard iron -hard. 

~hearde /, black 

plant 1. 
-hpret wi. armed hos' 
-hyret fitted with iroi 
-geldma m. iron implement. 
-ordfti n. oidcal with hot iroo.' 
-ore/ iron mine Gl. 
-panne, -a,/m. frying-pai 
-Bcofl/, iion shovel, 
-BcQrt/ shower of iron missiles. 
~sniip m, blacksmith. 
-swat m. iron dross (t), 
-tang/ jnufftts. 
-preatt '". armed troop. 
-wyrlita m. blacksmith, 
isend - geeen entrails. 
iaig icy. 

-reberat icy-winged. 
ifliht iL:y. 

iBn,ian - — od iran-ciad. 

iu - geo. 

lude aa mpl. Jews 

-JBO Jewish. 

iw, BOW, Soh m. yew. 

-bprlge/ yew-berry. 

ot iroa.^^^1 



(then). J«rt 14 vnea IBagei t,m- 

tic n/.joyoaa ictivjtj', 9po. 

tcoQlesl, battle | gift; 

sacrifice { Epiphany: b 

ep Bumomueas&n | t 

message ^'.i \ medicine, 
-dad/, munificence. 
-gi«at m. liberal yiver. 



'Sang "I. offertory G 

rel&c < II. coinuiotiua !^>ea. Etorms) 

— BWeorda- baltle ; ciowd. 
[ftcan I firt. Ifiolc, Ifa inlr. move 

quickly or intermittcnily i.^binla. 

name, waves); play — tdM'o- 

^uin - fight ; twordum ~ siiifj, 



&olan pr»ca( with s ei 
icn Ian, fi treat mcdi 
wound,; cure [lAoe] 
Igondllc medical, luigical. 
ling /. medical i ■ "' 

lftd,igeildlio excusable. 

~uiig /. cicuse; clearing wie»e|[, 

ladteo^ ^ l&tt£ow. 

lA(u.) head of hair. 

Isccan frrf. Irebte seiie, catch, 

arrest ; for^ gs- carry off. 
lAco m. physician ; leech. 
~boo/ medical book. 
~cmrtin.(artor)medicine; remedy, 



-ornftiK ikilled in medicine. 
-oynnt n. race of physicians, 
-dfiin m. remedy, medidne; satva- 

-domllo aalutary. 
-domnee/. plaster. 
-feoh n. physician's (ce. 
-finger m. fourth finger. 
-hiis n. hospital. 
-soalf/. salve, plaster. 
~Beax H. surgical knife 
-wyrt/ iltuR ; rib-wort. 
1 Aonlan - Iftonian. 
lAdan lead (0/ guide, geDeral, 
^" carry, convey, '^ ' 

1 lyfl - lift up 

ay, course ; journey ; carrj- 
inveying ^ooda) ; mealu ol 

snilenance [Uptui\ 

m. guide, leader. 

- .kmg'ii mewenger ('). 

n. leadership, 

ixcuie I defence if ainst a 

; clearing oneself from an 

ing ioith, produce | mark the - 
bounds of land : landBsmAre - ' ' 
pass, lead (life) ; perform, d 
Iptnise'f II inir. tt4niim - flourish 

-end ni. bringer. 
ge-endlic*. -enlio malleable, 
-nee / production, bringing forth 1 

. l,t 

perauade : ~de bine )MBt hfi for- 

B'Arednes/ leaming. skill. 
roBtre/. teacher. 
lAriog*/. tenching. 
-mfiden n, i frmilc) pupil. 
-inalui "/, disciple. 
l{br|e*, Kelier empty, hungry. 
-nee/, empiiness i,of «(im«ch). 

larig, ImTBt border (of shield). 
l*a/-, "" 

IlBS/. _ „ 

liea Icis, stAyUH. > 
-boren oiiowci binh. 
laafan ^ Inswian. 

l£39Ht '- lAst, 

Ifiwa </p. a'lytol. 
last <»«:</. bout CI. 
-wyrhta m. sboemaker. 
-■/ (shotmaker's) lut Gl, 


laat.Mi tod. follow; help tl Ir. 

carry out, perform, do ; fnmitih ; 

p»y II ialr. conlinne, Ust, iuffioe 

-•nd m. doer. 
l&Hwo, if<r Ube. 
isawian, IAbIob pasture, feed 

(sheep, S:c. ' in//-. fl«i/ tr. 
Isn.ifl, .^.-oit, -(a ,nie»l delaying, 

behindhand; Uuggish ii^., dow; 

-byrd/ dcloyed birth. 
-hydig dull-minded. 
-lioa ov. slowly. 
-nw^ deity ; ilovmi^s (of lip^ of 

■vAAe deliberate, slow. 

■Bum (year) Ule (for crops) /.. 

1 1 b/>rt. Ut, ^. leort leave - 
bine bfir : hlne deodne - ; 
leave behind; bequeath; depart 
fiom, leave | in- give Dp the 
money, the atlcmpl). a.vvs - let 
go, lead away ; refrain from, ig- 
nore. t6 ^emieoate - neglect, 
be iadiffeient to || make to go, 
place, put grn. met. : blod - 
bleed ; ~ hit of geniTiide diamiss 
it from the roind ; - hino tip put 
him ashore I hand over, deliver 
up : Ut hi t6 him, 16t hi him 
t6 hands II admit: -f* riht- 
w!sul tntfi heofeDaii rice ; hine 
Inn - I permit ; bla ^r littan 
Ut : Ood Uett >ui oostian be 


tempted \ cause (to bappen), 
make : Ood l€t hi befeallan on 

Eet Aos ^T 1 Ood l£t hine frlgiie 
ft him free-wiil ; God 16t hine 
hini(r;r.)swi ISofbe Jieet . . luved 
him so I grant (territory to a 
vassal), let (land on lensi:), d^iKij'f 
!«. tS ^ pen, ll behave, be in 

Uoe vi> hine be unfriendly ; 
fepelloe - ymbe pnt take it 
easily I think : leohtlioe - ymbs 
))Bt think lightly of; IdtOQ )i»t 
hit mioel unrted were thouj^lit 
it bad policy ; hi hi selfe 16ton 
for hdans thought themselves of 
no accounl ; hi ~a[i peet to wier- 
■cipe bnC hi nuegeii . . think it 
clever j pretend : l£tt sweloe hS 
wSre . . pretends to be ipr thinks 
he ii . .) I assert : hi -up prat 
menu mSten , . lu bdotlioe -&[> 
Ixet hi msgen . . boast || inlr. 
-of (/.give up (property). hf)>e 
pe W6 tmrn ISton set sail from. 
hS nfi be JtXm. ijiajii let, tu ■ . 
did not slop there (content him- 
self), leton td tm&B Met hi 
woidan . . determini'd aftEr con- 
sul tat iun. 

L'elrat, -a n. junction of roads. 

l»tt,//. -a, Utla/ lath. 

mttewestre/. guide [UttSoir]. 

Ifep (n.) division of land, district con- 
taining several hundreds, 

ISpaa hate ; cauie to shun ; revile 


IrapJiOi Inpo f. haired, malice : 
injury, wroug. 

Ifewjan betray. 

-flnger*, leaw- in. fotefinget. 
lew, a, -e, A. Uga «i, betrayer, 

Ifiwede, 6a lay(,man^j [Z/. laloiu]. 

\S£f. remnant, remains, remaining : 
wees td -e remained — thamera- 
snori; heirloom, legacy ; widow 

lanem lave, wash, poor. 

la^on ordsin (hws^ [liisu]. 

lagon//f. e/Maio.. 

lagoa/r/ ^licsan. 

lag:u m. fCn, flood, water+ ; Ikt 

KunU litllr I. 
~cr(eftig nauticnl, 
-fSBten^D) n. sea. 


la^u iJBpin m. embrace of waten. 
-Sod m. sea, itream, watcrts). 
-lad/, sea-way, sea. 
-mearh m. ship, 
-(dp m. sea-joomCT. 
-atrffit/ sea-roatl, sea. 
-Stream m. sea, river, water, 
-Bwinunend m. fish. 

lagu L.f., tnct nfl (1) law; dis- 
trict (in which certain laws pre- 
vail), vp. in Dfna- DtncUg 
[Sdind. l9g-^*laiiiH//.]. 

gela£;u-t' npt, extent, surface (of sea) 
I liogan]. 

lah--laK- law-. 

-breca m. law-breaker. 

-brooevido lawless, impious, 

-brytie m. breach of law. 

~oSap m, payment for re-entry into 
lost legal rights. 

-lice av. according to lnw, 
-maun m. tnw-man, lawyer. 
-rlht n. legal right. 
-«lit, -tt, -tktle («.) fine for breach 

of iDanisli) law. 
-wlta m. lawyer. 
l&m H. ctny, earth. 
-ffBt n. ve.ssel of clay, the body. 
-pytt, -aeapa n, clay-pit. 
-wyrhta m. potter, 
lam, a aj. m.,f lame ; ptmilytic. 
-byrd/. imptrfeoi birth. 
lamb, A. o, f, loinbor; pi. -m, 

L. ~. A. lombor. lomberu lamb. 

-ea oerae a plant. 
lamprede /. lamprey [£/. 1am- 


land M. land, terra firma; country, 
province, district j country as op- 
posid lo Imcn ; (coltivaleil'i land, 


-»lf/ land-elf. 
-Sgend m. native. 
-Ageode owning land. 
-t^f. landed property, estate. 
-belong m. dwelling in a country. 
-begfnga m. cultivator of land, 

ill habitant. 
-boc / charter in which land is 

-brfteo/ ploughing up fallow land. 
-b&end m. cultivator of land ; 

-bfiend/ colony. Ktilement. 

landjbueade dwelling, native. 
~b&nea/ seHlement, colony. 
-ceap ru. Im paii! when lantl was 

-tlBBt8n(n) n. nfllurally strong 

militaiy position. 
~teoh II. recogaitory rent for land. 
-fierd/i laiiil-flnny. 
-folc n. people of tlie conotiy. 
.fruma-f "'■ liing- 
~Safol n. rent oflsad. 
-tuabbende owning land ; mling 

-hsfJan/. landea properly. 
-here m. land-nmiy ; native army. 
-hlftford M. landowner, lor,l of the 

manor; ruler of a country, 
-hrgddiiig/ redemption of land. 
-eehwerf//. exchange of land, 
-lagu/. law of the district, 
-leas withont land. 
-\6odefl., -ISod/ people, natives; 

~lyre m, loss of land, 
-gemaoa m. neighbonr. 
-geniB&re n. boundary. 

-mearoy! boundary. 
-.geiai^rca h. boundary. 
-OpenUng/ breaking op fallow 

~r£den(n^^ local ordinance. 

~naa m. local magnate, lord of the 

-rioe H. estate ; lerritory, region, 

-ilht n. law of the land ; legal 

rights of natives of the country ; 

legal obligation connected with 

land Br estate. 
~Hcbta m. coliinisi. 
-scam/ Innd, country; boundary. 
-EcBOeaitt/. creation eel/. 
-soeap ». lanil. 
-Btdpaf m. region, country [O/./- 

-Bcoru/ piece of land Ct. 
-seten /, estate ; occupation of 



-Bidu m. custom of the country, 
something babitnal. 

Htittende occupying land. 

-sScn/ search for land (dwelling- 

-BpSd/. landed property. 


laiid|Bpedl£ rich in land. 
-Bplott ™. plot of ground, small 

piece of land. 
-at^e Ri. laud, country, 
-styotw n. piece of land; tract, 

-W*rut /- people of a country, 

-waaJdt /». king. 
-^velat III. wealth of the earth. 

earthly possessions. 
-ge^aorct n. fortress, 
-gewlerpe n. mound (!) Ct. 
^anda m. fellow-countryman, 

landefen/. proportion of land vL. 
- "land-andefn. 

Eelandod having estates. 
ml©, -u v/i./. lane ; street. 
lang rpzi. If ngra, if/. If Dgest long, 
tall, -a frigedeoit Good Friday, 
-ft&re Insiing, ilurable; advanwl 

-tSrnes/. long duration, 
-firat m. long space of time. 
-ieldo/^ advancid age. 
-lice .11'. for a long time. 
-liITe , t/f. IfDglifnt (!) long- 

-strang patient Ct;. 

-geetreont n. long-accumulated 

langaum long, prolonged, lasting, 

-lice nv. for a long time. 

-neB/ length. 

lang.sweorede, f long-necked. 

~twidlgt granted for a long time, 

gelang at hand, attainable, depen- 
dent on, result of tv. »t, on. 

langlan grow long i^'days) | im- 
firi. Ill, a, desire, long for; feel 
tedium er discontent | summon { 

langung/. delay ; desire, longing : 
tedium, weariness; grief. 

-hwilt /. time of longing Br 

lange av., epo. Ifng, sf/. l^ngeit 

for a lung lime — (gwA) long 



BW& awipoi tile longer the more | 
tspressingtxtaU, pmHtity : KWi" 
Bwa . . awft ■- eorrt/. to tht ex- 
tent which . . to that extent, 
langofi m. looging, dcsiie ; on- 
sBlished desire, discontent, tc- 

lannt (/,) fetter, bond. 

laplan licli, tap up, gup {.up liquid 

witb bread). 
I&r / what is laught, learning, 

doctrine, aJence ; narrative ; 

cunning (t: I act of teaching; 

exhortation, advice, instigatioo. 
-bian/ example. 
-boe/. book of instruction. 
-craft m. science. 
-cwlde wi, precept, doctrine. 
-hlystend m, catechumen, 
-b^ H. school. 
-least, "Heat/ want of knowledge; 

-Ho instructive, edifying; onda 

-Bllllb+ III. teacher, sage. 
-Bpell ft. sermon, homily. 
-BWlce m. deception. 
-wita m. learned man. 
I&rSow, IN. I&mw, m, teacher, 
pedagogue, master ; preacher [U«, 


[(im III. office of teacher ; ecolc- 
iinstical authority or office. 

-lie of a teacher. 

-sell n. teacher's seat, pulpit. 

laser (m.) tares, corn-cockle. 

IftBt, & III- «o!e of foot (Ifiat) { foot- 
print, track T ^him) on ~o behind 
\biin'. on - after, in pursnitj 
(look> back — on - famn tetnni. 
-weardtitQ remain behind; fol- 
low. -a> If cgaD travel, wander | 
d. ~e, ~\aa tog. In the manner of : 
bif do -s as a bride, wifooaa 
-nm as an exile, in exile. 

.^^ard III. pursuer J successor. 

-wordt H. after-woid, posthuroout 

gclaat It, fulfilment ; duty, due. 
-full helpful. 

Iftt-tSah/ guiditig-rein [IMl- 
latiaQ be glow ; be sluggish ar tor- 
pid ; delay Tog. [lat], 
lata aj. (iH.),f. procrastinating, late 




m. guide ; leader, genual [lad, 
l&ttdowddm m. gDidnnce, leader- 

]&Ii I. d/ W. hostile : nelSofae- 
□tithcr ^ifod nor foe ; haled, un- 
popular ; hateful to, noxious ; 
giievouE, UDpleasant — him wna 
~ to bnjTzeiaie be was unwilling 
to. n. n. injury, offence ; what i» 
unpleasant, pain. 

-bitet w, wound. 

-1§BS barm1e«, innocent. 

-lie hateful, unpleasant, horrible. 

~lioe av. balefully, grlevouEly, hor- 

-geni^lat «. enemy. 

~Boipe m. hardship, painful poii- 

-fle&ro)- «. hostile deiice. 
-liyf m. hateful joumey. 
HSpell n. bud news, 
-gctfionat m. enemy, 
-trecmrt n- hateful tree. 
U^-wende hostile ; pernicious. 
-mod hostile. 

Uplweorot ». eril or hostile work, 
-gewiimat ™. enemy. 

Eelftb hostile. 
ll)i,UUl invite, summon : hd hine 
falin on fUlj^ni ~ode CBlled upon 
bim to help him. 
(fieV-one/ invitation, calling \ con- 

gregatioD, church. 
Iftliig^ be haietnl ipd. 
ljl)ie as), with enmity; in detesla- 

]&)>ettfKl hate via. ; be hateful wd. 

laur, Uwer \ai.) laurel [//.]. 

-bfiam m. laatel. 

-berige/. birty of lanral. 

-trtiow n. laurel. 

U'vrerce/ laik. 

18a, ju lAaJi meadow. 

lion 3, alsa n'i., pn. 16g, ISade 
■zo.a. Bffurt. or Ihing. lu-ia. blnme : 
hi hiiD )>oiie si'pttBK logon 
blamed hitn for the jontney, liA 
him Idb bnt h6 heefde . . (or 
having; find fault with, dis- 

Idoo n. leek ; garlic 

-bleed x. leek-leaf. 

-ooroe/. nftiluitionirf" 

-t&n, UhtuD w. kitchen-garden. 

-tiln-treapd m. gatdenei. 

-weard m. g.irdener. 


end ; canldron, kitchen- 
(. lead-mine. 

~Kota m. plumbc 

-Btaf jw. loaded stick, sconige G1. 

-gewihte >i. ' lead- weight,' a scale 

of weight. 
leaden of lead, 
leaf, {st)~e f. pennission, leave ; 

leaf «. leaf (of tree); leaf (of 

~helinf^ having a leafy lop. 
-Bcaodt n. place shaded by 

-wyrm m. caterpillar. 
leaf-leoht easy, 
geleaf leafy. 
geldafa, ISafa m. to. to, on a. 

belief, faith, trust. 
-full believing, full of failh. 
-fulnea/ belief. 
-hlystand m. catechumen Gl. 
-leas unLelicving. 
~16aBDea, -IMaat/. unbelief, 
-lie credible, 
-sum credible ; faithful. 
IdafiieB/. permission. 
-wordt «. password. 
l6ag / lye, ashes and water for 

leag^une; Dine/, fnlsehooil [leoKan]. 
liiahy^.rf. l^aee, >».,</. lea meadow. 

leahte /w, ^l^coan. 
leahtor m. vice, sm ; bodily defect, 

-owidet M. opprobrious words. 

-full vicious. 

-Isaa faultless. 

~lice av. wickedly. 

leahtr,laii blame, find £iult with ; 

'Mug/, blaming, detraction. 
leahtroo, -lo, laaotroK, leetrio 

111. lettuce [/./■ laotnoa], 
lean h. reward, requital ; gift ; pay, 


rd, reijnitc Wiia. 
L6ap m. basket ; weel (for catching 
fish); a measnre; trunk (.of iht 

&lse (witness) ; ii 

worthless, \ 

leas-bregd, -brM I, m. deceit, 

trick. II. deceitful, lying. 
-noa/ deceit. 
~ende deceitful, 
liasiaraft m. deception, 
-ferht*. -y false, deceitful Gl. 
-ferbnee/ levity, folly. 
-gi«P n. vainglory. 
-lie sham. 

-lioe av, deceptively ; incorrectly. 
-licettan dissemble, 
-licettuns/, riissimulalion. 
-mfidnea/, inconstancy. 
-nee/, falsehood ; levity. 
-oleceung/ enjolerj-. 
-aagol mendacious. 
-Bpanung/ enticemenr, 
~Bpell H. false story. 
-epelluDg/ empty talk, 
-tyhtan entice, seduce, 
-tyhtung/ enticement, 
iwitnee/ false witness, 
tell ties. 
-ere in- liar ; hypocrite ; buffoon, 
Idasung /. fal>»hood : deception ; 

hypocrisy ; artifice ; frivolity, 
-apell 'I. false statement, idle 

leasettaD pretend, feign ; be a 

leapor (n.) lather. 
-wyrl /. soap- wort, 
1 e aw-fin ger = 1(& w-. 

)oking at, sight [locion], 
firl. lB(B)htie wet ; water, 
_ rflocu]. 
-lug/, irrigation. 

l^cgan frt. Ifsds, 16de lay, put, 
alsamtl. 1 &«(■■- go. -ona.pnl 
on ; impose (taxes 
with(anertand), < 
of. fpider) inn ~ 
lay (eggs) | bnty | 

I kill II 

ssign (llndil] 
-. go : him on 

leoba tn. leak w lowest part of 

ship iT) G!. 
l§de = legde /«. a/lfcgKa. 
leden = ISBden. 

ISf; 6t I. infirm, diseased, ill ; in 
had condition 'fl/shiji , II- fwi 

C. hari 

-ffi. Bel«red 



ISfluig/. paralysis 
ctlefanBcipe m. p^imissioii IK. 
left weak = "Iyft. 

legen, fu, a; began. 

leger n. lying ; lying ill i discaie \ 
death-bed { death | place of lying, 
lur, coucb, bed ; barial-place. 
grave — oUGne - consecrated 

-bedd n. conch ; sick-bed ; grOiVe. 

-fffiBt ill. 

-Blow/, bnrial-place, cemetery. 

-team m. setnal intercourse. 

-wite w. fine for fornicnlion. 



~od cDnfincl to bed, 

legie/ legion \_Lt. legio]. 

lelobre/ n plant. 

If mian lame ; cripple ; Inme, break 


l^mp-healt limping. 

Ifmpedu / lampiey \_Lt. 1am- 

IgmpiCu/. dish vE. 
I l^ucten, lengteu I. m. spring ; 
1 LenL II. aj. of Lenl- 

-MI/ I. tertian) fever. 

-bryoB m. bieacli of Lenten fast. 

Hiaiwi mfi Lent. 

~eorbe / earth ploughed in Ibc 

-testaa n. Lenten fast. 

-YAXaf. spring heat. 

-lie uf aprinE ; of Lent, 

-sufl a. Lent food. 

-tid/ spring; Lent 

-titna m. spring, 

■time of spring, 

-wuce / \veek In Lent 

IfQdan go ; aiiive || tr. inilow with 

land [l^d]. 
lendsii,u nfl. loing. 
-D&n n, loin-bone, 
-brAde/ loiu. 
-rial », apron. 
-waro m. pain in the loins, kidney 

leng av. longer, sie lang. 

-lifra mote long-lived, 

-togra [•^-togen-'l more prolix 

£., GL 
I^gan Ir. prolong i.iclioo) ; delay : 

disregard || inlr. spread, extend i 

Ignge belonging to, having affinity 

gel^nga belonging to \ addicted to 

longest, see lang, lange, 
l^ng, O) /, 0/ spaie length ; height, 
stature , t^linie length, 

lengra, j^f lang. 
lengten ^ lenctea. 
l^ngpto)/ length [lang]. 
lent ;/) leolii GL [i/. lemem], 
l§o iw/, d. -n, ~ne, -nao lion. 

-nfdt aplant [Z./. leo]. 
ISon, ^haj lihp, n (K lip, /r/. lib, 

7 lend 1 grant. 

leodt m. king. 

Idod w, line for iiianslanghler LL. 

Idod /. nation X. J^srmid from 
loode i/ an o/'Jjdod. 

[;elGOd m. fell[iw-coujilr)'uiac. 

leodan 7 sprout, grow ; be de- 
scended (from). 

Idoda m. fellow-conn Cryman. 

l€od|e, L. -a pi. people ; soldiers; 

~bealot' H. harm to a nation, 

-blsoop m. bishop of a district, 


-gebyrgat m, chief, king. 

-oyntogt f. king. 

-frumal* m, chief, patriarch, king. 

-geardt m. territory, country, 

~gleld n. line for manslaughter. 

-gryref »«, general tenor. 

~bata m. tyrant, persecutor. 

-hftet m. hostility. 

-hryret "i fall of a nation. 

-inegt 11. kinsman. 

-mogfinf n, flower of a nation ; 
body of warrion ; power, virtue. 

-moarct/ territory, country. 

-rlht H, law ol the land. 

-rline/. aorcerera. 

-Bcarut/. nation. 

~aca{>at m. public enemy, 

~BaIpe PI. nation; couniry, 

-Bt^filf m. race, family, people. 

-{leaw m. custom of a country. 

-gepynop/! rank. 

-weardt m. govemnient. 

-wert m. man of a country. 

-werodt n. assembled nation. 

-gewinnt n. strife, war. 

-Mrita m. sage. 

-wynnt/. home joy- 

16of I. aj. tod. beloved, dear; 

friendly; pleasant — him vno» 

~re pvt hie fuhtea er him 

wiEa ~Te to feehtajme ponno . . 

they preferred. II. inleiy. siil 
leoflic beloved; pleasant; ptecioui; 

-lice lar. lovingly, kindly : gladly, 

-Bpellt H. pleasant news. 
-•t(fal(e) kind ; acceptable, pleasant, 

~wende kind, amiable ,- acccpuble, 

pleasant, popular, 
gclfcf coasangQiaeous, related. 

leofian = llbban. 

ISo&an be pleasant uni. 

laogjan 7 make incorrect statement 
^without necessarily implying an 
intention to deci'lve) . hC l«a« 
mid p£re noe ; hi Iftas be pbu 
fjTB ; him man on liehp be is 
credited with (good or badj quali- 
ties which he does not possess ; 
deceive ad. (ef hope). 

leoht n. light; (eye)^gh[ : candle^ 

-betre bright ; splendid, glorious. 
-beamede haWng bright rays. 
-bereiid(e^ w. Lucifer. 
-berende Inminoua. 
~br»dneB/.mBnifesttttioii, display. 
-ttet n. lantern, lamp. 
~fVuma+ m. creator of lighc, 
-iaem k. candleslidc. 
-16aB without light. 
~lic shining. 

-sftirend m. author of light 
-Bcfiawigand m. light-seeing, 
-geatrat n. contribution for chnn^ 


leoht not heavy, light : agile; no* 

oppressed, comfortable, tuleraJe; 

slight, light :pnniihmciit 
-lie unimportant, 
-lice mi. (lightly; lightly, geatly; 

-mfid easy of temper. 
-modneB/ levity. 
leohtan ^ Uehtan. 
leohtjtaii become light, dawn ; 

tshine, give light lad. 
-lag/ lighting (candle) ar gsviug 

light CI. 




loobte av. hngtHXy; (trndentsod) 

leohte Of. cailly ; without dUeom- 

Ifiolo, f>n. of UUmh. 

ge-W ha 

Uona n, lion [Ito]. 

ldor!an, A., pii. ~eA, ence loran 

dcpirt, psBi sway i/ plate and 

tinte ; die. 
-ande, ge-endlic transitory. 
-ied)ikes, ae-/ depanure ; vision \ 

loornjlan leami think out, devise; 
itndy ; read. '^Frem leoniui by 

-«re m, pupil, disciple; reader; 

leained mui, scholar. 
-Igende dodle (luind). 
laoraung/ icl of leamioe, »tndy, 

S>ing to ichMil ; reAding. 
d n. pnpiU 
-cnlbt m. pupil, disciple. 
-ornft f». Inming, ujioluship. 
-htla n. izbanl. 
-maun ni. (cniile or female) pupil, 

Uort, /rf. ff/^^t^^. 
eeleoso,/^, ^•gelioe study. 
teO|> «. song ; poem. 
-OTWtt m. ort of poetry, metre ; 

I -crtsfUg ikilled in poetry. 

I -cwide m., -gi^ddinK/. poem. 

-UC in veree. 

-Bang "I. poem : metre, poetry. 

f- poetical form, poetry. 
■dt ". word in a poem. 
-wrjnoe m. poem, 
-wyrhta m. oott. 
Itepiant si 


e poetry II iWr 

leot^-.loopo-, Upe-.llbu-.leotie- 

t/. lij.. 
-rbend mf. bond, fetter. 
~InBg(,e) flexible; meek, humble. 
-oAgat/. key of limbs. 
-cniA m bodily aellity, dcill. 

-OBBtt firm. 11111^(7). 
-Uo bodily. 
-Mr H. pain in jolnU. 
-Bioroet^ eor»lel. 
-vnUi flexible ; agile. 
-W&oitui mitigRtc. 

leopUlwAoan tr. aHd intr. soften, 

BEBuage, grow calni. 
leopo-rant, eot [w ISoJip-] /. 

advice (!). 
leow B,,//. -er thigh, ham, 
ISowe/. league [/Zr, leuoo. leuga]. 
''^san 5; collect, gather, pick, 

l^tt,ail wag. hinder ; procrastinati; 

-ing/. hindtonce ; tlelay. 
leper* n. leather. 
-oodd HI. leather bag. 
lielm m. leather helroel. 
hose/, leather gaiter. 
wyrnta m. Icathcr^maker. 
leberen = llperen of leather. 
Ubbon, laoflan, lif- live, be alive, 

pass life, BUbsial. 
lie fi. living body [f)i corpse. 

^t micle ~ elephantiasis. 
-boorg/. sarcophagus. 
-burg/ cemetery, 
-byslg-l- active. 
-tBett n. body. 
lie-ham |a,liciuitia m. living body ; 

rarity corpse. 
-Idas incorporeal. 
-lie of the body, corporeal, carnal. 
-lice HIT. in the body, corporeally, 
ge-od ineamate. 

Uo hordt n. interior of body, body, 
-liragel ». windin)^ -sheet. 
-hryrot >"- death. 
-ISop «. dirge, 
-llo funeral. 
-mann m. imdertakei, (corpse') 

-pytt m. grave. 

~r^t/ liutial- place, scpuLhre. 

-Hang ™. dirge. 

-sftrt M, wound. 

-sifrcet/. corslet. 

-tUQ m. bnrial-groond. 

-pegnimg, -piU'/. funeral. 

-feote/. pore. 

-prfiwere m, Uper, infTerer from 

-prfih/ coffin. 
-wiglung/ necroioancy. 
-wundt/ wound. 
lia-wiflr>je, ge-, -weorjj vid 

pleanng, acceptable ; estimable, 

praiieworthy ; sterling (money). 
-nee/! bdng pleased with, good 

gcUCuv/. limilat: equal. 

gelioJA my. equal ; such a one as : 
)d]ire -an ol the Ukt of you. 
blsnimg/. imitation, 
•e, lloB av. in the same way, equally, 
in a similar way. awft - similarly, 
- and h6 wjirs . . , -o»t ))6m fo 
he wfire . , as if be were ; - and 
spynge dB)i just s 


-He (it, proper. 

lioe av. equally. 

aes, Uoaea / similarity ; 
lie I ion W, please, 
-^i endlic plessanl. 
•endlioe av. pleasingly. 

-ung/ licking- 

licettjan, Booet(t)aii pretend w. 
sbj.,ie. Bweloe and sbj., alst t^. U 
wa. simulale, feign, 

-ere m hypocrite, 

-ling/ pretence, nypocnsy. 

Uog|an 5 />rl. Ueg,//. I&koh, tb lie, 
lie at aacbot. be confined to bed, 
be ill mid d. lie (with wo- 
man); remain, be: )>nt land log 
w£ate — togadre-join (^bouo- 
daries) I Uedead,die: {iftrlibban 
opt>° t>S>r -ends feoh life- 

less property (as opposed to 
cattle}, ready money | De still (0^ 
wind) ; fail (if sword's edge) ; 

! (^strife) I be iltualedi 
extend {pf territory 1 ; direelUm 
lie, lead to \ef road) : ae weg pe 
(fi BtinlSage lip ; flow (privet) | 
belong i,^land) u: to, into, pider 
inn I for hine - make his cause 
one's own [ - oncdan a6l. 0[>pOM 

limuua - Uobama. 

lldf (,",) ship, vessel. 

-weattl m. sailor. 

-wSrlg weary of seafaring, 

lidat m. sailor, 

XiAe-a,pi(. ^Upaa. 

lioden', f, 60 n.f. ('i braguage. 

Cp. Inden [Itode], 
lie&n allow »', d. and a. er gtr. : 

- Mm bim disband ihcm 

geUeflan, L. bel-. A- (ge)ierui 

believe, think troe, taltc on trust, 

VI. d., g., rartlj •>., w. shj., Indc. ; 




beiieve rin God) a., on a. {d.), be 

liflcarut/ ansiety about life. 


8 true believer [gelSrfft]. 

-dog m. day of life, 
-gedftlt n. death. 

-ing/ plastering, cementing. 

gdiafed believine, pious. 

gellmp «. event; chance; vidsB- 

tude, fortnne — on B6dum -um 1 

-Uoo av. belieyingly, ciedn- 

-lie snitnble. 

_ lously. 

-teat living; life-giving; settled. 
-fnatan endow with \^t. 

-b*rs, -borende iiery. 

-fi^at m. Lord of life. 

-lice av. suitably. 

-brynet m. fire. 

-firumat m. Author of life. 

-licnes/. opportunity. 

-CWftlUt/ fiery dealh. 

-lad/ wny of life. 

(gcjljmpan a hnpi>eii often imfii.. 

-draoat m. fiery lirnfion. 

-leas witbont life. 

i«/.,a'..»rf;-. la,, tdrf. belonglor 

-egesat m. teiror of fiie. 
-tBtuende, -ffim-bU wends vo- 

-lea£t/ deAih. 

~ll0 living ; vital, life-giving; causing 

mitine lame. 


lln ». llai ; linen ; linen cloth. 


-Uoe av. vitally. 

-ffloer m. flai-field. 

-looc, -loccede with flaming 

-lyre m. loss of life. 

-hAweit flnx-coloureii. 

-MBC «,., -rfflBCetUng /. light- 

-geaoeatti-/ condition of life, life. 

-land tt. fiax-gtowiog land. 
-leah m. flax-field. 


-getwinnant «//- '*in»- 

-BiM ft. linseed. 

-spiwol vomiiing fiames. 

-weardt m. Guardian of life. 

-W»d/ linen garment or dolh. 

-IWMUt / violence of fire, burn- 

-weg m, manner of life. 

-wyrt/ flax. 


-wela+w, wealth. 


-ypt/ wave of (ire. 

-wlfUe living : waierj IN. 

llegen lier^'. 

-WTapU+/ support of life. 

-gecrodt ft warlike troop, host, 
-orodat m. shield -press, battle. 

Jiegetlu/., Z. ai,o ustd as ». 1:1., g. 
lisgeKt^i liget w. i Hath of) 

-wynnt/ joy of lile. 

liftir/ liver. 

-hfflbbendet «. warrior, 


-ftdl/. disease of livCT. 

-(h)ryog m ridge where Unxs 

-r«M! w. flash of lightning. 

-byl m. protabeiarice on liver. 


-aU^ht m. Hush of lightnioe; 

-hol n. hollow in livei. 

-hwwt't shield-brave. 


-Inppa m. lobe of liver. 

-E^lact "-, -Plegat m. battle. 

liegn i)an deny [leoean]. 

-gcsteoUaf m. compnnion in b«t- 

Ueht an shine ; give light ind. ; 

-wyrt/ livfrwort. 


dawn :ieoht]. 

lifer «,«(/) a weight {T)GL [Lt. 

-werodt ft. watlifce troop. 

-fog, -una/, giving light, shining; 

-wiga+, -wigendt m. warrior. 

light; dawn. 

liffean, liflan = libban. 

linden of lime-wood. 

-nes/ brightness. 

lifrlg of the liver flifer]. 

line, it /. lope; line, sctiei; 

Ueht,an alleviate, ease (discom- 

gdjger, -o, geliro »., -n«e / 

Ctiiilance, leinilation \Lt. Uns*!- 

fort'; telea»: [laoht]. 

foroication, adultery (lioBonl. 

linen of lincn^ 

-Ing/ alleviation, mitigation, re- 

llhtan alight, hall. 

-ward clothed with linen. 



linetwlge, -igle, ItoBto/ linnet. 

lies an release, deliver; redeem 

lim ». limb, member Cof boily ; 

limian .i detisl, part from o-, k 


branch (of tree). 


~ing/. redemption, release. 

-h&lt sound ID limb. 

Uppa m. lip. 

lir;a m. fleahj ports of tK>dy, flesh, 

■.nM,gB-/. redemption. 

-lAw/ mutilation. 

liMlng m. fieedman. 

-lAwa«, -l&wfio inaimed, muli- 

-eht brawn v. 

Betan', Ut- cm tr. Und, incline 



-lama crippled. 

gelieian slip, glide. 

liepran father, smear [leajwr]. 

-leas without limbs. 

gelise*. //. -leoao n. study. Cf. 

Ii«xlan shine, glitter [UesJ. 
-aide av. splendidly IN. 

-malum av. limb by limb. 


-naoodt naked. 

liBS. UJw /. kindness, favoot : ftw- 

-ung/ brighmes*. 


givencss; saving (of life) ; joy 

Uf B. life, period of lile. way of 

-8600+ diseased in limbs. 


life _ -BS bfioQ be alive, survive ; 

-wAdt/ ganncnL 

liBSant "»" subdue. 

on ~e alive ; td -e ISfan let live ! 

-waatmt m. stature. 

Hat mf. skill ; cunning ; art. a««oi- 

mynecena ~ nunneiy. 

-wSrigt weary. 

plishmtnt — -um skilfully. 

-brycgung/ way of life (t) IN. 

lim im.'S anything that caitses adhe- 

-hendigt having skilfnl bondi. 
-ellce onci m: carefully. 

-byoigt struggling (or life. 

sion, mortar, (binlilime, paste. 



-&dl/ gont. 
-fldaw n. i^yQuvia. 
-wnro m. pain in Ihe ioints. 
11))«. fleet tZ.[5to«i/.l. 
llp-wrrt, y/. dwarf ddcr. 
Up It. strung drink. 
-wSget ". (Irinking-cup. 

Iit>, lie liegan- 

U>|ail lidon, upon go by 
. water, sail — ftc. selideii haviog 

tiavelled mach. 
[ -end. m. wanderer, sailor. 
)i)i[aD aolten, miLignte [lipe]- 
-ung/ allevialioFi. 
llptan be kind, be gracious ; become 

Lijift "1. — M fiira - Joni;, se 

■BAemi ~ July. 
Upe- - leopu-. 
Epe *oft ; mild (weather, ate], calm 

(KDJ. gentle (wbistling, geilnres^, 

slight (illness) ; kind, gentle. 

-Ilea OB. kindly ; not severely, 

genlly ; tlightly. 
Ii)ieroJftn lootbe ; flatter. 
Ut>er]a/ sling [l9|>er]. 
-lie or a sling. 

llperen, a of leather [le)ier]. 
lipie fleiible; yielding, pliant. 
~fan, -eg- awnage ; be mild urgenlle. 
libincel H. tittle joint. 
UpB-m&nn.lita* m. (Danish] ^.-li I or 

Ubnie (w.) ' joint-oil, synovia [lib, 

lobbe/ spider. 
lOC H. lo«k, bolt, bar; anything 

shut in, prison, stronghold ap. 
I (iheep)fo]d | settlement I of ncgo- 
I tiaiions, dispute) ; conclusion lin 

logic) [luoan]. 
-liTTdel m. sheep-fold. 
-at&n m. itonc closing month of 

loolan look, see w. on a., t6 I 7i>. 

XA, inCd belong, 
looa IX. enclosure, stronghold. 
I 16aa,l&o L. -ever: ~ha howcKr, 

- bwonns wlienever, - hwMr 
wherever, - twreper whiiibcvei 
(of two), ~fawnt whatever [16- 

loOO m. lock (of bail) ; hair. 
-bore /. long-haired (free woman] 

-feax n. head of hair. 
~gewiod 1. head of hair. 
locciim entice, soothe. 
looer (carpenter's) plane, 
gelod-wyrt/. silverwced. 
geloda m. joint of the backbone : 

loddere m. beggar, pauper. 
gdodr otKtf. spine. 
lodrung/ triviality, 
lof H.piaisc; glory; song of praise, 

-bare laudatory. 

-dAd/. praiseworthy deed. 

~georii ejwet' ' 

-hf rung/ pi 

-Ifto n. offering in hononr of a god, 

-Utean praise. 

-lie praiseworthy. 

-lice av. gloriously. 

-magont "■ glory. 

-eang m. hymn, psalnn. 

^aealni m. p^lm of praise. 

-singeDde hymning. 

-BUm praiseworthy. 

lof, ian praise; appraise, set price on 

~lliig / praise ; appraising, valoa' 

loft, s, 

log n 
of him. 

log, \ohprt. ^lean. 

16g|lan place — gs- up put away 
carefully, lay by | portion out, 
arrange (life), frame (speech) — 
ga-od sprAo good style | go 
into details, discuss w. be. 

ge-ungyi order. 

loKPor cunning, clever Gl. 

gelSma, loroa m. tool, utcosll, 

gtldm{e, lome av. often. 

~lAcail be {requenl; frequent CL ; 

-ende frequentative {verb . 
-lAcing/. freciueney, frequenting 

-Ucdan become frequent. 
'Uonea/ frequency, repetition. 

loppe/. fiea. 

lop!p)eBtre/. lobster; locust (!). 

lor B. — to -B weorpan perish, be 

lust, be WBSled [ISoiiaii]. 
loren/ff. ^leoran depart. 
•\ov»apic.i)/ -Idosan. 
lorg /, fl. vE. loorge pole; 

loa If. — to -e weorpan perish, 
be losL Cp. lor, Df whith loa 
stetus le it an Anglian/eriH. 

-(©;Wi8t /A'./, loss, waste, destruc 

loBJian m.d.of pen, be lost: mA 
-ode hit I lost it ; eicape (from) i 

-igendllo about to perish. 

-ing IN.f. loss, destruction. 

lot n. deceit, wile [liitui]. 

lot-wr^no m. deceit, wile. 

-cSaat/ guile. 

lopa m. cloak. 

lox (iH.) lynx, 

lucan. 7 I. Ir. dose, shut up, con- 
^ne; interlace; conclude (traniac- 
rion) II ittlr. join together (so a* 
to form one mass). II. pnll op, 

lud-geat n. back- ar side-gale. 


i, fondle. (^i«^"y*/*-] 

-igeadllc loving, amiable 1 worthy 
of love, pleasant. 

lufestloe/ lovoge (a plant) \_Ll. 

luf^u/, it., vik., sanetimespt. in sg. 
sense love, loving, passion, affec- 
tion; friendliness; amicable ar 
rangcmeut (in law) ; sake ; (bp 
Qodea ~aii (-e, ~iuii), for minre 

~:e)Iic loving, amiable ; pleasant, 
-lloe av. lovingly, amiably ; will- 


-«um amiable, kind ; worthy of 

~«tmilla« av. amiably, kindly. 
-BUnuieB /. amiability, kindnesi; 

-t4c«ll H. token of love. 
~tieine loving, philanthropic. 
luf-w§nd|e, ~lic amiable, loving i 

beloved, pleasant, 
-lloe m'. amiably, genlly. 


-laga ai. kidney. 

Iungan(ii'./. langi'5'. 

-Adl /. Iimg-tliscaie. 

-Boail/. snlve (01 Inngs. 

-wyrt/. lungwort, 

luaEret an. quickly, shortly ; nt 

once, suddenly, 
'Ixjxon firi. f I. a/-l»3Ban. 
11ifl/.,^;.lyB louse. 
-^om m. spindle-lKe. 
lllst I. m. pleasure ; desire ; lusl. 

on -s wg. glad, deairous. on 

-um Joyful. -um willingly » 

II. aj, willing mind). 
-bibre, -blbrllc pleasant ; dcsitom, 
-btbrlioe av. with pleasure, plea- 

-bcbmeB / lieslre ; pleasure. 
-fUll desirons. 

-fulUan enjoy, rejoice w.g. or on . 
(eeJ-ftlUung/ pleasure. 
-geomneB/ desire, lust, 
-grln't/ snare of pleasure. 
-Uce av. filadly, willingly. 
' ■ ■ ■ i- ^aplantJ. 

-moce/ h 

'Stimlice av. willingly. 

IQtan 7 in/r. bow, bend, turn; 
prosl r.iie oneself ; bill ; eotreal 
ail. w. sij. I «/ limt ~ gelolen 
Aai.i nfler part of tbe day. 

mtlan lie hid. lurk, skulk. 

lybb «. linig ; poison. 

-com «. purgalive grain or drug. 

-CTfflft >n.,-li!lo n. cSoggfag, witch- 

IjbboBtre/ witch. 

lycoo tnendacious [lyao]. 

l^dea c 'Ueden language, Uoden 

lyfean/. chonn, ainukt. 

lyffetjtan, -et^ijan tklier. 

-ore m. flatlenrr. 

-ung/ Raltiry, 

lyft, loCt [Jj(an</,]/«ni. air ; wind; 

sky ; cloud, on ~{p) aloft, 
-odort "I. clouds, 
-ftoti" «. aerial vessel (lamp l)i 

ir- flyer. 

-fleogandt, -floga+ 
-helmt m. tii, cloud, 
-gelftcf n. motion through the 

~l&oendet sporting in Ihe air. 
-HCapat m. aerial robber (raven). 
-geowencedt air-driven, 
-wimdort n. aerial prodigy. 
~vrgTua.f/. wr-joy, flying. 
Ijiftea aerial. 
^rft*, e weak. 
-ftdl paralysis. 
lyge I. m. falsehood. II. aj. men- 

dacloos, lying [Uogau]. 
-aearot n. lying, artifice, wile. 
-Hpell n, faltehood. 
-Bynnigt lying. 

-torn*. liBe-i- onct la. (I). 

-wordt «■ falsehood. 

-wyrhta w. liar. 

lygnee i) / dcccitfulness. 

lygen / falsehood. 

-wordt M. falsehood. 

lyg(,e)n|ian*, i Ir. accuse of false- 
hood, give the lie to ; convict 
of falsehood — g«~ad [tcrjured, 

lyiid/ fat ; fatness [lund]. 
gelynd/. fat. 

gc^ndu nfl, joints of the spine. 
lyaa-bor h, borer, auger [Ijmia]. 
lynis m. axleiiee. 

-wyrhta m. tanner Gl. 
lyrani.loss; being disabled, injury; 

destruction [Ifiasan]. 
Ij80, in/eclid lysw- 1, bad, wrong. 

n. M. evil. 

lyBtan, impirs. wag., si: d. e/ftrs., 

w. !„/. data [la.1]. 
lyewen purulent .urine) [lyio]. 
lyswsn*, lyaaea emi in.) puio- 

1^ I. av. to a slight degree, little 
II efu. U6b Of. less — Ad - t6a- 
wertig beagajg. noht(e 1 )>on -, 
DOhte PS -. nl f y - not leas; 
nevLTllitless. pf - (pei 
lest. n. indicL vjg. (ewer : mid 
~ worda {] spl. lAst, Uiaert dv. 
least. H. iadeil. wg, tewesL 
II. fi. ituUcl. afmayi iiig. few, 
little, m. aJ. imiecl. few ; mid ~ 

-hwtJn I. av. very little (■pace, 
time, quantity). II. n. indect. 
■wg. very little, few. 

IfUil, epv. Inua, spt. UM, lA. 
Ifeaeat, ia. ; etut spt. Ifirert UtUe, 
small, lytlum by degrees ; in 
small pieces, lytlum and Irtliua 
by degrees. 

-I5ta having small feet. 

--llygdigt, -liyd-,-m0d pusillani. 

arly ['by a little not ']. 

ijii>ig cunning, wily [lolj. 

-lie, lytelio deceitful. 

-lice, lytalioe or. cimiiingly. 

-vm/. cunning, 

IjtIgiAa act cunningly. 

l^tlian diminish Ir, ami intr. -, 
shorten (fast) ; become ineflectnal 
fr weak (^ laws) ; curtail, nbro- 

l?tling m. little one, child. 

iielf pen ^ gelidea. 

Iftierftlll, -lio mean, (ordid, 

-IJoe aa. wickedly. 
-Dee/, wickedness. 
lypre I. aj. contemptible, bate; 

sordid; bad; wicked. II. av. 

badly, miKrably. 




mft <n/. moTc, stc miole. 
-crcBftlgt mightVi/e'- mngon- 1 >) 
-foftldra /„ f/f. Vmanlgfeftld. 
-geiect augmcDted Gl. 
raaeiian aitimge, miuiiige isf, i> 

p«Bt oUd hu bit -ode how it had 

-ling/ doing. 

gtm Kca •> gemoccft. 

mftc&llc suitable /a: 


-modt efut m. folly. 

gem Ad (ooUih, in>d. 

mA, set mJcfe. 

gemnoc 10^. weU-matcbcd, suitable 
(wife) ; equal, being a match for. 
gemtBolio conjugal Gl. 

mncgt, f , emt -at '" 

-twe'land n. meadow iir grass- 

-Bplott m. plot of meadow -land. 

mAdan — //,. gemCdd mad 

mfiden ^ meegden. 

mndere, m»ddre/. maddei. 

-(ii> m. shoot of maddf r. 

genUBdla m. chatter. 

mag i'^.. pt. iaAtaii,fr/. milite, 
«•, B hare power, avail : ne - to 
Ubfate ii of no uie. - wjp a. 
(drag) ciuea (disease); he~wip 
hine ba> influence with him | be 

in good or bad bcnllb : axods hu 
bi mihte ; lo aueg wel | can, 
have the power, possibility, be 
allowed lo JO. ('«/ 



-burg/ family, kinsmen, tribe. 
-cild H. young kinsman, 

-cwealm m. mnidcr of kinsman. 
-oynpen h. family, lineage. 
-hfimed a. incesL 
-hand/ kinsman, natural heir. 
-Itiga/. law of Tcsponsibilitiei of 

-leaa without kinsmen. 

~llc of or belonging to kinsmen. 

-lufet/ love. 

-morfior 1$. murder of kinsmen. 

~l{cIIlot H. meeting of kinsmen. 

-myrfira m, murderer of a kin»> 

-racu/ geneaIoj;y. 
-rftden(ll)/. relationship. 
-rfis m. attack on one's kinsmen. 

-albUc of kin. 

~Blag(l iH. killer of a kinsman. 
-slieht "I. killing a kinsman. 
-tudor n. family, kindred, 
-n'iiiet i». kinsman. 
mAg-wlitie ai. appearance, form, 

-lice av. figuratively (t), 
niEfag-gcwrit n. geneaiogy. 
gcmAg, i M. — w6 Bint - 

mtegden, mSden h. girl, young 
woman ; rirgin 

-ffiw/' niarriage with a virgin. 

-olid H. gill. 

-hftd HI, virginity. 

-hSap «. troop of giils. 

-lie of girls, gitlisb i Tirgina!. 

~maim m. girl; female servant] 

mftge = m&ga, 

mngen, meeK n. strength; might, 
power; cflicBcy (of drug); miracle; 
iroop. force. 

-Agendet mighty. 

-byrpen nit/ mightv bnrden. 

-oorjjort a. mighty Iroop. 

-or«flt wi. strength ; might, power. 

-cyningi- m. mighty king. 

-d*dt/. mighty deed. 

~eacat ")- help. 

-Sacent mighty, inspired with 

-earfej>Ot n. great labour or hard- 

-ollsnt n. mighty valour. 

-mat vigorous. 

-folat "■ mighty people or crowd. 

-nutumt MI, mighty help. 

-hSapt "I. mighty troop, 

magen-lias feeble. 

-lice at', feebly. 

-t/. weakness, impotence. 

mBgen|r*Bt "». %nEoruu9 attack. 

-rfift very strong or brave. 

-Bclpet™. might. 

-sped/ might, viilue. 

-stint fM, big rock, 

-atrangt strong (in body) ; mighty. 

~Btrf ngot/ bi^ilystrengtb ; might. 

-oltfBgpo/. Strength ; might. 


-prSatt "/. mighty troop. 

- pTymm m. power ; majesty, glory ; 

tChrisl, theaven, tangels. 
-Jirymnes/ majesty, glory, 
-pyaot/ strength, force 
-weorct n, mighty work. 



-wudut III. mighty ipeni. 

-wundort ". great prodigy. 

roagenian gaio sicengih. 

gemngenod conlinned. 

msger lean. 

~lan make lean. 

msgeBter, k, at '". master, leadier 

[/./. mnftisMr]. 
-dSm IN. ollice of teachci. 
IUBgi,e})t/ mniden, girl; viigio; 

-blsd n. padendum muliebie. 
~b6t/. fine on Dnmarricd woman. 
-hid m, viiginit)', chastity ; Iroop 

Qf young persona. 
-hftdlio virginal. 
-miuiii "1. gill, virgin. 
toAgp /■ family, kindred, group of 

klnamcn ; generation: tribe, nation; 

province, conatry [mag]. 
~h&d m. relationiliip. 
~ldaa plebeian. 
- rSdemn) / - mng-. 

gemwgfi eiut /. power, great- 
vaaigp'a m,, -e, ma«(e)]>e/ May- 


latbl n. mark, token ; omameni ; 
i-BWard. Oristea - cross, crndlix 
I measnre | (appointed) time, occa- 

sionf a sehweloe always ; 

food-time, meal. Cp. mil. 

-caru+Z trouble of Ihe lime. 

-dsg, m&l- m. fixed or appointed 

-mjta't w.'foodCI). 
-gcoceaftt/. fate. 
-sweord*, mil- h, ornamented 

~tang (»>.), -tODge /. pair of 

mAIt M. talk, speech; conlest, 

battle [nuBpel]. 
mal-drop|a m. phiegm Gl. 
-iendd phlcgmy Gl. 
m»l-scatB III. caterpillar, blight, 
eemibl marked, stained. 
mAlan mark, stain. 
mAlant iptafc. 

. . pBt 
^L (igni^: 

intend, mean | apeak of, relate, 

complain iof) abs., tr. 
mAne (aise (oalh) ; wicked [miiii]. 
geiii9n|e L aj. iiid. common : 

unosr - burn, wtei him oild -■ : 

ill commoQ, public (road). II. n, 

fellowship, interconree — hab- 

ban- wip a. have to do with (an 

adversary) [gemana], 
-[o)Uc common, general. 
-ellce av. generally, collectiTely \ 

in common, mutually. 
-elicnea/ genenihiess GL 
-noa/ society, association, union. 
~ecipe n. fcllowiblp, communion. 
(ge)mAiiBiim[iaii partake of 

(Eucbarisl) n/,^.; communicate 6d., 

Gl. ; many IN. 
-aeaf. participation ; the Commu- 

-usg/. commimioD. 

masran. make known, proclaim, 

gemtbron fix limits, mark off. 



mmre-torht - 
mSre pnrt i^mouey), 
-h.wit', e sterling (silver;, 
mebrje h. boundary. 
-6a/. boundaiy oak. 
-apuldreyl boundary apple-tiee. 
-brfio ni. bonndaiy brook. 
-cnoll m. boundary hill. 
-<^o/. boundary dyke. 
~b^e IK. bonndary hedge. 
~pol, ~pi]l m. boundaiy pool. 
~pytt m. boimdaty pit, 
-st&ll m. bounrlary slone. 
~)>om m. bonndary hawthorn. 
~Vt9g m, boundary road. 
mArje glorious, famous. 
-hlisa m. celebrity. 
~llc famaus, illastrloiu, gpl^did. 
-Hoe av. glorioasty, iplenilidly ; 

-nea/. celebrity. 
-weorn n, splendid work. 
gcitiAr|e n. Iioundaiy. 
~haga m. boundary hedge. 
-laOTl/. boundary stream. 
~weg iH. boundary road. 
~WT^11 m. boimdary stream. 
ntArels*, i mooiing-rope. 
-rip in. mooring-rope. 
nuarlng (m.) aweet basil ()). 
mtbrsiian declare, proclaim, make 

known ; celebrate (birthday), per- 
form (ceremony) ; glorify, pmue; 
enlarge (I) || tr. become known, be 
spread {n/iame). 

marsisre m. herald. 

mdraimg,Ke-/Tumoui': celebrity; 
celebration; glorification. 

-Uma m, time of glorification. 

m6>Tp{<3)/. fame, glory — mdrjnun 
gloriously; glorious deed. 

m»acre/. meih (of netl. 

nueslsiL, nuaalliig c mnatUng. 

meeHaiaa say mass, perform [mass]; 

lassae/ mass ; mass-day, festival. 

-fefen M. eve of a festival. 

-b6o/ missal. 

-cv6da m. Niceuc Creed. 

~dffig HI. festival. 

-gl^rela m. surplice. 

-bacelef. cope, 

~hr»gel n. surplice. 

~1&C 1. the host. 

-niht/. eve of a festival. 

niEBsee-preoet m. mast-priot ; 

high priest, 
-had m. office of mass- priest, 
-Boir/ (iisitict ul a mass-priesl. 
iatoaae\i6a,[ n. mass-vestment 
-sang ni. mass, 
-tid/ mass-lime. 
-pegn m, mass-priest, 
-pegnung/ celebration of miB. 

~btuia Ri. killer of a mass-piiesL 

-oieaty, mast-hole. 

-Ida//, masl-pnlleys, 

-rap m, iruist-rope. 

-twist m, stay. 

mtest m. mast (of beech). 

~land n. mast-land, swine-feeding 

-rSden(n)/. right of feeding awine 

mffist, .lee mliM], mlcLe. 
-licoat particularly Gl. 
mffiStan fatten. 

meestel-bearg*, -beTK "•■ bttened 

iiia.nig;-br£ile*, -bredn (lav) re- 
laling to vatioDK mallera Gl. 

manig-feold manifold, various; 
complex ; numerous, abundanL ; 

-Ian mnltiply, increase. 

-Hoe av. manifotdly, in many wnjis ; 

-nea / multiplicity ; complexity ; 

great number, 
mainigjfieldan. multiply : multiply 

(iu arithm.}: gemEBniKl^ld pa 

preo purh f if. 
-si|>es on. often. 
m&nlg-tiew e, -tdaw skiirul, 
-noB/ skill. 
mum, //. m^im human being ; 

man ; vassal, heio -, lilt Jiiinit 

lellir Di. 
-IMbre producing or supporting 

human brings, 
-bSt / fine paid to lord of man 

-bryne m. conflagration. Or 

-cwealm m. pestilence, mortality, 

-cw1^d_^ pestilence, monalily. 
-cwif Imnen, -a- / lioraicifle 


~cynn n. mankind, human beings ; 

-dreftlll+ ra. social joy, 
-dryhtent m. (liege i lord, master, 
-Sboh. in. inciease of popoUtion, 

birlh of children. 
-farut/. eipedition, troop. 
-fultutn m. troopi, aimy. 
-ISab uninhabited. 
-lica w. human form, appearance ; 

-lioe ,iv. manfully, 
-lufe+yi love of human beings. 
-mBgen n troop, cohon. 
~menigo/ multitude i number of 

men or soldiers. 
-mifrrlng/ loss or destiuclioo of 

-TSdBn(n) / alleeiancc. homage ; 

tenant's dues or service, 
-rim n, number of hamau beings. 
-Bcilie m. humanity, kindness, 
-Bieleiiy'. selling people as slaves. 

-pSawl- w. custom, la same la 

= mfin- (,' . 
-peof /M. kidnapper. 
~pwAre gentle, Vind. 
-pwAmoB / gentleness, go. 

~werod ti. troop (of soldiei 

-weorb « legal value of a mj 

-^Borpung/ worshipping hun 

mannian gamson. 

lima (n.) 


,a [£/.]. 

mapuldor m.. rnkpuldre/, map- 

nltrfio R. maple tree, 
mapulder(e')n of maple. 
m&ra, see mlcel. 

n. mark, half a pound /. 


aiket ICl 

mare/ silver* ted. 
margen, iic morgen, 

marble {Ll. 

marm-stAn, morman-, mormor- 

™, marble- 
-gedelf n, njiirblc ijuairyint. 
martyr, -e m. mailyr [/.!'!]. 
-dom, ~h&d m, martyrdom. 
-racu/ maityroiogy, 
martyTJlaii*, ge- martyr, 
-ung / marlyrdom, paisjon lol 

m&rufle/ horehonnd [Zf. raarm- 

mftae/ tit moose. 
massere m. merchant. 
matte, ea/ mat, mattress. 
mattoc, iG, ea m. mattock, pick 

map's m., -u/ wonn, maggot. 
gemapel n. convetsaiicn [m£l], 
ma pel, Ian t, msplau harangue, 


mftpm, inftp(p)um, /.. madm m. 

onything precious, treasure, gift. 
~A}lt|-/. precious thing, treasure. 
-ciSat/ treasury. 
~imt H. precioDs vessi:!. 
-gl^faf w. prince, king. 
-Kteftit/ giving treasuTe*. 
~hierde m. treasurer. 
-hordt It. treasnre, 
-h&B «. Ireasury. 
-solot in treasure-hall. 
-aiglet 1. precious jewel. 
-geat«aldt n. treasure. 

-Bweordt "■ jireidous sword, 
-wolat "I itcBEure. 
m&wan i moiv. 

mai-wyrt/. mash -won. 

meagol tirm ;mind), eameal, 

vigorous [masg]. 
-lice av. earnestly. 

-mddnea/. earnestness. 

-aee/. eamcstness. 

meaiit- ^ mlht-. 

mealm ^n.) soft stone, challcy 

-iht chalky (soil), 
-st&n III. ^ mealm. 

mealt n. malt. 
~hU8 'I. malt-house, 
-geacot/i. coDliibulion paid in malt, 
-wyrt/. malt- wort, 
mealwe/ mallow [Li, malva]. 
mdar-gealle, mera;e11s m. a kind 
of gentian (plant) [moarh, 

mearo/, mark ; end, limit of given 

space, boDodaiy: limit (^ time), 

end of period ; district. 
-b§oe/ bonndary beech. 
-beorg HI. liound.iiy mound. 
~brdo III. boDOdat; brook. 
-denu/ boundary valley. 
-dlc/C boundary ditch, 
-hoft a. dwelling. 
~iBeil n. branding-iron. 
-land n borderland, waste land ; 

-mfit II, place where the assembly 

of a district was held, 
-pffipt m- path, 
-Btapaf «. waste-waodcret. 
■.flt^daf m. bordcilauil, v 


mearcltreow n. boundai)' ti«c. 

-Jireatt m. tfoop, 

-wadut tpl. shallows, water by 

-weardt m. deniien of the waste, 

-^eg ™. boundaty raid, 
-wlf lie m. boundary atieam. 
gemoarcn. — t lipwi-ea pe in 

(be direclion thai . . 
mearo Jan make a mark, marlc ; 

lake note of (the datei ; mark er 

plan out, design, appoint : create ; 

determine er fii boundaries; de- 

-ew m. notary (0- 

-lUlg, IN. ge- y! marking, mark, 

character! Btic ; marking oat. de- 

xcription; constellation, 
mearca m. apace marked oat. 
ai«ar£ nm. marrow ; pith. 
-oofat w. bone. 
~L^heeoc h. saotagE. 
-hceccel*, mearlm- (».) aausage. 
-lie marrowy, 

mearht, -rg, //. tuearaa m. horse, 
mearn/r/. o/muman. 
Eemearr n. hindrance ; heresy. 

mearp m. majtcn. Cp. mertnru. 
mearu, pi, meaxwe tender, deli- 

-Deo/ IcnderricsB, frailty, 
meatte - matte, 
meaw - m(bw. 

meoet m. swoni, blade [fi^^m; tki 

-fiac, A m. mnllet Gl. 

inechftDiso mechanical {^U. . 

med-droena //. dngx ol mead 

mod/, reward, requital — under* 
tCm %6 -ea ttr. a..g- as a requital. 

'•gldldam. hireling; mcudicant ^1 , 

•flCOatti m6t- m. wages, fee. pay- 
ment ; gift; bribe. 

-wyrhta m. hireling. 

^emSde L aj. agreeable, accept' 
ahlc [mod], H. n. whatisagree- 
ablc, due observance ^T) ; agree- 


^^m medem* 



capable of lo^,, suitable, eiccUen I. 
worthy, perfect. 

medem lie modeiaic-sized, mid- 
dling ; L-xcelleul, worthy. 

-lice av. moderately, slightly; 
suitably; kindly; ge- worthily 

-Ucnee/ mediocrity. 

~iuicel of moderate aize. Cp. 

~nes, llf. gameodnia /. dignity, 
tank; beiiignit>'. 

medemliaii, raedm- Ir. Jeterminc 
prnportionate amount, til measure ; 
moderate Gl. ; deem worthy, pro- 
mote - — t6 rf, rank among, make 
equal to (1 ge- inlr., rji. conde- 

-lUigy! filing amount, proportion- 

meder, see mSdor. 

mederce = toyderce. 

mfidgian bribe [in«d]. 

medlic moderate, low (voice), 

med-mlcel I. aj. small ef ipare, 
eiml, quoHtily ; unimportant, 

Eelty, mean, humble. II. n. a 
~n.ea/. smallncss. 
med-mlcle av. meanly, humbly. 
medren, ro£d(d.em I, materrial, 
of a mother. II. n, the mother's 
side (descent) [modoi], 
-gecynd n. nature inherited from 

-oynn «. descent on tht mother's 

gemedren, L. -ed bom of the aam 

mother at U'rf, Cp. geftedrea. 
med-rice plebeian. 
med-sAlp/ bad fortune. 
ined-apedig;t poor, needy, 
med- Strang of middle rank. 


It/, mead-hall. 
-rftden(nM-/ strong drmks coll. 
-scenot "'. mead-cup. 
~eeldt n. mead-house, 
-setlt H. mead -seat. 
-Btigt/- path to hall, 
-wangt m. plain (round hall). 
-Wfirlgt overcome with mead. 

medume = medeme. 
med-wis foolish, dull. 

mole, eo giving milk, milch, 
melcan 3 milk Ir., ais. 
raeleing*/ milking, 
-fiet 'I. milk|>ail. 
meld/, proclamation. 
-feoh n. infniuiet's pay. 
meldian ileclate, tell; displaj ; 

inform again si, accuse. 
-uag/. information against some 

one), betrayal. 
melda m. narrator ; informer 

dew, nectar. 


rneisc, see mlliac. 

iaelt;an 3 ititr. melt, be dissolved, 

be consumed ; digisl, be rligeated. 
-ung/ digestion. 
m.elu, ao, ea, -uw, g. mel<u)wea 

II. meal, flour. 
-hedern*. -hud- «, meal-ston.- 

medu ii'H.,g. medB.medweHmead, 

-»mt ». mead-hall, hall where 

mead is drunk, 
-bfnot/ mead-hench. 
-burgt/. mead-dtj-, festive city, 
~drSamt m. mead-joy, festivity, 
-drflio m. mead. 
-drynoei-, 1 m. mead-drink mg. 
-fbUt ft. mead-cnp. 

~tiUB II. mcal-honse (1'. 
-jjisoot II. coniribntii 

rn^ns, y m. necklace. 

~scilllilg "1, c(»n worn as ornament. 

mfnen, rafnnsn \iiifl. of maim]. 

toSiraBj or mldlgoruro — meepel- 
cwidos - 1 conx'erae; stir up; 
disturb: rfi. ■w. wl}> d. .issociale 
with, have sexual intercouise with 
II iWr. mingle, combine [semansl. 

ge-edlic mixed. 

ge-edlico 311. confusedly, 

ge-l,ed)ne8/ mixture; connexion. 

~ung/. mixture, composition; g 


mgoslsc I. n.' jxiople, men ; crowd; 

nalloD. H. □/'. buman, 
-lie human. 
~IiC4 av. humasly. 
-DBB/ baman aiture; incamitloD ; 

humaneneu, good feeling. 

mgntel ru. cloiih[Z/. mantellam], 

-preon m. brootb. 

mdo {/.) tock. 

gemeodnls ^ medemnee. 

meodu — medu. 

meodumEi erice m. part of loom, 

ircadle (!) Gl. 
meolc, meoluo, A. mllo, d. sg. ~e, 

-a. -urn/ milli. 
~deond m. suckling. 
-trnl n. milk pail. 
-hwit milkwhile, 
-11^ milky Gl. 
-aucend m. suckling. 
meolcian, i, 7 milk j auckle. 
meord/. reward ; piy. 
-hllno 01. mosiy ridge Ct. 
~gelegeo nfl. [ = -lAgo '] mossy 

tracts Ci. 
meo^ei- / virgin, maiden; 

-bearwey". dung-banow. 

-force/ dung-foilv. 

-ocofl/. dung-shovel. 

-willge/ dtmg-baskeL 


msFce = mpi-eoe. 

ntf rlKQ test ; purify. 

mgre m. lake, pool ; cistern ; -tsoi. 

~b«t+ m. boM, 

-oandel{l)+/. sun. 

Mildstt/. sea-chest ^Noah'i ark). 

--deat>+ m. sea-d^Rth. 

-d§Cirf w. WB-beast. 

-fiirat m. seafarer. 

-faropt wi, surpe- 

-fisct n. wa-fish. 

-flddt m- deluge : ocean. wMew. 

-gtot H., -grata m. pearl. 

-gi^ndf ■». bottom of the sea Dr 

merejh&at ". tea-house (Nosb's 

.hTPearft >«. sea-shore, 
.l&dt/. sea-way. 
'li^ndet m. sailor. 
~iiien(ti)en, -mgiui n. siren. 
-nAire/, -QEddra «. lamprey. 
■Binyltet calm, 
.Btrifett/- sea. toad. 
-Btreamt "'. sea, water. 
-atrgngo+Z strength in swimming. 
awm n, ilolphin. 
•torhtt, » tribing) bright from the 
sea 1.0/ the sun). 
lorr m. towering waters. 
-pyBBa m. ship, 
-weard m. sca-gnardian. 
-^6 rig fea- weary. 

mere mare, set mlera. 

mfre i/\ mara ni. nightmare, 

salyr Gl. 
mere-hwit ^ mfire- steeling (sil- 

n)gr(e;oe m, smallagc (a plant). 

mergelle -^ mear-gealle. 
mergen, sie morgen. 
m^rsc, msriso m. marsh [mgra]. 
-land n. marsh L. 
-roealfre/ marsh -mallow. 
-meargeule/ musb-gentian. 
-vfara f/. marsh-dwellers. 
meepera- (cloak) of martens' skins 

vL. [mearf]. 
merse, mertEe / merchandise Gl. 

mesan eat, feed [iii5a]. 
meaa otxefpl. dung. 
mesa, f, 60/. table [Z/. menwi], 
metiound(lic) metrical. 
- (e I glf r d, -Ksardyi measuring- rod. 
-rftp m. sound lug-line. 
met-soeatt = luSd-. 
gemet I. n. act of measuring ; 

quantity (in the abstract) ; appa- 

ratus for measuring 1 a certain 

quantity, ■ measure (of wheat) ; 

metre | distance : six mQa - ; 

boundary; mff. limits (to avarice) 

gnlation, law | capacity; ofer 
min - I manner, way : oa mani- 
gum -um. )>$ -e be, oa pirn 
yloum -um {le in the same way 
as, like. Lne ~9 to the same 
degree, uniformly. II. aj. lit, 
pioper, tight. 


gemet* mi. fitly, properly. 
gemet-tost motletate ; modest ; 
steadfast (t). 

-lice av. modestly. 

-nes/ modemtion; modesty. 

gemet fist «. vcsiel for measndng. 

-Uecan moderate. 

-lio moderate ; suitable -wd. 

-lice av. moderately ; fitly. 

geiEidt = gemot. 

metjan 5 measure ; maik off, Gi 
bounds ; compare iS!. wlp a. ; 

-and m. measuret; God. 

m6t|aii paint, draw. 

-.«re m. paintet. 

-ing/. picture. 

gemetjan, metan, oe, ftl. -m4tte, 
•mitts tind, discover, comenpoa ; 
hio hie -ton met (in battle) obi. 

-(©dinea/ finding, discovery, 

gemSting, •ndttiiis, m- / (!) 
finding; meetbig; hostile meet- 
ing, meeting (of roads) ; asletn- 

mfte m., pt. ni§tiaa food. 

-nm, raf tern, n, refectory. 

-fifliung/. atrophy Gl. 

-bflg*, metbiels m. wallet. 

-com H, corn for food. 


-cweorra m. (?) surfeit, indiges- 

-fiet, metf-/! dish. 

-fetela m. wallet. 

-gafol ». tax or rent paid in food. 

~fiO&VW&/pl. preparations o( food, 

-ISf/l leavings of food. 
-leaa without food. 
-liest, Sa/ want of food. 
-scipo*, mjti- m. refeetion, 
-Beax*, rofta- ». knife, 
-Bocn/. appetite, 
-sticca m. spoon Gl. 

-^A/. meal-time. 

-pearf^ndet in want of foot 

-pegn m. aleivatd. 

-atsiht/ dysentery. 

meter (h.) melre [U. metrtim]. 

-creft m. metre. 

-OUDd metrical. 

-fera n. hcnanieters. 

-lie metrical. 



-wyrhttt m. vetiifier. 
met<,e;g,iiui measme out, assign -. 

inodetate, regulate ; meditate. 
(gc)-ung / modetalion, lempct- 

ancc; rcgnlntion, rule ; medita- 

metod(t) •». ffllei God [metan]. 
-^gt)Bceaft/ death. 
-wan? m. battle-field, 
mfte.ian UeA. famiah with pro- 
visions [mste]. 
-ungy. feeding, proviatoainc. 
mftfDian supply mitll food, 
gemetta m. partaker (.of food) 

mattoH //. i/meU. 

metten mict/. Kate (goddess). 

met-trum, med- weak in health, 
iU: weak. 

-nes, -tryni- / ill-henlth, infii- 

m§{i e, oe wearj' ; sad ; trouble- 
some 0). 

-IMl become wcsn. 

-nes/ fatigue. 

mdpgllaii — pic. Bs~od exhausted 

me pig wear;, exhausted. 

gtmeprian honour LL. Cp. mfi- 

micel, 7, L. //. mioole. 1. aj., 
tpi. miiTa, spl. mfial, M'. i. 
I. a/, big, much ; met. great ; 
many : mfiitra nlo heora 
Hina nearly all their arrows, 
niialei tD(beald)much. miolum 
greatly. II. n. Tcg. much, cpv. 
nAie, spl. nueat. III. av. 
j^.-illy, much. Cp, mlole. 

-fete gicedy. 

-d6end cloing great things. 

-heafilede big-headed. 

-He grand, magnificent, great. 

~lica av. magniticeDtly, greatly ; ei- 

-mod magnanimous, 

-aea / bigness; abundance ; mag- 

-Bpreceoide boasting. 

mloelo/. size. 

mlogiix m., ~of. urine [migan]. 

mlogpa ^ mlgopa. 

mlolll&o incrcoM in size iirqu^in- 
tity Ir. and iatr. ; tr. citol, mag- 

(ge)~«Bg/ magnificence {!). 


micle av. much : -• switior to a 
greater degree, much mote,- Bwi- 
)>ost especially II cpv. m&, A. 
iii£ av. to a greater degree, 
more^niB and m& more and 
more ; Hhu longer, any more^™. 
tu. ntgalWH exprtsitd ar implitd \ 
preftrablv, ittther. «. ^n. ay. 
more (number, bulk) II spl- mfiat 
to the highest dcgrer, m05t, 
chiefly ; vi. eall nearly : mnat 
ealle bla gefanii, pA D]ire ealla 
mSat.eall m»8t almost entirely. 
«. atf. the greotest number. 

mid, A. mit> I. /r/>. v.: d., i.. A. 
a. together with, with, among 

(iieathens) rtreame down 

stream {pi rivet'; \ lime + at [ /«■ 
ilrumeiil : ~ hlafa ftfMan di- 
Jining : hu him speow - nige | 
maiinir: - unryhle unjustly; ~ 
eulle cDtircly ; - horaum - ealle 
withborsesand alt. II. mid- {tain- 
pe when ; through r/. : heora lit 
g«lengan roidpampe hi gre- 
miaj) Qod. mid-pam-JiDet vith, 
through ej. : wKron gebrocode 
midp&m^sl forpferdon, 

mld-)iy with that, by means of 
thai : together, at the same lime. 
mid-[>f . -pa), mittf, mitte, 
mitt88[a = po] when; while, be- 
cause. IIL av.: ^ yo ^him) 
mid fardon. 

mld-dfflg m, midday. 

•lie midiiay, meridian. 

-sang m. midday Berrice. 

-tid/. Qoon. 

middan-dfeg* m. midday. 

-lie midday, meridian. 

middas-geard, middoneard m. 
earth, world ; mankind. 

-lie earthly, worldly. 

middan-BUmor, midde- m. mid- 

mlddan-winter, midde- m. mid- 

tuidde-. nt middan-. 

midde / — on middan in the 

midd;e, mide aJ. middle of : 

purh ~9 pi ceaatce. 

middel I. aj..spl. midleat.n 

hine on hyra -e {or inldle) ; 

-d(eg III. midday. 

-del m. middle. 

-engle//. Middle Angles, 

-finger w. middle linger. 

-Sere /. pattiiion (griMle of nose), 

-fot m. instep, 

-gemArut npJ. central diitrict. 

-uihtt/. midnight, 

-rice II. middle kingdom. 

-geBoyldni, u upl. pari between 

-seaze. -an mfil. Middle Saxon*, 

middeweard middle (of), in the 

middle of place and lime : - leno- 

ton ; -hit ^Norway) la pritic 

mila brad, i'led at nain: on 

um) innopes minea. 

t, su midd. 

mid-fiBSlen n) n. Mid-Lent. 

mid-feorh mii. middle age. 

mid-ferhp mn. middle ogc. 

-nee, -ferht-/ middle age. 

mid-help*. mib-/, help If/. 

□ud-.hrif ^H.) diaphragm; en- 

iiiid-(h)rip'er, -to ». diipbragm, 

mid-ifrfenuma m. co-heir. 

midl, mipl «. ^horse's) bit; ual- 

-hring m. ring of bit. 
midl ian, ge- halve, divide, 
-igend m. mediator, 
-ung/. midst - of, on -B ay. 
-unga, -inga av, moderately. 
midlian bridle ; muizlc (^og) ; 

gemid-leohtrod reproached (H. 
mldlen », middle, centre; midst: 

Eiurh hyra - ; on f^rea -e. 
d-lgncten nni. Mid-Leni. 
midlest, sie middel. 
^ midmoBt, sec midd. 
j midne-dsg m. midday. 
' midnes /. — on -as wg. in the 
. i midst. 

< ' mid-niht/ midnight. 
, mid-r&d / riding with, accom- 

, midriff mldhrif. 
mid-Bingend m. c 




mid-Bipiaji nccompaDyi!.. 
mid-Hpreoa m. advocate. 
geiuid-ai)>egad accompanied (t < Gl. 
mid-Bumor m. midsummer, 
mid-weg m. midway. 
mid- winter m. midwinter. 
mid-wiat / picsence, participa- 

mid-wuauag /. liwelling with, 

mid-wyrhta «i. co- operator. 
mieltan tr. mell ; icline (metals). 

also nifl.; digest || iitlr. meli 

H3^F0|e, -an fl. Mercians, Mercin 

-iac Mercian. 
mJercet dark ; evil. 
pemifrce u. bonnrlar). 
mif roelB inf. mstl; ; seal ; liophy ; 
marked place ; mark [to siioot at) 

mifre-, a, jf. mare [meaph]. 
niieiT[aii binder, be slnmbUng. 

block to ; Eqnander, waste ; err 

-a m. one who leadi astray. 
-else/, hindrance, stnmbi tug- block. 
-lag /. leading astray ; waste, 

Bug: an 6 make water. 
-ung, ~1jik/ making water 
migol diuretic [mlgsn], 
migOJiB, nil^oispa m. urine. 
miht, ea, A. m 1./. might, power ; 

ability; miracle. IL □/. tmighly ; 

poKJble l^^. [mmB]. 
- e)leu powerlcu. 
-(eUo possible, 
-modt II- anger, encilement. 
mlhte frt. of masg. 
mihtetic, sn mihtiglic. 
mlhtig, ea, A. m powerful, mighty; 

uossibic LV. 
-lio', roltlCo.ilio possible. 
-lice at- powerfully, ihroiigh power. 
mU-daaw > mele-. 
mil/ mile [i/. mllia], 
-gemearef ii. mile-diitance. 
-gemet n. measure by miles. 
-piBpt '". milestone- road. 
-gettBl II. mile, 
rnil n. millet fZA mlUiim}, 
mlleen, y I. of milk. n. (».) 

milk food [meolo]. 
mildian become mild. 

inlld;e I. aj. gentle, mild ; meictfnl, 
kind. IL m, mercifully. 

-bearht serene (light) Gl. 

'Olio propitious, 

-elioe OF. kindly, hnmanely; pro- 

-naort gentle ; mercifiil. 

-heorthoe nv. kindly, mercifully. 

-hoortnas/ mercy, 

gemildgian mitigate CI. 

Dilldfl = mlltfi. 

milific. m;Ua, e honeyed, sweet 

-iaa become sweet or mellow || Ir. 

gemUioad. sweetened. 
mllitiso military mann soldier 

[/./, mllBHl. 
milt.e"'.,/ spleen. 
-copu/. spleen -disease. 
-aaSoc spleen-sick. 


u, -WT»c m. pain 
■a / prostitute \_l.l. 

1 the 

-htis «. l.tolLei. 

mllta, milds /. kindness ; mercy 

inilta|ian, mlldaian pity, be merci- 
ful VI. d. Br g. ; pardon (.sins ) w. d. 
|{ tr. make merciful. 

Ige'imiltsigend m. pitier. 

-3lc pardonable. 

(ge)ioiItBUng /. pity; mercy; 

mimerian remembci. 

gemimor known, familiar {ef 

language) wit. 
-lice av. by heart. 
gin my : of me, 
-lice av. in my manner (1), 
nijn{l) (})t small ; meaa, vile. 
~d6in I ))t HI. abjectneai. 
-lie petty (favour!. 
mlnslian intr. and tr. diminish. 

mis-bianlan tet bad example. 
miB-bDrSTI miwhapen (child at 

birth) ; ilegeneiate. 
mia-brogden, -brSdrai distorted 

mia-byrd/ abortion. 
mis-bTrdo f. imperrcctiou (of 

bodily organ',. 


mia-crftcettan*, -oro- crosk 

mla-Gweban e *peak incorrectly; 

coree /A", 
mis-dtbd/. misdeed, offence. 
mlB-ddn vb. act wrongly, Imnigresi. 
mie-ecdwield n. error, 
mia-gfesian tonsure wron^dy, 
oalH-gndBbyTdan arrange wrong- 

-ung/ mismanagement; miscon- 

miB-faran i go astray, err, imn*- 
gresB ; fare badly, turn out badly. 

mis-fedan misfeed (!,i, 

mia-tlran go astray, transgres?. 

mia-fon i fail to get hold ol or 
find Tug. ; make mistakt, err, go 
astrav ; wi. mistake tlhe day/. 

mia-gieman neglect. 

mis-gretan insdi, 

mfB-hrabbende ill, imwell. 

mlB-hsaldaii i neglect. 

"""■"■healdsuni* ne^jligent. 
' legligente. 

diii regard, ilis- 

-neB/. act of disobedience. 

mie-hwierfed, mla-hworfbn 

perverted ; inverted. 
miB-gchygd n. eril thought. 
miB-liedan mislead nut. 
miB-lfiran misadvise. 
mis-lftr/ bad teaching M-advioe. 
mia-libban lead b.-id life, 
mialic = misBenlio. 
mis -li clan be un|ileasaiit to. dia- 

mis-(ge)llmp n. misfortune. 

mia-limpsn 3 imptrs. wd. lum 
out badly or unfortunately. 

miB-gemynd n. evil recoiii. 

miB-rScan revile, abuse lua. 

mis-rAd m. mitgnidance ; mis- 

mlB-rfbdan miscounsel : follow 

misB n, absence, loss. 

miBBon miss .mark) ^g.; escape 

notice of vid. 
mia-oor^nce distorted. 


^H ^^^^^^H 

^P msscBf-DD 



«■ .1., IHM., wda.: io bis map 

mod 1 went/ hope. 

-gewinnat "'. anxiety. 

misBenlic, niiwn-, mU(i)end-, 

mif hid myself; trefiiua (ram 

-vrlana proud. 

mi»e-, dissimilar, vari- 

-J... II intr. lie hid ; wa. be iiidden 

gemod I, H. mind, heart 11. 

^^ ous; wand Cling, ermCii:. 

from Bd, 

^L -nes / Tsricty ; isrious colonra 9r 

mix -^ meox. 


H fori^ 

mixian ' mleoian. 

mfiieUo - modigUc. 

^H mlMenllce, miH(t)- av. varionsly, 

inixen(ni, eo/ dunghill, dung. 

modlg high-minded, high-spirited ; 

^m differenlly , - tblma wander about. 

-dyngo, -i-/ duug. 

mlSKrret «. half n yeai. 

-plant©/, nightshade. 

mifi-spowan i succeed badly, fail 

nioi «. mind, intellect, heart; 

piond ; magnificent tlrcasutes). 

mA'-^. '-/■ 

fiiide ; courage; violence (of 

-Wtxav. boldly; pioudly. 


-blindt blind mfl. 

mlBt m. mist. 

nimity ; pride. 

-eidin+ miMy gloom. 
-hatmt m. veil ol misl. 

-bysKUiig+/. aniiety. 

mdd(l/ffEan become protid ; lie 

-cearlet anxious, sad. 

pioud, emit tu. on ; be«r oneself 

-llU>+ «. misty slope. 

proudly; be impelnous. rage; ic 

-i«n grow dim t^ eyesight). 

-ctatt '11. inielligence. 

indignanl, disdain, 
gemodod disposed — hstoUoe - 


-or»ftiK inlelligent. 

-ewftnlgt sad at heart. 


mlStel m. biisil ; mistletoe. 

-earfo]) n. distress of mind. 

modor, dd, -er, d., (j.^ m«der/ 

-Urn n. birdlime. 

-full arrogant. 


-tto m. mistletoc- 

-gaomort sad. 

-oynd / natore inherited from 

mlB-tidan imfirs. tum out badly, 

-glsdl- glad. 



-gleawt "ise. 

-cynn «. descent on mother's 

mia-timlan impen. tod. happen 

-h^tat '". hale. 


-hordt III. mind. 

-healf/ mother's side. 


-hw»tt brave. 

~16aB motherless. 

mlft-tnewan*, i mistrust W. 

-Behygdt n. thought. 
-Baa spiritlcs5. 

-lie maternal. 

mia-taciaa ill-treat L. 

-elaga m. matricide. 

IDJs-tfhtan misadvise; dissnndt 

-l&iet/ want of courage. 

modren, dd of a mother. 


-Ifioft beloved. 

-endlic deb on alive (adierb . 

-lufut love. afTeCtiou. 


mia-tidon r> degenerate. 

-roft brave. 

-ian ogTcc, 

^^ mis-weaxende tnisgrown 

~Befat fii. mmd, heart, soni ; cha- 

-noa/ concord. 

V (branch). 

racter, disposition. 

mohpe ^ mo])|)e. 

^H mifl-wgndan pertert. lead astray ; 

-aSoot sad. 

moloen n curdled milk. 

^^P be perverted. 

-HSoenea/ weakness of the heart 

moldie / earih, dual; ground; 

^F mifl-wende erring (morally). 



^ miB-weorc «. evil deed. 

-tBm+ n. grave. 

mlB-weorjian j, imprn. aid. lutn 

-sorg+Z sorrow. 

-com n. lober of saiifraga grann- 

out badly, he unfortunate. 

-BtapOl /u. character, tempera- 

latB ; the plant itself. 

nOs-weorbiBii slight, neglect, 
mlB-^gc; wider n. bad weather. 

men 1. 

-graft n. grave. 

-ataj>oI<,fEBBt)ne8 / constancy, 

-hiepo/ heap of earth. 

bad sc:ison. 

liimoeas of character. 

-hrSrendet moving on earth. 

mlB-wiBBian misguide (^prieBt). 

-BWiJit resolute. 

-stow/, grave. 

mis-writan 6 make misuke in 

-gejanc m. thooght(»), mind. 

-wegtm. the earth. 

heart, intelligence. 

mits/ mile (insect). 

-ge>Oht m mind, thought. 

molegn (n.) cunls. 

gcmitt-. lee gemfitan. 

--Jjraout/ eouiBgc. 

-Btycoa n. piece of curd. 

mitta m. n mcastire 'metan]. 

mols in.) decay. 

mltte(8,' when, Kf mid. 

-jiwAre geutli , mild. 

molBtilan become mouldy, decajr. 

mitty when, ue mid. 

-Jtw&rnea/. gentleness. 

m6n B m. aaxya ; month. 

^m mlt).mid with. 

-gefyldigt pal lent. 

-an*fen(tl) m. Sunday evening. 

^^ nufAD 6 flc. BtVptia conceal iv.g. 

-weligt intcllectua!. 

-andng, mondns m. Monday. 



mfinlaniuht/ Sunday eveoing. 
-<e)lio lunar. 
-sioo Innatic ; epileptic. 
mdnap, moap, pi. maD|)BS, - m. 

month — ' monpea mU menses 



onth'a penance 
■"'T/ tim, 

of fall 

; black- 

-bot/ a m 

-fyUen*, -fyiai 
moon Gl. 

~liolDnar; menstniBl. 

■■flSoo menstniont ; tuoalic, epi- 

■^fioones/ lunacy. 

-beam i». mnlberiy 

berry bush [Z/. moras j. 
-bfrigeyl mulbcny. 
-dgnu/ swampy valley, 
-ffflstenfn) «, moor-lnstiieis. 
~bAp H. hestti, moor. 
-healdt (iv 
-hopt H. nmreh. 
-Ig marshy, 
-land H. moorland. 
-mAdy; marshy meadow. 
-pytt, ~s§at) «. moor-pit, 
-eecg «. Kdgc. 
~Blffid «. marshy valley. 
-Btapat m. mnor-traverser. 
-wyrt/. a plant. 
mora.)), morod x. sweetened wine 

morje, ~u wi. /. (edible) root, 
carrot, parsnip. 

morgan, e, a, ./. morKen(n)e, 
inor(B)iio dnjbieih, morning — 
on --in)e, on £r;Qe) meigen, o 
early"! oe»t day — t6 -, t6 -;n)B, 
on iuoT(B)iie, oD mergen lo- 
tea on -(na) the neil 

-oealdf moming-eold. 
-colla+ m. morning terror. 

m. daylight, moniing; lo- 

-drenc m, nWBtag potion. 
•glef^l / gift from hnsbuid (o wife 

on morning after wedding. 
-l&ngCt icdions, long (day). 
-leoht H, dawn, mommg. 
-lie, my-, mo^endllo, morning, 

*e/ first m 

morg;eD|m.fte m. bieakfaat. 

-regn m. moniing lain. 

-aeoct sad in tbe moming. 

-apellt «. morning tidings. 

~HprAe /. periodical assembly of a 

-steorra n. moming star. 

-Sw6gt IM. morning clamour. 

-tidt/. morning. 

-torhtt bright at mom. 

~wacian rise early. 

morn-, ne morgen. 

morod s^morap. 

mortflre in. mortar [Z(, mor- 

mor)i M. mnrder, hoimcide ; + death, 
destnictioa ; crime ; anylhing hor- 

~bealoi' n. violeiice, murder. 

-crundel n. corpse-pit ()| Ct. 

HlAd/ mntdei ; deadly sin ; crime. 

-Blaga 171. murderer. 

-slight tn, murder. 

-wyrhta >M. murderer. 

m.orFKir not iV.nm. matitt ■ crime, 

iin 1 torment, misery. 
-bealot ". marder. 
-bfddt «. (violent) death-bed. 
-cofe+ m. prison, 
-crsftt "/. murder, crime. 
~owealm-t' m. mniiler, slanghicr. 
-hftet "1. deadly hate, 
-hoft, -hOat ". house of torment 

-lyri^endot plotting mischief. 
-ISant ». rein I -u lion. 
-aoyldigt guilty. 

~alaga m. murderer, 
-al^u/, -al^ga m. murkier, 
-Sllfhtt m. slaughter; Ihc slain. 
-wyrhta ni. murderer, 
mos, o/ien 6 a. marsh, moot, 
tnos n, food, 
moste/T/. ^mSt. 

mot loll, tax /jV 
mot-. C/i. gemdt. 
-fern, -o m. coart-hon*e. 
-bell/ meeling-bell 
-h€lB w. court-house. 
~1fi|i- H, court, assembly (?^ I.. 
~gtr6fa. m. president of a court. 
-Btowr f. assembly-place, fnmm. 
-weoFp entitled to attend an as- 
mCt vb., prl. mfiate be allowed, 

gem St, BHce -fit n. meeting, 
ttoimcil, discuislon — witena - 
pnrliamenl , t bailie. 

~Bm, ~hQB H. senate-, conncil- 

-Btfde m., -stdtr /. meeting-, 

mdt|lan talk; malce speech: dit- 

-SrebBD moth-eaten. 
mu(o)g-wyrt/ mugwort. 
mill m. male \_Lt. mulus]. 
-hierdo m. mule-keeper 
gemun remembering vig. [(•• 

gemiming/ remembrance. 

muud/band+i hand(a^ measure); 
protection, guardianship ; pro- 
tector, guardian. 

-beoigt m. diellcrine: hill. 

-bora m. protector, patron, guar- 
dian ; prefect. 

-bryoo /a. breach of legal protection 
or guardianship ; fine for ihc of- 

ge-byrdan protect. 

-byrdnoB/ pioleclion ; protector, 
palron, advocate; proteclioa of 
rijjlits granted by charter. 

-orfflft III. ]>ower to protect. 

-grlpe+ m. grasp. 

-healBt enti protection {!!. 

-loow, -lo'alw \m.) hand-basin. 

-roft strong-handed. 

mtind.ian protect, be guardian- 

-Isnd w*. protector. 

gemunde/rA e/'geman. 

mirnt m. mocmain. hill [U. 

-lel&a/. mountain nymph. 

-land n. hilly country. 

mtinuo m. monk f Z(, moii»ohn«]. 

-behftt n, monastic vow. 

~oild II. child intended for monulic 

ii monadic J 



-lioe av. mORasticaUy. 

-lif n. nionutic life; monastery. 

-regol w. nile of a monastic order : 

-BtSw/ pl( 

-wise/ manaer of oionks. 
munucian r/. bccoi 
mar Bi. wall [Z^ niuruaj. 
murot o»ct grievous (hnngeO. 

mur; grieve. 

-lUg /. complaint, murmuring ; 

muman 3 itifr. be aid, anxious ; 

care, reck lu, for d. || tr, lament ; 

care for, r^aid. 
mOs /, pi. mja mouse e-plae 

-fealle, -ig/ mouse-trap, 
-flealo mouse-coloured. 
-hatoo m. mouse-linwk. 
m€lsceUe, mua^c^le, muxlB / 


mylenbroo m. miU-brook. 
■^iic/. mill-pond ( T) Cl. 
-geard m. mill enclosure. 
-Kamm HI, mill enclosure. 
~hweol H. mill-wbeel. 
~pdl, -pul m. mill-pool. 
-Bcoarpt sharp-ground. 
~at&n ni. grindstone. 
-BtcaU», " 



(tfe/. mill-path. 
-trog K. mill-trough (which bringi 

water to mill-wheel \ 
-waru/ mill-dam. 
~w«ard, mrlew- m. miller. 

gemynan, see ceman. 

gemyiid /h. memory, remem- 
brance ; memento ; caring for, so- 
lid I tide, 

~dffig m. commemomlion-day. 

-leas, mrndltes insane, foolish. 

~lIoet/ madness. 

-ewierbe »onhy of mention Bd. 
gemyodet onit mindful. 
myndgjiaii inlr. wg. remem- 
ber, bear in mind ; intend || tr. 


muBcfleote f. i 


wig. I 

iL paymi 

-coyaf. m 

mQtimg/. loanGl. {Lt. mntuum] 
tll&t> "'. mouth ; opening, orilicc. 
-«dl/. moulh-di*caie. 
-banaf m. devouicr. 
-barstung/. breaking cat of tUcers 

I month. 

f. moulh-disease. 

-halt salutciry woris [)). 

-hraCw. palate. 

-ISaa without mouth. 

ni&)>a M. mouth of river. 

mUpettBD let out (secret) abs. 


mtixle ^ mueoeUe. 


mycg m. miHge. 

"B^tt n. mosquito-net. 

mydd n. liuihel \_Ll. modiua]. 

myderoe, mydreoe, m«d-, IN. 

mudrio-/. chest, coffer, 
myl tH.)di»t. 
mylciaii ^ mJlcen. 
mytan m. mill [//. tnolUia]. 

~ieild m. remlmler. 
i'ge)-ung /. remembrance ; admo- 
nition ; mriieKiiDB claim of psy- 

gcmyndig, m- -j'g. mindful. 

-Uo, gemyndelia to be home in 
mind by W. ; mcmornble. 

-lice av. by heart. 

-Uoneo/. remembrance. 

mynet m. memory, memorial ; pur- 
pose; desire; love, affection. 

-llcf desirable, pleuont. 


gemyne remembering IN. 
gemyne ihj. a/geman. 
mynecen.ui/nun [munuo]. 
myneg Ian, mriis- = mynd- 

-iendlio hortatory. 
myn(e)let/ longing, desire, 
mynot h. coin ; noinage [^Ll. mo- 

-cdepa m. money- changer. 


mynetlelege m. miniiDg, coinage, 

-Bmi)it«/ mint. 

mynet ian coin, mint. 

-ere m. money-changer; mintet. 

myimaii ormynlan iWr. direct 

one's coorae (to), intend. 
mynstar n. monastery, mmnery; 

church, cathedral [Ll. ntoiu-' 

-clffinaung / purification of a 

-oluse/. cell. 

-ffinme/ nun, 

-gang m. entering on monattic 

-him m. monastery. 
-hata m. persecutor of moaasteiles. 
-Ho monaslk. 
-lice av. monaslically. 
-lif n, monastic life; monastery. 

-munuo m, monk living in raonas- 

-pr&foBt m. provost of monastery. 
-prSoat m. priest who conducts 

service in a church. 
~aax f. mnnngemeiit of a monas- 

-Btow/. cathedral town. 

--|>sgnung /. service in a monag- 

-Wise/, custom of a monastery. 

myntan intend ; think. 

myrgan rejoice. 

myrgen - morgen. 

myrigJB, myrBe I. plcAsanl. de- 
lightful, n. av. pleasantly, de- 
lightfully; losing) iweetly. 

myr(Dgp/. delight ; pleasantnesi ; 

sweetness ('ufsoundj. 
rayrre, -»/ myrrh [Z/.]. 
myrten I. aj. (animal) having died 

of disease. II. n. flesh of suiJi 

myrpr|aii* mnrder [morjwr]. 
-a m. murderer. 
-ung/ murder, 
myocif//- flies Ps. 
m^e = mess table. 
gemj[)e n., gen. pi. walcrs'-meel, 

junction i of two streams fff roads) 


^^^^^1^1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^l 

^^^^^ ^H 

1 NA N-^BE 


™ Hi, M.. IV. 06 not, no - ni Jw ifir 

n^re-ne wAre. 

nftm/. seiiure [ninusn]. 
-rfidiinin)/. leamiBgGl. 

(le) 1*8 OS. nevertheless. 

nftbbaii-iie habbim. 


niea or', not. 

namian mention (name of] ; ap- 

nacat ni. boat, >hip. 

point, nominate ; give name to. 

nacod. n^eed I. naked, bore; 

-griaUe/ nose-gristlc. 

nam|a m. name; noun. J 

dcjlilLte : empty iwoids). 11./ 

->yrel n. nostril. 

-boc/. -bred n. tegister, ■ 


tUBsc skin Gl. 

-c&t> celebrated, of note. ■ 

-noa/ nnkednrn. 

lUBEM m, beadland. promontor;' : 

-cublice a-^, by name. ■ 

-miluma^nar^ebyname. ■ 

nAcan, bn- kill Gl.; ha- check 

tground, earth, depth*. 


-Wib+ B.Slope of headland. 
genfistan !■ eji^f contend. 

namnian call by name. ■ 


nftn, a. m. nfcnna, e nei(ne), not 1 

nAdI, /I. nSpl/ needle. 

nlBHtor PMi W1I.I canot (!) Gl. 

one aj. -. ne. wg. * plnga on 

nAd(d)Te/ -jiake. 

Ilfit;an annov, oppress, subdue. 

no account (allow it). 

Dibdar.bita '". icbneamon. 

-ing/. blai.,i'iig. 

-ping, napina n. ^-g. oolhing. 

~fXh variegated like a snake. 

natkb, see nabban. 
nafel|a m. navel. 

-wiht. Din^wjuhl, IN. nSniht 

-wyrt, -winds. n*dro-/. adilei- 

1. H, ipg nothing. II. av. not at 

-seeaft/. navel. 


nBfde/r/. D/nabbftn. 

nafepa w. n^xve (of wheel). 

nnfie poor IA: [00, habban]. 
nAfre^. never l:D(>,&frs]. 

nafU/ nave (of wheel). 

-gftr m. auger. 


tueft poverty Gl. 

gm&gt K- 

nit - ne wst. 

-ig pow Gl.' 

nfth-no ah. 

nathwAr av- somewhere [nit 

nSgant uddress, speak to. 
genigan!. 6 assail; address (with 

naht, o=nftwiht. 

-fiwnmendt m. evil-doer. 
-gitSUng/ wicked avarice. 

-hWffltn. aonietbing. 

-hwelc no., aj. some one or other. 

nngel >". nail (of Tinger, toe) ; peg. 

-lie worthless, of no av.iil. 

nail : plectrum. 

-lioe av. e%-illy- 

, -wiax «. naiUknife. 

~neB /., ~acipe m, worihlessncis, 

tohv^on av- not at .ill [aSwlhtl. 

-apere «. sharp nail (I) Gl. 


nngen n».f = nB nucEen ih. may 

-wela '". false wealth. 

na-pe-l»8 nevertheless, itf nA. 


naper nfthwBpor. 

nsgledbordt with naitrrl 1 latiks 

nft-hw&r, niwer, nSwer av. no- 

napinc =nan ping nothing, 
nauht nawitit. 


where ; never; not at all. 

-onearrt m. ship with nailed 

nft-hwAm*. nlwem .m no- 

nauper = nahwteper. 



nftwa en./ az: never [no, kwa]. 

-crist 11. iron chariot. 

nft-bweejier, no-, nawbsr, nSpor, 


nRiBlCl)an nail ; lueg^d studded 

□apar I. no. wg. neither of two : 



of hoora nftfirum 1 as )>e najior 

na-wiht, no-, -wiiht, nauht. 

nele, -ae leomian ne tl5ciui. 

naht, noht I. n. m.g.. to. «11b« 

-Ing/ contract Gl. 

nAnfiB noinc) a* ; fw. wg. e 


11. - na , . ne . . . ne^ cj. ncilhur 

nothing; nothingness, naught; to 

. . nor f. .norl: ho nolde iiaon- 

don no hwsBjiler ne engel ne 

-wlhtiTO. notatall. 

consider worthless ; wickedness : 


p»t naulit I g. nahtea worthUat. 

nfiiine, iff iiAu. 

nft-hwider av. to do place. 

i>r no account : dowTe Eodaa n* 

nSp. // -M m. turnip, rape [i/. 

nfiiss not^^nealles. 

Hind nahtaa. It. a/. iii./it/. • 

□alde-ne wolde. 

worthless, bnd. Cf. SwlhV. lU. M 

K -stfed «. rapcsced. 

nam -^ne eom. 





ne-fugol, sec neo. 

nfia-, :te neah. 

nea-iac an, nSah-, nSo- r»/. 

(gc)-ung/. aiiproBCh. 

nSalic, neoh- near. 

-Uce Of. Qeaily. about. 

-wist, -8 fia. nearness, neighbout- 
hocxl, prcieiice | ossociBting with, 
society ; bc»hi1 inlercouBe. 


nSadlan, t compel Z. w. to, w.ger. 
Cp. niedftn, ndodioo. 


-1188/ oblii^tion Gl. 

nfiadlnga, naadlunsa = nled- 

nfiah I. !>!>., epe. Dear, ;, S, i//. 
nlehBt near ef flaci — feorr 
o)i|M -, ge - ge feorr far and 
(orl near ' of lime neat ; lately 
^spl. \tiSl: ]>t ia bine nehiit 
geaeab. i of quantity, dcsiei neatly 

— ipl. doa BwA wS nyhat magon 
act as nearly as wc can nccord- 
Inyly ; so also for'ndah, ftiliiSah 
nearly, H. -/rfi. Tud., also cpv. 
end ipl. near of plan . Txia ne 
■Cte hiere tien milum ~ settle 
within ten miles of Carthafit; 
mebst t>niii tune | of ti'iie, im- 
ftrs. -. nSndon )>»t hit QSar wa- 
rulde ceendunge wjere ponne 
hit w&re I ^ manHer accordirg 
to : io d6 - ^fcm )» pa owfide. 
in. fl/ vity ran in positive 
a6ah, ndsg-, iphich is gtn ti- 
fresstrl by rompesilioii. <ii iii 
ntab&tODd cooipareJ Ti-itA hiera 
nMutan Mend [| cpv. n§aiTa. 
t, oSara nearer eflinu later || ipl 
niahata, «a, 6, aixt, A. nest 
neaccsl ( of Umi latest, last — eat 
niehatan at lust, linatly; 

— pa Kt nlehfltan ihcrci 
then I next (of kin), ru 
{.friends'' ; ado niate hood the 

-bQandt ni. neighbour. 
-{[ebar m., -gebyren, /.V. -gebj- 
rild/, iie{Blh,1i)eb. neighlmur. 
-clrice/, nrighbonnng church. 
■^Qn/ neighbouring Mil, 
-6a f. neighbouring river. 


naah ealoTld n, neigbbonring is- 

-frfiond m. near relation or friend. 
-gansol mi/, '.official t placed neat 

(the kingV 
-hergung/ war close al hand. 
-genuBa m. neighbour. 
-TaAg, nSam- m. near relation. 
-m&gjj/. neighbouring province. 
-maan m. neighbonr. 
-munt m. neighbouring monniBin. 
~xii6af. nearness, neigh bourhooil, 
~Bibb I./, relationship. H. nearly 

-atSw / ncighbonrine place, 

~tad/. lime close at hand. 
~t&n m. neighbouring farm, tova. 
-f>§od/. neighbouring nation. 
-wEBtar n. neighbouring piece of 

~wudu m. neighbouring wood. 

neah-, see also nSa-. 

gcnaaht enee «, (ufBciency, abim- 

geneahh|a, -aeb(fale, -ige, neab- 

hi(g^adi', snfiFicienlly, abnndondy; 

frcfjucntly ; earnestly. 
ceneahlioe', o av. freqnently ; 

usually.Vom.^/ clothes). 
neahhise - geneahhe. 
genSahaennHi'^nrir, close It^ethcr, 
neaht = niht. 
neallea, natlas, n&lEea, njllas, nola 

nearly — for'iiean nearly. 

Dear (pv. p/nSah iv. 

noarx), nearw- I. af. narrow, con- 
fined; limilcd. petty; causing or 
accompanied by difficnfty, hard- 
ship, <listreas.difBcull [breathing^: : 
strict, severe. H. n. (,'1 + natrou 
place : confinement, prison : posi- 
tion of difBcalty, danger, hardship. 

-bregdl- «. croel artifice. 

~artttt\ m. power of imprisoning. 

-fSgt cruelly hostile. 

-grrSpf/ tight grasp. 

-lie oppres^e, grievous. 

-lioe av. briefly (narrated) i griev- 
ously, oppressively ; accutalely, 




nearo|aeB/ slraii ; oppression (of 
asthma) ; anxiety, ^slrcia, ml»- 

-nied/. urgent need. 

-BSarol n. im prison mtnl (t), 

-aorgt/ sorrow, affliclion. 

-pancaB mpl., -yaonnwaf. wickcd- 

-|>6arft/. aevt 
-WT^Cf m. cruel artlfiee. 
nearwlan {•. confine, compteti; 

hard press, afflict || i«lr. become 

narrow, be diminished. 
naarwa av. tightly (botmd^ ; op- 
pressively, severely ; anxiously ; 

accurately, narrowly, 
nftat H. oi, cow ; animal, 
gcneat m. compajiion wiih senbcpt''' 

of dependency ) , hanger-on, vassal, L 

tenant ^n jotan], t-v-^c— U. 
-land n. land held by geneat, 
-maim = genSat. 
-ribt n. r^ulalions as lo tenure of 

gen eat- land, 
-seolu/. troop. 

neawUDg/ nearness IN. [niah]. 
n^bb 11. nose; face; beali ; front, 
-gebr*o n. nose-mucus. 
-com n. pimple. 
-wlatftill impudent Gl. 
-wlit« m. face. 
n^bbiao snub, rebuke, 
nefa m. nephew; grandson; slcp- 

geuefo m. nephew, 

nefene / niece ; granddaug liter 

nefte, nspte / cat's-mint [Ll. n-- 

gen^gaa = genAgan. 
neh =■ nSah. 

genehhe, genehliee, sre gero- 

ne}i(h)e-bur, set neah-, 
genehwian approach /A'[iiiah]. 
nele ^ ne wile, 
nellan ne wUlan, 
n^mn^an, -ian, prt. afm(n,(le 


by n 

r for, 
: t>ia lif hd nemds for weg, 
IS dteg w»a sail ge-ed t<S Suii- 
lajidnga includeil in : address. 

nemne, 7, aetae ntt W. I. cj. an- 
IcM, except. II. frp. v/d, except. 
Cf. nym^. 

nia. corpse. 

-b^dt n. corpse-bed. 

-fugolt, nS- m. carrion-bird. 

-«dt>t ». death. 

neod 0(1. - nled need. 

nfiod /. desire, «al, eaineitness, 
pleasure — -o eagerly, diligently. 

-fraout/ greed. 

-freond, Jtt nied-. 

-fim earnest, lealous. 

-Iftfat/. friendly invilation ,!). 

-lice av. eagerly, zealously, dili- 
gently ; tgreatly. 

~lof 1. diligent praise. 

-flpearwat m. sparrow Ps. 

-weortmngt/ honouring Ps. 

nsodian impers. vig. be required, 
be advisable [^nendiui]. 


neom^ne eom. 

ooonuui B hIttirti. 

ndon = niwan. 

geneorp contented Gl. 

neorxaa-WBing m. pjiradise. 

-Uc of paradise. 

n§OB.aii, -ian twi IV. w. a. or g. 
investigate, inspect; go to (bed), 

(ge/-ung/- IV. visit, visitation. 

nfiotan 7 v/g. ok, enjoy. 

noopan., ~a. i av. beaeath, betow. 

-^Foard, nlofo-, naoJiB-, nite-, 
liy)>e- situated boneath, below; 
luwcr port of, bottom of, 

neottor -- xiipor. ■ 

nSoive - niwe. 

Defi^ol, niwel, n^ol, vE. ni- 
holid) prostrate ; with face down- 
wards ; headlong; deep down, 
profound [ -'ni-heold]. 

-ife depth* of: of Qiwollioum 

-aaa/. a):yss, depth. 


-fifld IB . neap-dde, very low tide. 

nspts ^ nefte. 

genpr, n^r n. refnge, safety — on 
-e healdao harbour (CbiistianE) 

~etfde m. place of refuge. 

nf r|ian «ave, protect w. a., d. 

ge-.e(d)rtes/. deliverance. 

-(lisend m. preserver. Saviour. 

D^ruBg/. protection. 

geneaan, neaan 5 be saved ; tr. 
escape from, survive. 

neete, naase av. no. Cp. gieae. 

neat h. nest ; young bird (t). 

nest ri. provisloni, rBlJons. 

-pohha m. wallet. 


genista m. oeighbour IN. [nteh]. 

aeBtUan build oest [neat). 

iigt(ejle, nftel/. nettle. 

Hftt n. net (for huntiog, iishing, 
aies) ; network of clouds^. ; 
spider's web, 

-geam n. net-yam, string for mak- 
ing nets. 


;. risk 

-lug/ daring, hardihood. 
neiulsn a kind of paralysis or 

aneurism (?). 
iifTC«-B§o>a, niwe-, nn-, ni- m. 

pit of stomach. 
nSzt, sti nSah. 

nio au. not I !, no [ns, la]. 

nicoP m. water-monster; hippo- 
potamus Gl, 

~h&Bt ». watei-monster's abode. 

Died, fla, 60 / inevitablencis ; re- 
quirement, what is remlired ; duty ; 
cotnpulsion ; hardship, distress ; 
the Kunic Utter n. 

~b&d/ enforced contribution, toll. 

-bftdare m. loll-eiactor. 

-bobodt M. command. 

~beh§fe, ^behefedlio necessary, 

-behdfednes/ necessity. 

-bohofiliO) necessary. 

-bepearf necessary. 

-bodat 11. violent messenger (t). 

-bryee m. requirement, need. 

-byagot/ distress. 

-byBigt di stressed. 

-clamm m. distress, need. 

-oleofkt.-cofat m. prison. 

-.oo8ting+/ affliction. 

-dtbda m. acting under compaltion 

-ged&lt 1. enforced separation (of 
body and sonl), death. 

■-&rat "I. one who jonmeyi under 

■ft,ni|-/ en forced journey, death, 


niedl&eond m. close iclatioii, iu- 

-gafol n, tribute. 
-gengaf m. miserable wandcici. 
-gi^ld n. tribute, exaction, 
-gielda m. debtor. 
-grlpo*t "t. violent gratp. 
-h&d m. force. 
-hAmed n. rape, 
-hSmeetre/ concubine. 

-hSs/ compulsion, 
~help/, help in need, 
-hiernes/ servitude, 
-m^. Be- m. near relation. 
~mtee:en n. force. 
-mftge/ near relation. 
-mioelt urgent (errand). 
-nfeai/ taking by force, rapine. 

-nftman ravish, rape. 

-nee /I necessity, 

-nlma m. one who take* by force. 

-niman 4 take by force, abdocc 




-nitnimg / rapine, abdncdon (ol 

-riht ». duty; service; office; ne- 
cessary payment, due, 
~Hcyld/ duty, obligation, 
-stbb/. relationship, 
-gesteallai- m. inseparable coa- 

ii!ed-)>earfl./ incvitableneu; need 
fot), what is needed ; conslraini; 
distress, trouble. II. necessary; 

-lie necessary ; useful. 

-lioe av. necessarily. 

--as&f. necessity, compuldoD ; need 
(of) ; trouble, distren. 

niedlfteow m. slai'e. 

-pSowetllng m. one enslaved for 
unfullilted obligation. 

-peowlan reduce to servitude, en- 
force service from. 

-ping n. nccesiiry thing. 

-prfttUng/. reproof, 

-wtbdlaf m. wretch, 

-(jewealdt «. tyranny. 

nied'TCis necessary ; due. 

-lice av. of necessity. 

iilediwraca m. one who is forced 

10 be an avenger. 
-wracut/ violence, distress, 
-WTEBoIioe tai. violently. 
-gewuna m. enforced custom GL 




lUsd-WT^ltta '«. one who nCQ 
under Gompuluon 0r imolunurily. 

niedjan compel w. to, w. sij. ~ at 
eipel i pleas ^debtui) : - hie nfter 
gafolc, Cj0. oeadlui, ndodiui. 

gc-edllc compulsory. 

-lug*. DBBduiig/ compuUioii. 

niede av. acccuaril}'. 

niedea ai/. of ncceasily. 

BiedlllgB, -unKa, -unge, u6ad- 
(l;un([a av. by lurce. Hguiniil one's 

niehst ipl, o/niah. 
-*, nixta HI. neigbbour. 
ni^rwian, -ian, frt. -de, nier- 
tw)ede nartow, confine — ge-ed 

persecute; Ihreslen .') [nearo]. 
ni^rwett n. narrowness ; nartow 

place, pus; ■hortnesa of breath. 
nifrwp/ prison. 
niaten ». animal [neat], 
-cyan h. iipecics ol animal, 
-lie animal. 

nifolt = neowoL 

nift/I niece ; gtunddaughter; alep- 

danghtcr [nefa]. 

-fsold nioe-rold. 
~teo)ia nineteenth. 

-tlanlic containing the nnmber 

nineteen (!). 
-tig - hundnigontig ninety. 
-wlntre nine years olJ. 
nigopa nmib. 
nUistfg, niiitis. e, nlxtnls fa^i 

ing — on - faiting av. 
nlht, ea / night; darkne^; to. 

Humtcri — 'day.' 
-boalot n. nocturnal harm. 
-tmtorfldoge/. moth. 
-§age able to lee at night. 
■^ald a day old. 
-egmat w- noi^lnmal terror. 
-feormungt/ nights shelter. 
-«gale/. nightineale: night-jar. 
-gfllgafv. (night) gohUn. 
-BJnBe/ (goblin), hyena (!). 
-gield n. night-ieivice nr laciilice. 
~glSmt daritDess of night. 
I. -heltnt m. sbadei of night. 

■.•^ttfi), -Ifi'ja 


nlhtihroa m. raven. 
-lang a night in length. 
-losgea av. for a night. 
-lie, nibtelio noctDrnal, of night. 
-nihstig*, ~iieBtig fasting a night. 
-rgBtt/ bed. 

-run, -geiim n. number of days. 
-sang la, seventh -hour scrrice, com- 
pline ; copy of this service. 
~ectidu*, -iiiiada m. nightshade 

-Beu(w)ft+ '». shades of night, 
-al^p m. night's steep. 
-wacu, -Wfflcce/ night-waich. 
-waru/ night-wearing (of elotheij. 
~weardt m. night-guardian. 

iilht«m|e, ea I. a/, nocturnal — 
-urn av. for a (whole) night. II. 
av. during the (whole) night. 

-nea/ night -time. 

nihtes, ea av. at night, by night — 
op for))- till far on in the night. 

mon, n&mon tnke bold of, hold ; 
contain, have room for; lake by 
force: on hi"' heoia £hta - ; 
catch ; receive, accept, take, aim 
mil. : aige - gaiu the victory, 
andan - l6 him lake dislike lo 
him. II iWr. ou - have effect {0/ 
-ing/. plucking IjV. 

genip n. misl, elood, darkness 

[nip an], 
nipan 6 

an b grow di 

build ] 


nip «. abyss [nijier]. 
niji m. enmity ; + oontest, battle — 

-e TOf warlike; + afllictioit, 

tronble ; t wickedness. 
-owalut/., -o»foalm+ m. violent 

death, destruction, 
-draeat m. hostile iliagon. 
-full ill-dispoied, malicious, 
-filllioo at/, maliciously, 
-gieett m. malicious stranger, 

-Krama m. anger, malice. 
-gvimmt fierce, boitile. 
-heard+ bold, 

-h?U fr./. hell. 

-h^tet m. hale ; affliction ; wJcked- 


ni|)|hycgeDdet hostile, 
-hygdig-f brave. 
-lice av. cowardly, 
-locat m. hell. 
-plegat '«. battle. 
-ecapat w, foe. persecutor 
-Bflsf M. hostile hall. 
-Byim* I-/, sin. 
-gtteont n. battle, attack (!). 


-wiindort «. portent. 
nipan -neopan. 
nlpas ^ ni]){)as. 
nlpemest, j« nij^erra. 

niper av. downwards ; dawn ; 

-bogen bent down. 
^dftl m. lower part 
-gang III. descent. 
-heald inclining downwards, bent 

-hreosende falling down. 
-hryro m. downfall. 
-lie low, lower ; inferior, humble, 
-nes /, boiiom. 

-alge m. setting (of sun). 
-Btige III. descent, 
-weard downward. 
-weard(eB' av. downwards. 
niper|ian humiliate; condemn. 
(ge)-igendlio deserving et ' 

(geVtuig / humiliation; i:on- 

nlp(.e'<re av. below. 

niperra, -era, eo fjrv. lower, 

j//, nipemest. 
nlping "J. infamous man, villain, 
geniplat 11. enemy, 
nipor, 00 ai'. lower, 
nlppast. uipBi mfl. men. 
niw-, iiI(b -. Sa niwe. 
-bacon b-esb- baked. 
-canned newborn. 
-ciflct, -oeall newly whitewaihed. 
-ceoi^rred, -cumen neophyte. 
-Ufa In. ntw»comer, stranger. 
-gehfilgod newly consecralcil. 

-^ge)hwi§rfed, -(ge hworfen 

-lAred newly initiated. 

-Uc fresh. 

-lice av. recently. 



TiiwiBlicod gldS^y. 
-tifrwedt fresh -is rrcd. 
1llw|ian renew ; reaavatc, 

nor]>,sceata » 


;, tecently 

-fi.cfimed iiewboni. 
-cumen ncophyic. 
nitve, i, -■/. Doowe I. new, riiLiiit 
II, niwe, nlgB aTi. recently. 


mwer(B,nc te.ider, young (child;, 
niwiht - nft-wiht. 
niwunga. neowinga av. anew. 
uocteim noctum [/,/.]. 
genog I. aj. enough ; ahnndanl 

much, miuiy. II. av. sufficienlly 

nohwS9|>er - 11&-. 
nolde - ne wolde, 
nom/rf, o/'niman, 
non n ninth hour; seri-ite at Ihe 

ninth hour, nones. 
-m^ta m., ~gereord n. dinnei. 
-sang Bi. nones. 
-ttd/., -touia 'II- ninth hour. 
Dorp av.. iM). -or, ipl -^ejmast 

□orthwaiils ; in the north. 
~<Ub1 m. north part, Ihe north, 
-duru/ north door. 
-«aBt av. north-CBst, 
-east-ende m. north-east end. 
-^aat-Iang extendi og noith-cml. 
~ende m north part. 
-lolo H. ptople of the) north of 

EnrlnnU, (people of) Norfolk, 
-healf/ north ^ide : north. 
-here hi, army in Ihe north (of 

-hylde/ north slope \\ Ct. 
-hymbre I. //. Norlhuinbrians. 

II, a/. Northumbrian, 
-hymbriBc Nortbumbrian, 
-land H. northern larid, 
-lano/ the north U<ie, 
-Uode//. Angles. 
-Itn northern. 

-gemAre n. north bounduy, 
-portic w. north porch, 
-rihte av. due north. 
-rodop «. northern sky. 
-sA/ North Sea. 

<>6od/. norlheni nation, 
-wealao, -wolu mfl. the Welsh, 

-w5al-cynn n. the Welsh. 
-;e)Wewd north, 
~weaj^.ea) nv. northward, 
-weg m. way noilh : Norway, 
-west III', north west. 

-weBt-gtiiiAre». north- west bonn- 

-wind ni, north wind, 
norjian av. from the north — be . . 

-frf. iml. north of. 
-eastan as. from the north-east. 
-Saetan-wlud m. north-east wind, 
-hymbre//. Northumbrians. 
-weard north 'part) of, 
-weBtan av. from the nonh-west, 
-westan-wind m. north -west 

-wind m. north .>ind. 
norpemsBt, iu norp, tior|>erra. 
norpeme from the north, northeni ; 

Nortliuinbiian. from Ihe north of 

England ; Su.-in din avian, 
norperra, -iO'rBc/K.iJ//, norp ei- 

mest more northern, 
norpmest, iee norp, norperra, 
noBct, 6+/ promontory. 
110B(t)le/. tillcl, hand. 
noSjU,^-, -ft, -0,/. iiu-c, ip. nma-. 
-griB^tjla, noau-/ cartilage of the 

-pyr{e)l, -teile n. noitii]. 

not HI, maik; sign [Z/. notft], 

-writere m. scnbe, 

DOtiail make U!>e of, enjuy. dis- 
charge ioffii^e) [notu], 

notere m. scribe Gl, \Ll nota- 

notuyl use, enjoyment 1 discharge 
(of ofEioe,, employment [neotftn], 

-georn indnsirious. 

n6t)+/ boldncaa. 

n6per = nah'Wffl[ier, 

nowend, -But m. master of a shigj : 

uii-pfr, SCI sen, ^et, p&. IL 

cj. xu. now thai, siniK 
— coirrl. mx . . nu. HI, inlrij. 
Qu, uu 1&, nu ge 14 behold '. 
naU inierj. nowl 

niunol capacious Gl. [nlmui). 

nunnlo/ nun, vestal [ll. notmiL]. 

-GSmne/, non. 

-hired m. nnrtnery. 

-llf II. leading life of a nun. 

- animynater 11, nunnety, 

-scrud n. nun's halui. 


^^nyaled, -onyoled bent, trooked 

genyht, on.f -hp /n. sufficiency, 

abundance [■ensoh], 
-Alll abundant. 
-Uceav, abundantly, 
getiyhtflum salislied S'g. ; abniw 

-ian suffice wit. \ be abundant. 

-neo/. abundance. 

nyllan ne wlllan. 

nynms -= nemne. 

nympe, 1, e, oiut nybpe hoI If. 

tj. unless. exc;ept, Cf. nemne. 
nypeliw. trunk 1, of elephant), 
n ysse, oyate ^ ue wlate. 
nytan - ne witan, 
nyten ignorant [ne, wllaa]. 

-nee /. ignorance, iloth ; igno- 
miny (!1, 

nytt I./, use, advantage, profit; 
office, occupation ; duty. II. Of. 
useful, advantageous, profitiblc, 
beuL'ficial |n«otftn]. 

-lie useful, henelicial. 

~lioiies / usefulntsa, useful pn>- 

-nea/. lue, advantage, 

nyttwierple, -weorp. o useful, 

-lie useful. 

-lice av. usefully, 

-liones/ utilitj, 

nyttjian a-g. make 1 

nowlht - QA-. 
nowpor -- n&hvrEeper. 
nil I. av. now — nu-gfii 

-ung/. use, advantage. 
nyttol useful, beneficial. 

. nypan - neopan. 


^ a -i ever 


oden/. ihreshiag-flooi ; yud. 

oemsotan ^ ■ymbaeten sbooi. 

of 1. frf. vid. plate, melien -~ slart- 
ing-pvinl liom, away fvora : 
Drjhten 16oa]> of heafsnuini 
thi^of stowe Id atdwe, ut(e) 
Of out of, sway from . time ftuDi 
— of tnwum forp hentcloith , 
origin of : fi, menn of Iiundan- 
tiyrig i malcrvsl of : wyreaa 



m cynDS | lau 
it ege of [le ; 
rflum willaii syngiaii; a 
giel&n mioel of l^tlum 
I partilivi : genam of 
- - - ieof|,< 

from : aweadan 
I Lsdrna on Hngliio | deprivalieii 
I from : Ksnimnii us of Deoflea 
onwealde; ofdeape irtaon | con- 
ftrttinff abovt : avdon him fals 
■pella of hir& loude. II. mi. 
Btuting-t>oinl. motion nway: alod 
I joma Um of : origin lia ))6od 
))e he of com ; frivaliz-c-. him 
man aldg )>i honda of. 

of&nD vh. -.iiig. gnidj^. lefusv lu 

oFAsolan, -ailan inquire, inquice 
for : find out by uklng, Uun. 

ofbSatan i bcai to pieces, break ; 
bent lo death. 

oPblindioQ blind ,'1 t.V. 

of-callan i-io beo -en 1 am 

ofollplan summon by calling ; 
obtBiD by calling oul Br cries, 
call for [help;. 

of-oumeiide <lerivative (in gram- 

of-oyrf «. cutting off; wliat ii cut 



ofdrAdd ipie.) afraid. 

of'dune av. down, /n comf. also 
adun^Bi-, dune- [of, dnnj. 

-hoold dirtctetl downwards. 

of'earm|ian bave pity. 

-trng/ pily, 

ofen m, oven ; furnace. 

-bacsn baked in an oven. 

~raca m., -raou/ st. oven-raltc. 

ofer, -cr I-frf.w. a.,d. (d. ncl W.) 
place over, above, on rest, ntolien : 
atandends -hi; big hju-atan 
BeCimbrode ; across : ~ land 
eodon; exIensieH ibrougbout : 

- sail hia rloo | lime after : })ffiB 
-£a*troDi daring: ~ winter 
sUtou , quantity beyond, above : 

- [iBt in addition ; +~ unawo aci- 
nende | superieriiy^ rule ; OTnlng 
-eall Aogalcynn | contrary lo, 
against: ■• willoni ~|>atr^wa in 
iiolalion of the truce | inject of 
vtibi waoiau-; t - bonno Bpraso. 
II. av, ovirt; sa owellare him- 
stod ; hiene " brohte ferried bim 

ofbrii&n exalt. 

-ing/ superfluity. 

ofer-dt m. gluttony ; (east, 

-o gluttonous. 

oferbso av. bacl[( wards'*. 

-getSung/ tetanns. 

OTer-beb§odaji 7 role. 

ofer-becuman 4 sopen-enc C-i, 

ofer'bidan 6 survive la person. . 

outlast, lurvive Oiaf'ships). 
ofer-bitemes/ (excessive) bittci' 

ofer-bllca*, io ni. sujierlicics Gl, 
ofbr-blipe fovcrj cheerful. 
ofer-brSd[an cover, 
-ela Jw. coveriugi veil, garment ; 


ofer-bregdan, -brSdan 3 

ofer-brft/ eyebrow, 
ofer-brycgian make bridge over. 
ofer-ocefed covered witb omamcn- 

lal work, 
ofer-cealdt very cold. 
ofer'ddan censure, rqjtove. 
ofer-oien" m. pniaing over. 
ofer-cl^H. overhanging cliff Gl, 
orer-climaiaD 3 climb (walll, 
ofer-cTOft m. cunning. 
ofer-cuman 4 overcome: gel ai, 

reach, obtain, 
ofer-cyme m. arrival {!), 
ofer'cypan disprove, confute, 
ofer-don vb. overdo, 
ofer-dr^nc m. drunken ne&s. 

oferdnfan 6 covet (with drifting 
sand): dispene (darkness) ; refute; 

oferdrino;ai „ 

-ere m. dniDkard. 
ofer'drunoeii I. w. drunkenneu. 

n. aj. inloxicaled. 
-nesy^ ovei-diinkipg. ioioxication. 
ofar-(ge drync m. intoucation ; 

ofer- ge)dyre n. lintel. 
ofer-^Boa m. surplus, remainder, 
ofer-eald very old, 
ofer-eoldormann m. chief officer. 
ofer-et't)ol gluttonous. 
-nes/I gluttony. 
ofer-fisr n. passing over, 
ofer-feereld n. passage, 
ofer-ffitt vtry fat. 
ofer-ftepman cover. 
of^r'faran 2 intr. pasi by, pnia 

away II /r. pass, crou; traverse; 

go tbrongb [danger! ; come upon, 

ofeffoaUon i f^ll on. attack. 
ofer-f^Dg m. buckle, clasp. 
o&r'feohtan 3 overcome, 
ofer'fSran pass, ttnvcr^ ; come 
upon, meet with. 


:L IPT^ 

tTtT t. 

■ rft -'ftA-^Ey —. --rfj 

* ■ 'mm. m 

ovf amr sissii^l d. 
***'^'"' Clip's: ^iii-r-ra. 

- I l l— -.-tT jinsasj- 

uifi r lln r-_-2:. 

-THf"t im, zr'::^^ 


^»^»^''- a: 

■L. Cli- 


kAAA^B««a ■•*«« «•« ?^ 


-•• « ^-• 

-..: -:iz.:-. ->'■?■ r"^.? 

nisr^LZUES. j^srsrzzr^ 


& ■:. 

■• T 

■z. "^'-f- . 

;i=>: ate 

'-iuiir- » :.r. r^- a. '■^•' »^ -^ 



-a^ -t-.TE- 

2. ^ -. 


-Hihabtf ~ uvw 

7 .-'TC^iir.v 
r>3ti: -l:jTf' -laf^ ■«. :-.T .:^ 


-ifr^tJ *- .■.■■.\i',. 


-nr rr.-it.. 

.TT n*.^a:i?x 






^M^wrrgooan coafaie. 

^'te-rauco/'. exttavagiince, luxury. 
*^-nc8lBn nile ovei -uid. 
Idan 6 ride across. 

^^hr-sAlig very fonunate. 
^^""ilbr-WMp^ excessive enjoyment 
„ itor-BftwfM foreien. 
^^tor-rtwan i ovctsow. 
|^^terecead;w)iaji overshndow. 
5fer*8<jeatt m, ioteresl, nsnry. 
of0l"8cea^,lan superiateud. 
— igond "1, luperintendent. 
ofer Bcioaa 6 illuminate. 
ofer-Bcufui, -fan oversbadow. 
ofer-Boam m. bag IN. 
ofbr-seesjit overcome ('). 
«fer-8egl m. top-Mil. 
oferseglian sail across. 
ofer'B^ndan tcansmit (t). 
oferseon 5 lurvef, tee ; despise. 
ofer-adocoes/ serious illness, 
ofer-gcBott in Botbortty. 
ofer-slel£rui, y. -seolflrtuj silver. 
ofsF'Sieman overload, oppress 

ofer-Bittan 5 take possession of ; 

abstain from. 
ofer-Bltep m. encessive sleep. 
oCBr-alfian isubdue(heato[body). 
oftr-alfge n. lintel. 
ofer-Blop H. surplice. 
o&r-slype m. surplice. 
O&r-Bingaung /. excessive medi- 

o&r-BprAo/ loquacity. 

ofer-BprAdaa cover, 
o&r-Hprecan j speak too much ; 

be abusive. 
oltar-sprecol loquaeions. 
-noB/. loquacity. 
ofer-etAlan conruie ; convict ; 

ofer'steBpptiii 1 step over, cross; 

go beyond, exceed, 
oiar-staall m. opposition. 

oCer-etifUaa leap over. 
Ofer-BUgj&D 6 mount above, sur* 

moimt. climb over ; surpass, be 

stronger than. 


ofar^tigeiuieB/. pnssmg over, 
oferawlminan 3 swim across. 
ofer'swiplan ;('<{., also pri. -sw&ji 

overcome, atupssa. 
-oatro/. conqueror. 
-noa/. oppression, distrcsi. 
-ung/'. oppression, distress. 
ofer-swipe av. too much. 
ofbr-HWi^riaJi prevail, conquer. 
ofer-awogan 1 cover, choke (with 

ofer-tffil n, odd number. 
ofer-teldan 3 cover. 
ofer-tSon 7 cover; linish, 
ofer-getUian overcome^]). 
ofBrec-tiinbran build. 
ofer-togeimea / being covered 

(eyes «ilh film), 
ofertrohtnian comment on, ei- 

ofer'tredsJl 5 trample on, tread 
under foot. 

o£Br-traw;a m. over-contidence. 

-ian be over-confident in wi. od 


oCar-tMftrf /, great necessity; ex- 
treme distress, 

-a HI. one in extreme need or distress 

oferii^ccaii covet. 

ofBr'peon 6, 7 excel, surpass. 

oBBr-prymm m. excessive power. 

ofer-bungon pit. p/oibr])feii et 
•orerpliigan surpass. 

ofer-wadan 1 unde over. 

ofer-^eaId|aii 1 get the better of. 

-end+ m tnler. 

ofer'weaxan i overKrow. 

ofer-w©der(!l n. stormy weather. 

ofer-wpntiaii, -wfniaii become 

ofer-geweorc «. snpetstnictore ; 

oferweorpan 3 throw backwards, 

throw down ; sprinkle. 
oferwifUan boil down. 
ofer'wigant overcome. 
ofbr'winnan 3 overcome, take 

t fortress'. 
ofer'wlntran get through the 

ofer-wiBt/ glutton v. 
-lie supersubstanlial hW 
oferwl^oed //i-.l great (kin^\ 
ofar-wlpneo / great prosperity, 

Df«r-vr«caD 5 overwhelm. 


ofor-wreon 6, j cover. 

ofer-wngels m. covering. 

ofar-writ «. letter. 

ofer-gewrit b. super-, in-scription. 

ofer'WundeniieB / trial, experi- 
ment Gl. 

ofer-wypoan cover. 

ofer-?p/. great wave. 


ofet n. frnit; pulse GI. 

offiiraii 1 overtake, intercept 
(army', ^ten tr. hjadMi. 

of feallan t kill by falling on. 

of-fSran ovenake (an army). 

offgrian cany off. 

ofTarenda »i. psalm sung during 
the offertory [iA]. 

of-flfllaii kill. 

offleogan 7 fly away. 

ofiVlan sacrifice, bring offering [//. 

oS^ting, -ins/, offering a sactiiice ; 
offering, sacrifice. 

~dagaB mpl. offering-days. 

-diae m. paten. 

-hlftf M. shew-bread. 

-Bang m. hymn sang when offeiing 

of fylgan come up with, overlaWu-. 

ofg&n, -giuiBaa vh. n>. est exact, 
extort, acquire; begm ; ofgi hla 
■piwos Isuii) mid roreft|)o. 

of-gaDgend>, -lie derivative. 

of gaotan 7 moisten, aoak ; put 

ofhealdan i withholii. 
ofhearm;lan erne, imprn. vjil^. 

cause grief: him -oda (ibk. 
of-hfnae, »fli;ade out of one's 

of hnitan 6 gore to death. 
of-hr#08an 7 overwhelm ; fall down. 
of-Iir€owan 7 pity wg. — imptr. 

taig. ; escile pity lai. ef firi, 
of hyngred, -od hnngry. 
of-iemaD j overtake (by mnnio^) ; 

hi w«s ofumen tired with 

ofltbtan I b relinquish; let blood 

oflAM, -Ota, •>ta / oblation, 


offering ; iacramental wafer ; wafer 

ULt. oblata], 
OrlauKli&ll od weorpan feel 

oFlfCganf la^ down. 
of- lloSftQ 7 lie, be fuUe. 
of-lician be displeasing or 

of-Unnan 3 cease. 

of lyBted, -lyM desirous wg„ vi. sbj. 

oFmAn vi , frl. -munde recollect 

:■ (fine). 

of mjn?br(ijan marder. 

of-neaolan extort id. nt. 

O&et receptacle, vessel. 

ofniman 4 fail, be wanting' tai. 

ofost, oflo)Bt, oef-, ot /. speed. 

haile. haslemiie on is aaleat 

w.^r. the quidter the better, at- 
■tmn hastilf \at, est]. 

-Uce Of. speedily, hastily. 

ofridan o overtake by riding. 

ofaaoOiii 2 deny chaiEe. 

of'Bcacan 1 shadder Gl. 

of-Boam|ian rfi. wg. be ushsmed ; 
hS hine ~odQ fws | -od weor- 
jNui be ashamed. 

oracdot&n 7 shoot lo deatb ; ffc. 
obootQa cl(-shol, fcsltlc) suffer- 
ing from distension of the stomach. 

of'scotlaii shoot to death. 

ofofndan send after, summon, 
make one's summons reach. 

of'sAoQ s see via. or bw&r ■w. inde. 

of-setan'iDaa/ siege. 

ofsfttliui press hard, afflict. 

-ingyl pressing bard. 

ofslttail 5 press down by sitting 
on ; oppreiE, afflict ; besiege ; 
repress, check ; occupy, lake [jos- 

of-slitan (j bite lo death. 
of Bmorian snfTocate, sWwigie. 
of am^ftll 6 slaughter (animal). 
of-8pribc/ ulletance. 
of-spring m. oUspriog, 
of Bpyrtan (ind out. 

ofstnpput I trample on. 
OfBtaadlUL 1 tr. lestore, make 
L Gl. II (H/r. slick fnsi, 
imoved — pic, -en un- 


o&tende cnu hastening. 
ofstici&ii stab co death. 
ofotis KWifl. 
o&cstignes/ descent. 
ofatlngan 3 stab to death, 
of sw^on 3 devour, 
of awinsan 3 flog to death. 
oft HI',. <pv. -or. spl. -oat often. 
of-taJuy^ verdict arainst a claim, 
of-tdon 7 im^a. take away, wiib- 

-lic frequent. 

-lice av. frequently; habitnally, 

of'tredan 5 tread down 1 injure . 

kill by tntmplmg. 
oft-^)> m. — on ~as often. 
of-tyge, i m. withholding. 
of tyrfan siooe to death. 
of-)>&llUl moisten. 
of pfogp&nt destroy. 
of 'p^noan onct remen _ _ . 
of-pestr(i)aa darken, obscure, 
of pin&Q6 — ofjilneii moist, damp. 
of lirlngan 3 Ir. crowd, press on. sijaeeie, choke; op- 

piess, afflict. 
'■flonea, of)>ryotiea/ oppression, 

repression; affliction, trouble. 
of'prTBcan beat down, repress, 
of ))r7Bm(i)an choke. 
offyncan imfers. wdg., vi. indc. 

be displeased, weary of. 
of|jyrat(ed) ihirsiy, thimiog foi 

vrg. er nner. 
of weorpaa 3 kill with missile, 
ofworpian ttone (lo death), 
ofwUDdrlan be astonished. 
og» m. terror; object of terror. 
5-g@ngBl (m,) bar, bolt. 
5-hIf Ide, -heold sloping, 
ohtt / (error (!) ; persecution 'T' 

[oga; ebt«n]. 
oht-rip harvest IN. 
ol-bwong m. strap CI. 
Slacan -^ oleccon. 
o-leco an,-l#oan,-Iii:can,-lehtaii 

itrf treat gently ; soothe ; please ■, 

llattet 1 propitiate. 
-end*, -ehtand, -«re m. fiattetvi. 
-Ung/. soothing ; flattery ; favour ; 



olfend, -a m. camel \Lt. 

~iiii^re/. she- camel. 
oliccan = oleocan. 

oU H.) contumely, contempt. 
oUimg — andlang. 

olyht-word atue 11 lialtery. C/l 

an, homan//. eryiipelai. 
cynn B. conopi humour. 
■ig rusty; inflammalory, rcsnitiiie 
from inflammation. 
iht full of inflammatioa, inflftm- 

o oi&n become ruiiy Gl. 

on fTp. V!. a , d ,i.\ plact, metum 
in, on, into, on to, to, among. Als* 
iiul.: on BngliM in EngUih; 
on bU geweatd onfeng | linn 
in. at, during | iuilrumeitlal t 
wnrdoD on Blaine ganeredo ; 
on Oodes naman 1 | de/iniiig: 
fml gafol bip on diora felliuni 
allriliHle : on nnddran hlwa 
(form) ] haslility: nedan on tus 
plot against | ihangi lo, into 1 of 
lindens on Englisc awendan 
Iranslale i ebjiet 9f verb : on Qod» 
truwlao : lOoode on Une 1 1» 
firm aih'irl'! : on ifre wisan in 
another way ; ttidfilan oa flower 

on-Abt/. property. 

oii-AlajL,,^. In- ignite; heBl(o*ai)i 

bum ; consume ; inflame (widi 

on-eepela natural to, Inherent in 

oa-&l 'I. burning ; what is bnmL 
onftaounung/ deicslalion, 
on&'SfndedneB/ i m mission (I >. 
on'bcBC, -ling ov. backiwards). 
on-btaman Ir. kindle, aln Jig, \ 
heat, inflame, aha fig.\ bonia 

-ii«!'r"./. teeo'r 

on-beni m„> /. (., „. ^.]_ 

- habbao teg. refrain from (1). 
oa-b&Hnung/. expeciaiion. 
onbelgan* 3 — inbolgen eitupe- 

on-bon/. imprecation 'I), 
on-bflodan, in- 7 -aida, •nnoimcc. 






on-beecdawimg/. inapection. 

OQ-cnfiwe known. 

on-ffnig m. taking hold of, lei^ingi 

appropriating ; defence ; taludt. 

OD-f?nge I. m. receptacle. IL 

on.|>oacuflttn 7 thnist out (1) Gl. 

on'bidan 6 wait; wg. woit for, 

perceive ; acknowledge. 


-(OTi)ne8/ knowledge: acknow- 


oii'bieg|an bend ; subdne. 

-nes/ reception, acceptance, 
geon-ff nge taken (! ■ IN. 

-nea/. cunrature. 

on-onyBBOn strike down. 

on-gefooht H, attack. 
on'Dndan, in- lind oni, discover; 

OD'bieman, in-, eo 3 bnm.kindU 

on-cunning /! accusation. 

\pU. oabumeu mtUmed (body). 

oa-cweliaa 5 answer, ieai>ond, re- 

echo ; cry out, protest. 

-end III liuder, invenlor. 

on-bindan, ua- 3 unbind ; disclost. 

on-cypan tmc make known. 

on-bitan 6 lasle, pwtake of (food 

on-oypigt once wg. devoid, with- 

on-t'eflogen attacked with ditease. 

on-blABtan break in inlr. {\) CM. 

out. /eriiii-(?). 

on-flyge m., onfltgn- infectious 

on.e?(.|ft/; grief, dUlress. 


-dAd/ mjury. 

on-f3nib-^.n.,i'.,(.take:ree«ve: V-E.^^r*! 

on.bIfi,w|an, in- 1 breaihe m\t> . 

on-dfillan infuse !N. 

accept ; take up (a person), take 


-end m. infuwr IN. 

under protection, stand sponsor to ; 

-MB/ inspiration. 
oa-bl&wan, m- 1 inriale. 

□ndon vb. open. 

conceive (child). 

on-daung/ injection. 

on'fond m. taker op. 

on-blotan 1 sBi:nBL'e, oFTer (sacri- 

ondrAdlan ib,/rr.-*d,y/.-eord; 

onforhtian be afraid. 


aUo-i:k.pri.-SiAAe itmivi.a.erg.. 

on'fundelneB/. experience, proof. 

on-geboren inborn. 

aiiJoflfn IV. rft. d., ah» vi. fram. 

onbran^onbam pn. of 00- 

-endlic tenible. 


-ing/. fear. 

soiulion (of riddle). 

onbregdan, -brSdan, in- 3 Ir 

on-dr^ncan, in- Inebriate. 

ongagn = ongean. 

move quickly, jerk, pull open 

ondnfan', in- 6 drive fotdi, utter 

ongAn -- ongean. 

II inlr. move quickly, start up 


on-gal an* 1 charm. 

ondrincan. In- 3 drink oiwg. 

-end III. wizard. 

on-dnmcnlan gel drank. 

on-gang m. entrance; irmplion. 

on-dw«8oan extinguish /*r i- (t). 


on-gebrobt impoicd. 
on.bpy<» «. inroad Gl. 

on-geador av. togetber. 

on-ealdian grow old. 
on-oardiend m. inhabitaot. 

ongSan, -gaogn, -gSn, A. -gsegn. 

oa-brrrdlRn, in-, abr- inspire; in 

f , -BMsnin : '" 'f'f- "he gSao- : 

cite,Mcite; excite to compunci ion. 


met oncend I. prp. w. a. ; w. d.. 

on'egant fear [dga]. 

rart in W. cx»pt whin av. \ to- 

on-Bgnant, oe fear. 

wards, also met.; opposite, in 


on-enm. -efiein prp. w. d., a., av. 
close by, alongside: of timt — 

front of ; against ; (mirait : ~ [iSai 

On-bOffUtt 7 intr, bend ; bow (tc 

on the contrary ; equivaliiiie : 

show respect) id. t6; submit, 

- psm at ibe same time. 

->»in in return, - bwt fwt hio 
bohton . . in consideration of . . 

yield wd. ; deviate. 

-prowian iympathiie. 

on-baun, ab- oo„ prp. iv. a.. ,!. 

□n-grian plougti (field) 

II. av. opposite ; in the opposite 

aroDnd; i'/tii»/ about. 

onerrring = onlwmlng. 

direction ; back — eft - back 

geon-byrdan attack, oppose :<■. 

5nettian hasten; be brisk, cheer- 

again ; against : him - c5mon : 

cm a., ongfian. 

ful ; wd. anticipate, be loo quick 

in reply : faohto gielpword - ; 

for [/roni •onhatjan]. 

on the other hand ; again. 


-ung/ precipitation. 

-tag/, taknig food. 

onepting, oe/ insj.iration. 


-nea/. lasting, taste. 

on-ftegnian show glad]ie&s, fawn 

ongean-oyme m. return. 

O&'oann vi. «.. d. anJ g. or for d. 


ongean-fealdan 1 fold back. 

accnse of, leproach witb, be 

on-feareld 11. entrance : attack : 

ongBan-fldwende', ongend- 

indignant with. 


ongent- refluent Gl. 

on-ofnoan l-enr (child). 

on*f«atniftn ijicrce. 

ongfian-hwyrf m. retuni. 

on-[Ke)eiefftU!« (1)/. invocation, 
on-cigppftn tr. thange di.cciion of, 

on f«|iiiinBa/ imbrace. 

ongean-weard going towards er 

oQ-fangemnjOB/. receiving. 

^^ torn 1 clinnge, pciTeit, influence 

onrsBldan 1 unUM. 


^^L (a pereonl ; revoke II intr. turn, 
^B on-ollflende adbciing. 

on-feaU. e :w.^ swelling. 

-lio adversative. 

on-ftiaUende invading, rushing on. 

-lice Of. adversativcly. 

■ [isi] 



oagQa[i-wi[>erian oppose. 

ongegn - □ngsoit. 

onK6n = ongeaii. 

ongend = ongean. 

on-geotungy. pouiing in. 

on'gie&n 5 gi'^ back; paidon. 

OQ-gi^ldan 3 jf. n., f. pay the 
penalty, be punished fori tforfeil, 
lose (V\fs'' wg ; tvd. sacrifice (to 
iiiuls I, 

on-gieman*, y inflict (1), 

on-gtarwsn undress. 

on'gietan s tsaie, asHulJper- 
cdve, see, hear; feel; be lold of, 
hear of; ncdcratand, know, re- 
cognize ; know carnally. 

-<en;neB /. knowledge ; intellect ; 

on-e:liin;an,a«., uBc/g- iw.inf., 
gcr. begin, efltn pleott. ; under- 
lakc ; Ity for, endeavour, cany 
on 1 attack || intr. begin ; behave, 

-^ndlic inchoative (verb). 
-BS/ luidei taking, 
on -gripe m. attack. 
ongriaUc = an- 
on guniiotmeB/. undertaking. 
on'gyrdan unbackle. 
on h.&diBn degrade from holy 


, •!. sbj. , w. gir. lie 
, sutidblc ; be within 
one's pecuniar; means : gif him 
{or hlne) td (Am ~lgs if he can 
afford it ; be contented ; be in- 
clined ; Jififth hlne hwfio -ige 
has little inclination. 

on'hfttan 1 b promiae lui/u. 

onhftlian grow hot. 

onhealdan*, a- i keep .peace). 

on-hdaw "/. cboppine-hlock. 

onhgbban. in- i. aho w*. raise, 
met. exalt; leaven; begin ] lake 

onhield an, in- tr. bend down ; 

humble': incline (ear) m«. II " 

decline, sink, 
-ednea/ declining Gl. 
onhi^rdan encDunige. 


I'hindan av. behind, 
i-hlnderllng no. back. 
I'hlidan 6 Ir. open ; inlr. appear, 
i-hliulan lean on(!). 
I'hnigan 6 bend down, bow Ir. 

I'hSa I b tr. hang, crucify. 
on-hohenlauf ntue abomloate, 

detest. ' 
on-hragl n. covering Gl. 
on-hreodan r^ onriodan. 

hrfiran touch ; stir up, agitate ; 
filiate (mind) ; excite [anger). 
nrinan 6 -su. g., i. touch. 
on-hrine pi. contact. 
i-hrop (r/f.) importunity; abusive 
on-hS,pmn draw back, recoil. 
on'hwelan 4 resound. 
onhweorfiui 3 Ir. change; re- 
verse, recall (curse) || i»lr. change ; 
^■uig. change from, be cnred of. 
an-hwi§rf!ani'i-. turn; change. 
-edneo/. change, alteration. 
on*}i}nr|lan vj. d., a. imitate, emu- 
-enes/. imitallon. 
~iend ni. imitator, emolatot. 
-tag/, imitation, emulation. 
on-h^scan, t ridicule; deceive; 

revile; delest. 
on-iernant 3 yield {ef door borat 
■ open'. 

on-iemlng*, of. attack IN. 
ouaewan show wda. 
on-tanan, in- prp. wd., av. in, 

within, into, among. 
on-lAnan uv^., da. lend; grant; 

lease, let. 
ondAtan 1 b loosen, relax, 
onlfth, -l^b fri. of •l§on. 
on-l^ogende (salve; (o be laid on, 
on-lfgen/ medicinal application. 
on-leon6rcirff.lend;gTant. W.gcn. 
has otily the pri. onl&h, fia, using 
Jorlhe Biker pm-ls of tht 

inUeht^an, i 

enlighten (m: 
— ' .. illun 


on-li^lan inir. yield ;| Ir. untie 

on-looiend »i. spectator. 
onltican 7 unlock ; open ; disclose, 

on-l&tEUi 7 inir. bow {down). 

on-nUblan-)' speak Tod. 

on-man vb., prt. .mund« wag. 
think worthy, esteem ; consider 
(worthy) [ rft. care for, wish. 

onge-mang, on'mang l.prp. tuA 

among; limt — -bam mean- 
while, - f*m be while. II. an. 
among [others), by nay of inter- 
lude. Cp, gemanB II. 

oii-inearoung(t)/. inscription. 

On'middon, on . . middari wd- in 
the midst of. 

onio, -a A. behold I \ if, wheUwr; 
inlerr. particle. Cp. heonu. 

cm-drettant perform with effort, 

on-oi-]iiuig(r/ inspiration. 

on'pennlan unpen, open. 

on-r&d enc, (!)/ riding. 

on-rAs m. attack ; violence. 

onred (m.) a plant. 

onrfiod pri. = onrfiad. 

onTBodan 7 redden. 

on-idd [11.) ridine-hone. 

onTihtt «mt right, prnwr. 

-lice rro. rightly, properlj. 

on-ryna tii. running, coutw 
(of illness). 

on'sacjan, L. tee. onao- 1 w. a.,g. 
deny, clear oneself (of accDsatioa]; 
eicuse oneself; refuse, re»i»t ; 
^attack : bins fAares ~ aim at hix 

> illu- 

ine; gii-e sight t- 

-Ing/. illuminolion. enlightening. 

-nes/ illumination. 

m'ljee an untie, looseti ; release, 

-noo/ deliverance, redemption. 
jn'liexan*, in- become light, dawn . 


'-/■ ': 

Lsed ; denying. 
on-BSgan prostrate. 
on-BBgdnea, -s^g.sld-, -1 _ 

oiKi IX. sKgadneB /. sacrificing. 

offering ; thing sa<:rificed. 
ou-aSge assailing. 
on'aSlan untie, loosen. 
on-aagu/. accu 
on-sand Of. ir 
on-sang m. inci 
on-flSwan I sow. 
on-Bcaoan 1 ^hake. 
oti'scogan, an- unshoe wxti. : 

~ hiae o^re fet — ptt. unaood. 
on-BCortian grow short (^dayi). 
oa-acrjdan*. -- ■ - --' — 

strip off. 


OQ'SCUnlon, -eon', -ya- dete^l; 

reject ; shun, fear ; imlale ('.), 
-tend m, detestcr. 
-iendlic dclestsble. 
-ung /, detestation, abomtiialion ; 

exasperation (!). 
oa-*cyta m. stuck; CRlamQy 
on'Sfioan leqnlre of. exact niif, 
on-aacgjan vida. sacriBce, otTei 

II deny, abjure, 
-ung/. sacnficing. 
OIl'B^lldaii wad Tiit/a, I send out 

give up (ghostl ; emit (odour). 
on-Mtonea, -a^tnea/. laying on 

[olhaadi) : foundiDg. 
on-gcBetenea/ linowledge Bd. 
on-Betl R, tiding. 
on-setniB, oa-ssttnung / W 

[«=*!] nian;. 
on'Bf ttan oppress, 
onsiotui 6 sigh. 
OU'liglUl 6 sink, decline, a!io mil 

(/. ou-algan ii>d. attack. 
n-eittan 4 vi. a., ;,'. fear, eflm !<• 



onelrage ^ onslege. 
cm'SlApan, a i b sleep. Tatl nsler 

on-alOTe*. ee «.. blow', 
OD'smpan 7 become loose ffitcit 

St ring 1. 
on-apannon 1 unfasten ; di^clo 

on-Bpornan, aod- 3 stnnible. 
on-eprfto/. clnim. acuu&atioii. 
on-spreca m. claimant, accuser 
on-sprecend m. plaintiff, accuse 
on'BpringBn 3 /Hfr. cmck, bun 

>piing forth (0/ streams). 
on-spnmn^ennes/ defect, want 
on-Btwlt iDi.'j .-irtangemcnt. crc 

tion. a*A, fir-atcl ..4. 

-itskU (n. 
On-aUepo m. em ranee. 

OD'Stnppan i walk, go. 
on-at&l onti m. iBstilulion, sapplt 

tof teachen). -atal - stAl o- 

-•Mall (r). 

OD-8tandende urgent (l>. 
onstellaa institute; iniliate, begir 

tlii^tl ; appoint. 
on Btiepan raise, 
on-stigend m. mooDter, lidci. 
Q-atlng m, anthorlty ; clairo. 
on-atipiaD (!) make bard. 

I.fir,,, of 


TBtregdan i sprinkle. 
I'Styrlian intr. and tr. more; 
ciuse (fear); agitate (mind), dis- 

onsuadiiaii - ABtindrian. 
oa-HUndTjaa, -um av. apart 
separately; especially [Bundor]. 
OTi'Hnrebban put to sleep: bury. 
on-BWiftm fi tr. turn, tura aside, 
on-symbelnes/. festival Bd. 

ou-talu/. successful claim. 
on-tf iid;an kindle ; heat, mtl. in 

~liea/ burning; Rre ; inllammatioi 
jof body) ; vicl. fire of desire, 
passion, desirt:. 

on-Uegan untie. 

on-tige m. claim. Ttsmpation. 

on-ttmbemea (t]/ inilraction. 

on-tlmbran (1) instrud, edify. 

oiftydran nourish, i 

ontydre - ortydre. 

□n-tyht*. i 

-ing'. if. a 



vt (fire), 



./ aperti 
jwont 6 be of service. 
pweegeiitieB/. washing, 
jiwSan, in- i wash clean, 
-ufan av , frf. nrf, upon, 
uppan i.prp ■rv.d., a. upon, 011. 
I. uj', above ; tiesido. 
'wacan 1 intr. awake ; be bom 


□n-wealcan, and- 1 roll, 
□it^eard ^ andweard opposed. 
on-weg, nwoj-, hi touip. oho wog 

onweg-aclgrrsdnes/ apostasy. 

onweg-41fidnes/, removal. 

onweg-gtwit t. departure. 

onweg gewltennes/ departure, 

OQ'W^ndan, in- tr. change ; ex 
change (for) w. mid ; turn aside 
invert; pervert; wiig. deprive | 
intr. return. 


woorpan, in- ,i throw or tura 
siiie ; begin the web. 

on weorps ea ^ onnroipennea , 
on'wicaii 6 retreat, yield. 
oa-vri^Uan cause to boil ; cause 

on'Windan 3 nntie, loosen ; re 

on-gewlim h, assault. 
on-winnendB aggressive, 
on-wlat/ dwelling in a place, 
on-worpennea, -weorpnes /. 
throwing on ; being inspired with 

veal ; explain. 

on'wreopian onn reveal , 

on'wrigen(ii)ea, -wTihnea f. un- 
covering, (iisclosing, displaying ; 
eiposure ; revelation ; explano- 
lion, exposition [onwrdon]. 

on-wntli]g (I)/ inscription. 

on*wn^aii 6 unwrap, 

oii-wn]>ung*, •itm^f. bondage. 

on-wtHdrian otu-i extol, praise J) 

on-wuii;ian (I) inhabit. 

-ung_/! dwelling ; perseverance. 

OH- wy r tr mnl&n *. un- root up 

on-ypan (!) pour iti. 

open open; evident, 

-ears m. medlar, 

-lie public. 

~llce a%\ publicly, without conceal 

-nea/, publicity. 

openllan intr. open ; become 

manifest || Ir. open; diiclow, 

manifest ; discover, 

(ge)-uilg/. opening ; manifestation, 

Ot beginning, origin ; front, van. 
OPft m. bank, shore. 
6ra III, ore, nnrettuced metal. 
6r» III. Danish monetary unit, 
eighth of a mark {Siand. pL 

or-blftdo bloodless. 

oro m. cup, pitcher \^!j. uroeiu]. 

•Btapuf/ prick, wound. 
-wlgat "'. warrior. 
or-<UUe not paiticiptiHiig i 




or-eald very old. 

Orel, orl »>». garmeot, Tcil, mEuitle 

oret- buttle [fivm *0F-h&t]. 

-lof n. trtuinph G1. 

-■mscg(a]t m. wurior, chiimpioD, 

-Blfiw/, arena. 

Sretlit m. coatiunely, inmlt. 

orett»t, 'Ota m. warrior, cham- 
pion, man. 

orf n. cnttle. Cp. weorf. 

-jjebitt II. grazing. 

-cyan ». cattle. 

-cwe&lm m. caltle-pUguc. 

or-flemi'e, -eo> unlidy, iquBlid ; 
tdestitme wi.; fworthless [te- 

-o, ~i\eo/. eqoalor. 

organ m. song : voice [£l.]. 

org a; nf an sing to accompaniment 

of inusicnl instrument, 
organa / mnijoiam (a plant) \_/.t. 

organjon; -m, -an fii. a musical 

instrament [i/,]. 
orgel, •ol, -al pride f/hwi 'or- 

-lie conlemptible, bencnUi one. 
-lice, orglloe av, pioodly, arro- 
-nea/ pride. 

-traxa Hailike. brave, 
-gitre, -iBg- warlike. 
-hwil/. lime of war. 
-nip m. hottitily. 
-stundy. time of adveraity, 
-weorc n, baitle. 
or-mAt e 

or-mSd = . , 

-neey. discouragement, despDii. 
om frt. pieman, 
orna L unhealthy, barmfol, 

(n.) iDJury: ne wyr)> him nin -. 
omeet n. trial bv battle L. [ec- 

or',.o)t H. breath. 
orped grown op ; active, em 

^etlc; intelligent. 
-bee av. boldly ; clearly, definitely. 
orreat battle vJ.. [Scam/, omuta]. , 
OTTet[ta& disgrace, put to shame 

[or-, ribtll, 
-ocipe iH. infamy. 
or-B»wle+ lifeless. 
or-voeattinga av. gratis. 
or-Borg 7i>^\ wiihoiit anxie^, 

naconcemcii ; secure, safe; pro^ 

-lie secure T.^". 
-lioe av. without aniiety; raihlj; 

irchnrd, garden. 
-ISah*. orcerdleh/. orchard Gl. 
-Weam m. ganlener. 


I Ot>BB 

6per aj., no., akvajn si. ; secomi — 
on (>&m oprum dnge following; 
other ( " Ll. alter, alius) ; Ihe rest 
of; )HB> opces folBBi; diHeicnl t 
))& burh geaaah on dpre se- 
wend on djire heo Kt wns 
chimged (torn whal it vas ; one of 
two : vund purh ( pfet) - onfiow 

. . - one . . the othei II either ; 

heOM oJjTum tylnaa. - (. .) 
opfie. .op|ie,~ {iiLTao)i|)e . .o)i])e, 
- twdga opjK . , oppe cither . . 
or. /» rtii iif'iK il may bt a 
shaHeHing of 6hwe)isr = Ui- 

-Uoe av. otherwise, cpv. -lioor. 
O^'teatan entinst, commit. 
op-fikron i escape from md. 
op-fballan i ivJ. cesse lo concern 

(■ person) -, Lc wanting, fail (ihe 

power of speech ■ ; lose power, 

(lecav (of learning), 
op-ftolan 3 adhere. 
op'forlan cany off; nve (life'. 
op-dtegaii 7 fly awaj*. 
oji'flfion 7 flee ; cicape -wd. 
oP'Siton S get < lajid < from oDothei 

by litigation wda. 
oP'E&n f A. escape. 
Op'gUdui 6 glide away, 

op'giip&n 6 snatch away luda. 
op-healdan i withliold. 

Op'h^bbcin z i-ialt; date, moke 

OJf-hielde", y, e !y</. cuEitentetl. 

op'hleapan i e^a^te. 

op'hilnan 6 touch. 

op-h?daD inir. hide from \vd. 

Op-ieman J ran away ; escape Ted. 

op-iewaa, 6o tr. show ; rfl. ap- 
pear ; inlr. appear. 

op-lAd&n lead away, curry off; 
save tlifc). 

OpTidant u ride. 

op'rowEm 1 row away. 

op'sacan i u-g., iv. sbj. deny (state- 
ment, ehargej ; opiioo p»t h6 hit 
nnre denied that he was . . 

opsoacan l ewape. 

op-Bceotaa ; tiiir. turn away from 
(faith) ; be lost lo, escape W. 

op-Bcufan 1 depart. 

optipomaii 3 inlr. strike against, 

op'Standan i inlr. cease from 
motion, stop ; be lost (^hearing) ; 
remain ; wJ. be n hindrance or 

Op'Btillaii./r. stop. 

op'sw^rian i deny on oaili tv, shj. 


op'swigan become lilent. 

)p'»w 1inm an 3 awim away, 

jp'teon 7 lake away. 
oppo. oppo[n), opp». /W. oppa (/ 

Cip-p« until, stt op. 
op'peodan disjoin, dismembei. 
opplcgant 5 Uke away. 
op-pingian usurp LL. 

•, depi 

■e («/. of life) a 


pftd/. cloak. 

pAo an deceive. 

-am. deceiver. 

pAgel m. gill, wine vessel. 

pmll, e HI t'oitly cloak or robe ; pur- 
ple, purple garment [Zf.pftlllum]. 

-on of purple, costly (clothes). 


pnp, k VI. path ; valley Itf. 

piBppant, e traver^, 

p&l III. pole, slake; hoe ar spade 
f /./. palna]. 

paleiit(B>e /, pal(l)eat m. palace 

11/./. palaiititini 
palaatlio palatia 

paleeter, palstr spike Gl. 

palm, -a m., M'. pwlme/i palm. 

-ceppel m. date. 

-bearo m. [laJm'grove. 

-dug, -simnandffig /«. Palm 

-tr60W n. palm-lrce. 
-twig «. palm-branch. 
ge-twigodt decked with palm. 
-■vtWXf. Pttbn Sunday week. 
panio (iw.) a kind of millet. 
pannle/. pan. fiying-pan, 
-mft« w. tookeilfooti, 
pftp a m. piipe. -uihftd m. papacy 

ILl. papa], 


some one Wiia., deprive. 
Op-windiUi 3 escape. 
op'Witau 6 reproach with, t.iuni 

with, charge with wda. 
op'wyroan otict injure (!). 
O-WSBBtm i». shoot, branch. 

owana ^ ihTpacon. 

o-nr^bb, owef I iiy?. 0/ weran], 

awfb(b), ftb [nolb\>]H. woof. 
ower(n) = ahwAr anywhere. 
owifat = flwiht. 
owiac, Sfeec Cl. border (!). 
oxa m., pi. ozan, exsn, o« ax. 

oxon-alyiipe/. oilip. oxna-lrbb 

ox-heal (a plant)- 

oxta, fiouata m. armuit. 


p&p[d6m HI, papacy. 

-aeld, -setl h. papal see. 

paper (') papyrus Gl. [Z,f.]. 


papol-atAn m. pebble. 

part III. part iLl. para]. 

pftwa, pea w. peacock [Ll. pavo], 


pearroc m. cnclosute. 

Pfninglslieht*. ee nt. colniog 

-w*8;/. pennywcigbl. 

-waorp "■ pennywotlh. 

P^nii "I. pen, fold. 

p^nn kind of cataract (diseoac of 

the eye). 
p60i P*8 {/•) in>ecl, paiasite. 
poorjit (w.) chess-man (?) ; Ihi 

Hunk lellir p. 

perle, -u/. pear [£/. plnu]. 
-8wSb ». perry, 
pomoit {,"'■) " BOpposed bird 

[titisundirslaniiiitg cf Ll. psmix 

pereoc ni. peach [Z/. peraloum]. 
-treow n. jKiich-trcc. 
perwinoe, perr-/^ peri wink le[^r.], 
petenili(K)e/ pmsle)- [Z/. potro- 

pio n. pitch, hluttor ~ resin. 
~en of pitch. 
-Ian cover with pitch. 
pio (w.) point, pike. 
-ian', -an pick, put out (ejes) Z. 
-lingy. pricking. 
pie ^ peo insect, 
pigment, pihm- drug [Z/.]. 
pihten pan of loom [Ll, peoten]. 
pil m. pointed stick or stake ; apike ; 

ffickle [Z/. pilum]. 
pillian pomid in mortar. 
-ore m. ponnder. 
pa!e/. morlar [ZA piU]. 
-fltcef M., -Btampe/., -stocc m 

pil(olce, py- /. robe of skin [Z/. 

ptU-sftpe/ a plant (!). 
pin- [i/. piniu]. 
-bSam III. pine-tree. 
-hnutu/. fir-cone. 
-treow n. pine-tree. 
~trfioweii, f of pine. 
pinllan torture ; afflirt (mind) [ZA 


-nee/; torment. 
pinung/ torture. 
-tol It. instrument of torture, 
plne-wlnole - wine-, 
pinn peg. pin ; IN. pen [Z/. pennn]. 
pinnc/. leather Iwttle. 
plneian weigh; eitimate valne of; 
e limine, consider {Ll. pensare]. 
pintel (m.) membmrn virile. 

pip|e /. tube ; pipe (musical instru- 

-drSam m. sound of the pipe. 

-ere m. piper. 

pip(e lUan grow pimply. 

pipeneale / pimpernel (plant) 
{Ll. blpennula]. 

plpor m. pepper [Z/. piper]. 

-com n. peppercorn. 

-oweom/. pepper-mill. 

-horn HI. horn for holding pepper, 

-ian, plprian pepper. 

plr|lg©/ pear-tree [pare]. 

-grif m. pear-orchard. 


-lice, pf- av. heavily IN. 

pise, io, y/. pea. 

-oynn n. kind of pea, 

piale onci f. (warm) chamber CI. 
[_1LI. piaalla}. 

pistol m. letter, epistle ; written 
agreement [ZA eplBtoIaj, 

-boc/. book of Epistles. 

-rftdere m. epistle- reader (in 

-Fading / lesson in chorch-ser- 

-roeo rii. vcslment worn when read- 
ing the epislle. 

pipa "I, pith. 

plBce, plae(t)Be /. open place, 
street IN. \Ll. plataa]. 

plsgan ^ plegian. 

plffittw, blow with flat hand, smack, 
plsttan smack, strike with open 

-Btloca m. a gardening - tool, 

dibble (I). 
-UDg/'. planting; plant. 
plaster (».) plaster \Lf. empla*- 

-platiian cover with pUtes of 

metal \lLl. platns]. 
-ling/ plate of metal, 

pleah,/«. ^plSon. 

plegjan, -Ian, m, a play in its 
t'orieiu mtaHiHg!, frolic, amuse 
oneself; pUy (harp); applaud; 
strive for w. for. 

-era m. player, athlete. 

plega m. quich movement; game, 
ithletic sport ; fighlingt ; ap- 

plegjhuB n, iheaire, 
-lie relating to games, theatrical. 
-mann, ptege- m. athlete, wrestler, 
-scield in. small shield. 
-Bclp H, small ship Gl. 
-BtoWi plese-/. ^ampbi) theatre. 
plegol sportive. 
pleo, srt pleoh. 
-lie dangerous; hurtful. 
pleon, fri. plsoh risk, expose to 
danger -.og. 

pleoh, g. plfioa «. danger, peril (to 
the soul); injury; respousibilily, 

plett (sheeplfoid IN. 
pllegan [i = i' T] »crape CI. 
pllht 11. danger; damage [pldon]. 
-He dangerous. , 

pllht'aa bring danger Upon, be 

liable to forfeit W. 
-ere m. look-out man (on ship), 
plog a measure of land, 
plott plot of ground. 
plucdian pluck, gather, 
pliiin- [Ll. plums]. 
-fefieP/. down, 
plGm e /. plum (fmit or tree) [U. 

-blM/ plum (frail). 
-sean' h. plum-juice. 
-Blft/. sloe, 
-tr&jw H, plum-tree, 
plyme/. plum [fruit or tree) {Lt. 





IK)hh a /". pouch, bog. 

-ode baggy (clothes), 
pol, -pul, J. -pulle m. pooL 
polente /. parched corn \JJ. po- 
pollegie / pennyroyal [Z/. pu- 

poUup aiKt m. an instrument of 

popig, a (w.) poppy. 

por|r, -leae {m.) luek \_Ll. por- 

•gcreia m. mayor, 
-geriht n. due paid by 
-atrftl/. street, 
-waraa, -weor- //, 


portjiveall m. lowa-wall. 

-Trer m. citiien IN. Frcm -wMan. 

portlan pound (in morlarj. Cf. 

portlo m. porch, portico ; enclosed 
place ; place roofed in ; arched 
receis in church \_LI. portlciu]. 

gepos «. cold in the head, 

poBa -^ pusa, 

poeel, poslfng pi. pill. 

post m. post \_Lt. poBtls]. 

poBtol ^ apostol. 

pOtlAH butt, gore ; prog, prod. 

pott m, pot, 

Itrott m. guile, trick ; pi. prattu 

dooble dealing. 
-Ig, B, pntis, e cimnine. 
prftfoBt, pro- m, ofhccr, provost of 

a monastery \IJ. propoaitos, 

praepoaitiu] , 
-folgop m., -aarf. provostsbip. 
pmsB \m.) array, pomp. 
predio |1mi preach [^.pToedioare]. 
-•rs, pry- m. preacher. 
prSon M. phi, brooch. 
prioflt m. priest [X/. prertytec]. 
-h&d m. prieatl]F aflice, priesthood. 
-htap <n. body of priests. 
~\a.^\i.f. law relating to priests, 
-lie ofpriests. 
-80ir/V parish, 
preowt-hwil/. moment. Cp. be- 

preu/. press [Fr,}. 

prlo|i&n prick; stab { point oul, 

-ung/. pricking. 

prlo]a M., ~e/. DOint, dot ; particle 

of space ; * point,' fooilh or lifth \ 

part of an hoiu-. 


p ri c-miblum ati.bypoinis(ofiimc;.. 
pricel m. sharp point, prickle. 
pricela m. sharp point. 

-Bang m. pnme-song, 

prino. winking Gl. 
pritigian ami chirp Gl, 
prod-bor, prot- (».) anger (1) IM. 
profian assume lo be (a thief; 

[Ll. probare]. 
pr6fi»st -^ pr&foat. 
pr^t prond. 
-lice av. 

-Hcipe HI. pridi 
-ung/. pride. 
prutene /. soutbetnwood [/,/. 

prjto, pryte, prjd- /. pride 

puclau creep. 
pficel m. goblin, 
pudd III. ditch. 
pudoo m. wen, watl, 
pueriac boyish \Li. puer], 
-p«I = p61 pool, 
-sper «. reed IN. 
pulllan pluck, twitch. 
pumic pnmice [Z/. pumiaem]. 
-st&n m. puroice-stouE. 
pun|iaa poand (m mortar). 

pund H. pound (weight or money) 
[i/. pondo]. 



pund|m&te weighing a pound. 

-wtbg/. pound -weight. 

pund* enclosure, pound. Cj>. 

pundere m. weigher hV. 
-puadera n. pair of scaler. 
-georn [Ifu -georn deiiH/ii/] 

wciching, pondering Gl, 
pU]uk>r plnmb-tine. 
puug (oj.) bag, ptir^. 
pungetung/. pricking sensation. 

Cp. pyngan. 
punt punt [Lt. pocto], 
pur ("-.) bitten. (?). 
par Iwnb lamb without blemiill 

[Z/, porua]. 
purpuTje/. purple robe [Z/. pnr- 

~en purple. 

purs purse [Z/. bursa], 
pusa, posa »i. bag, wallet. 
pualian pick out best pieces of 

pylTan blow (with mouth). 

pyle HI. pillow [/./, pulTi- 

pyleee = pileco robe. 

pynoa*, i m. point Gl, 

pynd'au shut up, confine [pund]. 

-ing/. dam. 

pyngan prick [/.I. pungoro], 

pyretra / pcllitory [Z/, pyro- 

pyrtaa beat. Cp. portiao. 
pytt III. pit ; erave ; pond ; pustule 

\_Ll. putaua]. 
-an dig, prog. 
-ode pilled, marked with hollows 

(^ sword). 


raca m., itanf. rake. 

racca m. cord forming part of rig- 
ging ofihip. 

raoentfl, *oto/ chain, fetter. 

racentaaSi -e> rocet- / chain, 
fetter [/., rxtaiiiion 5/"(uoente liy 

.-,./. o/ts»a]. 

-Ian diam. 

mcu / narratiTc, exposition ; ex- 
planation; rhetoric; reckoning, 

raau rake-raoa. 
racuy^ bed of stream. 
rad- = hfad-. 

rAd/. riitiDg (on horse, in cairiage, 
in ship) : journey ; wstlike cxpc- 
". Ulfir I 


; Ihe 

[ridui]. Cp. risd-, rnde- 

~eniht m. - Blexhynde-mann. 

-ehfre = rAde-. 

~horB M. horse for riding. 

-pyttt m. draw-wel! Cf). 

-wtata m. terrn of cavalry service {1). 

-wirlgl- weary with riding or 

rtdt »"<"« iumilare, hamc» ,!)■ 

GRltd I. H. reckoning, account (of 
ezpeaditure) ; accuracy ; wisdom, 
prudence : coodition — on pcet - 
Jwt itj., la pSm -e p«Bt i/if. on 
condition that, on the undentand- 
ing that, II, aj. straight (road) 
— -aprCo prose; skilled (in) 
vig, ; wise, prudent ; circum- 
stani;ed, conditioned — put ~ of 
Ihij kind, wtrt ~ of such a kb<l, 
hu~ what kind of 'man) II hii -e* 


I, prescnlini 

gerAcan overtake ; get at, i 
seiie, take (fortieis), obtnta (vie 
tory) ; address (1) — his awl 
aoandlioa gerBht hBfde hai 
put them to shame. 

raoo tn. dog that hunts by lo 


rod -^ hr»d. 

r^dm. advice : discnssion, council 
resolution, plan of action, policy 
(lecrei; \ scheme. conspiracy 
tnile, power I gonnd policy, wlift 
is advisable, beneiit: him td -• 
■w& him mSat -• Aa : help 
good fortooe Ij sense, understand 
ing II way of life, state of thingi 
on fiooin ~e to last for ever- 

-bana m. deviser of homicide (ki 
opposed lo the petpetralot). 

-bora m, connsellor ; consul (! '. 

-test wise, prudent. 

-fiBfltnea /. reasonableness, reidt- 
Dcss lo take good advice. 

-flndende ndviung. 

~gi6fa in. adviser, councillor ; caB* 
ml (I), 

-gilt ('■)/. consulsblpi senate. 

~hycgeade+ wise, prudent. 

-Itas foolish; rsah ; in confuaioa 
helpless, miserable, 

-lie advisable. 

~lice av. wisely, skilfully ; d« 

-mlBgeiit R. n. Or riM- ,<), 


It: call to a 

~fe)>eaht n. counsel. 



rBde-at4n m. bikc syaopliitas (pi 

eious stone) Gl. 
gerefa, oe, r- m. reeve, officer, 

»»m n. court-hoDse. 

^land H. iSj. 

-JcAd^f. rcevc'i meadow. 

-maun in- official. 

-aclpe ni,, -soir y^ leeveship, pre- 

r^&^an, w, repBUi, b reprove Gl. 

^'f- gerf Bp. 
-ttng ^. teproviag Gl. || interval ; 

reg(B)o, rSn m. rain. 
-bogft m. rainbow. 
~dropa m. raindrop. 
-ig, -lie rainy. 




He ,11 

-heard very hatd. 
~meld/. jolcmn announcement. 
-Jieof w. areh-lhicf. 
~weard "1. mighty guardian. 
regol, oo •». rale, regnlalion ; pal- 
lem, standard; canon (cccleains- 
liia!); ™Ie {Benedictine) ]_Ll. 

-bryoe m. breach of nilc. 

-flBst observing an (ecclcsisslical) 

-lagu/. monastic law. 

-lie according to rule, regular : 
canonical . 

~lice ati. in accordance witb rules, 

~lif n. life Bccordiag to ecclesias- 
tical rules. 

-Btdcca III, ruler {instrument}. 

-[•Saw III. monastic discipline. 

-weard m. authority on rules ; 
ptovost of monastery. 

relic- ; reliquiae mfl. relics [ZA 

-gang ™. visiting relics ; procession 

~eudo precipitate, haaly. 
r§nlian, r^Bliiui arrange, prepare 

— Ee~ t^ binmere humiliate; 

set (jewel, trap); mend. 
-lend m. arranger. 
ye-ling/ arTaoging. 
r^nooy^ pride, ostentadon [Mno]. 
randan tear, cut IN. 
grrfine h. ornament [rfinlaa]. 

renge, jf. spider [Ll. aranea]. 

r§o - reowe blanket. 

reoef emt lierce. 

rSocan inlr. smoke, steam ; slink. 

reod I. ruddy (completion). IL 

». red colouring, red [rfiad.]. 
reodan 7 tr. redden ; fkiil (') 
rdofan 7 break, tear. 
reohhe/ a fish. 

r^ma, ea m, membrane, lignmenl. 
rSon lamentation. 
reon = rSowon /rt . //. 

-Ungy^ wbispeting. 

gereonian conspire. 

-ung/ plot. 

reonigt sad, moumfiil, gloomy 

-mod sad, weary, 
reopian ^- ripian. 
reord/. meal, food. 
-hOari. house where meals are taken, 
roordt/. voice, speech ; limgtiage. 
-berendt m. man. 
-ian speak: read. 
gereordt ". voice ; language. 
geroord, -o, r- n. laeaT, I 

-huB H. refectory. 
-ian, -an feed, feast Ir.. inlr., rjl. 
-^n&a/, bont^uet ; feasting. 
gereordung/. meal. 
-htis H. refectory. 
rSoat rest (part of plough). 
reotant 7 weep, lament. 
reotigt sad. 
rfiow^hreoh fierce. 
rSoiffe, reo, r&wB, vE. rfbte, rfo 

/. blanket, rug, carpel [ruh]. 
repan 5 reap. Cf. ripan renp. 
ger^ap, gerfif — on hine - weor- 
be brought home " ' " 

, Iranquet 

ing^tlace, bed ; grave, lomb. 
-beddt n- bed. 

«'ll)dSBg/a. day of rest. Sabbath. 
-engfiar «. year of rest. 
-hOe K, bedroom. 

■leas restless, disturbed, 

-gem&na m. sexual 
ge~Boipe m. sexual i 
r^tan abs., rft. resl, go- -ag. rest 

gereata/ contort, wife. 
rfitfaa cheer, gladden, comfort, 
ioothe (wound) [rot]. 


rejiian be fierce [repe]. 

rejwt just = rSJ>e (! '.. 

-hygdlg right-minded i.l), 

ret>e, oe fierce; severe, stem; 

-modt lierce : indignant, 
rSpon omi L. wild (.beast). 
rejj|lic fierce. 
-Ilea av. fiercely. 
-nea/. fierceness; severity, stricl- 

-lan rage. 

-modt fierce. 

repra, oe, ge- m. rower, sailoi 

repru, ge- npl. oari. 
gerejjre oitct ready. 
r6wet(t) n. rowing ; ship, vessel 

ribb «. rib. 

-Bp&can//. the brisket (I,i Gl. 
ribbo/ ribwort Gl. 
rica m. man in power, mler, 
rioe powerful, of high rank; strong 

[of things) ; rich. 
rioe ». power, authority, reign; 

kingdom, diocese, 
~doin m. rule, 
-llo rnognificenl, splendid. 
-lioo av. with power ; splendidly. 
riceter(e), rloo- «. power, do- 
nion ; domination ; usurpation; 


igand', -and m. ruler IN. 
llngy. rule, dominion W. 
rid(an 6 ride (a/10 ef (etleit, ships, 
the pillar of fire) ; swing — on 

-end+ m. hon«man, knight. 
-ere m. (Norman) knight vL. 
wiga m. mounted soldier. 
geridan 6 inlr. ride l| ir. ride up lo ; 

ride over, take forcible possession 

of (cotmlry, estate). 
Hdda m. ridei; cavalry soldier 

rideaoht fever IN. [S.aiit. rt^- 

B6tt. Cp. blip, auht]. 
riduEtande swinging, swayuig Gl. 
nepan spoil, plunder. 


. catch (□( lisb), nambei 

It (offish). 

£ wrinkled. Cp. gaiifod. 
Tl&ling HI. kiod of shoe or landaL 
Bcrlfod wrinkled. 
rift, iW.oHdlA. y, IIV. e n. cloak : 

riflAT m. sickle; scythe. 

rtflere, rlpt-, rlftra m. reaper. 

Hht, elV. J. K. tto. iiL, A. e I. 
strsight ; creel ; right in nwsl of 

"i pnitni miaitings es av. 

night (on). II, n. right in 
meil »f in prtunt mtam'np. 
«quit;, justice, due (poaishmeDt), 
prCTOgarive; taw; duty — bi 

correctness, tnith — on ~ cor- 
rectly, properly | account — 
- a^eldftQ render on account 
[Z/. reotu-]. 

-»p«I.ewan/. Iflwfnl wife. 

-BJiolo/. irae nobility. 

~mvr/. matrimony ; lawful wife. 

-imdswaruy^ reproof. 

-osmocynn a. genuine or direct 
royal lineage. 

-cynn/. genuine breed or lineage. 

-d^nda nght-doing. 

~Itedereii-cynii ». lineal descent 
or descendants on father's aide. 

-teeten-dfeg m. regular bst- 

-fteetfla-tid / regular time for 

-gefrjmed orthodox. 
-fremmeadet acting rightly. 
~Iml honourable, right vL. 
~geRielda iii. regular member of a 

~hfimed ri. matrimony. 
-hand/, right hand. 
~haild-dMam. actual perpetrator. 
-heort upright in heart. 
-hlwa m. lawful spouse. 
-hl4ford m. lawful lord sr hus- 

-hl&forddfim m. lawful authority. 
-hliford-hyldo/, loyalty, fealty. 
-lAc&n let right, amend, correct. 
-ISming/. setline right, correclloD. 
-lAoe m. qnaUfied physician. 
-lap*/, iost law, equity. 
-gdAoifklll orthodox. 

rihtlgeleaflice aii.'aian onhodox 

-gelle&d orthodon. 

-eellefende faithful. 

-Ue just, fait; fitting; having a 
right to, fitted ; righteous. 

~llce av. jUBtlyi coneclty; in ac- 
cordance with rales; virtuously. 

-licetters m. thorough hypocrite. 

-Uf n. light or moral life. 

-liplic articulate. descent on 

-meter-fers n. correct hexameter 

-munuo iH. true monk. 

-nea /. perpendicularity; justice, 

-norjian-wlnd m. direct north 

-raciend m. expounder of right- 

-racu/. correct account. 
ge-rpcc»n guide, direct. 
-regol m. rule of right conduct, 

-ryna m. right coarse; proper 
channel (of river). 

~liclllil)g m. genuine er standard 

-aotifend m. lawyer. 

-scyttet shooting Btralghi. 

-geeett rightly appointed , canonical. 

-Bmea(w)tmg/ aigimient. 

-tid/., -tilDa wi. proper time. 

-getioncod right-minded. 

-p6ow m. lawful slave. 

-weg w. right way; definite direc- 
tion, course (of ship) : pna ~ei 
pe . . in the direction that. 

-wor m. lawful husband. 

-vtrest-f&de wi. extreme western end . 

-wlllende well-meaning, righteous. 

rihtwia righteous. 

-end m, Sadducee. 

-ian justify ; rule. 

-lie richteons. 

-lice av. reasonably. 

~neB /, righteousness, justice ; 
reasons blenesa, reason. 

ge-ung/. justification. 

riht^^ewltt H. rcasott : mas ofhlre 


iende orthodox. 
-ymbren n., -ymbran-dagas 


mfl. duly appointed Ember 

rihtjan direct ; put upright, restore ; 
maJce straight ; restore (people) 
to their rights; correct, tefotm; 
rule, govern. 
'endi m. ruler, 
eret m. director, ruler. 

ge-nes/. correction. 

rihtimg;/. direction, guidance; cor- 
:lion; reproof; regularis (in 

-brAd III. plumb-line. 

rihta av. straight (on) ; of lime at 
once ; rightly, honourably, fitly, 
well ; correctly ; exactly (square). 

rlhte-bred m. carpenter's square, 
lie Gl. 

gerihte n. ilraight direction — on - 
straight onwards, straight, direct, 
£ip on- upright; right, due; 
religious rite. 

rim n. nsmber. 

~ib m. oath taken by a person and 
the nnmber of persons he brings 
with him as compurgatora. 

;gei-orBft m. arithmetic, compiita- 

-creelUg skilled in arithmetic, 
-gctffll II. number, 
-talut/ nund«r. 
gerim n. number. 

rimjan count, calculate, enumerate ; 

rima m, border, bonk, ( 

tracted, vcrinklediT), 
riDSJl, rare prt. r&n rain [regn]. 

-getffil K. number of men, host, 
rmd/ bark ; rind, oust. 

-leaa without baik. 

rinda-ollfer / ' bark.scraicher,' 
woodpecker (1) Gl. 

riiman 3 ran; flow flanun]. 

gerinnlan 3 coagnlate; run to- 
gether, be mixed. 

-Ing*, -yming/. accumulation (of 

rlnnelle/. brook. 

rip. //■ ~<i "■ reaping, harvest; 
cut com, dieol of corn. 

gerlp ». rtnpinj; ; harvert. 
rip>n 6 ri:a|] ; gain advuUge, 

Cf. rspan reap, 
-ere m. reaper. 
rlplan*, eo reap, 
rjpo, 80 w. sheaf [ripan], 
ripje ripe. 
~ian lip^ iMr. 

-nsB/Tripeness, maturity ; harvest. 
-O i,!t/ ripeness, maturity, 
~iuig /. ripening tnlr., ripeness, 

ripe-maim*, hripipjemonn m. 

reaper IN. 
riptere ^ rlftere. 

~eiide lapBcious. 
riaan (I) 6 rise. Cp. &riBan. 
gcriaan, t- 6 wd.gin, imptrs. befit, 
rlso, y, e, -o/,, Tii- rush \LI. 

-bfdd H. bed of ru£he>. 
-en of rushes. 
-16ao H. rosh-gariic. 
-mfire m. nishy pond. 
-pytt w. rush-pool. 
-Bteort m. nishy promontory. 
-b^I^l 'M. bed of ruEhes, 
nscende cMf/ somidmg Gl. Cp. 

-lice nv. suitably. 

gerlBn[e, -en- proper, suitable, 

convenient [geriaan] 
-vaf. fitness, congmity. 
-Ian suit, accord. 
-u Hpl. what is fitting or seetnly, 

honour, dignity. 
riaoda ence m. rheum. 
rip ni/., -ey. stream, rivulet. 
tiyig t^. stream. 
rix>, su liflo rush. 
roo \,H.) cud. 

-bora M. cross-bearer. 
-fostnion crutjify. 
-eh§ngen(n)/. crucifiilon. 
~weor{ilead m, worshipper of the 

-ewlert>e deserving 



-beorhtt heavenly bright. 
-oyuingt m. king of heaven, Christ, 
-lit! of the fimuunent. hcavoil]', 
-lihting/. dawn. 
-Btolt «<■ celestial throne, 
-torhtt heavenly [iright. 
~ttliigolt n. star of heaven, 
roft strong, brave. 
r6gian+, 6t omc prevail (t), 
rohte/r/. i/"r^can care. 
B6ia /., -eburg /. Rome \Ll. 

-feoh H., -pjniiig *«., -geBOot «. 
" ■ -s penc 

rdadant possess vg. 

Romftn/ Italy Gl. \IJ. Bomuila]. 

-e, -an//. Romans. 

-iac Roman. 

roop, see ropp. 

rop, oo liberal. 

-nee/, liberality. 

ropp, roop III. colon, intestine. 

-t>& tkim-t- 


roati&n roast, dry Gl. 

rot = hrot scum. 

rot cheeifol. glad ; excellent, good, 

-hwjl /. time of cheerfulness or 

-lice av. cheerfully. 

-nes/. cheerfulness; comfort, pro- 

rottest firmly established iiL. 
\Scand. ret root]. 

rotjiaa decay ; suppurate, ulcerate, 

-img/ decay; ulceration. 

rota^ian* clicer, 

-tuig/. cheering, comfort. 

rof, hrolj [iTppa], 

-lituid m. mastiff. 

ro|>or (!) m. sailor Gl, [rowan]. 

rowL gentle, mild (ilisease), 11,/ 

r5w,an i r6o(wo n row, 
-end III. rower ; tsoilor, 
-ett «. rowing = r8wett, 
-nea/ rowing. 
-img/. lowmg IN. 
ruddOG m ) robin. 
rude onit in. scab CI. 

S&DE lue (a plant iZl. ruts], 

nld u/, red colour, rouge ; redness, 
biusti ; cotmtenonce [rSodan]. 

-ig mddy. 

rug-, see ruh. 

Bugern (m.) a month , 

luh, //. rik(Blo shaggj', haify ; 
knotty, rough; nn trimmed (hedge), 
uiicnhivat^ wild ; utipiepared, 
not ground (cornj, 

rflm I, spacious, wide troad) ; open 
(coontiy); extended (j>eriod of 
lime); unrestricted, lax; liberal, 
bonntifiil ; noble, magnificent. H. 
space ; space of lime ; Eofiident 
space, room ; sufficient er tiltiag 
lime, opportunity — pi h' 
geald when the opportun 
given him. 

-G av. exteasively, far and wide; 
liberally, bonnrifully ; amply, 
ahundanlly, at length; cheerfully. 

-gftlt rejoicing In ample space. 

-gie& m. liberal pvei. 

-giefol liberal. 

-giefolnea/. liberality. 

-heort liberal ; cheerful. 

-heortnes/ liberality. 

-lie liberal ; gracious ; abundant 

-lioe ati, largely, greatly ; (speak) 
at length ; libendly ; gradoiuly, 

-mdd wg. liberal, profuse ; graciotu, 

-modilc liberal. 

-moilioe^ic. litierally; gracionsly. 

-modnee/. Hbetality ; kimjaess. 
-noa /. breadth ; abundance, 
-welle spacious l.V, 

'Ffinit spacious, dilated, 
-rit «»<■<■ ai..C!) roomily. 
r&mian become free from obstnic- 

tion ie/'body). 

rOma m. separattoo. 
ger&mat m, place, station. 
ramed|Uo ample, liberal [rOm, 

-lice av. liberally; (speak of) at 
large, fully. 

r&n /. mystery, secret; council, 
secret discussion, communing (with 
oneselfj | Kunic letter ; writing. 

-BO&-t- IN. mind. 

-crnftlgt skilled in mysteries, 

-lie mj-stical. 

-Btsf "I. Runic letter, rune. 

rOn-witat'H. CI 
rOnfitui whtipei 

nfidanl, c( 


-ling /. whispering, aoft speecli, 

gcrfina m, conncUloT. 
ruiiol0Ri-<[ = hr-?] foal pr rnoniag 

-ig nisly. 
rQw-, see fuh. 
ruwe = reowe blanket. 
riislan nuke a noise iM 


rygen of rye. 


r^moD clear (road), make clear 
s|>ace i enlarge ; give way. retire : 
- him aatl yield it (o him [rum]. 

ryinet(t) ». space, extent; aot- 
ficient space, room ; extension of 
landed property ; benelit. 

rym)>/ amplitude. 

rynoa roar. Cf. rjn. 

ryne m. runiting ; course (of itaip) ; 
orbit (of sun and moon) ; flowing, 
flux (of blood); bed of river; 
period of time, cycle; coarse of 
life ; cooree in other mcl. meanings 

-Pffltt «'■ swift E"«t (-= light- 

~Btrangt strong for the course. 


ryiie|HWlftt swift in its couric. 
-prftgt/. space of time. 
-WM gnti -wftn m. chariot. 
rjTis n. mystery, mysterioos utying 

-lie mystical, 
-lioe av. mystically, 
-manat m. »gG. 
geryne h, mystery. 
~lic mystical. 
~lica av. myslicnlly. 

rynge - r^nge. 

rynlgt, It •»t'' E°oi in debate [1} 

lyoiga m. liquid that runs off (T). 
ryBning/. rennet. 
ryao-riBC rush. 
ryeel, ryal 'n.,-«f.itx. 
ry^f» m. mastiff [ro))-]. 



>nce sheet Ul. 
Bao- BBC guilty. 
sacan a diiagree, quarrel ; fight 
lay legal claim to w. on a. 

saciui wrangle, qu arret. 
gesaoa m. a^eisary, 
saoo, M m. sack, bci£ [/./. Mocua]. 
s&oard, 6 h m. priest [Z/. aaoerdoa 

fhtntgh Irish). 
-bona m. pricst-killei, 
~hiA m. prieWhood. 


-land H 


~^rlBne b«fitiinB a priest. 

geBaeu + oHi-f/! hostilitj. 

saoU, RBoc- y. dispute, quarrel; 
ligbting. war; lawsuit; jurisdic- 
tion In lawsuits; persecution, 
.ifBiclion. > i**a > 

-ftill quarrelsome, litig:ions, given 


eadian intr. become satiated i 
vrnry || tr, ga- satiate [am^]. 

s&da m. noose, snate. 

EAdolm, saddle. 

~beOrhtt having a aplendld saddle. 

~boga m. saddle-bow. 

-ff Ig/. pommel of saddle. 

-ian saddle. 

Bfb/m., g. tB(a), dfil. BB(n)m sea ; 

-iil iH. sea-eel. 
-BBlfenCn)/ sea-nymph, 
-loitt "1. boot, ship, 
-beorg-l- m. sea-hitl. 
-burg/ sen -town. 
-ooaatar/ sea -town. 
-oeOHol I'/, shingle. 
-oieiTt 111. retreat of the sea. 
-cUf|-«. sea-cliff. 
-tMiCe i». cockle. 

-cyningt "i- sea-king, 
-d^net "I//. Dimes. 
-A^^.m .. ... ~o55ter. 

-Aereld «. passage of the (Red) 

a£ &B8ton',n;-f «. Bca-(astn«s, de- 
fence afforded by the sea. 

-faropt "I- sea-shore. 

-fiao m. sea-fish. 

-fl5d mil. flood'iide>, sea-i 
tlon ; fsea. 

-flotat m. ship. 

~toT/. voyage. 

-gtapt roomy (ship^ 

-gSatast mfl. Goths. 

-g?ngaw. sailor; -Mhip. 

-grund III. bottom or depths of tbc 

-hoalf/. side m 
-hengest m. 

~h^te III. violence of the soa. 

-holmf m. sea. 

-Iftct ". aea-booty. 

-ISdt/ sea-vnjHge, waloiy way. 

-Iftft/ what i> left by the sea, sea 

~land R. land by the sea. 
-looti It. sailors song. 
-llo of the sea. 
-lldat "(. sailor; pirate. 

hippopotamus ; 


8^ pB£NS-WUDD 



BS,Uf>end;e)t "i- sailor. 
-li^ndet leafariug. 
-gemAre rt. cossL 
-mann m. sailor; pirate, Scandi- 

~inearht "i. ^p. 
-mfipet sea-weaiy. 
-minte/ a pl»nl. 

-luesa ai. sefl-haiiliind, cape. 
~ll^tt It. tea-net. 
-nerict', f island (•). 
-rjmR trt. coasU 
-rinct Of, sailor ; pirate, 
-roft 3£[ive or stioag on the sea. 
~Bcsba m. pirate. 
-BCi^/. sea-sheU. 
~grBflt m. maritime district, 
-mp HI. soi-jonniey. 
~a3iagl, Hmfil m. sea-soail. 
-Bteorra "i. Har of the sou 
-alrand w. ua-sboic. 
-streamt m. n-acet of the sea gtn. 

-swealwe*, YA-f. sea-EwxIlow. 
-ftpwyrp H. what is thrown up by 

the lea, jetsam. 

-w&ngt m. shore. 

-W4r seaireed. 

~WKrc>)i m. shore. 

-waaJIt m. cliff; wall of waien 

.in Red Sea). 
~weard / sea-enaid. Leepinf; 

-weet ™. Ka- 
-werigt weary with the sea. 
~wiciiig<- M. pirate, scamaii. 
-wlelm-t- m. billow. 
-Wtht/. sea-animal. 
-wodn m. ship. 
-yp/ wave. 
~ K guilty ; hatefol Gl. 
• Baccbag. 
a (n.) sacking, sadcdoth. 

satialtd ;with), wcaikd. 
... ^ atiety, nacisea. 
•add. wed of plants and animals); 
froit, cn>p ; growth ; sawing ; 
pragcoj', paaterity [it- 

-Itep in. seed-baskeL 
-lie seminal. 
-nop m. sowing. 
.-tita& m. sowing season. 

SBftm/ Severn [Z^. Sabriiut]. 
-: e^miXpa m. month of the SeveriL 
sAg&u cause to sink or set ^sun) ; 
lay low, destroy [aigan]. 

ameAefir/. e/a^egtai. 
geBSgifnee/. mystery ' 1) /M 
SBgednes ^ onesgcltlM sacrilice. 
ai^n/rf. Af'B&OD. 

BBlt H. hall. 

aAl mf..dpl. ~niQ,aUtun occasion. 

time ^ Bt anmom -e one day. 

on nfinrto - never ; proper time. 

opportnnity — Id -ea in due 

lime : happiness ojiat in pi. ; con- 

-WKngt, i m. plain. 

BAUD happen. 

BSbtD't' tnnd ; restrain i repress 

mAtsa met of willow GL [aaalh]. 
geeAIig happy, prosperous [astj. 
-lie, geaAUie happy, 
-lice m. happily. 
•naaf. happincis. 
aelmerige/ brine \Lt. aalmuria]. 
ge)BAlp/,^oi,//, prosperity; hap 

eSin-> aj. aitly in ifv. andifl. -r», 
~oat bad ; onimportacl, worth- 

MBmUngee ^ eamtiiigeB. 

sAne Jogpish, slow >^tn} vrg. ; 
CO wardly [tatol an j. 

~ig sappy, snccidect. 

-Bpon / sappy shaving er chip. 

BKppe/. apnux-Sr \Lt. *aappiain]. 

■Ann nut be exalted. 


sAt/. ambosh [aitMn]. 

1 By. he 

wait for, plot aga. 

sedocer the devil 
ting, -lac/ tlf>% in * 
Inachety ; sedilioa (.'. 
aiit>nil«>-daK.SM< . 

H. Sabnday [/./- Satani aiMl. 
TlMtar nlht/Tiriij it'i' 
-■ ■^-- /. nwry la plant) [Z/. 


ssprene- wudu = superne* . 
afiwett K. sowing [aawan^- 
a&fine/. lavine (a plant : [Z/. ■■' 

ssftriende tnit tbeomaiic GL 

aa^ imftr. ^■fcgan. 

sAgol, ^. aAcUs, aihlaa n. staff, 

sag u/, -a m. saw ^trx.l . 

sa^ / statement, report ; testi- 
mony ; foretelling [•(asail]. 

s&h prt. Bfviaa 6. 
sfih ^ BAgfrf. ^aigaiL 
B&l n/. rope ; bond ; reiB. 
salfige/. lage (plant) tZ/.aalwia]. 
saJlett&n play on ar ang to iIk 

harp, liag psalms [Zfcpaalliw]. 
aUttes omi/. dlenoe. 
salo, em darfc-colomed. 
-brfiti dark-brown, 
-nebbt datk-boed. 
-pfidt dark- coated. 
Balnea/ darlcDev. C/. ■< 
salort hall, palace [mI], 
aalt«r« n. psaltery; the Book of I 

Psalms. pialter[i/. PI - - " 
sal'U*, -a euft/. sale. 

rAItitii , ug sAL 
salwiau tr. darken, b 
sal. o wig- [aalo]. 

.da t 
aam y. - 

B&m-bemed balf-boisL 
Btm-boren abortiTe. 
aftm-bryoa m. poitii 

S&m-cwic, -cncu half-dead. 

awft - similarly ; also. 

B&m-geoDg yi»ag (grown up), 
s&ni-grdae backward (^ plant). 
Sim-h&I in bod health, 
sam-heort of one beait, noaai- 

sam-luwaii ji. aeoibcn of a 
^rnily ; a»- manied coapfe. 

unite [,wound) ; gleui || I'n/r. u- 

eonutuo^/. a&secnbl;, council. 

~ofride m. collect. 

geBamnungC / lusembly : congre- 

galiun ; synagogue; union. 
eanmunga ^ sf mninga. 

aamod I. nn. iQf-elh^t — werM 
wif - mun and women ; - aalsa- 
dero together; - mid j. logether 
with. II. prp. wrf. at (dawn). 

-cumende flocking together. 

-«ard+ VI. dwelling together, tom- 

-toet-t joined together. 

-«efllt fl. ilrife. 

-lif ring/ praising (I), 

-lioe mi. together vL. 

-rynelM m//. runners together Gl. 

-^nb n. companioa. 

oBpreko/ colloquj'. 

-4WftgUld« consonantal. 

-[lyTlia concordant. 

-willing*, «/. welding Gl. 

-ivunuiig/. living together. 

-vryraaaaa co-operating. 

Bam-rid nniled, uninimous. 

s&m-Boden half-cooked. 

sftio-sw£led hnlf.bnmt. 

sam>Bwfig8*, aum- haitnonious, in 
nnison (song) Gl. 

sam-tlngea, a, e av. witbont in- 
terval (of space or lime), imme- 

Baia-po at>. ceml. both . . and, 
whether . . or. 

Mm-wluaands struggling to- 

Bftm-wiB duU-witted, foolish. 

-lioa Ml. foolishly. 

Bam-vrist/liringtogelhei; matri- 

B&m-worht half made ar built. 

sam-wrSdnes/ union. 

a4m-wyrcB,n do inooropktely. 

saoct m. saint [ZA unctua]. 

sand /. senling, message i messen- 
ger; course or dish of food 

eand n. sand ; sea-shoie. 

-beorg m. sand-hill, sand-bank. 

-brio lit. sandy brook. 

-oeoool m. sand, gravel. 

■com, ~grot, 1. grain of sand. 
^ •-hlift H. Euid-slope. 
loft It. grave. 
rycg HI. sand -bank. 

aandlhyll m. sand-hill. 

~lS sandy. 

-ibt sandy, dusty. 

-landt n. sea-shore. 

-rid (n.) quicksand. 

-aea.'p iii. sondpit. 

-RCWBOrp n. snnd-baok, quicksand. 

-gtwierpe p- sand. heap. 

aander-maim m. ambassadoii'^. 

sang song ; singing ; poem. 

~boc/. music-book, hymn-book. 

-crfflll m. music ; poetical compo- 

~dream m. song, music. 

-are m. singer, poet. 

-ostrey^ singer. 

-pipe/ pipe. 

Bang* bert, sa Bong. 

s&py! ? nmlier, resin, pomade. 

B4pe/. soap [/-I'. sapO]. 

S&r I. II. pain (of body and mind), 
sore, ivonnd ; grief. II. ly. pain- 
fcl (wound) 1 severe (hardship) : 
causing sorrow, grievous ; )iat 
waea him -. 

-bgnnf/ wound. 

-bot/. compensation for wound. 

-olil|j III. bandage. 

-cnide iii. + bitter sr reproachful 
speech ; lament. 

~e, iE av. sorely, with suffering ; 
(speak) bitterly ; excessively. 

~tethpt sore at heart. 

-lie causing pain ; causing 

a way exi 
-nen / pain ; grief, 
-eeofimg/ complaint. 
-slfge m. painful blow. 
-Bpellf 1. lament. 
-sUaft- m. insult, repioach, 
-wiflmt "1. pain. 
-wracut/ tribulation. 
B&r|ian be painful [of wound) ; be 

sad; pity (!). 
-ung/. lamenuiion. 
S&Foren aim disposed (o soreness 

(stomach ) . 
sftrettan complain of, lament. 
s&rgiiail Ir. wound ; grieve || iatr. 

-UDg/. grief, lomeatatioK. 

aarga m. trumpet. 

8&rig feeling giicf, sad ; expressing 

grief (^ voice, song). 


Bfirfg|Garh;>t sail. 

-mod sad. 

-noe/. sadness. 

Baturege / savory (plant) \_Ll. 

aaul = s&wol. 

Sftwol, aawl/, ionl; life. 

-berendt m, homan being. 

-cund spiritual. 

-ged&lt H. death. 

-drgort H. life-blood. 

-hord+ «. life ; body. 

-htiBt B. body. 

-leaa lifeless ; without soul. 

-aceatt m., -gescot h. soul-scot, 

payment to dlurch on death of 

-pearfy! soul. need, what is neces- 

sftwi;iaii expire. 

-ung/ expiring, point of death. 

geB&wltid having a soul. 

Bawon/rA d/seon see. 

Bcao&n 2 itilr. shake; move quick- 
ly, flee, depart, proceed || /r. shake. 

Bcacol M. shadile ; ! plectrum. 

acftd w- account. 

-lice*, -elloe mi. reasonably, ra- 

-wlBlIce av. with discretion, ra- 
ti onslly. 

-wianea/ sagacity, reason. 

geStl&d I. H. separation ; distinc- 
liiHi; discrimination: leaianing, 

understandbg witui ivg. nn- 

deistand ; statement ; argument ; 
(render) account ; truth (of state- 
ment). H. aj. accurate ; wise. 

-lie reasonable. 

-lioe n-!.: rationally ; accurately. 

i;esc&dwiB rational, intelligent, 

-lie rational. 

-Hoe av. rationally ; sagaciously, 
prudently; accurately. 

~nBa/. intelligence, reason. 

gcBCftd-wyrt/ oneye (a plant). 

scfidan, Aa i b /r. divide, separate ; 
distinguish ; scatter, spriokle (small 
particles), shed (blood) || inlr. 
separate ; differ ; be scattered, fall 
(o/stnall particles). 

BC&da m. ciown of the head. 

BoAde-Bealf*, ea / medldnal 
powder (for iprinkling). 




, BEc- m. flight [loaoMi]. 

sc£n aa break. 

ge-lngnea{.I)/, collision CI. 

ec«r = Boear/r/. o/'acleran. 

BCEebtia-Bcea)ia nail. 


-iSt spUy- fooled. 

aca&n i ahnve, polish ; sciape, ahred. 

eaab m. plane (a tool). 

Baafo{ra m., aoesfp, te vfhal is 
shaved or icraped off. 

BCSga m. copse. 

Boolu /. shell, husk; diih; scale 
(of tKilancej, pair of scales. 

BOattl{ian be a^amed, also imptrs. 
w. a. er L. d. of pen., w g. Or 
for d., iu. sbj. : hi -ap p»», wS 
-ia)) uro, mono (o.) -ap for g6d. 
dSdum, him ~ap piet he onnie. 

-usg /. being put to shame, dis- 

Bcamol m. bench ; stool. 

eoamlu/.fceliiig of shame, modesty: 
disgrace ; private paits. 

-teat ashamed ; modest. 

-ttdl modest, chaste. 

-iso to be ashamed of, private 

-16aa ihamelesE, bold, wanton, 

-liaalio shomclesi, wanton. 

-liaslioe an. shamelcssl]i. 

-llo baabful ; disgntcefnl, 

-lice av. disgiacefolly. 

-liaot, fia/ impudi 

-lim H. private memoer, 

scano a m. shank of leg ; leg, 

-bend m. garter. 

-geboorg n. grcave. 

-lorod with broken leg, 

-geglgrelft m. carter, 

-Era m. calf of leg. 

Bcand m. buffoon ; infamous 
on. Cf. soond/ 

what i 

on. Cp. 

-fall infamous. 
-hOs tu brothel. 
-lie lofamous ; imchaste; disgiace- 

fnl ; obscene; causing shame. 
-lice of. disgracefully ; uncbastety ; 

ignominioiuly ; insultingly. 
•liones/ ivhat U accompanied with 

disgrace ; disgraceful action. 

sca.nd|lufiende loving disgrace- 
fully 01. 

-word n. abusive woril ; obscene 

gcsoapen //[. ^aoi^ppaa. 

scanty", groin, private parts. 
scaru /. ;hair, cutting; (sheep -- 

shearing; lonsurc [acieron]. 
scat),iaiidu ruischief; steal, 
-emiea, -iinfi;/ iojaty, 
soa^ m. one who does harm, 

(public) enemy, criminal; thief; 

fiend ; twarrior. 
Sca)iat Oiui m. injnry, misfortune, 
scapel (m.) weaving-implement, 

sceabb, n m. s^b. 

-ede scabby. 

Hceac'e:re m. robber 1!^. 

Bcead n. shade ; protection. 

-iht shady. 

soeadd (.m.) shad (a fish). 

-ggnge — ponne-bili when shad 

Bceadu,/', acead;w)B,/. shadow; 
shade, darkness ; shady place, 
aibonr, &c.; protection ; something 
unreal or uusubstantial, shadow. 

-geardm. shady enclosure, ITempe, 

-gfns^t '"' "le who walks in 

-helillt 'II. darkness, 

aceadw|ian, -dew- overshadow. 

-ung/ over^adowinc. 

Bceai'i. bundle, sheaf [loufaii]. 

-mdlum av. sheafwise. 

BCeaft m. shaft (of sjwar, arrowl ; 
spear : pole ; mcasurt of Uiiglk 

~16, pi. -Ion shaft-strap (lo help in 

throwing speai), 
-riht(o) av. in a stiaighl line. 
Bceaft/ni. creation; miat Is created 

geaceaft /«. creation ; condition, 
created thing, creature, 

toll. , 

- pi 1 

elements ; decree (of fate. Cod\ 

aceaggia, ok m. heir of the bead. 

-ade hoiry-headed. 

Hoeal, L. aoeall vi.. fit. aonlon, s/'j. 

aoyls, u, prt. aooldo Tvtig. owe 

(money) ; obligalioH ef duly, 

reasenaAlentis, temmand, coni- 

fuliioii shall ; le iheaiihala slati- 

menl is maJt at stcond-haiid : bi 

aiEdoii pffit pres hearpereH wit 
aoBolda iowelan died | ofltn tn. 
ellipse of infin. : hie to belle 
aciilon go : ne ~ cyroan timbw 
to fiuigiun oprum weorce be 

Bcealc m. servant ; f man, warrior. 


-Jiyfel; fl. vK. Kialdit)b9fla*^ 
aoaldhuloa m. bush, ihnib. 

BCBslga m. a lish. 

soeallan//. iestii;Ies. 

Bceamt, ea+ once m. white horse! 1). 


Bcaap \H.) private pott. 

gesosap M. creation : created thing, 
creature ; form, shape ; naniie f 
destiny, decree (of Ditc) j private 

-hwil+/, fated hoar (of death). 

-lice ,711. fitly. 

aceap. A, e, l.V. scip h. sheep. 

-haord/. flock of sheep. 

-heorden hovel, shed. 

-hierda m. shepherd. 

-Bcaru/. ihcep-sfacaring. 

-watsceyl place for washing sheep. 

-wio n. sheepfold. 

Bcear n. ploughshare [aoiinui]. 

-beam »j. wood to which plough- 
share is fixed. 

BOear-Beax, acUr- ». razor. 

aasa.rpii. of aciiran. 

sceard I. notched, with pieces 
broken off or out ; gashed, ninti- 
laled; deprived nrg, [loiirui]. 

ecearf ian scrape, shred [ao^art- 


-UHg/ scraping, sc; 
Bcearaian scrape. 
aceam (m.) duni. 
-wibba, -wlfel "i. beetle. 
8c6aron pre. pi. of Bcisran. 
scearp sharp ; rough ; pungent, 

acid, acrid ; sharp of speech ; 

severe (pain, hnnger) ; energetic ; 

strong, sharp (medicine, sight, 

intoUcct) [soieran). 
-e in: sharply, keenly (^leMn^. 
-ecged sharp-edged. 
-tic keen (inquiry), severe (ten 

/. puoeency 

I (of sight, tni 

-smeaung/. argumeni 

~|ianclice, -panofullii 

-|»ilcol acute (of 
scearple / scarilication. 



-img/ aaaiSjiag. 

BcSarra, ■cSoro, vE. aoerero, 

-uni//. shears.scissorsFMloran]. 

ecoat m. piece of dolh, cloak, ga.[- 
menl ; lap. bosom, surface ; re- 
gion, qnartei (.of the earth) ; 
V inlet ^of the sea) ft).; comet; 
^ projection [wjfiotan]. 

-codd m. wnllet, 

~liae/. sheet of sail, rope fastened 
lo lowei end of sail. 

geacfiat- wy rpan [y - le f] Le- 
troth Gl. 

Bc£ata HI. clotb, napkin ; bosom, 

tlap ; comet, lower cornet of sail. 
Bcaatt m. property ; money, iuin ; 
payment, tribute, rent- — teojia ~ 
lithe : bribe; coin; penny. 
BcAap, n/. sheath. 
eceat^T bo> "Otopp- m. nail IX. 
BcAawllan see; scrutinize, recon- 
noitre; rcEaid (with favour) ; seek 
out, select, provide ; giant L, 
-and-sprAc, -wiae/. buffoonery. 
'-ere m. spectator; spy; watch- 

-Ung/. seeing, contemplation ; ci- 

amination ; regard for ; ! pretence : 

spectacle, show. 
geflcSawiaa aiia. make manifest, 

show (honour) ; see. 
BOfgp, Boeit) m/. swift ship [Scan. 

-maun ni. pirate, Scandiuafiaa. 
eofino m. cup ; draught. 
-ftn give to drink aula. 
-Ing-cuppe / cup from which 

drink is pouted. 
Bcend an, i, y put lo shame, injure 

(gc)~Iles, ea/. shame, confusion, 
-ung, -iag/. abate ; Injury. 
Hc^ndle/i reproach, abuse IX 
Bceimt anct plate of metal on 

nandle of sword ('). 
geBceato, -acfadfio/. shame, coa- 

'■■'lon [aoftnd]. 

soeot i»i:<: cloud I,!). 

If*. Z'4. happun — vL. 
happens wi/. 
aoSo&n ^ scQl^n. 
soeoht timid ()), 
-mod timid (h, 
soeolh wty. oblique. 
8c6oI,eagede, -lege, aoy- sqaict- 


Bceolon ^ eculon. 
aoeort" scurf. 
gesceorf n. scutf. 
soeor&u n gnaw; scarify; ge- 
si.-tapi', shied. 

eceorpan 3 scrape, cau»e irriution 

sceot quick, ready, 

gcBCeot eiii^ quick, ready. 

Bceotan 7 tr. shoot or thtow mis- 
sile; hit with missile; move 
quickly, pusb^tbrow ; contribute, 
pay (money) ; refer case to person 

ijuickly, msb, flow, ran (^road), 
also mil.; shoot (^paln). 
-^nd+ III. wanior. 

eoeopa - aceapa nail. 
seep = scyp patch. 
Boeran =• sdlran. 

scerlcge, acern-/ female buffoon, 
sceroicge, i^e scericge. 

-nea/ injury. 

-WTCBC 0He< iioxions, wicked. 
BC^)it>{as I, prl. -f-Bcod, also vit. 
Boepede -«/. injure [scafa]. 

ge-endlic hurtful IN. 

Boejjjiu, re/, injury, 

BOla \m.\ sUn, leg Gt., IN. 

Bciocels, Boyocel m. cloak. 

scioclng, Bcio(s)iiis. aaiuaoiiiB 

(m.) cloak Gl, 
Bcld a. piece of wood split tlun. 

stick (for lighting fire). 
-hreac m. heap of sticks, 
-weall m. fence. 
BOlelian', y, e divide, remove — 

- of mUe put (ships) out of 


acffloen/, female seivnnt or*lave; 

pmslitule [soeolc]. 
8Cl61d HI. shield : protection. 
-burgt/ phalanx, icstudo. 

-hrSopa, -repa, -turiada m. 

shield: tcsludo, phalanx, 
~truma m. phalanx, 
-weallf m. phnlan:!, lestudo. 
-wigat "1. wanioi. 
-wyrhta m. shield-maker. 
;;eBoield n. lefuge, proieclion. 
scield an protect :o. a. and wip a. 

— abi. - ong6»a make defence 

(against accusation). 
-en(a)*, if. protection. 
(ge)-e]ld m. protector, 
■<re III. irt-otector. 
(gc)-nea/. protection, 
-ung /; protection. 
Btsielfan 3 iiilr. shake. 
scielfor yi^llow CI. 
BCi^U/. shell ; scale (of fi«h, snake} 

-flsc m. shcll-fiah. 

-tht having a shell. 

S0ieU>, aoyli- resonant (!) R. 

Bci^llan 3 inlr. sound. 

BCiflle*, e destrnction, slaughter 

; foim 


anyihing , adjudge, 
viJa. assign, give i,name). 
-end, ge- m. Cteatoi. 

Bai6T\&n^^l. eo). pre. sosu, pL 

aohaitm, A. HMer, Botron cut, 

shear — pii\ acoten cut short off, 

-iig/l shaving. 
BClfr'iatt wJa. allot, assig:i, grant 

-iendllc derivative (in grammar). 
-ling/. expuMon. 
sai^rdan mjure, destroy [soeardi, 
acif rden of shards faoe^]. 
soierfe-mi^*, i /. shrew-moure 

acieipan if. sharpen ; indie, 

slimulale [Bosarp]. 
Boierpan clothe, equip ^soldieri) 



gtBcierpla '". clothinij, dolhes. 
Boiete/ slitfci, n cloth [soeat]. 
sclftan divide ^load. ; anange, 

sollling III, shilling, a moactBry 

unit of varying value. 
-lim m. reckoning by tbillings. 
salmla '". shndow, gloom. 
-ion be dark ; ix daiiled (r^ejes) ; 

bo bleared {a/ eyes , 
Bcimla, it '"' lighi, brigbtncss. 
-Ian shine, glitter, 
Bcimiian sbinc. gleam. 
8citi|aii 6 sbiiie; also fig. be con- 

spicuom, Sic 
-«ndllc briglit. 
gestunan Ir. sbine upon, illu- 

geBCinciO npl. the f^t nboal the 
kidneys. , 

Bolnjn, scin, i+ {or *Hclim], 1 
pLantom, demon, devil. 

-oneft, lainn-, Boin- m. magic, 

-cretftlt^ I", magician. 
-gcdwoTa III. phantom. 
-hiw II. phoDtom ; niBgic trick. 
-I&o n. phinlom : msgic, msgic oit 

or trick ; superstition : ^niy, 

-gclftO II. magic art er trick. 
-lAca, -l&oa m. ma^cian. 
-Ifioe/ sorceress. 
-ISce, -1&0-, /A'.aoineUa- magic : 

~lic*, l.W aoinalic spectral. 

-aaoc speclre-hauntwl. 

Bcinn*, 7 /(. skin, futfZ. [Scaiui."]. 

Hcinna m. spectre, demon. 

soinnsre m. magician. 

BclitneB', Hcinls/ light ItV. 

BCin.u/. shin. 

-bfin », shin-bone. 

-hoBU / greave. 

Bolp n. ship. 

-bieme/. ibip-trumpct. 

-broo n. luLtd&hip on lK>ard ship. 

-gebroo n. ibipnreck. 

-bruool causing shipwreck. 

-bryoe m, what drifts ashore from 

nreckeii ships. 
-craft "I. uaval power, force of 

-drinceade drowning /.\' 

-tereld ». voyage. 

-tot II. vessel ordish in the form ul 


soiplarend m. sailor. 

-gefeoht n. naval battle. 

-gefere n. going by ship. 

-11 rend m. sailor. 

-Sfrd/. naval expedition, fleet. 

-flerdung, -Ing f. nv/al eipc- 
ditioni fitting out fleet ; fleet. 

-flota III. sailor, pirate. 

~niltum HI, n&VDC rcinforcemetilE, 

-fyllep private jurisdiction exer- 
cised over n group of three 
hundred ^,. 

-fyrbrung, -fyrpung, -foitmng 
/. fitting oQt ships. 

-gield II, tax for maintainitig 

-Iiamor m. hammer whose sound 
directed rowers. 

-herelio navsl Gl. 
~hlfid(d')er/. ship's ladder. 
-hlflHt m. transport (ship) ; crew. 
-hl&ford m. master of ship. 
-incel II. sinnlt ship, 
-lid/, sailing, 
-llo naval. 

-Up n. n.ival iorce L. ]^Siaud.\ 
-lipende goinE in ship. 
-mnr^e)lB m. ship-rope. 
-maun m. sailor, rower; one who 

goes on trading voyages. 
-r&p m. cable. 
-repra m. sailor. 
-KS|>or «. oar ; rudder. 
-rSwBnd m. rower, sailor Gl, 
-ryne m. passage er channel for 

-Setl n. rowers' bench, 


-steaU III. place for sbip(a), docks. 

-steorra m. Pole-star. 

-Btiera, fio m. atcenman, pilot. 

-getftwn fl. fittings of a ship. 

-toll III. fare, passage- money. 
-wealti 171. one liable to serve in 

the fleet ■", 
-weardt m- sbip-masler. 
-werod n. crew. 
-wiBe/ form of a ship. 
-wyrnta m. ship-builder. 
soip-Starc, -at- m. sheep's carcase 

LL, Cf. HO^p. 
Bcip)iaii equip or- man (ship) I! tntr. 




Bcipe m. dignity, olticu i wages, 
soipen, y /. stall, fold (for cattle 

Sinr f. office, administration ; dis- 
trict, shire, diocese, parish. 

-blsoop m. bishop of a diocese. 

-lett [h.') piece sr measure of land 
Cl Cp. seoo-led. , 

-(s)maim, sairig- m. official, 
steward i procurator . native of R 

-geinSt II. shire-molt. 

-gereCa m. judicial president of * 

shite, sheriff, 
-gcBceatt H. property of a see. 
-pegea m. thane of a shire. 
~(e wita m. chief man of shire. 

-baBO bright parple. 

-e iiii. brightly ; clearly (^ voice). 

-eog bright-edged. 

-hamt in bright armour. 

-m&ledt with bright ornaments 

-wered bright (light), 
Boirlan dednre, tell, speak; make 

a distinction, distinguish, decide; 

it'g. get clear or rid of. 
-DOB /T eiphm ation. 

scitol purgative. 
soltte/ ilianhoea. 
Bo5, lie BCdh. 
Bcod fri. ^BOf ppaa. 
Bcofettan drive (hither and tUcfaer] 

Bcofl/ shovel [Boufan]. 
BODg(e)aii, (odian, sofiBii, ptt. 

gaaood shoe,, put on lihoes. Famish 

with shoes. 
scdunK/. supplying with shoes, 
acdh, scd m.,pl. aoos shoe. 
-onyll uf . sign^ for putting on shoes. 
-eiB III. shoemaker, 
-tuegl m. shoe-nail, 
-pogTl m. servant who attends to 

''pvra.'ng m. boot-lace. 

-wyrhtft m. shoemaker, worker in 

scolde /r/. c/ BoaaL 

BCol IPr.}, soolu [Z/.l / school. 
Set loolu. 


Befil-manii m. leamci. 
gettoola "'. debtoc [loeml]. 
gcsoola m- schoolfellow. 
acol(ijere m. pupil, leanicr. 

-bylte •.n') thicket Gl. 

scop III. poet. 

-or eft m. poetry. 
-l§op n. poem. 
~llc poctkal. 

-gcraord n, poetical laoguage. 
BcSpfirl, e/eaiBppii,B. 
scoppa "1. iixd, booth. 
soorlan iiitr. iefD»:. 
BCOTian piojeci 1,0/ ^toi 

. fro: 

Bcrdad, -b/. slireil, paring, 

-ian pace. 

OOtiddang/. pruning, tiimming; 

what )b piucd ofT, ahre<i. 
-iaen 11. jmititng-kaift. 

acr^mmftn make io__jiiigjMt 
[HOTinunan]. (;;^;lU!ji^a~-lt4W] 

ecrf no an pot strifiiBIing*rfl(nim 
tile way of, trip up: injure morally 
[acrinokn ; iy>. aorf mman]. / 

gt-odaea/, tnpping up. 

geBOr^Ce withered W 

screpan 5 scrnpc. 


-elice ati. litly. 

Bcrepu", eo/. ciurycoinb, strigil 


Scrild|laiLd u. land to provide 

8orfidii|lan, acr&tn- investi^tc. 


soon, r/v. saritrft, i//. Hoyrteat, 
short, not tall ; of lime short, brief. 

-Iftn intr. shorten i^diys]; rim 
short, fail. 

-llo short (lime). 

-lioe aa. ef timt qaickly, soon ; 
l^nariate) briefly, 

-neB f. sborlnefi (of time) ; ehoit 
space of lime; epilomi', snmmacv. 

-Wiorplio*. y ^d^callll of early 

soot H. sliot, shooting ; \encc eo rush, 
dnriing (afuklmoDj [aadotan''. 

-frfio free from impost L. 

~Bpere ». javelin. 

Bcot-lira m. calf of kg. 

geacot it.,often cull, missile weapons. 
l»w and arrow ; arrow; ihooling, 
darting (missiles) ; fli^t of mis- 
siles I contribntion, payment ' part 
of building shut oH from the rest, 

-tboht R. light with missiles. 

8C0t|laii ihoot (a person) ; shoot 
»r hnrl (weapon) || iiifr. move 

-ung/ shooting; miiwle. 

SootftaB mpl. Irish ; Scotch. 

-l&nd ». Ireland ; Scotland. 

Bor&dt R. 

Bornt i». cave ; den ; hovel. 

scraf*, t>£. aoMeb, a ^m.) cormo- 
rant (t). 

gcscnepo ^gcscrape. 

■Btl«/ aduUeress, proiliinle. 
'alletlanf sound loudly ialr. 

~wsgtl '/(. chariot. 

scride', -[>e+ omi course, orbit 'of 

scriden/fA ^scripan. 

gescrif M. edict [Kuiflui]. 

scrifanCdecrce: Wa. allot, assign, 
iioposc (penancel, v/J. shrive || care 
for. reck ur, g. , d. gr for d. 

Borlleiit R. 

Borift HI. legal penally: penance; 
judge; confessor, priest who heats 
confession [scriliiD]. 

-bocy. book stating penances to be 
imiioaed after confession, confes- 
sional ; discourse on penance. 

-Boir/. confessor's district. 

-sprAoyi confession. 

Bcrimman 3 be drawn up or 
permanently bent i.^limbs). 

scnn II. receptacle for valoables, 
coffer; shrine; ark (of the cove- 
nant); cage in which a criminal is 
confined [Ll. sorinluin]. 

BCrincan 3 inlr. wither, fade ; 
shrink, contract; be dispi tiled. 

BOripp (w.) bag, wallet. 

Boritta 111. hermaphrodite Gl. 

Bcripan 6 move smoothly, glide, 
L-o, wander; come on, go on (»/ 
light, darkness, time). 


aerofoil in.) scrofula [Ll-']. 

BOrud II. dress, garment. 

~fUltum m. tuj^^plying clothing. 

sonif=; scurf . 

acrybb/. undetwooil. 

Bcrydan dress ; provide 
clothes, clothe ; put on \elolhes 
dress oneself in tiiaa,, :i'. a, am 
mid d. [soriid]. 

Bcr^delB-hila*, itnv- n. vc!,i[\. 

Bcrynoe ana withered IN. [acria 


SCUOCia, BOeo- m. demon, devil. 

-gldld H. idol. 

SCOfan, BOS0-, fic. aoofen, IN. y. 

7 If. push nt launch (ship); 

- him to handa deliver up : push 



(thought : ; 

iniehl, dawn) || intr. move, fetU. 
B0Qdim+, uf Bitce hasten .1) inlr. 
Bouldor ni., pi. -dru, -a ihoiildec. 
-hra»gl «. cape. 
-ware m. pain in the shooldeis. 
gesculdru ^ geeoyldrK. 
saulon, see Bceal. 
Bcult-heta = aeyld-. 
Bcun[ian, IN. eiscynia avoid ; 

fear ; abhor. 
-ung/ abomination. 
sour m. shower of rain, hail) ; gust 

(of wind'; shower (of missiles), 
-beor^t- III. roof, 
-bogat '". Tniiilioiv' 
-fKg showery (winter\ 
~heardi- hardened by etiiUm^ 

-mAlum*, Myr* av. stonnily 
-Boeadut/ protect! on against st 01 ms 

or weather. 
sourf; eo, aoraf (m.) scurf. 
-ede, -«Dde scurfy. 
scutel (m.) dish [Z/, acutulft]. 
scu(w)a, nt in. shadow ; darkness; 

protection ; nntealily. 
geacy, .^. oeii, pair of shoes j«o6h], 
Bcf jan, Boyh- suggest, persuade, 

-HOB', acienea/. suggestion. 
■cyfb m. falling headlong ; preci- 

pilation, hastiness ; fnither ~ ~ 


geftcygean provide wttli shoes Ct. 

BCyliiaat instiijnic. Cp. icfan. 


ooyld/ gnili ; debt, dne [»oeftl]. 

-frscuf/. wicked cfeil, 

~fuU guilty. 

-hffita, aoultbeta m. bailifF. 

-hatat f«. wicked perseeulor, 

-lAas gailtless. 
-nrrecende ponisbing guill. 
-wyroende evil^Ioing. 
gi'Bcyldan. -ian charge, dccuk. 
HGyIdian=Bcyldaa, scylderlau. 
Boyldgjian, acrid is lian tin. 
-ling;/: criminal cbargc, 
scyldig iv.g. i.i'.j guilty: reapon- 

siLile lor ; bound by obtigntioa ; 

liable to (puniahmeni ' ; Imving 

ToTfeited, liable to lose (lilc, 

pio[«rtj' .. 
-UBS/, guilt M: 
geBcyldPU, -souldTu. -aouldre//. 

ihoalden [souldor]. 
■cyla, !fi BCeal. 
Bcylf m. peak, crag ; pinnacle, 

BCylfe/. shelf, ledge ; floor, story. 
Boylflg*, aoylpig rocky Gl. 
Bcylfrunf ; y = ie !]/ "«£< swing- 
ing (of lamps) iult. ();, brighl- 

acynian ^ scunian. 

SCyild;an hasten iiilr. aiui Ir. ; 

-BDdlioe m'. hastily. 

Bcyndel m. disreputable one, cad 

(q/'Jnpiter !). 
BcyPi m. pMch, piece of cloth. 
Bcypian enit take shape, be 

Bcypen^sclpan stall. 
ecyT-melum = Hcur-. 
aeyrft cmc cutiing (t, Gl. [aoeorf- 

scyrte/. akirt, i 

scyTt«et, Bcyrtra, sti scort. 

scyte w. ahooting ; strukc, blow 

mi^ailc. dart [aeSotOii]. 
-fingor, Boytel- m. iojefta^ct. 
-heold, -healden sloping, ub 

-TfiB m. headlong rush. 


soytel {m, mlaaile, dart, arrow 

BCytel {III.) dung [sCBOtan]. 
aoytela, tt, aoytel, tt m. bar, bolt 

Bcyttan discharge (debt), 
soytta i». archer, 
Boyttol(B) = BcytslB. 
ScyttiBC I. Irish i Scotch. II. <f.the 

Irish iirScoti:hlangnage[8oottas]. 
Be, neiU. iMBt, I. py, pon that ime, 

he — Jjiel wIsTon Pinnos Ihey 

were Finna ; ril. who ; the. 

Beads III, hiccup (n, heartburn (T). 
Cf. aeapa [aeotiaii]. 

BealdiV.-. ^Bfllan. 

-neB/ giving. 

ge-noBy; grant [of land). 

BealaB//. 0/'setmi. 

aealf, ~e/oLiIment. 

~box m. box of ointmetlt. 

-cynn n. kind of ointment. 

-Ian salve, anoint. 

-Itteuimg, -libotuig/. treatment 

with Diotments, pharmacy. 
Bealh,//. Bie.\aa III. willow. 
-beorg m. willow-hill. 
-Ch)aiigra m. willow-alope. 
- hiyrst/. wiliow-copse. 
-rinjd^ willow- bark. 
soalm, (p)salin, paealm iii. paulm 

[Ll. paaimaa]. 
-cnride m. psalm, 
-ftet n. jMilm-vessel (I), 
-gliw, -glia «, psalmody. 
-ian piny on the liatp. 
-I60J1 H. psalm. 
-lot n. psalm. 
-lofltui sing psalms, 
-sang III. psalm 1 psalmody ; com' 

posing psalms. 
-BCOp iri. pKilmisL 
-geteel II. number of psalms. 
-traht m. commentBry on psalms. 
'Wyrhta m. psalmiat. 


8ealt;huB H. salt -bouse. 

-leaf R. a plant ^1i. 

-leag /. salt meadow Cl. 

-mfre m. bmckiab pocl. 

-nes/. saltncss. 

-BBlepa III. saltness. 

-soajj w. sall-apring. 

-st&B m. rock sa!t ; pilki of sail. 

-Btr»t/. toad to ult-works. 

-wic ». place where salt is sold. 

-wiglle/ salt -spring. 

-ypt/ ialt-w.ive. 

sealtiian, a dance \_Lt. aaltare]. 

-ioge/. female dancer, 

a^ain m. aeam [aiwiBn}. 

Bealt L n, atlt. n. aj. lolt, salted. 

-mm, -am «. salt-works. 

-broo m. brook ninning from lalt- 

-en salted. 
-ore III. salt. worker. 
-fiSBt «. salt-cellar. 
-h&lgung/ benediction of salt. 
•h^rptit' ">- rood to salt-woiks. 


-eatre /. sempstress, dre: 

-Bttooa w. a weaving implement. 

B^ain ni. buiilcn, loadi furnitnie of 
a beast of burden -, bag ; supply- 
ing the lonl with beasts of burden 
[LI. aogma}. 

-hors n. pack-horse. 

~pen(d}liig m. toll of a penny on a. 
load (of salt). 

-Badol m. padc-saddle. 

Beamere m. beast of burden, mnte 
Gl. [ILt. aagmarius]. 

sear, eaf dry, withered ; luurcn. 

-ian wither: pine away. 

searo n.. s- aeorwea (good or bad) 
device, contrivance; skill | work 
of skill, machine -, armour, urns | 
cunning ; treachery. 

-b^ndt fnjii. cimning clasp. 

-bundent cunningly bound, 

-c&gty. inudious k^. 

-oeapt ». curious object. 

-eSne-f brave. 

-crfflftm. skill; artifice; titachery; 
plot ; machine. 

-crfflftig skilful : wily. 

-f&gt cunningly variegated. 

-gimm m. precious stone. 

-grimm-|- iierte, brave. 

-li»bbend(e)t »». warrior. 

-hwit H. (clear) whiteness. 

-lie clever, ingenious. 

-lice tai. cutmingly, ingeniously. 

-n^tt+ «. corslet ; net of gnile, 

-nibt m., gtii.fl. treachery; bos- 

tilily; warlike cnteiptise. 
-pilf in. pointed instmmenl. 
-rOnty^ cunoing mysiEry. 


searOjBfiledt cunoin^ly boimd. 
-JAnc m,, gen. fl. eIciII; sognd' 

artifice, wile. 
-panool clever, wi»e. 
-ge^nect n. tieasure. 
-wrsno •»■ artifice, wi!c. 
-wundort n. wonderTul object. 
Marw{ia.n act tieachcionsly or 

-tmgy. treachery, artiRce. 
Btap m. pit, cistern ; pond, lake. 
sSajM m. beartbnm (1). Cp. sSftda 

e§aw. tim H. jaice, liqnid part ai 

geataw succuleni. 

■sax n. knite; short sword, da{^n. 

-b^niity^ wound. 

Beaxje, -an mfl. Suons. 

-land n. England. 

sficlan, oe, prt. lohte seek, try to 
find; try to get; try to find ont, 
investigate, inquire; viiil, goto; 

-nea*, oof. visitation IH. 
r"BfCgt «■ "nan, warrior. 
seog ™. sedge, flag (a plant). 
~{htig scrigy. 
-Idac "• msh garlic. 
-soara, -aaeara in. corncrake 

ofOgt/. svinrd. 
-plegat "'■ battle. 
a^cg*. a egg, aeeg the sea G1. Cp. 

Bece-rof+ ((■■, 

efeg,ali,/rc. asgde, sSdo, imftr. 
■am jiidtt, \itig.'\ sny, tell (itory), 

lecile on 11. accuse :- on hlne 

Belfne ; attribute to OQ ~ •a.hia. 
accuse : him gjlt oi^ " ; signify, 

~B. in. infomiant. 

-Of /. speakirig, speech. 

•«lia IB. speaker ; narralor. 

geBedanf saiisry [avd]. 


Bedlng-lins = et^dlng-. 

nefat '". mind, henit. 

86ft ipi- ^afifte. 

Sefte, ge- not accompaDicd with 
discomfort, easy, mild, eomfort- 
■ble ; mild, gentle fpeison). 
w/. qniel ; easy life. 

gcBfgon, te /. 

geoegen/Zf ef^an. 

Mgl B«i. sail. 

-boam m. swelling oM of sail, sail 

swelled out by the wind. 
~gierd/m. sail-yard. 
-rftdt/ sea. 
-gerfidu npl. tackle. 
-Tod/. sail-yard. 
Begl,an, -ian^aiBlansail. 
ge-ed provided with a sail ^^ ship). 
-iDg/f sailing. 
Mffn "in. sign, mark: banner [Ll. 

-borendt '". wnrrior. 
>bora III. standard-bearer, 
-cyningt »i. king, 
aegulian, aon- loakc sign of cross 

-ung/ blessing', consecration. 
segne/. diag-net [LI. lOBena]. 
Bsht I. '"/. agreement, settlement ; 
peace, friendship. II. aj. agreed, 

-an. -iaa bring (o an agreement 

with one another; settle (dispute!. 

(ge)-nOB / rccondlialioD, ngrec- 

*eehtlian, ta, a bring to agreement 
/.. ; come to agreement jiL. 

Bel, oe, sSlor av. cpv. .no pasilive), 
spl. -^st, -oat well in iU various 
mtaninp, (specialty as regards 
hiallli and liking: (dna him 
blt> - he will soon be better 
(well) ; pft menu t>e io roines 
erfes aoeteat onu. sdl appears 
sometimes la have Ike meaning of 

Belifh ' 

throne ; redden ce, 

-Jfumat or- CO- 

geSeldai" m. companion, retainer. 
aeldjan, -on, -iim ai/., ipv. 

-Cn)or, spl -oat seldom. 
-cUb, ae1cut> unfamiliar ; wonder- 

-nene unfamiliai 

selde oiucf. [lorch Gl. 

BOldlic - selLia. 

seldor, seldost, see Mldaa. 

3 let m. hall, dwelling, house [mbI]- 
riam m. febtivity. 
-ftdl «. festive cup. 

■BfCg m. retainer. 

-pegn m. ehamberiain. 

-wsard m. hall -guardian, 
gefigle III. tabernacle Gl. 
iflen, r, ■; llen / gift; grant j 

liberality [ajUan ]. 
B^;e}iiesy:! tradition. 
geH^lenee f. I „ 
aeleet, see aSl, sSlri 
self, j.r,eo,~a sell; same. 

'#ta fit. cannibal. 

Maf. a plant. 

bana, -cwala m. suicide (person), 
-owalu/ suicide (action). 
-(e)dema m. independent (a kind 



-dom HI. doing as one likes, inde- 

-lice I. n. conceit, egotisni. H. aj. 

-lioeo av. voluntiirily. 
-myrjjra m. suicide (pcnon) Gl. 
-myrbrungy; suicide (action). 
~sceartet not bom of woman {af 

-flWSgend m. vowel. 
-irealdlice av. arbitrarily. 
-win «. one's own will. 
-wUle apontaneoQS. 
-willende voluntuy. 
-willea av. voluntarily. 
eelfe av. — awa - in the same way, 

a^ll ao, /(!'. y, frt. sealda vida. 

~ wip weaT)>e sell ; give up, sur- 
render, betray — foorh ~ die j 
sell [aalu]. 

-end m. giver; betrayer. 

aelllc, sjllio, aeldlio strange, won- 
derful ; excellent, ailmiiable. 

sellice, y av. wonderfully ; excel- 

Bdlla = aSlra. 

Bslma, oHce es >». couch, bed. 

Bfilra, sAlla, aflla if^. {no past- 
live), spl. aelest, oe, aSloal good 
'lings, . ' 


B^tra, vE. iffiltna m. n bi 
(robin !)■ 

B^P*. B+ gitctf. dwelling [«fle]. 

gesAm n. reconciUaliDii. 

Bemjan /r. biicg lo nn agreement 
(two peiBons; ; settle : dispute); 
Mtiily (pcncui inmatlcr of doubt 
II intr. arbitrate [1501]. 

-a in. arbitnlor. 

-end m. arbitrator, umpire. 

BemnendlJce av. by cbance Gl. 

nemsinga. Bamn-, .unea av. sud- 
denly, forthttiih. 

BemtlngQH - samtingea. 

Beniau •: segnian. 

s^ncan Ir. sink [Binoan]. 

Sfndlan Ktid; throw; put; emit 

-Uc to l>e sent. 

-neayl diBmissal. 

senep, sin-, -op m. moitird [Z/, 

~4Ad It. muslard-sced. 

Bjngan m. singe, scorcb [ainsan^ 

Benop - ainop. 

seo/ pupil of eye [«Son]. 

tAoftin. o/'se. 

B§o, SIC Bdon. 

B&on, gen. ge- in II'., /rl. seab,//. 

BiiwoD, .-J. segon, //f. sew 

Jl. oesen see : geseob 

■toadu) nr stondendne ; 

decree ; him wres goaewen ptet 

. . it nppenrcd lo him. 
bSou, (,he) sihti*, .4. s1t>,/r/. sSh, 

/Yf. alwaii, eo, alBen ; slrnin, 

liUcr II infr, exude, flow. 
b£oc ill, •f wanadcd ; monilly dis- 

eaied; cad. 
-nesy. illness, disease. 
sSod IH. pane, pouch. 
-oWat/ coRcr 61. 
aeodo = Hidu. 

seoflian, e, y, eot s'gh ; lament. 
~\aig/, lamenting. 
Beolbn, ayfon, aibun seven. 
~feald sevenfold. 
-fealdlioe m/. sevenfold. 
-leafb/ setfoil (a plant). 
-nihte seven days old (moon). 
-BtioiTO (n.) the Pleiades. 
-teogapA. -tfiofia seventeenth. 
Beofon-tiene seventeen. 
-nihtc seventeen days old (moon;. 

eeofotitjg = hnnd- seventy. 




■^ eeofotitj 


SBOfon-wintro seven jcais old. 

aeofopa seven th. 

BOOh im/itr.of abOD. 

aeoh-pe-, .■!. aehpe iiiCcrj. behold 

[■Boh, pii]. 
BBOhhe/. strainer [seon]. 
seobtre, i /. drain, liitch Ct. 

seolas fl. of aeolh. 
aeolc ^ seoloc. 
BBOlfor, i, y H. silver. 
-ftet «, silver vessel. 

plated with wlrer 


-Mlted silve 

■ hilted 

-ami[i m. silversmith. 
-styoce «. piece of silver, coin. 
-f owlht n. scale of weight by which 

Mlver Is weighed. 
seolfiren, y, 1 of silver. 
aaoUl,//. seolaii m. seal (aniioal). 
-b»p+ n. sea. 
seoloc, seolo >«.) silk, 
-en, silcen of silk, 
-wyrm m. silkwoim. 
seoJopt, eot — aiolepa bigonK sea 
aeomianti e> eof lie, lie heavy ; 

han^', hang heavy {a/ clouds) ; 


-bend mf. bond made of sinews, 
-b^nn+Z si,.ew-wound. 
-dolg n. siiiew-wounii. 
-wind*, aine- artery. 

seono)!, sen-, sin- w. synod, meet- 
ing, council [Z/ ]. 
bocyi book containing decrees of 

~d6in m. decree of a syjiod. 

-lie synodal. 

-Btow/ place for synod, meeting- 

~geWTlt H- records of synoil. 
sSOBlig oace t aSicted [autl]. 
aeopau 7 Ir. boil ; cook ; m, 
urify; .tffiitl. 
BBTeAofrl. p/'siorwan. 
sescle/ sixth |>ntt [/./- aaWula}. 
lese («.) seat, bench, 
lant subside. 

ester, aeoxter m. jar, pitche: 
a measure (wet or dry) [Z/. aai 

aat II. camp gen. pi.; staJl (for 
animals), fold ; sunset, place of 
' sunset [alttan]. 

~Eang m. sunset. 

-hragl n. cloth for covering teat. 

Bet-)iorii m. a tree Cl 

gcset-, //. -ut "■ seal, dwelling. 

geafit- ambush IN. 

seten//!-. ^aittan. 

B^tan/. shoot, slip ; plantation. 

Bstl, A. Mdel, aepel ». sitting; tch- 
dence : siege i seat , throne ; abode ; 
see I letliag :of sun. &c.) : i^^an 
16 -e, K&ii DD ~ I hind quarlcfi, 

-gang m. selling (.of tbe nm, 

-gangeade selling (stm). 
-hrtegl H. covering for a seal. 
-radt/. setting lof the snn), 
aetljan settle /r. 
-ung/ sitting down, seCtiDS of the 

rangemenl; law; will, 

composition, 6gur« of speech; 
sentence, paragraph. 


I their 

hine t6 him by his side ; set down 
(what one is carrying) ; plant j 
lay foondalions of, build, round 
(city) I set met.: -bine on bors 
make him security; ~ him naman * 
- ODB^an a. compare with; ~t6 
safols let land; -Una c^ hla 
rioa depose | fix (day), esUhlith 
(law); appoint (ofiicer : create; 
compose tboaki | make a state- 
ment I make, do: upaa - go { 
allay, settle (qnarrelj II inf. settle, 
alight vr. on, ofer a. ; diminish 
(ef swelling" . subside e/" flood), 
abate {0/ painl II reftor- go ta 
pursuit, him on -put on (crown); 
impose (.name, commission). - &■ 
tpeli db- 



-end+ m. ordainer, appoinler. 
geeettlan people, garrison w. mid 

i/T; and the meaviiigs e/ mBtXva. 
-andUc appointed. 

{E=.»fi>vmB/, assenion ; proot 
Bepeana— Bw&'pfiaita hawcver. 

gcsewan ptc. e/a&an. 
-lie, -aiw-, -Beg- visible. 
-Qoe av. visibly. 

ta is ^i5/". 

slbb I. /. Telationsblp J spiritual 
lelaliooabip 1 friendlinesa; peace. 

Eablic security; peace of mind, 
appiness. 11. aj. related, nkin. 
-SMUngt m. Tclntcd prince. 
-geWrda'f' //. relatioaship. 

-gedPfht /. built of kinsmen ; 

peaceful bond. 
-ISbc «. degree of rclatioDBhip. 
-^ora(a)ea /. pacific rli^position, 

frieiidlinest; lore. 
-IftO n. peace-ofTering. 

(. kinsn 
-lliftl/. fiiendship, love. 
-gemftgaat mfl- kinsmen. 
ge-nM/. relatiooahip. 
-rBdentn)/ Telntion^hip. 
-eeBlh{iy. ^on of peace. 
BlbbBum, ge- peaceable, pacific; 

ge-ian reconcile. 
(geVliea OP. peaceably. 
[gcJ-neB/. peace. 
ge-img/. peace-making. 
getfbb related, akin. 
Bibblan reconcile. 
tSa M. watcrcourac. 
ncan sigh ; long (for) w. nfter it. 
sloe m. sigh. 
Bloerlan ooze (^ water into leaky 

Blcettiati, CO sigh ; lament. 
-ung/^ sighing, sigh ; lamentation. 
BiCOl m. sickle. 
Bloor secure, certain of a-g. [Ll. 


ca[iainDU8, broad 


Sid SMI 

(shield), long (clothes). 
-e nv. wiiiely, entcrsively and 

wide, wide and ~ far and wiJe. 
-iBBpinet, -fjepmedt broad- 

-fbaxe, -feaxode !ong-hnircd. 
fblo n. Dinlticude, great nation. 
-landf R. ipacioOE land. 

Bid;randt '». liroad shield. 
-weg+ III. Umg way,//, distance. 
8id|iaiit oiKc extend inir. ()). 
-Ung/ angmenlatioD, extension, 
sidan av. — widan and ~ far and 

mde /. side (of body, of house. 

&c] ; te mark dimlicn <.on the 

other) side ; ef descent (on the 

father's) side. 
-idl/ pleurisy. 
■.^e m. sideache. 
-W«ro, -WTBo "I. pain in the side. 
mde/. silk [/./, set*]. 
-en of silk. 
-wyrm m. silkworm. 
Bidewarc / icdoBiy [i/. aado- 

sidllng-weg m. oblique or side 
road \\) Ct- 

Bid|u, eo m. custom, habit; ob- 
servance ; good morals, chastity, 

-«full chaste; decorous i dress) ; 
respectable, good. 

•efUmcs an. virtuously. 

-efWnea/. morality, chastity. 

~eUo sedate, modest. 

-ellce mi. suitably, properly. 

we is shj. 

Bieollan sicken, be ill — wear)» or 
WBBags-od was taken ill [aeoo]. 

elfltan salt, season [sealt]. 

eien / power of seeing, sighi 

geBiene visible; evident. 

-lie visible. 

-lioo av. visibly. 

si^ce /, Bjro, Byr(i)o m. shirt ; 

Bierpan*, a have intercourse (.with 

woman) IN. 
Bi^rw an, syrewian, STrian, />V. 

~de, siarsda, Byroda tr, devise : 

lie in wait for, plot, conspire ; 

-yrub bine, -ymb bis feorh; 

fdi. ge-ad aimed [aearn]. 
-ting/, lying in wait for, plotting, 

~ecge hexagonal. 

-Ihald sixfold. 

-fSte (verse) of six feet 

~gilde requiring sixfold payment or 

~h]rnde of a das* whose wergieM 
is 600 shillings. 


BldZihyraeda lix-comered. 

-nihtO six days old. 

~ta, IN. 10(1 ,Bta sixth. 

-ttoba sixteenth. 

aiextig sixty, 

-Are tixty-oaie<l tahip) [&r^. 

-fesld sixty- fold. 

-o)>a, BlxteO80))a sixtieth. 

-wlntre sixty years old. 

aiez-tieHA sixteen, 

-nlhte sixteen days old, 

-wlatre sixteen years old. 

Bif^)ia, slffM, aoaU fpi, msg. sift- 
iogs, bran ; tares, weeds !). 

Blftan lifl. 

i^g = bI = t&jB. 

gesig H. victory IN. 

Bigan 6 intr. fall, descend .ilsofig. \ 
move, go; of Umi come; A|[ua- 
tUH ' the month) sib]) to mann 

ugaa 6^86011 G inlr. dinin 
ooie; /r. strain, fillei. 

Bige (m.) selling ' of the sun ) [sigan]. 

sige m, victory, success. 

-.beacn 11. trophy; banner. 

-beag, IN. algbeh m. ciown. 

-beamt '"■ tree of viciory.thccrosB. 

-bearat ". Chiist. 

-beorht triumphant. 

-biemet / tnimpet proclaiming 



IS brother. 

-dSmat m. triumphant jqdge, God, 

-dirhten m. victorious lord, king; 

-Sadig victorious. 
aigelteat, ga- victorious, iHnm- 

phant ; glorious. 
-an, L\: gaalElieBtniai) Iriomph; 

~11B9/. triumph. 
Bigfl gefaobt a. victory Bd. 
-ftolot «. victorions people. 
-gealdorf «. victory-bringing 

-glerd /. rod that brings incceti. 
-hratnig triumphant. 
-hrfpt (1). 

-hrfblgt trinmphant- 
-hwU+y. time ofvictorj'. 
-Ifiant n. reward of victory, prile, 





Slgeildaa defeated: uasuccessful 

Bihtrs'^Beohtre diich. 

(Bxpedilion) ; (song) telling of 

geslhli, -siht/ |iower of sight; act 

lasting; daily. 


of seeing er looking al ; wlial is 

-leopn. song of triumph. 

seen ; vision, apparition [neon]. 

-floweode ever-flowing. 

~m victorious Gl. 


ge-ian continue. 

-meoet m. victoriouK sword. 

-Uc continuaL 


(gcj-lice an. contmnally, always. 

-rott Iriumphani, gloiions. 

eilfren = Beolfran. 

-n«a/. per«verance Gl. 

Bilfrtng*, y m. silver coin. 

-ryne m. continuous flow Gl. 

-8t3BOrp+ II. triumphal apparel. 

Simnt "'■ liond, chain. 

ainglan 3 sing in iis varivm mean- 

-aipt- '»■ succeisfiil expedition, 
■-Bp§d+/ success, ttbiliiy. 

simbel, y, aiml - on - always. 

ingi ; resound ; crow ; recite ; 

-ferendo nomadic 

-t&ca H- sigu of victory ; sign. 

^nering-wyrt = ay-. 

-endllo that may be sung GL 
geainge ence t/ wife. Cp. gMtln- 

-tibort H. sacrifice. 

olmle, simble, y av. continuously, 


-tQdort ". victorious progeny. 


Bin-grene I. green, uticooked 

-peod/ viclorious people. 

^vegetables). II. /. houselarli. 

-prfltttt ™. itiumplmni band. 

-ian frequeui /M 

aln-grimmt very fierce. 

-imga, -inga mi. always. 

Bln-h^ret "i. great army. 

-wApen H. viaonavs weapon. 

gesinlioe av. often. 

ein-hiw|an, ge-, -higaji, -bina 

-wangt ". plain of victory. 

wn+ and IN. his, its, her, iheir. 

nfl. (lu-), £p/. -hi(B)nft married 

-Wift- n. victorious woman. 

ain-bi«mende ever-bum itig. 


Blgelt, «8gl. It i.n.) sun: tkt 

Sinoi- H. treasure, anything precious. 

-acipe '/;. matriraouy. 

Annie /titer b. 

gold, jewels. 

sin-hweorfende*, -hwnrrenda 

-beorhtf sunny, bright as the sun. 

-brytta m. king Pr. 

round Gl. 

-hearwa, M- m. EiUiopiim. 

-fiat n. precious vessel. 

aln-hwurfuJ. -yrfol round. 

(gc)Binig mnrriage M: (/.gesin- 

-hweorfo m., -bweorfe/. heJio- 

~gi6fo III. giver of treasure, lord. 


trope (a plant). 
-toplltt ladimt. 

-gl6fu/ costly gift. 

-an marry /A^ 

-girnm III. jewel. 

-soipe M. marriage W. 

-warn/, -ware//. Ethiopians. 

-hroden atlonied with gold. 

sinnont care for, heed uy. 

Big(«)l iH.) brooch, jewel. 

sln-niht, -neaht. -.«t ". eternal 

Hgend™. ^-aveCl. 

-Btin™. jewel. 

night ea mi. in eternal ni^t. 

slger's,//, airaa m. ginllon Gl, 

-geatreon a. treasure. 

einrAden(nj/ slate of marriage. 

-Pfgu/ receiving treasure. 

BiDBCipjQ, ge- m. seiual inter- 

BigUn sail (•ogl], 

-eewfege H. R. 

course; marriage; Be-^'/.roairied 

Big(e)le ((. necklace. 
Bigla/. rye [Lt. aaoals]. 


ge~llQ conjugal. 

BigorCt) m. iriumph, victory. 
-bSacnt B. sign ofviclory, the cross. 

Blncau 3 sink ; be easily digestible. 

aln-sji«dt/. vun at!, in ooo- 

act as apericut (o/food). 

tinuoas(ar huge) bites. 

ain-Borgt/ continual lonow. 

^_ -ojmnt II. i-ictorious race. 


Bint are. 

K ■^adlgt victorious. 

Bind arc. 

ain-trodendo «.« round Gl. 

■ -fiMt victorious. 

Binder cinder; impurity of metal, 

aln-tryndel, -trmndel round. 

^M -teBtnee/. victoriousness. 

ain-pyratenda ever-Jesiring a/g. 

^H -IS&Ilf II. reward of vii:tDry, prize. 

-Sm lit. rnst. 

Biaiu^seonu sinew 

■ -Uc triumphal Gl. 

Bin-dolg*. syn-t n. great wound. 

-eht suiewy. 

■ -Bp§d+/. success. 

aln-drfiamt m. everlasting joy. 

Bin-wTSnnes', ayn- /. continual 

■ -t&ont ». convincing iign. 

Bindon are. 

lechery Gl. 

■ -tobett n. sacrifice. 

Bineht, uf aeono. 


^1 -weorct II. victory. 

alne-wealt, siu-, aeono-, aiona-, 

aipian niacctale a/u., be soaked. 

^M -wuldorf II, glory. 

-weald round, circular,- spherical. 

siraa, sa aigere. 

^M Bigor ian, ■igi.e}rina triumph. 

globular ; (.building) with a dome. 

aiae-mlia/ Jormouse. 

H -iend m. ^icioi. 

-Ian reel, letter. 

alttan f. fu. aaten sit, sit down. 

^H Bl^ont«/. a plant. 

-neB/ roundnee. 
8in.frea+ m. husband. 

perch — 00 cnSowum- kneel; 

^B Mhtle mawhy {I : on -re raffido 

wip eaiTO KOHSt leant; dwcU, 

Bin-ftille/ hoDseteek. 

stay; encamp; remain (in accrtua 




'^ " 



Icotidttion), be. -on d., on- wd. 
afflict, Mtack II ii: - BBBittan 
occupy (biihoptic). 
gcBittan 5 sit down ; post oaculf 
i^ genml) ; occupy [country)! 
inhaLit ; take possession of, 
posscsi; preside over (synod); 
finish (.lerm of militmy servitc) ; 
OHd oikcr meanings of aittoD. 
1 ai)) VI. going, movement; jouniEy, 
**''"".^ expedition ; rarefy road, pnlh ; 
•mau>w depanore ,fronilife),dealli;aoune 
.J*«A. of life, experience, fate, conduct ; 


oace, all at 

■Bofon baoti. 
-tao/. ilineriry. 

-bodat'".euiile[the pillar of cloud), 
-fat rnn. Journey, Fiitcdition ; road, 

Eth ; course (of ship . ; course of 
:, experience, conduct ; period 
of lime. 

-fr&mt aliout to depart. 

-gionior sad from travelling. 

-Btapel ence/. footiiep Gl. 

-werodt «. band on expedition. 

n{> ^ Biht>, see sSon see. filter. 

Bi)i I. av. late, witb delay and 

Ute at last I afterwards. Craod- 
always, fir o_p>e -, - o[>|>e er 
ever, at any time, ue • Qe Sr 
never || e^, -or afterwards || spl. 
-ort. II. fvf. jod. ~ - jiam after 
that, afterwards -Bi^tian. 

-borsD lale-bom CI. 

-dogut mfl. later times. 

-Hc« tai. lately, after a lime. 

genp m. icompanion, retainer, 
warrior; king's officer, count. 

-otmd having the rank of a gesi(i. 

-Mnmdlio, -He iDiimnte Bd. 

-mngant h. troop of warriors. 

-mann m. » eesi>. 

-radon (n)/ troop GI. 

-■eipe m. association, companion- 

-wi( lip- n. countess, lady of rank. 

n^ian travel, depart, go, 

Upjfl, Big^ m. scythe. 

-bsrend m. mower GL 

(d)>eBt, ue (d)>r*. 

Bi^imeet, see si^ro. 

nprft ii/. (f^. (nt> fiesitivi) later, 
latter (time) | i/l. d>(e)ineat, 
■i]>eat, -oit — M tip(m)utaB in 
tbccod, uli' 

*>P^/ io(iif>E7> 

gen)>)i {H.) cuinpnoionihip, 

Bltipaii, oo, ai)ij>a I. av. afterwards, 

since : e/ niimier beyond tliat. 

II. ci. afttr, since [alfi, tK>n> 

Biwlati, a6ow(l)an sew. 

atwenfifc. ^b6oii 6. 

-lege blear-eyed. 

slx = Biex. 


wyrm m. blindworm. 

sladan, ea intr. relax efforts, 
slacken [alaso]. 


-nes*, ea/. remissness, laiiaess. 

sleec, alea<i slothful, languid -, 
negligent; lax (conduct); gentle, 
stealthy (movement) ; easy (strvi- 
tude): enervating (sleep). 

-full', a slothful. 

-Uo slow. 

-lioa av. slolbfWly. 

-lies /. sloth ; slowness (of move- 
ment, action) ; mental sloth ; 
temissnfss (in doing duty). 

slfed ». valley. 

alegen//c. ^slSan. 

slrahtan " sUf htui. 

slAp, a m. sleep. 

-»rn, -orn n. donniioiy. 

-bffire soporific. 


-ftUnea/ sleepiness. 

-Idas ileepttss. 

-ISaot !ilceple<sness. 

-nee/, sleepiness. 

-werigt diDwsy. 

slApian, a i b, iilsa frl. -te sleep 

— mid- im(. Ire vmli. 
-ere m. sleeiier, 
8lflt.=8ll^hp/riif/i Blean. 
slAtian set di^a on, hunt. 
-ing/. hunting. 

Bl*W = 8laW. 

slfiwp/ sloth [sliin]. 
slaga m. homicide [alean]. 
slageii fic . of Blean. 
Blagu t/) slag, dross. 
bIUi, ala,//. aUn/. sloe. 
-liyU m. sloe-hill. 
Blfth>orn m. blackthorn. 
-ragw (/., lichen from blackthorn, 
-rind/ blnckthom-bork. 
-weg III. black thorn-road. 
Bl&pan - slmpan. 
el&pian imfers. be sleepy. 


Sl&pol sleepy, 
-Hen/ sleepiness. 
Edtpor*, £ sleepy- 
-nes/. sleepiness. 
slarlge/ clary (i plant). 
bUw, S, ea sluggisn, Inzy. 

al§a, te, vE. alahn/'. weaver's reed 
Gl. [altan]. 

al3aii i pri. alfis, fli. alacen, n, 
f strike, iling (fif snake) \ play 
(harp) ; forge (.metal), com 
(money) ; drive in utoke), pitch 
(tent) I make by striking ^lire, 
signal^ I kill | »ii'/. strike I'bargain); 
amid (with punishment] ; | moke 
move, drive — of- vid. cut sJS 
(headi || inlr. strike : on Iren- 
\of smith), tSgtBdre- collides 
move; ^a alog micsl miat 
came on. - ofdiina precipitate 
binuself. -ut on aft set sail; 
lit- break ont (of cmption). 

{.'CBlean i strike down, slaughtn 

- WKl - make a ihnghler ; gala 

- '— =-- --^uer {country-- 
ntngs of Ahsc 


slfcg (/.I sledge-hammer [alSan], 
-aitan |i.iliiii.itc. 
alfg-, sec BljgB. 
-neat n. bensi to be killed. 
Bigge m. stroke, blow, beating; 

stinging \ff snake) ; collision ; 

clap (of thnnden ; killing, 
itaughter, murder [alfian]. 




-fftget doomed to slaugbler. 
al^gel >'!.'> plectrum, 
slegen//^, o/alfiaa. 
Bleow = Bliw. 

bUc [i'] smoother, sleek-stone. 
slia ence cunning. 

slice «HCe hammer /.^Gl. ^ alf Og (t). 
oHd'an 6 glide, slide; mtl. make 

false step, err ; \n frs. pic. be 

slida m. slip; fall (into tnisfortnne 

or error) [alidan]. 
Blidor, dd I. sUppery. H. n. 

slippery place. 
-DOS/ si i pperi n ess ; si ippwy place ( I). 


-escoh III. 5li|)]iCT. 

sUefie, slief / ileeve. 

ge-^ sleeved. 

•leas sleeveless. 

slight, 1, eft m. Idlling, slingbtcr, 

morlBliiy ^f^olll jicaiilence) ; cell. 

iuiimali to be killed for food 

-awin II. pig to be killed. 

yeBliehtt ". conflicL 

eUfhtan-, ee kill l.V. 

elieplan slip «r put off tr on {cf 
yoke, ring) [slupan]. 

-eHCoh III. slipper. 

Bliepa. 7. i III. paste. Cf>. slyppe, 

Bllm (».) slime. 

s1uic[bii 3 creep. 

-end m. reptile. 

elingon once creep /"r slincan ) ?). 

sUplg slimy. 

Hlipor tlippery ; unstable (in char- 
acter) ; ! morally impure, foul Gl. 

-hob/. (0 moral impority Gl. 

geoUt ». lending; biting, bite; 

-gllw «. scoffing Gl. 

Blit[an 6 tear, renil, alio mtl. (ap. of 
lionger); irritate (wound); destroy 
mtt. -, slander || bilr. tear. 

-ondlic consuming. 

-ere m. destroyer; glullon. 

-ung/ biiing. 

elite //;, tcu, rent (in cloth), bite. 

-cwealm m. death from being 

aUte [i!]/ cyclamen (a plftni). 

Bliten- oiue litretic IN. 

BlltenneB*, aliCnei/ laceration; 
ile5tro>ing, waste [ditan]. 

eUtol pungent. 

all^n injure. 

eliplet t. severe, dangerous, painliil, 
cruel ipf things). II. uii. cruelly 

-heard fierce ; cniel (bonds). 
8li)»ii+ severe, evil, cruel {of 

eliw, to, bU (m.) tench (a fish). 
815k, BlAh/r/. ef€i&Ka. 
sloh, d. Bid nm. slough, mire. 
alota nui III. rnoriel GL 
sluma III. slumber. 
Blap&n 7 glide, move smoothly. 
alyppe/ pane, slime. Cp. *b11«p». 


smml nnriow, slendei; smiUl: fine 

~e av. - sniale. 

-peaTmos mfl. intestines. 

-pearms n. \o\ra nbdomen. 

amSte retined or pure l^old). 

~gyldeit of pure gold. 

smale, m av. finely (^ound) ; not 
loudly, softly [«nuBl]. 

srnalian become slender. 

-ung / making slender, reducing 

smeaigel^en/. ^yllogiam Gl. 

-lio searching linquuy). pro- 
found (.reasoning) ; exquisite (il. 

-lice av. learchiDgly, (reasoning) 
profoundly; (see) cleailv. 

-m^ttas mfl. delicacies. 

~paiiclice av. in detail. 

smgapancol, -lie subtle. 

-lice av. thoroughly, sagaciously. 

smeawrgDC, smAh- wi. artifice, 

crafty device, 
-wyrhta m. artisan, 
-wyrm, sraee»- m. |ieiietrating 

smean ^smaagan. 

geatneag ii. iningne vL. 

Hineag sagacious; io penetrating 
' worm) [arauean]. 

HmSag|aD, amian (penetrate); 
scrutinize, investigate; meditate, 
reflect re. ymb ; seek (oppor- 
tunity ) ; suppose, assume. 

-endlie meditative Gl. 

-ung, smesvuDB, ■mda(u)nB /. 
search; investigation, meditation ; 
intention, intrigue. 

smearoian, e smile. 

ameart causing pain [imeartan]. 

smeap (/. ] once roediiation. 

Bmed(e)ina,iimeo-,i"f. fineBour. 

smeog - *emeas penetrating. 

It. C/.[ 

emeoro maageetre, amere- /. 

-sealf/. unguent. 
-WTg», Bmearuwig fall; . 
-pearm m. enirail. 
-wyriy^ a plant. 

siaercian ' smeardan. 

emep e, oe smooth, polished ; not 
initating i,food, medicine] ; soulh- 
ing, flattering, suave (maaaere) ; 
harmonious (sound) ; wilhovc ills' 
comfort, pleaunl [amfip]. 

-an smooth, polish; alleviatr. 

-ia& become smooth ; make 

-neB /. smoothness; level sutlaoe 

smicBT elegant, beautiful. 

-e HI', elegantly, beautirully ; deli- 

-QOe/I elegance. 

gt-od elegantly wrought Gl. 

Bmidema ^ smsdoma. 

smiao', i m. smoke [imeooaiij. 

-an iiilr. smoke; tr. famjgnte. 

smipU', EG II,. slap AV. 

omifllan inlr. crack (,^/whip). 

ami^lting/ amber. 

BtQler ^an, -an, -ian, HmeT(a^ 

-ela III., -eneayr ointment, 
amlering, o / anoitiling ; oial- 

-ele III. oil for anointing, 
smitan daub, smear ; pollute 
amite oiue m. pollution (T) Gl, 
amltt a m. smear, spot [anutan]. 

amlp m. smith, carpenter. 

-crcelt m. smith's or carpenlet's 

-crefUga w. smith, carpenter. 
-ian forge, fashion (out of metal or 

-lica av. like a smith, skilfully CI. 

-ilpfie/ smithy. 

<,g. ■molo;ir(u)wi 
grease, Euet, tallow. 



-ian intr. smoke : tr. fumigate, 
smoco m. smock -fiitck. shift, 
amolt, eo serene, peaceftil, gmde 

-o av. gently (blowing wind), 
-lioe av. gently (flowing). 
smolt eme no. fat. 
Binorlan Ir. choke, sufTocate. 


8Ta6l> eiiie icrcne (countenance) 

smtigfui 7 creep bt penetrate 
g I art u ally. 

-endllo cTceping. 

■niTgel, -bU f. bnrrow [amugaa]. 

ainj'ltle I. serene, calm, mild, 
gentle (rain, wind) ; placid, cbeer- 
ful ; prosperous, it av. gently 
(blowing wind) [Bmolt]. 

ge-on appease. 

-Uc aeicae. mild (weather). 

-cob/, enlm, quiet (^lea, weather) ; 
pence, tmnqnillily ; placidity, com- 
posure ; gentleness (in action., 

snaca m. snake. 

snacc ("/.) wai'ship. 

an&daB, see anAd. 

BDAd III. handle (of scytbe). 

snAd [6 ?], //. anadaa m. piece of 
land (I) Ct. [(ml>»ii !]■ 

-fbld*, annp- ni. enclosed field (!). 

enSd /. monel cr slice of food 

•luAlum av. (eat) bit by bit. 
BoAdon cut into slices ; hew, trim 

(stone^ ; prune || lunch. 
anAding/ hmch. 
-hOs II. eaiiiiK-honse. 
~Basap w. riheep to be killed. 
anAdel, -{fsarm m. the great gut. 

Bnid, -e saw [anipoii]. 

Bnld n. slice, cut. 

snid-issD. [or i T] «, lancet. 

geanid n. ilaughict. 

enide ' m.) incition ; killing. 

anleriaDi', anyrgan («/r. hasten. 

anife/. snipe. 

amp-stT§o carline thistle,!). 

Bnip,tui, /A. aniden 6 cut into, 
lance tboil, &c.), hew (stone): 
cat olT, amputate ; cut (hair, com) : 
cut in to pieces; slaughter laaimal). 
■ting/ incision ; wound ; alaughtef- 

snABan r 


through (with spear). 


snA{>-&ld ^ BDAd-. 

Bji&a, S fj. ipil, skewer. 

Bii&]> rn.) kilting [snipan]. 

anftw, KD& m. mow. 

-gebland n. snowitonn. 

-ceald cold aa snow. 

-hmt while 01 snow. 

-ig, ~lic tnowy, 

anearc/ noose, wait. 

anegl, », snAI m. loail. 

anelll nuick, iwift ; active, Hrong ; 

-Uo swiR. bold. 
~Uoe av. rapidly. 
-n«a/. iiuidtnes!, activity. 
-«Oipe m. boldness. 
snSomat av. quickly ; immediately, 
gcaneorcan 3 shrive! imr. 
Sii§owaiit,teti''i'r.hasicn .proceed, 
■nir \6-A1f. string (of harp). 
~-=T«ii (6) creep, crawl; I spread 
I perceptibly (^wgondsl. 

H^ nucan {6 
B imporceE 

Bn6d/ fillet, head-dress. 


anofl mucus of the nose, 
ig full of mocDi ; having a cold in 

the head. 
enoru/. daughter- Id law. 
fjeanot n. mucus of the nose. 
aaotor, It pmdciit, wise. 
-Ma wise, philosophical Gl. 
-lice av. pmdcntV. wisely ; phllo- 

sophicalty Gl. 
~neB/. wisdom. 
-wyrde plausible, 
snud I- coming quick, audden. 

II. n. apeed. 
~s av, quickly : at ooce. 
snyring iy-f, let] tme sharp 

rock Gl. 
Bnft an* clear the 
-ing/ sneeting Gl. 
BD^tfian, n be wise ; be a pbllo- 

Bnytret mit wise [anotor]. 

anytro, tt, ge-/ prudence, sagacity, 

Bn;(iiant encfgo with nose to the 
ground (^plough). 

aoD, ge- n. sacking [ailoati]. 

sooian soak rr.. inlr. [sucan]. 

soco m. sock \Lt. «oootw]. 

s5<!ll / 'Seeking^: investigati 
asking ; ffequcnting. going (to 
church^ ; asylum, refuge: i-peisc- 
cution, attack ; exercise of jodicini 
power, jurisdiction [afcan]. 

gcBod B. boiling, liquefactioD 

aoden fir- ^aSopan. 

sdfte I. iiuiet sleep'; InioriouB, 
comforlabte (liedj ; not stem, 
gentle vL. II. av. geall;: peace- 
ably, without dlicord ; easily 1 at 

case, comfortably ; not baishlf, 
kindly [sefte]. 
Boftnea j. ease, comfort ; luxury, 

BOgopa III. hiccup; eructation 

BohM, fri. eftx 

:t sand: wa]lowing- 

sol » 

Sol-mSnap m. February, 
Bol&te/. heliiilrope. Cf. sotaeoe. 
sole emef. shot', sandal {I.l. aolea]. 
solor i,iH. .. upper room \Lt. aolar- 

aolaece / heliotrope [Z/. aolae- 

Bom /. concord, reconciliation, 

-raden(ii / wedlock. 

giBdm imBiiimons, reconciled, 

Bon m. musical sound, music [Z/. 

i, av. immediately awi 

Bong[o = »(»-6!] bed M', 

sopn III. draught, sup [aupoo]. 

aoppie/. sop. 

-ouppe/ sop-cup, 


Boro mote (in m) IN. 1 

eax^f. vig. grici; anxiety ; ajflictiou, 1 

-byT}>en(ll)+/. grievons sorro" 

-cearigf arunous, sad, 

-cearu+/ anxiety, sadness. 

-full anxious, sad ; causing anxiety 

-leas free from anxiety or sorrow. 

-leaat/ security. 

-Igop It. dirge. 

-lie gricTiius. I 

-lice av. grievously. 

-lufilt/. sad love. 

-Bta&Bf mpt. sorrow, affliction. 

-wiflmt m. sonow. 

-wordt «. word of sorrow. 
BOrgliaD, vE. firs. pic. aoergendi, 
grieve ; be annous, solicitous n> 

-ung/ sorrowing, grief. 
aorig once Sony. 
adt, 00 (n.'i soot. 
ge-Ig grimy, dirty Gl. 




aotit I. sinpid, foolish. II. m.iao] 

-acdpe m. «lapidity, folly, 

»5> I. true, rcDl ; ligbleous Ps. H. 

R. ttath, reittit;, cettftuity ; ns- 

sevcration ; jpstice, righteoosness. 

foF~, 16 ~e with certainty, truly; 

as a. fact, really, t6 ~uin J^ngoin 

witan. Tor ~ witon know for a 

-owed, -cwedeii veracious LV. 
-owide 111. true saying, righieous 

saying; proverb, parable. 
-Cymng-t" m. king of juslice, Uod. 
~»av, Imly, really; faithfully. 
-aa HP. trnly; verily, 
-fiBderf m. father of justice, God, 
Bfipflnat truChTuI ; just, righteous. 

-lie true; BJucere. 
-lice av. truly ; faithfully. 
-nea/l truth ; good faith, ju5tice- 
80>:^ddt n. (rue tale. 
-hwiBpre (!) an. however IJf. 

-lico iiv., cj. truly! verily, indeed ; 

-BOgol veracious, 
-eagu/ tmth; hislory. 
-s^cgan tell Imth, declare IN. 
~B§sen/ itatemeiit of the truth. 
-Bpell It. hislory. 
-sprlbo/, troc saying IN. 
~t&cil n, prodigy IN. 
-wxjrdt II. trnc word. 
66p- = /C. pro- (!, IN. 
Bdfiajo. prove, 
sp&ca ra. spoke of wheel, 
epadie, -u lo*. / spade \_Ll. 

sptec, Bp^'^spr-. 
BpEBr, -lie sparing, frugal. 
-h^nde, -hynda frogal. 
-lioe az/, fnigally ; (apeak) briefly. 
-BBS/ parsimony, frugality. 
BpfBr-lir'a, apeoru- m. calf of 


-edo having large calvei. 
Spar* plaster, moilar. 
-en of plasler. mortar. 
-fltftn III. gypsum, chalk. 
spAtianspit; sytin);e (wound). 
-ung/ cupectoratioQ. 
sp Atl ^ sp&tl. 
BpAtlan, -Ian spit foatn. 
spala~gespelia substiinte. 

epaldor, L. ipelter asphalt [Z/, 

geBpan n. persuasion, allurement. 
spanlan iifrt. apoa, apboa insii- 

galc, persuade, allure. 

Bpan;e, -a, pi. -an, -a/, leal. 
spang/, clasp, buckle, 
gespang », fasteniag, clasp. 
apanii/. span i.measnre). 
gespaonn. fastening, bond, weh met. 
Bpaanlan i J>rl. ap^on, speiut 

clasp, fasten, attach, 
-ing/ span (i 

va.t also iijd- apare, show 


-iaD spit out, expectorate, 
-ting/ saliva, what is expecloralei], 
spear-hafoc m. spairow-luwk 

Bpearoja, n m. spark ; small por- 

-jan emit sparks, sdntillate. 
speamllan intr. kick, sprawl 

gcBpeairian shut, bar. 
spearwa m. sparrow, 
apearwa m. calf uf leg GI. 
Bpecan ^^ apracan. 

BpSd, 08 /. success - on - success- 
fully, with good results ; pro- 
sperity; wealth, plenty; progeny 
eiue Pi. ; power, faculty ; oppor- 

(juickly [apfiwao], 
-lice no. effectually, 
-Bmnlan ptosjier. 
spddan, ge- sucked, w. \& in; 

make to succeed Gl. 
Sped phlegm, gum (m eye) GL 
-iende? Gl. 
aped-dropa [e or i >] eiut tdrop 

8p§dig prosperous ; wealthy, 

powerful, nbounding in. 
ge-lice av. projperoualy. 

spel'ian act as representative of, 

spelean ^ spllcan. 

Bpeld II., f1. -Tu. - 

of wood, torch. 
geBpelia, L. spala m. i 

tive, deputy [■pelianj. 
spell n. narralive, hislory : lidle) 

tale ; prose ; discourse, homily ; 

philosophical Brgument; saying; 

-boo/, homily-book. 
-boda Bi. messcogec, angel, am- 
bassador, prophet ; public qieakcr 


:, lell. 
-Ting /. conversation ; nanaiivc, 

tale ; discourse, homily, 
Bpelt m.) spelt, com [Z/, spella]. 
spelter ■= spaldor asphalt. 
spend am spend [Zr. expendMw}. 
-ung/. spending. 
Bpennels ewt 'jn.) clasp GU 

speoftian, -an spit, spit on IN. 
BpeoQj>rc. 0^spanan, spannan. 
spSow- ^ spiw-. 
spare «. spear. 
-brSgat '«. spiear-terror. 
-healf/ ^inheriiance on] the male 

-leas (shaft) withoDt a speai^ 

- nipt •"■ baltit 

-wyrt/ a plant. 

jtesperod armed with spcnr Gl, 

spio, e H. bacon, lard. 

-hOa II. larder. 

spic-mSae/ titmonse bird~. 

apicc, apioa/ ^'i aromatic herh, 

spikenard >) [Ll. apioa], 
spicing i/i. spike, nail. 
Bpigro;an ihIi: sparkle ; spultu 

-ing/ sprinkling. 
spif rrlan strike, 
-log/, striking. 

Spigelian = spiwettan. 

apilian play. 

Bpilfflg .m.> kind of snake tM. [i/. 

spile '^ spelc. 
spilean, e liuji, af apato] \^a& 

with splints, 
aplld. vE. epilp w. detUnctiMI, 

spill [an, apildui dest/oy. 

-Ing/ waste i,of money). 

Hpind fat. 

spinel, -ol/ spindle. 

-healf/. ^inheritance on) ibe female 



spir lapering shoot (of reed). 
spltfll M. spud, spade. 
spittan di^. 
geBplttan Epil, spil opon iA'. 

SpittiUl EDTt lA. 

spittt/ spit. 

spiuage^spongs sponge. 
spiw an 6, -lau vomit ais., 

-.^'i. ; spil. 
-Gttan*, spigBtton spit. 

-ing/^ vomiting. 
8innr[e (m.) vomhing. 
-ie)dreQo, -ino m. cmedc. 
BpiwetiB, apiwjHi, apiwda, ap6ow- 

M. vomiting: nbat a vomited. 
^wol emetic 
Bplott m. spot; plot of land. 
gi -od spotted. 
spSn v/. shaving, chip. 
sponge, aplunge/^ sponge; spongy 

estrcscence. t>, apjasv [//. 

spor n. track, footprint; tracking; 

imcc, vestige. 
-wreoel m.\C\. 
apor|a, a m. ipur. 
-lo^r B. apnr-stiap. 
Bporett|aD oikc kick. 
-ung, "Bporteng/. kicking (?). 
Bpornlan, ipu- 3 slnkc foot 

Bgain&( ; reject, contemn. 
-ere m. foller. 

-ing/. stumbling, Etombling. block. 
apornettan kick. 
Bp6w[an I soececd; impcrs. iBii. 

taie. sncceed. 
-endUoe an. piosperonsly. 
spraoen n. aldec. 
epreo (n.) shout, twig. 
Bpr^, apno/. talking, convem- 

tion, GOnfereacc : power of speech. 

eloquence; what a said, statement, 

report; langniiBe; subject of dis. 

cuMion, (difficoft) qaestioD ; soit. 

claim t decisioo ; place of public 

spealdng M'. [apreoan]. 

-oynn m. mode of speaking Bd. 

/. conil-bonse W. 


~lsas speechless. 

gcSpr&o n., net IF, [aiiiwriliiig of 
Keapreo, lakm for A. 'geaprdoi] 
speaking, way of speaking ; what 

gesprffioe eloquent ; aflnblc. 
-lie ■ loquclnr ^in grammar). 
sprSd an spread, 
-ung/ propagation IN. 
Bpranca m. shoot, twig, 
sprangettan palpi tote, 
epreawlian inir. moi'e con\-ul. 

(jesprec n. speaking ; power of 

sprecjan, apeoaa 5 speak. - on 

a,, on- ii-d. mnkc n claim against. 
" ^ aim w. mrier, ymb. 

-a+ », 


~oI lalki 
-olnes/ loquacity, 
gcspreclan sspeat — hiabetwe- 
oDum geaprBCOD agreed; speak 

-a m. interlocutor, one who consults 
with anotbe^. 

~endliQ 10 be spoken. 

apr^ngan Ir. scatter ; sprinkle ; 
apply clyster Ij intr. burst, crack 

aproot m. pole. 

Bprincel \m^ wicker basket. 

sprlnd, flpryngd active, vigorous. 

-lice, aprinlics iw. actively, vigor- 

Bprlndel tenler-hook. 

spring ^ Bpryng. 

epringan 3 leap ; spring back 
(through elasticity) : buist forth, 
fly, spirt 1 rise — up- rise Kpf 
soqI ; grow ; be diffused \pj 
report, fame). 

aprot N. shoot, twig [aprutan]. 

Bprota m. sprout, shoot ; peg, 

sprott m. sprat (a (iih). 

Sptyng m. source of water, spring; 
Rux; sprinklmg; ulcer [spring- 

-wyrt*, apring-/. wild caper. 
oprytlery-ie?]/ iwig- 
spryttlaa inlr. sprout, germinate 

II /r. put forth (shoot), bear tfjuift; 

incite :- hine to [ifan [apriita ~ 
-ing/., erne m. shoot, plant. 


spurul given to kicking er tnun- 
pliug (I) 01. 

BpTUge/ sponge [Z/, spongia]. 

spyrjltm w. sefter follow track ; 
go; investigate, inquire into 

-emann, ape- in. tracker, 

-igend m. invealigator. 

-igung/. investigation, 

spyrd m. stadium, (toot) race- 
course; furlong W. 

Bpyrte/. basket [^Ll. aporta]. 
' LC a m. stake, diifan -an on 
nonn a kind of witchcraft, injnr- 
ng a person by piercing an effigy 

-tmg / a kind of witchcraft, itt 

Btaef III. staff, stick; letter (of 
alphaliel) — //. atafaa piece of 
writing, lileralure. 

-crsft m. grammar ; learning, 

-craftlg versed in grammar or 

, learning — ~* 

-cyat / lii 

-gefeg II. combination of letters, 

-leomere m. student. 
-llo literal (meaning) ; literary. 
-libera/ calapnlL 
-plega III. literary game Gl. 
-raw/ line (of wnimg) ; alph^jet. 
-Bweord », sword -cane Gl. 
-wis versed in lileralure. 
-wntere m. grammarian. 
atrog mcc (.1.) pool, pond Gl. 

[/./. atagnum]. 

stSBg (n,) stay, mast-rope Gl. 

stfigel steep [atigau], 

atfiger/. stairs [atjgao]. 

aUil, nt "• place; stead, relation 
— on f»der -S in the position of 
a father; assistance; condition, 

stsel- [atelan]. 
-glfStt in. thievish stranger, 
-hgre III. predatory army. 
-hr&n i«. decoy reindeer, 
-tfhtle/ charge of thcfi. 
Btsl-wierpe serviceable, 
sUBl-wyrt / watrr starwott .a 

atttlan mititute, do, infiict : tfl6hj>a 
on werM - : impute (crime) to 
'.t>, on ofjuri , Si-Ja. 



gestasUan rrnee ;ts11, sable. 

gestnn ^ *gc8ten. 

BtSnlon throw stones at, stone (lo 

dentil) ; adom with E'^"^* ■''' 

mosaic [Bt&n]. 
-in«/ Bioning {to death). 
Btfina m, earthuivruc jug [Btan], 
stfiaen of sione. 

StfiDei* stony ground I.V. 
Btfinlg, ~llc stony. 

BUspje, f m.,pl. -M, Btspu, step- 
ping, step ; pace (measure) ; 
going I step (_of stairs, ladrferi ; 
pedestal, step ^of mnsl) ; degree 
II in-inslfintly 

-ogang* Big-t R. 

-mAlum av. step by step, bj steps ; 

steepplaa, at§- i, fri. atdp, step, 
go, proceed. 

~esadli m. slippei. 

steer m. stmling. 

atSr, e, ao [ = oe ?] h. hislorj' [//. 

-leornere (') m. student of UistorA-. 

-trahtere m. hi,iorian. 

Btffir- blind,st»re-.Btii-({uiteblijid. 
Btareed- ~ Btf roed-. 
Bteerling m. starling [sUer]. 
stffl}) nm. bniik, shore, 
-tfeatt t^tm on the shore, 
-hliepe steep, 
-hliepliee av. precipitously. 
-awealwe f. ssnd-mnrtLn. 
-weallt m. banier of tlie shore. 
~wyTt/, a plant. 
aMBfipant eihe slay, support. 
stSBppig, ge- sedate, serioin. 
-nea/ scilnteness, seriousness, 
otaflan dictaie ^oalh) [stmf]. 
Btagan impale, fix (on spit). 
Btagga >H. stag L. 
-Btftl place [BWbol]. 
-«m «. court of justice CI. 
-Ian strengthen (supports). 
geStSi It. impenchmeut, accusadoll. 
Btallian steal ; go stealthily, steal 

-ung/ robbery. 
geatala m. accomplice in theft 

Btalap (n.) stability Gl. 

Btol u y. — tesrpan -a pieces of 
wood into which the harp-strings 
arc fixed (t). 

-^lisp, BQom- stammerTDg, 

m stammering. 

... .^r/,ll 

Htanun, scon 

BtamOF St am me r. 

-Ian, Btam(e)rian stammer. 

Btftn m. stone, rock. 

-iBx/, stooeworker's aKe(I) Gl. 

-bas)) n, vapoar bath. 

-bsorg m. rocky hill. 

-berenda stony Gl. 

-bill II, stone-working implement 

-bogaf HI. natural stone arcb. 
-brycg/. stooe bridge. 
-buciiUl HI. mountain goal. 
-burg+Z slone-boilt town. 

-ceaotel, i m. chestnut (tl Ct. 

-ceoBol m. gravel. 

-el6at*, y m. cbeslnnt (Ii ICt. 

-cliff II. cliff; crag, rock, 

-olud in. rock. 

-.crfflftisa m. stotiem^on. 

-oropp "I. stonecrop fo plant). 

-crundel m. stone-kollow (t) Ct, 

-gedelf «. stone-quarry. 

~fB9t n. atone vessel. 

-fagt pai-ed (roaii). 

-^cfeall n. heap of stones. 

-gtfog II, masonry. 

-gaderung/ m?'""--^ 

-geat H. opening 

-glella m. [lelican. 

-gripet III. stones seiied. 

-hj-e in. wall. 

-hlepe/ stone-heap. 

-hiewetftl, -Jufat n. qnarry. 

-hlift n. rocky slope. 

-hofw. stone house. 

-hoi n. cave. 

-hryogm. ridge tfr reef of rocks GL 

-Ig, & stony, rocky. 

-Ibt, ie I. Btooy. rocky, H. n, 

stony ground. 
-incel n. little stone. 
-laBung/i tnasonryf with out mortar) 


-moree/ parsley. 
-rocc {niJi Gl. high rock, obelisk, 
-scttlu/. shale, shaly ground (T) Ct. 
-«:iflig*, 7 stony (gronndl. 

St&D scmf n. cave. 

-scylf m. peak, rock Cl- 

-Btribt/ paved road. 

-styooe K. piece of stone. 

-getdmbre n. masonry. 

-torr fli. stone lower; high rock, 

-wang m, stony plain. 

-weall m. stone wall. 

-WBg m. paved road. 

-weoro n. masonry. 

-geWQofc IS. art of bnilding ; ma- 

-weor>ung/. worship of stones. 

-'vrurma ih. colour got from a 
stone or mineral Gl. 

-wyrht {/.) stone building (r GL 

-wyrhl» 171. mason. 

stand m. IJ\'. delay. 

standan > frl. aWd stand ; stand 
still, nop, stay, remain (un- 
disturbed), last I be ralid, in force 
I of laws) ; If, on d. consist of; 
be : Bif nlsd on hands atanda 
in case of necessity, aa bobbU ba 
on^am lande ateiit the sura with 
which the land is charged ] start 
from .of diicclion),,j/fo^.: Um 
Bt6d atlaceude ateam of )>&m 
mupe, micel oga atod daoBtun 
fram sow. 

geBtandana stand up (as opposed 
to silting), keep one's feet ; op- 
pose (attacker) ; attack, auatl, 
alie mil. (of illness^; perTotm ; 
and iht other meamagj ^ 

Btapol m, jiillar, prop, Pitt, foun- 

dniion; flif^bt of steps. 
-WBg wl.I Ct. 

Btara-bluid - staar-. 

atapol m. foundation, base (of 
pillar., o/iii mtl.-. statMlily, «B<r. 
security; firmament, sky: posi- 
tion, place; state ^of things). 

-ffihtt/ estate (I) R. 

atat>ol£EeBt firm, stationary; firm 
(in mmd). 

-lio stable. 

-lice av, lirmly: with firm mind. 

-nes/ firmness, stability. 

-nimg/. Gl. foimdniion. 
eta)>oliian fix, establish ; 

steadfast :in mind). 
^ge)-iend m, (oundet. 



(ge)Bta)ioluiiK/, founding, iounilfl- 

lioa, Mttlio),'. 
stafiol-wangt '". plain to dwell in. 
atealc sit^ji. 

-ung/. walking cautiouilf. 
staald //<-. of Btf lion. 

gMtfiald-t 1. dwelling, abode. 

BteBldant i possess wi. 

Bta&ll It. act of standing; pUce ; 
«e«d — on hia - ; ilall ^for cWlle), 
stable; tbbiiig-giound ; stale (of 

geflWalit "- Blnietore, frame (of 

■teallare, n m. mnrsbal Z. 
BtSom m. eilulation, bot vopom, 

ileam; tmo'stui'c (blood). 
■ttep m. drinking-vessel, flngon. 
■Map loft]', t>U, lUDunling bich {of 

lire) ; prominent (gem, eyes). 
stfiapol (n.) lumulus (ofstiHies) (') 

weathec) \ atteaded with bard- 
thip; abstinate : stem, severe; 

-ferb])t «eni, fi«M. 

-hoard violent (weeping). 

-heortt ilout-bearted. 

-ian stiffen inir. 

-lioa ac. vigorously. 

Bteom m. a sea-bird, tern (<). 

Bteartli&o stumble. 


-hora n. stallion. 

Btdda m. sialliuii : entire camel 

at^de, atyde m. act of standing; 

stuidbg Itill ; place, aha met. ; 

liability ; fiiity (of condition) ; 

strangury ; iionditioD Gl. | of - 

imniwl lately. 
-fioat steadfast ; firm (mind). 
•testOM/. constancy. 
-hoardt firm. 
-l6ae having nothing to stand on, 

-ivaugt m. plain. 
-wiat/ constancy. 
atodig sterile, batten. 
-I10B/. sterility. 

-laie/ stay, nust-rope Gl. 
atefh-, sriutema; atanm- 
aUAiIan L. summon tv. d. aid 16 

l^ SiaHd. atofba]. 

stelan 4 steal. 

Stella., B m. stalk; support. 

-male m, vessel with banille. 

~ecoS /. shovel with (long) handle 
I!) Ot 

stellan, frl. Btealde, place, set 

stenui , stafn/. voice — mid mio- 
lum -am of a single veite. 

atemn -, stebi m. period, time — 
ymb - by turns, niwan atefne 
a second time, afF»b ; turn of 
militar}' service. 

-msfelum', Htenamfelum av. alter- 

Btenm', Bt^rn m. stem (of tree) ; 
loutidation ; 'race, famdy) ; prow 

Btftnna*. stfftiot ™. prow of ship, 

stemnlan, ateltaan institute, regu- 
late II alternate Gl. 

-byrd*. atefn-/ regulation. 

-ing/. tnm of military service. 

Btema an, stgAiau provide witli 

-ing-iaern h, stamping- iron, 
gesten*, e 11. gionning, 
Btecan (5) groan. 
stpne m. sense of smell ; odour 

Igood 01 bod) [atincan]. 
-bere stinking. 
-br^ngenda (l) odoriferous /A'. 
Btfncjan scatter [etincan]. 
(ge)-n88/. odour /A^ 
gcBtfnoe fragrant. 
Bteneciatt pant [Btenan], 
Bteng m. pole, stake, bar, cudgel 

Bteop- step-. 

-beam n. orphan. 

-Cild n. orphan ; unprotected one. 
-dohtor/ step-da ughler. 
-Gnder m. sLcp-falher. 
-modor/. step -mother. 

Btdor m. steer, young bulUyoongcow. 

BtSor, f [infi. o/at'loran]/ (steer- 
ing; rudder); guidance; regu- 
lation, rule; restraint; discipline; 
reproof ; pnnishmeot ; fine. 
, -bordr/.Jlatboard.rightsideofship. 



staor|eB-maiui L. 1 

captain [Scandi], 

-Idas not under control, ungoveni- 

able ; profligate ; uninslrucled. 

-DtBgl m. handle of a hebi. 
-refira m. stecrsinan. captoiti. 
-ropor H. rudder. 
•scoByi rudder. 

Btaoran = stieran. 
Bteora, le 

steor^on ,1 die, 

-ede having a forehead Gl. 
Bt«or{ra m. star. 
~gl6aw skilled in astronomy. 
-ScSawere m. astronomer, aiti 

-wigl, -wlglung/ astrology, 
ateort m. tail ; tongue of land. 
BtspaT>, oe initiate, consecrate GL 
aterian, f bum incense ; fumigate 

-in"/ incense. 

stf rced-tbrh)it, atie- [ - i;] biave. 

stle-, SIC atycoe. 
atlc-fdddsr ». ' 1 

Btic-tAnel basket Gl. 

Bticiaji Ir. prick, goad (ox), stab, 
googe oat (eyes) ; kill || inlr. re- 
main tiled, stick; be inside ; lie 
(^direction, boundary). 

-ung/ piercing ; killing (pigi). 

atico- once viscous (T). 

aticoa m. stick, peg ; pointer (of 
dial) ; spoon. 

atic|e m. slab, iinnctute; pricking 
sensation, si itch. 

-ftdl/, -ware m. stitcb (in ride). 

-wyrt /. agrimony. 

sticel m. goad. 

Bticela m. goad ; instigation. 

Btiool lofty, high u> ; sleep ; rongh 
(road), scaly; dimcull GV 

stial.e »- steel. 

-pogt steel-edged (sword). 

-.ed hardened, tempered. 

-en of steel. 

itif Ida, ? ( 
It. give 

-ing/ fragrai 

atlep;aiit [aiac ; build; eKaU.make 

illu5irious,lionoori««'. ; ge- help 

-ere w. prop, piUi 
stiep-t, iot ence depriTntiot. (!) ; 

downfall \X). 
Btiepel m. tower [steap 
stisrlan. A. go -m. d. or a.) steer 

(ship) : guide, 

reprove ; pnnia! 

rrom, cbeck : -de biia unrUiteB 

-end. m. govemot 

-nes/! discipline. 

Btiero', i, y, io, ityrio m. calf. 

Btlfrn|e stem. 

-mg&f av. memorably. 

-lie hush (word) I severe (weather). 

-lice ov. stemlf , rigorously. 

-modt stem. 

Btif rigid. 

-ian be er becomi: rigid. 

stig B. (pig)-sly; I hall. 

-fbarh, ati- m. yomig pig kept in 


stigan e 

le) in sty. 

1 descend, gin. 

tr., geH. ge-, ascend. 
etige 111. going up or down. 
Bbgand m. &ty (in eye) Gl. 
etignes/, dewcnt IN. 
Btigol /. place of climbing over 

(fence) ; slile. 
-harmm jw. enclosure reacbed by 

Btiht|an, -Isn arrange; regulate, 

-«ad m. inlei. 

-ere m. director. 

(gel-ung/. arrangement ; ilispetisa- 

tton, providence, 
stlllent rest: silent; not loud; secret 

— hit eall -letan keep it dark i 

nnchajigiDi;, (table ; gentle, quiet ; 

jog abstaining from, being exempt. 


BtUIan tHlr. become calm (^storm) 
If tr. ■w.d. or a. make calm, !i55iiage 

BtUjlioe av. silently. 

-nefl/.qniet; silence; Iranquilli 
peace ; wg, eiemptioii. 

Btmoan 3 rise {9/ dust) ; ci 
vapom ; emit odour (good 
bad) ; ! aniff, follow scent. 

gestinoan i have power of smell 

sting, y m. pricking, stab, stinging 

place stung. 
BtULgan i IhniGt, insert ; atab, 

pierce | " On a. lay claim Io. 

usurp; rfi. hlne -on a. meddit 

stip stiff; thick (paste); strong; 
resolute, obstinate; austere, severe; 
accotapanied with effort or hard- 
ship, «evere (battle, winter), rigid 
(.discipline), ascetic (iik) ; harsh 
(to taste). 

-o av. strongly, excessively ; severely, 
cruelly ; austerely, MiictJy. 

-fcgt strong-edged. 

-ferhttt resolute ; stem. 

-hycgendet resolute. 

-hygdig, -hydigt resolute, stem. 

-ItO firm, strong; severe slorm, 
battle) ; harsh (words) ; fierce. 

-Ii06 av. fumly (fixed) ; rigorously ; 
fiercely; harshly; with hardship, 
(live) aasierelyi itticlly, severely ; 
excessively, very. 

-nmgenf ». strong troop. 

"inOdt resolute; obstinate: stem; 

-nee / stiffness, hardness ; con- 
stancy; strictness. 

-nfegt HI. rough road. 

geBtlpian become hard: become 
strong ; grow up. 

Btoco m, stock, tmnk, It^, pillory ; 

trumpet /A'". 
-en oflogs, wooden (church). 
Btod (h.) post. 
Btod B. stud, herd of horses. 
-fald m. stud-enclosure. 
-hors n. stud-horse, itoIUoa. 
-mifre/ biood-mare. 
-JiSof m. horse-thief. 
WAAprt ^atandan. 



atodia HI. slay, pait of loom. 
Btofia, -u mf. balh-room. 
-bsEJ) H, vapour bath, 
atom/w. stem, trunk ; ihool. twig; 

progeny; foundation, 
stol fH. stool, chair; ihiune; 

stole/., atol n. stole [Z/.], 

atopfr/. ^Bbeppan 

Btopel m. foolpriiii. 

atoppa m. bucket, pail. 

Btor m. frankincense [1.1. storaxl. 

-oylle/ censer. 

■f-iod (for 

ring I). 
Stdr ena strong, violent ^thunder) 

vL. [Scemd. aiarr gpeat]. 
store (m.) stork. 
Btorfe/ flesh of anitnalii that have 

died by diteaie [al«orfan^. 
Storm HI. storm i tuproar, tomiilt ; 

atSw/; place. 

-lie local, confined to one place. 
-lice av, lootUy, as regards pUoc 
Btfiwian restrain. 
etr&cllan stroke [atHooa]. 
-ting/ stroking. 
stride eive/.pvx, step fM 
atrml/m. nef If. arrow, mimic. 
bora m. archer. 

■wyrt/. a plant 
strAl, atresl (! /. rug, bed, 

curtain [Ll. atrasnla !]< 
atrAt/ (koman) road, street {U. 

Btrand n. shore, 

atr ang, c/W.atrf nera , sflMO^ngan 

strong, mighty, vigo tons, potent; 

severe, liercc ; accompanied widi 

baril^hip, severe (winlei). ' 

1 (IV. violently ; severely. 
-hf nde, y strong of hand. 
lie strong : ^rm ; attended uiili 

effort fr hardship. 
lice av. strongly; firmly; vigot- 

ously ; fiercely, bravtly ; tiernljr. 

-noS/ strength, violence. 
Btrang,lai) be er become strong: 

prevail l{ Ir. strengihcn. confinn. 
-ong/ ligour; 5lrcni,thcmng */.. 


atrspolaa mpl, a kijid of ttooscrs 
straw -streaw. 
Btreaht//r. i/str^can. 
itrfiam m. Iluwirjj, cuirenl ; nin 

-Ikrut/- cnrteut, flow. 

-rid/, bfd of river; twa? ovc 

- HtreAmrynea : 

-stB^-t- n. shore. 
-WWUlt m. shore. 
-wlglmf m. sar|!e. 
-gewtont «. Knfe of waten. 
etrAKW, to, A . iitr«(u) n. strew. 
-Ian ^ stTf wlan. 
BtrSawbarlge, -wise, atraw- /. 

etrec, A I. n/, dpi. -um, atiweum 
vehement, violent, mighty ; ob- 
■dDate; ttcrn. rigoiou*. II. 
n. Tiolence, force ; atrlctnesi, 

-Uc strict. 

-lioe ap. violcatiy ; itrictly. 

-nM/. perseverance. 

otredcan, /rf . >tre(a'jhte hold out 

((Und), extend ; ipread ont ; rfl. 

prostrate oneself. 
Btrjcednes/ coach Gl. 
Btredd pu. ^str^gdan. 
Btr^Bi) not 11'., pri. itrede, vE. 

itr^lda strew, spread [atiifiaw- 

Btregdan, str^diui }.f<l. ilrtegd, 

■trfid IN. stnegde, Btrucdel, 

/((. strogden Miew, sprcn<l, 

sprinkle. atTfgdan M mart fre- 

Btreed an. atrddao, pii. sUfidde 
\jN. atragde, slmgde < strt^w. 
spread, sprinkle (water, a place) 
II )Wy. disperse. 

-nos/ sprin tiling. 

Btr^g m. suing (of hnm, bow), 
rope, cable ; sinew, fig 

gestrfngan strcngtheo 

streng'e severe. 
-Uot strong. 
BtrfDgelf n. chief. 
stTfngwt sfl. ^ Btrang. 


str^ngO / slrenglb. vigonr ; tiim- 

8trfngp(o;/. strength; violence; 

severity; efficacy; prime of life. 
Btraagra !f^. ^B^rang. 
streon - streowen. 
geBtreon, IX. strdon n. gain. 

profit; usury; p roi: rent ion ; pro- 

[«rly, wcnlth, 
-full ptcdoiis, sumptuous. 
Streowen, streon, A stren/. bed, 

Btrdow ^- Btreaw. 
Btrdowian ^ Btrjiwian. 
BtTfwJian, 60, bh strew, scatter. 
-neB/ bedding, bed. 
-ung/. bed. 

strlo [If] (».■, pUgne;!); sedi- 
tion (!). 
geetric u. strife. 

Btrican 6 mb, wipe II ititr. move, go. 
geStriclaa mend ^nets) IN. 
Btrloa m. stroke of pen, mark ; 

line of motion, orbit. 
Btrioel im.\ strickle, implement for 

smoothing com in a measure [stri- 

Stlicol (m.) breast, teat. 
Btridan 6 stride uppnn hors 

stride HI. stride, pace (measure . 
Htrien]aa, A. to w-g. (n.) acquire ; 

T augment ; beget [geitrtooj. 
ge-endllc genitive. 
HtrimendB resisting, striving Gl- 
Btnp iH. slruggle, contest {Old 

HtroGolan stroke, 
geatrod n. plunder [atriidan]. 
ge)strogdAeB /, sprinkling IN. 

atropp (oar) thong {Ll. atruppua]. 
BtrGdlan 7 plunder, carry off^ 

ravage, destroy. 
-end m. robber; usurer Gl. 

-ung/ robbery, plundering. 
atrfilian atnnd out stiffly, be rigid, 

atr^dan rob, deprive vida. [strud- 

atryta, u m. ostrich [/./. Btrnthlol. 
studu, atu^u/, pi. atrde, alyfa 
pillar, post, buttress. 

BtUf-i^BtOf-. ' 

stulor furUvc, insidious [itelan). 

-lioo av. furtively. 

gcBtlUi H. noise, whiriuind [>teu< 

stiinlan inlr. resound ; dash 

geBtund H. noise, 

stund f. point ar short period of 
time ; fined time, hour ; signal of 
time (bell) 1 -et at once, ymb -e 
from time to time, -utn from 

time to time uni . . -uin 

sometimes . . sometimes ; with 
effort, eagerly, fiercely, earnestly. 

-m Alum av. gradually ; alternately. 

Btunt stupid, foolish. 

-lie foolish. 

-lic« av. foolishly. 

-nea/ stupidity, folly. 

-soipe m. foolishness. 

-sprifec/ foolish talk, 

-sprAce, -wyrde talking fool- 

Btupian inlr. stoop, curie down- 

Bturtende otui leaping IN. 
Stat {in.) gnat. 
8tu[>an-Bceaft m. prop. 
atUbll - studu. 
styob m. stump of tree. 
Btfcce II. piece ; piece of mfloc; 

C;i. ; short space of time -=- 

ymbe - after a time. 
-mAlum, atlom- av. piecemeal ; 

here and there; gradually. 


Btyde, sti Btudu. 

st^c ian. -ecian root up. 

-ung/ i;lcnre<l ground \^) Cl. be sinpelled, astonished 

Btyntan stupefy [atuntl- 
gcHtyr*, i n. movement IN. 
st^rani^steran fumigate, 
Btyrion move tr. inlr., rfi.; let 

in action (voice, haip) ; stir up; 

agitate, excite {mind) ; cause. 

Igendlic moving. 
-ung / motion ; setting in actloii, 
practice; conunotion, tumult; 
trooble, aptntloD, emotion. 



atyrAg SSscfleshornnnnimal sumorjIaiiKi day i long j 

that has iliei] by rliaease | aCorfa]. ~lio summtr. 

styrla, atyr.g a. in. aturgeon. 

Btyric = 'stierc calf. 

BtyrmaD be stanoy ; make noiu 
5li^ut [Btonn'), 

Btype, tff- Btudu. 

BU 1 sugu. 

sub-diaoon m, sab-deacon [/-'-]■ 

sucan, lugau 7 suck. 

BUfl., -el II. whnt is eaten with breai 

gcHufl hlif ! loaf of fine flour. 

Buftlere ^ awlfUere. 

BilgaD - aClcan. 

Bugian « Bwigion. 

sugga, auoBa hi. a bird. 

Biigu, Bu/ sow, 

Buhtt aiu': 1/ ) illness [O/rf ,S'oxii«l 

Buhterjga, auhCrlga m. brotbei 1 

~(ge ifffideroD. «//. uucle and 


BuUi, aul,//. Kjlh., ayll/ plough 
(utTOW, guUy 1 1) Cl. ; ! = aulung 

-fflC«r m. iiiip of land tot ploiighing. 

-nlmeBBe / eccleaioalical tax on 
ploughed land. 

-twain "/. pluugli tail. 

-gang I'l. Si muth land na can be 
tilled by one plough. 

-hsbbere m. ploughman Gl. 

-ih.andla m, ploughman Gl. 

-;hlandle/. plough-handle or -lail. 

~Bcear ". pluuchsharc. 

-gfHidu n//. ploughing apiinratus. 

-geteoh II. ploughing apparaius. 

-geWBoro II. plough-making. 

BQlincel II. small furrow Cll. 

BiUung, Bwu- n. • plaugh-length,' 
in Ktnl a bide of Uad. See bid 
[aulh, lang]. 

Bum no. 7f;^. a ceilaln one, some 
one — aixB - one of six. with five 
others. !orrel. -e . . -e some . , 

othcn. 0/ some bund acipa 

about 600 ships ; -e )>& tfip some 
of the teeth || -ea in some degree, 
-e dAlB somewhat, -era )]lnKa 
in some respects. 

B&mneB/ delay /A' 

house Gl. 

Bund n. pc 

tsea, «al 
-gcblandt n. c 

-bilendi,e f vipl, men, people. 
-com II. sasifrage. 
-gierd/! bounding- pole. 
-helni-f m, covering of water, ihe 

-hfngeBtt III. ship. 

-hivat active in swimming. 

-llney^ sounding-line. 

-mpre m. swimming-bath. 

-nyttt^ net of swimming. 

-plegBt playing in water. 

-r&p MI. sounding- line. 

-rpced II, sea-house, the Ark. 

-wudu m. ship. 

geBUnd uninjured ; in good con- 
dition; sound in health. 

-fVlll sound \ prosperous. 

-fuUlBU make prosperous. 

-fllllic sound, good. 

-fllllice am. safely ; prosperously. 

-ftalueB/. health ; prosperity. 

-Ig favourable (wind). 

-elio prosperous. 

-lioe ao. safely ; prosperously. 

BtindSaw HI. snndewl,!:, rosemary 
[ = annd-deav !]. 

simdor I. av. apart; severally; 
wonder; differently, n. Seeaa- 

-antreald m. monarchy. 

-or»ft m. special ait nr power. 

~cmftiglice lai. uith special skilL 

-gccynd K. peculiar nature. 

-cy)>))oyl intimacy. 

-fboh II. private property, 

-folgol> Hf. appomtoienl, office* 

-treodSm, -frrola m. special im- 
munity, privilege. 

-genga m. one who goes alone. 

-gtefll/ special gift er grace, pri- 

-hiiga w, Pharisee. 
-i^rfe II, special inheritance or pro- 



aiuidor,l{uid n. lixnd set a[i«rt, 

-lie special. 
~lice OD. opart. 

-liepes av. separately, spedilly GL 
-lif H. private life. 
~mAd/. private meadow, 
-niAliim av, sit^ly. 
-DOtu/ special office. 
-nyttV. special office druse. 
-•gcre^land n. land reserved Ibr 

the jurisdiction of a gerelk (f) Gl. 
-riht H. special right. 
-aeld n. throne, 
-BoU H. hennitage. 
-HprAc f. private conversation, 

-atow/. special place. 
-weorpungy. special honour, pii- 

-wic n. separate dwelling, 
-winet "I- intimate friend. 
-mat specially wise. 
-wundort n. special wander. 
HUim|e/, -a m. sdn. 
~an-(8feiiin) m. Saturday cvemng. 
~an-i]orn h. gromcl (,a pluit). 
-an-dng m. Sunday. 
~an-i]lht/I batiuday night, 
-an-uhta m. time before daybreak 

on .Sunday : Sunday matiiia. 
sun bdam ni. sunbeam. 
-beart>+ n. sonny grove, 
-beorhtt sunny. 
-bryne m. sonbura. 
-feld HI, Elysium. 
^folgend HI. heliotrope. 
-gauges av. in the direction of the 

-gihta solstice. 

-lie solar. 

-Bosado/^ Bimshade, veil. 

-BoienQf beautifnl bi the sun, 

-BOin n, mirror (1) Gl. 

-set \\'e5t IN. 

-atMle M. solstice. 

-wlidgt beautiftil with siiasliliw 

sQpan 7 sup, drink ; ge- absorb. 

Bfipe entef. sup, draughL ■ 

eagede, ~i«ge blear-eyed. H 





Btire/. iorrel. 
BlUl H/: lorment. 
-banat »i. Jcmon. 
-ewaluf/. loiment. 
-hofi- n. abode of Wnnent. 
Blister - Bweootor. 
B&tere m. shoemahei ^/a lutor]. 
Butol = Bweotol, 
B&p I. <i:'. southward ; in Ihe 90ulh. 

II. aj. . «e BjbeiTa. 
-dAl m. soalli (part), 
-duru/ sonih dcMir. 
Sfit^ast soDth-exst. 
-^de m. south-east end. 

8&{i|{aiele pi. Soath Aaglians ; 

people of the Miuth of Ecguuid. 
-eweard = -weard. 
-folc H, Boulhem peopU- ; Snffolk. 
-g&rsecg m. aoQihem ocean. 
~heala southward. 
~Iiealf / soath side, 
-hymbra mpl. MerdnnB. 

-{^mifere n. south boundary. 
-mann m. southcni nmn. 
-mifpoo//. southern Mercinns. 
•portlc w. south potch. 
-rlhte <>v. due lonlh. 

-rodor, ~radoF m. the south, 
~t& mj. EugUsh Choniiel. 
8ut>Beaxie, ~an //. Sontii Saxons; 

-iBc of fiuflsex, 

n&>|Bta]> H. south shore ar coast. 
-wftg H(. soulh wall. 
eap'.Biweard soathwud. 
-es uti, soulhwards. 
■Q)>|weg III. south road or quarter. 
-W«Bt on. south-west. 
-westeme south- west cm. 
~vind fi. south wind. 
■tLpan av. from th? south, on the 
"oulh side — bo - ivd., wi|» - via. 
DDlh of; southwards. 
■&paii§aBtaji aa. (from) the soutb- 

-wind w. south-east wind, 
sUpan daaterne south-easlem. 
-hymbro//. Meiiiinns. 
-ireard > supwoard. 

sut)anwestaii ao. (from) the 

-mind "/. Boulh-west wind. 
eUpan-wind m. south wind. 
supeiige-atD^iige (1) a plant. 
auperne southern — -wudu, ue- 
l>rena- soutbem - wood, nbro- 

Blip er)ra = B^jwrra. 
aa)imaBt, see B^perra, 

BWi, grw«, weak ae()iaah) av., <j. 
IV. indc, , slij. also Jeuhttd sw&awa 
wilheiU cliangi of meaning {| dem. 
so, often nearly -^ thai no. : ba pi 
■W& dyde did as be was asked ; hi 
araa iblendum Sagurn, and his 
gefSran hlns sw& blindne (blind 
in the manner mentioned) t6 pSro 
byris soU^don; tet menu flf- 
tlece peniugaa, and est horsa 
heolf BWi half of thai sum | siic- 
ccnioH, then : r6r to Sandwio, 
and aw& panon to Olpeawio 
therefore : ho him pmt land for- 
biod, and ho bit awa alet. ic 
miBK rftdan on p;a ilOQ ; awft 
mS pnt rilit ne pynoep piet ■ . 
— «wS and awa iiiJ/. in such nnil 
such a manner: p6ah pu nyta 
fop hwy he awa and awa do ; 
degree ; no gamatte ic awA ml- 
aelne gelSafan ; mid prim sol- 
pum . ■ mid awi fala aalpa | 
emphalic: wiiieHW& dranaen so 
drunk, very dmnk | fleon., le/f- 
ring lo rel. ilanie r swa hrape 
aw&hi bSop dfiade, awa beop hi 
mid ealle geeiidode. aw&awA 
he hie genamode, vwa hi sindon 
gyt gehalene | in sni:h a manner 
thai, ao that: gif hwistftlieswa 
his vlt nrte ; ic bie geleomode 

Ic hie fa 

d; dfin 

n <.ich ; 

wns BehAtenLeohttMrend |l n-L 
as, like: awS(awB ic M a*de; 
beop gidawe gwa nSddrau ! ; 
beora hlliford waorpodon awa- 
flwA w^drea cyning as liciiig, 
iu6(te nsM awllo sibb awilc awi 
WDM on hia gebyrdtlde. swil 
hit sE which rel.: ISng Id pKm 
westrtoB awfc hit hla tedei 


a gelio swi- 

bsfde I H-hich 
l,awft; Ifioas 
doctors know | where | when; 
■wa pa dpre h&m c6moii | since 
I because [ nllhongh [ ns it re. it-}.: 
fleah awa he afyrfat wjere ; if: 
h6 him pnt land fnrbaad iwft 
he Snigea briioan wolde || awt 
-0. spl. = as . . as : for eefler 
■wi hi rapoat mehle hii 
fiid gegadrlsn .is 

ofl 1 

«i pB 6pre hergaa ut 
foron, ponne fdron hia ; awA 
gelerede blaoepaa Bwisw& nu 
sindon ; avil ealde awft hia 

w£ron hie gefuhton in spile of 
their age. Sometiiius the plaee ef 
the semnd awa i> taken by an 
tqiiivaltHt toord: pi habbap 
beaj^as swi, side op heora 
breost | own hwelc awa who- 
ever, nwti bwelo mann awfc 

hwelc, hwsti i^T. I either . . or, 
whclher . . or : ale ptet on Oy- 
□IngQB dfime awa deap awi 
lif. awii b6 him forgifan wlUe; 
Ood sealde him ftgenna eyre, 
awa he wBro gehyraiun, awj 
h6 wtere ungehjrsum. Some- 

!! the .■ 

. slam, 

dem pu hi to deape. awa 
to life l£t I II iv. ,/-!!. ibc . the: 
Norpmanna land is aimle awa 
norpor awa smmlre ; swaswnhi 
lengra bip bw& hi b^op unge- 
aSligran. Omisiien a/ first tit- 
iiicHi '. hit mS gslioap leng swt 
swipor the longer the mote. 
sw&cendllo (1] convenient f.l. 

awtb ^ awft. 


y.Bwftpa, -ipft, -Spo, pi. rubbish 

i swapan]. 
swiBpels Hj.'), -e / >:1oak, gar- . 

swter. -e, 8w*ro) heavj'; t — ^ . 
sive, heavy ;sleepl ; grieTOM-J 
[hordihip, sin); sad (voice) j ' 
sluggish; weak. 





^TSWaFed niadi ungomfonablc .ef 
[be bwly,. 

BwAr[e, swire av. gtieionaly, 

-liff excessive (iBnieaUtion). 

-.liceati.cKGesdTely. (steep; heavily. 

~indd slaggish. 

-mSdaesy. slug^shness. 

-neoyl weight ; aiuggiahness. 

geswAre I. afflicled. II. giano- 
are n. affliction IN. 

8W(b8(t oivu; familiar, dear (kins- 
mail \Pr.~ mum native ; gentle 
(lipeech); kind; pleasant; swed 

~]ih!&n llatler. 

-lie kind (wofdi); pleasing (gift). 

-lice av. kindly, graciously ; pka- 
taully ; (deceive) piausibfy ; ! pro- 

-■naa/. blandishment ; pleasure. 

-wyrde pleasant of speech Gl. 

geawdss dear, familiar; kind, 
gentle : ple.-isant, alluring. 

-6 ati. blandly. 

-lAoan flatter. 

-lice av. kindly. 

-nes/ flattery. 


-ung/ alleviaiion. 

BwAsendje «., gtn. pi. -u, food. 
Ti'fectlon, dinner; blandishment 

-dagos, Bw&aing- mtl. ! ides (of 
March, Ac). 

Bw^elng- = BwAsend-. 

Bwntau peisjiire ; toil ; exude wi. ; 
tbleed [BWit]. 

swap a. footprint, track; trace, 
vealige. Cp. iwafu. 

swffiper, awa|ior vig. whichever 
\ w. BW& . . swa either . . or : 
gqnylde hibh hlne ~ man msege, 
awa cucennc nnfc ddadiie; hi 
moaton don awa god swft rfel 
- swi hi waldou rawA, hws- 


sws]>rian^swe|>riaii cease, 
swamiant ence liecome dnrk. 
Bwamm m. funcus, inushrnotn. 


■w&n m. iwinebtid, betdsmon ; 

fmaa, vranior. 
-^r§h m. ivrineherd -superintend - 

-rlht •!. law concerning swinehenls. 

Hwanoor pliant, supple ; ngllc 

graceful; weak. 
Bwongor slnggish physically and 

~ii»b/. sluggishness, 
awipaa i Ir. sweep (,with broomj ; 

brandibh (swoid) l| mtr. rush, daih 

(^vrind, Sc.^ 
geBwApa '^ geawApa. 
HW(ir(e; ^swcer. 
swarnian = ewomian coagulate. 
HW&t II. perspiration ; eindation ; 

.+)bloi>d; toil. 
-ol&J) m. handkerchief, napkin. 
-agrt blood-slained. 
~Iiii n. handkerchief, napkin, 
-awabut/ gory track, 
-pyrol n. pore. 
BW&t&n [or a ?]/;. beer. 
BW&tig pcrapiring ; tblood-alaiutd, 

~hl§ort with sweating (ace. 
gcHwajiian*, m investigate Gl. 
HwA'pSah av. however. 
-hwaijiere an. however. 
BW&'peana, sa)i«ana av. however, 
Bwapor = swsjier. 
swaporlau^sweprUn cease. 

8Wap[u /. track — on -b behind ; 
scar ; vestige. Cf- awiep. 

Bwealwe/. swallow. 
Bwaarcian become dark (^sun; 

Bweord, rwearp {/. i akin, rind (of 


aweart black, dark ; gloomy ; evi!. 
-ef av. esilly ; grievonsly, miserably. 
-hftwen violei-colour«]. 
-ian become black. 
-l&Ht-j- leaving a black track. 
-n../ bl..k...>. Int. 
swear p - aweard. 
awebbaa, prt. awefede, put er 

lull to sleep ; fkitl [iwefui]. 
swflfiin ,;; sleep ; fcease; the dead, 
aw^fed jvr. ^Bwfbban. 
Hwefl, B m. sulphur. 
~en of aulphur. 
-rSo m. sulphurous vapour 
-Bwa&rt auIphunLins(1 Gl. 
-prosm m. lulphurout vapour. 
Hwefii H. i^im pi. m. sg. meaniitg 
sleep; dream. 

:aou^ interpieiation of dream. 

awefn-r^ccere m. interpreter of 

swefii ian v. a. of furi. appear in 
a dream -. >wa hwst iwi hine 
■webiap; ef pen.Anajn. 

-igend m, dreamer. 

Bweg, o« m. tioi*e, sound ; melody ; 

-crmft m. music, musical perfonn- 


sweg|&n inlr. sound, res<mnd || tr. 

signify, mean [awdgkn]. 
-endlio vocal, voweL 
-ing/ Hoise. 

gcaweg e sonorous ; harmonious. 
-aumlice av. □ninimously. 
swegl+ n. sky, heaven ; son. 
-befs^en encompassed Ijy heaven, 
-beorht heaven- bitght. 
~bosiiiaa mpl. interior of heaven. 
~oandel(l)/. son. 
-oynlng m. king of heaven. 
-drSam ih. joy of heaven. 
-horn m. a musical instrument 

-P&d/. mtisic ((). 
-torht heavenly bright. 
-wered (I). 

-WUldor n. glory of heaven. 
-^nindor n. heavenly wonder, 
sweger, -gr /. mother-in-law 

Bweglet I. bright II. ap. brightly. 

Bwelan 4 intr. bum, be burnt up; 
inflame (o/" wound). 

Bwelc, i, y aj., na. such, such aone, 
he : pa p& sa oiaere eall swjto 
geseah the magician's tricks — 
-and- this and that, different 
things : hine -as and ~ea woud- 
raplaamucb.aimiiiiyj medtnjoel 
pipores and dperawilo oymenBa 
nn eijual quantity of cummlii || 
carrel, : ~ acolda eorl weaan ~ 
.■Sachere weea. ear-t! n-m otArr 
TifffrJs : Tinb - td apreoanna 
hwelo hit pft wna. So also ~ . . 
awfc II lu. the rorril. merJ emiaeJ 
suchaa.whicbieall gedJelaD ~him 
Qod aealde [gw&, lio]. 
les ^^^/. qoolity. 

awalcB m. pu.tnle. 

anreloe mi. ij, ; as n-. mJi., like ; 

-k. A i 



la if TO. ibj. : so also, also 6m), 

teo - nbo. 
Bwelsjan 3 tv. a., i. swallow; 
ntHDtb, aim Jig. ; devour, comume, 

•«Bd m. devDuiei, gtotlaa. 

•«I]d, g^-fiim , gulf, aby sa,w hulpool. 

-.end)Des/. wbiilpool. 
-ere m. eloHoii. 
gEBwell »■ awelliog, [umoor, 
swell an 3 swell. 
-ing/. swelling 1,0/ sail .. 
BWelt,aii,r,/rt. sweslt, eo 3 die; 
v/g. become dead to met.: ~wyaat,. 
-«ndllc aboal to die. 
BW^c m- UibulalioD /^. [anrlua- 

gesw^o M. loil, affliclioo. 
BW^o|an afflict, tonnent; bring 

(jatler) into trouble (by escapiDgl ; 

mortify ^flcsbi. 
ge-'«dnM/. afHiction. 
BW^g m. sttokc, blow [avlugan]. 
BWfDKaD tr. duh (aside) II inlr. 

w. on a. spiiQg oa (^Uon). 
■weolbt t+1 n. sleep [swefBn]. 
BweoI{>t> ^ Bwolofi heal. 
Bwdo n //. Swedu. 
-land, thrice a. Sweden, 
-poodt/. the Swedes, Sweden. 
Bweor, awobor m. father- in- law ; 

cousin CI. [awBger]. 
geewfior m. cousin Gl. 
BWSor, awir, r «/. colninD, pillar, 
Bweorja, I, f , ii m. necli. 
-b&n n. Deck-bone; neck, 
-bdag m. necklace. 
•ol&ti m. collar. 
-ooap, -eopa m. pillory. 
~Qt>ya/. quinsy, 
-hnltu/ neck-nil. 
-racetltt§ag/. chain for the neck, 
-rdd/. cross hung from neck. 
-scacol III. pillory. 
-teag, -tdh/ collar. 
-ware m. pain in the neck. 
geeffeoTC n. cloud, mist. 
-noa/. gloom. 
BW«orc,an .t become dark, be 

obscured ~flc. gsaworoMi dark ; 

become sad ; become grievODt er 

-end-ferhpl' gloomy-minded, 
•nraord, u, y, IN. o n. sword. 
-beolot «. iword-hnrt. 
-bersnde-h suotd- bearing. 
-bitat «. sword-cuL 

sweord;bOFa ni. sword- bearer, 
attendant ; swordsman, gladiator. 

-fifatala m. swotd-bvli. 

-freoat m. wairior. 

-giefUt/ gift of a sword. 

-grlpef m. sword-Etroke. 

-hwita m. sword-polisher. 

-leomat m. glitter of sworda. 

.geniplat '•>■ warrior. 

-plegat in. battle. 

-rfiet "1. onslaught. 

-sljget "(■ sMord-Birokc. 

-geBwlngf n. aword-brandiihiog. 

-wegende sword- bearing, 

-wigandf "i. warrior. 

-WTUidt wounded by the sword. 

-.wyrhta m. sword-smith. 

gtsweorf II. filings. 

ewQorfan 3 scrub, lile, 

gesweoru, i, yt "//. hills (!), 

sweostor, j, u, o, auster, nol IV. 
Eweiter, //. -, aweostra, -u /. 

geowoostren — -u bearn //. 

children of sisters, consius. 
gesweoetru, -a, geawooator //, 

sisters, (j/. i»i twS-. 
sweott. 60+ II. troop, crowd. 
siveotol, u, J, auuA diitinct (to 

senses < ; evident ; manifest ; clear. 
-e ini. ^seejA;learly?l evidently ; 

openly; ^understand] clearly. 
-lie dear, distinct. 
-lioe az/. distinctly, clearly, openly, 
8trB0tol|ian manifest ; explain, 

sweotolung, ge- /. manifestation 
Kpipbony) ; explanation, exposi- 
tion : evidence, proof. 
~dsag m. Epiphany, 
swfr,fan 1. fn. awdr, -tdB.fii. 

-igendlic jurativc (adverbs). 

swerUlng I'M.) titlark Gl. 

8wet|e, oe I. iweet, pleasant to 
taste ; fragrant ; untainled ; agree- 
able, pleasant. II. n, sweetness, 
sweet [nwot]. 
— - make pleasant. 


•ian be sv 

-m^ttaa m/l. dainty, delicacy. 
-n«s /. sweelncsa, pleasantness to 
lasle ; fragrance ; pleasantness. 

swet-wyrde bland of speech] 

sw^Jjel, (B, eo m. bandage. 

HwetKDlian relent vl. 

Bwe]>r;ian, BweoI?eriati, 
■wai-, awi-, ge- cease, subside, 
abate (ef fire, sound, slorm, pros- 
perity 1, 

ge-ung*, m/. censing — ruddea 
loss of meutal power. 

swejiung/ poultice. 

swi-tima ^ ewig- . 

swic ,N.) deception [swioan]. 

— orfeft HI. treachery. 

-dom m. deceit, treachery, treasc 
offence, scandal um. 

-full deceitful. 

gi-swic H. offence, scandatnm. 

Bwio;an 6 -f^andcr ; fdepait — 
■ffram - wd. desert, withdraw 
favour er allegiance | w.g, nr 
fram desist, cease; ge- withdraw 
(from exp^ition) | luJ. desert j 
not be of service, fail (^ sword); 
be traitor to jj ! tr. deceive nol If. 

-end III. betrayer, deceiver. 

ge~lng/. intermiasion. 

-ungy", deceit ; olTence, scandalum. 

awician wander ; ~ fram -i. de- 
part I iiiil. deceive, be treachcruus 

on EeltCiun, - ymb fa a&wla 

as regards; offend, scandaliiare 
[ blaspheme. 

awlca m. deceiver ; traitor. 

Bwice/ trap. 

swicc deceitful, trcachtioiis. 
BWicc {hi.) odour. Cji swvco. 
geswiceimee / cessation, absten- 
tion ; repetilajice. 
BwioD, SB- / clearance from 

criminal charge. 
ge~an clear frum criminal chaige 

gnt. rfi. IV. be d. 
geBwicnefidl (!) treacherous. 
BwleOl, eo deceitful, trcacberou^ 

-lie deceitful ; causing offence 

-liee av. deceitfully, tieacheroaslj. 
-noa/ deceit. 
Hwijnnaii swarm {»/ be««] 

BWifon 6 iWr, move, sweep — i 

intervene, inteifcre a6>. 
geswUbmea ^ geswiponuB. 
Bwift swift. 
-Uoe av. swiftly. 



SwiftinsB/. iwiftness, 

-o/. swiftness. 

■wift Pine reciprocal GI. 

Bwiltlere, luftlere m. slippct [Z/. 

swigan = Hwigian. 

swiK;ian, it. bo, u, aweowian, u, 
migi&Q, auwian ; awigliii rari 
ill If. be silenl, not speak ; nol 
make sound (^Ihings), zi'.g- era. 
not apeak ot II ge-^d beon be 

-iendlioe av. silently. 
~lmg/. silence ; qoiel ; delay LV. 
SWigfo, it/ silence; quiet. 
•dagaa m//. lilence-days (last 

three days of Holy Week). 
~timft m. time of silence. 
-uht m. dawn of silence-day*. 
Bwigje silent ; quiet, 
-nes/. time of silence, 
owigen/. silence. 
BWiglunga, swilonga av. silently. 
BWilllan, Bwilian ihe swilep) 

-Ing, Hwiling/ washing. 

Hwilc = Bwelc. 

swima, it '". giddiness -, dizziness ; 

M belm< 

le, pig ; titnage of boat 


-lllsrde m. swineherd, 
-lict H. image of boar on helmcl. 
Bwlnc ». affliclioD. 
~fUU disoslmns vL. 
-ISaa withont exertion. 
-lio of labour. 

geswino «. labour; result of la- 
bour, work ; effort; Iiardship, 

'dBkgBMf/L time of hardship, 
-full kborions ; troublesome. 
-fulnos/ tribulation. 

awinoftn 3 labour ; be In pain i>r 

distress ; not thrive (ji/aopi). 
swindan 3 waste away ; be torpid. 
geSwingt ". fluctuation, swell (uf 


swingere m. sconigcr. 

awlnge, y/ >lruke (of tod). stti|x;, 

beating, alio met. chastisement. 

swlngell, swiiisel(l)e, rwinKle 

/.stroke ;of rod), beating, a/w mrf. 

chastisement, affliction; stick 10 

beat with, whip. 
-lUlg/ giddiness, 
geawlna*. .Bwint etue h. melody. 
SwinHioji make melody ; soniid 

SwinHUHg/. melody, haimony. 
-owefC HI. music 
swipe, -u -.Bk. / whip, scourge, 

mtl. chnslUcment, affliction ; some 

weapon iswotdy, spear!). 
BWipof , Bwlfor (II, ge- cunning. 
ge~hoe av. ctmningly. 
ge-nes/ cunning, 
Bwippau*, be) awipe)it scourge, 

BWip strong; efficadons (drug) 
L-pv. -r« right (hand, side), -ro/ 
light side. 


~f»BtneB/ eicessiveness, violence, 
-feorm wealthy, fruitful ; violent. 
-feormonde growing violent. 
-ferhbf brave, impciuons. 

-Uoo av, strenuously. 
Blwiji|hw(Btt *ery active. 
-hycgende of strong purpose. 
-lio excessive, great j violent, vehc- 
ineiil ; effective (drug , ; severe, 

-lice av. ejicecdingly ; energetic- 

ally ; severely, Elnetly. 
-llones/ excess, 
-mihtlg powerful, 
-mod j^rcal of soul : brave ; stem ; 

-modnsB/ greatness of soul. 

-BnoUt very quick, 
-Bprecol loquacious. 
-ettncende of strong icent. 
-Strang of greal force (ttream). 
-Strieme (river) with strong outeat, 
-8W§ge strong-sounding, heroic 



ffWlJran make sliung ntti., » 

8wi)>ian be or become suong ; 

snri[ie av. exceedingly, very | e 
iwipormore | i/Aawlpoatmc 
especially, cliiefly ; almusl, neai 

swiprian =Bwe[>Tiu] cea^e. 

awitiriaD be or become stiocj 
prevail ; avail [awi|f]. 

swodrian ohh be drowsy, ili 

swog an inlr. (rejwund — 
- enter by force, invade Bd. J j 


ge-ung, -Bwow-/, swooning. 
8W0I, ot (".) burning; heat (ot 

sun, of fe\'er) [swelan]. 
swolgettan use as a gan>le 

Bwolo}!, awea-, un« awa- la bent, 

sword — Bweord. 
Bworen//.:, n/sw^ruui. 
sworett,an dtaw deep bieaUi, 

sigh, pant. 
-endlio panting, 
-img/ sighing; prmtine. 
Bwomiao Biict a coagioiite GL 
Bwoetor ^ sweoBtor. 

Bw5t sweet [awfitej. 
-B ar-, (smell) s> -' 

:/ (wectDeM(ofiinell\ 
-B[f nee odoriferous. 
', -at?- odoriferous, 
Bwtilung = Hulung. 

swurd = aweord, 

Hwuater ^ a^eoBtor. 

awutol ^ aweotol. 

awiiwian = awigian. 

Bwylc = anralc. 

Bwyle m. swelling (on body), ta- 

awyltt M. death ; perdition (of the 


-owalut /- death ; perdition (of 

-doBgt m. day of dcaib. 
-doabt m. death. 
-hwiit/ hour of death. 
Bw^ra ^aiw6ora. 



geswyrf H. filings [Hweorf»a], 

Bwyster = sweoBtor. 

swytol ^ aweotol. 

sf can, 1 snclcle [•uoftn]. 

£CByd n. wall owing- place [sSoJian], 

B^duag ^ eidimg. 

sfde ; m.\ ilccoclioii (of hert«) 

By^an = seofiaii. 

•(bts abstemion.-. 
-lie cleaiiiy, pure. 
-lioe av. with cleaoliiiess ; abste- 

mionsly ; chastely ; citctully, prn- 
I denlly. 
[ -flea /. moderation ; absleniiQui- 

nm ; sobriety ; chastity. 
^y^lan — eeaj^ed provided with 

scasoninE {o/hrcad'] [aufl]. 
-ige f. seasoning, food eaten with 

-ins/, seasoniog, food eaten with 

■yfire temperate, abatemious: sober; 

(morally) pure. 
iyl, ante -on, //. -» (n.) wallow- 

• ' ■ ■ e[«ol]. 

ir ditty ; pol- 
n Gl. [«nlb]. 

g-place, miry pi: 
Bjl^ pillar, colnmn. 
■yllsn make moddy 

lute [aol]. 
tfla. met m. plonghm 
Bylea -^ syl. 
Bylen=^selen gin. 
By tfor ^ SGolfor. 
ayl h), syll, ste sulh. 
ayll, BHee -e f. ronndation beam or 

S'auk ; support, foondntion. 

nymbel I. a., d. »riiiba)o-, occ. 
srmi.m el- in compos, feast ; [re- 
ligious) festival, Il.n/. of afeut 
ar feitivftl GL 

Eymbel|oaIlc m. chalice. 
-opimeo/. birthday fcsiirBl/iV. 

-dCBgm. t feast-day, (easting; (re- 

li)noU5) festival day. 
~gUt enciled wilh feasting. 
~gi6fat "t- eotertainer. 
~hiXa H. banqaet-hall. 
~lic of a festival, soleinn. 
-lice av. solemnly. 
~mdaa)ilic comitiat Gl. 
-ueaf. ftosiingi festival, solemnily. 
-gireordf ». feast, 
-tid/. (^religious) festival, solenmity. 
-werlgf weary with feasting. 
~wlajicf elate with feasting. 
-wyant / exhilaration of feast- 

syinbel, ayml = aimbel. 

symbl(,l)aii feast. 

aymering-wyrt, si-/ a plant. 

Byiul|ian frequent l.V. Cp. Bim- 

-Inga av. tontinnally IN. 

geHyndgiail make to prosjter. 

gcayndHc prosperous [geaund]. 

eynder-, IN. s;ndur- [mmdor]. 

-6/ special law IN. 

-lie separate ; remote Gl. ; private; 
ordiaaiy (day, as opposed to fes- 
tivall ; special ; exceptional ly 

-Itce av. apart, in private; sepa- 
rately, severally, in several ways ; 
excksively ; specially. 

-liones /. speciality ; exccisive- 

-liepa special. 
-liepea av. singly. 
-weorpmynl/. prerogative. 
ayndig alriUcd in swimming 


ayndrjian separate [aundor]. 
-igendUo discretive ladverb,. 
-ung/ leparalioti. 
Syndrig apart, separate, several ; 
diitributive one each : f^ on- 

fenson hi -e penagaa ; - Bttn 
pure ruck as oppcaed to earth); 
set apart, special, privnte ; re- 
markable, exceptional, special. 

Byndrigje av. IN. apait, singly. 

-lio special. 

-Hoe av. specially ; singly, 

syngjlau sin. 

-ung/ sinning. 

Byn.|n / sin ; fwrongdoing. injury, 

-bot/ penance. 

-byr()en(ii 1/ burden of sin. 

-byaigt wicked. 

~diM/. sinful deed. 

-dolgt ». hostile wound (t\ ar= 

-ISht hostile, wicked, 
-full sinful- 
-grin/ snare of SIB. 
-leohtop III. sin, vice, 
-leoa sinless, 
-laaw/ sinful injury, 
~Uo sinful, 
-liae av. sinfully, 
-luat m. sinful desire, lust. 
-rfiB III. sinful impulse. 
-r&Bt-t- m. rust of sin. 
-a(»ibat m. malefactor. 
-HCyldfgt wicked, 
-wracut/ punishment. 
-WTfinnes/ = aln-. 
-wTind/. sin- wound. 
-wy^t^ende+ suming. 
Bynn[ocge/ sinner. 
-ig sinful ; guilty. 
gcayat»/. eJUii pi. lu. ig. mauiing 

health ; welfare, safety, salvation 

aypiB, yt m. absorUng [ajipMi]. 
-ion absorb (moisture), 
ayrjo/, -trfiow n. service-tree 

W. aorbu.]. 
ayring/ sour whey >ur]. 
ayperra, siipfolrft oj. i/i'. more 

southern, ipl. afLpmeet \*ay\. 


^_ (mi, iH 

ta, tBhffi/, //. tin toe. Stf tAb-. 

tabule/., una m. table ; tablet[ 
wriliog on ' ; board used as gong ; 
diograia, table [Z/. tabula]. 

tacan i tike vL. 

taocian omt lame Gl. 

tftcn, -en, tfcnc n. sign in I'/J 
various mtaniiigj, token, sienal, 
sign o[ the Zodiac; emblem, 
symbol ; progno^iu : mirnuU ; 
evttil i symptom (of disease i ; 
proof; biuiucT [teon 6], 

-berend m. standard- bearer. 

~bora m. standard-bearer ; I guide. 

-oiroul HI. indiction, lonar cycle. 

tftan[laii put maik on, mailc ; point 
out, indicate ; ga- signify, mean : 
be symbol of, cipresi ; poclend. 

ge-iaodllo emblenutlic. 

-ung, go-/, significalion : decree, 
dlspeniation; emblem; pnigno^tic: 
symptom; proof. 

tftcor m. bus band 'a biothet. 

tadde - t&dlge. 

e&dlge, anci tadde/. toad. 

tsbere enie an implemcot of 

tAc|aii, fr/. tAhte, a ta/a. show; 
diicct, enjoin, leach. 

tfbca'i&a, -ian show; prove; ap- 
point [tion]. 

-«nd m. indicator Ul. 

-iapy. showing, proof. 

UeQ/'. chcsi-board; chesE, draughts, 
game of chance ; die (for gam- 
bling), piece [Zr. tabula]. 

-«t&ll m, die or piece Used in game, 

tnfl;a[i, ~iu] gamble. 

-ixng/ gambling. 
tBflei- given to gambling. 
tngi '». uil. 
-httr H. (ail-hair. 
tnhher => Mar. 

getnl-t- enet, fl. -tale, swift, prompt. 
tM, tal / tanll-rmding, ceniare; 
bl»sphemy — W tUe 


babban blaspheme agaiuKt ; deri- 

tAl|hleahtor w. derision. 

-leae blameless. 

-leaslloe av. blamelessly. 

-lie, a calumnious ; blasphemous ; 

~lll>e, n av. blaspbcmouiily ; repie- 

t&lwier])[e, ~lic: reprebenable. 

-lioe av. reprehensibly. 

-llenOB, oo/. repiehenaibility. 

tal, f litifi, ef tgUan] n. nnmbei 

-orasfl', t?l- m. aiithmetie, chro- 

-inearo+/ date, period. 

-mett n- amount (of limt i. 

-Bum. rhythmic Gl. 

getnl, J n. onmbei ; series; cata 
logue; tribe; cslimalion, opinion. 

-elreul in. cycle, series. 

-oratt*, 6 m. arilhmelic 

-fisst measurable. 


tAI[ail blame ; calumniate, speak 
eril of; deride, insult. 

-end m. repiover ; detractor, slan- 
derer; deridci. 

-ande censorious; slanderous. 

-lng_/! reproof; calnmny, 

-Ilea/ rebuke ; riloperation, detrac- 

t£liel in. ba>l<et [I&d]. 

tAnen of twigs [tao]. 

t»pp> m. Up. 

-ore m., -eatre/. taveni-keeper. 

-ian tap ,cask , 

tsppe/ tape, ribbon. 

Uapped, tffippet, teped n. carpet. 

cunain [Z<. tapete], 
tappal-bred n. footitool IN. 
tSaan pull to pieces, tease (wool) ; 

+wound ; 9HCI sooihe () i. 

getAB,e : 

geoua ; pleasant. IX n. conveni- 
ence, adcantage ; pleasure; impic- 

teesel ~ wulfea - teasel (a plant). 
UBso -- teoao mjnry. 

tffitan caress [tit]. 

UMteo- rag. 

tagontea-taelde/. a plant Gl, 

t&h-. JmMIoc. 

-Bptiram. pMntofthcloed GL 


tahte occ. M. eftAaaiO. 


U,l,iaii lerig. fart ef tfllan; tp. 
folgiaa, fylaan] enumerate ; con- 
siilei (a thing to be so-aod-so', 
account ; he ~a)i bine ■oUbo 
wirae ; - ungM t6 s6do ; think ; 
impute wda., w. a. ami t6 d. 

talju/lif. ~e,'l/J'<?ln<]irI-/.series;rtate- 
me□t ; discussioa; claim; excuse, 
defence; legal case, action at law. 

Un m. ; t&/, //. tao twig, branch, 

twig used in casting lots. 
~lilyta, -Mjrtero m. diviner, 

getang -,1'J. ill contact nith. 
-bee iH'. tdgrther. 
tange, tang/, tongs, forceps. 
tannjlau — sstaniied tanned. 
-ere m. — tauneia hoi Ct. 
taper-nx / imall oxc \^RtutUm, 

Ih rough Scaiid^. 
tapoi^ ni. Ia]>er- 
-berend m. acolyie. 

targo/, -a m. small shield, 
gc-ed furnished with a shield, 
tani/ tear, rent [Mnui]. 

tftivl&tl prepore '^loml Uyt ^owingj ; 
treat (ill ' ; - to blsmare ; afflict : 
Be wan yfele get&wod suffering 

getftnr.e. -& //</. apparatus, Iiap- 

~ genitala [^tawlan], 
taxc anrt/. load 01. 
tdn f'l v6., prt. tide Krow loach 


SUaA Kc.pic. oft&oa wk. \ 
Elfor n. red pigment, vermilion. 

tSag /- bond, cluin, Wpe; case, 
ca-ikel; enclosure, padiioi:!;. 


teah /I'l. of t§on 6. 

Wah =t6ag/»r. ^teon j. 

teala <" tela. 

teald />/!'. ^t^an. 

toalgor - telgor. 

tealt implead}', heaving (ship); 
precarioui, flceling. 

-iiUl be uiuleidy, not stand firm. 

tsaltrlan stagger, not stand firm ; 
be ODcertBia (^calculalion). 

teftltriK Qosettled. 

Uam M. child-bearing; progen; 
race ; tell, parents and cbildrei 
family; learn .of oxen) II vouching 
to warranty, right of jurisdiction ia 
ouitteri of wamnli. Stc iJemui. 
[tton 7.] 

-byrrt m. failure to produce an 
avoucher. Stt getiemn. 

-fllll ]>rolitic. 

.*p6L m, breeding-pool. 

getsama ^j,'^^^!^^' 

tear, teagor, M'. teehber m. (ear; 

~geot«iide leac-shcdding. 

~iatL, !A'. tffiberian ahed tears. 

taarig tearful, watery (eyes). 

-hlSort weeping. 

t«arlic tearful. 

toarflian roll tn/r. 


Man severe (pain, discipline). 

-llo severe. 

nomol effica'c]oiu (drag\ 

t«ge Itt' m. being fastened ; scries. 
(■/. tiag. 

t«l-tr6ow*, -trio, -tti H. imple- 
ment of weaving. 

tela, ea, t4ala I.ui'. well.thorougli- 


ly; prosperously, beneficially; very. 
"IL inter/, good I, well!. 
teld «,) tent. 

teld;sele*, tyldayU anct m. lent Gl. 
-Btlcca III. lent-pcg. 
-wyrhta m. lent- maker. 
getsid M. tent. 
-gehliwung/, laLicrnacle, 
-weorpung/. feast of tabernacles. 
teldian spread ..tent) 
tfled aa. pu. e/'tallan. 
telg, n m. dye, colour. 
~berend what produces 
-'e)diag/ dye, purple Gl. 
tflg'.an, -ian dye. 
-ung/ ilyeing, dye, 
telga m. branch, bough, 
-iant put forth ahocFts, flourish eiiet. 
tolgor, ea mf. shoot, twij^, ulanl 
telgra m. ihoot, twig ; branch ; 

tfllan pti -teald, -tfled count, 
reelton, calcul.ilc ; consider (a thing 
to be so-and-so), acconnl : - hine 
sddne, -bit fiw niht, to »ia. 
ddme; think; impute vida.; 


lateailjflme^; bririg up, educate, In- 

1-. go. travel K/.(,_ 

tdon 7. 6 pn. t«ab, pie. -iobbh, 
accnie tu. a. and g. cr sbj. 

tA>;ii, lA. tSagati, tX. prt. Oi 
make, create; arrange, inii'' 
ordain; furnish; adoru. 

ge-ung*, getiungy; pieparali 

teofoniant it. join together. 


gctoohl- n. R. 




teohbian think n>. sbj.; consider, 
account : jelo maon ~b|) \i\-m 
{rfl.') past to aileatum gods [isBt 
peet he awipoat lufajj; deter- 
mine on , inlend u: a., ^bj..gcr. 

gc-ling/! ariangemeot, 

teola - tola. 

teollan ^ tillan. 

rale, say [t«l, talu]. 

t«mian tan^e, subdue [tain]. 

TfineH/ Thames [/./. Tamiaia]. 

times' sieve. 

~ian, t^msian sift. 

-pile/ stake to support sieve. 

t«mpel, temp] n. temple [Z/. 
torn plum]. 

-geat B. temple-gale. 

-hftlgting / dedication of the 


-geweorc n. temple. 

tempUc i>( a temple Ul. 

tampr ian moderate, regiilatt ; 
minjjle [Z/. lempspare]. 

~tuig/. moderation. 

tfngan inli-. hasten, pieu forwards 
on fl. attack [gatana], 

get^nge tod. lying on, dose to ; 
occupying (mind) ; hard-pressing 
lobject of pui^uit'i, afflicting; op- 
pressive (thirst). 

tfion, ptc. togen 6 draw, drag, 
pull, lug, abo met. ; abs. awipor- 
be heavier [when weighed in 
bahmce) ; ga- draw (iwo:^) : row 
(boat) ; make vibrate fstriugs of 
harp, play; string (harp), lighten 
— getogea wamb ; bring, pat, 




:,conliinu:l;{ ^^^ 
langtutge ^^^H 

'oos. painful ; maliell 
calumnious, abusive, 

-hgtet m. dire b».tili 

-lio h artful, 

~llce cm. grievously ; sbamerally. 

-liogt m. dire flatnc (of hell . 

-rAdeii(ii)/ injury, wrong. 

-smipt m. evil-doer. 

-wonl n, calumny ; arrogant WOtd> ,| 

t6ond m. accuser. J 

tSon.iaiL irritate; calumniate. Cjflfl 

-era m. slanrlettr, \ 

tSontig - hiindtSontig bandied. 
tSor fan, eot inlr. md. fail . not be 
up to the mark ; be lired {| tr. tire. 
ge-igeudUc failing, dcfccltvc. 
ge-odnea/. exhaustion, fatigue. 
lyc'j-img/ eihanstion, fatigue. 
teoro, tern »., tior(e]we/,a'*. 

teoswian*, teaw- inju 

^/. tMI^^I 


tSo^ian, teoso)>- take lenth part, 
lithe; give icnlh part, pay tithe. 

teotiung /, tenth part ; tithe ; 
association of ten men, tilhing. 

-cSap m. tithes. 

-dagoB «//. the lhirty-$ix tithing- 
daya (amounting to a tithe of Ihe 

~ealdor m. chief of ten monka, dean. 
-gsom seduloQii in |>ayiiig tithe*. 
-land H. Innd subject to lithe ('). 
-.mann m. captain of ten ; head of 

a. tithing, 
-acofttt HI. tithes. 
tdopa, t«oBop«i lenth [tien]. 
};etor It. lea.rin(;, Uceratioii ; tnmnll, 

aWoid Gl. 
teron 4 tear, lacerate, bite — mid 

wordum - backbite; be punj^enl. 
tfrgan ^ ti^rgan. 
tarmeu "i. term, end, fixed dale 

[//. torminua]. 
toUr m. ringworm (skin disease), 
-wyrt/; celandine. 
ta)i//. of to^. 
tMOmfirr. eftaoa cteale. 
gctiung = gcteoung. 
tiber, it/", sacrilice, offering. 
-Dea/I slangier, destmclion. 
ticoen, y, /.V. ok «. icid. 
tiola[>rnioo»,*rl-it] «. tick 
_ (insect). 
tid /. lime. date, period, (bad) 

times ; proper time — on ~e ; 

hour ; Season [of yearl : church 

lervice at one of the canonical 

boats ; feslival, anniverstiy ; Icnse. 
-degt "'. lifetime. 
-Curat '". I')- 
-gfnge periodical. 
-lie lempiiory ; opponnne ; of Itme. 
-Uee, tide- av, temporarily, in ihis 

world; conveniently, seasonably; 

in good time, quickly — {mm fol - 

loon after, 
-licaoa/. oppoituQity iJif. 

aable rt 

t of the 

astrologer Gl. 
-Boriptor n«. chronc^iaphcr GL 

j / /. scrlptqr]. 
-Jiegnung / service mt rme of the 

-weorpung/ service «1 

canonical hours. 


tid-ymbwlfttend m. astrologer. 
tid|aa happen 111/. 
-ung/. iiiiings. V ^wiu—^a. 
tieder-, tyddor-. 

-lie frail, weak. 

~aea /. Iroilty, weakness {physical, 
mental, moral), ill-health, sioful- 

tiedre, tyddre, tlddei fragile ; 
weak, frail (bodily, mentally, 
morally), having bad health ; not 
lasting, fleeting. 

tiodrian become weak w infirm ; 
be perishable, decay. 

tiefran, -ian paint [tSoTor]. 

-ung/. picinre. 

tleg,an lie ; connect ; bo- draw — 
liiiis oiuiundran gaCigde drew 
aside [teag]. 

-ing/ connexion. 

tieman be pregnant ; ~ wl> n. have 
sexual intercourse female) ; have 
lyoong), breed II 10. a, and t6 
vunch to warranty, prove right to 
property by referring it to the 
person fromwhom it was obtained: 
tieme hs (hit) td |j&iii mens )m 
himsealde; refer for confirmation 
10 authority, precedent) ail. ic. 
W [team]. 

getiema, ia m. avoucher, surety. 

getieme suitable. 

gctieme n. leam or yoke (of oxen . 

-amber containing ten ambers, 
-faald tenfold, 
-nihte ten claj's old. 
-str|Uge, -Btrgnged with ten 

ti^rglan, ?, tyri B)»n, tyrwiiian 

irritate, amiuy, afflict. 
-ing/; zeal (1,1. 
tierw |e ■= teoFO. 

ti&/ bitch. 


tlgele /. tile, brick, potthod [Z/. 

-tern n. house of brick, brick-kJlD ifi 

-va of earthenware. 
-Bgt adorned with mosaic. 



tigelleag/. biick-field. 
-st&n III. lile. 
-geUel n. nnmber of bricks, 
-geweorc «. brick- making, 
-wyrhta m. potter. 
tigen/Cc ^teon ft. 
tiger tiger [£/.]. 
tigrisC of a tiger. 

t1g{>iaii = tifilan. 
tih-t m. charge, crime (Uon 6]. 
-byaig accused, of bad rcpotc. 
tlhtan, y Uintftisien jv. tyhtan] 

charge with onence. 
tihtl e/. accuaatJDD, charge. 

til I. good in its variata mtanittp, 
competent, serviceable, morally 
good — -o hwile aio, long cooi^h 
^ a long while I !) ; genllej libenL 
II. fl. goodneis, kindness, 

-fi^mmende doing good, 
■lio capable, good. 


-modig noble-minded. 

til prp. tod. 10 ef plait and mti. N. 

tiljlan, eo wdg,, gtr., sly. Miive 
after, intend, attempt : obtain, 
pra\-ide : fal him {rf.'\ matSB 
-odon ; tv. g. er a. provide fijr, 
suppott 1 he wm flseere and 
mid Ji&m orrefto hia rfl.') -oda; 
TO. g. or J, or a. treat ; medically), 
cure : via. till land vL. 

-tlng/i striving after ; labooj. cm ploy- 
ment ; gain, produce ; (medical) 
treatinenl, curti help. 

tila ^ taU. 

tJHa, -iga m. caltivatot of land, 

tillt (r.^ point, sutioo. 

Ijetlllail attain, reach ; toodv. 

tllp, go-, -e /. employmenl, sgd- 
cnlture ; gain, produce, crop 

getimian v^. impm. happen. 

tinija 'n. time, date; proper time 
ny., opportunity^ on -B4),td-an 
in time, toon enongh, to ~aa at 
once ; period of time, lime (of 
woman for bearing child), age (of 
world) — on minnni -an in my 
lifetime: season (of the yeat); 
quantity (of syllaUe). 

-Uc temporal, eutUy. 



timber hrycg w. wooded ridge ■ ?) 

-land «, dmber-luid. 
-gewaorc n. cntting timber. 
getimberoeB/. ediScation mil. Bd. 
tlmbr[an, -ian build, consinicl ; 

edify, instinct ; cni limber, 
-end 'H. builder. 
lge)-ung/ act of building; what 

ii bnill ; edilii:atioii met, 
gettmbre >i. edifice. 
Umpanc/. timbrel iU.]. 
tiiup«etre/ female timbrel -player. 
timple eait. a. timsleui /. nn 

impleitieni of weaving. 

tincliui ticlcle. 

tind "I. prong, spike. 
, -ig, -iht prongKl, spiked. 
1 gttingiant onie 3 press against 

-creft m. mechanics. 

tinn iiesm G\. 

tinnan stretch, bend (bow* ; t R. 

tintreg, (interg »., -a m. torment, 

-lie lormenting. of torment. 

-Stfiwy, plnct o/lormciil. 

-(«gll m, torturer, executioner. 

-ung/ lonncnt, totture. 

tir m. glotrt; '*' /^unic Ul/erl. 

-eadig. -nsst glorious. 

-I^ma iH, source of glory, God. 

-Idas Inglorious. 

-meahtlg gloriouv 

-wino m. follower. 

tttaljian uv/n, aicribe. 

-Bng/. giving titles er headings Gl. 

titol anpersciiptioD [Ll. tltului]. 

titt m. teat. 

Hitrloel*, J (_nt.) nipple of breast. 

titi, f/. gtaniting) e frgmian 

~*i tjc)>- olio indtcl. -k bfion, 

weor^ui mg. have one's request 
granted, obtain. 

-ian, t)rg))iui wdg. w.d. of iking 

mw, Hk m. Mars; tht RhhU ItlltrX.. 

TiweB|di^ m. Tne«day. 
-nihty". Monday night. 


middle Dibt, t& dng;e) to-dny. 
toaeoronnihtummetefor; pnt | 
hit nSre [>ritig Jiuaend wlntm 
16 (liniiln deapdsge lo ] oukr, 
next to : Jjii biat se priddamaim 
Id ni6 on minum rioe ; iligrci : 
feutan to ftitum mftle lo the 
extent of taking only one meal n 
day; inadditlon lo; . . andfela 
6^ %6 bim I !aurre% aohton 
fultum to hlin | n^rn/i' : oeorfan 
to atycoum, God geaaop blue 
td engle -, aim : Oode to lofe 
I equivalence, price \ aellan to 
mloluin weortie ( difinilion : bie 
hnf don him to gewimaa ]>s~t . . ; 
ohjicl ef verb : owefan to . ., ffln 
to rioe ] lo form aiis.: ie aeoge 
Sow Id BOjium JWBt , . I lo form 

eruptions [tSbreoan]. 
-lie pcfish.ible. 
^'Ceorfan 3 cut in piecci, cut ; cut 

;d'c6owan 7 chew lo pieces, mosti- 

cumau II Co-hwf , -bwara, -bwoi 
why. t5 Ijxfl, to t«m 'or ^ao 
to that degree, so. td-pca-ti 
until. t6 p&m . . IWB >u oftoa 
mDge Bs often as yon cnn. t^ 

purpose that 


, .plLt, t 

f that 5 
. ihj. II. . 

t6-eleoIan 7 //•. cleave, split, break. 

tocUfrian scratch nil over. 
I td-clip',ian call to, address. 

-igeDdllc (adverb) of address, 
ung/, address, appeal. 
■ td*cmftw|an i discern, distinguish ; 

td-Amearclan assign (!). 
tobtedan exalt Gl, 
to beatan 1 beat to pieces, break. 
tdberao 4 Ir. disperse; carry ofl 

tf/" birds) II inlr. separate. 
to beratjan 3 inlr. burst asunder, 
break ; break out in sores in pie. 

-ung/. bursting (^ boill. 
td-blAdjan — ~d bfion be inflated 

iHith pride). 
t5'blftw|ail 1 blow away or about 

[dusl) ; distend, inflate lil. and fig. 
~onaoaf. distension. 
tdborstennee/ abscess. 
t5'brAd|ail Ir. brondcn, enlarge, 


I. diffuse 

-led nas/ extent, breadth Gl. 
td'breoan 4 break |lo pieces) ; 

destroy, take (,city) ; annnl (laws), 

infringe, break (promise) : cut short 

(sleep). See tobrooan. 
US'bT^dui, -bTtdtui 4 separate 

with nolence, tear to pieces ; 

and, h 

\f. knowledge. 

tocnyssan shatter, break. 

t5-eeooren(n^ea/ /M udoiition. 

to-cumonde foreign. 

t6'cwe[>aii 5 forbid, prohibit. 

to'cwlf Iman torment. 

to'cwiesjan crush, break to pieces 
II inlr. he crusbed, 

-edneH/ crushed condition. 

t5-oyme m. approach, arrival, 

to*d^, -e av. to-da^. 

tO'dAl[BIl divide; divide (in arith- 
metic) if. ])urh ; distribute.share; 
disperse; destroy; make difference 
between, sepamtc ; discern, dis- 
tinguish II inlr. be different a. , 
fMun ; be separated from one 

-«d]ice av. separately. 

-;ed)neB/ separation; part, divi- 
sion : point of separation, break. 

-endltc divisible, 

-endlice av. separately, distinctly. 

tfi'dU, ft n. dividing ; jart. section ; 
dividing. point, division, comma; 
distribution; dispersion: dlstinc- 
tiuu; discretion; disaeasion. 

td'dfiman judge between, distin- 


to-dihtnian dUpose, 
tO'dOD Ir. senarale ; open, 
lo'drfif, an dispel, disperse; expel. 
~ edinea/. dispecsion: expolmoD. 
to-dreoaan 7 Jail to pieces, IbII 

tS'dnfan 6 separate, disptrae. drive 
Bway; riispel, [iiil an end 10; 

to'dwABCEUl eitiaguish ^fire). 
td'dvrinan 6 disappear. 
to'eacan av., prf. tod. besides. 
tdenmeB prf. wd. alongiide, on a 

kvel wilh. 
IC'endebyrdnea > !)/ order Bd. 
to-fffir n. departare. death IN. 
to'faran j intr. separate, disperse ; 

waiu 1" iM^l, disappear. 
to'fBallttn 1 fall to pieces ; fall off. 
toffiran iiilr. separale, disperse. 
to'ferlaa Ir. disperse, pot off; gti 

rid of ;.rain} ; digest. 
to-fesiati disperK, rout. 
to'S^llan caose to fall asunder, 

td Heon 7 be dispersed. 
to-Qeogan 7 intr. fly in pieces, be 

t5*fl§otaii 7 Z, be carried away 

hy flood), 

tO'Bd^lan 1 itUr. flow away or 
upait : be melted; spread; be 
separated ; be destroyed, come to 

-e n.dnes/ flowing, flux, 

toforan frp. iv.J. (g.) in front of, 
before; ef timt before; ofdigne, 
quaiitily, laftiTority above, 

l6'forlcfet|aa i dismiss. 




e of ground [Seat 

tog ian drag {toon]. 

-img/ spasm. 

togaj], -gangan ititr. separate: 

be split or divided; disperse; 

cease to eiist, pass away. 
t5'ead(,e^re av. n^ether ou- 

man, ton join battle ; continn- 


-weard av. •.go] to meet one 
aiwihet; ia(;ellicr. 

togngnee = togeanes. 
to galan profane, 
td'genan utter, 
to-gang m. appcoacb, acccM. 

to'gdanes, e, -sBKnea, f, ea towards, to meet ; 
10 wait for, against (his comiiiE) ; 
[Q resist, agBinsl. II. av. in direc- , 
tion of, again —giipan - abs.: 
return, requital ; in tfj-ly. 

togegaeB ^ togeanae. 
togBO/Zc, o/'teon 7,<j,t.^Woii I 
togenes = tdgaaneB. 
to'g^ngan ialr. separate, 
t&'geotan 7 diffuse tr., rfi.; ti 
gotan used ap, dried up {0/ oin 

togett an intr. -. -ep betweoz 
wittldnim there are spasms 

bo'g^an 6 itilr. yawn, split, open. 

tO'gUdan 6 glide er slip itr How 
away ; collapse : disappear, cease 

to'gotennea /. diffusion [tog^o- 

toh-, sK togian. 
-line/, tow-line. 

toh, -lie, tdlio tough ; glutinous. 
-lice av. tenaciously Gl. 
•nes/. toughness. 
to'haoaian hack to pieces, 
to-heald leaning, inclined. 
td'tieawau i cut to pieces. 

to-higimg/. iJ^. affectus, effcctus. 
tohladant ' intr. dii|>erse. 
to-hlfiotan 7 divide by lot. 
to'hlidan 6 inlr. open, split, 

ta-hlystend m. listener, 
to-gchlytto/ fellowship IN. 
tS'hiif solan intr. soften away, 
t5-tiop|a m., -ung/ hope, eipec- 

to hrfioa&n 7 tall to pieces, col- 
lapse, decay. 
tohriran shake to pieces. destroy. 
to hncian cut, separate (il. 
fetohtt n. batlle. 
tohtet/ battle, war. 
"i-hwega av., n. vig. a little- 


r. separate, d 

- etea St . 
tO'hweor&n 3 

to-hyhtt m. hoj>e. what cheers. 
ta-i.'eieoendliQ adjectival. 
td-iecneay. increase Bd. 
to-jjt'iehtnea/. addition [iDoan 
LO'leman 3 run about. 

l6-l»t[ail 1 b Ir. celai; inlr. reUx 

-eo-Qse/ abandonment, desput. 
tolc ian. 

-endlice aTi. wantonly, luxuiiooily. 
tolcettan tie Immtiani, wanton, 
-ling*, tolgetung/ incitement. 
tolgetung, Iff tolcettan. 

t5'lieB|aii loosen, undo : separate ; 

relflu, relieve (paini ; weaken ; 

destroy, pul an end to, 
-',ad)ae(i/. dispersion; destruction, 

-end m. destroyer, 
-endlio destructive, 
-in gy. destruction ; redcmptioo IX. 
t5'lit>lail dismember, disjoint, 
toll n. tai, toll ; toll-rights ; fnc- 

dom from toll 1 TDoaey doe luc 

tent, passage-money, faic, Sie. ; 

la »- gathering, loll-house. 
-ere m. tax-gatherer, 
-fr£o eiempt from toll. 
•Bcamol H). toU-seai, caslom- 

-Bcir/ business or district □( tax- 

-BBtl = -acOJnoL 
toln/., («,)ioll, 
-ere m. tax-gatherer, 
to'lijean 7 pnll asunder, dislocate ; 

tomt free from mg- 
to'inetiri;jlan (Sstiognisfa ; enu- 

tdmiddes prf. wd. in die miiha 

toniaii thunder CI. 
to-nam;a m. cognomen, nioloiaine. 
-ian give cogDomen 10. 
tonemnan distinguish ;by name). 
toniman 4 divide: take away, 
topp "I. summit; whipping-ton 

vplaylhing) ['). 
— -bogifite*. -gete iliflicnit to 



tord II. piece of dun?. 
-Wilbl m. dung-tieclTe. 
toren-iege blcar-ejrf. 
toTendan ten oEuniter. 
torflan throw ; peli. stone. 
-Ung/. ihtowing; MODUig. 
tDrht,tj biigbl ; beautiliil; illns- 

-e av. (Minnd) clearly ; beaulifnlly. 
-ian. make clear, show. 

-Uoe av. spUndidl]'. 

-laiA glorioui, illuitrioiu. 

-HOB/, glory. 

toTiepan »craldi all over. 

tS'rliuuui 3 inlr. diiperte (ji/ 

t tornit) I- ™. anger, indignation 

grief, n. aj. grievous. 
-owidet m. bitter sjjeech. 
-et av. wilh iadigoalioa or grief 

mfi is - 1 am grieved. 
~lict grievous, bitter. 
-mSdt angry, 
-gc-mett " lioiiilc meeting. 
-genijilaf i/i, Iterce enemy, 
-sorgt/ anxious care, 
-wordt ". biller word. 
-wraout/I grievous persecution. 
-wyrdan addrets angrily, viiu 

torr m. tower j rock, tor [Z/. tur 

toBMlan imftn. wjg. tack, fail in 
him t6sBlep )i(Da. 

tfi'samn e av. together cumai 

join ballle. 

~ian oi^Kinble, bring together Bit, 

t5s&wan i tr. disperse j ditsemi 
iialc [.doctrine). 


tS'BCwwn I fr.ihalce, disturb; Av 
IJCrte ; get rid of (disease). 

Ut'BCAd, fiB n. discrimination ; iis 
ilnction ; difTeience, diversity. 

td'Boftdian, te tb, also prl. -de 
ititide, separate, als9 mel. \ dis- 
[lerw, n/i(i in«/. ; maJtc a liininc' 
tion, make distinct; discriminati', 
discern : decide, jndee ; dispose, 
appoint W.; expound IN. n inir. 

tCgescftdan*. ea i IM. expound. 
- I'acfiBBJl fr. break to pitcta. 

i'sceacerion devastate, scatter. 

i-scSoton 7 intr. dispeise. 

^^— -end m. separa 
^K -ennee/ *epu 

tO'BCufan 7 tr. disperse; do away | 

with isins). 
to'S^dan tr. disperse; destroy 

t5'Beo[>an 7 boil to pieces. 
to-Bgttan (!) diipoM. I 

tO'sepan discrimioate truth of. 

tO'^an 6 fall to pieces, be worn 

out lo/" clothts) . 
to-aittan 5 be separated. , 

t5'slaclaii be remiss. 
to-Blian 2 break ; demolish ; drive 

away (thoughts). 
to'Bli&n 6 Ir. split. 
tO'Blitan 6 tear to pieces, break, 

lacerate, bile ,of snake) — pti. 

t6alit«n serrated (lea^ ; sever, 

separate; destroy, dissipate II intr. 

be different IN. 
tiO'Slltnas/I lacetatJoD : diasensiwi. 
td-sl€ip]ail ^ be loowned, relaxed, 

untied \pf bonds), alio met. \ be 

paralysed, be destroyed or dissi- 

-ing/ dissolution (of life) GL 

t6'ainSagan investigate. 

to'snipan 6 cut, cat up, cut off. 

t5-BOC;tieB, -nung/. seeking, ac- 
quisition IK. 

to-Bprito/. address, convcrwtion, 

tO'BprSdan tr. spread out, expand. 

td'Bprlngan 3 int*. break to pieces ; 
burst open ; crack, be chapped \^b/ 

tO'Bpryttlng instigation vL. 
to'Btandan i lie distant ; differ ; 

be delayed, not be forthcoming. 
tfi'Btf ucjan tr. disperse ; dissipate, 

destroy II intr. perish imce. 
-(©d)neBy! dispersion, destruction, 
-ead m. prodigal 
tS'Stician slab severely. 
tfi'Stlnttan 3 distinguish by smell, 
tO'Stingan ,1 [iiercc. peifoiale, 
toatregdan, -slredan 3 ; -str^g- 

dau, -aCrfidau wk. Ir. scatter . 

tO'SW&pan I Ir. disperse (flame), 

to BweUan 3 inlr. swell. 

ta sw^ogan disperse (flame). 

toaneoroan 3 become dark. 

to swi&n 6 intr. separate. 

t6'8yndr(i)aii tr. separate; dis- 

tot-rida m. swing ii), see-saw :U 

gctot a. pride, pomp. 

tdtian peep oat, protrude. 
I to-talu/. lepniation IN. 

to tellait distinguish. 
I to'tSon 7 pnU to pieces ; pull 
I away ; destroy. 
' tO'teran 4 tear to pieces ; destroy ; 

harass (mind). 
I to torflan throw about. 

totrttgUan pull 10 pieces er ofl' 

to'tredan 4 tread to pieces (T) GI. 
I6-twAm,aii tr. divide, separate; 

set at variance ; scatter ; do away 

with ; discern. 
-sdDM / disassociation, tepata- 

W-tyhting/ instigation vL. 
tep. //. tdb, toe^ aad to{iaa m. 

-^ce ni, toothache. 

-g*r m. toothpick. 

-liaa luotbless. 

-tntBgent «. strength of tasks. 

-wia^f. tooth-paste. 
-BticMia m. toothpick. 
wars, -wmo m. toothache. 
-wyrm m. worm in tooth. 
ifi-pegnung (1)/. adminisiratiuo, 

~etmeB/. distension. 
t6-gepood(e)d adjacent Vm\. ; oii- 

licrmg GI. 
td ^racan 3 beat to pieces. 
to'JjitnlflJl 3 intr. swell ; be nrro- 


tfi-pringan 3 Ir. press asonaer, dis- 

tfi})unden;iieB /. swullenness; 

Arrogance [Id^iDdan]. 
~llce a~j. arrogantly. 
to-pimiende (T) astonishmg. 

-orEeft m. skill in weaving or 

spinning, spuiniog. 
-hOa ". spinnin|{-bonse GI. 
-lie of weaving GI. 




hCx^ immimnA. m. ^. v./:. 
-•• mt^ fi* ■<< MMfib. C*m. 

, D tpptied Bd. 
dctfioy ; >bt«c;au Ua''. 

<iW ntfi. ; iWv : twak : pall 
ilt>*n, denolkb; dcsBcf, itra- 
CUCi )>Bl ui end to. 


tefMntkiii; discotd. ._. . . 

ta'«ri>«r«t. -WifM /r/. W. iL, J. 

tsuxat ; in insvci id. 

[>-/ ciisper^ioo : deituK- 




tH-vryn/l occasiuQ Bd. 

tT«f«. tent; tbnildiag. 

IrMgltm plack. 

trttppe', •/ irap. 

trAst I- /- AfflictioD, c 

-of av. cWllj. cmcUy. 

traht n/. text, paasige lia Scrip- 
ture) ; commcDtaiy, cipoiitiaD 
[U. trutiu]. 

-b*l/. comnKDtar]'. 

traht|iajt, trahtnlui expound. 
explaia; «;, be diicuii, Iieil of. 

-Are H. contmentalor, cipouadcr, 

-Ung/ e^spoiitioii. 

trahbtp m. commentary. 

tralM tragic Bd. [Z/.]. 

tnuiMt m. pnge [of booh). 

tntndende pncipitnus, steep Gl. 

gctrAKglftn sew together. 

"UOHtHg /. tmtli (to 1^ 
faith : -a h— Icton. h»bbii kci 
iiuth ; fidelitj, loyalty ; gnte 
bvoui: cngagemait, agrBcmea' 

trnit. bcliet 
-ftBBt Guthful. 

ge-faetoian be bilbfol W. 
^e-Alll Taithrnl. 
j.-e-fuUic«iiB. faithCulIy. 
'ge)~leas Euibleu; in^del. 
(£e)~liaanea /. railhleuon* ; ni 

belief. hcTC*y. 
gc-lio faithful. 

Je)~lioe an. faithlollr. 
Oga m. trailoi. 
-lufUt/ faithful lovp. 

-rftdonlnj/. fidelity. 

--^c[>oftat >n. Iriuty companioD. 

-prigt/. R. 

trfiowan = t 


trsowa - trtiwa. 

trdowen, 1, f wooden ; 

trfownftiL, f pledge ooeself bi 
-i> «. 1 y. t>)a% .Boelf «L 
vf^ «- ; dear uoeieif— ulaamu. 

ge Crtow^ fa/, ari« " *C w. 

tlilbt, -M tnbote [U. tribatam]. 
tziBMS, trr-, b«-, //. pf . trin- 

r B oeij^t (dndim Tl : coin i a 
coin of the Talne of thicepence 

trutd e/. nmod lamp. 
-hyrU M. dicalai copae (IJ CL 
triwen ^ trtowao. 
trod n., -n/ tnd: [tredan]. 
trag n. trooglii ooodcn vend, 
canoe, oadle. 

-hrycg «. Ct. 
-aoip B. caooc- 

tropara m. trope-book (■ Choreh- 
Knicc bot^) \Li. traptriaxay 

t.-r nMmn fail (Iq doing tf>EOCthill*l ; 

be wanting, ma ahoit : md. not 
tic I me, faithfnL 

truguM) ^^ilwian. 
truht trout Gl. [Z/. trnata\ 
trasi firm ; substantial, strong \ 
healthy; able to reii^t a. wi^ ; 

-lie iinn ; tnbstanlial, stable, horta- 
tory Bd. 

~Iice av. Urmly ; neadfaitly. 

-nea/. iirmness; iinnanicnt; health; 
confinnation, snpport. 

getrum n. troop: mDllitade. 

*XtUU[lftn lEcover C^m illncM^ ; 

-lug/, recoveiy (from illiie*a\ 

truma m. troop, legion j amy, 
regalar order (of troops). 

getxuina m. Imop, ii:{;iii.cnt. 

tmmnAJi m. slrcngtbcning. 

tr&p M. trumpeter ; buffoon, 

-bom m. trumpet. 

tr&wa, ge-, 4o, j, trus m. (good) 
fiilh ; coDlidencc, lailh ; word (of 
honour], covenant ; ptolectiou. 

travrlian, «o, f, A. truglan trtisi 
in ^penon) w. d., on a. ; u-da. tn- 
Irait il^.; trail in (thing) w.g., 
be d., td i/. ; iKlicre confideDtry) 
W. tbj. ; be true to ■aid. | ge- 
ttudtc treaty ; plot | rp. dcai one- 
self > tliBWMl. 

ge~luig/ confidence, tnisl. 
getrycoan trust IN. Cp. Betrioae. 
trym+, e — rates- av. n foot's 

gctrymt onu {n. , finnameat. 

trymendllt: -= trynuuendlio. 

trymenes •= trymnes. 

trjrmea - trimee. 

trymtnan, tr7in(iii)ian make 
sliong, build strongly: arrange, 
array (troops), a/ig M/t. ; 
encDuiage, exhort : conlirm 
lagrcement), torroborate; give 
thoslagei) I ge- rfi. aig. recover 
from (nines!) Bd, [Iriun]. 

trynunend m, encouioger ; piily 
to an agreement. 

-lie, ttTmendlio hortatory. 

trymining/ strengthening; foun^ 
dition (of hoDse) 1 conimnnlion, 
edilication. edifying milter. 


=.= ; tirui 

ge- anajiag (ormy 

trjvaf/. lirmni'ss, suppoti. 
trynael"tr?ndel wlicel. 
tryndled {diesi) ornamented with 

wheel-shaped pnttern (!) [tffu- 

trywen = trSowen. 
tQ. lee twegen. 
tucian adum || ill-treii. gtn. w. 

di/iHiiig to: -t6 sOftmo, -» 

t&ddor, tiidor r. progeny : fruit 
-fiMt prolific. 
-tSKbOT nf. ncurishnienl of uff- 

tuddor,fUU prolilic, 

-spedt/. abundance of progeny. 
-tSondat producing progeny. 
tulg — under tuugan -e root of 

tumbian dance, tumble. 
-ere m. dancer, tumbler. 
tutl ni. enclosure round hoDie, yard, 
garden ; manor, estate, farm — 

village; town ; dwelling, eel/, the 
world : IsQOtentlma g£p 16 ~« 
on vii. id, febr. comes, falls, 

~t'ebur m. inhabitant Gl. 

-cerae, o/.,~(iTe>aa m oastQitium. 

-oirio«/ dmrch iti a lun, 

-incel H. imall farm er estate, 

■land n. land of estate, 

-lio rustic Gl. 

-maim m. man belonging to a tOn. 

-melde/ orach ^plani). 

-mlnto/. gnrilen mini, 

~pr§OBt III. village }irieil. 

-rAd m, inunicipaiity. 
gerefii HI. bailiH. 

~BCipe ni. inhabilnnts of a tfiDi 

~Bcii/, stewardship. 

-BteaU m. farmstead {}) Ci, 

~Bt^de ta. village, 

-weg m. private road. 

tiineojo/ tunic, coat [ZJ. timioa]. 

ge-od in a tgnic Gl. 

tlutgiS/. tongue ; anything tongue- 
shnped ; speaking, speech ; lan- 

~mU loquacious. 

-eprum ligament of the tongue. 

~v/6d abusive Gl. 

tungllen of tbe stars. 

-ere m. astronomer, astrologer, 

tuogol », heavenly body, star : 
const ellalion. 

-fi/. astronomy. 

-b*re starry^ 

tungolcrnn m. astronomy, astro- 

-iga, -orBfta. astronomer, astro- 

-wise/, astronomy Gl. 

tUQgol;glmm-t m. star. 

-geBOdad n. asttcinomy. astrology. 

-witega m. n^irologer. 

tuning- wyrt ^ ttuiBing-. 

tunne/ cask. 

-botm III. boitom of cask Gl. 

tuntdng-wyrt, tuning- / while 


vL.. IN. lower [/>,]. 
turf/, g. lyrf turf. 
-hagaf w. grassy enclosure, 
-hleow n, turf-sheller (?) Cl. 
turl if.) ladle [Lt. tniHa], 
tumlian inlr. turn, revolve ; be 

giddy. Cp. tyrnan [Fr.]. 
-igendlio revolving, 
-ung/ rotation. 
turtl|e/, -a w., turtur m., -ef. 

turtle-dove [Ll. turtur). 
tusc, t&X, twfi- m. canine or molai 

looth; tusk. 
-el, tuxl m. canine or molar toolb. 

tax - tosc. 

twil, l& I, n/ two, sec twegen. 

II, av. twice. 
-dngllc -^ twl- lasting two dayi 

Bd. See twi-. 
-Ho double, 

-nihto two days' old (moon). 
twAde aj. , av.-n. two-thirds : dA 

tput in . tiB» meluwes- and pm* 

■ekltea ^riddan dSI, ae ojnlns 

ib twfidne dSl weraa. 
gctwfifan ii'O,', sipnr.ile from ; 

lo. lighting,, 

twSm d. ^twagon. 
twAm an separate, p»rl ; put tta 
end to (strife) || iiilr. part w. 

-endliae av. separately. 
-ing/. separation ; distinction. 

twftm d. ^twegen. 

tn-egen, et, /cm. and titui twfc, 
ueul. tu ; g. twega, twfigra ; d. 
tw£m, i two. on tws (cntt in 
two, apart. twSm and tw&m an. 
by twos, two and iwo. opsr 
twSga either, let 6t>er, Sll tw&. 

twelf twelve. 

-feald twelvefold. 

-glide to be restored twelvefold. 

-hynd|e (person) whose wergield 
was 1,100 shillings ; (wergield) of 
a person of that ranti | used ai a 

-nihte iwehc days old (moo 
-wintre twelve years oil 
twalfta twelfth. 
tweUtig ^ hund-twelftig, 

tWfDgan pinch, sqa 



twentig-wintra twcniy years old, 

tweo- " twi-. 

tweo, f III. doubt ; hesilatioii, 

~lla doubtful, m1l^ertnin ; itnbigaons. 
~ii<ieav. dubiously: ambiguously. 

tweog[an, tweon donbt -wg,, im- 
ptrs. iixig. ; he tweop poM, hine 

tw6ol> IMBS. 

-endlio doubling : donbiful. 

■"'■J, twiond-ai'. doublbgly. 
-Ung, EweoiinB/. doubt. 

tweon, f (m.) doubt. 
tw3on|iaii, y doubt ity., imptrs. 

10. o. or rf. (i«rf g. 
-igend »t. doubter. 
-igendUc dubiialive (adverb). 
-eleoht, sie twfionoL 
~ol doubtful leoht, twtions- 

leoht twilight Gl. 
-ong/. doubt. 

tweonum — be . , - lurf. between ; 
See betwton&n. 

twi-Mte requiring double compeu- 

twi-l)!!! n. two-edged arc. 
twi-bleob, //. -bldo, twice-dyed. 
twi-browen twice- brewed. 
twio<:|iaii plnck, galber (fruit '; 

twioeo, -0 /. place where two 

roads meet. 
tWi-degliC, tw&- luting two days. 
twl'dAl m. two-thirds. 
-an ft", divide in two ; intr. differ 

twi-fcge de), two-edged. 
twieudlice -^ tweogeodlice. 
twl-feald twofold, double; anibi- 

ge-i&n Ir. doable : multiply, . 


accessible by t' 


-lAoaa dissociate Gl. 
twi-fSt« iwo-lboted. 
twl-flfldan double, 
twi-flngra two Angers thick. 
twi-flpeT«de, -h- foiiced (!) GL 
twt-^rede t«o-turro«*d Gl. 


twig, //■ -u. ».. mm spl. ~e 

iwig, branch . sialic of nettle), 
twlga <= twiwa. 
twi-gArede cloven, 
twi-gilde n. double pflymcnt, 

av with double paymcnL 
tvrih ^tmid una - between 

twii. CJ>. twfioniun. 
twi'heaiaode two-headed. 
twl-heolor/. n baiance, 
twi-luw|Q of two forms ; of two 

~iaa dissimiJate. 
twi-hlidede having two lids. 
twl-hweole I wo- wheeled. 
twi-hwyrft m. double period 

twi-hynde (person) whose wergield 

was Joo shillings ; (wergield) paid 

for a person of such ruik [bund]. 
twi-ioee IKi. ^-eoge. 
twi-leepped having two skitta 
twi-laft« two-edged (aie) Gl. 
twili double, woven with double 

-brocen (^woman's cyrtel) Ct. 
twin-wyrm m, an Insect GL 
twin H. linen. 
~en of lineQ, 
twinolian twinkle. 
twi-nebbe having two fiices. 
twi-iuht« two dayi old. 
twinihto*, see twynUite. 
twlnn, KB- double. 
getwlnn m. twin u twins, 

getwinneayi junctioD. 
twl-r&d I e irresolute, un-nnas imous. 
-nes/ diicord ; sedition. 
gctwla (brothers) having the same 

twl-Bceatte av. to the extent of a 

double paymeul. 
twi-acyldig liable to a double 

twi-seht discordant. 
-noay. dis^nsion. 
twiael-tdpe having forked tr 

double teeth. 
twlsl.a m. forit of a river. 
~ed forked. 

■ian iB/f.fork, branch off inroads), 
■iht forked. 
ung/ partition. 
twl-SHBOoe cloven. 
bdAbc doven. 

twi-apr^ / insincerity; demc- 

~neB /. ioiincerity ; detraction, 
twi-apreoan 5 munnni LV. 
twi-apunnen doubIe-*pun. 
twi-Btr§age two -stringed, 
tivi-tflged double-dyed. 
twi-prfiwen doable- twisted, 
twiwa, 80, u, tu w a, twi^g)* at. 

twl-w(bg/ pair of scales Gl. 

twi-w«g m. meeting of two rooda. 

twl-wlnter period of two yean 

twi-wintre of two ycwa. 

twl-wyrdig cootradictoiy, discor- 
dant [word]. 

twuso, twux.>tuao. 
IWTiwa = twiwa. 
twy c tweo. 
twjn = tweon. 
twynian ^ twSonian. 
twynihta/ — mare - a plant. 
tyn, fri. tfd(d)e cdocate, train, 
getyd//.. q/'tyn. 

vate [tudorj. 
-ed provided with cAspritig. 
~ieiid m. propagator, prodaoa. 
-Ung^ propagation ; I bianch. 
tyge m, pull, dragging ; coodactii^ 

diverting (cooneof wa(et) ; diaof 

(of diink), deduction; roal 

sutementl [tton]. 
-hoc m. hook to pull with, 
-horn m. cupping-glass. 
tygel m.) trace (oiharaeas). 
tygpian ^ Ujriaa. 
tyht m. training: habit, vray (of 

life) ; movement, Eaarch [Won^ 
tyht|an iacilc. pamadc n>. on ■., 

t6 d. ; suggest, bring 10 the tnit^A • 

educate, leach. 
-^nd ■>. iailigatat. 
CSdliC hortativc- 


'Ing /. indlemoit, persuaiioQ, a]- 

■Jien/. iottigaliaii. 
tyhteafo)/ incttcmeoi. 
tyld-syle - t«ld-s^ unt. 
tylg at/. !fe. -ltd aha tu mj. now 
wiltinfly; b« w«a Ul« Lcuer {ia 
health) ; on the contrary, ratba 


1 i/n. -est, -<Mt bot; chiefly. 

getjne «. court. 

tymigeat ». lumsiilc. 

tynon fence, enclose; shut, close 

-Ifo elofiuent- 


tTiioeii once («.) bniiel(!); bUd- 

-lice av. eloqaeDlly. 

tyalUn r//. dress ; g« -lap Sow on 

-nes/ e!oqneDee. 

tynder, tyndro/ Under. 

tyrdal «. pkce ofdung [torf]. 

-ung/. 5t; le of dress. 

tym aa /r,, mir. turn, revolve. 

tytant onit appear, shtae >fif 


C/. tumlan [Z.C. topnaro]. 




}ift (JO., t?. then, [herenpoQ ; whei 
— lorrel. pa . . ^s when . 
(theiO : non-Umfmnil ihcn, and 
(BUjii/ since | Jiifi when— «fr(i 
p&pft . . ))& when . . (then) 
causal since I )i&-tie when ret. 


]KK;[a M. roof. 

~ian tbatch. 

pacdan /r-. pat, flap. 

t>a)o n. loof, thalch. 

-tigele/. loof-dle. 

paoele/. torch. C/. teoele. 


geMef TCf. consenliDg 10 [poSan]. 

pAga, b&ge R H'. no. these, they. 1 

pfim J. o/ee. ' 

pfinan tnoistcn. C/. pmenou. 

pAnlan •; p&nion. 

}>eene-pone •!. ^se. 

pnnne = poiuie- 

pAr, ft, piira I. ai/., ij. there, 
thilher; re/, where, whither — 
lorrel.pmi . . pBTwhere ;whither) 
. . there (.ihiuiei) | iaii/. there : 
pAr c&mon six scipu. a/ltn ui. 
rtt. pranoun : sa dnl pe pter 
onwes 06111 I in that case, then | 
ef Hmt Ihtn | because, since || 
pjer-pftr rtl. where, in whatever 
direction: when. lL. = na.wken 

pebr riht|e, -es ca. immediately. 

p»ra "= para. 

pfire, !it se. 

paerscwald = perscold. 

p»B I. g. of 86. II. ttv. after : 
rape -, - ymb proo niht ; -f-so ; 
pu wurde - Bewitleaa pnt . . II 
pcea-pe av. the w. ipo. : hi clipo- 
don - mft I ej. after : b6iib - Me 
o6moii ; in proportion a^. as far 
as, according as, as: - wS mihton, 
-bteasogap; beL;ause,thiit : wii 
me ~ lo awiKode (pees ^miemtd 



thereby ; -niebrt nex 
Alia VI. thi flatt-iais. iane, u 
■- - ----- inaide, ootaide. 

pCM-Ifioan suit, agree. 

pSBSllc, ge- suitat^e, fit : not con- 
fticting, haimonions (testimony) ; 
elegant, beanCifnl. 

-HM/. fitness. 

pEeehoe av. ^o; suitably. 

pfisma m. Ic.iven. 

pcet, a I. »m/. 0/ Be. W.av.iiqiunu 
then, i!f. in enumerating benn. 
dariti in charters : audlang 
Temeae, p^t {er ponne) up on 
Lygean. III. p<Gti pntte — p»t 
po \ste pa] .-/ liat — £<jf re/. p<Bt 
(;«.) . . pnt (y.) : io p»t wit, 
Pajt hS us geaoUdep, pera 
wSosn pcBt . . ; so that af reiull 
VI. inik., shj. ; in order thai iu. 
sbj. ; rarely Itecanse. 


tolerate 1 um. endure. 

eepatbum c 
-nee/. con« 


]o indulgent 
lo wrong-doers, condoner. 
page page. 
p& giet, lie Sp.6%. 

p&hfri. ^/picgan, peon. 

p&m J. of 9a, 

pan - pon ; en. - p4m. 

p&n I. moist, irrigated (land). 
II. n. inigaled land. Cp. p^ 
weniau. [pinan.] 

-ian, S be 0r- become moist. 

pane m. Ihonght ; favour, grace — 
t-B graciously ; pleasure, satis- 
faction, tip. in on -(e), to -ea 
pleasant, to ihis) delight: tbanksi 
will esp. in g. \ -oa voluntarily, 
minea -ea through me, of my 
own accord, Oodea -ea by God's 
will (or grace). 

-fliU thoaghtful ; si^irited) pleasing: 
grateful i contented. 

~fuIlioe av. giaiefully. 

-hycgendet thoughtful. 

~iiietiant otut think, deliberate. 

-metimg, -meo-f. deliberation. 

-onotorf wise. 

-wlerpe, -weorp^lic) acceptable, 
]]leaiin|; ; memorable. 

-weorplioe av. gratefully. 


>ftnc-wordt "- (banks. 
ge)iEtiiO mn. mind ; thought. 
panojiaii wdg. tbank ; requite | vri. 

-nng/ tbaDksgiving, ttuiiiks ; graCi- 

pancol (hougbtftJ ; sagacioos. 
~indd [houghtful ; sagacious. 
gF^BJicol iboughlful: sagadouE ; 

desiroBS : IN. auppliitil. 
pane - pone, a, er se. 
panne -t>onne. 
panoni-VipDiiaiifis. tbecceMnCicff, 

iittiuien ; timi after th^it ; origin 

ihenue ; because of that | rtl. 

whence; grigiu whence | - |>e fr/. 

whence -f*»T//. - pe {rel.) . . ~ 

-forp av. thenceforlb. 
-weard departing. 
pftr a) = pAr. 
pAre^pfire. - 

fe 9!htr words : pe io I who ; n 
[>e ia befeBst is . . to whom ; ■§ 
be who, wbo : panon pe whence 
i'itvittl.rtl. ftB.,gen. noil, bul 
alio -^ olhtriaies: pSm iglonde 
po mon pot folo Uandras hStt 
of which, w.uparalcdfrp-.^^ie 
rdde dSl pe Crist oa prowode II 
'il. cj. that, &G. ' 6bc wub pffit 
w pe Bt5d . . there stood 
[^hiiHc p«tte, lo^iV// iff] ; bit 
p£m gelicoirt pe ic aitte ou i.raB 
dune 39 if: pf Bears pe . . when; 
betera pe than [ - ponne] ; pgah 
pe although {jvHJioul modifying 
III! wr-iningol peah) || or ; Is bit 
iljted, pe d&I — pe . , 
wb-lbcr . . or refrrring back 

vd: bwlder he 
gelAded %f, pe td wTte, pe td 

peab, pah a-D. however, yd || p£ah, 
piah-pe cj. '.u. sbj. alibougb ; if: 
thai : nis eac nAn wundor, 
pSah lis mlaljmpe { CBrrd. p6ah 
(pel . . p«ab although . . yet, 

pdah.'hw»pere av. howe^'er, yd. 

p8ah pftli,/(-/.^pIcg(m, plon. 


peabt/. advice ; [ilao. policy. 
jieabt/A-. ^pfiocan. 
gepeaht nf. ihoughi, device. 

Eel, tesolntion. plan ; advice : 

iiKcmbly, council. 
peaht|fan consider, lonn plan 

lake counsel, rfeliberale. 
(ge)-ond, tgei-ero m. couniellor. 
ge'-encUic deliberative. 
-img/. consollalion. 
gcpeahta m. councilor. 
peaa&, see anrapeana. 
peara = pftra. 
pearf/. need, ui 

is needed ; d 

advantage, bene^ 

fully, profitably 

~16aB wiihout having cause ; without 

achieving result. 
-Idaee av. necdieasly 
-llo useful, profitable vid. \ necM- 

-lioe at: jTolilably, to good pur- 

-llimeB/ povert). 
pearf vb , pi. purfon, prl. jrarfle, 
prs.pic. -ende, py-, IN. po- be 

pearfjiaa be indigent ; fhlni a 

I the 

-ednes/ pnvcrti. 

peaiTa I. aj. wg. destilDtc. II. m. 
poor man. pauper . 

pearfend|e in want. 

-lie poor, (life) of poverty : Kanty, 

pear) strict Oudge) ; severe (illness), 

-e av. severely ; ciceasively, very, 
-lie severe, painful. 
-lice mi. sternly, severely ; vio- 
-m6dt severe, slem, fierce. 
-wis severe, stem, tierce. 
~wiellc severe, painful. 
~wulice av. severely, tlriclly. 
-wianeB/ severity, strictness. 
pearm m. entrail. 
gyrd, -gyrdel w. girth. 

pdawjteat moral, virtuous; gentle, 

-bestlioe or, speak (conectly). 

~&eetiies/ morality, disctpliae. 

-full moral, viituous. 

~16aB without morality, Ul-con- 

-lie customary: moral; liguratiTe 

-liee df. properly. 

gefteawod mannered — wel - vir- 
tuous, wislioe - prudent, wise. 

pec It. e^pa. 

pfaoj&n./rV. pe(«>te cover [pno]. 

-end m. protector. 

pf osn/. roof, cover. 

pscsan twiie— hina pegep |iui«t 

pfflan pant. 

pegen, peso, ^n, beag m. ser- 
vant, attendant, letamcr : oHicial ; 
»>I(<iei; disciple; aristocrat, noble- 
man, thane ; fwairior, hero, man. 

-boren of gentle birth. 

~gUde n. we^>ielil ol a Ihone. 

-hyee m. attendant. 

■Aegv./. law relating to Ihanek. 

~llc manly, brave. 

-lioe of. bravely, nobly. ■ 

~r&den(n)yi Iliancship, service. 

-riht n. privilege of a thane. 

-acipe m. ibanesbip; body uf re- 
tainer:. ; alleponce lOid SaxoH'\ ; 

-Bcolu/. b<id> of retainer* Gl. 

ge-sum*, -pen- helpful, obedient. 

-werodt ". body of rctainets. 

-war m. wergield of a Ibane. 

pfgsp. see pfcgan. 

pegnest - *>Sne8t. 

pegn ian, p^niao wd. save, attend 

upon ; Tui/fl. supply, provide ; (m. 

aduiinistet (an office). 
-«stre/. attendant, servant. 
pegnung, >«t.., >6niE (•"«» <wm/.) 
/ service, Dse; official aerrtce; 

church service ; retinue ; me»L 
-boo/, (religious) service-book, 
-fat n. kitchen otcnul. 
-g&at m. ministering spirit. 
-hUB n. workshop. 
.mann rn, attendant ; retainer. 
'W^rod M. body of aticndaots »#• 

pel, pall, fl. pelu » p|,nk (of 

ship), plate (of metal.. 


)>el|brycg /. plank bridge er 
(Noah's) nrk. 


-trSow*. wel-t 

Jielma (') im>v m, inllamniatioQ. 

|.6n = J>Bgen. 

(Ionian -- ^■djxkb.. 


^fncBD, prt. t>ahte, 6 (t) think, 
think of, consider ; be tnteni on. 
determine, wiih W. tS d., g., inf., 
ger. [Jimo]. 

Ee)>$neaii temember- 

b«iden, ly. benda av., d. mean- 
while, while. 

|idneBt', pegneat 'jittgtiHud fer»i\ 
f, service L. \Scand. pjoDuatoy^ ]. 

-maun, peo- m. thane fZ. 

peng = )>egen. 

[ifngeli- Bi. prince. Cp. ff nfaL 

- ■ tr. Bfrelch 


-ing/. ii retching o 

peo - peow. 

peo, ii^i- {idoh. 

peon fi, 7, hei plbp, .V. pip, prt. 
pAh, ga, //. pigon*, u, pic. 
plgeo*, o, /ri. flc. beonde, 
^ndi, mir. giow op ; lengthen 
1.^ days) ; became sigotooi, 
flourish ; prosper -Hi. i. or on d. ; 
\x profitable or sacccssfnl. Cp. 

gep§on 6, 7 intr. %iavi, flouriih, 
proaper ic. oa d. or i. ; on l&re - 

gctds - [flrGode //. M increase in 
virtue I //<-. aopogen 'grown "P ^ 
virlnons, excellent ; yfele - lie- 
generjle; pro4]>cfous. 

pten ^ plan press, 

gepion", -plan ohci receive tKt. 

p6od / nation, race -~ pi. -a Gen- 
tiles ; people, meo ; counlty ; 

-bealot n. great evil. 

-bflendt It/, men. 

-cwbaif. empre»». 

-Kiyning n. ■f)monarch ; -tGod. 

•(gSBaf m. great toTM. 

-eorpot/ world. 

-ffiond «. arch-eoemy. 

-fimma w. prince, lord. 

-gnmaf m. warrior, man. 

-hfre m. army. 

-lifr>pap, -pop m. highway. 

-iBO I. (icDtile, II. H. langosge. 

peod;land », couiUry ; the Conli- ; 

-lie of a people. | 

~Ucettere m. arch-hypocrite. i 

~IOga m. arch-tropOBlor, | 

~nuegent n. triLal force. i 

-scapa m. arch-malefDCtor. I 

~scipe m, nation, people. See also 

-stfCat m. people. 

-geotl^ont ». great treasure. 

-prfiaf/m. great calamity. 

~weK m. highway. I 

-wlgat m. mighty warrior. 

-wita w. coandllor ; sage, Icamcit , 

-wundort u. great wonder, mita- 

p6od an = pUdan. 

ge~andlio copulative. 

ge-ues, peodnea/^ juncture ; con- 
junclion ; conjugation ; Iransla- 

ge-rftden^n)/. fellowship. 

-eoipe ni. connexion, association ; 
injunction; iustntction, discipline : 
authority, rank; conduct; erudi- 
tion ; lealimoDy IN. Set also 

by death). 
-hold loyal. 
-Idaa wiUiout a lord. 
-mftpm HI. princely tieftsute. 
-Btol m, throne, 
peof m. thief. 

-d^nn n. thieves' cave(!) Ct. 
•fgng ni. obligation of land-holder 

to arrest those who committect 

theft on his land. 
-gisld n. compensation made by 

one convicted of theft. 
-mann m. brigand. 
-adp H. piratical ship. 
-scolu/ txmd of thieves, 
-soyldlg guilty of theft. 
-slfge, ~uf^bt m. thief-killing. 
~StoIan stolen. 

-wraou/. ptuiiihment of thief. 
pfiofian thieve. 
peofend, -ent, W. -unt / only i" 

pi, theft. 


pSoginB/ thriving, progress, Gi 

peoh «., d. pio.gpl. pfiona thigh, 
-fee rii. thigh -ache. 
-hwoor& m. knee-joiiil. 
~geUbt« n. thigh-joint. 
-Hcanca m. thigh. 
~Beax B. short sword. 

ee-joinl. ^^^H 

t. pain in thigh. ^^^H 
nation il). ^^H 

-ec^iFeald «//, genital i 
plonest - p^nest. 
p6oT (.m. I inflammation il), 
-adl/ = peor. 
-drgnc in. drink for , . 
-gerid II. ^ pdor. 
-weerc m. - p§or. 

-w fan in. curbunulc i? . 

-wifrm m. worm neeompnnyiog 

-wyrt/ ploughman's spikenard 
peorf I. unleavened ; fresh (milk i . '). 

II. n. unleavened bread. 
-d»g III. day on which unleavened 

-hlftf, -ling m. loaf of uuleaven J 

peoB/rm. ^pea. 
peoSB-, ia p«s. 
peoster-, ie, pirjieatre-, '^i 

-cofeit III. daik chamber, darkness. 
-fuU dark, hidden. 
•fullaeaf. darkness, 
-lie dark, 
-locat '". tomb, 
-nee/, darkness. 
pSoatre, -o'-piaBtre, -o. 
pfiOBtrian, ie /r., inlr. darktn, 

dim. J 

~Ting/. darkness. ■ 

pSoatrig, pr-, la nol tV. dark. ■ 
gep§ot II. howling. . 

p^tan. putan 7 howl ; resound. 
peota/. waler-pipe, channel ; torrent. 

-boren shive-bora. 
-byrde, e slave-born. 
-onapa m. sla\e<boy. 
-doni III. servitude, slavery ; d 

II. y. 


-ling m. slave. 

-nied, peoD- f. enslavement, op- 

peow-racu - 'pieiv-. 


piowan = peowian. 

)iSow|iai], -an inlr. ■wd, serve, be 
servnnl ot slave, serve (God) ; be 
engaged in, jierform |i Ir. enslave. 

pSowian '-- pien. 

peowa m. servant, slave. 

pSow|6, -u 'aik.f. servant, slave. 

pSovren(ni, piwaa, psowene /. 

pfiowot, p6ow(8)t, -et(t) n, servi- 

tnde, slavery. 
-dfim M. service. 
-lio of a slave, tervile. 
-ling m. seivant, slave 

peril ^pxirh. 

gepersc n. continued beating (horse). 

PMWMl i, f*- f^no beat, batter, 

thresh (eornl. 
peracel, y, prlaoet 'm.) flail. 
-flSr/. Ihreshing-floot. 
peracold, prexirold, prrso-, 

•wald, ea m. thresh uM. 
pQH, »;»/. pu, 0/'. this, the I MO. (his 

one, this thing. Sr pissum 

peiran ^ jnen press. 
gepian ^ gep^n receive, 
pic-, su piooe. 
-feald dense. 

ge~flfldan make dease G1. 
-lice af. densely, thickly i in qnick 

-noa / denscness, viscosity ; thick- 
ness, depth [of earth): thlcket(l); 
a solid iHjdy; darkness, 

piec|e I. thick-set, dense, viscons, 
solid; thick. II. av, densely, 
thickly; frequently. 

-«t(t) H. thicket. 

-ion ihA-. Ibickca; crowd 11 Ir. 
thicken , 

-Ol corpulent. 

plcgan 5, ir-i/xr. ]>ige,/>rl. pSh, ia, 
//, p&gou, fU. pegen; in If. pigede, pigd«,/Ci. plged 
take, receive, accept; take ((ood, 
■nedidue), eat. 

>id«r, m av. thither ; rel. whither, 

to there v/here \ ~ pa nl, whither, 

eerrtl. - po . . pider. 
plder[geoiid as. thilher. 
-leOdiBC of ihat people, Dative. 
-weard, -es av. in that direction, 

on the way thither : he wma -. 
pidree av. thither, 
pien*, y, 60, frl. psde, pydda ; 

Erwu), e, do, -ioD press, lie 
:avy on, impress (mark) ; drive 
an : stab, pierce | rebuke.lbrtatcn ; 
oppress, subjugate. 

(gElpiedjan, eo Ir. join, associate, 

olio rft. from separate ; rjl. 

10. to betake oneself to prayer) j 
ge- translate. See peodan. 

gepiede', jt "nci ^-irtuous. 


piefp, do, peoft / ad of thieving ; 
what is stolen [pBof]. 

piestre, so, l.V. pioator dark, 

pieatro, pr-, eo /. often pi, A. 
pioatre n. darkness, 

piewan = pisn. 

piewTOolu, -e, i, J, eo, ww /. 
threatening, tlireat. 

-ian threaten. 

gepiewe customary [paaw], 

pigde/r/. e/-piogan. 

pigeny. partaking of food or drink ; 
food or drink [picgan]. 

plgen//£. ^plogan. 

pignoa(n), pinan / attendant, 
servant ; midwife [pegen]. 

plliian, piU(i)an lay down planks, 
make (bridge) [pel]. 

-ing/ structure oif planks, rlooring. 

pile = pyllio. 

piUe (j.) simctnte of planks, floor- 
ing [pel]. 

pin of thee. 

pinon 6 become moist. 

gepind [i=^y?] ". swelling. 

plndan 3 swell ; be angry CI. 

pineu = pignen. 

ping n. Uiing >Vf Us various mean- 
ings ; object of value, gin. pi. 
goods; event; action; coodition, 
state, pi. affwts, concerns ; terms , 
(of peacel ; meeling, court of 
justice II inaJverbial fkraieiKB.Xi^- : 
for pisum -um therefore : for his 
-nm for his Sake | purpose : -um 
purposely ; tfi pfcm -nm pat iw. 
stj. in order that | respect ; ftloea 
-8B in every respect ; nunera -a 

in some rcipects ; acige -a 1 
nano -a, iiieiiiK(s) -a not at all ; 
-a gebwelae in every respect, 
under all ciicumslances, anyhow 
I te boom -mn to eletni^- ; td afl- 
ptuD -um truly ; bo fultum -um 
compielcly ; mid uiaum -Um 
nut at all, tereat -a in the first 

plng.l§as innocent, exempt. 
-gemoaret b. computed or allotted 

-rAden(il)/. intercessiott, pleading. 

-Btedet "1. place of meeting, public 

-Bt5w / place of meeting, public 

plngan (!) address Gl. 

ige)pinglin 3 flonriih, prosper, be 
cualteil [peoD, KopimceDj. 

plng^lan intercede, plead, ar- 
rangi- r«, d. (ir for, fore a., rf,) 
= for. aini to d., wip 3 ^with, 
aiiJa.: earmum- Cdpamricum; 
■e oyning him ge-oda wifi 
£adgife hia booa edgift { make 
lermi (for . . mtli . ,1, reconcile 

(witli) JH, Wiba, determine I piay 
abs., iu. d. of Iking', he hia i.i^.) 
life ge-oda eet Oode |l Ir. settle 
(dispntc) II tmake a speech, speak 

~\Xts^f. intercession, medlarion. 
gepingie u. meeting, council ; agi««- 

menl, compact ; result, destinjr. 
-aeeatt m. ransom. 
pia this nail. 
pisl t pml. 

pistel m. thistle, 

-geblAd H. blister caused by prick 

of thistle, 
-twlge/ goldfinch. 
piwen = piowan, 
pixl, pial, -a/ wagon-pole, shaft. 
p6, vB- pdbD/ clay, 
-iht clayey. 
pocerian nm about. 
poddettan prod, push. 
poden m. whirlwind;! uhklpoulGI. 
poft rower's bench, 
(gewi*den(n) /, (ge)-«oipe m. 



piLAC-w ui>n 


gepoht,^ /A', twht 


fohte/'i. a/p^aaa.n, 

|K>1. Z. jKill {m.) oir-peg, rowlock, 
^le-, polo-, t>ol-, si:e [loliaii. 
-byrd patient. 
-bTTdnea/ palienue. 
■•mSd I. patient. II. m. patience. 
-JB.6dxi6e/. paliencc. 
|)OLiBll Ir. sufTec, undeigo ; tug. 
lose, be depiited of || in/r. hold 

)>oIle/. fiying-pan Gl. 
)>on r. e^'ae. 
pern ^ pon&e. 
Iione, Jf e se. 

IMD'SCmi ai; wlienevei. 

ponne, ti,m av. ij. iheu ef lime; ej 

narrative ihai, ^g^uD, ofttn plion. 

\ rtl. when | laml. ~ . . - when 
I . . then { eamt since ; sltbougli 

II ponne, fron if. ijm. than, 

porlfeMt uieful /.\'. [[learf, ftestj. 
-IAm nseless /A', i peorf, l^aa], 
porftind, -e m. pnuper, one in waul 

-aes/, poverty lA'. 
tKirfte />rf. e/' pearH 
porh ' purh, 
pom w. thom ; thorabnsb ; lit 

Runii Inter ]/. 
-gebUbd n. blister caused by prick 

-grStb^ thoiD-copK. 

-Ig, ~Ult Ihomy, 
~'t9m f. Ihom-hedge. 
~riiid./ IhoiD-baik. 
-Btybb m. tbom-stump. 
porp " prop. 

pOBt m. dnng. 

poter'i&n bnwl, n-ail [pdotut]. 
-ung/! ho A ling, wailing. 
paper m. ball, sphere. 
gcpraoen adorned, prepared. 
pracut/'i f' pTBoa picssuie, force, 

pr»c-t, jft praoiL 
-heard brave. 
-hwil/. bard timCK. 
-rof brave, 
-wig n. fighting, battle. 

pr»o-wudu m. sjiear. 
gcpr»o(+) ». pressure, force, 

violence {I onti equipment Gl. 
prtM m. lhr,:ad [priwati]. 
geprftf — on - unanimously. 
priBftt onct {».) quarrel. 
prSgant. St nm [>rtg]. 
pr&l "i.,g. pcBli.ljes slave, servant, 

serl iScaad. prEll]. 
-ribt n. serfs nghl. 
pr*H fringe t;l. 
prnece /, sine Ihiush Gl. Cf. 

prABtlan in iil ; press ; torture, 

gc~edne8, prSitnes /. affliction ; 

-log/, torment, affliction. 
prnwen otc. pic. o/prawan. 
praf ,iail urge \ reprove, correct. 
^ung/, rebuke, censure. 
prftg/ lime; evil times; paro«ysm 

S at regular inlervals. 
-byslgt periodically busyC!). 
~inie1um av. at intervals, 
prang aive {m.) crowd GU 
gcpraog ». crowd, tumult [prins- 

priwan ;>/f. -en. ft, o fr, tivLsi; 
rack II tHir. turn round; revolve; 
-eiide cuiUn^ i,hair]. 

~mg>spinel yrcarling-iron. 

prfia, pniwu si. /., 111*. M,, 
threat, rebuke; punishmenl. , 
prcssioD, severity ; affliction, 
calamity | -m cmcUy, miserably. 

-lief miserable, calamitous. 

-medt nf., -niedlat m. miser), 

-niedliof calamitous, 

-weorot n. misery. 

prea!D,prdKc»ii,'^.pr6ean rebuke; 
threaten, try to compel to. sl-j, : 
punish, chasten ; oppress, afflict, 

-gend ni. reprover. 

-ung, -ng, -gung, -wuns / re- 
proof, correction; threat; punish- 

prdagan = prean. 

prSaly. coneciion, rebuke ; threat ; 

punishmenl, discipline, 
pr#ap|Un rebuke. 
-ung/ rebuke. 
prfiat m. crowd, troop; violence, 

iU'ireatmcnt, punishmenl ; threat 



prSat-miblum av. in troopa. 

preatllan nrge on, press ; afflict | 
rebuke; t&eaten ; compel by 
threats, urge : -ode hine frsin 
CiiBtea geltefan ; jv. tetUi d. 
demand with threats. 

-end HI, violent person W. 

-ung/. compulsion; ill-treatDient{ 
rebuke, coneciion ; tbieatening, 

prsatnian toic< 

lUlg/ rebuke, c 

prec owe grievous. 

preos m. violence; 

prehtig*, ob (t), at preohtig. 

preo- = pii-. 

prSo/«., prie i»., rf. piitn, g. -r» 

-bund- win tre three hundred 
years old. 

~teopa, f rSott- thirteenth, 

preot(t)iene thirteen. 

-gdare thirteen years old. 

preodjon <^ pridian. 

preohtig, oe 1,1) sicadlast, endur- 

preora^. c/proo. 

prdotan 7 imfen. ;tu, (( weary, 

preon^an •^ prowi Ein. 

preaoold - peracold. 

pri-, J, eo three-. 

prl-beddod three-bedded ^room). 

prid:ian, eo, j deliberate; hesi- 

~ung, -ina/. deliberation; hesi- 

pri-dffiglic lasting three days. 

pri-dfiled tripartite, 

pridda, IN. plrda third. 

prie, i« preo. 

priejiel \m.] mstrument of puni:Ji- 

menl, kind of cross [prSapian]. 
priet&n !r. weary; urge, force 

-lioe av. triply. 

>ri-te(o)pOr Iriangnlar. 

pri-fSts three-fooled. 

prl-flfldan triple, 

pri-fingre three lingers thick, an. 

three fingers' breadth. 
pri-flgre ihrce-stoned. 
pri-fotede, -fStod three-footed, 
pri-^rede three- furrowed. 
priga = priw«. 
prl-gftrede three- pronged. 



^rl-gSare I. three ycunulil. H.h. 

apncc of thiee yean. 
)irl-gield ". — ~e (compens&Iion) 

wilh a iriple payment. 
pri-hfiafdsde ttuee-licai'.ed. 
prihlng (': m. third port of a shtre, 

Riding. Cp. trehliiK- 
|irl-luwBda having three foTnu. 
^rt-hUdede ihrce-liddcd. 
brl-hyme, -hyraede triuigular. 
J>rt-l»ftfe». 6 ™.v/. trefoil Gl. 
prilen woven wilh three throtdi. 
prUl vE. threefold Ul. 
|irlllo threefold. 
pri-lipo year) having three months 

niuned lifift, having an intn- 

calated month, 
prim d. of brio, 
pri-miloe May. 
prinsD ihrcefol^l. 
plines, prrnnes/. Iiinity. 
gcpring H. crowd, Iroop; tmnnll 

(of walcta). 
pringan 3 Ir. press on, crowd ; 

pinch (with cold), oppress, nBiid | 

inlr. crowd, Ihrong; press on, 

make one's way | imptn, -fpare 

tide la nSoh Ksprunsen it is 

nenr I lie lime. 
pri-nihte three day; old. 

prinneB = prines. 

printan swell. 

pri-repre haiing three banks of 

oars, trireme. 
priBcel •= perscel, 
pri-Bciete Iriaagular. 
-Ho tripartite, 

pri-allte ihree-fotked ;tongne). 
prist, -e bold, brave ; shameless. 
-« av. Ijol'ily, Irtfively ; ahamelesily ; 

vigorousiy, exceed ingly, 
-fufl pieiumptuous 
-hycgenda h bold, brave. 
~h7gdlg|-, -hfdig bold, brave. 
-lAcan presnmc. 
-lAoneB/ presumption, 
-(ollioo ap. boldly, piesnmptuously. 
-ling [m ) ? Ct 
-neBy^ boldness, temerity, 
pnstleui dare, pmome. 
pri-Btr^ngre three-stringed. 
pTitig, It, It [or -lit-] thinji. 
-fbald thinyfold. 
-opa thirtieth, 
-wintre thirty yean old. 


pritt«opa =■ preotaopa. 
priwa, eo, prisa, pr^ av. thrice. 
bri-wint«r period of three years 

pri-wintre three years old. 
proo n. piece of timber on which 

the ploughshaie is fixed ; table. 
pr6h (!) hatred, envy Gl. 
prob, d. pr6(Ku)iii rancid Gl. 
prohtf I, III. aMctioa, hardship. 

II, aj. grievoDS, 
-heard having fortitude ; gitevons. 
prohtig (!\ stt ppBohtig. 
prop, porp, -prep m. (ana, estate; 

proBm m. vapour, imoke. 
-ig smoky. 

prOH(t)le/ throstle, thrush. 
protla, -u/. wk. throat. 
-bolla m. gullet, windpipe, 
prow|iaii,di-,fo be passive ; suffer 

(pain) — ail. suffer martyrdom ; 

pay lor, expiate, 
provrarle m. martyr. 
-h&d m. martyrdom, 
prowtendllc capable of suffering, 

prowTing f. passivity ; suifermg 
(pain); msrlyrdom, anniversary of 
martyrdom ; painful symptom |.in 

-rAding/ martyrology. 

-tid /. dale of martyrdom ; lime of 

-tima m. lime of suffctine. 
proiven, oicftc ^pr&wan. 
prowend '«., gpl. -ta scorpion, 
gi'pruen, pic. cf pwsran. 
prQh, g. prfh, fnm waier-pipe, 

trough ; colfin. 
praBt-fGll It. leprosy [pru8t-/n)m 

prut ian swell with pride or anger : 

-ung/ anger, arrogance ; threalen- 

pry- = pri-. 

one s way. 
-nes/ affliction W. 
prydian -= pridi»n. 
prydlioe - pr^plios. 

geprjdo, iprt. bound (book) (!) IN. 

pr^h, iu prOh. 
gcpryl- «. crowding, crowd- 
prynun m. strength, might ; glory, 


m3gDi<ic£Dce ; anything glocions: 
host, army, body 1 of water). 

prym cymet «. glorioni coming. 

-cyningt m. Deity, 

"■dom m. glory. 

-fEBStf glorious, illustrioBs. 

-fiillt powerfb], severe (atom); 

-lie glorion*, magnificent. 

-lice av. gloriously, magniliceiitly. 

-rice fu kingdom of glory, heaven. 

-sold, -setl H. throne. 

-sittendet dwelling in glory. 

-vrealdende ruling in glory. 

prymmat m. warrior. 

pryms = triniea. 

gLpryBcan afflict, depress mind) 




prystie/ thrash. 
prysman (suffocate'; 

prypf/,fi«.//. strength, might — 

-um vehemently, very 

host, body '^of water). 
-»m ». palace, 
-beam tt. mighty youth. 
-bord H. shield. 
-oynlng m. mighty king, 
-full straag, brave. 
-Uo biave. 

-lice*, prfd- av. mightily. 
-gi;ateaJd n. splendid abode, 
-swip mighty. 
-weorc n. splendid work. 
-iword ». brave word, noble 
pu thou. 
pu-pistel, pufe-piat*l m 

pof m. tuft ; banner. 
-bAre leafy. 
-ian become leafy. 

gepOf leafy, luxuriant. 
pu£e(r) tufty, bushy. 

pQft m. thicket. 

gi-puhtoum 9Hec abundant (rain), 
puhte/W, i/pynciui. 
pullie = pyuic such, 
piiina m. thumb. 
putnl« eniniils Gl. 
pun-wang, -wange, ? /. temple 

gepun II. loud noise, 

punlian be prominent iir erect ; be 

proud I resound, creak, 
-ung/. creaking ; a niltlc. 

Sti pfi- 



)>ung m. aconite, poUouous plant, 

(vegetable } poboa. 
ge^ungen /all-grown; capable; 

cicellenl, good [plngui, pAon]. 

-TIM /. growth ; goodneu, peifec- 

)>vmor m. thupdtr, tbaaderbolt ; 

the god of ihimder, Jupiter. 
-bodu/ gilthead i,a Vnb), 
-clBrfre, e/ bugle (a plant). 
-lie of thunder Gl. 
jumorrSd/ thnnder. 
-lie of thunder U1. 
-Bteiil/ voice of thunder. 
funor-wyrt/. houseleek. 
jitmreadsg, purea- ai. Tbundn^r. 

Sft frill 

|>unr{iaii thunder, 
-ing/. Ihundei L. 
pQr, 6 m. ThoT, god of thnnder, 

Jupiter [ScaHd. porr]. 
~ea-dsg - punrea-. 

purl), -nh, A. o, B, berUi itv., 
prp. m. d. {d., g.". pfaie, ixicnl 
through I /IBM throughout, during 

becauKof; ow/iW through, out of 
(humility) ; aim with ■ view to ; 
agent vi. pass. — tma \ lo form 
avs. • ~ liegett in the form of 
lightnitTg;-witBH5 a punishment. 

purh-beorht very bright, splendid, 

purh-bf tlar veiy bitter. 

purh'blAwen inspired. 

purh'borian perfoiaie. 

purh'brBcan 4 break through. 

purh'brlngan bring throngb. 

purh-broKden transported Gl. 

purhbrucan j enioj thoroughly. 

purh'bumen thoroughly buini. 

purh'clSnsiBn clean out. 

purh'creopaii 7 penetrate. 

ptirh'delf&lt 3 jjieree. 

purh'drdogran 7 pssi (ittne). 

purh'drifan 6 drive out : pierce ; 

ptirh'dQfaji ^ dive through. 

purh'etan 5 eat through, consume 

purh-ftsriDn. tecrct pkcc. 
purh-fteatniiLn 1. 1) transfix. 
purh-forlaD i pass, tmverse It.. 
'nlr, ; pus beyond, lianactnd ; 

pierce ; penelrale. 

purh'fiireniiea (!)y; m 
purh-ycfeoht (;) h. »; 
purh'Mraa ir. pass thro 

purh-l&re L penious. II. I) 11, 

purh-fieogan, -Seon, 7 fly through. 
purhfSn 1 penetmle. 
purh'g&n, -Buigftii traveifte; pet- 

pttrh'geotou 7 cover (,by pouriog^ ; 

saturate; imbue, inspire. 
ptirh-glededt lilled with live coals. 
purh'hAlan heal thoroughly. 
purb-h&Iig very holy, 
purh-h^flg very heavy, 
purh-hwit very while. 
purh'lernan 3 run through, tra- 

ptirh-lfiran ]>ersu!tde 01. 
purh'lilrod very learned. 
purh-I&p very hateful Gl. 
ptirh'lSoran po^ through. 
piirh-looung/ preface, aummKry 

I. of book) Gl. 
purhTSBant rush Ih rough, 
purh'Bceotan 7 shoot through, 

purh-Bciene', y [ory = i 1] trons- 

parent Gl. 
purh-BCinoadlio splendid Gl. 

piii-h-BC7ldig very guilty. 

purh'sdoan seek out. 

purh'Seon j Ir. see through, pene- 
trate ivith the sight, aliofg. 

purh'Slean j cut through; kill 

piirh-Bniea(ga)n inquire ioto 
thoroughly, investigate. 

purh'amierlan anoint thoroughly. 

purh-Bin&gaD 7 creep through. 

consider thoroughly. 

purb-Bpedig very wealthy. 

purh'Stldan traosfix, pierce. 

purh'Btingaii .i pierce. 

purh'swlmman 3 swim through. 

purh-BWipan be very strong Gl. 

purh'Bwogan penetrate. 

purh-tSon 7 carry out, perform, 
accomplish ; obtaiti (reijuestj ; 
continue; afford ;eitpense; ; under- 
go; dtng Gl. 

purh-tOKeonea / collatio, a reli- 
gious reading in monasteries. 

purb'trymman confirm Gl. 

plU'h'pien', y pierce, 
purh'prftwan 1 Ir. penetrate. 
purh-pjrel perforated, 

purh-pfrelian pierce. 

purh-st /.. av.,prp. tu. a. (I) quite 

purh-wacol vigilant r sleepless 

purh'wadan 2 tr. pa^ through; 

purb'wnoeendllc very vigilant. 
purh-wlitan 6 look thiougb, 

penetrate with the sight. 
purh-wreoan 5 ir. thiuit throngh, 

purh-wtmd wounded right 

purh'wtiii;lan continue, peraist, 

-igendllce an. perseveringly. 
~Ung/ residence ; perseverance. 
purruc \,m.\ small ship; bottom 

pail of 5hip. 
purst m. thirst. 
-ig, y, IX. prystig thirsty. 

piisend nf. tbomand. 
^ealdormann m. chiUaich lil. 
-feald thoD3and(fDld). 
-blwe milleforra Gl. 
-Uc numbered by thousands, 
-mAle thousand. 
~iiiEBlum av. in thousand!. 
-maiin, ~rica m. ruler of a thou- 
sand men. 
-g'.rtmt ". counting by thousands. 
~gC't{Bl '(■ a thousand. 

geptucod dark ((), 


p^anan Ir. moisten, soften. (/. 
p£naii, paweniftn. 

gcpwnriB not at variaDce. united ; 
harmonious (sonnd) ; yielding to, 
obedient wt. ; pleasing wd.\ 
peaceful, gentle; prosperous. 

-ian, p- /•■. reconcile II inlr. agree ; 
»'</. consent 10 1 suit, 5l. 

-IScan, p- Mid. agree, comply; suit 

~ e .lioe tw. in accord. 

~neB, p- / concord; Itimqnilticy ; 


>wang m/ ibong, 

frwastrian pk(( whisper. C/. 

^wSoii 1, he) )>wlhf), /r/. pwag. 

lointmcnl W. [pwBan]. 

))W^ng / (' band /A^ [5«ii[i/. 

[jw^ngc thong; rj). ^angj, 
gepwoor n. curds, 
[iwior-, pwjF' j« pweorh. 
-a m. peeTishseu. 
-OB av. across, crosswise ; from the 

side, obliqaely ; perversely. 

-lio reversed ; adveree ; petrerse, bad . 
•lice av. rcversedly, in wTonE 

otdef ; obslinalely ; perver^lj', 

-nes /. crookedness; obstinacy ; 

depravily, wickedness. 
-aoipe rn. per>'ersity. 
-tiome conteotious; pen'erse. 
pweorh, ))w6or, f, ^. t>wdoreH, y 

(across, croBSwise i : ailvLTse ; 

angry ; perverse, bad — on - 

perversely, wrongly. 
-fyro, -fti- n., alio pi. ~(fta cross- 

fiiirow, rough place. 
Jiweran 4, pic. pworsn, t>areii, 

fiFuen, [iToreD, brofan stir, 

chum ; tbcal (melsi), fo^. 
pwere =■ tnv&re. 
pwthji, s/f ))weaii. 
pwinan 6 dwindle. Cp. dwinan 
£e>winKlod — -e Ioodob. I 

bwlrel (ct.) wbisk [for whipping 

milk) [p,""]. 
gepwit B, what is shoved off, chjp 

>wit»n 6 cnl, shave off. 

pwog frf. ^{iwean. 

pwogemjVf. fl/jjwean, 

pwjr- = p^or-. 

[fy. PKe) I- '• ^se. n. av., e/. 

therefore ; because — ferrd. py 
. . pf becftuBt. py-pe so that 
I fi'. f/ii, the — lorrtl. py . , py 

-dagee a:', on that day, 

-las, set lyt. 

pjn ^ "pion press, slab. 

pyd,d;e/rt. c/"pien. 

pyfel m. bush, leafy plani ; thicket, 

pytten/. female servant [gepofta]. 
gepyhtt aj. K, 
pyhtlg strong. 
gepyld, IN. p->, patience um 

patiently fpolianl. 
-elle— igOe. 
-ig f.atienl. 
-(i:gian, -iaji bear (paticully). 

~lgllc, -elio patient. 
-Iglice, -elioe av. iiatienlly. 
~ioeAesi*,plc. gepylmM bumbled. 
~mdd patient. 

pyle m. uratot; bufFocn, jester Gl. 
-crffift m. rhetoric Gl. 
gepyll otict in.) breeze lA'. 
pyllie, pylo, 1 ; pyslio, u ; pullic, 

-uc no., aj. sad) [pus, -lie]. 
pymel m. thumbslall [puma", 
pymele thumb tliick (fat of sw: 

-nes/, t! 

pynCBJl, prt. pohte imfii-s. ivJ. 

seem ; seem good erfil [pfnoaa^ 

gepyncpio/. honoai, rank, dignity 

■um honourably | ci — ' — ' 



pyiin> thin, 

~ian make or become thin. 

-Ol lean. 

-img/ making thin. 

pyr ,e)l I. a. ipcrture, hole, 
perforated [porhj-HtiVJ " 

-ian perforate. 

-ung/ perforation. 

-wambt having a pierced blonudi. 

pyrfp, su poart 

pyrfenda, ice pearf. 

pymcin thistle [poml. 

pym|e/. thom-bush, bramble. 

-an of thorns. 

~et(t) M. tbom-thickei. 

-Iht^B) thoroy. 

pyrrje drj' ; withered. 

-ant once dry. wipe. 

pyrs lit. giant, demon. 

pyrscel = perscel. 

pyrscwald ^ pereoold. 

pyrat an vig. be ihiisly, thirst foi) 
ffrs.andimpiii.-iivi ,ft(. gapjmt 
thirsty [purat]. 
: ~ig= puTBtig Ihirsly. 
ipys.-. o/pes. 
! pysbc — pyllie such, 
; pysB*. pya slonii. 
■ pyw-racu = piew-. 
I piyiran >> pien press. 


i^m^^m^mimiiUHHpi^^i^B^^^m ^^^^^^^^^^^^^i 

^^^^r ^M 




fi m. r/« /«■/«■ u. 


un-ftTunden undistoveied ; un- 

Ikder (n.^ u<]dcr. 

im-Abeden unasked. 


Ikfin. owl; vulture Gt. 

Uii-&bereiidle*,'berieiide intoler- 

lin-4iyied undcfiled. 



un-afyllendillo, -edUo iusatiable. 


-lice av. intolerably. 

un-ftgft m. panper. 

-oumsnde coming from above. 

vm-Abiegendllc inflexible. 

tm-«gilll not lapsed lo/leasel. 

-cund &am aloft, celeilial. 

un-abindeodlic indissoluble. 

un-ftgfilodlice av. unremittingly. 

-weftrd np^ier part of. 

un-ftgen not one's own. 

ufmnest, ici ufor. 

un-ftgidfen not repaid. 

ufeoan, -on I. av. from above. 

un-fiblimieiid|o unceasing. 

un-agiumea without a beeimiiiiK. 

n. fitji. tua. above, on ; besidei. 
nferiian elevate, exalt; delay Ir. 

-lie incessant. 

im-&liefed unlawful. 

-Uoe av. incessantly. 

-lie, .endUc unlawful. 


un-ftbrooendlic inextricable Gl. 

-lice av. unlawftilly. 

-uhb/- delay. 

nn-ftcf nned imbegoiten. 

-nes/whatisunlowlnl; liceutioiu- 

olbrra, -era. y- c/^., spl. yfemest, 

un-ftcnycondlic mdissolnble M". 

u. ymeai, higher, npper ; later. 


un-Uiesed not remitted. 


uibweard, tifw- opper part of; 



furthet np ; later pan of. 

-noB/. unbeniableness. 

nfor av. cpv.. stl. yfemaBt, u-, to a 
gtealet height, higher, a/io mil. ; 
further, fnrlhcf away : laltr. 


-lie immense. 
tm-&metgod immense. 

un-&drSogendUc miendarable. 

uii-&mif It nn melted. 


un-ftdrugod not dried. 

un-andc^fignee/ ignorance. 

Uht, -ft m. time just before day- 

un-Midergildo eikrc (riches) that 

break — &ran t6 -aa before 



dawn; tthe earlicit 

-lio, -dryaenlio ineatinguishable 

un-ftndett uncon (eased. 

canonical »ervice). 


-grbod ». malins. 

-oarut/ eare that comes at dawn. 

un-ftmtfft. -«melt» «i. want of 

-flogftf wi. rfawc-flyer. 


-hl^omf III. doIk at dawn. 

-Ud of early morning ; of matins. 

-iglan deprive of leisure, take np 

tm-ftndwiB ineiperienced. 

-aatig m. noctnms, matins. 

another's time. 

un-Snr*dnBB/. incunsiaucy. 

-sangUc of noctums. 

un-fet m. Eiullony. 

UD-&pmedllc uni>unished. 

-eoabftf m- depredator .it dawn. 

un-4r/ dishonooi. 

-tid/ time before daybreak. 

ge~lUL diahononr. 

-poffnung/ matins. 

lili-»ti«l|e plebeian. 

-WBOce/. vigil before daybreak. 

-boren not of nohle birth. 

-ian degrade, debase 

-Uoe av. dishonourably ; unmerci- 

file/ owl 

-lice av. ignobly. 


ulm-trfiow n. elm-tree \_Lt. ul- 

-nee/, infamy. 

uii-4rfflfc|ed intolerable. 


-e nidlio intcleiable. 

umo, imt reed (of loom). 

un-fiwlteBtUoe av. ineliglonsly. 

un-6rpccendlic indescribable. 

lunborl- «. child. 

un-&reht nnexjilaincd. 

^_ lUne 9Hitf. a plant. 

im-ftfandod untried. 

tin -pruned inoumctahk. 

^^L nil*, on- on-. Tht slrtss ti iomi- 

im-Weohtendlio not to be con- 

^H // wf J en cAf ieet»d t/anen/- 

tended against. 

h^_ ^ 

1 inrABODecmB 


■ tm-&rodadipe m. remiunos, 

un-bealot n. innocence. 

tm-biermed*, e imteirenH, nnJer- 

H cownrdkr. 

-full innocent. 


^1 oo-brweor^ ian dUhononr. 

un-gebdaten imwiooglit. 

H -aee/ irrcvtience, indignity. 

im-beboht unsold. 

un-biscopod not confinned ' l.y u 

H uii-giftr»ri«rd», y not hooooreii. 

un-bebyriged tmbnried. 


H DD-Aacend0d iwliiirt. 

■ un-ftsoifred*, -tesroi not «epa- 

uil-bec«aB indisputable. 

un-blondeo munued. 

un-beeraibd not subject to claims. 

uzi-bleoht not ootonrcd. wMtc. 

■ niled. 


un-bedeu unasked. 

un-geblStood unblessed. 

■ UB-ijeAacod imiskcd. 

lui-Aecruiicec oul witbcrcd. 


-UcinilTaMc. ' 

tm-b^pe ad. 



tin-blddjg bloodlea. 

un-4a^d unutiated. 

un-beg&n uncultivated ; uiiaiiomed. 

un.boht, oaee- unbought. 

un-ftwoloendlic cnecntic 
im-AvAfea'dJlic inutuLU. 

im-boht av. giatuiloasly LV. 


im-boren, tmse- unborn 

im-Anwod wiibuut ■ ecbdi. 

un-begtinnen wiihoui beginning. 

im-br«d na.row. 

un-beheafdod not beheaded. 

un-brAcet unbreakable. 

un-Asoloenlioa ta. energetically- 

un-behefe inconvenient. 

un-brocen, unge- on broken. 

ua-&Bpriiigende un failing. 
uD-ftaporleudlic, -spynendlic 

uji-behei:ed uncovered, naked. 

im-gebrocod not alBicied «r to- 



un-4Btit«3d not mule fimi. 

un-totyr od unmoved. 

tm-gebeorg^ce Of. rashly (?): un- 

nendlic indolrnctible. 

-lends, -iendlic motionleis. 

bcc;oniini;ly \ . 

-tmg, tiDge-/ soundness. 

un-Oaundrodllc inscpaiable. 

tm-beorhta .ni. noi bcigliily. 

un-&Hwundenlice av. not lin- 

un-beroaflgendUc not to be taken 

un-bryoe+ unbreakable, iode- 




uo-4talodlio ii,niim«nble/A', 

un-bryOB laeless. 

un-ateftld ui.tounted. 


im-brygde'. -brydo m. hontuXy. 

im-At^Uendlic! muumciabU. 

un-fttemed uutameil. 

-hob/ bfliceQncss. 

un-gebyde sncoogeni*! fto' teJ. 
im-byed desert IN. 

-Uc imtameible. 

un-ateoriendie inde&tirable. 

-lie lu-iint,' ; iuilcfatigable. 

-lice av. permonenthr ; indcfatiini- 

-Uce av. incongideiBtely- 

tin-gc'byredlio iacongmotii. 
un-byrego «//. de«« W. 

tm-beacoren nnshom. unlonsuteil. 


un-bosenged unsingcd, not burnt. 

im-byrgod unbniied. 

un-iteorod nn wearied. 

un-beaeondlic incompiehensible. 

un-atireotende unwearied, unfajl- 

llB-c&fBcipe m. slolh. 

un-capltulod not divided into 

im-beBOfg Diiconcemed. 



un -beted nn atoned. 

im-camprof un warlike. 

un-eebett unamended, unaloned 

un-ceap od*. -ed gratis. 

un-iiweeecen, -waxen tmwushed. 


-tinga av. graiis- 

vm-beblerfe*, yt useless, vain. 

tm-ceaa. -cSaat n. peace. __^^ 

-lie immacniate. 

UB-beweddod unl*tiotbed; uu- 

uncer of us ^^^H 

-nes/ iiicorniplibility, 

un-tnepe gratuitoni. ^^^^^H 

un-bewif Ued not bailed away. 

tin-geoi^rred uncouverif^^^^^H 


tin-cIAmod not imooih. ^^^^^H 

-lie, -adlio vinchangeable. 

wn-gebieg.ed unbent. 
-andUc indeslinabU. 

un-olnn e not ctenn, ""F^V^^^^I 

-ende, -endlio unchangeable. 

-litse av. io an unclcnn tn«^^^^^H 

Ua-awidlod imdefiled. 

im-blfldo/ want of boldnw.; 

•am/, impurity. ^^^H 

un-awierded unbun. 
un-Awriten unwritten. 


-0/ imparity lA'. ^^^^H 

un-gebiorde, -ard- beaidlest 


un-beald timid, irresolnte. 

-od. ongo- un pun lied. ^^^^H 



k ^^1 


nn-clfensuDg/ pulUmim. 
un-deonSwan mi known. 
un-jjeonyrdnes/, negligence. 
im-geCOp lie nnsnilabie. Irouble- 

-lice ati. ui I Equitably. 

tm-gecorea not choien *(>, 

efpesilt of orTS'Af 1 reprobate. 

lui'gcooat reprobate, bad. 
un-co)) a «., ~u^ disease. 
tln-CPSft m. evil practice. 
-ig powerless. 
un-crafod free from ckim. 
Bn-ciisten inlidel. 
nn-cumlipo inhospitable. 

frienilly, unkind. 
-Uc uukaouD. 
-lice av. unkindly, 
un-cw&ciende firm. 
tm-cweden revoked, -^ on- (.'1. 
im-gccwsma impluLsing. 
im-cwetwnde ipecchtissi inani- 

un-cwldd in midispuled possession 

I of propetly). 
un^owisBe tpoechlea. 
un-gccydd undeclared . 
un-c^AB anseemly, paltry. 
un-gcoyude, unornde alien ; on* 

-lio uiinatun!. 
-lice av. unnatiirally. 
ti-cyn,n unsuitable, 


. ipropei 
itablc, improper. 
cyst /. defect ; disease ; t 
-Ig ni^^ardly. 
UQ-C7)dg ignorant ; tdevoid of 

un-cy|)p:oi/ ignoraace 11 foreign 

un-dAd/ Liime. 
un-gedcut lice, and-, •elics 

-DM/ unKHMDaUcness. 
un-dfiled undivided. 
un-geda£eil|llc improper ; Irooble- 

-lioe III, improperly, nnseaionably. 
-lioneB/ inconvenience. 
un-gedaCQiendllo unseemly. 
un-dfiaded not deoderted. 
un-dfiadjllo, -d«aj>- immortal, 
-lioa av. (rise) to inunortallty. 
-Ucnes/ immortality. 


un-dsaw without dew, 
un-decUnJgendllc indeclinable. 
im-gi^d€fe troulilesome. 
-lice av. unbc'Camingly. 
ua-deop shallow, 
-fancol Ehnl low-minded. 
UQ-deore I. cheap, common. IL 

under 1. /»/. it, d. and a. [gm. 
i.tpreiiittg melieii) under; omong 
I while — under-Jriem-fie ej. 
while { mil. pmUclum ; svhjic- 
tian : txpeiure, mfftring : ~ HBr- 
gripum ; rani, ilegree; manntr; 
prelexl. II. av. under, beneath, 
ou - tiencalh. 

uader-agenlic subniins IN. 

under-aJidfond m. receiver IN. 

under'bcec, -ling av. backwards, 

under beginnan ,i bei.'in. under- 

under-beran 4 support Gl, 

under biegan subject. 

underbr^&dani,! spread under /A'. 

under bOgan 7 tud. f^ubmit. 

under-burg/, 5uburb (!), 

under •creop an 7 

tiously alis fig 

undar-cynlng m, nnder-king, 

under-delf cavity beneath Gl. 
underdelfan jumlermine. .ligoui 
under-dlacon m. sub-deacon. 
uader'drencan (1) suffocate Gl, 
under-drifenneai;!}/ subjection. 
un-gedfred uninjured, 
under'etan ,: sap, undermine _^^. 
under' fangeonea, -fliDKelnes / 

under-l^g, -fang m. undertaking 

acceptance : one who undertake! 

undei-flSwan 1 low under tr. 
under-fSn 1 b receive ; receive lur 

rcpiitiously (.stolen property) (I) 

under'fSnd m. one who receives 
-lie*, -fdnlle to lie received til. 


imder-^lgan (!) follow IN. 
undaP'g&n. -gaanan 1 undermine 

fig-, deceive | undergo, 
under-gaoc tamed IN. 
under-gjnnan ,i begin, nnderuke. 
undergi^tan 5 understand, per- 

under linigan 6 go beneath tr. ; 

submit to, undergo la. a. »t d. 
under-holung / cavity 1 eneatti 

under-hwitel m. undet-doak GL 
under-iecan (1) add. 
underieman 3 run beneatb tr. 

under-l&ttSonr m. consul, 
under-lecgan suppoii. 
under-Ucgan g sobmit wd. 
underling m. subordinate L. 
under-lQtan 7 itoap under, lift tr. 
undern m. third hour, nine in the 

miirning ; morning, 
-giSQ n, breakfast. 
-mAI 11. morning, 
-mgte m , -gereord n. breakfast, 
-rgat/ rest in the rooming. 
-eang m. tierce (a church wrvice'. 
-Hwt^ndu n//. breakfast. 
-tid/ third hour ; tierce, 

-geWBOre n, break&it 

under-neo)>an, -nr^an ati., prp. 
via. vindemeath, below. 

under-niman 4 take upon oneself; 
take in (with mind) ; steal. 

under-nipemert tar. lowest 

under-plantian (!) supplant. 

uader-gerefa m. under*ofliceT, pro- 

u'ndor'sceotim 7 intercept, cat off; 

under-Bcyte m. intercepting. 

under-eecan investigate, 

undor-aif re m under-shirt. 

underBmSagan ^ -sroHgan. 
imder-Bintigan 7 come upon 

imder-Btand an 1 undentand, 

perceive, t.ike for granted, 
-ennes'.l)/ snbsian 
-ing/. intelligence i 


under stapplian ^opplaol Gl. 
under stingan 3 support. 
undGratr^gdiui eCtcw under tr, 
under-tdd&l {\i n. sub-dislinctioi 
under- tun ge/. sublingun 01. 
under' t>encBn consider. 
under-)ieow m. slave, subject. 
under'fiedlan, A., iV. eo subjei 

— /(£. -d, underBebgoded 
ject, subordinale ; add Bd. ; 

-endlic snbjunLLive. 

-hsb/. subjection, submiaston. 

under-w^dd ». pledge, security. 

under-wrsdel waist-banil. 

under-wrfpiian, eo, i support. 

-ung/ s.ii>port. 

under- wntan 6 sign. 

under' wyrtwalian supplant CI. 

dlegelllce, bo av. openly. 

dlerne I. manifeat. n. av. 
ipenly, clearly. 

'dilegod not cfTaced. 

dom "I. unjust judgement, 
-lice av. indiscreetly Gl. 
un-drefed not made turbid. 
un-gedr^htlice av. indefktig- 

un-gedrieniQ inbannuuioiis. 
un-drifen hoI driven. 
un-druncen sober, 
un-dr yen ends inextinguishable 
■(ge)dyrstllo timorous, 
Sacniendlic sterile. 
geeahtondlic, 5 inestimabie ; 
'earfo)ilIce av. without diffi- 

'eorg, ~Iic intrepid. 
■ea)>e, i/». -ief, with difficulty ; 
j;tievously ; unwillingly ; scarcely. 

- .gablAcne, -ken- not ensily 

.^ndebyrdllce av. inegularly, 
in a disorderly manner. 
un-gcfnd Igendlio infinite; inlini. 

-od oudleis; infinite, 

-odUc infinite. 

un-ered unplonghed. 

un-6Btful unkind. 

un-C&cne, & without deceit «' 

un-fraderlloe at. in an un(»therly 

un-fsigle not fated to die. 
-lie, ongs- not serious (symptom'). 
un-fffiger ugly, horrible, 
~Q av. unpleosaotty, cruelty. 
-neo/. abomination W. 
aa-fSibp/, abstention from prose- 

stinp B find. 

.ffile uncanny, evil. 

.(test not firm. 

!e av. not linnly, vaguely. 

■fflSBtende not fasting. 
untEBBtrfBd inconstonl. 

n-l&h not rtparded as on enemy, 

exempt from hostility. 

Q-gefandod untried. 

Q-ge&ren impassable. 

D-gefSalioe av. unhappily. 

n-feax bald. 

n-feferig free (i-om fever. 

Q-gefBga unsuitable. 

n-geiSl;e, ~ed ivithout feeling. 

□•iralende without feeling. 

n-feormigende inexpiable. 
vm-feoTT not far wJ. 

.fSr e incnpadlated, infirm. 
-nes/ infirmity. 

un-geISr|e impassable, impervious. 
-ed inaccessible. 

endllc*, -enlic impassable. 
in-gctSr lie unsocial, civil (war.. 

m-geteme impassable, 
in-gefeperod not feathered. 
m-sm, y av. not long ago ; soon. 

m-geflm av. soon peU soon 

after that. 
in-Sitme*t ! av. without dispute 
in-geEg, -lie ■"" "— 


in-forbramed not burnt. 
«j-forboden not forbidden. 
in-tbrbugend|lic inevitable. 
Hce av. (gaiing) fixedly. 
m-forburnen not bnmt. 
xn-forcilti noble, good [C/. fra- 

-hce <ra, nobly, well. 
iin-fordytt unobstructed. 
un-forebyrdig impatient. 
im-foreBoeawod unconsidered, 

-lie hasty, raih, 


vely, i 


i-forgietende mindful »f. 
1-forgolden unremnneiaicd. 
i-forhffif ©jdnoa /. inconli- 

i-forhladen inexbaiuted Gl. 

l-forht fearlen. 

I av. fearlessly, 
-igende fearless, 
-line av. fearlessly. 
.m5d fearless. 
in-forl(feten not left. 
in-formolsnod not decayed. 
in-formolten unconsumed, uo- 

in-iorod unbroken, inviolate. 
-lie indissoluble, 
tutfoirotligendUc, -odUc incor- 

un-rbrsceawodlioe av. unex- 
pectedly, suddenly: without foie- 

lii ought cr consideiBtioD. 
un-foFBwaied not buitii. 
un-ferawigod tiot passed avtt 

un-forswiped uuconquercd. 
un-fortr^de/ kuot-grats. 
un-fortredea .grass ) not killed hf 

un-fbrwand|igeiidlIoe av. wit^ 

out ba^h fulness. 
-odiic unhesitating, fearless. 
-odlice av. without swen4n£, 

direclly ; unexpectedly, luddenlj; 

uuhesitttiogly, feaileMly; incoo- 

sideiately, rashly. 
un-forwealwod ence unwiihend 

ttmils 1). 
un-forwordsnllo undecayed. 
un-forworht innocent |l nare- 

Blrictcd. free. 
un-flraooplice av, bonounbty, vir- 
un-gcfi:&g|e, -elio unheard of, 

-lice iiv. extraordinarily. 
Un-Uje'jfriBtewod unadorned. 
im-iVanit feoblt. 
un-geflredelice av. wiihoal s«i 

ftlll not advantageous. 
n-gefreod not fteed. 




im-flip m. Imatilities, wu ; being i 

out of the king's peiit:e. 
-flota M. hostile fleet. 
-h^re HI. hostilff army. 
-liuid 1. hostile couiiliy. 
~BCip It. war-ship ; ship of a hostile i 

tin-frodt j'onng, 
iin-hiifrf mod im perfect ; i mpcrfcci 
- ae). 

L-srapigeade not liuKlling ^ef 


L-grenot not gtecn. 
l-gegret nut peeled. 
i-gripO) M. hoalilily. 
L-gryndet hoUomlcss, deep R. 
i-gyltig inn-jctnt. 
l-i£e)hfidod not in holy order*. 
i-gehfil,edllc, ~end]io incur 



uii-fuliQnd|e, -lie inconaptible. 
uii-:gc)ilillod, -ralwad not bap- 

un-gefullod unfuiailed. 
un-rUlworht unlintiihed. 
un-geCjrll'ed, -ei n'ldlic insatiable. 
un-geftTide worthltss (com'. 
im-geafa ■». Inely ; soon, gen. v. 

tm-gearo not ready (to act ; un- 
ptepaied Ingaicst altackj — on 
uDgsftTwe by surprise, suildcnly ; 
uncnltivaled ilaud). 

un-gegearwod not clothed. 

Ungel m. fat. 

un-g^age useless l.V. 

un-gDom e ati. reluctantly : uegli- 

•full neeligenL 

un-giuende (,)) unforgiving, fur 
tmfor- (!). 

un-giefli/ evil gift, 

un-gUId, -« H. excesave la». 

~B> m, one who ts not a member oi 

-e not entitled to compcosaiion, 
un-giemen;,!!)/ carelessness. 
~ende careless. 
un-glfFod not clothed. 
ua-giAt>e't not panted, 
un-glftet pemicioua. 
un.ginii-t' not ample. 
un-glBd sad, cheerless (^stormy 

-lie item, gloomy Gl. 
iin'gle»w+ dull, not keen aft&gt 

□r swoid'! 1,11 11 not sagacious 

■piorBnt Wg. 
-lice aa. unwisely, imprudently. 
-n08 /, -SOipe m. folly, iiuptn- 

dcnce, ignorance. 
un-glfnged unadorned. 
un-gma)>6t not scanty. liberal. 
im-gM I. evil, bad. Q. n. evil. 

u)i-(ge )h£mad unmarried. 
uil-ei:hBpllc unsuitable. 
tin-h&l in bad health, unsound 

~wf ndUc incurable. 
un- . ge hftlgod unconsecraled. 
UQ-hftllg nol holy, 
tin-handworlit not made with 

im-h&rt bald (■) or very giey- 

un-geh&ten not promised. 
un-geheaJdod (awelling) not come 

un-Mi^ not lofty, low. 
im-gehetddstun, -healt- inconli- 

~llce av. incontinently. 

un-hdajilice av. nobly, bravely. 
uo-hearmgQom inoffensive. 
tmheld -- -hfld. 
un-gchfiid;e distant. 

un-heore = -hlere. 

^heotl disheartened. 


'hfred not praised. 

'h|rigendlic not praiseworthy 

im-hier.e, eo I. fierce, cruel, 

grievous. II. fiercely. 
-lie fierce; strong (wind); doleful 

ua-j;ehiered anhearl of. 
uu-gehieraee/ deafness. 
un-:ge)hiersum disobedient. 
-lice av. dijobcdicntly. 
-BBS / disobedience. 
-Od disobedient, 
un-pthiert cowardly, 
iin-hiredwlst/. unfimiliarity !. 
im-liinre formless. 
tu)-}uwed colourless. 
lui-geluwod unformed ; onfeigneil. 
iut-gehleo)ior inharmonious. 


im-hI§owet chill (uavej. 
un-hllse disreputable. 
tm-lilis|a «i. infamy. 
-bAre, -todig, -ftill, -fg di.. 

un-nlitmet - ■luiflitme 1 1 1. 
un-hn€awt liberal ; abundant 

lui^oga foolish l.V. 
un-hold liostile ; not loyal, 
-at >»■ tie'id. 

un-hrsdaprAce blow of speech, 
un-hr&Dflig not leprous. 
un-gchrepod untouched. 
un-gehrmen untouched. 
un-hror not moving iiUr. 
tu-hOfed bare-headed Gl. 
iin-gcliwAde mnch. 
lui-n^'earflende unchanging, 
un-hwilent eternal, 
tm-hygdig, -hfd- foolish. 
tm-hyldo/. disfavour, hostility. 
UQ-h^titg unhappy. 
un-iefra, en difhcult ; grievous. 
-lie difficall, impossible ; grievous. 
-lice av. with difficulty ; with hard- 

-Ucnea/ difficulty. 

iime(i-, fia. 

-iaa molcat Gl. 

-lAee, -Ifbone, i. not easily lured. 

-mi^U not easily digested. 

-nes/. hardship, affliction ; severity; 

aniiely, grief. 
un-l&cnlgendlio incuiable. 
UD- 1 ge)l&cnod uncnred. 
vm-jjelidodnotcleared of charge), 
un-^eccendlio irrepreheusible, 
un-l(Bce m. bad physician. 
uu-lAd(-|-\ -e poor ; imhappy, 

wretched : wicked; causing ttODOle 

ar dispute, unlucky (of sloleii 

-lice av. miscrobly. 
tin-lAgne ^ -Uegne, 
tin- lane permanent. 
uii-;ge)lfired not learned, Ignontnt, 
-lice at: unskilfully, 
-neo/i want of learning, 
tin-lnt not slow, eneigciic aig. 
mxAsBito/. sin [niillid]. 
im-Ui'/. posthamons child, 
im-laga/ bad law ; injustice. 
un-land ». what is not land-t ; 

barren land. 
-Agende not possessing land. 
Iln-lftr/, bad leaching cr advice. 




un-gelabod uninvited. 

un-gtmscc di-^iuiilar. 

im-gemetg.od excessive; inlesi- 

nn-mAg '«. bad kinsman (?) or 

un-geleaf ft m. unbelief. 
-fun iinbelievilig. 

alien il), 
-fl n,.t of kin, alien. 

un-mett- excess. 

-fulllc unbelieving; incredible. 

un-miBgtiea - '-meagolneB. 

im-micol small. 

-fuUioe av incredibly. 

tm-m^e spotless, immaculate. 

-ftilnea/ unbelief. 

un-mSne without evil, sincere 

-lie inctcdible. 

(.oath; ; devoid w. train. 

un-mlht I./, weaknes. JX im- 

-sum infidel. 

im-mArle withoot fame, obscure. 

-aunrneB/. infidelity. 

-Uc ignoble. 

possible JN. 
-elic, -lie impossible. 

un-mSite immense, excessive. 


-Ho immense. 

getin-miht, un-gemiht without 

un-leanod not repaid. 

-DBB/ immenseness, excess. 

strength, weak. 

un-leaa t.iie, bonesl. 

uil-gcmibt|e I. excessive. IL av. 

-licB ai: Iruly. 



-nea/ irath. 

-lie immen^. 

-nea / weakness, impotence. 


un-map/ wrong. 

uii-mild,e ungentle, hunb. 

-He excssive. 

-liee an. immodeixlely, excessively ; 

un-milte/ anger (of God). 

violently, cruelly. 

un-eelic different. 

un-m«g|a «/., -u(T)/ helpless sr 

-Ung/ impiety, cmelty. 

-a III. one not like unother. 

needy person; one who is de- 

-e av. diffei'enlly. 

pendent on others, ward. 

un-gem5d at variance. 

-lie improper. 

un-manlg few. 

-Ew av. improperly. 

-n68/. diffefenJe. 

tm-measol insipid. 


un-gellef. od infidel. 
-ona infidel M: 

-nee-, -mmgnes/ weariness. 

-e^njdlio incredible. 


un-gcmolsnod undecayed. 

-DBB/ unbelief, 

-neay. adversity M'. 

lln-t;.munuood not made ■ 


tln-mBdom> unfit, unworthy. 

uii-lfefe(n idUc unlawful. 

-lice av. improperly. 

tm-mumt without anxiety, uncoo- 

un-liegne not lo be denied, incon- 

un-mBltimg [-i? i'l] /. indi- 


iroveilible LL. 

-liCBt av. without anxiety. 

un-lifn. --eadeod. 

un-gimfnged. unm- unmixed. 

un-gemynd/. madness. 

un-lifigende dead. 

-nea/. ptiiity. 

Ull'|;eliiup n, miifottune. 

UQ-mgnniacUc, un- 

-lie unscnsonnble ; unfonuoate. 



-Uca av. unseasonably ; unhappily. 

un-mynBgod not denmncled. 

un-lipe severe, cniel. 

un-myrg[e sad (?) Gl, 

un-lltiuw&o, -leo- indelible. 

-B, -««, -um excessively. II. av 

~P/. sadness, misery. 

excessively, very. 

-noB/ inflexibility, severity. 

-OBftldl' very cold. 

ality; what is gtinted, gn« 

un-lofod not praised. 

-flMt excessive ; intemperate || very 


un-ltwt TO. disinclination, tedium ; 


un-nfiah 1. at^.,frf. nrf. far (ftom}. 
11, y. distant IV ^ 

want of appetite | evil desire, luK. 

-toBtUe irretentiTC, 

ge-lan loathe. 

-tKotueaf. intempemnce. 

minend >n, one who grants W. . 

un-lybibft, ge- ni. poison, ilrug i 

-giem8n(ii)t/ excessive catc. 


-hleahtor w. immoderate laughter. 

un-ncniedd nncompelled. 

-wyrhta m. sorcerer. 

~Uo, unm- imroense : excessive. 

un-nied.ig nncompelled. 

UB-Iyft/ bad ait. maUria. 

>iii-(Ee)lygBn iruihfuL 

un-niping m. honest or tespcciable 

un-iyt n. much. 

-DBS/, extnvagance. 

man v/,. 

un-lytel L big; great; much. 

-purat m. excessive thirst. 

un-nyt.t, -nat I. useless, frivolous 

n. «. much. 

-waece/. excessive wakefulness. 

II, «. what is useless. foU, 

tui-gf:ma«a m. not a match «■ 

-w»l «. ereal carnage. 

fnvohly ; detrimem. " 




— — -* 



Un<«Mld DM gfTcn. 

on-Malt whboBi hIl 

nn Mttnoii, ^taoi not oMiked 

•«h lb* «I(B of dw eroM. 
m-*0t I. mfii. dlKord. ZZ, «/. 

■I oruBoc, malaallr boitik. 

an>KcaAarul« lihnd. 

-lie. una. itiviilble. 
-11m av liivlilblj'. 
un-ilbb /. oinitr; trite. < 

•Ian mnaETcr. 

un-|[c*lbb not trUM.! or itkFn 

On-KC«lbBUm nnnrrclanmr. 
-naiit uoM- /, i|Darre1i 

nn-aldoAil'l miuhuu 
-n-J. und.«(liy. 
on-ndu m. ricr. 

na-Kfalplt nut taltH. 
tin-i[cal«n|», -Uo Inviilblc. 
un-alg*tMt utivlciorioua. 
Uii-ltb M. rtII '"' ruh pupeditinn 

lUl'llao, •• «nrr|[clk*. 
-Um AC. enerscllcnlly. 


ingnl mendaaow. 

OB-ffpU/ poTcrtT, wmL 

-igpoor; bonm loil'. 

iin-^>l«rol not mictic. 

nn-spreoende Epeechleu. 

uo-Bbahris illiteiitc. 

mx-gcBUbfyig, nnat- nuuble, in- 

-lie*. -lUeti^elio unstable. 

-lice iTf. Dnaleadily. 

~nee, imrt-/. uimea'luica. 

on-Btapolfteat not lUttmivy: dc- 
Hrijig change, unsfilledj not 
ilea-ltiul, wavering 'in mind} 

uii-Btfdefll]|l*, mutyd/ol apov 

-nes'.onitydf-/. instability l.V. 

Un-Btenc w. (tencfa, 

un-Btill[e not still; rcstlesa, turbu- 
lent; not at peace, tioublnL 

{.■c-Joa distoib. 

-neB/. motion ; dinnrbance, bustle ; 
breach of pence; rcalUisnws, un- 
mllncui agitation (of miad). 

on-Btrang weak. 

-Ian be weak. 

-nea/. wenkness. 

un-Btrenga weak. 

un'GCHCrdoil M. ill-gotten tieasarc. 

tin-t.'eatrodM] not liable to con- 

un -aly rlgends stationary. 


im-|iit»l, a uBnDDenbl& 
on-tAl'e UaBdcML 
~lic*, -taUie iireprdien^le. 
-lioe. i or. blametessljr. 
-wler^ impnbenablc. 
-irierplioe of. landablT. 
UD-getAae I. incanToiiait, an- 

plcaant. H. k. iacnoTaucnoek 

-lira itr. inconveniend;. 

ua-tamllc*, -tamoal nntamcalile. 
un-teald uncounted. 
un-tealt steady (ship). 
un-tela, so, ea, a av. badly, 
un-t^endlic indescribable vi. 
im-t^med antamed. 
un-getamprung / rough wca- 
tber ,1!. 

uii-teogo{)od ' -tfttjxxL 
t)Il-t£orig untittne. unceitsing. 
un-geteorjigetHmee at indclaLli* 


-lie unseasonable, 
~lice at; unseasonably. 
~bptAc/. unKDMiDable x» 


^i^^H^^i^^i^^^i^^^^^B^i^m ^^^^^^^^^^^1 



^H im-ladiweorc h, work at wrone 

nn-trymi(g)ftn become weak er 

un- pinged, unga- imcipccted. 

^H ^genidere >i, unseasonable weather. 

un-trymneB - -tmmnea, 


^H un-tiedre*, -tyddre tirm (,mmii\ 

un-trympy! weakness ; illness. 

un-pol emddneay. impatience. 

^H uD-tiemende banen. 

lin-tweo w, certainty. 

-igendlic intolciable. 

^^M un-gEtien-, eo, //. ~u misforluiie, 

-lie undoubted. 

tm-^riste timid, diffident. 


-lice, -IwSlioe ot. undoubtedly; 

tm-browendllcnes /. impaju- 

-IgendJlc mcnpable of mffer- 

^^1 an-tilod wiihoui provision made, 
^f ungtepsreti. 

un-timia w. wrong time; bad 

without feeling doubt- 

ttn-tWdOu unwavering (courage^. 

«asoa, cdamity. ^ 

un-gc))iingen vile. 

without doubting. 

-neB/. bad tauion, cnlunity. 

-lie certain. 


un-Wpa', -tygpa nnanccessful in 

-lice av. unhesitatingly ; unequivo- 

un-]>urlitogon nol performed. 

obtainiiiji a tequcsl. 


un.pwsgon. o unwashed. \ 

un-lobroeen noi broken in pieces. 

tm-twfionigend*. y indubit- 

un-gepwrfirifl, unjK I. at variance, 

im-toolofen not cloven (foot). 


un-todAled not :iivided or sc- 

un-twifoald united ; aimple- 

pleasani, IL <t disturbance W. 1 

^L -licT-dSlUo, -dnleDdlio iiidivisi- 

minded, sincere. 


un.(gejtyd, -dd untraineii, un- 

-lie discordant. 

-lice av. ungcntly. 

tm-tydret oh.v, im. monster. 

-nes, unj>- / discord, quarrel; 

un-todftUic. -dftlllQ indivisible. 

un-tydrende barren. 

icxation, trouble. 


un-tygpa - -tipa. 

un-pyhtig weak. 

UB-KftOgon nn educated. 

un-tSned un fenced. 

im-geJiyM/K. impatience. 

iin-t£l&tendliceiR'. unirmitiingty. 

un-gttyngje, -ftill not c1o(]ueDl. 

-ig, iiii|i- impatient. 

un-tolisHende mextiicable. 

un-pffirfe - -pifrfe. 

-iglice, -bUco av. impatiently. 

im-toscacen noi riestroyed. 

tin-pyldlicnos/ difficnliy (J) Bd. 

UQ-t6al»gen nol beaten to pieces. 


un-w&CiUot splendid. 

im-toBliten not torn. 

-lice <iv. improperly. 

-licet av. resolutely ; splendidly. 

un-toaprecendlic (!) ineilable. 

un-weded not clothed. 

un-totwftmod undivided, nnse- 

-liou/ incongruity a».e L. 

un-gcwapnod unarmed. 


Bpposilt ef thanks : him - sjede 

un.wvr not on one's guaid ; heed- 

un-trftglioet "^^ well, honesilv. 

less 1 iinvrar, on -. -e«. on 

tai-tr©0W/,Pvr«.//. -.<i. !S- mean 
iii^ periidy, Iiand. 

|ina; ad of ill-will, olTcnce | -es 

-ftul, unge- nngrstehil vig. 


~e - -tiievre. 

-f«8t nntra»tworthy. 

-wierpa, -woorji, u unacceptable ; 

-lice av. heedlessly, carelewly. 

-8lan, wage- act unfairly, defraud 


-nes/., -Bcipe m. heedlesaaess. 

ads. ; offend : oDtreOWHod bSon 

un-eetWDO m. evil thought. 
-ftlU ungrateful. 

un-wwcen not washed. 


un-WffiBtm m. failure of crops; 

-J>, ie, uuge-/. perfidy, Irencliery, 

un-gefeaht «, bad oouniiel. 

-endhae av. hastily. 

im-poarf / disadvantage, detri- 


un-triew;e, to, unge- nol faithful 

-b*r« unproductive, barren. 


-bnmeB/ bsirenness. 

-lice Of. perfidiously. 

-borendllc banen. 


-es av. needlessly. 

un-getriownoB/ infidelity. 

un-lteaw «.. bad habit, vice. 

-fSBt barren. 

na-trum, unga- weak; in bail 

-tost vicious, unmannerly. 

-fsstnea/, barrenneu. 


-ftoatlice av. viciouily. 

un-w»teiig without water. 

-Ian be weak l| /<•- enfeeble. 

-full ondisciplined. 

un-wandlende unhesiutinR. 

-lie weak. 

un-gcfieaw'e ojiposed to one's 

un-wamod nnwaraeU. 

-neB, -trym-/ weakneiii; illness. 


Un-Eeweald — -SB av. involun- 

im-taTmod unconfirmed by 

-test ill.[e^ulste<l. 

tarily, bv ,;hance. 


un-poganhoe av. basely. 

H^ un-tryml£ weal, in bad health /A'. 

un.get^od iepatate. 

mach) !). J 

^m -of. illneu /a: 

un-pif rfe*. b u«le*s IX. 

tm-wonlt steady (ship). | 






lot grown up. 
n-weder, unie- n. bad weather, 

threaten bod 

tm-wegea not weighed. 
nn-nrgm me withoni blemish, nn- 

injared, ui violate. 
-Uo immacaUte. 
-HM/. immacolalcness. 
nn-wemiuled iui maculate, 
-Ing^ inconaption Gl, 
tin-ge^f mrnsd, -Uo uninjured; 

'Uoe av. inviolably. 
-nes, -wf mnsa/. Dnrity, 
nn-pe^gnd nes / uncbangeable- 

-endlic iiiiclianEinE, chronic (ill- 

-lie unpromising. 
-unga in/, uneipecledly. 
im-wfiod n. weed. 
un-weorcheard inlirm, delicate. 
un-weorolic*, uawo- \tiine; not 

iuitable for work. 
un- weorp ^ • wiert>a. 

-Ian dishonour, disgrace || become 

contemptible Gl. 
-Uo unimportant, pelly ; not credit- 

-UcOoi'. improperly; ignominiously ; 
with indignation. 

-BOipe ni, disgrace; indignation. 

"Ungy. discmce ; indignation. 

im-weotod ^ -witod- 

lui-Wjred EtDcoTcred. 

un-Vrerlg not weary. 

iin-gewSrlgod unwearied. 

un-warod not sweet. 

un-nidere n. bad weather, storm. 

tm-gewiderie n. bad weather. 

-nng/. bad weather vL. 

nn-widlod not ]>Dlluted. 

nn-gewield, -e oniubdued. 

-ello unyielding. 

iin-gewif rded uninjarcd. 

un-wiarple, -weorf, u of . no 
value; not eiteemed, contemp- 
tible ; ignocniniDii* ; wanting in 
nictit, unworthy vig, 

-non/ contempt; diigracc. 

nn-wlerjM mi. unworthily. 

will 1 

im-will — -OH against 

un-gewlll unpleasing v/.. 

un-will|af». what displeases | -ui. 
-um against one's will w. g,, 
fiess. pro. : hla -an, urum -urn. 

-ends unwilling. 

un-xvilsumlice av. against one's 

tin- wine m. enemy. 

un-gewintred not grown up. 

un-ms fooli^, stupid ; ignorant 


-ddmm. folly, stupidity; ignorance. 

-lie foolish. 

-lice at/, foolishly. 

-noB/ignorance ; wickedness l.V. 

un-gewlSB I. uncertain | igriomi- 
nions. H. n. uncertainty, donbt | 
nnconsciousness. on -e without 
knowingit. ~eiav, involuntarily 


M/. unc 


un-gewitendl'ce av, penna neatly. 
tiD-witii|igendlice, unge- av. 

with impunity. 
-od, UDge- an punished, 
-ling/ impuDil)-. 
tin- wi tod, eo UDCerlain. 

-wooro «. foolish work. 
UIl-gewlt]t n. insanity ; folly. 
-ftestnes/ madness. 
-full insane ; foolish. 
-fulnas/ insanity. 
-Uo foolish. 

un-wlttlg uoinlelligenl, stupid. 
tin-gewitttg mod : irrational ; 

-lice, -wlttelloe av. foolishly. 
-BBB/. foolishness. 
un-wlttol ignorant. 
iui-wip«rweard not advert. 
iin-witimetenllio, -endlic in- 

-lice av. incomparably. 
un-wlite m. disfigure men t. 
un-wUtig, ungB- ugly, disfiguring.' 
~lail deprive of btauty || become 

-nes/. diaficnrement. 
-Ung/. diifignring. 
un-(ge)wornt not made. 

in-wrBne not lusiful, 
Jl-wr^t, -o weak, untrustworthy, 

IJce ati. feebly. 
ji-^7ecen unavenged ; unpunished 

ii>wrfDC Di. spiteful trick, ulifice: 

im-ireivunia I. m. bad habit n. 

-elJc unusual, exceptional ; on- 

-ellce av. unusually. 
iin-wunden I. not wound. H. 

unwound - onnrandan. 
un-wiuidod not wounded. 
un-wti&lgeudUo, nii«e- nnin- 

un-wynBUin unpleasant. 

tin-gewyrht «/ — be -om with- 
un-ymbwpndedlic unalterable 

up, lipp [iy infi. <f uppui] rat 
above, up ; erect | metiim up- 
wards ; up (h river), up (the 
country) — oomao -luid,]iAtui- 
put ashore, aUe fig. \ stparatum 
~ forletan divide <,<SDrse of riviet). 

iip-&hafen;lice, n of. arrogantly. 

-nee/, lifting up ; cialtatioii ; e>- 

up-iiffed[lioe oil. proudly, 
-nes/. lifting up; exaltation; pride; 
up-asprungennes, -apringnoa/ 

rising ; origin. 
up-AsUgennes, -sUgnea/ ascent: 

bp-Awend upturaed. 

up c una celeslial. 

lip.oyme m. rise. 

Cp-eardt w. dwelling on high 

up-^de m. upper end. 
up-engelt m. uigrl of heaven. 
up-Itereld n. asceosioru 
&p-reax having hair above, bald in 

from i;i. 
Ap-flering /. upper * 



ug, going up tlie country ; accejti, 

up-godu npl. celestial deities. 
Qp-hafenneB. •luefenei f. rai^iiiL' 
Qp-he&fod i>. to|) end 1,1 

ftp-hBbbot / ' tail-liflei,' waler- 

fi.p-hf bbi^/ ri=iii(; M'. 
Cp-faf ftaee/. exaltation. 
up-heolbn m. lofty heaven, sky. 
gp.hOfi B. npper chamber. 
Qp-land', uppel^ h. up-country, 

lutal dmrictt vL. 
Qp-lang upright ; (all. 
fip-l^en/ hnir-pin. 
Qp-lflidlsc up the country, luslic. 
Qplic oti high, lofty, celestinl, Bub- 


upnes/ height. 

uppian rise. 

Upptu), -on prf. TV. a., J. upon, 

on ; above 1 eftime on ; after , ep- 

posiiion^ aitoik against au- | in 

nddition to wa. 
uppe at, on high, up; up [o/'thc 

jun) I aa knd ; present (^arrival) 
- weor)>Bii lie revealed wluiown ; 

- bringan bring lo pnu. 
nppe- = ap-. 
flp-riht upright, erect ; with ihc 

face upwnrds Gl, 
-e ati. erect ; oveihearf, in the jenith. 
bp-rodort, a m. sky, heaven. 
Op-ryno m. riiinE io( the sunj; 

beginning (of day). 
fip-aprliiK m. riiing (of the sun), 

beginiiing (of day) ; bursting foilh 

(of water}; birth; what spHngE 

up d. 
fip-Stlga m. Btcent, iChi 

(counting dayi) backward (ft 
end of month). 
ip-weardee, uppaw- av. 

ap-weg III. way to heaven. 

up-gewgnd upturned. 

Qp-wijillende', y flowing op ( 

Qr m. biion ; ike Rume tittlr o, 

lire of ua. 

-Iftldisc 1!) of oor country, 


-fotwrat dewy- winged. 

-Iftatt with dewy track. 

iiaeer = Ore. 

ut ("'. okii million [ outside ; out (at 

sea) ; abioad. 
&tiaD expel ; alienate (property . 
jlta-ciunen = utan- . 
utan ^ uton let us. 
utan 11'. outside, from outside. 
iitait-bordeEi av. abroad. 
utan-cumsn, iitao-, -ymeii, tx- 

oymen foreign, strange ; belong- 

utajie.-oiie, -ana an. from outside ; 

outside ; mtt. outwardly. 
utan-Iandea av. abroad, 
fltan-weord outside. 
at-cwealm m. complete detttuC' 

lion Gl. 
at-cymen ^ utan-ciunen. 

at-drAf/. eipulaion. 
~ere w. expcller Gl. 
Qte av., ipe. iilor, ut(l)M outside, 
in Ihc Open air ; awny from home. 



Lt Ul. 

abroad \meli 
fiWr tfii. of^Va. 
-mf re tn. open sea. 
(iterra, -era, uti,t)ra cfti. outer, 

exterior; tntt. cxleniai ] tpl. 

fteroest, ut e)iiteBt outermost, 

tite-w«ard outside, at ibe extremity 

— on -urn outside. 
ut-ter H. exit. 
at-ftereld n. going out. 
&t-faru/ going out. 
fit-gelbollt 1. war abroad. 
ttt-fer/ evacuation (of body). 
at-f&Bt ready to sail (^ship). 
tit-s^ng m. going onl. exit, pro- 

end ,o( ptnod) I place of gMiig 
out. passage; what i& evacuUea 
(from body) | anus ; ]irivy, 

ut-gftrs^cgt m. furthest ocean. 

ut-sf ng- exit IN. 

Qt-tiealf/. oulMde. 

ut-h^re m. foreign army. 

ut-iemjeade purgative (dra^ ; 
liiarrbocic (disease ; suffering from 


f. fini IN. 

ut-lftd/. light to caity things out 

of a place. 
flt-Uba/.f -WB pasiuie.iwayfrom 

the house. 
ut-lag', -h L. outlawed ; connected 

with Br necessitating ontlawrv 

\Scand. utUar]. 
-a m. outlaw. 
-Ian outlaw. 
-u !)■/ outlawry, 

at-land n. foreign conntry ; out- 
lying land. 
ut-leitd,a m. foreigner, 
-B, -lao foreign, 
atlic txlctnal, foitigu. 
ut-gcnUbre «. extreme boundary. 
Qtmeat, m fLterra. 
uton, WT1-, IN. wiitum, IM. wnta 

let us I V). inf. -. - (wC' gin I. 
fit-tTue m. running but, exit ; 

nhat flows out. 
flt-8cyte m. place where a stream 

ut-Bcytling m. stranger Gl, 
at-aiht, -e, -&dl/ diarrhoea. 
W-ai^ m. going out, egress, 
ut-spiwung*. uiapjung /. cipec- 

ut-wApnedmann w. stranger Bd. 
ut-w(ero m. dysentery. 
ut-iwaru /. defence (military ser- 

^'icc■ away from liome. 
iXt- weald m. outlying wood. 
ut-weard outude of: fstriving to 

€l|f-g^llge i^cpartiog weor)Mui 

W. pau out of one's possessiont ; 

transitory (wealth). 
up-mAte immense. 
Af-Witja, IN. ufi(u<nta m. sa^c^ 

pbilosophcr, scholar. 
-ian study philosophy. 
-leUBg / study of philosophy, 

e philosophical. 



Wft, A. alio wft I. iiiiitil. tie. iiied 
at av. wJg- evil, suffering: him' 
wtea ~ [HBi it oanjcd him pain or 
grief. II. inleij. u-dg. : ~ him 
Iebh sijiea I [wftwa]. 
c tamentiible. 

Wftc I. weak ; timid, alolhfal ; pUimi ; 
sIcDiin ; insignificBnt, mean ; bad 
^statcofUiiiigi). II.(h.) weakness. 

-• av. weak)]', alolhfalljr. 

-iaa become weak ; become 
or cowardly. 

~Uc JDjigniUcant, mean. 

~lice ati. uenkty; meonlx. 

-mod weak .minded, timid, irreso- 

-mSdces /. weakness of mind, 

-nes/. weaknesf ; insignilicance. 

~Boipe m. weakness; iDsiguificancc 

wac&n a iHlr. (awake) ; be born ; 

\, A. ta\ fri. fti. ~iende, 

ande be awake: keep wateb 

wacnion -= WEeeniao. 

wacol awake; watfbfol ; vigilant; 


waoor,w»o(e)Briiaichfnl, vigilant. 
-lice, wocor- Of. vijjilaQtly. 
wacaan •^ wasoan wash, 
w&dn. woad. 
-BtM H. woad-see-i. 
-Bpltel m woaii-spade. 
wad, an i go, advance : lead lire. 
behave ; wade II tr. go- penetrate. 
-ung/. going. 

wfi - wa. 

wa-werplice, -wnrb-, -wcrd-, 7 

av. vigorously, boldly. 
wSc,an weaken ; afHicl [wfto]. 
ge-odneB/ weakness, 
wnccan ^ wadan, up. in IX. 
Wteooe /. keeping awake, vigtl ; 

wnlch (part of n^t) twaomn]. 

Boen, waoon /. keeping awake, 
watching (overji guaming. 

in froi 


;a gen. 1 

gen'sd n. ford, shallow [wadan]. 
weM / drcsif, clothes; sail-yard. 

-br6c ffl. trousen. 
-ISae withoat clothes. 

gew^'e n. diess. 1 

-ian dreis, eijuip, (amigh. 
wAdelnee/ poverty. 
wtbdl, A. wSJjl, et/. poverty. 
-a m. pauper, 
-tan be poor, 

-ting/, poverty. 
Re w«f = geireC 
wAtbn iupply wiih clothes, clothe 

kfung -^ wft^iQg. 

Wfifela »'. covering : dress, cloak. 
waBfer-gang m. cobweli [wefan], 
wafer hOs H. tbealre, ampbi. 

-lie of a theatre. 
-aeaf. poiDp, pageant. 
-aion/. spectacle, display. 
-Bt6w/. theatre. 
wasfllan talk foolishly Gl. 
wfifre wandering, reitlcsa, flickct- 

wna ^ wssp wasp. 
wAfp/ show, spectacle Gl. 
wAg m. wave [wepui]. 

-bordt B. ship. 
-ddort 'I. sea- monster, 
-dropat "'. tear 
-tett n. clood. 
-fimit/. tea- way. 
-flotaf m. «hip, 
-hfngeBtf tn. ship. 

-holmt ». sea. 

wteg lipendet seafaring. 
-rftpt m. wave-bond, 
-stwpt "- sea-shore. 
-atrdamt m. ien-uurrent. 
-aweordt «. sword with wavy pat- 

-pelt B. ship. 

-preat m. violence of waves. 

-preatt «. violence of wares. 

wAgan affilici ; fhisttaie ; deceive. 
wftget B. cup. 
viibg e /. scales, balance ; n ccnaia 

wtight, wcy \fii cheese [wesaa]. 
~punaem m. pair of scales. 
-(e;8calu/ scales, balance, 
-etllnge/ longne of a balance. 
gew»ge H. weight, measure. 
wsgn, wBn m. carriage, uwtf 

-ere m. charioteer. 
-faru/. chariot-jouniey. 
-aciUing m. tai on veWdea. 
-epixl, wAnea ^I/. carriige^aft ; 

Ureal Bear (constellation), 
-poll carl-pin (t) Gl. 
-gewAdu tipl. lining of a carriase, 
-WBg IB. cart-road, 
-wjrrhta m. wheelwright. 
gewfignian on^t rmstrate Gl. 
wal H, slaughter, carnage; lidd of 

battle ; bodies of those wlw have 

fallen in battle colL 
-bfdd+ H. bed of death, 
-bgndt/ deadly bond, 
-bennt/ wonnd. 
-bleatt pale- 
•cealdf deadly cold, 
-ceaeiga*- carrion -pi 
-clammt *». deadly 
-crtBftt m. deadly ai 
-cwealmt "'- violent death, 
-cyrige, waloriBgo/. 
-d^ap m. violent death. 
-drfior H. blood. 
-fShp/. deadly fend. 
-tepmt in. deadly embrace, 
-ttgt blood-slaiDed. 


ifg (raven). I 
leath- V 




WsllfUd r m. field ot battle, 
-fl^ti ea f'l. ilaoghlet. 
~fllBt basteuing to dcslh. 
-fyilot/ fill of slaughter. 
-IJrt ". deadly fiie ; ftiuerai pyre, 
-gftrt m. spear. 

-gifSt', »t »'- murderoai stranger, 
-grirret aanguinaiy, murderous, 
-ginamt "'- deadly jewel, 
-grnillgt cBimibal. 
wnlgTimm fierce, cruel. 
-lioe av. fiercely. 
-nes/ cruelly. 

w»l;gryret m. deoJly terror. 
~)Mret I"- bloodiliirsty aimy. 
-hl^mmt ni. (alal sirokc. 
-ManoeT/ corslet, 
WtBlhrfiow fierce, cruel. 
-liea Bf. cruelly. 
-nes/ fiaocity, cruelt). 
wnlhw^p t- m. deadly whelp. 
~liuatt m. deadly mist. 
-nettf n. deadly bcL 
-nipt m. violence, war. 
-notu*, wBU-t/. deadly mark bt 

letter, rune. 
~p3t "'. arrow of dealli. 
-rftst m. deadly DnslaU(,'ht. 
-rftaft "- spoils, booty. 
-reot '". deadly vapour. 
~re£pii*, wa9U-t m. fatal lain, the 

-rSow = ~ht4ow, 
-reatt. ■ / bed of ilaughlcr, grave. 
-rOntyr war-song. 
-soeant m. spear. 
-SC^U*. -■o«i sl.-iuehter. 
-BOBXt n. dagger. 
-«Ueht, ea m. slaughter ; tbntlle. 

-slitende biting to death. 
-spfTat H. Epear. 
-Btwgt '". 'baft (of spear), spear. 
-Btdw/. battle-field. 
-atrAIt ™/ deadly arrow. 
-strSMnf m. deadly flood, 
-*Wjilgt w- deadly stroke. 
~WRng1- m. field of slaughtei. 
-wrulff III. wBttior, canuibal. 
vAl ma. whiilpooi, pool ; ocean. 

wAlan termcQi, afflict. 
wcbIIbo = wieliao. 
walm => wiflm. 

Wtelt part of the body, sinew \?) LL. 

wAn— wngn. 
wcbp-mana - w*pned-. 

wApen, 1 

-bora m. toUlier, knight. 
-hetot m. violence, war. 
-huB II. armoury. 
-leas without weapons. 

-8tml+ m. arrow. 

-get»c-, -t«j M. L. vote of consent 

eiprcs^-d by touching weapons; 

district governed by such 

authority ^Siaivi. I], 
-J»rflL<m+/. battle. 
-ge)>raa n. battle. 
-wi&stre -^ wdpned-. 
-wigat "'. warriur. 
-gewrixl h. hojtile encounter, 
wt^pn iao arm. 
-ung/ armour, 
ge-ling/ nrmj. 
wApued male. 
-bearn, -oild «, male child. 
-oynn ii. male race. 
-h&d M. male sex. 
-hand, -healf /. male line of 

-tnann. wApm- m. man. 
~wifeatre/ hermaphrodite. 

WSpS =• WBSp. 

wter cautious | •av. aware; attend, 

mt: (to), heeding. 
~geapiies/ argument Gl. 
-Ifioau warn. 
-ISaa 0) tareless. 
-lie cautious, 
-lice iiv. cauliuuiily ; intently. 

-lot n. cunning ci. 

~Scipe m. caution. 

-word n. word of uamin^. 

-^TTda cautious in ipcecli. 

Wfort «. sea. 

W(br+ iroe \pld-Saxi>ii\. 

wArf. agreement, treaty ; promise 

laitn, fidelity, friendship, 
-ftostt faithful, honourable, true, 
-gengat w. one seeking protection. 

client ; stranger. 
-least faithlisB. 
-iQgft m. traitor. 
-sagol truthful, 
gewar ws: aware, 
■wmro, wriOD m. pain [wooro], 
-an intr. wa. be ui pain. 
WBrion go. pass IX. 
wasma » wrSnna wren. 

wffirriht ^ wearriht. 

WBBC/ washing [waacon]. 
-ore III. waiher. 
-eatre/, washer, alto of man. 
~&ra, -hOa n, laundry. 
-ing/. washing. 
gewaac a. llooU, ovcrllow. 
wfiaend ^ w&send. 

WBap, wnfa, w«p« m. wasp. 
wsMtUng III. sheet, blanket. 
nraatm, -am hih. growth; stature, 

fono I crop, produce ; fruit, plant ; 

usury; progeny j plenty, prosperity 

wnBtmbAr e fertile, fruitful. 
-iaa be fruitful ; make fruitful GL | 
-o, -hob/ fertility. 
wfestmberendla fertile, 
-nea/ fertility. 
ws8tm[leas unfruitful, 
-aeoatt m. usury. 
^raetmian grow, thrive, bear fmlb I 
vtiBt I. wet, moiil. II. n. liquid: r 


-ftdl/. dropsy. 
-Adro/ spring, tatrent. 
-slfen, e/. nymph. 
-berere m. watcr-canier Gl. 
-gebl&d n a kind of blister, 
-bog 'II. succulent shoot. 
-bolla m, dropsy. 

-bpogat »'. water- terror. 

-btic m. pitcher. 

-btiooa*. -buea m. watcrspider (!) 

-byden/ water-cask. 
-gUp m. towd. 

-ftBBten(ll) H. protei 








^M wstev!dEUoe, -axe/, fligoa. 

wiflan, at gaze in wonder, be as- 

W&nung/ lamentation. 

^1 -flfid m. flood, deluge 

tonUhed, wonder at wg. ; hesitnte. 

wan-Sht/ poi-erty. 

H -ftiU dropiical. 

wanan-bdam m. spindle-irefc 

^H -iyrhtnea/ hjilmpbobia. 

wancol unstable. Ai.ftuJ*««y *W.. 

^F -jrundt m. depths of the sea. 

-Btfdo «., -atfiw/ theatre. 

wand mole (animal). 

~gyte, -BC]^ w. Aquuins ago of 

wa« «. w:.ll. 

-0W0O1T»b/- mole (animal). 


-floohta ™. hurdle Gl, 

gewand n. being ashamed a-g.; 
hesitation, scruple [wtndaa]. 

-hfB&ni m. crab. 

~hr»gt n. tapestry. 

-hiljung/ consscration of water. 

-rift n. tapestry, curtain. 

wandllan heHiate; be neglectful ; 

-helmt «. ice. 

-piUng/ wainscoting. 

care for, regard ; stand in awe of. 

■ -ig, -IBO wateiy. 

wogiian iWr. move, wag [wogan]. 

-odllce av. (lowly. 

B -gelBd n. cotiduiL 

W -laao without water. 

wftgon, ft /ff . //. o/wegan, 
wihon«ill.e meal). 

wandrlan wandti. 

WOD-Iota Bntt m. pelican Gl. 

^ -Ueat, fia/ want of water. 

W&-1&, weglB, wella inuiy. 114,. 

wang m. plain, field. 

-male ™. howl, basin. 

alas!; oh 1. 

-Bt^a m. place. 

-nAdre/ wster-snake. 

W&-I&-W&, waiUwei, well&weU 

-turf/ meadow. 

~ord&l n. water-ordeal. 

inttrj. alas (. 

wangje n. jaw ; cheek. 

-ptmd n. ipiiit-levcl. 

walcrlggo = w«I-cyrige. 

-beard m. beard. 

-pytt «. wat«-piL 

wald« = woIda would. 

-top w. molar tooth. 

-rtp w. cable. 

walu/ wea], mark of Mow. 
wamb/ stomach. 

-ri[>e/ watM-channel, brook. 

wan-hfBfeneB, -hafnea/ poverty. 

-«c6at iH. towel. 

wan-hAlan weaken. 

-Boiete/. towel, napltin. 

wao-tlSlp/. weakness, illness. 

■ -solpe m. piece of water; coodnit. 

-ftdl/ Btomaeb-ache. 

wan-hofa poor. 

H -acyte = -Kytfl. 

-«OJHl/. itomach complaint 

wan-hafol poor. 

■ -B6ap «. WBiet-pit. 

-fracDee/. glattony. 

-nea, -hasfel-/ poverty. 

V wstereeoc dropsical. 

" -nes/ drop»T. 

-hordt H. contents of the stomach. 

-Ian make weak or ill. 

W»t»r|8ol H. swamp. 

-eeoo ill in the stomach. 

-nea/ infirmity. 

-Bpryng w, spring. 

-wmrc m. stomach-ache. 

wan-hUete', y devoid of Gl. 

-Blaall m. watery place, piece of 

warn m I. m. stcin ; rtef^lcmeut -, 

wan-hoga m. thoughtless one. 

crime ; injury. II. aj. wicked. 
-cwidot m. evil speech, cnrse. 

^L -ste&it/ voice of waters. 


■ -Btoppa n. bucket. 

-dAd+/ sin. 

-tg careless, r.«h. 

H -Btreamt w. river. 

-ftmt defiled, impure. 

wanjn dark. 

^B -trog w. water-trough. 

-BOabat m. foe, fiend. 

-Hgt dark. 

■ -^te/ torrent. 

-Boyldigt sinful. 

-foait daik-haitBd. 

■ (whaU. .hip). 

-(jTt n. lurid fire. 

wan wanting, deficient wg., gin. 

-hSw- bluish. 

■ -jnilh/ waler.pipe. 

uninfi. — ioas - ))TitiK, iuea 

wann-liftl = wan-. 

V -l^yjit/ violence of water. 

- pe prltig iweoty-nine. 

wannlht pale. 

wana m. want, deficiency bion 

wansian diminish [wan]. 

-geWiBM «. flood. 

be wantiug, fail. 

wan-saklig unhappy. 

-weg m. waicr-conrw. 

wan-Bceaftt/ mi«fortnn& 

-Wlell m. spring. 
^ -Write/ water-clock Gl. 

wanlian Ir. diminish; curtail; 

wan-Bcoafta(n) fl. » disease. 

gire away, part with (property ; 

wan-Borydd scantily clothed. 

^ -wyrt/ water-starwort. 

lake as plunder ; deprive nag. ; 

wan-Mp m unhappy journey. 

■ -yp+/ wave- 

injure: infringe, annul 1| inlr. 
diminish; decline; fade; wane 

wan-aped/ poverty. 

■ w»t{o)r|lan water, imgMe; make 

-Ig pi or. 

■ to diink (callle), water. 

wapol bubble, froth. 

~img/. waleiing. 

-ian bubble. 

watla m. cloth, bondage. 

j;e-od waning (moon), 

w&r seaweed. 

w»f ". fofd fZ., [Stand, vap], 
wepan wnnder; hunt [wipj, 

-ling / decrease; waning of 

-ig+ (caweedy, sea-stained tcIoUie»). 


_ wMiJ^wAdl. 

^k waflas wave, brandish. 

w&nlan rwfi-. 'compluin II Ir. be- 

warlan Ir. guard, waidi overs 

tinhabit. possess; guard agairiK, 




ward ofl: - him iijf.) wit«, 

~ taina wih o. || wnm \_far 

w&mianl] [wter]. 
waKiiiaii - wamlan. 
warht = worht. 
vrari-trBo = wearg-trSoTV. 
wamlUa, waren', irsarn- wani I 

Tp. take Wiiming ; bcwnrc of ai. 

wip a. II irUr. refrain w. shj. [w«r]. 
-ung/. waming : caution, 
w«ro>, ea, M^ we»rp ». ihore. 
.fhj-obt It. surf. 
-Scwmnt H. wati. 
■wixoyi eate n. seaweed. 
warn /. ware, article o( merchan- 

■WKCaf. defence, guard ; precaution, 

weaJite, f<i. of wf ccan, 
weal-, ut weallau. 

-h&t botling hot, red hot (iron\ 
weaJian speal: mdUtinclly or 

strangely [wealh]. 
wdolas, pi. of wealh. 
gewealo n. rolling — tSt» - *ea; 

straggle, battle vL. 
wealcjan i inlr. roll, fluctnate || 
toll, whirl ; twist, wring ; 
mind, siihetne, 

wdao (!), wjox wash. Set 

yflMo/. mnd. 

-«olte[i-y of-iT]/ cuttle-fish. 

wOMtid /«. ihtoai, gullet ; rumi- 
nating slom.icb Gl. 

w&st, j<'< wAt. 

wat w*.. Cpu) wiat,//. wlton,/f/, 
wiate, wjaia know : ubxrve ; 




watol m. wattle, hurdle ; //- thatcl 

ing. roof, 
Wftpt /- wandering, travelling 

-an BHCt, pTi. -do wander. 
'wapol [i!]ti"tf« wandering (r <of 

the moon). 
wa>Uint m. wave. 

-», -OnUlt W. WBYB. 

Wftwant 1 blow I'^wiod). 

WAWa m. yicx, miser}' [w*, wS»}. 

irax-geom = •«««-. 

w6 we. 

w6d bend — pic. gawid crooked 

Gl. [wflh]. 
w€a M. grief, iiain * miifortune; i 

fwftw*. wil. 
-dlWt/ crime. 
-\t£f. sarvivon of ca-lamity. 
-lie Kad. painful. 
-mfttto/ grief, anger. 
w6am6d jiecvish. 
-1108/. peevishness. 
w§a|gFB]|i1', Fr. HI. companion 

mi wry. 
-epellt H. baii news. 
-tioont n. sign of grief. 
-(learft/ tore need. 

reRect o 

Gl, { bi no mUtton uuitilng 
ODKten - could not prevent it, 
could not do anything. 
ere m. fuller, 
-ol rolling, unsteady. 

wealcian iuir. loll. 
wealca m. twave ; light robe. 
weaJd, d. -a m. forest ; +foliage. 
-Bwatut-/. forest -track. 
weald cj. TV, shj, lest. 
nreald-K^TiS a, m. robber. 
-e/. robbery. 
weald- hn'mane emt cj. when- 

weald-le))er ^ gcweald*. 
geweald n. power ea nv. inten- 

cuntrol. dominion: subjection; 
protection I groin i pi. muscles of 
■he neck. 

•leper, weftld- m. rein, bridle- 

wealdlan i vi.g., i., a. have con- 
trol over, wield (weapon) ; govern ; 
possess: cause; uiajf. provide with, 
bestow on. 

-nea/ domination Gl. 

geivealdea I. under control, sub- 
jected I inconsiderable, small. 
II. Ill', moderately. 

-mSd ^clf-contiolled. 

weoldend, -en n. rtiter, king, 

gr-Uoe av. powerfully. 

WBolg lukewarm. 

nealh, //. wdalaa m. foreigner ; 
Uriton, Welshman : slave, serf. 
/ii ler/ifi. also w£al-. 

-bttBO vermilion. 

-oynn «. the Welsh, 

-trcfSra m.^-gerSCa ,?). 

-haibc m. falcon. 
-hnutu/ walnut. 
-land*, wSft( 1 (land ii. foreign 

wealhimore, -u luk./. carrot. 
rrefa m. commander of a force 
vbich patrolled the Welsh bor- 

nnl- {Vj. 

l»«od/. Welsh nation. 
wyrt/. dwarf elder, 
nreall m. wall, rampart; tioeky 

shore [i/. vallum], 
-gcbreo n malting breach in wall. 
-cllft n. dift. 
-dort tt. door in a wall. 
.ftestenrn t ». fortification, city. 
-geatt "- rampart-gate. 
-lim*, weBllIm III. cement, murtai . 
-rfiaf «. laiiestry. 

-Bt&n-I- m. wall-stone, comei-stuoe. 
-steallt m. foundation, 
steapt with steep wnlls; steep us 

'StieUin^/ scaling a wall. 
prttd m. plumb-line. 
^pala-V m. foundation '), 
-weg m. wall-road Ct. 
-Weorc II masonry, 
-geweorc n. building a wall. 
-wyrhta m. mason. 
weall.on i intr. boil; be hot-, 
flow — up - rise (driver] ; go in 
waves, be agitated ^fire, stormy 
«a), also "III. be fervid, Sic; 

-ends boiling; fiery ,airow' ; 

-ung*, wall-/ real IN. 

wetdl ian, prs.ptc. -ende wander ; 

■ ii jr.. 

wealle/. starwott. 
'gi;)weallod walled, 
wealt shaky, unsteady. 
wealwian roll tr. a 
wallou,- II fade, wither. 


I watchman, sentry ; 

protector; t'ord, king; 


Weard/ keeping watch ; guarding, 

pruleclion ; keeping, holding, als» 

-mann m. watchman, guard. 
•seld, -Betl »., ~steaU m. goard- 

place, watch-tower. 
-wite H. penalty for not keeping 

guard Ct. 


weard av. — wlp him - towards him , 

eardian waich over, paid; 

wob;b «, web i lapestiy [wefnn] 

keep, possess i Ust - follow wd. ; 

-beam /«. weaver's beam. 

-hoe /«. weaver's comb. 


-hSa n. weaver's shop. 

earft •»■ cfond s'tiiuii hw- 


earg-brSde / cnipiion, ring- 


wearg m. onlbiv, felon. 
-rod/. i^llo\¥s. 

-trafut H//. abode of felons (hell). 
-traow*, waritroo n. gallows. 
wanrgincel n. butcher-bird. 
wearh ^ wearr. 
wearm wami, 
-ian become warm. 
-no waim. 
-nes/. wntiQlh. 
wearmille -wurmillQ. 
vrearn /. rtluctance, refusal ; re- 
!i9lBnce. reproach, abux [w»ru]. 
-wislioe av. obslinately. 

weani ^ worn, 
weamian ^vramian. 
wearop warop. 
vreafp ^im. warp [weorpan]. 
-ftot >i. basket. 
-Sticca w. shutck-siicl: i' . 
nrearr, waarh, waar .Ij m. cal- 
losity, ivart. C/>. wearc-twfide. 
-ig warty. 
-Iht, w6&rUit warty. 

waarte/ wnrt. 

wearp/r/. p/woor|)aii. 

Wdas Of. by ebanOL . 
~^cliinp II. Bcddenl, chance. 
weax II. wax. 
-Mppel m. ball of wax, 
~bereil(l« w*. candle-beater. 
-bred n. wriiing-tablei ; diagiam, 

-caiidel(l)/ taper. 

-hl&f #/. c^e of wa>. 
-hUf-aealf/. wat-salvc. 

weax-georn*, a nfb-e glutionoua. 
weax>a i, : pri. wooi, l.V. wfix 

intr. grow, fiooiish, profagste ; 

happen, arise ; mem 

Diooo : : ce- grow up. 
(ge -nea/ increase, growth, 
-ung/. increase; increase of pios- 

-gtrod n. a weaving-implement. 

-soQaft Hi waTp-beam, 

-t&wa III. (';, -teag /. an imple 




-wyrhta m. cloth-maker. 

-luig/ plotting, conspiracy. 
wgbba, -ere w. weaver. 
-e, -eatre/ female weaver, 
w^c an, WI-, jW. we(a)fate Ir. 

aiiake, arouse ; refresh, encourage; 

stir np, move ; cause [waciui]. 
-end III. iii&tigator. 
«rgcg III. wedge; lump (of metal). 
w^cgan, frs. (he) w^sep. pn. 

- red [wagian]. 


mad, rage [w6d]. 


-brd)>or in. associate. 

-bryce «i. breach of agreement. 

-testan*, wal- betroth Gl. 

-lAo B. wedlock. 

-loga in. \io1aior of agreement, 

wpdd|iBll make contract: promise, 
agree lo u-g. — worea - ngree to 
many a man ; nu. betroth, gire 
in marriage. 

-ung/ pledging; hietiothal. 

wdd,e)-beorge, woe-/ hellebore. 

wede-hund m. mad <jog. 

gcwede ri, Eoadniss ; boiscerousness 

weden-beort fieniied. 
-neo/ freniy. 
wdden-sdoo road. 
wedern.iky;air : breeze; nealher; 

season, time of day. 
-bl40 (T). 

/ city. 

[;l)t/ sky-eandlc, Sim. 
Mlngt "'- ^^ ^y- 
-trnKt wealherbooad. 
-rfcp III- tabic 


wederit&ceut n. i 
-wolcent 'I- i:ioDd 
wederung/. tbad) weather, 
gcwei; -wasf^gewifta; fate 
wefan j weave : aiiange, i 

wefta m., -wetl, wift/- wcft- 

weg ni. path, road ; way, direction 

OQ'weg away, wearp him on 

wege (awege) went away, flim 

weg, ealnes on. alwajs. oa 

ealne weg continuatly, tace&- 

~br&de, &/ plantain, dock, 
-ged&l H. cioM-wajr. 
-nereld h. jaaatcy. 
-farenda, -ffirende wayfarii^ 

-£oP/ jonmcy. 
-gtlstu HpJ. place wbc 

more roads meet Gl. 
-Idas oat of the way. 
-Uest/ wildemcis. 
-nest n, piovisiooa Tot ■ 

-reaf H. highway rob 
-gesiti II. travelling o , 
-twislung/ brauchicg o\ 
weg- " onvreg-. 
weg-lft, iiv w4-. 
wegan s /»-. cany; weigU 

Wf hte pri. tf/'weccan. 
weilawei = wA-U-wfi. 

wel av.. .-pv. b^t, sp!. bflM well 
— wal fnun >e . , ' lie is Ibna- 
nate who . . Bw6 wel awft w* 
betal magon as well as we can ; 
in good health : him wtna s6aa 
bet he recovered ; Deailf ; ia 
a great degree, very; fully; fU»- 
nailii sit wel'naah nearly, &c. 

wela «., ofltn pi., prosperitj, 
happiness \ riches. 

welan bind. 

wel-,ge)boron of good family. 

welcn '.wolcen. 

wel-gccw6m e, -«dlic acccuu 
iblc. *^ favour. 

wel-dAd/. good deed, bctie&t. 

wel-gedon well dooc. 

wel-dd^e]nd «. doer of good, 

wel-ddooeey. iHnHiy^ /^ 
welar m. lip. 

■fF^mming/. doing e 

welgft inlerj. hail I. 
wel-hAwen beautifully coloured. 
wel-L'theftldon conlcnted. 
wel-nwi cnch, eveij. 
wBl-hwMr, nrel.gebwAr, ge- 
wel-hwrer av. (nenrly) cvefj'- 

welig, y m. Hillow. 
wella ^ w&-lfL. 
wellere - wellyrga. 
wel-libbende leading a lespect- 

abk life, 
wel-gelioian please well; be well 

-wiorpe acccptiible. 
~wler^neB/. good plcaanre. 
Wel-licung/ agrceableneis. 
wallyrge. wellere bosom, fold, 

wel-gcatemned having a good 

Tvel-8tincende fragfant. 

wel-tiungell pcosperou^. 

W9l-wUlend|e bencvoleni. 

-lioo oi: bencvoleally. 

-nea/, benevolence. 

wel-gewlitB beauliful. 

Wel-gewlitegod well adonied. 

wel-wyrcend. i». well-doer. 

•-A vrell-doing. 

Wdm|tui imir. sound II tr. ■umiunL'e, 
peraunde, cnlice, sednce [wOma]. 

-ere m. cnticcr. 

w^iiun{an delile, poUnte ; profluie ; 
Injure, deelioy [wunm]. 

(gej-ednea^ defilement 

-and m. delder. 

-ing/, defilement. 

ge-ingy^ ptofianstion. 

ge~odlice no. corruptly. 

wfin, oeyi hope, expectation ; belief, 
opinion ; probability : hit Is -, 
- is, is - 'j: %bj. It is probable (hal ; 
Ihe kMuic Ulter w. 

-a m. hoi« 

1*11 nc. . . „ , . 

raitly inf. ; think, have 
uiniimn "«i., w. inJc, sbj., also 
xoilhoul ptBt -. lo -o wit aind 
ohrawtpde — him td - uu 

wSrnmg/. expectation, hope. 

-s, -uiiK«, -Inga ttv. peibaps; by 

waniaD, wf hhbh 

aim rfi. ; wean (child) | ttreai — 

- mid wyjmuni treat kindly. 

-to wlate fejsl tr.. cntenain. 

hTingum - give goM to. 
Wfnoal I. n. child ; maidi>etvant. 

w°d\n- ir a, 

^thoughts, &c.) ; convcri ^lo 
Christianity); change, bring (to 
life again) ; Iranslate ; bring about, 
compass f rfl, Itini ; go II intr. 
{am; go; change [windan]. 

~ere m. tianslalor. 

-ung/. turning ; change. 

Wendel-aA m. Nlediterranean 

Wjndlo;^/. Vflndala. 

-byl m. carbuncle. 

~aealf/. ointment for tumour, 

-apryng m. carbuncle. 

-wyrt/ a plant. 

wen-BdOC laving the falling sick- 
ness C?). 

-nes/. falling sickness (,1). 

Wf nlle, -as. -stbts mfl. people of 

weobed = nrfiofod. 

weoce -^ wics wick. 

weod H. weed. 
-hfio m. hoe. 
-ion weed, 
•mooap )". Augnsi, 
-ung/. weeriing. 
roeodu -^ wiidu. 
wooduwe= wuduwe widow, 
weofan = weffin. 
irdotbd,'ni;K'bed, wigbid, eotn. 

altar [-wig-b6od idol-table], 
-bot/. fine for injnring priest, which 

was applied to the support of the 

~heorp m. altar-hearth. 
-hragl B, alut-cloth. 
-soSat m. altar-cloth. 
-staall m. altar-place. 
-Jtegn, -p*n ™. priest. 
-pegnung, •'^a^-f. altar-service, 
-wiglero m. .soothsayer CI. 
wSoh, wig, if. /'■ w6o» ™, idoL 

-staall m. unctuary. 
weola = wala. 


weolc << weoloc. 
weoloc, weolo m. whelk. 
~bBSO purple. 
~baso-nAwen purple, 

-aci^/. wbelk-shell. 

-tf Ig m. pnrple dye. 

-'Wyrm m, murcx, 

w6op prt. a/wepaa. 

weorad - warod. 

wsorae, set \reT man, 

weoro, o, ^1. a n. work (act and ] 
thing), action ; building (act and 
thing), fortilication | ^hardship, 
l>ain, grief, annoyance, o/ttti used 
lite adj. : ptBt Wiea him - td 
poUanne, ~um with dTort or 

-dftd/ action. 

~dng m. work-day. 

~orn n. workshop, 

~taH laborious, 

~huB ». workshop. 

-mann m. working man, labourer, 

-nietan ». working caitle, 

-redan(n)/ corvee- work Ct 

-gerSfit HI. foreman. 

~st&n iH. stone for building. 

-sum Inborious ; grievous. 

-paow m. servant, slave. 

geweoro n. act of working; act of ' 
building | what is done, work ; 
what is built; fortification. 

nreorcet, /V. av. [i. of weoro) 
painfully, grievously ustj lila 
mdj. [cf. uige] : him wcbb-dd 

weorf. o, -uf II. beast, cattle — 
witde - unbroken coll, Cf. orf. 

nreomlan fade [weaan, wianifta] 

weorold '^ woruld. 

geweorp n. throwing, tossing Ir. 
ami inir, — fwarojia - inrf ; 
heap (,of earth, thrown np by 

weorplan, u, W, o 3 rt, o„ i ■ 

throw, lay (hands on) hlot, 

- tin cast lots I throw off 
(cloaks; throw down; expel | 
t - hine meteres sprinkle wttb 
water II ~ him on accuie, 

-erat "i- thrower down. 

weorpan wk. = wlerpUL 

tion [ honour, dignity. 



woorp'fuU worthy, honourable 

dmsl, glorious, good (nun), 
-fullic honourable, distingaislicd. 
-fullice at: honourably. 
-fulnee/. glory. 

-16as worthies). 

-lia coakniag dUtinction, gloiions 


-Ucnee/. distinction, glorv. 

-mynd, -mynt /mw, b/Cct. // 
honour, <lignity, glory ; insignia 
of office Gl. 

-myntan hononr. 

-Bclpe m. showing honour 
nily (of office) ; glory. 

weorp aj. = wier]>e. 

weorp «c. -worfi. 

'weorplan, u, y 3, pii. wordan 
happen, be made (of peace), b< 
" fulfilled \^cf GcKl'« will) ; com. 
into being, arise | become : ge-a] 
to Dsbte, WBoxli on Oalli 
fell ; be | aittiliary.fass. : wlerp 
ceaeweB ; prcl. : weorb afeallen 

gcweor)>an 3 in alt ihe meanings 
of waorjtan, esp. tht first greuf, 
v/ry rart as aux. \ impers. TV. a. 
a ./. of frsoH,,ig.: hu hine 
biBfde geworden wip bio bow 
he had fared with her ; {>& ga- 
wear)> hie pnt man t6wurp« . . 
the seDstors agreed to . . ; sw&swa 
him bam gewaarf) as they had 
agreed ; bu gewearp pe peea [jset 
>U woldeat . . ! what made you 
think of . . (determine to..)!; 
pna monige gewearp [mt . . ii/. 
inilc. inaiiy thought ihnt . . 

weorf>;iaj[i, w, y xc. vid. honour, 
diatmguish ; worship ; pmise ; 
adorn; endow. 

-ore, -lend m. worshipper, adorer. 

weorpung/. honouring: worship; 
prniiing ; dignity, glory ; oma- 

-dagaci*. weord- m. festival Gl. 
-stow/ place of worship. 

weor)>e -^ wierpe. 
weoruld - wonild. 
weoa//. ^waoh iilol, 


weotomR= wituma. 
weoxi&n keep clean (house). 
weplan, oa 1 , //£. wopan weep I 

tr. Iiewoil, weep for [wop]. 

endlio deplorable. 
war 11. maji ; fhero ; husband. 
■bSamt m. warrior. 
-cyiut n. human race. 
~hftd VI. virility ; male sex. 
-ISas unmarried (woman). 
-lie male ; manly. 
-lioe mi. manfully, bravely. 
-m(6gt>/ nation. 

-;,e)iti6d III. wormwood. 
~scipe <n. mairied state. 
-p6od+/ nation,^, people. 
-ie)wiilr m. werewolf, monsiei 

war, wera, ea nu legal roonej 
equivalent of a person's lifi 
wer. wergield. 

-bt>rg m. pledge for payment of 

-fShpy. feud involving wer. 

nrergield 11, wer. 

-poof m. thief rolecmcd by pay- 

werjl&d / excnlpation of a man 

by oaths in proportion to Ihc 

amoont of his wer. 
-tUltle/^ charge involving liability 

to pay wer, homicide. 
Wf r m. weir, dam ; fish-ttaji 

-hierda m. keeper of a fishing- 

wer-iwgl m. ttari [wearh-, 

wer ian I. defend ; ^eme inhabit 
\ip. wariau] ; ward off, II. doin 
up (pool) [wfr, wftru]. 

-lena <M. defender. 

-ing/ weir, dam. 

we rlan wear (clnlhcs, ring) ; doihv 
(buly) [warn]. 

iwore mod = wer- wormwood, 


wergulu/ cjah-apple. 

werig-, set nif rgan. 

werig, oe weary [wdrian]. 

-fer(h)pt weary; disheartened. 

-modt weaty ; dishe.irtened. 

werod m. multitude, troop : rcei- 
■.m,™,[«r.«a]. '• ^ 
llest/. lack of soldiern, 
verod, -ed I. sweet. I£.t h. iwKt 

drink, mead. 
-an become sweet. 
-IScan make sweet or pleasant, 
-lioe av. iwectly. 

■( i gian weary, cihaust. 
wArig ~ *wlerlg accursed. 


b^D ; (ic) eom, A . e«m, 
m, beo, A. bftom; (J)&) 
3is.,t), A. earp, hV. arp; 
(as : is, bip : (bie; aind, «, 
ai(o)ndon, alnt, ayii. biop. 
wesap, Kc. bipon, A. earun, tft. 
axon ; shj. firs, ale \also /*,),, beo, AV. also aeCc) ; frt. 
was, a, //. wAtod ; ftc. fn. 
wenende, beonde exi^ti happen: 
be ; auxiiiarji \ n&re pot w. shj. 
if it bad not been ihat, unlcte. 

gcweean*, glwoa(a)i 

gcweojant ei 



wdsan soak, macerate [wob]. 
wese eiKi moist, macerated I wda]. 
wesend, eo m. bison. 
-horn m. bison's horn. 
woBole, eo, weale/ weasel, 
west av. west(waTds), in the ivest. 
-Cfntingas mpt. people of tbe wot 

-dfil m. west part, the west. 

-<lgnet mpl. West Danes. 

-^de m. west end, 

-eweard = -weard. 

-healf /. west sde. 

-hacjwag ^m.) a part of a church. 

~Iang extending w - 


-norp-lang extend inj; nortb-wcst. 

-norp-wind m. nonh-wcsl wiad, 

-rice «, western kingdom. 

-rihte av. due west. 

-rodor «. western »ky, 

-B& m. Kaltic. 

-«eaxe, -an mpt Wol Sazaui 

-eiip-^nde m. south-west end. 
-sQp-wind m. south-we«t wind, 
-wealas mpl. Comisbmen. 
- e)weani av. westward. 
-•91^ m. west way, 
-wind m. west wind. 

-neaf. doolation. 





wi¥d:.bds ^^I 

^Hwestan, -&ue av. fiom the wesi — 

wicelj;. 1 (o/diinking-cnp). 

quired: be dj-de Ue him Ir/,) ^^^H 

^H ba -, wip - frf. Old. wet* of. 

wicgt «. horse. 

to aewildon subdued them. ^^^H 

■-hetOf/. »e» ude 

wlcga m. beetle. 

wielede pri. ^wie Iwan. ^^^^1 

wiel en/ female »Uve [waalh]. ^^^H 

^F-«fi)iaii-wiiid n. iouih-wtsl wind 

wiolng m. pirate. 

^^ -wind w; wMI wind. 

wacn.;ere wi. steward, bailiff. 

-incel n. little slave. ^^^W 

-ian attend upon. 

-isc, e, y, vE. welhiic foreign i V 

-ig, oe «as[e, desert /^. 

wid wide and sld far and 

Welsh. I 

weBt«ma, nt waatarra. 

wide, to -an ealdre for ever. 

wiell, -ft PI., -e/. fountain, tpring J 

-brfcdt ample. 

iwaaUan;, - J 
-eburnet/ spring, ^^^H 


-cflp wirlely known, famous. 

-Sryre m. tenoi of tbe wilder- 

-fiBJjmet capacioBi, extensive. 

-oerae/ watercress. ^^^H 

-farend m. wanderer. 

-Bodf m. flood. ^^^H 

-setla "> lienoit. 

-fSrendst coming from afar. 

-lespryngn. spring. ^^^^H 

-Btapol m, deicrt place. 

-flogat far-Hier . ^dragonl. 

-egeapryng n, spring. ^^^^H 

western ^ vreeten. 

-folct H. great nation. 

.(eistriamt m, stream. ^^^H 

west«me weMem, 

-Kal = -Kl8lL 

weeterra. -era, westn ijw. more 

-gangol wanderini;. 

wlf Uio of a fountain. ^^H 

wcateil). J//, weatoma, wosl- 

widgiell, ~Eal extensive; wan- 

wl^lm m. boiling ; snreing. raging ^^H 
(of lire) ; flowing, bursting lai& ^^^H 

westmest, see westerra. 

-nee/ .mplilude. 

wid'landt n. extensive coiutlty. 

-hfttt blaiing \^te. ^^^H 

we^e iilcasant, mild. 

-Utatt I. in. long journey. U, aj. 

wi^wan, wifliui, pri. wiel»da ^^^H 

(eej-nes/. iuavity, mildncsi. 

wandering far. 

roUrwealwian]. ^^H 
wierd]an injuie, ^^^H 

W«|>el bandage. 

-mtbre tar -famed. 

wefier m. wether, sheep. 

widmAralian divulge, celebrate. 

-inV.oo/.injnq./A'. ^H 

-oyiin n wether kind. 

-luig/. discrnce Gl. 

-nea/, injury. ^^^H 

w6l.l» = wttdla. 

wibbaw. beetle [wo&n]. 

widrynigt far-flowing. 

gewif rdlan injure. ^^^^H 
wi§rg-owodol, wyrU- cursing, ^^ 

~B&'m/. open sea. 


-Bceopt snie extensive. 

given to cursing. 

wio, ii, i ti/. dwelling, village, villa ; 

-eciit.ol erratic. 

-ian curse. 

//. csmp ; street, niflrLcl-pUce II 

-Blbt »'. long journey ; great tra- 

-nOH/ malediction. 

bay, creek. 


wiergiazi, L. wyrian curse, revile 

-eardt m. dwelline. 
-gefBr» m. - -ficrtfii. 
-fiflbut m- pioWctioa of dwelling. 

-wegaBt I"//, great distance. 


widian become wider. 

-and, fl. -endrofl m. leviler; 

widan OP, from a&r. Cf ridan. 

twfrseDd maligner. 

wide av. widely — aide and-. 

-ing, L. wyrlting /. cuismg. 

-aoaawero m. harbinger (of 

- laudsB far and wide. 


-feorht: -ferhpt. s mn. long 

-nes, wyriB-. i/ cursing, curse 

-ateaUt w. camp, 
-rtedet 01. dwelling. 
-8taw/ dwelling ; camp. 

life, eternity used advtrbitUy. 

-|W/. cunjing. 

gewider, //. -u n. weather ; good 

wifrgeni,a,t/ she -wolf [weargj. 

weather; bad weather; storm 

wierlg*, 6t, y accursed, wicked. 

~tua M. cotirt, vestiLinle. 


-nea'. hf. malice IN. 

wicaa 6 give way, tujUapse. 

-ian impers. be fine weather. 

wiermlan warm, keep warm 

wiclan dwell ; encamp ; anchor. 

widl (n.) dcRlemeat, impurity. 


wicoa «. wizard. 

-ian defile. 

-tag/, warming. 

~TAA m. divinatioll. 


wioman M^. prevent from : with- 

wlooe/ wiidi. 


hold, .efu«e [woam]. 

widwo = wuduwe widow. 

wierp, i« wyrp throwing. 
gcwlerpan, n recover (from iU- 

wledaii use witchcmfi. 

wiel ian*. j, IN. », pri. -ede roll. 
Cp. wiplwan. 

wiooung/. witchcraft. 

neJl fweorpan]. 
wiprpe', y m. change for the ^^m 

-or»ft, -dom m. witchcraft. 

gewijlcf, if. rolling [weoloan]. 

wlccli&n slagger Gl. 

gewl^ldian overpower, aubdne, 

better, relief, recovery (bom iU- ^^^H 

wioe m. wych-elm. 

dominnle; compel; temper (, with 

wioe, eo/ lamp-wick. 

oil) [wwldan]. 

wlerreat. spl. cf-jteiL ^^^H 

-end m. iubduer. 

wiere. -a, -t, ue jfel, jt*. ^^^H 

■ officer. 

wlelde strong, vicloriolM. 
gcwljlds onaei one's control, con- 

-ian becotue wone. ^^^^^| 

^H wioA-WUca week. 

-Uo bad. ^^H 






dLWierban*. y estimate value of, 

wig,bora w. soldier. 

Wiht /, -land «. We of WigUt 

-bordt «. shield. 

[LI. Veoti.]. 

wierjiie, y i.alsBtiy.,<xiiU A.),eo, 

-ci^pm w. noiic of battle. 

-stete, -ware // Ule of Wight 

vonrTf, u desMving (good er evil) 

-CTBft m. proweis: military skill. 


:.'i'. ; honoured, csleeined, dear 

-cmftdg valoron*. 

wiht H. weight. 

.10) W. : of high rank [■weorp]. 

-freoat m. warrior. 

wiht-niwrea-wyrt /. xunj- 

-frumat m. warrior. 

grass 1,1 1, 


-g&r', wisar m. speai. 

gcwihte II. weight. 

gewierpe', y, -wyrde n. amount, 

-gryret m. war-terror. 

wihtel", y quail. 


-bftfolat "w. helmet. 

wil- = wiU-. 

wierflg', J deserved (jiuniih- 

-hagat ™. ph"l""«. 

■Wil.sAt|e. -an//, people oi Wihi. 

-heapt >«■ band of warriors. 

wU «, wile, trick vL 

wifH. woman, lady; wife. 

-heardt warlike. 

wUde wild, untamed tfi wild- 

-cUd H. female child. 

-hft© m. hostility, war. 

fire (heaths, &c., on liic'i: n- 

-cynn «. lemale it\. 

-hiyret i». fall in Iwttle, 

culIivBled, desert. 

-Cjpti f. eomi.nny of n wotaao. 

wildSor.dd- Wilder. 


-en, -lie animal, licrce. 

-foai «, wumaii'= hair. 

-leopt II. war-Bone, sienal. 

-Uce av. like an animal. 

-freond m. female fdend. 

-lie martUI. 

-nea/ desert. 

-gil le>:herous. 

-Uoe av. valiantly. 

wilder, wildid)6or m. wild Unit ; 

-geonmea', -aeornHii/. lechery. 

-maan «, soliiier. 

deer, reindeer [wllde, dearl. 

-gift/, dowry. 

-plegat «. battle. 

wile, j« willan. 

-rftd*, ot/ war-path. 


-hand, -healf/ female side i.i 

-rSden(n)t/. Uitle. 


inheritance or descent. 

-Bigort m. victory. 

wilige/. basket [welig]. 

-hired h. nunnery. 

-Mft «, warlike expedition. 

-wioe*/ — on wiliwisan baO^ei- 

-£ehrln, -14o b. intercourse u-ith 

-nmipt «, warrior. 
-Bpedt/ success in war. 

wilihf. y full of willows .wollal. 

-UoB without a wife. 

-Hpere n. spear. 

will (».) — hi« -es of his own 

~Uo liminine, female. 

-ateallt tii. enlrencbmcnt, fortress. 

-lice av. in Ihe manner of a woman. 

-Strang brave. 

wufll. i« willa. 

-luftl/ love for a woman. 

-get*wetj«/. wai-trappingg. 

-bodflt m. messenger ofjoy.Mgel. 

-geiQBdla m. woman's talk. 

-trod*, witrodt {!)- 

-gebroport mpl. brothera. 

-gero&na i». IntercourK with a 

-praout/ battle. 

wllciuna HI. welcome ^atra - 

-priHtt bold iri war. 

Hid also liti a/, er iiiitrj. : -•» 

-maim, L. wimraan w. woman. 

-wtegn «. war-charioL 

la mine hlifordaa 1. 

-myne m. luve for a woman. 

-wibpen fi, weapon. 
wig-wdoh idol. 

-ian welcome. 

-BCrQd «. woman's clothes. 

wil.'lildsg m. dav of joy. 

-Jiegn m. wotnan'a attendant G1. 

-gl^ld-t- n. idol. 

-i;edryht+/ devoted retinue, Oilh- 

-ping n. imeigourae with a woman. 

-smipt onit m. maker of idoU, 

ful bond. 

eewif n. a disease of the eye. 

Cf. uniUr wi« war. 

-fsgent glad. 

gewif, -B.//. -n -.„. ig. mtaniHg. n. 

-weorptmg/. idolatry. 

-fSmno/ beloved woman. 

fate, fortune [watan]. 

wig an. -ian fight ends mwin 

-fullice Jf . willingly Gl 

-Wllg lortuoat.. 


-giefat m. king. 

gewif ian many (.c/man); hfi -ode 

-endt, wiggond m, warrior. 

-gieat' m. welcome guesu 
-Kchlepat «. familiar associate, 
-hroplgt exnlling. 


wigian ^ wigan. 

-ung/ marrying .e/man). 

wlgat, it '". warrior, man. 

wifel m. beetle. 

wlggend ' wiffend. 

-sele-f m. pleasant dwelling. 

wlfel, wifer, wiber arrow, dan 

wlgl|ian practise divination. 

-e^+, /V, ™, pteasuH ^r JcsirwJ 


-ere m. diviner, soolhiayer. 


Wift«/. weaver [wefan]. 

-Bpellt "■ glad tidings. 

wift== weft weft. 

wigDl orut belonging to divination 

wig n. ^.aI. 

(birds; Gl. 

-t-eateald-. -oalit «. ricbe&. 

-b(bre warlike. 

wiht, u I. >., ///. -u thinu; 

-bealot », war. 

creature, being ; sprite, denion 
1 -B mi. at aU. H. fm. wg. 

wilBUm desirable, pleasant. 

-biUt H. swonl. 

-Uo desirable. 

-blict in bright armour. 

anything. III. ao. at all. 

-lice av. wUlingly. 


^^. . _ 



winter I gegang n. fkte Gl. 
-ISean grow wintry Cfl/sMSOn). 

~rddlng-i)dc f. Iccltonaiy '°^ '^ 

-;ge)rirat n. numbei of years. 
-BcQr m. winter shower, 
-seld, -eetl n. winter quarters. 
-Bt^all ? nn aninml LL. 
-atundt/- short period. 
-aufl n. food for wiEter. 
-getral*, e+ number of yeara. 
-tid/. winter time, 
-jrewjbdet «. winter garment 

, = bllUWJ. 

-gewoorpt «. snow-fall. 
Etwintred grown-up : ngcd. 
wintrlg of winter, wbtry. 
wiota = wita. 
niplan wipe. 

-bogat "I. twisted wire. 

wir, y myrtle Gl, 

-grfifa m. myrlle-Eiove. 

-trSow H. mynlt. 

gvwired made of or omatnenled 

with wire {brooch . 
wiroan = wyroan. 

win wise, sensible, leanied. 
-dSm. m. wisitom ; leamiag. 

-ffflstt wiic. 

-fteatllat wise. 

-hycgBodet wise. 

-hygdig, hf digt wise. 

-lid advisable. 

-lice av. wiselj*. 

-wyrde prudent in speech. 

wia-boct/. hook Ps. 

wiB^iaii u-d, i;uidc ; point onl, 

ge-uug / diiectiou. F»r tairia- 

wisat HI. leader. 

wls]9/ K'nwlli, (rtrawberry) plant 
— fusolea wyse a plant. 

-Uagm. meadow (1) Ct. 

wise, wis / uianiier, way ; teala- 
mentaty disposition, arrangement 
occnneDce, affair; slate, condi- 

J melody. 
B|Uo certain. Cp. gawiis. 
~lica OB. with certainly, certainly. 
wiHttian, eo dry up, wither [wa- 


gewiSB, wiia L certain (&u^) — 
td -an [ — -um] bftiBe for a 

certainty, certainly ; leeling certain 
(about), acquainted with lug. II. 
n. certainly. deRnite information 
— mid -e, to -e, to -urn, to 


d. gnide, direct; 

indicate, show vida. 
-iend m. driver (.of chariot) ; 

governor, mistress. 
Cgc)-llng / gnidance, direction, 

WlBBO/r/. qr'wat. 
WlsBi-Kotan mpl. Visigoths. 
wiBty. susle nance, food; feast .fm. 

pi. ; luiory. 
-full productive. 
-fullian fea^t. 
-fullice at', sumptuously. 
(ge)-ftillttng / abundaoce, feast- 

-fumes/ dainties. 

-tyUot/. full meal. 

-^6fenda plentiful. 

-lAoan feast. 

-m^ttOB mpl. dainties. 

gewlstian feast. 

wlate/ff. ^wit. 

wiBtl;e, hw- /. whistle, flute, pipe. 

-iaa whistle. 

-ere m. piper. 

-mig/1 whistling, piping. 

witan 6 Wiia. reproach with, blame 

getvitjan 6 depart ; cease 10 exist, 

die out {of family), die | ut - go 

out (c/iire). 
-endlic transitory. 
-endneB - ge'witeiinea. 
witlan, eo decree ; destine, 
nltla, io, KB- m. sage, wise man ; 

councillor, senator ena- gemot 

n. parliament ;'KBwita[w&t}. 
gewita, to, w- m. witness; ac- 

wite H. punishment ; tine ; torture ; 

I pn.o 

-b^dt mf. creel bond. 
-brogat m. terror of torment, 
■test under arrest ; l^ally t 

-brBgl n. penitential diess. 


wite|ht\BR,hon*e of lottnie, amphi- 
theatre Gl. 
-Iftct H. punishment 
-laaB tviihout ptmishment er ttiw. 
-lieet/ freedom from puokhment 

-acrasft n. hell. 
-Btgng m. tack. 
-Btow/i place of lorroenl «ftxeco- 

-awing m. flogging. 

-tdl ". instrument of torttite. 

-p5ow, -pdowmami m. freeituui 

legally enslaved, convict. 
^Fito-dfim, witig- m. prophecy, 
-lie prophetic. 
wit^la, t, f, witca m. wise man. 

-OBtre/. prophetess, 
-ianpr- ^ — 

ic*, witeudlla prophetic, 
witegung/. prophecy, 
-boc/. book of prophecy, 
gevritennea/. departure, death. 
witga — witega. 
witig, it [or -Itt-], wiKic wi»e; 

in one's right mind. 
mitig-dom = wite-. 
witing- ^ witnung-. 
ge^tit)neBy^ witnessing, seeing, 

knowing; testimony; concnrrencei 

coguiiance | one who wiinenes 9r 

gives evidence, 
witn ian punish ; tottutc. 

witnung, se-/! punishment; tor- 

-atow, witing-^ porgatoiy. 

witod =- witodhoe. 

wltodIic«, wItod av., tj. tinlf, 

Ltriainly, indeed ; for, Odd. 
witol, tt wise, 
wlton/r/, // of'vS.t. 
witrod - wig- trod. 
ige)wltBcipe "1. testimony, evi- 

witjt N.understandiag.Ecnie; right 

-lieat/. folly. 

gewit^t n. intellect, nndetitandiag; 

right mind, sentci ; of hla (■- 

wJttB wSBrp ; crauc' - 
-flMt of sniud mind. 


gewlt|lfiaa IbolJEh, mud, 

-least/ folly ; madness. 

-locat «■ mind. 

•oftoc intanc, 

witter wise /.. [_ScaHj. vitr]. 


£ewittlg, -witig wise, clever ; 

-bora m. bridtsman. 

'9rt.^in:.prp.T,:.a.,d.,g., m W.gen. 
a. , txtcfil wiire sftcially marktd 
d. or g. \ mt opposite ; near, 
(leui) BgainsI: h£t delfkn hla 
brrgena ~ Just wsafod ; - eann 
gesDt I txlensimi aloiig ; on JitBin 
Unde - )»L West-ae; as far 
as, to I niolioH towards v.-g. : 
Aod« ■■ pBi Heiendes | offosi- 
lien, hcitility, prolcclim against : 
ftihton - Brettaa ; fubton ~ [iftm 
oTniDBB; healdan ~ bUBtaltei)- 
nrwe nht vig. \ siparalion ftuni ' 
cxckasgt., price (ojtud. : bimfaoh 
sebetOB - pirn frlf* | assuria- 
lien with I ^miilurc. share. &e. : 
dftlan rice ~ Qod ; aij. of verb, 
6fi. (mgrj-, make peace) with, 
(speak, be leconcileiJ) to : gebealK 
-• hiuo ; oidan - Ood || wiji- 
t>Cin->«, vi^|iein-(>ot in ex- 
cbnnce for, in consideration of, 
provided ihnt II wft> . . weard 
wd. towards : wl^i hire weard. 

WiP'ffiftan I. fr^. Til/, behind, 
ir. av. bebinii. 

wip'bUwan : w.g. {or d.V\ blow 

wipbregdan, -biMan 3 -am. 
withhold, kuep back | tfrf. oppose, 
resist ; admonish. 

wlp-ceosan, wi[)er- 7 reject pu. 
-coren (Oode) rejected (by 

wip-ooren rejected. 

-TMaf. reprobotioa. 

wib'CwedenneB, wlfierewediies 
/. conlradiclion. 

wlpow«doliiee ^ wiper-. 

wip'cwepan 5 ck-nv sij. \ 
reject, refuse '.u-J., sbj. w. nig. : 
wlpowwp pnt bi DAro . . rrfnsed 
to be . . ; jinig. refuse a person 
a request or command : hie him 
pne wipowSdon | oppose, rcfnie 

to Ibllow teaching of iW. ; dispnte 

St rale with wd. 
wip'dritkn 6 repel, lenontice. 
wlpart enctprf. wd. (!) against. 
wiper- oi:(. = wip-. 
wiperian resist 71'. ongeaji. 
wiper-breoo. = -broca, 
wiper-broC|a, -bre-, eo m. adver- 

-lati oppo!,e. 

wiper-oiffr m. rearing (of a 

wiper-cora i«. adversary. 

wlper-ooren ^ wip-. 

wiper- iiwediiea = wipcweden- 

wlper-cwodol, -cwidel contra- 

wiper-enc n. \\ani\iiy, oppoutiou ; 

wiper-BieueB av. in full »icw, 

visibly ())■ 
wiper-op r Ac/ contradiction. 
wiper-etfiger steep. 
wiper-ateall m. defence, resia- 

wiper-taJu/. L;onlradiction. 
wiper- tieme opjioscd, the opposite 

wiper-tihtla/. connter-charge. 
wiper-trodt n. retreat. 
wiperwaard, -word adverse i 

wiper-cwidel = -cn'sdol. 
wiper- feohtan 3 resist. 
wiper-Uitfui 6 resist. 
wiper-flita m. adversary, oppo- 

wiper-hrcgende; -hfgdig,-h;- 

di|[ hoililc, refractory. 
wiper-lean ». requital. 
wiperltng m. opponent, 
wiper-mftl n. counter- p I sa, defence 

^per-med:e antngotiisiic. 

wiper- mod. 

-nes/ adieraity. 

wipar-riM.e the opposite of, an- 
t»gonislicloi(i</. ; adverse; rebel- 
lious ; disagreeing (^food). 

-nee/ opposition ; adversity. 
wlpor-rlht «. recompense Gl. 
wi ^r-rihtea*, -i«hleat'«'-i>PF 

wiper-aac,a m adversary ; I 
trayer; apostate. 


-end*, -aacerd m. blasphemer. 

-fan become an apostate. 

wlper-winna m. adversaiy. 
wl pe-wlnde -■ wipo-. 
nrip^faroji 3 escape rtv/. 
wip-feohtend m. adversary, 
mpf^riont rescue v/.a. and d. er 

wipfon -.iti. grab ai vid. 
wlp-foran 1. frp.tvd.,plaee'beioiti 

lime before. 11. av. previously. 
wlp*g:An, -gauaan vb. go away, 

wlp-Keondan frf. w. a. {er d. )) 

beyond (,'). 
ivip'gnpan 6 n/d. oppose, 
wiphabban iti/, resist, hold out 

wip haattan seiie. 
wip hindan av. behind. 
wlp'hogian despise, reject. 
wip-hycgan reject, despise. 
wiplK willow ; band, bond. 
~bedd n. plot of willows. 
~pyfel VI. thicket of willows. 
~wi^e m. willow-sprioe. 
wlp-innanl./r/.w,withia. II.n;'. 

wlp'l&dlan takeaway; rescuew.a. 

-nes/ abduction. 
wip-lecgan refuse, 
wtji'licgan =; 7id. oppose, 
wip'niBt!an 5 compare to, liken to 



wip'TXietung /. comparison. 

wi)>iieo)>an, i, y oz/. beneath. 


-b&D, wido- n. shoulder-blade. 

-winde, wi]>e- / bindweed, con- 
volvulus. C^. wuduwinde. 

wi)>ret ». resistance. 

wi)>'Bacjan a deny w, a., ^.^ sdj. \ 
reject, refuse w, cL, sbj. w. neg, : 
wi)wdoon )>eBt hie nolden . . 
refused to . . | wd. oppose, revolt 
from, renounce (idols) ; w, wi)> a, 
conspire against 

•endllc negative (in grammar). . 

-ungy! renunciation. 

wi]>*8Corian wd. refuse, reject. 

wi]>'8Cli£ebn 7 repel, refute. 

wi]>'8eon 5 tud. rebel against 

wi]>*B^t tan wd. resist. 

-nes*, wit'f. opposition. 

wi]>'8lean 2 wd. frustrate (con- 

wip'spoman 3 offend against. 

wij^'sprecan 5 contradict. 

wi]>*8tflBppan 2 depart. 

wi]>*8tand',an 2 wd. resist, oppose. 

-end w. opponent. 

wl)>8teall ^ wiper-. 

wip'Stunian dash against. 

wlp'Styllan retreat. 

wip'Styltan hesitate. 

wip'teon 7 take away, withdraw. 

wip'tremman step back. 

wippe /. withy, bond; chaplet, 

wip'Ufan l.prp. wd. above. II. av. 

wlp'Uppan av. above. 

wip'iitan I. prp. wd. outside of; 
except ; without. II. av, outside. 

wlp'^^eorpan 3 reject, repudiate. 

wi'war- {n.) park, fishpond (?) [Z/. 

-awic n. Ct. 

wixlan - wrixlan. 

wlac ian, ge~od bdon become 

wlacu - wise. 

wise, wlacu lukewarm. 

-lie lukewarm. 

~lice av. lukewarmly met. 

^nes, wlacu-/". lukewarmness. 

wlsffetere m. one who speaks 
indistinctly Gl. 

wldtan de^le, debase. 

wlStta, ea {^Middle E. spelling] 
m. nausea [wl&tian]. 

wlano proud, elated ; aristocratic ; 
showy, fine (horse), grand, solemn 

~ian be proud. 

~lio proud. 

~liee av. arrogantly. 

wlfttian gaze [wlitan]. 

wl&t|ian impers. : jxA «a>) I feel 

«ung/ nausea. 

wlfooan make tepid [wise]. 

wl^ean make proud; adorn, 
exalt, endow [wlanc]. 

wl^nco/. pride I //. prosperity, 
nchcs ; high birtn. 

wlisp, wlips lisping. 

~ian lisp. 

wlitan 7 look. 

wlite m. fbrightness; beauty, 
splendour ; appearance, form ; 
legal value, wer: gieldan be 
his ^ <?r be Ills ~s weorpe. 

~beorhtt beautiful. 

~full beautiful. 

-leas t" ugly. 

-lioe [ =■ wlitiglioe ?] av. beauti- 

-Bciene* beautiful. 

*sien*, Sot*/, spectacle, sight. 

-torht, wlitig-+ beautiful. 

^wamm m. disfigurement of the face. 

~weorp n. legal value of pefson*s 
life, ransom. 

wlitig beautiful. 

■^ av. beautifully. 

~fS8tt beautiful. 

~ian beautify, adorn ; form, fashion || 
intr. become beautiful. 

«liee, wlitelioe av. beautifully. 

^neBf. beauty. 

wlitu/. form, species. 

wl6,f/. ^wloh. 

^6h /.) fringe, tuft. 

gew^loh*, -wlof adorned. 

w6, see w6h. 

-lie })crverse, wicked. 

-lice av. wickedly. 

-nes, wognes/ crookedness ; error ; 

wocor/ progeny, coll. living crea- 
tures ; usury [wacan]. 

wod mad, frenzied. 

-firec, 8B furious, ravenous {of the 

-lie, ->«lio mad, unrestrained. 

-lice av. madly, fiercely. 

-nes/! madness. 


w6d{8oinn, ««oln n, freazy. 

HMsipe m, madness. 

HI600 mad. 

Hiteones/ madness. 

~prftg/. paroxysm of nuuliien. 

Waden m. the god Woden, identi- 
fied with Mercury — "WfldJuow ilwf 
Wednesday, W6dnes-niht Tues- 
day night 

woff|ian talk wildly or fooliiUy; 

-ling/, wild talk ; blasphemy. 

wdg-, see wdh. 

~ne8 s wdneB. 

wdgjian woo. 

•>ere m. wooer. 

wdh,^. w6s, L. wdgea I. ^^pL 
wd(ge), dpi, wd(ga:>iii, wte 
crooked ; perverse, wrong, nnjiisL 
II. If. error, vrrong ; wickedness | 
on w5h vrrongly, wickedly; on 
wdn gebringan lead into evU. 

-bogen crooked. 

MsSapiing/ illegal traffic 

-di^y. sin. 

-d5m m, unjust judgement 

-fotede crooked-footed GL 

-frenunende evil-doing. 

-ftul wicked. 

-ftdnee/. wickedness. 

-geom inclined to evil. 

-god n. false god. 

w^dhhSm^ed n. fornication, adul- 

-end, -ere m. fornicator, adnlterer. 

w5h|handede having deformed 


-nf bb n. grimace. 

-gestrdon n. ill-gotten gain. 

-sum evil. 

w5hs, prt. ^ waacan. 

w51 mf. pestilence. 

-b&mes/. pestilence. 

~berende piestilential. 

•^berendlic pestilential. 

-brjrne m. pestilence (!). 

^agasf mpl. time of pestilence. 

-gewinn n. calamitous war. 


wolcen, wolo n. doad. 

-fl&rut/. drifting of donds. 

-gehn&stt n, ccnlision of donds. 

-wyreende cloud-making (I) GL 

wolc(en)-read - weoloo-. 

wolde prt. of wiUaa. 





woUen-tear-t wecj ing. 

wdm, see wdh. 

woma, ome w6mh m. tumult; 

*w6n, see wdh. 
wop m, weeping, also pi. in sg. 

-dropat nt. tear, 
-ig flowing (teare). 
-leoj) n. dirge GL 
-lie tearful, 
-lice av. tearfully, 
-stowyi place of mouming. 
wdpen//^. ^wepan. 
wdperian weep, 

'*'hana m. moorcock, 
"■henn . moorhen. 
wor ian wander ; crumble, 
-ung/. wandering. 
word, L. 6, u » . word ; what is 

said, speech; sentence; verb. 

wnron )mb8 wordes w. indc.f 

hBdfdon him to ~ e w. indc. said 

I command, //. directions | news, 

report ; fame, glory. 
-(ge)bdot+ H. promise. 
-'bSotimgt/. promise, 
-craeflf m. art of poetry, eloquence, 
-gecwlde, -tede, //. -eodu in sg, 

meaning^ n. agreement, 
•'fodst true. 
-ftill fluent. 
•gi^ddf If. song. 
-gl§awt eloquent. 
~hleobort n. si>eaking, speech. 
-hordf w. store of words — - on- 

liiosn speak. 
-Ig verbose. 
-lAc n. speech. 
'*'la]>Ut/. conversation. 
'^'Idant n. reward of eloquence. 
^loc npl. dispute, logic Gl. 
-locat = *hord. 
«loga m. liar. 
~gemearct n. statement, 
^mdtung*, ^mittung/. debate Gl. 
-gerynet n. word, information, 
-samnere m. catalogue (!) GL 
-'Samniing/. debate Gl. 
-s&were m. word-sower met. 
^snoterung/. sophism Gl. 
~8notOr eloquent. 
-wis — se ~a the sophist Gl. 
-writere ^ Twryrd-. 
~wynBiiin affable. 

worden//*:. (7/weorpan. 

wordljiui talk, discuss, argue. 

-ungy! talk, discussion. 

worf - weorf cattle. 

worht//r. </wyrcan. 

world = woruld. 

worms, y, E. worsm nm. pus, 

worn m. troop, multitude. 

~in^uiii av. in troops. 

worpian throw, hurl [weorpan]. 

worsm K worms. 

wor J), eo nm.fd. *a(?) enclosure 
adjoining house, courtyard, farm, 
street (!). 

wor)>lg, eo, dpi, '*'(n)tiin court- 
yard, enclosure by house, street (1). 

-n^tele/. nettle. 

woruf = weorf cattle. 

woruld, world, weorold/*. world ; 
age, aeon — on ~a, on ealra 
^•a --, to -8 for ever ; mankind ; 
life, period of life, way of life. 

*fiht_^ worldly possession. 

-afel- worfdly possessions. 

-ftr/. worldly prosperity. 

-beamf n. human being. 

^hiBgojT. worldly occupation. 

^bisgung/ troubles of the world. 

«blJS8/I worldly joy. 

^bdt/T compensation in this world. 

-bUend m. human being. 

-gebyrd/. origin. 

~camp m. secular warfare. 

-candel(l)t /: sun. 

-cam/, worldly care. 

•-cr»ft m. worldly wisdom or 

HSund worldly, secular. 

-^undlice at', in a worldly spirit or 

-cyningf m. earthljr king. 

^'dAdf. action in this life. 

-ged&lt «. death. 

^eadf dead. 

-dema m, secular judge. 

-dom m. earthly judgement. 

-drdamf m, earthly joy. 

-dryhtenf m, God. 

-dugop/. worldly possessions. 

-earfo)>t n. earthly trouble. 

-f ge m. earthly fear. 

-endef m. end of the world. 

^feohf n, earthly goods. 

- folgo)> m, earthly occupation. 

-fraBtwung/. earthly adornment. 

-flrfiondf, /v., m. earthly ftiend. 


woruld{&i]> m. worldly peace. 

-fruma m, patriarch. 

-g&lnes /. sensuality. 

-gi6fti/r worldly gift. 

^gidlp n. worldly boasting, pride. 

-gitsere m. covetous person. 

-g^tsung/. covetou%ness. 

*fiflf ng m. worldly pomp. 

~g^d n. earthly good. 

~h&d m. secular state. 

^hl&ford m. secular lord. 

-hogu/ earthly care. 

-hyht/. earthly joy. 

-lermpof/. earthly misery. 

-laoe m. earthly physician. 

-lagu/. civil law. 

^lean n earthly reward. 

-lie of the world, terrestrial ; secu- 
lar, worldly. 

-lice av. in the world, in this life. 

-lif If. this Ufe. 

-lufti/ love of the world. 

~luBt m, worldlv desire or pleasure. 

«mibg m, earthly 

~mann m. man ; lajrman. 

-med/. earthly reward. 

-nied/ temporal need. 

-njrtt/ worldly use or advantage. 

-rAden(n)t / course of things, 

-ricef I. having worldly power or 
riches, mighty. II. ». earthly king- 
dom ; the world. 

•^riht n. secular law. 

-geriht n. worldly justice. 

-gerisnu npi. worldly usage. 

~sacu/ worldly striK. 

-"ges&ug prosperous in this world. . j . . 

-Cge)8Al]>/ earthly prosperity. ^wvctuJUmmJJ 

-soamu/. public disgrace. a»^** 

^«ceaftt/i earthly creature or thmg. ^'^ 

-gesoeaftt / earthly creature or 
thing ; the world. 

-scdat m. quarter of the globe, 

-sdpe m. worldly affair. 

•^snotor prudent in worldly matters. 

~eorg/. earthly care. 

*«p§dt/. earthly riches ^r prosperity. 

-spddig prosperous. 

-sprAc/. worldly talk. 

-stdor/. earthly rule. 

^Btrengot/ strength. 

^estrdon n. worlmy possessions. 

-str&dere m. arch-robber. 

HStundatT^/. period of life. 

-geswinot n. earthly hardship. 

p 2 




woruld, )>ear£Ett ^/.j^pearfendef 

^^Avr m. worldly usage. 

^pegen, ~]>dn m, secular servant 

~pdowddxn m, secnlar service. 

^piestro/ earthly darkness. 

-ping n. worldly affair; worldly 

•^poht m. worldly thought. 

-gepyncj) / worldly honour or 

~w»peii n. worldly weapon. 

-welaf m, earthly prosperity ^ 

^weorpscipe m. worldly honour. 

-widlf («.) earthly defilement 

-wig n. worldly contest. 

~wilnimg/. earthly desire. 

-wis learned, scientific. 

-wiBdom m. science, philosophy. 

~wita m. scientist, philosopher. 

-wite+ n. martyrdom. 

-wl^co/. worldly ostentation. 

-WTf no m, worldly artifice. 

-gewrit If. secular treatise, philo- 

-wntere m. philosopher. 

-wuldor n. worldly glory. 

-gewuna m. worldly custom. 

-wuniendef dwelling in the world. 

•^wynn/". earthly joy. 

-ypy. worldly wave. 

W08 n. moisture, juice. 

-ig moist, juicy. 

giwosa = gewesan. 

w6j>t /. sound, clamour, melody, 

-bora m. poet, prophet. 

-CTflBft PI. art of poetry. 

-giefu/. gift of melody. 

-sang m. song, poem. 

w6iL/>r/. ^weazan, wascan. 

'wracian be exiled or in exile 

wracnian = wrecnian. 

wracju, g. -e, wrsBoe /. revenge, 
vengeance, punishment, persecu- 
tion; cruelty; distress, misery 

wrSBC ft. exile ; misery [wreoan], 

-fjBBCt ft. time of misery. 

-ftill miserable. 

-hwil+y! time of misery. 

-^l&stasf w//. exile, wandering. 

-Iftstian banish. 

-lie wretched ; fwonderful [/or 
wrfittlic ?]. 

WT»o|lioe av. in exile. 

-Hf n. life of exile or miseiy, 

-msBcgt m. outcast, wret^ 

-mannf fft. exile. 

-soipe*, e m. exile. 

-setlf If. place of exile. 

-sip fft. exile ; misery. 

-sipian be in exile. 

-stdwf/. place of exile ^r pcmish- 

ment (^hell). 
-wite ft. punishment. 
"WOTUld/. miserable world. 
wrsooa fft. stranger ; exile ; wxetch, 

despicable one. 

wrflBcnian, a be in exile, 
wrdd, -p ffi. band, bandage, wreath 

' troop, herd [wxipan]. 
-m&lum av, in troops, 
wrfinje lecherous, 
-nes/, -soipe fft. lechery. 
wrAnna, wSma f/t, wren. 
wrAnsa oftce fft. lasciviousness GL 

wrfisn =i wrftsen. 
wrSsnanf change, modulate 

wrAst vigorous, strong, efficient 
-e av. vigorously. 
wrAstan twist. 

wr Astl |ian, &,WT&zlian, S wrestle, 
-ere w. wrestler. 

-ung/. vrrestiing ; struggle, contest. 
wrAtjtt/. ornament, work of art 
-lief artistic, ornamental; rare, 

-licet av. splendidly. 
wrsBtte/. a plant, 
wrsp-studu -- wrap-. 
wrAp -» wrAd. 
gc^vr Apan f^. w. ongdan, intr, w, 

to be fierce, savage [wrap], 
wrAppo, a, wwepuyC anger, 
wr Axlian - wr Astlian. 
vrr6h.prt. ofvrreon. 
wrojis L. ft. injustice, wrong 

wranga*, prangs, wrong tn. hold 

(of ship) Gl. 
WTdJOGj. knot, lump, 
wr&sent, S chain, 
wr&st, -lie delicate Gl. 
wrftstlian « wr Astlian. 
wrftp angry, fierce ; hostile — -um 

fiercely ; harsh (to taste) ; grievous, 

-^ av. angrily, fiercely ; grievously. 


wrftpjlio severe (punishment). 

-lioe OD. fiercely, severely. 

-mMt wrathfid. 

-aoraftif n//. caves of misery 

gewrftpian trfi. be angry vL, 

wrftppo ■> wrAppo. 

wrspjU /. support, prop ; help, 

-studu, WT6-, -pu^ snpport. 

wrftzlian -s wrftstlian. 

wrteh occ. prt. of wrdon. 

wreo|an 5 drive, push; expel; 
avenge : *» hine on his fSondnm* 
-his ttenan on d.\ ponish: 
on him (//.) gewrao paot his 
sldgon . . II inir, advance, go. 

-end m, avenger. 

-ennes, wreones, m/. vengeance. 

wreooan » wfooan. 
wreones -i wreoennea. 
wreonian » wnsoniaiL 

wregjan stir npf ; accnse [wT6ht]. 

-end fft. accuser. 

-endlio accusative (case). 

-ere fft., -istre/. accuser. 

-ling/ accusation. 

wr^nc pt. ; moduladon (of the 

voice) ; artifice, trick, 
-an twist, turn ; play tricks, be 

wrenna » wrAnna. 
wrdon 6, 7 pi. wr&h, 6a, //. 

wrigon, u, ptc. wrigen, o cover 

rare in IV. 
wreopen-hilt -i wripen-. 
wrep-studu «- wrap-, 
wr^pian prop, support [wrapul. 
gewrid, w- if. thicket [wridan J. 
wrid|an 6, -ian. If, wrip(i)an 

grow, flourish. 
wiigian, if strive, tend, go forward, 
wrigelsmif. covering, veil [wrdon'. 
wrigen //f. ^wrSon. 
wrindje / wrinkle. 
-ian wrinxle. 

wring-hwAg {n.) strained whey. 
gewring ft. liquor, drink, 
wringan 3 wring, press out ; ge* 

squeeze (out of shape), 
gewriso « gewrizl. 
wrislan - wrizlan. 
wrist, wyrsty! wrist, 
writ- [writan]. 
-boo/, -bred «. writing-tablet. 


^^^i^^^^^^^^Hi^mi^i^iiii^^i^^HHB ^^^^^^^^H 

^V wbit-Iben 


wnnu-piSTEi. f 

writ iren, -aeax n. style. 

WUoJUbot/. week's penance. 
-[e)d»B"'- weekday. 

WUdulbistel m. hellebore. T 

gewrit, writ n. iihat ii written, 

-wftaa m. faun, satyr, 1 

writing ; Uttet ; legi.1 docatnenl, 

-Pegn. -pto m. serranl (monk) ap- 

-weald m. forest, J 

deisl ; book, Scripture. 

pointed for a week's duty. 

-weard m, forester. | 

-tjBgnung, -JiSn- /. week's ler- 

-weaxe/. wood-wax (a plant), ^M 


-westenin) «. wooded waste. ^^H 
-winde/ woodbine. ^^^H 

-ere w. writer. 

wud,iaDcut wood. 


-iigiere /«. woodcutter, acrvanlGl. 

-wieUe, -hw-/ hemlock. ^^H 

wnjMUi'fitwisI ; bind. 

-ig woaled. 

-wyrt/ wood plant. ^H 

-iht woodeJ. 

wuduw |6, widfslwe/. widow. ■ 

wri[n,i :aii - wridan. 

wudu, wi(oidu «/.,//. wuda(B) 

wriba m. bridle; ling; tanaie 

wood, forest ; timber, wood ; 

, writ>el8 m. bniid. 


WUhihjUng/ fury, freniy. 

wri ben- hilt*, wreo-t with twisted 
bift (sword,. 

-Sppel HI. crab-apple. 

WUldor «, f.lory ; praise. 

-bdre wood.twarmg. 

-bSag III. erowii of glory. mBtunl. 

-bsmett II. burning wood. 

-beagian crown. 

-lice ev. mutually : in turn. 

-bfttt m. boat, ship. 

-bllBdt ™. glorious success. J 

wrixl/, -a w. exchange. 

-bSamt m. tree. 

-cjrningt m. king of glory, God. 1 

gewrlzl, -9, gewiino n. change : 

-beam m. grove, forest 

-dreamt m. joy of heaven. 1 

exchange, requitsi ; purchase ; 

-bill n. hatchet. 

-r»dort 11. glorioui father, God. 1 

turn tin rotation). 

-binde, -bindle/ woodbine. 

wuldorffflat glorioBs. J 

^ gewrixl aj. changing. 

-bledt/. wood-bloBsom. 

-et, -Uce af. gloriously. j^^J 

L wrixl an, -ian, /A: wixl- 1 tehaage 

-brun n. bngloss (plant). 

wuIdor full glorious. ^^^H 
-rulljao glorify. ^^^1 

^H I'n/r., i;tianj>e colour, bevariegotcd 

-bucca m. wild goat. 

^H ?c. or wilhoul bISom | eichiuigc 

-cerfllle/ cow- parsley. 

-tullice av, gloriously. ^^^H 

^ — twordum - convene ; requite. 

-cocc HI. woodcock. 

-g&stt ",. holy spirit, ^^H 

-Uug/. exchange. 
gcwrixlan obtain. 

-culfre/. wood -pigeon. 

-gielahni, ylverofgloiy. 

-cunelle/ wild thyme. 

-giefut/. glorioQs gift siei. 

wrogen pic. of-wreo-a. 

-docce/. dock. 

-g[immt m, son. 


-hamat '". robe of glory. 

wroht/ accusation ; recrimination, 

-festen(ii) ii. forest-cover, place 

-helm m. crown of glory. 

quarrelliog: crime 1 ciut tale- 

piofctcd by forest ; tship. 

-leant ". heavenly reward. 

bearer m. f ; calnmily, misery 

-feld m. wooded plain. 

-iic glorious. 


-fin pile of wood. 

-lice av. gloriously. 

-bere »;. aocuier. 

-ftigol m. forest birS. 

-mfigat m. snint- 

-berendm accuser. 

-gftt/. wild goal. 

-magut ai. saint. 

-bora ™. atL;uwr. 

-tiana m, woodcock. 

-micelt wondi'rfully great. 

-dropant mfl. wicked drops (of 

-heawere m. woodcutter. 

-nyttingf/. great uscfuhiess. 

-h?nn/. quail. 

-Bpedt/. glory. 

-holt «. forest, wood. 

-Bpedlgt glorious. 

-Iftc n, tccusition, calumny. 

-hunig w. wild bodey. 

-lie accusing. 

-hwiBUe - -wiaUe. 

«r dwellm!,-. 

-gcmfina involved in qnairel. 

-1*8 / wood-pasture. 
-land n. woodland. 

-torhtt gloriously bright ; iltas- 

-Bftwere m. cau»er o( strife. 

trious, noble. 

-edpot m. crime. 

-Isahtrio m. wild gleepwort. 

-Jtrymrot »'. glory. 

-smltit m criminal. 

-lie woody. 

-werodt n heavenly host. 

-intbr/. wood-nymph, echo. 

-WOl^t n. glorious word. 

-Btafeet mpl. crime. 

-merde/. wild imrsley. 

Wtddrlan glurili. praise; boast H 

-fcaomM n. crime. 

-rftden n)/ forest regulation. 

imr. live in glor)'. 

wrfit m. snout, tiunk (_of elephantl. 

-roct w, wood-smoke. 


-an tool u[. ifl/pic>. 
wrugon, pn. pi. o/vre6on. 

-i-lma m. border of a forest. 

-UfR/ Kl>'Oi"S- 

-rote/, woodruff. 

WUlf m. w„lf. -BB camh m, wild 

wryhta - wyrhta. 

-rose/: wild rose. 

teasel, -ea AM toadstool. 

-snite/. snipe. 

-hdafod-trdowt n. gallowi. 

^L housed W. 


-heortt savage, cruel. 

^H WUOU, wioe a-i./. week. 

-treow n. forest tree. 

-hUpt ". woll-slnpe. 



P J 


vrulf hoi n. woITs hole. 

~Beati III. Holf'shole. 

-Bind II. »oir-vd1cy Ct. 

wuU. -e/ V. ool. 

-camb m wool-comb. 

-cnoppa 11. luft of wool. 

-fliee n. ticece. 

-io woolly. 

-mod distaR. 

-toweotre/. wool -carder. 

wullian wipt with wooL 

wullen - wyllen. 

gcwiui I. (./(., custom, n. aj. 

-aaea, wunen/ dwellinc. 
-Ung/. dwellinc (act and place). 
gewunian dwell : coatinue 1 be in 

the habii of re. ^r,, habituate 

oneself Id w. W. 
geminia, wudb I, m. habit, cns- 

tom, II. aJ. iiultcl. Rccustomed. 
-elle custom aiy. 
-elice av. usuully. 
wund I. /. wouDd. U. aJ. 

~illt ulcerous. 
-140 H. wounding, wound. 

-locct with braided lock: 
-mlBit with iwisledornamcnw. 
-Bte&iaf with twisted ptow 

wundor //. wondei ; wonderful 

thing ; miracle, wundrum av. 

wonderfully, terribly, 
-agraefent wouderfully can-ed. 
-beacBU II, strange sign. 
-bobod+ n. strange coral 
-bleoht «. wonderful colour, 
-clftlnint ./;, wonderful bond. 
-clofo, u f. camphire (planl). 
-crsftlglice av. marvellously, 
-dsbdy! uonderful deed. 
-deapt ™. terrible death. 
-rtBtt II. wonderful resset. 
-run wonderful. 
-fUUioe av. wonderfully, 
-gUfut/ wonderful gift m<l. 
-Ifican mognily. 
-lie wonderful. 


wundor ;lioe av. wonderfully. 
-mftpmt III. wondeKul tieasuce. 
-flien*, 6o+y". wondeifnl sight. 
-amipt '"■ wonderftil smith, 
-tftcont «. prodig)'. 
-,ge}w«ore u. wonderful work, 

-womldt/ womietful world, 
-wyrdt/- strange occum-nce. 
wuiidr,{aii teg. woiidei (at', nd- 


g/. wonder, 
■d = worti. 

wurdon, prr. fl. of nreorfran, 


jlUe, -ela/. wild maijoram. 
w^trpan ^ weorpan, 

wurj)- = weorj)., 

wuac* wish [wyscan]. 
-bearn .i. little child l.Y. Cf. 
(It wy Bonn. 

wutodlice = wltodlice. 

^^If/. she-wolf [wulT]. 

wylfen I./ she-wolf. II. fsavage, 

wylig willow = welig. 

wyUht full of willows = wUiht. 

wyllon, u of wool [wullj. 

wynde-orMft, i m. art of em- 
broidery [windan]. 

gewynde «. weaving i Tj Gl. 

wyndle/". wound. C/. wundel. 

wyn a/, joy. wynnum joyfully. 

-beamt w. tree of joy, the 

~candoI(l)t/ sun. 

-djsgt "'. day of joy. 

-drfiam m. joy. 

-elet m. pleasant oil. 

-Itefltt pleasant. 

-fUU jo)-ful. 

-grftft r/m. pleasant grove. 

-landt H. pleasant country. 

-leas joyleaa. 

-Ho pleasant, beautiful. 

-lice av. joyfully. 

-lust w. pleaaure. 

-m*g+/. saint. 

-rSdt/ ihe Crost. 

-geHijjt m. ncceplttble companion. 

wynaUDl pleasant. 



wynBumjllo, ge- pleasant. 
-lice av. pleasantly. 
-USB/, loveliness, pleisantnets. 
wyn.psalteriiim n. pialm of joy. 
-werod u. chorus Gl. 
-wyrtt/. pleasant plant. 
wynnting, i / tares /A'. Cf. 

wyr-wir myrtle. 
wyro|an, A.i.y, pi"!. worhte, A. 

wyrote, ptc. worht, Iff. wrolit 

I ii:a.,g.\torktr.anJiMtr., build, 

perform, keep (festival;: cause; 

amount to (m reckoning) 1 »jf. 

strive after | deserve, acquire. 
-end m. worker, doer, 
-nes/. work. 
-ung/. working, 
gewyrca, i a. inwards (of pig). 
wjTd /. fate : event. phcnouieDon 

-gcB&Iig fortunate, 
-geaceapum <tv, by chance Gl. 
-stalaBt m//. destiny. 
-wntere m. hiilorian ; scicntui. 
gcwyrd /. fate; event, circotn- 

«tanc(.', state of things. 
-ellc histoitcal. 
genpyrd, -e », talking, cloqnenoe j 

ordinance [word], 
gewryrda - gtwierpe amount, 
geWyrde lie* eloflueuL 
-lice av. eloquently, accurately. 
-litaieB/. eloquence. 
wyrgan, le [error f], I A', frt. 

•VTiKda strangle. 
yeWyrht n/..gtH./l. deed, tiaoS' 

gtession. desert, merit : be bll 

-um, biiton -um undeservedly. 

mid -um deservedly; f^te (t) 

wyrhla, wryhta wi. worker, maker. 
' " doer ; co-opCTatOT, 

; serpent, dtagoo; 


-Ebte worm-eaten' 

-geblAd n. a kind of blister #>- 

-cynn n. spedes of serpent. 
-fagt with sortKDtine omjuncntv 
-galera, galdera ui. inakc- 

•hiw n. form of a saake, 




™ WTJTm.hordt ". dragon's treamre. 

t:cWyrpL- n. hL-ap ■." Cl. 

wyrt mf te m. Jiah of vt^etablei. 

-Hot ". aerpentine omameot. 

wyrpelt '" foul -ring tofhan-k)- 

-tun m. jjnrden. 

-malo M. wotm-meal ^!), 

wyrrert - wlerrest. 

-riod ^ciulet. 


-ian root or nnll up or oul. 
wyrt-weard m. gardener. 

-mlet m. hall of wipents (-hell). 
-alito m. being i-aten by ivornis. 

wynjiuan = wyriuBan. 

wyret = wrist. 

wyrt-(t)ruiii|ft m. root, root- 

-wyrt/. a plBnt. 

wyrt /. vegetable, plant, herb, 

wyrmella - ntirmiUe. 

-Ian root up. 

wyrmB = worms pus. 

-bfdd H. bed planted with herbs. 

wyrtlan spice, perfume. 

-ig I'urulcnl, festering. 

-box m. petfame-boi. 

w^can wish jirf?., w. sM. 

-teung*. wyrshrteung, -api- 

-brA> m. fragrance of flowers. 


-oynn n. species of herb. 

gewjsoan wish | adopt; -hto 

-cynren ». species of herb. 

wyrmslan, wyrsmau feeler 

-dreno m. herbal drink. 
-fat 11. periume-boi. 

-ednes, -ing/. adoption. 

■ -ge-ed purulent [worm.]. 

-ODdlic desirable ; uptatjve (mood) l 

^ wyrp, ie «,«, IN. y, oe /». throw- 

-geard m. kitchen garden. 

adoptive (child). 
-endltee av. (child i by adop-- 

^V ing: blow, stctike, thot [weor- 

-Ig - - hamra garden. 

■ P<tn}. 


r" - ■"" 



Jce/. load, frog. 

after. - twelf mSnaJ* every ■ 

^dngee ^ icUegos on [he ^ame 

-wyrcenda evil-doing. 

twelvemonths ;conceminj;,al.ont: ■ 

yddisc - ladiBC fumitute. 

yfal8. yflo <n--. cfv- wiem, y baJly, 

gaom - l&re, ameui - Ood. ■ 

wrongly ; misernbly. 

- (beon) be busy about, aim U: | 

yfel I. •>.. ^/li. wienw, y, i// 

yfallan, jfl- inlr. Iiecome liad II Ir. 

ae diofol 1. *(ro -a yfoh htl 


h« -B hi aoeolde how he should 

wicked ; punfol, miterable. U. 

yfemoBt jpl. of ufem. with them ; aho abs. : hfi 

yferra, -era - uferra. 

he -8 wolde how he would 

damngc; misery. 

yfee /. eaves of house. Cf. 

-oimd evil. 


-drype*. yfer- m. drip from eaves 

close. ■ 

-d&d/ evil deed. 


jrmb'beorgan 3 protect. ■ 

-dAda Of. evil-doer. 

ylcian - elnlan delay. 

ymb-beran 4 sorround. T 

-ftlU evil, wicked 

ylca = ilea same. 

ymb'biegneB, ymbe- / bend (of 

-geom n)#8/ wickedncst 

-fio. yfello evil, bad ; mean, untidy 

ylflg chatlcring, raving Gl. 

yip w. = elpend elephant oa- 

ymb'blndan 3 bind round. 

fin .lres*l. 

bftn ivory. 

ytnbbtlgwi : bend round. 

-nw/ badnesi. wickedness. 

yltsta sfl. Veald old. 

ymb'CEBfian embroider ronnd. 

yfelsac Ian bl«fphcme. 

ymb-ceorf^ 1 drcumcise. J 

-vaA m. blasiihemet. 

ymb, L. -e, ombo prf. wa. {iJie 

yrob-cierr «,. migration IN. ■ 

av. ymbe lakes i/.] , flati around 

-an go rnnnd, make the dmit oC I 

yfel>5|) utilmppUy true, too line. 

ymbclypplan embrace. S 

o))>B ftr after : li6 f6r - &iis 

-Ing/. embrace. ■ 

^L .Wmendo vicJou., 

aiht 16 Iglia, fea -• Iftel soon 

ymb-cyice m. assembly. m 


■ [316] 





ymbe av, [the prp. is ymb, L. 
ymbe] around. In compos, ymb- 
is older and more frequent than 

ymbje [y— i] («.) swarm of 


•'Btoco m. stump with swarm of 
bees in it Ct. 

ymbe- occ, = ymb-. 

ymb'oardiende neighbouring Gl. 

ymb-fiBBr, ymbe- n. circuit. 

ymb-fsreld n. circuit. 

ymb'fiBdstneBy. enclosure. 

ymb*f8B]>mian encompass. 

ymb'fkran a surround; traverse. 

ymb-feng m. envelope, covering. 

ymb*feran go round, traverse. 

ymb*fleogan 7 fly round. 

ymb'f5]i i b grasp, clasp ; encom- 
pass, surround. 

ymb'frflBtwian surround with 
ornaments, adorn. 

ymb'g&n, -gangan vb. go round ; 

ymb-gang m, circuit, circumfer- 

ym.b*gyrdan encircle, surround. 

ymb'habban surround, include. 

ymb-hafi^a m, hedge, enclosure. 

ymb'hammen surrounded Gl. 

ymb'healdan i encompass. 

ymb'heapian heap round. 

ymb'heglan hedge round. 

ymb*h5n i b tr. hang round —ptc, 
-hangen surrounded, hung (with), 
covered (with). 

ymb-hog|a m. consideration, re- 
flection, purpose ; care, anxiety. 

■^ian be anxious about. 

ymb'hringlan surround. 

~e]id m. attendant Gl. 

ymb'huung /. circumcision IN. 

ymb'hweor£an 3 intr. revolve 
II ir. go round, encompass ; tend, 

ymb'hwif rf |an revolve round ; 
encompass ; traverse. 

^neB/. change, revolution. 

ymb-hwyrfl, -e, -1, -eo, -ea m. 
rotation ; orbit (of stars) ; circuit, 
extent; world. 

ymb'hycgan reflect on, consider. 

ymb-hyg^, -hyd /. solicitude, 

-ig solicitous, anxious. 

^iglice*, *elioe av. carefully. 

ymb-hygdignes/. solicitude. 

ymbleman 3 nm round. 

ymb'lAdan lead xoimd. 

ymb'Uerigian provide with a 

ymb'liogan 5 surround, encom- 
pass, confine. 

ymb'lipan 6 sail round. 

ymbren n . Ember-tide, the Ember 
days [ymbryne]. 

~dfldg, ymbrig- m, Ember^day. 

'^f]BB8ten(n) n, halt at Ember- 

«wuoe/. Ember week. 

ymb-ryiie, emrene m. motion 
round, revolving ; orbit (of ftars) 
I time lapse, course. 

ymb*8oeadwian overshadow. 

ymb'sceawjian look round. 

-iendlioe/ circumspectly. 

-Mngf. looking round. 

ymb'soinan o shine round tr, 

ymb*8CTi)>an 6 make the circuit 

ymb'BOr^dan clothe, dress. 

ymb'BelliEui surround. 

ymb'seon 5 look round. 

ymb'Sdon/. beholding. 

ymb-set n. siege. 

ymb-seten'*', v£. oemaeten /. 
shoot, slip. 

ymb-setl n. siege. 

ymb'setnimg/ sedition. 

ymb'settan encompass ; beside. 

ymb'Sittan 5 encompass, beside 
a/so w. iitan. 

ymb-sittend, ymbe-t tn. neigh- 
bour (nation). 

~e intr. sitting round; neighbour- 
ing (people). 

ymb-smeagiing*, ymbe* /. con- 

ymb'snidennes /. circumcision 

ymb'snipan 6 circumcise. 

ymb*8pannan i clasp round, 

ymb-spr&c, ymbe- /. conversa- 
tion, discussion. 

~e spoken about, well known. 

ymb'standlan a surround. 

--en*, ymbe-t surrounded. 

ymb-standendet standing round, 

ymb*8tandCe]i)ne8 /. encompass- 
ing; guardianship. 

ymbiityrian stir about, overtum. 


ymb-BwApOy "i^j^ dig;retiloii GL 

yinb*8Wftpan i environ; clothe, 

ymb* try 1 1 1 iftii , •tzynunaii mr- 
ronnd ; fortify. 

ymlrtrymmuiff /. smTonndiiig; 

yinb*tyiiaa snitonnd. 

ymb'^ymaii sorronnd Gl. 

ymb-)MUio*, ymbe* m. xeflectioiL 

ymb-pridmig /. deliberatioo» re- 
flection Gl. 

ymb'pringan 3 throng roond, 

ymbiltan, abfttan ov., prp, wa, 
around, about — ymb Ue ^tan 

yinb*wftlSEm. envelop^ clothe. 

ymb'wnrlan turn towards tM 

ymb'weaxan i grow ronnd, sur- 

yiiib*w^iiid,]asi' torn round. 

"TkOBf. change. 

'mxiff/. reviving ; bdiaviour. 

ymb'weorpan 3 surround. 

ymb'wioifui besi^. 

ymb'windan 3 enfold, encompass. 

ymb'^7l&t|ian contemplate. 

-ling/, contemplation. 

ymb'wyrcan enclose, surround. 

ymel, e caterpillar. 

ymele, ymle /. document, piece 
of writing. 

ymen m. hymn [Z/. hyrnnns}. 

"hoe/, hymn-book. 

Hsang m, hymn. 

ymesene blind. 

ymest spl. ^uferra. 

ymnere m, hymn-book [Z/. 

ynce inch [Z/. tmoia]. 

yndse, entse/. ounce [Z/. onoia]. 

ynne-ldao n, onion [Z/. unio]. 

^len, ypplen n, top, summit GL 


yppan bring out or up ; ge- produce 
(flowers) ; make manifest, disclose, 
betray; ge- utter (words) [up- 

yppe I. evident, known. IT. n, 
upper room Gl. ; dais, throne ; 
show, spectacle GL 

yppingt /.(?). 

-iren*, 1- «. crowbar. 

^, d back of axe. 

yrf bow (?) ; the Runic Utter y. 

yrse-binn/. a kind of box ^?). 




y8l|e/ ash. 

^terra - aterra. 

y]>;ildt n., -lidaf m, ship. 

^ende glowing Gl. 

ytxnest » yteniest. 

-'inearht m* ship. 

ysope/. hyssop [Z/.]. 
fBt/. whirlwind, storm. 


^m^ref m. sea. 

^geblandf n, stage, 

-bordf n, ship. Cp. w&gbord. 

-fBurut/. flood. 

~naca*t «. ship. 

-ian storm, rage. 

*gewlnnt «• lue in the water. 

~ig stormy. 

-wdrigende wandering on the 

^ an expel [tit]. 

-h^ngest /v. m. horse. 

waves (jil. 

-end m. expeller. 

^hoff* M. ship. 

9pg ian, y)>ian fluctuate, surge ; 

-ing/. journey. 

-Ig rough (sea). 


sternest spi, ^^fiterra. 

^lAdef^. sea-passage. 

-ung/ fluctuation. 

yteren of an otter [otor]. 

-Utft/ shore. 

fpvaig/. inundation ; agitation. 




Crown 8vo, Price Four Shillings and Sixpence. 

■ Currinl Shorlhand ' is intended to supply the waul of a system of writing skorkr and 
more compact than ordinary longhand, and at the same lime not less distinct and l^ible. Norn 
of iht systems hitherto published can be taid fully to meet these requirements: they all saerifite 
legibility and efficiency to brmily, the brevity being often only apparent. 

' I think it is on [he whole very much Buperior (o any other sy Eteiu that I am acqtuinled with. I mu 
an official shorlhand -writer to the Danish pailiament from 1880 till 188;. . . . Soon after the publication 
of Dr. Sweet's book I read it, and found it very easy to lenm his system. Sincf iIieii 1 have continaally 
used it for my own private notes, as well as in my correspondence with Dr. Swcel himself; I have aevrt 
felt ttie ilighteit besitation in tending Dr. Sweet's letleri in shoithasd. and I am mnch more ccnain of being 
able to read my own English notcs^ of half a year ago than of reading my Danish (Gabellberger < notes of two 
boon ago, although, of conne, I have inhnitely more practice in the latter system than in the former,* — 
Prof. O. Jesper^en. in Li Mallre Pktmitique, iSgi, p. 167. 

■ Dr. Sweet "s achievement consistB in bis being able to express the vowels, whilst carrying contisclioa 
tuither than any predecessor. Me speaks too modestly of hii performance in saying thai he does not sec w fay 
his phonetic style — whiL:h agrees with the orthographic in the tiret port oT tiii book in being purely serift — 
would not do for reporting as well as the oiler systems : it is for very rapid writing, and nothing else. Thr 
orthographic style, on tht: other hand, is that suitable for beginners. Whilst more compact than ordintuy 
longhand, it is not less distinct and l^ble, and i> much more pleasing to the eye than are the symbols 
employed by Mr. Pitman. We are of opinion that an expert writer of Dr. Swecl'i rapid shorthaod woald 
attain a speeii about one.«ighth quicker than phonography has yet been fotmd to admit of.' — Jotaiial tf 
Educalien, April, 1S93. 

' Scarcely a year, hardly even a month, bat witnesses the appearance of a new system of sborthanil dial 
is to surpass all others. An examination of these vaunted systems has so often ended in diiappoinDDisit, 
that we are apt to look with prejudice upon new schemes of abbreviated writing. We ilid not, therefore, Utc 
up this book with great expectations, although the author's name was a ^^uflicient guarantee thai crude theona 
would not be thrust upon our notice. On closer examination of "Current Shorthand," however, ourprejadi^o 
began to give way. Dr. Sweet's shorthand is both scientilic and practical. Its principles arc not difficalt 
to master, and the script method of writing makes the tnmsition from ordinary writing natnial and eaiy. . . . 
For several weeks we have been practically testing its worth, and thus fiir have found it to be all that the 
author claims for it. We speak from a knowledge of the leading systems of shoitband, incloding the German 
systems of Gabelsberger and Slolie, gained during the hist twenty years, when we say that " CarrciK '* can 
compare with the best of them as a rational system.' — AcademU RtvUa, Feb. if().1. 

' [This] system ii dear and simple : it discards not only thick and thin strokes, but all other arbiuMy 
distinctions, and it is rigorously linear, so that it can be used (or all the purposes of ordinary longhanil.' — 
Speaker, Dec. 94, I89J. 



London 1 IIenky Frowdb, Oxford Usivkrsitv Press Warehodsb, Amen CoMt&R, E-C. 




f'AR r I 
Introduction, Phonology, and Accidence 

Crown 8vo. cloUi. price Tea SlilUinES and Sixpence 

l,PA RT 1. 

■n P<^«" 



Eitrn fcap, Sva 
Price Tour StiUIinK* and Slxpaoce 


Extra Fcap, 8vo, cloth, pries Two ShlUlnBa 



unitb full HOlOrG-lIltt 

Dem; Svo, clotb, price Fonrteen ShlllingB 

IClKb Oramnuc, tiotci, an^ Olcstarc 

Exghl>> F.,lili,'n 
Extra fcap. Svo, price Two SttUUnts and Sixpence 



milb ^ammatiHl SntiohucMen, AoUe. ant Oia«*are 

SmtiUi EilUitii, Raiii,! sW liaUtfcd 
ExtTB reap, Bvo, doth, price Nine SbilUn KB a Sixpence 


arliiaic asd dialectal 
Extra leap. Svo. price Tour ShtllingB and Slxpenee 

Old-EKgUih Ktailmg P-iiarr!, Nn, i 


Extra feap. Svo, atUT covers, price Two SbUUngx 

OU-Eiigliik Rtiuiing Primtri, Ue. » 


Extra fcap. Svo, stiff covers, price T«o Shilllnta 


Witb iStammar an^ OlaBBarg 


Extra fcap. Bvo, clotb, price Two ShilUng* ft SIzpcDM 



Wilb Ocammar md iSlotear; 


Extra fcap. Bvo. price Two Shilllnii and Sixpence 



I Oram mall li, ICcilc un» <fiIo«Mt) 


Extra fcap, flvo, price Three ShilUnsa ft SixpeDCa 


TCIltb eumniac, Dstca, inb Ol0fl«ani 


Extra fcap. Svo. price Three Shilllnii ft Sixpence 

I Sixpence 


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